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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History

10006 Clement Augustus Lounsberry
Papers, 1863-1924
Literary manuscripts, military documents, reminiscences, photographs, receipts, speeches, ephemera, and correspondence concerning military service in the Civil War, settlement in the Dakota Territory in the 1870s, appointment as Postmaster of Bismarck, ND, publication of the Buford Tribune and Lounsberry's book on the history of North Dakota, land speculation near Buford, and activities as a special agent for the General Land Office. Collection includes papers of Lounsberry's secretary, Nellie Brightman, relating to the genealogy of her family. Correspondents include Alexander McKenzie, William R. Mumby, and William Folwell. Lounsberry was Postmaster of Bismarck, ND, newspaper publisher, founder of the Bismarck Tribune, and author. (.5ft and oversize)

10008 Mandan Creamery and Produce Company
Records, 1933
Correspondence, reminiscences, and historical sketches relating to North Dakota submitted to the creamery as part of a history contest. (.25ft)

10022 Lulah Cavileer
Papers, 1874-1930
Pembina, ND; Cavalier County, ND
Diaries relating to family affairs, letters from Charles Cavileer, A. L. Larpenteur, Mary T. Hill, Louis B. Hanna, Tracy R. Bangs, W. C. Wardwell, and George B. Winship relating to personal and business affairs, newspaper clippings, notes, and a speech by Charles Cavileer. (.25ft)

10024 Henry A. Boller
Papers, 1853-1951
Fort Atkinson, IA; McLean County, ND
Letters from Boller to his relatives in Pennsylvania describing his trip to Fort Atkinson, his life there, and the Indians; correspondence with Elliott Couers, Washington Matthews, George Catlin and others concerning a revised edition of his book, Among the Indians (1868); a notebook of Hidatsa linguistic material, newspaper clippings concerning Boller’s book, and a diary. (.75ft./1r/#1558)

10026 Albert E. Dease
Papers, 1867-1966
Genealogical information concerning the Dease family and early Pembina County settlers, family papers, photographs, printed material, correspondence, and a biography of Antoine Gingras. (.5ft/1r/#1522)

10031 Sarah Boley
Papers, 1877-1883, 1897-1918
Three diaries concerning weather, daily life, politics and agricultural conditions in Morton Co., ND (.5ft)

10033 Hubert G. Smith
Papers, 1951
Correspondence, maps, a report concerning the Verendrye National Monument, a manuscript entitled, “Explorations of the Verendryes, 1738-1743, with special reference to Verendrye National Monument.” (.25ft)

10035 William Davis
Papers, 1910
Belcourt, ND
Biographical sketch and notebook regarding the Metis and Davis’ personal affairs. Includes translations of portions of the notebooks by George Will and Emily Olson, and research notes by Dana Wright. (.25ft/1r/#5905)

10036 Antoine Amedee Marie Vincent Manca de Vallombrosa, Marquis de Mores
Papers, 1882-1933
Family and business papers and miscellany. Scrapbook contains clippings on the Marquis' activities while in Dakota kept by his wife, Medora. The Marquis de Mores and Company records, 1886-1887, consist of share certificates, certificate of organization, production tables, and a report on beef feeding presented to the Montana Stockgrowers' Association. The Reilly Luffsey murder trial records date from 1885 and consist of a court petition, trial transcript, and court docket entries. Miscellany includes manuscripts, French language periodicals, ephemera, and newspapers. Manuscripts consist of two translations of Charles Droulers' The Marquis de Mores, 1858-1896, by George F. Will and M. N. Hagen. The periodicals contain articles regarding the life of the Marquis  and ephemera of household goods leaflets, catalogs, a brand book, and travel brochures. (2.5 ft/oversize/1r/#411)

10037 Arnold O. Goplen
Papers, ca. 1930-1940
Photographs and bibliographies and notes on cards compiled for use in preparing reports for the WPA on Fort Abraham Lincoln, Marquis de Mores, and the Chateau at Medora, together with correspondence on the de Mores coat-of arms, miscellaneous notes, and pictures of the Chateau and typical ranch buildings in South Roosevelt Park. (2.75ft)

10042 Alexander McKenzie
Papers, 1875-1890
Visitor’s register to the real estate office of McKenzie and Holmes, letter book containing business correspondence dealing with the Bismarck Water Works, sale of Northern Pacific Railroad property, state and local politics, and a naturalization certificate. (.25ft/1r#13087)

10046 Dana Monroe Wright
Papers, 1916-1963
Burleigh County, ND; Kidder County, ND; Stutsman County, ND
Correspondence, subject files, biographies, research notes, and maps. Papers relate primarily to local and family history, archeological surveys, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota, diaries, correspondence, newspaper clippings, family histories, and memorabilia, and notes and an 1863 map of the military trail of General H. H. Sibley. (7.25ft/oversize/1r/#9162)

10049 Garrison Dam Closure Committee
Records, 1953
Committee minutes, correspondence, invitations, reservations, guest lists, financial records, dedication programs, news releases, and newspaper clippings documenting the planning and arrangement of the dedication of the Garrison Dam. (2ft)

10050 North Dakota Golden Jubilee Homecoming Committee
Records, 1939
Correspondence, rosters, newspaper clippings, and registrations of persons qualified to be designated as a “Dakota Territory Pioneer” as part of the celebration of the 50th year since statehood. (1ft)

10051 George Kimball Dike
Papers, 1874-1909
Correspondence, biographical material, personal papers, maps, field notes, legal and financial documents, printed material, and photographs concerning work and life of a North Dakota surveyor who came to Walsh County in 1879 (3ft)

10058 Lewis Ferandus Crawford
Papers, 1907-1927
Notebooks, essays, newspaper clippings, and correspondence concerning ranching, banking, Indians, and settlement in western North Dakota. Collection includes interviews with early settlers. Superintendent and curator of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. (1ft/1r #14022)

10063 Nuessle Family
Papers, 1903-1979
Personal and business correspondence of Judge William L. Nuessle and Dr. Robert F. Nuessle, chairman of the North Dakota Selective Service Board, genealogical records, military records, and certificates of commendation. (9ft)

10064 Edwin James Taylor
Papers, 1880s-1972
Papers of Edwin James Taylor, his wife Charlotte (Sterrett), and sons Herndon and Edwin Jr., as well as the papers of Mrs. Hazel Paris Reid (sister of Edwin Taylor Jr.’s second wife Aldeen Paris [Welch] Taylor), and papers of Major James Hanley (whose daughter Lewista married Aldeen Paris’ brother Robert). E. J. Taylor Sr. was an educator and librarian. Includes correspondence with Walter Stockwell, W. E. Hoover, Minnie J. Nielson, Beatrice Johnstone, and Jerry D. Bacon, among others, pertaining in part to educational affairs and politics as well as personal correspondence with friends and relatives and some business papers and notes for speeches. (9ft)

10067 David R. Taylor
Papers, 1865-1929
Correspondence, copy of his mother's will, notice of appointment as Mandan, ND Postmaster, prescriptions, railroad passes, and records of the Yellowstone Land and Colonization Company. (1.25ft)

10069 Nina Farley Wishek
Papers, 1923-1931
Manuscript entitled, “The Marquis de Mores and the North Dakota Badlands,” letters and notes relating to the Sully Expedition and stage lines in southern North Dakota, and poetry. (.25ft)

10070 Usher Lloyd Burdick
Papers, 1870-1958
Copies of articles written by Burdick, entitled "The Last Battle of the Sioux Nation," and "The Murder Trial of Antoinne De Vallombrosa, Marquis de Mores," a bibliographical sketch of John Leach, notes and drawings concerning the Battle of the Little Big Horn, speeches, newsletters, correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles, scrap­books "Your Congressman Comments," and copies of House bills introduced by Burdick. Lt. Governor of North Dakota, 1911-1912 and US House of Representatives, 1935-1945. (11.5ft/oversize)

10071 Erling Nicolai Rolfsrud
Papers, 1953-1954
Correspondence concerning research on a book, Arsenic and Biscuits, two book galley proofs, and a typescript entitled "Ben Eielson," by Sir Hubert Wilkins. (.25ft)

10085 Orin Grant Libby
Papers, 1902-1943
The collection relates to Libby's professional and personal activities: Secretary of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Grand Historian of the North Dakota Masonic Grand Lodge, Professor of History at the University of North Dakota. Records consist of correspondence, research materials, and notebooks. The research materials provide information on cities and counties, churches, fur trade, Indians, military expeditions and forts, and transportation. Notebooks detail travel, activities, and accounts while conducting agency business. Records relating to Libby's activities as Professor of History at the University of North Dakota, 1908-1919, consist of correspondence with other faculty regarding University matters. Records relating to Libby's position as Grand Historian of the North Dakota Masonic Grand Lodge consist of correspondence, notebook, manuscripts, notes, and documents relating to Masonic history in North Dakota. (20.75ft/oversize/1r/#16069)

10099 Jay J. Eaton
Papers, 1912-1932
Personal and business correspondence relating to ranching, farming, Eaton's abstract business, activities as Register of Deeds, local school districts, the National Prosperity League, and the Nonpartisan League (including a copy of a speech by A. C. Townley), bank statements, abstracts of title, and poetry. Farmer, rancher, postmaster, and Register of Deeds. (2ft)

10109 Richard Virgil Grace
Papers, 1922-1947
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, scrapbooks, books, notes, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Papers relate to Grace's service in the world wars and his film and stunt flying career.WWI and WWII pilot, barnstormer, author, and Hollywood stuntman. (6ft)

10113 Charles and Viola Liessman
Papers, 1909-1961
Correspondence, subject files, notes, reports, photographs, ephemera, millinery store records, and printed materials. Papers relate to the North Dakota Farmers’ Union, the Farm Security Administration, agricultural societies, W.C.T.U., United Spanish War Veterans, Board of Administration, Secretary of State, National Youth Administration, Boy Scouts, State Bar Association, Nonpartisan League, and Viola's millinery business. Charles Liessman was an attorney, farmer, organizer of the North Dakota Farmers’ Educational and Cooperative Union in 1916, and Deputy Secretary of State. Viola Liessman was active in the women's suffrage movement, a member of the W.C.T.U., an organizer of the Bismarck-Mandan Garden Club, the Art Club, and the Women's Community Council. (22.75ft/oversize)

10114 Edith Wakeman Hughes
Papers, 1894-1948
Correspondence, telegrams, literary manuscripts, scrapbooks, financial records, ephemera, maps, and printed material. Papers relate to Hughes' work with the American Red Cross, the Navy League of the United States, business and family affairs, the U.S.S. North Dakota, Edmund A. Hughes, women's organizations, charity work on behalf of the blind, politics, and business dealing with Walt Disney paintings and illustrations. (14ft)

10117 James Grassick
Papers, 1899-1902, 1947, 1966
Correspondence, speeches, literary manuscripts, notes, newspaper clippings, poetry, genealogy, a biographical sketch, copies of articles on medicine and history written by Grassick, and directories of physicians in Dakota Territory and North Dakota. Correspondence relates to Grassick’s purchase of a mastodon skeleton which he donated to the State Historical Society. (5.75ft)

10119 Ray H. Mattison
Papers, 1948-1950
Research notes on Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota, reminiscences, and a press release on the dedication of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. (.75ft)

10121 Alexander G. Burr
Papers, 1784-1951
Papers consist primarily of correspondence, but also include diaries, manuscripts, speeches, genealogical material, scrapbooks, publications, newspaper clippings, diplomas, certificates, broadsides, printed material, transcripts of testimony and other court documents relating to the Langer Trial (1934), ephemera, and photographs, relating to Burr’s activities, family life, and career as an attorney at Bottineau, district judge at Rugby, and Justice of the ND Supreme Court. Specific activities and topics include the Presbyterian Church, Jamestown College, International Peace Gardens, the Masons, ND Golden Jubilee, and the University of Michigan Law School (1894), Scottish and Gaelic studies, and politics. (26ft/oversize)

10127 Jackson Family
Papers, ca. 1920-1960
Sheet music, newspaper clippings, printed material valentines, ephemera, family photograph albums, and diaries describing trips to Europe and across the U.S. (7ft)

10132 Bryant Family
Papers, 1885-1931
Napoleon, ND; Logan County, ND
Correspondence, printed material, and financial records of Foster School District No. 2, Logan County, and notes and legal papers relating to the real estate business of George A. Bryant (1850-1923) and his son O. Frank Bryant (1873-1940). (5.5ft)

10135 Allen Petersen
Papers, 1974
Research notes relating to the history of New Rockford, ND, ca. 1883-1929; and notes, correspondence, and photographs concerning Thomas R. P. Morris, 1828-1918, a Civil War veteran and resident of New Rockford. (.25ft)

10143 Gladys B. Webster
Papers, 1926-1975
Correspondence, scrapbooks, data questionnaires, newspaper clippings, and printed material relating to research on the early history of Dunn County. (.5ft)

10145 Edna Garber
Papers, 1886-1899
Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings regarding Bismarck, ND and four photographs of the 1897 Emmons County murder of the Spicer family. (5 items)

10149 Russell Reid
Papers, 1900-1967
Correspondence, notes, financial records, research notes, photographs, maps, bibliographies, and publications dealing with administration of the State Historical Society and state parks, ornithology, research on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Sully Expedition, manuscript articles, poetry, short stories by Clell Gannon, information on the origins of North Dakota place names, records of Friends of Our Native Wildlife (1919-1921), including minutes, constitution, annual reports, and a membership roster, and records of the Ladies Auxiliary to Company A, including correspondence and minutes. Reid was Superintendent of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1929-1967. (4.5ft)

10151 Who’s Who for North Dakota
Records, 1954-1955
Biographical data sheets and related correspondence, financial records, editorial directions, and drafts generated in preparation for Who’s Who for North Dakota. (3ft)

10154 James Morris
Papers, 1893-1973
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, manuscripts, printed material, and speeches relating to Morris' legal and personal activities, and the Nuremberg War Crime Trials. (10.5ft)

10157 North Dakota Oral History Project
Records, 1973-1977
Oral history interview transcripts, indexes to recorded oral history interviews, interview referral files, interview files, photographs, lists of donations to the Project, oral history interview transcripts relating to the Governor's Mansion, family histories, biographies, reminiscences, and manuscripts. Most of the records document administration of the Project. Genealogical information and oral history interview transcripts make up the remainder of the collection. Sponsored by the North Dakota American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, the State Historical Society, and the North Dakota Farmers’ Union, the Project conducted oral history interviews with older North Dakotans and others who were participants in significant events in the history of the state. (5ft)

10158 John W. Robinson              
Correspondence, account books, recollections, records of the Coal Harbor Stock farm and photographs of early Fort Stevenson, which were created or collected by of John W. Robinson, Coleharbor (N.D.) homesteader and pioneer veterinarian in Garrison (N.D.).  The original collection consisted of correspondence, reports, and research notes concerning the history of Fort Stevenson, Missouri River steamboats, pioneer clothing, and Coleharbor (N.D.). This file is on microfilm (roll #6930). (1.25ft.)

10160 Alfred White
Papers, 1931-1938
Biography, scrapbook containing White’s newspaper articles on settlement in western North Dakota, a photograph, notes on Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands, and an account of an Independence Day celebration in Dickinson, ND. (.25ft)

10164 J. Dexter Peirce
Papers, 1795-1945
Correspondence concerning Peirce's appointment as Postmaster of Larimore, ND, the Civil War, postmaster appointments, Larimore Commercial Club, politics, personal affairs, and research and albums of autographs of prominent 19th and 20th century political, military, and literary figures. (.25ft/1r/#6926)

10165 Anton Heitmuller
Papers, 1815-1912
Collection of autographs consisting of signed letters, photographs, and documents from James J. Hill, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Chester Arthur, William Jayne, Nehemiah Ordway, R. A. Nestos, Roald Ammundsen, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Buchanan, Calvin Coolidge, U. S. Grant, Lou Henry Hoover, Andrew Johnson, James Monroe, William H. Seward, Martin Van Buren, and Daniel Webster. (.25ft)

10183 Elizabeth Ellen Roberts
Papers, 1956-1961
Correspondence, manuscripts for articles, printed materials, newspaper clippings, photographs, notes, reminiscences, and ephemera. Papers relate to family affairs, the Marquis de Mores, and women's organizations. (.75ft)

10186 Captain Grant Marsh Memorial Committee
Records, 1959-1960
Bismarck, ND
Memoranda, receipts, bank statements, newspaper clippings, record of contributions, photographs, a biography of Marsh, and correspondence documenting the efforts of the committee to raise funds to erect a marker at the grave of Captain Grant P. Marsh. (.25ft)

10187 William M. Dolan
Papers, 1863-1870; 1930-1965
Desk diaries, correspondence, and activity and expense reports (1930-1965), correspondence between Terrence, John, and Bernard Dolan (1863-1870), legal documents, a genealogy of the Dolan family, papers of Dolan's son Thomas, a Catholic priest, including diaries and expense reports relating to ministerial activities and the Knights of Columbus, and a blacklist book from the James M. McPherson Post of the Grand Army of the Republic. (1.5ft)

10188 Ruth Laplant Reid
Reminiscences of North Dakota in the early 1900s and recipes of Laura Odegaard, Andrew Hemley, and Verne Barks. (1ft)

10190 Will Family
Papers of Will family members, including Oscar Henry and Elvira Isabel "Belle" (Bird) Will, George Francis Will, Katherine (Sterrett) Will, Vera (Kangas) Will, Mabel (Will) Lumry, Margaret (Will) Exton, George Francis Will Jr., Elvira Susanna (Will) Arman, Oscar Henry Will II, and other descendants and relatives. Includes correspondence, organizational records, research files, manuscripts, business records of the Oscar H. Will Seed Company, family papers, publications, newspaper clippings, maps, drawings, photographs, and moving image. The primary creator of the collection was George F. Will Sr., and the bulk of the papers reflect his interest in North Dakota archaeology, dendrology, ethnobotany, the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people, and the history of Bismarck (N.D.) and the Northern Plains. Also includes research and manuscripts by Josephine Waggoner and Melvin Gilmore, among many others. (59.5 feet + oversize)

10195 Fred A. Bill
Papers, 1927-1937
Manuscript of the memoirs of Walter J. S. Traill, and correspondence concerning Bill's efforts to publish them. Bill, a steamboatman and steamboat historian, lived in Minneapolis, MN (.25ft.)

10196 James A. Emmons
Papers, 1880-1900
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and memorabilia concerning politics, Indians, and patriotism. (.25ft/9 photographs)

10200 Nancy Hendrickson
Papers, 1933-1972
Printed material and newspaper clippings relating to photography, diaries concerning gardening, housework, farming, family affairs, and photography, including an album of photographs taken by Nancy Hendrickson, and account books. (1ft)

10203 Thomas H. Tharalson
Papers, 1898-1899
Books, photographs, and papers of Father Francisco Robles and leaflet of the Republican ticket. (2ft)

10211 Ted and Louise Kopseng
Papers, 1942-1975
Correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning the erection of a monument marking the grave of Sondre Norheim, inventor of modern ski apparatus, in Denbigh, ND; biographical sketch of James William Follis; and historical sketches by Louise Kopseng concerning a logging camp, country school, rural electrification, and food. (.25ft)

10213 Gurke Family
Papers, 1928-1969
Stutsman Co., ND; Pembina Co., ND
Documents, correspondence, printed material, newspaper clippings, scrapbook, post cards, greeting cards, memorabilia, and programs concerning Henry Gurke, Neche, ND, receiving the Congressional Medal of Honorfor service in WWII, the U.S.S. Gurke naval destroyer, Jamestown College, and local politics. (.5ft)

10216 George F. Bird
Consists of Bird’s research notes and writings, primarily for the book, History of the City of Bismarck, North Dakota: The First Hundred Years. 1872-1972 , petition and articles of incorporation for an irrigation district in Burleigh County, correspondence, programs, newspaper clippings, and photographs. (1ft.)

10224 Louis Lawrence Pfaller
Broadcast schedule, radio scripts, and cassette tapes prepared for the "Bicentennial Stories" series aired by radio station KDIX in Dickinson, ND. The series, sponsored by the Stark County Historical Society, recounted historical events in North Dakota. (.25ft) See also MS-10691

10227 George H. Fairchild
Papers, 1874-1893
Correspondence concerning life at Fort Abraham Lincoln, references to Libby Custer in Bismarck, accounts of the Black Hills gold strike and the 1874 Custer Expedition to the area, descriptions of Bismarck and surrounding environs, a letter concerning the Little Big Horn massacre written a day or two after news of the event reached Bismarck, and an insurance policy register recording policies on Bismarck properties. Includes policies on the Marquis de Mores' ice houses. Fairchild, a banker, served as an agent for Germania Fire Insurance Company of New York. (.25ft/1r/#4557)

10236 Ben Innis
Papers, 1975
Typescript entitled, “Wide, Wild, Wonderful Williams! A Brief History of Williams County”. (.25ft)

10239 Royal Daniels Ross
Papers, 1863-1864; 1909
Diary entitled "Journal Across the Plains," containing an account of an overland trip from Iowa to Oregon, correspondence, freight receipts, plans for a "Prairie Steamer," and a sales diploma. (9 items)

10245 William J. Weiss
Business and family correspondence, contracts and deed relating to the Weiss’ mercantile business in Louisville, KY, a teaching certificate, tax receipts, and printed material concerning the purchase of farm implements and insurance. (.25ft)

10260 Milton Higgins
Papers, 1938-1946
Desk diaries relating to Higgins’ legal practice in Mandan, ND. (.25ft)

10265 Eugene Hotaling
Papers, 1941-1944, 1965-1973
Valley City, ND
Scrapbooks of cartoons clipped from various publications regardong WWII and education. (2v)

10269 Frithjof Holmboe
Papers, 1916-1921
Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, contracts, financial statements, and a list of stockholders of the Publicity Film Company of Bismarck, ND. Holmboe was a photographer and producer of promotional motion pictures films for the North Dakota Department of Immigration. (3.25ft)

10320 V. Christoffersen
Papers, 1932-1944
Scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings on North Dakota agriculture, Indians, and World War II. (2v)

10323 Joseph W. Jackson
Papers, ca. 1960
Manuscript copy of Bismarck Boomer: The Amazing Career of Alexander McKenzie and a letter from Jackson to Stella Mann concerning research on his McKenzie book. (.25ft)

10363 George A. and Elizabeth B. Custer
Papers, 1856-1932
Correspondence orders, notes, broadsides, newspaper clippings, rosters, certificates, memorabilia, literary manuscripts, and printed material. (8r/#4368-4375) Originals at Eastern Montana College Library, Billings

10370 Joseph Nicols Nicollet
Papers, 1834-1839
A portion of the journals of Francis A. Chardon. Microfilm of originals held at the Library of Congress. (1r/#6910)

10376 William J. Kneeshaw
Papers, 1873
Biographical sketch of Kneeshaw’s wife, Susan Randall, and transcript of Kneeshaw’s diary describing a trip to Manitoba. (1r/#6929)

10392 Traill County History
Papers, 1874-ca. 1961
Biographical and historical sketches of residents, businesses, parks, hotels, landmarks, farming, weather, historical events, geography, etc., pertaining to the history of Traill County, ND. Includes a transcript of a ledger from a Hudson's Bay Company Store in Caledonia, Dakota Territory, 1874-1875, compiled by Clarence Anderson, Hillsboro, ND and microfilmed from originals in his possession. (2r/#1680-1681)

10394 William George Waind
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of settlement in Wellington Co, Saskatchewan in the late 19th century. (1r/#4387)

10400 WIshek Cemetery Association
Records, 1910-1977
Board of Directors minutes, burial permits, lot descriptions, letters, deeds, and a plat book. (1r/#7004)

10409 John Alonzo Barner
Papers, 1950s.
Research notes, letters, transcripts, and card files on the history of Fairmount and Richland County, ND (1ft)

10418 Mary Pethic Gimblett Glaspell
Papers, 1889-1930
Diaries of an English immigrant and homesteader in Griggs Co., ND describing weather conditions, and family activities. (1r/#0430)

10427 Frank S. Talcott
Papers, 1883-1908
Memorabilia, railroad passes, menus, tickets, and programs relating to the Pan-American Exposition, North Dakota State Fair, Red River Valley Exposition, Buffalo High School, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, and Williams College in North Adams, Massachusetts, and correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to Republican politics. Correspondents include Theodore Roosevelt and Moses Clapp, Chairman of the North Dakota State Central Committee. (.25ft)

10431 Gordon J. Keeney
Papers, n.d.
Annotated typescript entitled, “The Buffalo Hunter of the Pembina,” describing buffalo hunting in the North Dakota region ca. 1862-1865 (1v/1r #12193)

10432 La Vern C. Neff
Papers, 1959-1981
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, financial statements, plans, proposals, studies, legal documents, minutes, and printed material relating to administration of the State Historical Society and its historic sites, design and construction of the North Dakota Heritage Center, Yellowstone-Missouri-Fort Union Commission, State Parks Committee, Fort Buford, Garrison Lake Resort Committee, and Lewis and Clark Trail Commission. (4.5ft)

10437 James Wickes Taylor
Papers, 1834-1957
Correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, genealogical materials, drafts, legal documents, notes, copies of newspaper articles, reports, newspaper clippings, and printed material, primarily relating to Taylor's activities as a U.S. Treasury agent and secret agent for the U.S. State Department; trade relations between the U.S. and Canada; annexation of Canada; the Riel Rebellion; railroad promotion; and research papers of Taylor's great-grandson, James Taylor Dunn. (10r/#4394-4403) Originals at Minnesota Historical Society.

10465 Martin and Theresa Mutz
Papers, 1883-1918
Deeds, abstracts, receipts, bonds, photographs, newspaper clippings, and an account book relating administration of real property from the Mutz family, pioneers of Stutsman County. (.25ft)

10471 Alfred and John Gould
Papers, 1877-1935
Diaries document Gould family activities in Pittsford, MI and Mandan, ND. (4v)

10485 Lillian Wineman
Papers, 1912-1974
Correspondence, poems and short stories by Lillian Wineman and others, organizational material, canning recipes, recipes, information about Lillian’s garden, inventories of household goods, notes, daily grocery lists, a survey about Wineman’s Indian artifact collection, lists of property owners in Lakewood Park and Greenwood, clippings about Wineman, farm notes, wills, memorial books, photographs and a certificate from the Grand Orient at Charleston SC. (2.5ft)

10487 Hilaire du Berrier (Harold Berry)
Papers, 1935-1991
Mandan, ND
Letters to du Berriers' sister Helen Spielman, Mandan, ND; notes, drawings, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, post cards, telegrams, family history, ephemera, photographs, publications, and copies of his monthly newsletter, du Berrier Report, on international diplomatic and political topics. Collection documents much of du Berrier's career, recording his activities during the Italo-Ethiopian War, Spanish Civil War, as a pilot for the Chinese government during World War II, and a diplomat in Southeast Asia, China, and Korea. Soldier of fortune and diplomat from Monte Carlo, Monaco originally from Flasher, ND. (.75ft)

10500 Oakes Centennial Pageant
Papers, 1986
Includes pageant scripts, photographs, programs, and notes. (1ft)

10505 Esther Z. Roseneau
Papers, 1900-1960
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence, greeting cards, legal documents, and photographs. (2ft)

10510 Charles Schatz
Papers, 1947
Newspaper clippings, photographs, and a program concerning the 75th anniversary of the founding of Bismarck, ND. (.5ft)

10516 Florence Perkinson
Papers, 1917-1919
Homestead papers, snapshots of early Roseglen, ND and inhabitants and WWI correspondence with Private Lawrence Strand. (.25ft)

10525 Mary Carroll
Papers, 1930s
Scrapbook, indexed by topic, containing pictures, postcards, ephemera, and newspaper clippings relating to North Dakota. Includes notes on the Civilian Conservation Corps and a postcard of an Indian school in Bismarck. (1 item)

10536 Martin P. Mosbrucker
1906-ca. 1986
Consists of archaeological files, drawings, research, correspondence, and publications that support Mosbrucker’s archaeological artifact collection, which is in the Archaeology and Historic Preservation Division of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Mosbrucker collected the artifacts with his wife, Lavinia. The bulk of his collection came from the Boley site (32M037) (the site of a Mandan earth lodge village, 1725-1785), and from Fort Abraham Lincoln (32M026). The rest of the collection was collected at various sites in North Dakota. (2.5ft)

10538 Carl F. Smith
Papers, 1914-1961, n.d.
Greeting cards, postcards, and newspaper clippings. Smith was Superintendent for the School for the Deaf in Devils Lake, ND. (1ft)

10539 Margaret (Mutz) Moore
Papers, 1880-1913, n.d.
Jamestown, ND
Family letters,  photographs, WWII ration book, stamps, bond purchases, mortgage notes, deeds, promissory notes, tax receipts, school report card, school booklet, assorted newspaper  clippings,  and postcards. See also MS-10465. (.25ft)

10546 Maggie Emly
Papers, 1944-1949
WWII era Christmas cards, correspondence, comics, a Burleigh County District Court summons, and minscellaneous greeting cards. (.25ft)

10548 Hal P. Porter
Papers, 1941-1954
Scrapbook entitled, "Battle of Whitestone Hill: a Pictorial and Historic Record." (3v)

10549 William H. Webb
Papers, 1907-1976
North Dakota political and travel brochures from North Dakota towns and from other states, newspaper clippings, victory garden maps, and miscellaneous publications. (.5ft)

10553 Frank E. Vyzralek
ca. 1832-2014
Research files, personal papers, photographs and audiovisual materials of lifelong researcher and former North Dakota State Archivist Frank Edward Vyzralek. Includes original work and information compiled about agriculture, arts and entertainment, business and industry, city and town life, education, ethnicity, Indians of North America, history, military, people, places, politics and government, religion and transportation. These broad areas of research are organized further by topic. Notable areas of research include North Dakota photographers, baseball, beer and bottling, mills and elevators, crime, the North Dakota Teachers Insurance and Retirement Fund, North Dakota "Centennial Moments," biographies, place names, Bismarck (N.D.), railroads and steamboats. The personal papers primarily consist of Vyzralek's correspondence, genealogical research, organizational materials, and family papers. (110ft)

10556 Burr A. Dickinson
Papers, 1918-1939
Correspondence, contracts, stocks, and leases relating to ventures in gold mining and oil exploration during the 1920s and 1930s, ephemera, and one publication by Charles Coulter. B. A., as he was known, was the first settler of Ryder, ND, and was a member of the state legislature. In 1924, he moved his law practice to Minot, ND distinguishing himself in the practice of law litigation. He served as Ward County States Attorney and county judge. (3.5ft)

10557 Lee Mohr
Photograph collection, 1920s-1969
Bismarck, ND; Mandan, ND
Mohr's negatives and prints, and earlier photographic images attributed to G. L. Lutz. Mohr's work covers rodeos, floods, and the Garrison Dam.1930s-1960s. Four hand-colored oversize portraits of Native American subjects are included. (.5ft/oversize)

10558 Henry R. Porter
Papers, 1873-1902
Notes,receipts, photograph album of the Capitol Hunting Party, and a scrapbook of photographs, documents, and newspaper clippings concerning Porter's career as a Bismarck physician. (.25ft/1r/#16071)

10560 Ethel (Mrs. Julius H.) Weinrebe
Papers,  1905-1985
Financial records and legal records of Julius Weinrebe, a journal , the financial records of Ethel Weinrebe, ephemera, and clothing patterns designed for her daughters(1.5ft/oversize)

10566 Blasidell Statehood Centennial Reunion
Records, 1922, 1989.
Blaisdell, ND
Correspondence, historical background information, newspaper clippings, a packet sent to out of state alumni, brochures, postcards, photographs, audiocassette, and videocassette all relating to the statehood centennial celebration musical and the all class reunion. (.75ft.)

10575 Zenith Pictorial Advertising Company
Photographs, 1963-1986
Aerial photographs, negatives, and transparencies of North Dakota towns, schools, churches, elevators, and other businesses. (2582 images)

10578 Prairie Public Television
Records, 1990-1996
Prairie News Journal show, a weekly broadcast of the news about the people, politics, and events happening primarily in North Dakota, but also in the Plains region. (video cassettes)

10580 Prairie Public Radio
Records, 1989-1998
Weekly interviews for the show “Prairie Weekly” with Dave Thompson of the state's political leaders and citizens discussing the current issues important to North Dakota. (133 audio cassette tapes)

10581 Waldmar H. Itrich
Papers, 1930-1947
Hebron, ND; New Salem, ND
Collection of 16mm film of family events and outings. (14 reels)

10584 Alfred M. Venne
Papers, 1914-1990
Audiocassettes of Venne's autobiography, enrollment correspondence with Seneca Nation of Indians, a letter from W. E. (Bill) Lockhart, newspaper clippings, broadsides, ephemera, the death certificate of Roberta Lee Reeves, three prayer cards, and a California drivers license. (.25ft and oversize)

10593 F. A. Carley
Papers, 1871-1987
Stutsman County, ND
Diaries, correspondence, financial material, legal documents, genealogical material, a scrapbook, photographic images, and miscellaneous material of Alva B. and Lucina Carley, their son F. A. and his wife Eliza, their daughter Edith, their son Roy and his wife Anne, and Roy’s son E. A. Carley. (1.75ft)

10594 Peter Davidson
Papers, ca. 1870s-1970
Correspondence, legal documents, pharmacy certification paperwork, personal financial records, a cash book for Davidson’s drug store, autograph books from Peter’s time at Luther College (Decorah, IA) and the Chicago College of Pharmacy, organizational material from the McKenzie County Better Farming Club and the Knights of Pythias, personal papers of Harold Ingwoldson, and a financial and personal ledger of Maurice and Joyce Davidson. (2ft)

10599 Carl Issel
Papers, 1923-1959
Photographs and postcards, correspondence to Stella Cook from Issel during WWI, newspaper clippings, a newspaper, and an unused baby book from Minot, ND merchants. (.25ft)

10600 Larry Remele
Papers, 1981-1988
Includes research materials for articles and presentations on the Nonpartisan League, A. C. Townley and a variety of topics dealing with the Great Plains. Also includes correspondence, projects and programs, newspaper clippings, family records, and  a  Freedom of Information Act file. (22ft)

10601 Gantner Family
Papers, n.d.
Correspondence, poetry, artwork, teaching records, photographs, publications, maps, and ephemera of the Benson County family. (.75ft)

10603 Nygaard and Stenerson Families
Papers, ca. 1873-1945
Letters, writings, a scrapbook of postcards, album of commercial photos, religious books, and photographs. (.75ft)

10607 George W. Hill
Papers, 1875
Military correspondence and oderrs of Captain Hill, his description of the sioux sundance and of the military reservation at Fort Totten, a letter from Mrs. Hattie Hill to Senator Wilson, photographic negatives, index to the photographs, and publications. (.25ft) See also MS-10621

10609 Albert Cook
Papers, 1904-1936
Bismarck, ND
Newspaper clippings, memorabilia, and 16mm motion picture film. Photographs transferred to photo collection. (36 items)

10618 Max and Alice Lehman
Papers, 1900-1930
Newspaper clippings regarding items about Hebron, ND residents, unidentified snapshots and studio portraits, and locks of hair belonging to Bernice, Maxine, and Lloyd Lehman. (.5ft/oversize)

10620 C. W. Corwin
Family film collection, 1920-1957
Bismarck, ND
The film collection includes b/w and color footage, mostly family topics and activities. (49 reels)

10624 Raymond and Gertrude Schaefer
Family film collection, 1949-1960
8mm b/w and color edited film of the family including a script describing the people and events captured in the footage. Video cassette available. (52 reels)

10628 Angela Brennan
Papers, 1870s-2007
Includes working notes and index cards of area interviewees, oral history audiotapes and research materials on baptisms, marriages, cemeteries, and deaths derived from Catholic Church records in ND, specifically from churches in Litchville, Montpelier, Marion, Jamestown. Also contains indices, newspaper clippings, booklets, publications, Stott family information and photographs, genealogical information from surrounding states, and newsletters. (14.25ft)

10629 Gustav A. Luther
Papers, 1873-1911
Enderlin, ND
Photographs, certificates, obituaries, homestead location papers, family cemetery plot deed, and newspapers. (.25ft)

10634 Clifford Daniel
Papers, 1929-1940
Correspondence primarily concerned with Daniel’s insurance agency and management of farms for out of state land owners near Sykeston, ND (.5ft)

10640 Thomas O. Folden
Papers, 1872-1962
Correspondence, financial records, certificates, report cards, newspaper clippings, a family history, publications, photo album and photographs of a family who emigrated from Norway and settled in Clifford, ND. (.75ft/oversize)

10644 Louise (Armstrong) Jevne
Papers, 1957-1980
Letters, diaries, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, genealogical reference material, and biographies of pioneers who lived within the Mouse River Loop to the Canadian border. (13ft)

10649 Arthur B. Brainard
Papers, 1882, 1910-1940
Fort Totten, ND; Devil’s Lake, ND
Photographs, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, pamphlets, and publications relating to Brainard’s business, and Boy Scouts. (1ft)

10654 Illa (Mrs. Theodore) Hagerott
Papers, 1930-1989
Correspondence, programs, pamphlets, bulletins from social functions, and newspaper clippings of a Morton Co., ND family. (2.25ft)

10656 Ruth (Mrs. Charles) Hoffman
Papers, 1884-1969
Minot, ND
1000 slides of Minot and publications. (.5ft)

10657 R. A. Grant
Papers, 1880s-1970s
Photographs of the Grant family and friends, primarily in Mott (ND), miscellaneous printed material, and autograph books. (3ft)

10661 Bern Family
Papers, 1895-1985
Correspondence of C. E. and Olive and their three children Enid, Efford, and Ivan, Enid's manuscripts, photographs, printed materials and ephemera. Many of the photographs were used for “Memoirs of a Prairie School Teacher,” by Enid Bern in North Dakota History, Summer 1975 and “The Enchanted Years on the Prairies,” Fall 1973. The other images are Bern family photos of farming and activities in Hettinger County. The family homesteaded near Bentley, ND in Hettinger County. (6ft)

10662 Thomas E. Whelan
Papers, 1940-1980
Correspondence, photographs, scrapbook, memorabilia, and awards. Whelan was the first North Dakotan to be appointed as a U.S. ambassador and served in Nicaragua, 1951-1961. (.25ft/oversize)

10669 Monson Family
Photographs, ca. 1916-1919
Images of families, agricultural activities and implements, children at play, animals, farmstead buildings, home interiors (furniture, textiles), community activities, recreational activities, churches, towns, schools, construction on farmstead buildings, and men leaving for Camp Dodge, IA (1917). Most of the images were taken in Walsh County (ND) in the 1910s, although the collection includes images in Gladmar, Saskatchewan, Canada. (514 negatives/prints)

10674 Flora C. Burr
Papers, ca. 1900-1940
Correspondence, a poster, certificates, photographs, and sheet music, some written by Flora. (.25ft)

10675 Annie Duncan Burr
Papers, ca. 1900-1937
Photographs, postcard albums, certificates, and newspaper clippings. (.25ft)

10676 Hugh C. McCreery
Papers, ca. 1914-1990
Logs, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, motion picture film, publications, travel diaries, and memorabilia of McCreery, a hydraulic engineer with the U.S. Geological Survey in San Francisco, Hawaii, Helena, MT, and Bismarck, ND. (3ft)

10677 Catherine Mary Burr
Papers, ca. 1931-1940
Legal, financial records, photographs, and newspaper clippings. (.5ft)

10678 Elsie D. Burr
Papers, ca. 1900-1930
Photos, certificates, and newspaper clippings. (20 items)

10679 M. Margaretta (Burr) Wells
Papers, 1889-1950
Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, biographical and autobiographical information, publications, and certificates. (.5ft)

10680 Frances M. (Cox) Wold
Papers, 1889-1994
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, brochures, notecards, interviews, local history files on Burleigh Co. and North Dakota, and working papers for articles in various publications. (14ft) See also MS-20388

10682 J. A. and Anna Graham
Papers, 1919
Letters from Mrs. Graham to her husband regarding farming and other family concerns, letters from her son, Edward J. Kolar, while serving in a World War I motorcycle unit in France, newspaper clippings, and a photograph. (.25ft)

10683 Paul G. Martel
Papers, 1890-1960
McIntosh, ND
Photos, an album, German bibles and prayer books. (1ft)

10685 Nelson E. Nelson
Consists of correspondence of Nelson E. Nelson, Judson LaMoure, Judson LaMoure Jr., Judson LaMoure Ihrig, as well as financial and legal documents, marriage records, certificates, and photographs. The collection of primary documents is quite diverse, and includes several early read state contracts, LaMoure's 1874 wedding certificate and witness list, business receipts, 1892 Republican National Convention donation receipts, correspondence regarding Nelson's government appointment commission and Nelson's claim for a Civil War pension, personal estate documents, political "letters of introduction," and business receipts. (1.25ft.)

10688 Emmanuel O. and Gladys (Malmberg) Landerholm
Papers, 1938-1988
Flasher, ND; Bismarck, ND
Photographs, anniversary booklets, Christmas cards from the Trinity Lutheran Church staff, ephemera, publications, and a children’s coloring book. (.5ft)

10691 Roy Johnson and Louis Pfaller
Papers, 1867-1975
Newspaper clippings, articles, photographs, maps, pamphlets, and correspondence documenting the research of two historians, Johnson and Pfaller, on Major James McLaughlin, forts, battles, railroads, steamboats, exploration, pioneers, frontier humor, Native Americans, weather, murders, schools, missionaries, etc. (45ft)

10693 Jennie Lloyd
Papers, ca 1885
Fessenden, ND
Diary of Ida Lyness Lloyd, a letter of sympathy to Jennie from U.S. Senator William L. Langer on the death of her father, photos, and newspaper clippings. (.75ft)

10700 Phillip and Minnie (Biever) Walter
Papers, 1900-1943
Diaries, correspondence, family business ledgers, financial and real estate records, photographs, publications, and ephemera. The Walters operated a grocery store in Leonard, ND. (2.5ft)

10714 Ruth Staley
Papers, 1895, 1920s-1943, n.d.
Bismarck. ND
Scrapbooks containing a variety of newspaper clippings relating to North Dakota, programs from musical presentations and local political events, and a portrait photo of Mr. and Mrs. John Beal and daughter Hazel. (.25ft)

10724 Darrell Dorgan  
Papers, 1986-1990
Historical files, scripts from Bismarck, ND radio and television broadcasting stations, video interviews with a variety of North Dakotans, and reports on popular social issues including the environment, energy, MX missile system, school certification, synthetic fuels, taxes, Sitting Bull, and the potato sale. (2.5ft)

10730 Henry Walz
Scrapbooks of correspondence, news clippings, letters, photos and other memorabilia covering topics that interested Henry Walz and were related to events in his own life. Walz was a ranch hand who worked for Theodore Roosevelt at his Elkhorn Ranch near Medora (ND) in the 1880s. (2v)

10732 P. Hewison and Florence (Phillip) Pollock
Papers, 1887-1922
Fargo, ND
Photographs, a scrapbook, P. Hewison Pollock’s oratory and orations, and publications. (.25ft)

10737 Pembina Museum Collection
Records, 1863-1980
Consists of records of the Museum, records kept by the Museum for exhibit and preservation purposes, scrapbooks and photographs. Includes records of the Pembina Parent Teacher Association (PTA). (14ft)

10738 Elmer E. Barry
1884-ca. 1960
Photographs of the James M. and Elizabeth Barry farm family, Manvel (N.D.), their son Elmer E. Barry, Elmer's garage and shop in Pembina (N.D.), a July 4th parade in Pembina (N.D.) and Governor Walter Welford. (21 items)

10742 Clarence M. Flaten
Papers, 1910
Hettinger, ND
Photographs, newspaper clippings, memorabilia and a genealogy of his mother’s family. (.25ft)

10743 Lars Soiseth
Papers, 1900-1996
Consists of correspondence, love letters, travel logs, datebooks, birthday book, Lars Soiseths' diary (original and transcribed), genealogical information, "Fjords to Frontiers from Four Generations" and miscellaneous material. (1.25ft)

10746 Lyman N. and Anne A. (Clark) Cary
Papers, 1860s-1983
Land and business records in Morton County, papers associated with membership in social, fraternal, religious organizations and associations, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and military papers from Anne Cary's father, James R. Clark who served in the Civil War. (3ft)

10748 Fred E. and Mildred A. Berger
Papers, 1940s-1979
Cooperstown, ND, Griggs Co., ND, McHenry Co., ND
Diaries and copies of the diaries, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, published booklets, audio/visual cassettes, and memorabilia. (1ft)

10755 J. C. and M. J. Boren and John Pennell
Papers, 1884-1899
Letters from J. C. Boren, Menoken, ND to his wife M. J. Boren in Athensville, IL; from Albert Graves, Menoken (who may have been a hired hand),  to J. C. Boren in IL; from her son Roscoe to Mrs. M. J. Boren; and to John Pennell (son of M. J. Boren) in Menoken, Jamestown, and Bismarck from a variety of relatives and friends regarding farming, weather, social life, and education. (.25ft)

10759 Bowsemont, ND History Collection
Records, 1998
Bowesmont, ND
Daily journal, correspondence, interviews,  photo album of buildings, press releases, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a copy of the completed history, A Community History. (.5ft)

10767 Edward C. Blackorby
Papers, 1998
Manuscript of The Prairie Populist: Life Story of Usher L. Burdick, attorney, judge, legislator, lieutenant governor, member of U.S. House of Representatives, historian, and author. (.5ft)

10770 Lyndon F. Clark
Film Collection, 1940s-1950s
7,000 feet of color film includes winter and summer scenes in Rolette County, hunting trips to Canada, and a wedding in Washington state. (5 canisters)

10778 Milton and Olive (Everett) Goldsmith Family
correspondence, genealogies and research of the various branches of the Goldsmith families, transcripts of oral history interviews of family members, ephemera and photographs. (3ft)

10779 Plinn H. and Katherine (Blackman) Woodward
Papers, 1880-1905
Wells, Co., ND
Letters primarily from Plinn to his father, from Grandmother Blackmar to her daughter Katherine, and her granddaughter Katie. Five photographs are included. (.25ft/1r #14245)

10780 Nieland Family
Papers, 1940s-1990s
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence, financial and legal documents, photographs, greeting cards, and publications. (2ft)

10783 Deering, ND
Papers, 1963
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings compiled by Minonoa (Summers) Anderson about the town. (1v)

10791 Dean and Alberta McQueen
Papers, 1935-1992
The journals include correspondence, 35 log books, newspaper clippings, weather data, diaries, cartoon contortions, indexes to writings, and audiotapes. (2.75ft)

10797 Katherine (Kate) Roberts Pelissier
ca. 1878-1952
Scrapbook includes Pelissier's reminiscences of life as a pioneer in the Medora (D.T.) area, photographs with Theodore Roosevelt, autographs of Madam de Mores and her daughter, letters from Dorothy Stickney, and photographs, and newspaper clippings of local events. (1v./45 items)  

10799 Warren D. Kress
Papers, 1970s-1980s
The color photo slides are of selected North Dakota locations that include Bismarck, Mandan, Fargo to McClusky, and Portal to Williston. (3ft)

10800 McAllister Family
Papers, 1905-1989
The collection includes military papers, autobiographies, and life stories, photographs, postcards, a scrapbook, ephemera, and newspaper clippings. (.5ft)

10801 Kief Cemetery Readings
Records, 1999
Kief, ND; McHenry Co., ND
Index, transcriptions, and photographs of gravestones in Kief Cemetery. (.5ft)

10802 Williams County Family and Community Leadership Program
Records, 1988-1991
The records include workshop materials, brochures, and photographs of the program display. (.25ft)

10803 Harris Rohrer Family
Papers, 1902-1976
The collection consists of financial records, school records, church report, school history, list of Irvine township residents, scrapbook, posters, ephemera and publications. Nina A. Harris lived in several North Dakota cities including Kindred, Minot, Devils Lake, Jamestown, Bismarck, and Valley City. (.5ft)

10804 Kermit Karns
Includes records from churches and cemeteries in McIntosh County (N.D.), published church and family histories, research on McPherson County (S.D.), photographs of family and friends, newspaper clippings about people, places, genealogy and events, and extensive research files that primarily contain correspondence about Karns' genealogical research, conducted for others, for the American Family Records Association, or for his own use. Significant topics within Karns' research files include Germans from Russia and McIntosh County (N.D.). (11.5ft)

10815 Chambers Family
Papers, 1940s-1980s
Papers of the families of Russell and Lucille (Morton) Chambers and Charles Morton. Much of the collection relates to Chambers’ career as an electrical engineer in Bismarck. Also includes correspondence, photos, and scrapbooks of the Morton family. (4.5ft)

10822 Verna McCallum
Papers, n.d.
Photographs, certificates, 8th grade diploma, needlepoint transfer patterns, letterhead stationery Eddy Funeral home, report cards from Michigan, autograph books, photo albums, correspondence, and genealogical information. (1.5ft)

10826 Charles Larpenteur
Papers, 1834-1837
Journal of Charles Larpenteur at Fort Union. Microfilm of originals at Minnesota Historical Society. (1r/#14535)
Vol. 1 Fort Union 09/1834-08/1837, includes descriptions of events that occurred in 1833
Vol. 2 Fort Union 03/1864-08/1866
Vol. 3 Fort Buford 08/1867-03/1872
Vol. 4 Cash Book 10/18769-06/1870
Vol. 5 Autobiography 1870-1872

10827 Walsh County (ND) Historical Preservation Commission
Records, 1999-2000
Audio interviews and transcript, release forms, and the final report by Kimberly R. Porter for an oral history project entitled, "Depression Era Discoveries," sponsored by the State Historical Society of North Dakota. (.5ft)

10831 Parkhouse Family
Papers, 1941-1948
8mm movies transferred to videotape, photographs, and an audio tape describing farm life in Gunkel Township, Cass Co. three miles east of Arthur, ND. (.25ft)

10837 Glenn L. Haugen
Papers of Knute and Mabel (Olson) Haugen, Clifford, Traill County (ND), their children Glenn L. and Fryne, Glenn’s wife Dorothy (Goldsmith) Haugen and their daughter Diane Haugen. Includes correspondence, school records, genealogical information, Glenn’s World War II records, baptism and confirmation certificates, photographs, reminiscences, and ephemera.  (1.75ft)

10838 Lawrence and Florence Goldsmith
Papers, 1919-2004
Letters written during WWI, family history materials, photographs, and ephemera that belonged to the Kidder County (ND) couple. (3ft)

10839 Papers of St. Louis Fur Trade Part 1: The Chouteau Collection
Papers, 1752-1925
Contains financial, legal, and personal papers of four generations of Chouteau family members. The Chouteaus traded regularly with Native American tribes and were frequent mediators in Indian-white matters. Respected for their political contacts, social graces, and wealth, the Chouteaus served as governmental advisers, Indian agents, public officials, and community leaders. By 1850, the Chouteaus had ventured beyond the fur trade to investments in real estate, banking, iron manufacturing, railroads, mining, and utilities. The Chouteau Collection comprises five series of related items including: Papers, 1752-1975 and undated; Unprocessed Materials, 1775-1854; Pierre Chouteau, Jr. & Co. Letterbooks, 1856-1861; Charles P. Chouteau Letterbooks, 1884-1888; and Estate Papers and Miscellany, 1802-1874 and undated.
Microfilmed by the Missouri Historical Society from the holdings of the St. Louis Mercantile Association, accompanied by printed reel guide. Archives has Pt. 1 The Choteau Collection. (40r/#14629-14668)

10842 Luther and Mary Estelle Bratton
Papers, 1898-1970s
Personal papers, diary, photographs, newspaper clippings, postcards, ephemera, and memorabilia. Luther Bratton published the Knox Advocate and the Rugby Optimist. The diary describes his service in the 1st Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, Co. D, North Dakota National Guard in the Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection. (3ft)

10843 Frank and Catherine Hornstein
Papers, 1928-1998
Correspondence, photographs, publications, ephemera, and scrapbooks documenting Catherine (Bratton) and Frank Hornstein's lives.  Catherine taught music in Mohall, Rugby, and Tolley, ND. Frank  was editor of the Pierce County Tribune. (8ft)

10844 Pierce County Tribune
Photograph Collection, ca. 1880s-1980s
The historical collection was maintained by Frank Hornstein and documents photographs submitted to the Tribune and used in retrospective editions, such as the 75th Jubilee publication. (4ft/454 images)

10845 Arthur and Aileen (Kilgore) Henderson
Papers, 1971-1975
Letters written to the Henderson's by Dave McLeod.  Both were residents of Medora, ND. (.25ft)

10847 Arthur W. Hedge
Film Collection, 1935, 1946-1948
16mm film Hedge produced while in Dickinson State College: Campus Days, 1935, silent & B/W, 48 minutes; Holiday in Hawaii, 1947-1948, Color; and  Report from the Orient, undated, B/W & Color, and silent.   The fourth 16 mm reel (Part One) was a gift to him from the U.S. Signal Corps and is titled, The Stilwell Road.  (1ft/4reels)

10851 Karleen (Home) Rosaaen
Papers, 1903-2000
Bowman, ND
Journals including daily entries by Mrs. Rosaaen of her thoughts about people she knew and places she'd traveled, a list of daily activities, financial information, and family photographs. (1ft)

10855 Flint Communication
 Video collection, 1983-1989
27 3/4 inch videotapes gathered for use during North Dakota's state centennial celebration advertising and programs. Much of the footage is from archival, government and private collections. (3ft/27 videotapes)

10856 Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy
ca. 1880s-1971
Genealogical research compiled for a Goldsmith family history,  printed material and photographs. (1.5ft)

10860 William Leingang Jr. Mobile Video Productions
A selection of film footage shot by Wiliam L. Leingang and William L. Leingang, Jr. Topics include a 16mm film of the 1969 flood of eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota, and video footage of Gordon Kahl, Badlands, aerial footage of the 1997 flood, 7th Cavalry stock footage, and oil fields.Slides are of the Meter Television newscast team including Roger Higgins, Al Gustin. Bob McLeod, Jess Cooper, and Jim Bucklin. (4ft.: 1-16mm film, 30 VHS tapes, 5 slides)

10862 Robert Milligan Carothers and Helen R. Fulton
Photographs, 1885-1978
Emerado, ND; Grand Forks, ND
Individual and group portraits of family members, family histories, and obituaries. (.25ft)

10869 Helen Swenson
Papers, 1997-2002
Oral interviews  conducted by Helen Swenson with David and Vivian Barth, Alden Brink, Lois Engler, Roy Erickson, Dr. Marlin and Peggy Johnson, Doris Landerholm, Grace Link, B. Solberg, Betty Sprynczynatyk, Norma Stenslie, Emory Swanson, and Mabelle Walberg. (14 audio tapes)

10870 Walter E. Essig
Papers, 1950-1970
Research files documenting a number of trails in North Dakota, letters of inquiry, copies of documents from a variety of historical research repositories, a hand drawn map book by Mr. Essig of the direct trail between Fort Ransom and Fort Stevenson established in 1867, a genealogy written by Adolph Erich Essig in old German, and other memorabilia.  (2ft) See also MS-20386

10872 Denhoff, ND
Papers, 1950-1966
Correspondence, subject files, and personal histories relating to the city of Denhoff, ND. (.25ft)

10874 Usher L. and Emma Burdick
Papers, 1901-1940
Family and business correspondence. (.5ft)

10879 John E. Malmstad
Papers, 1941-1943
Scrapbooks, photo album, and baby book. (1.25 ft)

10880 Joyce E. (David) Malmstad 
Papers, 1978
Correspondence and guestbook given to Mrs. Malmstad upon her retirement from the State Land Department. (.25ft)

10881 Selfridge Diamond Jubilee Committee
Records, 1985-1988
Selfridge, ND
Minutes, correpondence, photographs, posters, newspaper clippings, and ephemera relating to the planning and celebration held in Selfridge. (.5ft)

10886 Irene (Haugen) Madson-Omang
Papers, 1936-1993
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings documenting the events of the Mayville and Portland, ND communities including obituaries, marriages, anniversaries, human interest stories,  and news items. (3ft)

10888 Frank Parsley
Film collection, 1909, 1940s
16mm motion picture footage from the Red River Valley region including 1909 tractor, snow plow, road work, drills, floods, blind show, and deer hunt. (7 reels)

10892 Alice Cowles Bliss
Papers, 1914-1948
Original diaries describing homesteading in Nelson County. Diaries dating from 1943-1948 are written by daughter Vera Bliss. (1ft)

10893 Tom Hasher
Papers, n.d.
Scrapbook items include brochures, picture postcards, pamphlets, and newspaper mastheads from various cities in North Dakota. (.6ft)

10894 Fargo (ND) Historic Preservation Commission
Records, 2002
Oral histories concerning downtown Fargo. (.5ft/18 audiotapes)

10897 Elva Lehman
Papers, 1900-1903, 1907
Letters written to Elva by her friends in Wahpeton, ND after she had moved to another state. (.25ft)

10898 Eric C. Jacobsen
Photographs and papers related to Eric C. Jacobsen’s family and work. Consists of a photo album of bridge construction in North Dakota. Bridges featured may include the Lost Bridge in Dunn County (N.D.), Lewis and Clark Bridge in Williston (N.D.), and the Four Bears Bridge at Elbowwoods (N.D.). Also includes photographs of archaeological sites, the Mandan Fair, and the Fort Berthold area. Correspondence in the collection is from America Elmira Collins, Jacobsen’s grandmother, and Mary C. Collins, Jacobsen’s great-aunt. Topics included in the correspondence include John Grass, Sitting Bull, and the Ghost Dance. Digital scans of papers are also included in the collection. Digital scans include correspondence with Mary C. Collins, John Grass, Russell Reid, George F. Will Sr., the Department of the Interior and include topics like genealogy, land allotments, archaeology, songs and stories in the Lakota language, day school students and research for bridge work. (1.25 feet and digital)

10905 Ukrainian Cultural Institute
Records, 1984-2001
Dickinson, ND
CDs and transcripts of 20 oral history interviews conducted by the Ukrainian Cultural Institute of Ukrainian families from Belfield, Bismarck, Butte, Fairfield, Kief, and Wilton. Those interviewed include William Anheluk; Steve Baranko; Pearl (Mrs. Mike) Basaraba; Peter Basaraba; Eva Boozenny; Mary (Skoropot) Hruby; Irene (Irena) Iwaniw; Peter Kassian, Sr.; George Klym; Mike and Pauline Kulish; Anna Logosz; Matt & Katy Logosz; Catherine Omafrey; Mary Palanuk; Rose Skurupey; Anna Solodiuk; Mr. and Mrs. John Stuchynski; Mary Stuss; George and Julia Tymchuk; Titiana Urchenko. (1ft)

10907 Mabel Hartwell (Mrs. H. B.) Mitchell
Papers, 1907-1913
Devils Lake, ND
Handwritten diaries detailing the weather and daily living in the early 1900s, a postcard, two publications by George D. Mitchell and Ruskin, a copy of the Hartwell family tree, and an advertisement for the Colonial Hotel and auctioneer Col. D. W. Dickson. (.5ft)

10910 Edith O. Kinney
Papers, 1931-1934, 1940s-1950s
Biographical information about Miss Kinney and her family, contract agreements with the Fort Berthold Mission, form letters written to potential mission supporters by Miss Kinney, photographs taken at the Mission of the buildings and the children, program pamphlets, bulletins providing information about the Mission, a newspaper clipping about Miss Kinney, and other publications relating to the Mission. (.2ft)

10911 Carroll Carlson
Papers, 1907, 1930s-1940s, 2004
High school diploma, World War II correspondence, photographs, certificates, and ephemera. (.25ft)

10921 Hazel Wolla Melby
Papers, 1942-1952
Correspondence, school papers from Tioga High School and Interstate Business College in Fargo, publications, photographs, and newspaper clippings. (2ft)

10925 Saugstad Family
Papers, 1900s to 1980s
Benson Co., ND; Grand Forks Co., ND; Ward Co., ND
Reminiscences, photographs, publications, and an address given by John M. Budd, of the Great Northern Railway, during the 75th anniversary of Minot.  Several color photographs were taken during a visit to Grand Forks by President Reagan.  (.25ft)

10926 Louise Guthrie Blankenship
Papers, 1907-1949
Account book dating from 1907-1910, diaries dating from 1927-1949, and diary transcriptions by Blankenship’s niece Louise Parmenter. Louise Guthrie came to Deepriver, ND in 1904 and taught school in Divide, McHenry, and Williams counties. In 1909-10 she homesteaded in Stady, ND, later marrying Hiram C. Blankenship, and living in Williston and Minot. (.25ft)

10928 StoryCorps [North Dakota]
Oral Histories, 2005.
Interviews , reminiscences, and stories by North Dakotans recorded at booths set up in Bismarck and New Town as part of a partnership of Prairie Public Radio, the Library of Congress, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. (.05ft)
10931 Theodore Loy
Papers, 1930-1980s
Copy of a history and early photos of Stanton/Mercer County, war-related materials, family photo albums, and photos of India.  See also MS-20173 and photo collection #21. (1ft)

10932 Edmond J. Shrum
Papers, 1900-1994
Diary written by Shrum during his service with Co. M, 137th Infantry, 36th Division in WWI, correspondence, autobiographies and biographies of Shrum family members, publications, newspaper clippings, and photographs. (.25ft)

10943 Arthur and Grace Link Photographs
Consists of scans of a photograph album for an article in North Dakota History in 2005. Images are of the John Link family and farm, the Johnson family, and the Art and Grace Link family. (77 digital images)

10944 Hiram M. and Ada Drache
Papers, 1948-2010
Includes a 50th wedding anniversary booklet containing family history going back to 1840 Germany (1948-1998) accompanied by a two hour video of the life of Ada and Hiram Drache, a video  of aerial combat titled Weedon-K-King (479), 1993-1994, and two audio cassettes of Drache's military service experience. (.25ft)

10948 Junald and (Katie) Myrtle Collins Rendahl
Papers, 1902-1962
Petersburg, ND; Renville Co., ND
Baptism, confirmation, public school, and marriage certificates of Katie Myrtle Rendahl, correspondence, diplomas,  notebooks, notes for speeches, calendars, photographs, ephemera, postcards and occasional cards, scrapbook of greeting cards,  poetry books and other publications, games, newspaper clippings , and a  LP record autographed by Lawrence Welk. (2.25ft)

10949 Woodland/Davenport Family
Papers, 1884-1950
Diaries, financial records, photographs and photo albums, scrapbooks, newsclippings, and ephemera. Some newspaper clippings are pasted into a 1895 Register of Teachers for the Glencoe, ND area. (2ft)

10950 Heritage Foundation. Family Histories.
Family and individual histories compiled through programs of the State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation. Histories can be viewed in the county history books located in the Hall of Honors. (7ft)

10958 William E. "Bill" Shemorry
ca. 1870s-2004
Office files (research, newspaper and magazine clippings, article drafts, and published articles), slides, photographs, negatives, and glass plate negatives related to Shemorry’s career as a newspaper publisher, photographer, reporter, historian, researcher and author in Williston, N.D. (approximately 153ft.)

10959 Sarah Lyness
Papers, 1886-1890
Transcription of diaries of Sarah Lyness who moved to Dakota Territory from a farm near Oshkosh, WI.  She had four sons and a daughter.  The diaries were transcribed by Marion Lyness Eldredge, a great-granddaughter. (.5ft)

10960 Keith Darnay
A/V Collection, 1978-1989
¾” video of news stories and file tapes produced by Darnay while station manager of the KMOT in Minot and the KX station in Bismarck. (30ft)

10972 R. Oyd Larkin
Papers, 1913-2004
Papers, photographs, memorabilia, publications, the 1931 yearbook for State Agriculture High School, and anniversary book for the Church of the Nazarene North Dakota District, 1909-1959. (.65ft)

10976 Rosamond Lowe
Papers, 1950-1974
Scrapbook and loose clippings from the Walsh County Press of Mrs. Rosamond Lowe's column "Shortstops" dated from 1950 till her death in 1974. Mrs. Lowe was married to Kenneth Lowe, publisher of Walsh County Press, and took over as publisher at his death in 1970. Mrs. Lowe was also the first woman elected to the State Senate. (.75ft/oversize)

10982 H. Elaine Lingren
Papers, 1988
Exhibit negatives used to produce panels for Lindgren's 1988 exhibit and her 1991 book titled Land in Her Own Name: Women as Homesteaders in North Dakota and audio interviews, transcripts, and slides. Lindgren's papers are housed at the Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University, Fargo. (5ft/oversize)

10985 Blanche and Bennie Dahl
Papers, 1929-1998
Correspondence, diaries, Blanche Dahl's teaching/lesson plans, recipes, certificates, cards, ephemera, and memorabilia. (3ft)

10986 Hertz Family
Films, n. d.
(.75 ft/6 tapes, 4 3/4" and 2 1/2")

11002 Alfred Johnson
Papers, 1963-1964 & 1976
Envelopes with postmarks from post offices no longer in service in North Dakota. (.25ft)

11010 Rudolph A. Hummel
Papers, 1933-2000
Hummel's Civilian Conservation Corps discharge papers, panoramic photograph of CCC company from Little Rock AR, newspaper article (1933) and a photograph of Hummel dated 2000. (.25ft)

11011 Lueck Family
Papers, 1942-1972
Photographs of Lidgerwood, ND, booklet and photograph for the 30th reunion for the 1941-1944 classes of Lidgerwood Public School, and a Lidgerwood Woman's Club program. (.25ft)

11019 Thompson Family
Papers, 1940-2007
Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, scrapbook, and publications including  family members Gordon C., Mrs. Gordon C. (Aileen), Maurice E., Maury C., and Mrs. John Thompson. (1ft)

11021 George H. Wheeler Family
Papers, 1920-1970s
Business papers of George and Nora Wheeler family, photographs, certificates, family history, news clippings, ephemera, and publications. (.25ft)

11022 Thomas F. Baker Family
Papers, 1817-2008
Personal papers of Thomas F. Baker (1920-2005), Inez Schonert Baker and their family. Photographs, career and civic files, including newspaper clippings of Thomas Baker, long-time Bismarck City Auditor/City Coordinator, reflecting his work in budgeting, airport development, and city management as well as his civic involvement with local hospitals, YMCA, and campaigns. Tom and Inez were in the first class of graduates at Bismarck Junior College (now Bismarck State College [BSC]). Tom graduated from the University of North Dakota (UND), and Inez graduated from the North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC). Tom served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. Both Inez, an artist, and Tom, a photographer, were active in local art organizations. The photographs and negatives in the collection document the family, their ancestors, Bismarck, and Tom's travels during the war. (9ft.)

11023 Dakota Media Access. Bismarck, Cable 12
Video Tapes. 1988-2010
Video tapes of community events and local government meetings held in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Format is either BETA, 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch VHS or DVD. (16ft)

11028 Thomas and Gayle Clifford
Newspaper clippings, a wedding invitation, a memorial and wedding video compilation, and a memorial book of reminiscences about Thomas Clifford written by UND alumni, University faculty and staff, community members and friends. (.25ft.)

11032 Frederick Roland
Papers, 1937-1960
Diaries written by a Norwegian carpenter who settled in the Williston, ND area. (.5ft)

11043 Fred A. Baguhn
Papers, 1903-1963
Correspondence, genealogical material, manuscripts, notes, and writings by Fred Baguhn, and a photograph. (.25ft)

11044 Roesler Family
Papers, 1908-2007
Manuscripts by Elmo Davis Roesler of the Franz L. Rösler and Sophia M. Plagemann family and their descendants, and of Emil R. Roesler and Augusta Laura Baguhn, four certificates of Elmo Roesler acknowledging completion of studies in Wells County, School District 16, “Roesler’s Best” cookbook with biographies of family members and a photograph of Elmo Vivian Ethan Roesler, Jasper Henry Roesler, and Emil Randall Roesler, taken at Fessenden, Wells County, ND, about 1910. (.25ft)

11045 Alma (Mrs. Claude) Bland
Papers, 1933-1950
Three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, several funeral programs, Berthold High School graduation programs, and ephemera, compiled by Mrs. Claude (Alma) Bland of Berthold. The clippings focus on Berthold, and contain many "24 Years Ago" columns from the Berthold Tribune, but also cover state and national news. Events and topics documented in the scrapbooks include politics, World War II, recipes, poetry, accidents and crimes, personal stories, and construction; although the two major themes in the scrapbooks are obituaries and wedding announcements. The bulk of the clippings were published in the late 1940s. (2ft)

11048 Lynn W. Sperry Family
Papers, 1890-2009
Material relating to, and owned by, Lynn W. Sperry and several items of his daughter Mildred (Moeller). Organized chronologically, the papers contain correspondence between family members, programs and an invitation, a diary, Lynn Sperry’s financial ledger books, family genealogical research and notes, a funeral program, application for Daughters of the American Revolution National Society, photographs, photograph album, and newspapers. (2.25ft)

11057 Natalie (Guss) Peterson
Papers, 2001-2010
Twenty-one short stories written by Natalie (Guss) Peterson for her daughters describing life on the family farm during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Natalie Guss was born in April 1921, grew up in Wolford, ND, graduated from Chillicothe Business College in Chillicothe, MO, and resided in Rugby, ND with her husband Allan. (.25ft)

11059 Muir and Kloubec Families
Papers, 1708-2009
Letters, census records, photographs and other genealogical records documenting the Kloubec and Muir families. Other names found in the collection include: Spirek; MacDougald; McDougald; McDougall; Horn; McLean; Larson; Herman; Megget; Mickelson; and Simpson. (1.5ft)

11069 Dean Winkjer Family
Collection, 1886-1956
1. VHS tape (length 4:25) of Wildrose, ND "Olden Days". 1940s in color showing the town and its residents. Film was put together for the 1985 Diamond Jubilee celebration; 2. Vinyl recording of A. C. Townley speech titled, "The Communist Russian New Deal Game To Bankrupt The U.S.A." August, 1956; 3. August 3, 1886 memo from George Hedderich of Leighton, Jordan & Hedderich, General Dealers in military and Indian Supplies, Fort Buford written to John Hefferman of Little Muddy with instructions regarding supplies.
Townley recording and Wildrose video have been transferred to CD/DVD. (3 items)

11074 Bickel Family
Greeting Card Collection, 1930s-1940s
A variety of cards, primarily valentines, sent to family members. The Bickel family lived in Blue Grass and New Salem, ND. Also includes several mailed post cards and a New Salem High School basketball program. (,25ft)

11079 Kenneth Hartman Harstad
Papers, ca. 1900-2001
Consists of correspondence, genealogical information, newsclippings, notes, confirmation certificate, history of Antler (ND), diploma and photo album of portraits taken in North Dakota and Minnesota. (2.75ft)

11080 Della (Moos) Schoepp
Papers, 1920s-1950s
Includes valentines, religious cards (some in the German language), birthday, Christmas, and sympathy cards, humorous Army post cards, a holiday V-Mail from Iceland 1943, and post cards of the Columbia River, a school book from a geography class (ca 1940-1941) with hand drawn maps, valentines. (.25ft)

11082 Busch, Berning and Bernard Family
Papers, 1899-1993
Consists of manuscripts which describe Henry L. and Esther Bernard's youth in Grafton, Oakwood, Grand Forks, Valley City, and New Berlin, reminiscences of Christmas celebrations in North Dakota, material created by Dick Bernard for the 1993 Busch-Berning family reunion, and copies of records of the USS Woodworth. (4.75ft)

11088 Janet Beltran
Research Files, 1980s-2000s                                
Consists of Beltran's research files on Alexander McKenzie, Reverend J. B. M. Genin and the history of Bismarck, ND. Files include copies of historical documents and publications, as well as Beltran's notes, bibliographical material, and information on sources. See case file for list of publications transferred to the State Archives Publications. June 29, 2011 accession consists of Beltran's research files and notes, compiled for the State Archives, State Historical Society of North Dakota. (1.75ft)

11093 Hugh Henley Warren
Consists of biographical information, a family bible, booklet, news clippings, photographs, post cards and artifacts of an Irish immigrant who came to America in 1885. He joined the North Dakota infantry, fought in the Philippines during the Spanish-American war, and lived in Mandan, Valley City and possibly Jamestown, ND, until his death in 1932. (.25ft)

11094 Porter Family 
Papers of Maggie (Coleman) and John Kerr Porter and two of their children, John E. and Margaret Cecile Porter. The Maggie (Coleman) Porter papers include three autograph books with notes written to Maggie while she was in school in Miles City, MT (1888-1893). The John Kerr Porter papers include a personal letter from Governor George F. Shafer’s office to Mr. Porter and an invitation to the Capitol Cornerstone laying ceremony, 1932. (.5ft)

11095 Masseth-Schneider Family
Consists of correspondence, news clippings, baptism certificate (copy), anniversary material, funerary biographies, obituaries, cards, first grade reading books, and family photographs. (1.25ft)

11099 Semrau Family
ca. 1870s-2011
Consists of correspondence to Ada Reed Holt, family Round Robin letters, scrapbook, photographs, and genealogical information. Also includes family names Buri, Chole, Cole, Cook, Gray, Guernsey, Hendrickson, Jennings, Klevgard, Krueger, Lubitz, Mallard, Mo, Nehrenberg, Nord, Reed, Richardson, Rollins, Semrau, Stengel, Swedlund. North Dakota locations include Balfour, Bottineau, Drake, Oliver County, Towner and Watford City. (3.5ft)

11100 Alexander McKenzie
Papers consist of correspondence to Elva A. McKenzie (1856-1922) from Alexander McKenzie (1851-1922), miscellaneous correspondence to Alexander, Elva, Jeannette (1888-1979), Alexander Jr. and Thomas McKenzie, personal files, financial material, legal documents, newspaper clippings, photographs and several artifacts. Also included are Elva McKenzie’s personal effects, acquired by her daughter Jeannette at the time of her death in 1922 and some of Jeannette’s personal correspondence and material, dating after her mothers’ death. (2.75ft)

11101 W. Raymond Wood James Kipp
Papers, ca. 2009-2011                                 
Wood's research for the article "James Kipp: Upper Missouri River Fur Trader and Missouri Farmer," for North Dakota History, Journal of the Northern Plains, Vol. 77 No. 1 & 2, 2011. (.5ft)

11107 Arntz Family
Papers, ca. 1900-2011
Copy of "A Chronological History of the Familie Arntz," "Burnstad Comet Notes" - a publication of notes taken from the 'personals' columns of the 1910-1919 issues of the Comet newspaper published weekly ion Burnstad, ND, land records, genealogical records of the Arntz and Leege families, photographs and negatives. (1.5ft)

11116 North Dakota Humanities Council Larry Remele Memorial Fellows
Reports to the people of North Dakota by Larry Remele Memorial Fellows of the North Dakota Humanities Council that were handouts at the Heritage Center presentations. (.5ft)

11122 Puppe, Heuchert, Born and Reihl (Reil) Families Papers
Research files and photographs of Jim Puppe in his family history publications: "The Family Record of August and Dorothea (Siewert) Puppe" (1983), "Heuchert Family Record" (1996), "The Family Record of Ferdinand and Minna (Brehmer) Born" (1998), and "The Family Record of Anna (Koch) Reihl (Reil)" (2002). (6ft)

11123 Ken C. Brovald
Biographical information about Ken Brovald and his father Arthur Melvin Brovald, notes, photographs and captions for Brovald's book "Silent Towns on the Prairie," captions and photos for a book that never materialized on the 1930s depression in ND, railroad slides and photographs with descriptions, short stores by Brovald, news clippings and articles, copies of railway maps, and photographs of towns in North Dakota.(1ft)

11124 June (Forsgren) Thompson
Thompson’s research on the Patterson Hotel (Bismarck, ND) intended for publication, including correspondence, notes, photographs, negatives, newspaper clippings, printed material. (2ft)

11125 Larry Sprunk
Correspondence, various writings by Sprunk, including historical news articles, manuscripts, project proposals, poems, plays and letters to the editor, material relating to Sprunk's performances as "Turkey Track" Bill Molash, Prince Maximilian of Prussia and Buffalo Bill Cody and his involvement as director of the North Dakota Oral History Project and founder and president of Historical & Archaeological Surveys Inc. (1.5ft)

11129 Harry and Helen (Holtan) Rivinius
ca. 1930s-2005
Correspondence, Harold Rivinius’ Naval papers, photographs, and scrapbook, genealogical information, certificates and diplomas, a promotional pamphlet about the Garrison Dam, and family photographs. Harold J. Rivinius was from Elgin, ND and served on the USS Pennsylvania and the Destroyer Escort, and was the past president of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association. (4.25ft)

11134 Menge and Anderson Family
Papers, 1905-2003 
Diploma, transcript from the State Teacher's College, Valley City, legal documents, a telephone book, scrapbook, family photographs, and funeral announcement from the family of Jean Anderson Graves. A manuscript by Christ Menge, Jean's grandfather, delves into farming conditions in North Dakota from 1905-1910, Menge’s analysis of World War I and its effect on his local business, the Depression in the Midwest, and Menge’s personal history. (1.5ft)

11139 Dickey County Newspaper Clippings
Consists of two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings compiled by Myrna Aurelia Genter (later Studebaker, then Presler) and loose clippings collected by Esther Speidel Zinter in the 1940s about North Dakota soldiers in World War II, and events in Dickey County (ND), including: sports, announcements, graduations, weddings, engagements, confirmations, obituaries, and news items. (1.5ft)

11140 Sanish Historical Association
A variety of materialsincluding ephemera, printed material, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and photograph created and collected by the Sanish Historical Association including records of the Sanish Study Club, Sanish Picnic Association, Sanish American Legion Post 252, the SOO Line Railroad at Sanish, maps of Sanish, and material related to the Sanish Rodeo. (7ft)

11141 Fort Union and Fort Pierre Letterbooks
Fort Union and Fort Pierre (Fort Tecumseh) letterbooks were copied from the Chouteau Family Papers at the Missouri History Museum and cover the activities of the Upper Missouri Outfit of the St. Louis based American Fur Company at the two forts. (.5ft)

11142 Floyd Boutrous
Consists primarily of materials collected by Floyd Boutrous from the February 22, 1955 visit by General Alfred M. Gruenther, Supreme Commander, Allied Powers, Europe, to North Dakota to promote The Crusade for Freedom. General Gruenther spoke in front of the North Dakota House of Representatives and at a ND Crusade for Freedom event at the Apple Creek Country Club. Boutrous was the Chairman of the ND Crusade for Freedom, and was on the General Gruenther Committee. Papers also include miscellaneous items of Boutrous’.  (1ft)

11143 Joseph C. Meyer
Unpublished manuscripts, an autobiographical sketch, and published essays by Joseph C. Meyer of Beach, ND. “Calamity Joe” Meyer was a pioneer rancher who raised cattle and traded horses, and later owned the Hebron Hotel. (.25ft)

11144 Thomas P. Newgard Research
Newgard’s research materials for the book African Americans in North Dakota: Sources and Assessments: Personal Accounts and Background Information as Found in Newspapers, Land Records, Interviews and Miscellaneous Documents (Newgard, William C. Sherman and John Guerrero). Includes correspondence, research files which are organized alphabetically by subject, location, and last name, miscellaneous research notes, manuscripts and school papers, publications and newspaper clippings, photographs and interviews on cassette tapes. (5.5ft)

11146 Wells County Fair Posters
Posters for the Wells County Fair (Fessenden, ND) with illustrations, dates, and information. (20 items)

11152 Elaine Jetty Matlow
ca. 2012-2013
Digital copies of manuscripts, research, genealogical material, personal papers and photographs. The manuscript “Collection of Memories” (2007) is about the Leonard Peltier case. “Gift of History: A Winter Solstice” (2012) tells of Elaine’s family history, and includes the following sections: Jetty family genealogy, Anjou (France) ancestry, Petition of 1878 Debois Plan, Pilon Sessional Papers 1886, King Moore family genealogy, Grandpa Joe Flying Bye, St. Clair and Sinclair family genealogy, and Matlow family genealogy. (.5ft)

11153 Irene (Fielder) Frieboes
Diaries, photographs, publications, and memorabilia of the Fiedler and Frieboes families. The collection documents the lives of Irene and Alfred Frieboe, community events, businesses and people from the town of Mott, Hettinger County (ND). The Frieboes were married on Pearl Harbor Day, and lived on the Frieboe homestead 15 miles southwest of Mott. MSS 10946 was added to the collection in May 2013. (5ft)

11171 Gorden Alfsen
ca. 1920s-2011 
Scrapbooks of genealogical material (Alfsen, Coborn, Cripps, Davis, Jones, Pothier, Ryder, Sharp and Thoe families), correspondence, photographs (Alfsen, Davis, Pothier and Dolesky families), reminiscences, newspaper clippings, histories of Melville, Melville Township, and Devils Lake (ND) that belonged to Gordon Alfsen, a Devils Lake native. (1ft)

11173 Izora (Sue) Maynard Rawson
Diaries and journals of Izora (Sue) Maynard Rawson which formed the basis of the 2013 memoir Dark Bread and Dancing by Rosemary Rawson, Sue’s daughter. Sue Rawson lived in Kensal and Pettibone (ND). (1.5ft)

11177 Lanterman Family
Papers consist of correspondence, biographies and autobiographies, miscellaneous printed material, photocopies of Mandan Abstract Company minutes, news clippings, a manuscript “My visit to Yellowstone Park,” scrapbook, photographs and a photograph album. The Lanterman family were early business leaders in Mandan. collection was digitized in July 2013. (2.25ft)

11183 Mosher Family
Consists of materials from the Mosher family, including correspondence, schoolwork from Erie High School, outline of books read, reference letter for Manetta Mosher, autograph book of Libby Mosher, diaries and account books of Alfred Mosher and family photographs and negatives. (3.5ft + oversize)

11187 ARC Thrift Store
ca. 1870s-1933
Consists of cabinet cards that were removed from two photograph albums and an autograph book that belonged to Audrey E. Hauge (Leith, ND) which documents her teachers and classmates. One of the photograph albums contained portraits of early Bismarck residents by a variety of early photographers. The other album primarily consisted of family photographs of the Kelly and Corcorhn family/families from ND and PA. This album may have been in the possession of (or may have been created by) Mrs. John (Mary) Halloran, early Bismarck resident. (1ft)

11190 Tri-County Tourism Alliance Food Culture Oral Interviews, Recipes and Photographs (Emmons, McIntosh and Logan Counties)
Transcripts of oral history interviews, recipes, printed thumbnails of photographs, and discs of photographs and recipes. The food history project was conducted by the Tri-County Tourism Alliance and supported by a Cultural Heritage Grant from the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Oral histories, recipes, photographs were collected to preserve the history of Germans from Russia in Emmons, McIntosh and Logan Counties. The interviews began in 2011 and were conducted through 2012. (.25ft)

11194 Leo and Louise Benz Family
Correspondence, marriage, confirmation and baptism records, commencement programs, printed materials and certificates and diplomas earned by family members. (.25ft)

11217 Allene Moesler
Papers include a scrapbook presented to Moesler at her 1987 farewell party. She was the first paid full time volunteer/facilities coordinator at the State Historical Society of North Dakota (1982-1987). The scrapbook documents volunteers and events, SHSND staff, and historic sites. The papers also include mailing labels, programs, and handbooks used in the volunteer program (1 ft).

11219 Jorgenson Family       
Correspondence, genealogical information and photographs of Peter and Betsy Jorgenson, their children Gunda, Laura (Paulson), George, Emma, Oscar, Carl, and Palmer, and grandchildren. Peter and Betsy homesteaded in Springfield Township, Towner County, and then in Leeds Township, Benson County. Patricia Paulson, Laura (Jorgenson) Paulson’s daughter, organized and maintained these family papers. Correspondence in the collection pertains to life in Leeds. (1.5ft)

11222 Dahlgren Family
ca. 1870s-2014
Papers of Swedish immigrants John F. and Maria Charlotte (Erickson) Dahlgren and their children Edla, Helmer, Hilda, Emmy, and Ruth (Hartman), genealogical material, and records of the Swedish Mission Church east of Wilton (ND). The family lived in Burleigh and McLean Counties. (2.75ft)

11224 Oscar and Glen Nordstrom
Braddock, ND
Includes a Certificate of Discharge exempting Oscar Nordstrom from service in World War I because he was engaged in agricultural work; a Farmers' Pocket Ledger with handwritten notes; and 25 handmade comic books created by Nordstrom from newspaper comic strips, dating from 1932 through part of 1936. (1.5ft)

11225 Fernow Family
ca. 1895-2014
Consists of family history and genealogical research, a scrapbook of records created by the Mrs. Jacees (Valley City, N.D.), the personal papers of Edwin and Lydia (Anderson) Fernow, their daughter Erlys and grandson Thomas James Krom. The majority of the collection consists of Edwin's farm record books from their Enderlin (Cass County, ND) farm and photographs. (5.5ft and oversize)

11226 Paul and Eleanor Hoff Family
Contains film footage from Richardton (ND) including graduations, prom at St. Mary's High School, parades, harvesting and farm yard scenes, and family events and vacations. (2 mp4 segments)

11229 Wilhelm and Elizabeth Goetz Family
Papers, ca. 1918-1977
Consists of a family history of Wilhelm and Elizabeth Goetz, a framed print of a painting of the family of Wilhelm II or William II (Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht von Preußen; Frederick William Victor Albert of Prussia; January 27, 1859-June 4, 1941) and information about Wilhelm II and his family. Wilhelm II was the last German Emperor (Kaiser) and King of Prussia, ruling the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia from 15 June 1888 to 9 November 1918. Wilhelm and Elizabeth Goetz, relatives of Wilhelm II, were born in Russia and came to Mercer County in 1892. The filed a homestead near Krem, north of Hazen. They had eleven children, ten of whom survived to adulthood (1.5ft.).

11230 Judy Connor Harmon
Papers, 1907-1987
Consists of a copy of the book A Little Girl in Detroit which was given to Pearl Repholtz (Wales, ND) as a  token of merit for perfect attendance in 1907; a news clipping about the marriage of Emma Repholz and William Burdette, Wales (ND), 1916; a framed wedding portrait of Emma Repholz and William Burdette, 1916; a framed marriage certificate of Emma Repholz and William Burdette, 1916; a photo copy of a letter from Pearl Repholtz Burdette after giving birth to her son Dale, ca. 1919; and a copy of the letter "A Ride for Life" about Nan Conner Uecker (Hettinger, ND) during the 1918-1919 flu epidemic, 1987 (2ft.).

11237 George A. and William Ronald White
Papers, 1902-1913
Consists of certificates and diplomas of George A. and his son William Ronald White, Traill County (ND). William Ronald's papers include: certificates of completion of studies and attendance, diplomas of honor, Roseville School District number 4 (1902-1904); and a diploma from the University of North Dakota (1910). George A. White's papers include: a certificate of membership in the  Lincoln Farm Association (1906); election to the Office of Representative 39th District, Traill County (1907); election to the ND House of Representatives, Traill County (1908); and certificate of appointment as ND delegate to the Conference of the American Association for Labor Legislation (1913) (1.5 ft.).

11243 Ray Schnell
Papers documenting the personal, political and business life of Ray Schnell (Richardton and Dickinson, N.D.). Papers include correspondence, biographical and genealogical information, speeches, political material, documentation of awards received by Schnell and his philanthropic endeavors, records from Schnell's ranch and livestock business, newspaper clippings, publications, broadsides and posters. (5.5 ft/oversize)

11251Solberg Family 
Correspondence, genealogical information, interviews and oral histories, moving image, reminiscences and written histories of members of the Solberg family. Individuals in the collection include Norwegian immigrants Christ (Kristian) and Rakkel (Dokkset) Solberg, as well as Oscar Solberg, Ole Solberg, Ole Ronning, Elizabeth Ronning Solberg, Signe (Solberg) and Pamer Stadum, Rogna (Solberg) and Ted Hewitt, Curtis Solberg, and James R. Solberg.  The Ronnings lived in Butte Valley Township (Benson County, N.D.) and in Pelican Township, Ramsey County (N.D.). The Solberg farm was in Baker (N.D.). (1ft)

11262 William B. Falconer family
ca. 1875-1986
Consists of the personal papers of attorney Hazel Falconer and photographs of the William B. Falconer family, their Burleigh County farm, agricultural operations, and Bismarck (N.D.). (1.25 ft.)

11265 "Griggs County Story"
ca. 1930s
Consists of two parts of a manuscript on the history of Griggs County entitled "Griggs County Story." The  first part consists of typed articles from the Hope Pioneer that cover topics such as accidents, blizzards, schools, roads, prairie fires, elections, homesickness and disappointments, Indians, getting supplies, squatters and claim jumpers, early machinery, lights, seed loans and Griggs County's part in World War I. The second part is a manuscript and details the history of the county and covers the railroad, first school, settlement and settlers, organization of the county, the county seat move from Hope to Cooperstown, the division of the county and creation of Steele County, and many other topics. A note with the manuscripts indicates that there was a third part to be included in the bound final copy, but neither the third part or the bound copy are with the collection. The author(s) are not identified, but Kate Gumb, Hope (Steele County, N.D.) may have been an author or contributor (0.25 ft.).

11267 Daschendorf and Sackman Families
ca. 1912-1940s
Includes 11 photographs of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Lutheran Church (Ashley, N.D.), a baptism certificate of Maria Magdalena Sackman (July 28, 1912), marriage certificate of Joseph Daschendorf and Emma Rebecca Sackman (March 20, 1927), confirmation certificate of Maria Magdalena Sackman (June 19, 1927), and a baptism certificate of  Myron LeRoy Daschendorf, April 5, 1931, Peace Lutheran Church (Ashley, N.D.) (1 ft.).

11281 Crary Family
Two autograph books belonging to Jessie Crary. Also includes an application for membership of the North Dakota State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution for Earl Harrison Crary, husband of Jessie Crary, and two publications.  One publication is titled "They Whizzed us through Rochester" authored by Dr. Earl H. Crary.  The other publication is title "The A. M. Crary Memoirs and Memoranda, 1834-1915" and documents the genealogy of Dr. Earl H. Crary's family. The Crary family resided in Cando (N.D.). (.25 ft.)

11284 Martin W. Rogers Family
Correspondence and photographs of the Martin W. Rogers family.  Rogers lived in Austin (Minn.) and corresponded with family members who lived in Plaza, Palermo, and Mountrail County (N.D.).  Topics discussed in the correspondence include family matters, the 1918 influenza pandemic, World War I, hunting, and farming. The bulk dates of the correspondence are 1893-1919. One family member was the sheriff in Palermo (N.D.), ca. 1919. Photographs include members of the Rogers, McGinley, and Quammen families. Also includes a brief summary of the letters from 1993 and funeral programs for family members. (.5ft)

11285 Shirley Von Eschen
Consists of two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, photographs and ephemera that document the creation, construction and history of the Garrison Dam. The collection also includes loose clippings and publications about the dam and about World War II (1 ft.). Shirley A. Von Eschen was born August 4, 1914, to Hazel and Walter Von Eschen in Bainville (Mont.). In 1941, Shirley married Bertha Louise (Nelson) and they made their home in Fort Peck, where he worked on the Fort Peck Dam, before transferring to Riverdale to work on the Garrison Dam. Shirley served in the Army in the 280th Combat Engineer Battalion, where he participated in the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, he returned to work for the Corp of Engineers in Riverdale and worked there until his retirement. Von Eschen died April 22, 2011.

11288 Ruth Redding Cran
ca. 1880-1996
Correspondence, genealogical materials, including information about Charles Leiferman, and the Plumb and Cran families, newspaper clippings and photographs. Ruth Redding Cran was born in Jamestown (N.D.) to Ruth E. Shaff and Jesse Cran on October 20, 1916. She passed away on April 15, 1999. (1.25 ft.)

11292 Emma Ghering Gibson
Consists of diaries, daybooks, autograph books, friend books and a self-published book about pioneer women of Haddonfield, N.J. written by Emma Ghering Gibson of Larimore (N.D.). (.5ft)

11293 Marcella Duclos Quam  
1937-c. 1970
Consists of a scrapbook compiled by Marcella Duclos while studying at the Valley City State Teacher's College. The scrapbook includes collages of poems and printed images. The collection also includes 15 portraits of Merlin, Harold, Dorothy, Connie, Marcus, Jim, Christine, and Henry Friskop (1ft.).

11294 Robert Hamry
1935-ca. 1990
Consists of military papers of Gerald R. Hamry and photographs of Gerald, his son Robert, and Robert's mother Dorothy. The airport in Kindred (N.D.) was named after Master Sergeant Gerald R. Hamry, who died while serving in World War II. (1ft)

11296 Dorothea Louise Huttner Merrill
1912-ca. 1990
Consists of the personal papers of Dorothea Louise Huttner Merrill (Flaxton, Burke County, N.D.), including correspondence, materials from Flaxton High School, certificates, and photographs. (.25ft)

11297 Lindemann family
Consists of a military service record poster for Iver Severinson that lists his dates of service and comrades, a "souvenir of Germany" certificate "in remembrance of my service in the army of occupation in Germany, 1918-1919," confirmation certificates of Selma and Olga Severinson and Werner Lindemann, and a birth certificate of Olga Utke. All of the documents are decorative. Most are in the German language. The papers are oversize in a map case drawer. Related to 2003-P-017 (3 ft.).

11298 Clothing Patterns
c 1882-1930
Consists of a variety of sewing patterns for girls' and women's clothing, including slips, petticoats, jumpers, bath robes, dressing saques, kimonos, dresses, and a pattern for bead trimming, by a variety of designers. The collection also includes the fall catalogue of the Butterick Publishing Company, 1882, and the Imperial magazine and Domestic Monthly March 1896 issue. The provenance of this collection is unknown, the items were found in the archives stacks without a connection to a specific collection (.5 ft.).

11299 Bernard Alfred Girard
 ca. 1850s-2016
Consists of genealogical information about the Girard, Loving, Tuttle, Barnes, and Parks families, a history of the Cray home in Mankato (Minn.), a history of the 9th Minnesota regiment, diplomas, graduation programs and certificates of Bernard Alfred and Helen (Parks) Girard, newspaper clippings about Girard, particularly about his World War II service, and photographs of Girard during World War II, including images in Japan. (1.5ft)

11300 Lillian Jolliffee
Research dates from ca. 1870s-2000s. Genealogy was compiled ca. 2000-2015.
Consists of genealogical information about the following surnames: Dalahniuk, Demaniow (Demianiw), Dutchak (Dutchuk),Gawrylow, Haverluk, Hoverlock, Klym, Kordonowy, Logosz, Pawluk, Repetoski, Staskuk (Stashuk), Trout, Twardoski, Woznick, and Zevik. (4ft)

11301 Pearson Family
ca. 1880-2000
Consists of genealogical materials, correspondence, diaries, reminiscences, school records, agricultural records, travel logs, obituaries and photographs that belonged to the Pearson family (Bowman, N.D.). (3.5ft.)

11304 J. Spencer and Ruth Overholser
Consists of correspondence between J. Spencer Overholser, Ruth (Schell) Overholser, and family and friends, while J. Spencer served in the army during World War II, diaries maintained by J. Spencer and Ruth between 1940-1949, diplomas, commencement programs, newspaper clippings and a scrapbook that document Overholser's service, and photographs. (4.5ft.)

11307 Oliver Usher
Still and moving images of Telephone Pioneer Association projects and organizational events, the Bismarck Centennial, parades in Bismarck (N.D.) and Mandan (N.D.), the Northwestern Bell Telephone company building (Bismarck, N.D.), switchboard operators and telephone line installation, as well as two Super 8mm films and 1 VHS tape. Moving images depict a keel boat in the river, possibly the Missouri river near Bismarck (6/20/1976), a wagon train near Jamestown (7/16/1976), powwow at United Tribes Technical College (6/25/1976), the Transcontinental Telephone line pulling the last poles in North Dakota (1979), and Northwestern Bell Telephone Company Motorola Microwave System dismantling by Leo Oye and Ole Usher (6/9/1975). (1ft./3 films/313 slides)

11308 Baumstarck Family
Photographs of brothers Frank, John and Anton in uniform, baptismal certificates, a first communion certificate and photo from St. John's Church, Zeeland (N.D.) and a Gold Star Certificate commemorating John's service and sacrifice. All three brothers served in World War II, and John was killed in action. (2ft.)

11318 Margaret Sherve
Consists of bound volumes of transcriptions of interviews with Manor Care/Edgewood Vista residents, conducted by Minot State University students for Margaret Sherve's English compositions classes. (.5f.)

11326 Cafferty and Logan families (Golden Valley, N.D.)
Genealogical records, correspondence, photographs, printed material and certificates of members of the Cafferty and Logan families (Golden Valley, N.D.) (0.25 ft.).

11328 Clementine Leingang Steckler
1932-circa 2000
Personal papers of Clementine Leingang Steckler, including her wedding portrait, certificate of marriage to Jacob Steckler, diplomas from Mandan High School, North Dakota Public Schools, and St. Joseph's School (Mandan, N.D.), and a photograph of the family farm in Morton County (N.D.) (2 ft.).

11337 Marion Langer
Contains a 1929 University of North Dakota commencement program, a 1932 Medina High School Junior-Senior Banquet program, and 43 photgraphs of various locations in North Dakota, with most focusing on the Medina (N.D.) area. (1ft)

11339 Lawrence J. Hill
Consists of Hill's research on opera houses in 49 cities in North Dakota. Each file contains information such as slides, photos, newspaper clippings, notes made by Hill while conducting the research, and some letters from individuals in those cities. (1ft)

11341 Martha Strand Bakken
Consists of daily diaries and notes maintained by Martha Strand Bakken, who lived on a farm near Sharon (N.D.). (.5ft)

11343 Frank J. and Magdalena E. (Fleckenstein) Schumacher
Consists of a decorative album of photographs, printed material, and reminiscences, which was presented to Frank and Magdalena by their children. Also includes an apostolic blessings for their 50th and 55th wedding anniversaries (1979 and 1984), and biographical information. (1ft)

11345 Merry Helm Research
Consists of Helm's research for her Dakota Datebook stories, primarily from newspapers and other published sources. Includes notable statewide people, crimes, and stories, as well as a chronology of North Dakota history, beginning in 9500 B.C. (.5ft)

11346 Nielsen Family
Consists of the personal papers of Peter Sofos and Christine (Thomas) Nielsen, and their son Thomas W. Papers include military papers, diplomas and certificates, grades, printed material, and items from family businesses: the Admiral Hotel, Christie Apartments and drive-in theater in Marmarth. The collection also includes military photographs of Bismarck, Peter in World War I and Thomas W. in World War II. (4ft)

11354 Ephemera Collection
ca. 1870-2018
Contains a variety of materials arranged first by size, then by topic (in alphabetical order). The collection primarily consists of printed material such as posters, tickets, programs, brochures, and pamphlets. The first group of materials is letter size or smaller, the second group is larger than letter size and smaller than 11x17" and the third group is larger than 11x17". (12 feet (including oversize in map drawer) and 48 digital files (0.266 GB))

20008 William H. Clandening
Papers, 1863-1865
Copy of Clandening’s diary describing a trip to Philadelphia and a trip across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana en route to the Montana gold fields. (1 item)

20009 Ada C. Croffard
Papers, 1874, 1923
Address concerning early settlement near Fargo and Jamestown delivered to the North Dakota Education Association and a Northern Pacific railway pass. (3 items)

20011 Mathilda C. Engstad
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of early Grand Forks entitled, "The White Kid Glove Era," presented in the form of an address at the Franklin Club in Grand Forks. (1 item)

20019 George E. Lemmon
Papers, 1863-1900
Reminiscences of early settlement, local news, Messiah movement, and buffalo by a rancher, banker and the founder of Lemmon, SD. (26 items)

20020 Mrs. W. M. Lindsay
Papers, 1933
Reminiscences of migration to North Dakota and life on a homestead near Minto, ND, in the 1880s, entitled "My Pioneer Years in North Dakota." (1 item)

20021 Charles L. Lockett
Papers, 1950
Reminiscences of life on a homestead in Rolette Co., ND, ca. 1888. (1 item)

20022 Thomas H. McKee
Papers, 1953
Reminiscences of experiences in Bismarck, ND in the 1870s entitled, “A Boy in Bismarck, When Both Were Very Young.” (1 item)

20025 Gilbert Nordhagen
Papers, 1938
Manuscript entitled, “A History of the Early Settlers of North Dakota,” describing early schools, churches, farming, and settlement in Ransom County. (3 items)

20026 William A. Panebaker
Papers, 1881
Towner Co., ND
Diary describing Panebaker’s activities as a school teacher and farmer, and weather conditions. (1 item)

20032 Florence Folsom
Papers, 1913-1926
Notes and letters concerning the history of Dickey County, short histories of Dickey County, Ludden, Ticeville, Port Emma Township, and Dakota Territory, reminiscences of William H. Ellis on early settlement in Dakota Territory, and a Dickey County soil survey. (15 items)

20033 James Tanner
Papers, n.d.
Account of the death of President Abraham Lincoln entitled, "The Passing of Abraham Lincoln." (1 item)

20035 Allen Totem
Papers, n.d.
Milton, ND
Reminiscences of settlement in northeastern North Dakota entitled, "Pioneer Days in North Dakota." (1 item)

20036 Otis A. Tye
Papers, 1940
Copies of reminiscences concerning fur trading and capture of horse rustlers entitled, "Some Things About the Vigilantes Raid on the Upper Missouri in 1884 That Are Not Generally Known." (4 items)

20037 Grant Prince Marsh
Papers, 1907-1912
Copies of correspondence with Theodore Roosevelt concerning Marsh’s opposition to a dam on the Yellowstone River, letters from Lula Pennington Adair regarding family matters, transcript of a document recognizing Marsh as the first licensed pilot on the Yellowstone River (allegedly issued by Sitting Bull), and a letter from Sister Anastasia of Fargo. (12 items)

20038 William V. Wade
Papers, 1925
Reminiscences of early events and settlers in Dakota Territory, the Sioux and Arikara Indians, Fort Abraham Lincoln, Standing Rock Indian Reservation, and the U.S. 7th Cavalry ca. 1870-1920. (1 item)

20039 Henry R. Ward
Papers, 1926
Reminiscences of hunting, Indians, and a flood in Mandan ca. 1863-1883. (1 item)

20040 Thomas Watts
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of an 1878 buffalo hunting trip entitled, “My Trip Up the Yellowstone.” (1 item)

20041 John McAdam Webster
Papers, 1872-1873
Diary describing transfer of a prisoner from Fort Sully to Stillwater, MN and a hunting trip below the “Okoboge.” (1 item)

20042 Burleigh County Courthouse Dedication
Records, 1930
Bismarck, ND
Copies of prayers offered at the dedication ceremony October 9, 1930. (2 items)

20045 Charles E. Wolfe
Papers, 1922
Letter from Wolfe to his sister describing experiences in southeastern North Dakota in the late 1870s including a prairie fire, homesteading, and the Sisseton Indian Reservation. (1 item)

20047 George L. Robinson
Papers, 1922
Address presented to the Bismarck Rotary Club concerning General Ulysses S. Grant. (1 item)

20048 Hedrig Clausin Svore
Papers, 1905, n.d.
Hedrig’s reminiscences of her family and birth in Denmark to marriage and emigration to Minnesota. Hedrig, wife of a pastor who served in North Dakota, authored several books. (3 items)

20049 Opal Wanek Wothe
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of homesteading in southwestern ND entitled, “Prairie Smoke Tayles.” (1 item)

20050 Emily Lindstrom
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of settlement in Grand Forks Co., ND in the 1870s. (1 item)

20053 H. J. Marshall
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of homesteading and hunting in Barnes Co., ND in the 1880s entitled, “Pioneer Days in North Dakota.” (1 item)

20054 W. R. Wood
Papers, 1928
Reminiscences of a surveyor in St. Paul, MN, 1850s-1860s, in Dakota Territory in the 1870s, involvement in the Black Hills Expedition, 1874, and the Sioux Expedition, 1876. (1 item)

20057 James Sweeney
Papers, 1921
Reminiscences of experiences with the Seminole Indians in Florida while in the U. S. Army (1856), contact with Mormons in Utah Territory (1858), and gold prospecting (1863). (1 item)

20064 Bess Cobb
Papers, 1907
Letter from Cobb to Helen Munson, Viroqua, WI, concerning homesteading in Leipzig, ND (1 item)

20068 Mae Roberts Jensen
Papers, 1884-1918
Diary concerning life on a homestead near Devils Lake, ND including letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs. (1 item)

20076 Kate Hogan
Papers, 1868
Letters from Hogan to her sister concerning family matters, child rearing, and life at Fort Buford, DT. (5 items)

20078 Ole I. Gjevre
Papers, 1953-1954
Speech delivered to the Cavalier County Old Settler’s Association and a brief history of Cavalier Co., ND (2 items)

20084 E. J. Fitch
Papers, 1864-1890
Receipts and correspondence concerning farming and business affairs of a Granite Falls, MN family. (44 items)

20088 James Boyd Hubbell
Papers, 1880
Diary describing a business trip on the Upper Missouri River and in the Black Hills, hostile Indians, and weather conditions. (1 item)

20091 George Sanger
Papers, 1878-1887
Transcript of Sanger's diary describes settlement and homesteading in Dakota Territory, weather conditions, farming, and other activities. (1 item)

20094 Clell Goebel Gannon
Papers, 1920, 1959-1962
A biography of J. D. Allen, poems on the shootings of Riley Luffsay and of John Colter, and minutes, correspondence, appointment, memos, and reports relating to Gannon’s activities as a member of the Yellowstone-Fort Union Commission. (43 items)

20096 Edna M. Jones
Papers, 1954
Mountrail Co., ND
Brief history of Lostwood and Clearwater townships describing early settlers. (1 item)

20097 Alton Giles Covell
Papers, 1883
Sykeston, DT
Transcript of Covell’s diary describing migration and settlement in Dakota Territory. (1 item)

20099 Dutch Immigrant History
Papers, ca. 1885
Two transcripts of accounts of Dutch settlement in Campbell County, SD. (2 items)

20101 Fur Trading Posts
Typescript describing fur trading posts in the North Dakota region including the names of founders, dates, and locations. (1 item)

20102 Ida B. Young
Papers, n.d.
Manuscript written for a Federation of Women’s Club meeting entitled, "North Dakota's Tribute to Ideals," describing the influence of North Dakota on many American writers, including Theodore Roosevelt, Elizabeth Custer, George Catlin, and J. M. Quinn. (1 item)

20103 Maria E. Larrabee
Papers, June 18, 1906
Letter from Larrabee to George S. Backen, Foster County, ND, describing the Larrabee family as the first settlers in Foster County, ND. (1 item)

20106 Christen Christensen
Papers, 1878-1903
Letter, photographs, and a family history describing homesteading near Bowbells, ND. (7 items)

20111 Charles T. Staley
Papers, 1934
McLean Co. ND
Account of the attempt to recover stolen horses in Canada, ca. 1884-1885. (1 item)

20131 Thomas Patrick O’Connor
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of experiences and events in Bismarck, ND from 1873-1910. (1 item)

20133 Theodore Roosevelt
Papers, 1883-1907
Photographs and photocopies of letters and court documents relating to theft of Roosevelt's boat and ranching activities in the Bad Lands. (7 items)

20148 Alice Griswold
Papers, 1951
Transcript of a letter from Griswold to Vera Kelsey, Minneapolis, MN, concerning Robert Semple, Governor of the Red River settlement and his family. (1 item)

20160 Lynn Sperry
Papers, n.d.
Manuscript entitled, "Early History of Bismarck" ca. 1872-1900, including Sperry's personal reminiscences of Bismarck. (2 items)

20161 Robert Fisher
Papers, 1882-1917
Naturalization certificates, land patent, real estate deed, water diversion applications, account book for a threshing crew, and photographs. (10 items)

20169 William J. Twining
Papers, 1869-1870
An order and a reconnaissance report describing the geology, vegetation, forts, and settlements in northern Dakota Territory. Twining was a Major in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. (2 items)

20173 Theodore T. Loy
Papers, 1982
History of Stanton, ND describing local Indian hostilities, early settlements, steamboating, and personal reminiscences of family members. (1 item)

20179  Mrs. William Taylor
Papers, 1941
Transcripts of letters from Taylor to D. W. Casey, Linton, ND, concerning her father, Andrew Marsh, Standing Rock Indian Reservation. (2 items)

20184 Frank Greene
Papers, 1915-1927
Transcripts of letters from Theodore Roosevelt, Herman Hagedorn, and James Foley regarding events in western North Dakota during the period Roosevelt was ranching in the Badlands. (7 items)

20187  James Wickes Taylor
Papers, 1849; 1862-1870
Correspondence with Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Edward Cooper, N. P. Banks, and Enos Stutsman concerning settlement of the British Northwest, trade and commerce between Canada and the United States; and annexation of British North America. Includes photocopies of War Department and U.S. Consulate (Winnipeg) documents concerning Sioux hostilities, a petition to the Minnesota Territory Legislature from Pembina, and a letter from Alexander Ramsey concerning the international boundary. Attorney; author. (12 items) See also MS-10437

20193 Northern Boundary Survey
Papers, 1873
In three sections, the manuscript includes an anonymous account of the U.S. Northern Boundary Survey from Pembina to the possible source of the Muddy River; a collection of short quotations from various sources by Ova G. Westcott entitled ‘Grains of Gold’; and poems and illustrations. (1v)

20211 Stephen J. Dunn
Papers, 1980
Brief history of Oliver County describing exploration, early settlement and governmental organization. Includes a newspaper clipping of the published account. (2 items)

20212 Eugene McAuliffe
Papers, 1949
Letters from McAuliffe to Charles E. Sainsbury, Beverly Hills, CA relating boyhood experiences of steam boating on the Red River near Fargo-Moorhead around 1876. (2 items)

20223 William F. Betts
Papers, 1902-1920.
Hillsboro, ND, Trail County, ND
Correspondence, deeds, tax receipts, and mortgage notes relating to taxation and farm loans. (20 items)

20228 Frank W. Barber
Papers, 1879-1891.
Wedding certificate, receipts, and photographs. (18 items)

20234 Richard D. Hines
Papers, 1949
Reminiscences on the nature and quality of life in North Dakota. (1 item)

20238 Ellen Calder Delong
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of settlement in Cavalier County, ND including accounts of farming, early schools and churches, domestic chores, and an Independence Day celebration. (1 item)

20239 Charles H. Hubbell
Papers, 1888
Diary describing Hubbell’s school, farming, social activities, weather conditions, and trips to Tappen, Dawson, Steele, Jamestown, and Fargo. (1 item)

20240 James Joseph Scott
Papers, 1955-1956
Letters from Scott to Gudmunder Grimson, Bismarck, North Dakota, concerning retirement activities, and several articles and poems. (7 items)

20241 James Shoemaker
Papers, 1860-1863
Copies and transcripts of letters from Shoemaker to his family in Pike Co., PA, describing local news, settlement, weather conditions, prairie fires, and Indian wars and bounties. (8 items)

20256 Harry Roberts
Papers, ca. 1960s
Copies of KDIX radio broadcast scripts concerning James Foley, Chateau de Mores, pioneer ranchers located along the Little Missouri River, and a list of cowboy songs and dance music popular in early Medora. Roberts was caretaker at Chateau de Mores.  (3 items)

20257 Thomas C. Montgomery
circa 1890-1961
Reminiscences of settlement and farming near Harvey, ND, from 1885 to 1924 and five photographs. (.05ft.)

20259 John J. Pershing
Papers, 1929
Letter from General Pershing to John Mercer, Fort Buford, ND describing a visit to Fort Buford on a hunting expedition in 1895. (1 item)

20261 James H. Wyckoff
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of homesteading in Cass County entitled, "Territorial Days - In Minnesota and Dakota." (1 item)
20262 Carl Krauth
Papers, 1890
Copy and transcript of a letter from Krauth to his brother in Germany regarding the Messiah movement, death of Sitting Bull, fortification of Hebron, ND, and family and business matters. (2 items)

20273 Ellen Stebbins Emery
Papers, 1889
Emerado, ND
Transcript of a letter from Emery to her sister describing a fire that destroyed a barn. (1 item)

20279 Rose Catherine (Mathey) Schreck
Papers, 1886-1889
Autographs of Bismarck women and a photograph of Schreck. (2 items)

20283 Robert Short
Papers, n.d.
Short history of Langdon, ND describing settlement and early settlers of Langdon, ca. 1883-1885. (1 item)

20290 Francis Henry Register
Papers, 1883; 1903
License to practice law in the District Courts, telegrams, and correspondence concerning President Theodore Roosevelt's visit to Bismarck in 1903. (20 items)

20294 Sylvester J. Pound
Papers, 1876
Diary concerning farming activities and weather conditions in Minnesota. (1 item)

20296 E. G. Robb
Papers, 1966
Photocopy of a letter from Robb to Mrs. William Kiebert, San Diego, California, recounting life in Oliver Co., ND. (1 item)

20298 Eva Urban
Papers, 1964
Reminiscences entitled, “Early Days in Spring Brook,” describing early settlers, businesses, railroad, and schools in Williams Co., ND ca. 1902-1905. (1 item)

20299 Carl J. Lokken
Papers, 1968
Kindred, ND; Cass Co., ND
Reminiscences entitled "Early Days on the Lokken Farm and Experiences As a Rural Mail Carrier." (1 item)

20301 Enid Bern
Papers, 1973.
Hettinger Co., ND
Photocopy of a typescript entitled "Our Hettinger County Heritage." Describes early Hettinger County settlers, ranching, prairie fires, newspapers, schools, place names, and government organization. Includes personal reminiscences of several area residents. (1 item)

20304 William L. Larned
Papers, 1864-1866
Transcript of Larned's diary describing a trip from Anoka, MN, to Idaho. (1 item)

20306 Halvor Lars Sando
Papers, 1937
Reminiscences entitled, "Journeys on Foot from Grand Forks to St. Thomas, North Dakota," describing establishment of a homestead near St. Thomas, ND. (1 item)

20307 John Hensrud
Papers, 1978
Typescript entitled, “North Dakota Towns of Extinction,” contains brief histories of North Dakota towns including: Acton, Hanks, Mardell, Ojata, Omemee, Ruso, Sims, Werner, and Winona. (1 item)

20308 Mary Hetty Bonar
Papers, 1885
Transcript of a diary concerning Bonar’s experiences cooking for a cattle drive from Minnesota to the Little Missouri Badlands (1 item)

20309 John E. Grinnell
Papers, ca. 1960s
McHenry Co., ND; Ward Co., ND
Reminiscences of growing up near the Mouse River and an article entitled, “The Frontier Mother.” (3 items)

20311 George Townsend
Papers, 1905-1908
Dunn Center, ND
Transcripts of letters from Townsend to his family concerning farming, weather conditions, and local news. (1 item)

20312 Laurene Tibbetts
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences entitled, "Memories of North Dakota," describing Tibbetts' impressions of a visit to Dickinson and Dickinson State College. (1 item)

20315 Alan F. J. Artibise
Papers, 1974
Typescript entitled, "The Origins and Incorporation of Winnipeg." (1 item)

20316 Lillian Shumway Brown
Papers, n.d.
Grafton, ND; Walsh County, ND
Typescript of reminiscences of a settlement near Grafton in 1881. (1 item)

20317 Mary Dunlava Tellefson
Papers, ca. 1880
Manuscript entitled, "Pioneer Days in Cass County," consisting of a biography of "Clara" describing her work as a cook on bonanza farms, including the Amenia-Sharon Land Company, and her experiences homesteading. (1 item)

20318 James E. Sperry
Papers, ca. 1960
Copy of a student paper on the Jesup North Pacific Expedition. (1 item)

20320 William Laidlaw
Papers, ca. 1960
Fort Pierre, DT
Biography, transcripts of letters concerning the fur trade and supplies, ca. 1832, a transcript of an excerpt from the diary of George Catlin; and correspondence concerning genealogical research on the Laidlaw, an agent with the American Fur Company, Upper Missouri Outfit and his family. (15 items)

20321 Allen Eastman
Papers, ca. 1970
Historical sketch of settlement in Pembina County. (1 item)

20322 Ernest Minot Tomkins
Papers, 1953
Photocopy of reminiscences entitled, "Notes of the Early Days at Minot As I Remember Them," describing many Minot, ND residents. (1 item)

20323 Harry J. Romberg
Papers, 1974
Typescript entitled, "Early History Along the Forest River in Grand Forks County," describing roads, trails, stage lines, land surveys, and the Reno settlement. Includes biographies of various local settlers. (1 item)

20325 Wallace Rustad
Papers, 1962
Typescript entitled, "The Violent Road to Death" describing North Dakota outlaw John Johnson's criminal career and subsequent shoot out with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the Yukon Territory in 1932. (1 item)

20327 Charles A. Boulton
Papers, 1974
Project proposals to designate the Charles A. Bolton home and the Aessessippi Townsite as historic sites by the Historic Sites Advisory Board of Manitoba (1 item)

20329 Fannie Pendroy Peters
Papers, 1940; 1976
Newspaper clippings and reminiscences of the Pendroy Settlement near the Mouse River in North Dakota in the 1880s. (6 items)

20333 Jerome Ketterling
Papers, n.d.
Copy of a brief history of Fort Clark, the fur trade, and physical features of the site. (1 item)

20336 John Thorn
Papers, 1950
Monango, ND
Letter concerning leasing farm land and Thorn's fears of a war between the United States and Russia and China. (1 item)

20338 Eulalia (Shroeder) Goodejohn
Papers, n.d.
Typescript brief history of Erie, ND concerning settlers, churches, schools, and businesses. (1 item)

20341 Frank Ives
Papers, 1877
Crook City, DT
Letter from Ives to his sister concerning hostile Indians, crops, and family matters. (1 item)

20349 Zdena Irma Trinka
Papers, 1920-1921
Copies of letters from Duke de Vallombrosa to Trinka concerning the Marquis de Mores entitled, "The Monte Cristo of the Bad Lands." (3 items)

20354 Gustof Marcelius
Papers, 1889
Copy of letter from 12-year old Marcelius to his mother describing his experiences in Dakota Territory. (1 item)

20357 Lars Johnson
Papers, 1883-1905
Correspondence describing farming activities, local news, weather conditions, and family matters in Griggs Co., ND. (49 items)

20362 Alan R. Woolworth
Papers, 1954
McLean Co. ND
Report of archaeological excavation of site 32ML2 at Fort Berthold. (1 item)

20365 Anders A. Boe
Papers, 1863-1894
Larimore, ND; Grand Forks Co., ND
Letters and receipts. (16 items)

20372 George D. Wolfe
Papers, 1960
Photocopy of an article concerning Theodore Roosevelt’s ranching experiences, entitled, “Boss of the Maltese Cross.” (1 item)

20380 Robert P. Gooding
Papers, 1967
Transcripts and copies of correspondence, maps, medical histories, inspection reports, plans, inventories, and newspaper clippings, mostly from the National Archives, concerning Fort Abraham Lincoln. (.25ft)

20388 Frances M. Wold
Papers, 1917, 1971, 1976
Letter from A. D. Gaines to E. F. Mutchler commenting on the Short-Line Railroad investment scheme, typescript of an interview with Louise (Mrs. John) Vollan, Wilton, ND, and research data on a Jewish cemetery in Regan, ND, and Jews in northern Burleigh Co. (4 items) See also MS-10680

20389 G. W. Patterson
Papers, 1971
Copies of a letter, court documents, and newspaper clippings concerning the Schlaps Murder, Roosevelt County, MT in 1926. (4 items)

20397 Erling Ebbeson
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of events in Blooming Prairie Township, Divide Co., ND, 1905-1923, entitled, “The Blooming Prairie.” (1 item)

20398 Adeline E. (Herrick) Hicks
Papers, 1884-1952
Correspondence, photographs, and biographical information relating to homesteading in Emmons Co., ND (21 items)

20400 Plinn H. Woodward
Papers, 1883; 1887; 1892
Wells Co., ND
Copies of three letters from Woodward to his father, J. D. Woodward, Onawa, IA, commenting on weather conditions, election returns, farming, and family activities.  (3 items)

20401 Effie Mae Clinkenbeard
Papers, 1906
Letter from Clinkenbeard to her mother, Mrs. Christine Bassett, Little Sioux, IA, relating events of a sightseeing tour in the North Dakota State Capitol. (1 item)

20404 Jon Jonsson
Papers, 1873-1901
Copy of an English translation of the diary of an Icelandic immigrant containing monthly entries on farming, Lutheran church activities, and financial accounts. (1 item)

20406 Angela Cournoyer Fiske
Papers, 1850-1895, 1923
Transcripts of correspondence of Bruno Cournoyer relating to family and business affairs and relations with Indians in Nebraska and Dakota Territory, and a play by Angela Fiske entitled, “The Cry of the Lone Eagle.” (12 items)

20410 Elwyn B. Robinson
Papers, 1958
Lecture entitled, "The Themes of North Dakota History," presented at the University of North Dakota's 75th Academic Conference. (1item)

20412 Edward E. Heath
Papers, n.d.
Typescript history of Burke Co., ND emphasizing settlement and selection of Bowbells as county seat. (1 item)

20414 James M. McVey
Papers, 1876
Diary recording daily events, weather conditions, and preaching activities of a preacher from Irvington, Marion Co., IN. (1 item)

20418 Owego Colonization Company
Records, n.d.
History of Owego, ND, 1870-1894, describing early settlement, establishment of schools, and organization  of Owego Township. (1 item)

20420 Lydia B. Townsend
Papers, 1949
Copy of a letter from Townsend to Joseph Jackson, Madison, WI, providing biographical information about Alexander McKenzie and Donald Stevenson. (1 item)

20422 Al Peterson
Papers, nd
Brief history of prohibition in Tower City, ND. (1 item)

20423 M. T. Scarff
Papers, 1922
Typescript entitled, "Bartlett's 40th Anniversary, 1882-1922," describing settlement, survey work, railroads, early settlers, businesses, and churches in Bartlett, ND. (1 item)

20426 Eugene G. Kingsley
Papers, 1889, 1892
Letters from relatives and friends in Eckelson, Winona, and Amenia, ND relating to homesteading, farming, the Sioux, education, statehood, and a beef issue at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. (3 items)

20427 W. F. Cushing
Papers, ca. 1852
Handwritten copies of genealogical information on the Cushing family gathered from resources in the United Kingdom. (1 item)

20428 Warren J. Petty
Papers, 1965
Photocopy of a history of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park describing the geology, exploration, establishment, and administration of the Park, written by the Park Historian. (1 item)

20430 James Hill
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, “An Incident of a Pioneer,” describing Christ Loe’s experiences navigating the Missouri River near Bismarck. (1 item)

20431 Lee Howard
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of railroad construction, settlement, and blizzards in Dakota Territory. (1 item)

20432 Kate T. Jewell
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, “Land Marks of Burleigh County,” describing military posts, Indian sites, churches, businesses, and notable buildings in the county. (1 item)

20434 Walter D. Powell
Papers, 1941
Typescripts entitled, "La Verendrye Discovery of the Western Mountains in 1742 and 1743," "The Decorated Rock at Fort Ransom, North Dakota," and "The Mandan Indians and the Vikings." (3 items)

20436 Lillie B. Smith
Papers, ca. 1903
Reminiscences of homesteading in Rainbow Valley, ND entitled, "A Glimpse of Pioneer Life." (1 item)

20438 Ralph Thompson
Papers, ca. 1928
Brief history and photographs of Dogden Butte, ND and descriptions of sod houses in the vicinity. (7 items)

20440 Joseph M. Buechler
Papers, 1958
Orrin, ND; Pierce County, ND
Letters, drawings, photographs and exhibits promoting the designation of Orrin, ND as the geographical center of North America. (9 items)

20444 John Emil Nelson
Papers, 1958
Manuscript entitled, “Nothing But the Truth,” containing excerpts from Nelson’s newspaper columns describing events in and around Litchville, ND from the 1880s to the 1950s. (1 item)

20445 Paul Paslay
Papers, ca. 1937
Driscoll, ND
Handwritten manuscript entitled, "Complete History of the Chaska Historic Site," describing the site and dedication of the monument at the site, and providing accounts of the Sibley Expedition. (1 item)

20446 Charles M. Sinnett
Papers, 1920
Typescript entitled, "Notes on the Early History of Carrington, North Dakota," describing early settlers, schools, churches, and businesses in Carrington, and harvesting buffalo bones. (1 item)

20449 Anna Rudser Serumgard
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, "Pioneer Homes in the Lake Region" describing dug-outs, cabins, claim shacks, and various aspects of homesteading in the Devils Lake, ND area. (1 item)

20452 Mrs. Clarence F. Plummer
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, "Highlights of Early Minnewaukan History," describing early Minnewaukan settlers, churches, businesses, fires, and the "Minnie H." steamboat. (1 item)

20454 Adeline Potter
Papers, ca. 1906, 1932
Typescript entitled, "Early Settlement of Foster County, North Dakota," describing the settlement of the Larrabee family in Foster County. Includes transcript of a letter from Maria E. Larrabee to George Backen concerning the Larrabee family in Foster County. (2 items)

20456 Henry Koehn
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, “Munich, North Dakota History,” describing businesses, government organization, and recreational activities. (1 item)

20458 Mrs. W. G. Curtis
Papers, 1927
Typescript entitled, “The History of Ransom County,” describing exploration, Indians, military history, settlement, and origins of place names. (1 item)

20461 A. W. Kelley
Papers, 1897
Transcripts of two letters from Kelly to his daughter, Mrs. Jennie M. Chenery, describing the Black Hills and dog trains. (2 items)

20462 Suzette Peltier
Papers, 1975
History of Arthur, ND describing settlement, businesses, churches, schools, entertainments, the Arthur Mercantile Company, and Arthur Farmers Elevator. (1 item)

20464 Ellen J. Shimmin
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, "History of Crystal (City and Township)," describing early settlers, farming, businesses, weather conditions, churches, social events, recreation, politics, fraternal organizations, schools, and participation in WWI. (1 item)

20466 Thomas David Zook
Papers, May 23, 1975
Surrey, ND; Ward Co., ND
Typescript entitled, "Surrey, North Dakota, A Short History," describing early settlers, churches, businesses, schools, and structures.  (1 item)

20469 Rene Hensrud
Papers, 1972
Copy of a Mary College history paper entitled, “The Black Man in North Dakota. A Case Study: James W. Cole,” an account of the conviction and hanging of James Cole for murder in Bismarck in 1899. (1 item)

20481 Edward Edson Heerman
Papers, 1881-1927
Letters and newspaper clippings about steamboats, business, the Chautauqua movement at Devils Lake, ND, and Fort Totten, brief histories, reminiscences, accounts of the “Minnie H,” buffalo bone harvesting, settlement of the Devils Lake region, and a transcript of an interview with Heerman, who had been pilot of the Minnie H. (10 items)

20482 Martin Prestrud
Papers, 1922
Report describing archeological features on the Prestrud farm near Fort Ransom. (1 item)

20484 Renville County
Papers, 1966
Brief history of the county, describing settlement, towns, climate, geology, demographics, schools, highways, origin of the county name, and county offices. Includes a list of county officials. (1 item)

20487 Steven S. Schwarzchild
Papers, ca. 1957
Copy of a biography entitled, "The Story of a Failure: The Marquis de Mores, 1858-1896," emphasizing many of de Mores' anti-Semitic beliefs and activities. (1 item)

20497 Martin Blueshield
Papers, 1888
Devil’s Lake, ND; Ramsey County, ND
Autograph of Martin Blueshield and A. G. Hunt. (1 item)

20500 H. K. Jensen
Papers, 1926
Transcript of letter regarding the organization of Morton Co., ND, early settlers, and ranchers. (1 item)

20501 Oregon Trail Trek No. 4
Records, 1954
Transcript of the log detailing efforts to retrace the Oregon Trail. (1 item)

20502 Mary Wolfe Pennington
Papers, 1925
History of Sargent County and Milnor Township, describing exploration, early settlers and settlement, Indians, businesses, farming, women, schools, military history, fraternal organizations, weather conditions, and an Independence Day celebration. Includes numerous photographs of towns, businesses, and residents. (1 item)

20508 Martha P. Wetmore
Papers, 1880-1932
Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, commission, and post office materials including employee oaths, receipts, appointments, remittance letters, and regulations. Wetmore was Postmaster of Painted Woods, ND. (126 items)

20519 Lowell Torgerson
Papers, 1982
Account of the death of two circus workers in Wahpeton, ND in 1897. (1 item)

20544 A. S. Pratt
Papers, March 15, 1897
Photocopy of a letter from Pratt to Theodore Horton, Steuben Co., NY, concerning severe winter weather and homesteading near Page, ND. (1 item)

20549 Carl Nelson
Papers, n.d.
Cando, ND
Photocopies of Nelson’s reminiscences, poetry, newspaper articles, and obituaries. (6 items)

20557 North Dakota City History
Papers, 1914-1915
Notes and brief histories of Jamestown, Dickinson, Gwyther, Pembina, New England, and Standing Rock Indian Reservation. (50 items)

20561 Kaspar N. Greff
Papers, 1965
Photocopy of a Dickinson State College history paper entitled, “Freeland and Freedom: A Brief History of Czechs in Stark and Dunn Counties.” (1 item)

20563 Leslie Krogh
Papers, 1965
Typescript entitled, “Those Who Dare: A Study of the Fairfield-Snow Community,” describing settlement, ranching, farming, churches, schools, and social activities. (1 item)

20564 Theres Berry
Papers, 1965
Photocopy of a Dickinson State College history paper entitled, "Dickinson Firefighters," describing the organization of Dickinson fire companies and the history of firefighting from the 1880s to the 1960s. (1 item)

20570 Carolyn Swenson
Papers, 1965
Photocopy of a Dickinson State College history paper entitled, "Fur Trading in North Dakota" describing exploration and fur trade activities in North Dakota, ca. 1800s-1880s. (1 item)

20573 Lina Burgess
Papers, 1877; 1881
Letters from Burgess to her parents in Missouri concerning homesteading and an Independence Day celebration in Moorhead, MN. (4 items)

20576 Kate Pelissier
Papers, n.d.
Dickinson, ND
Reminiscences of the 1862 Sioux uprising and a prairie fire. (2 items)

20580 Horace N. Brackett
Papers, 1893
Grant County, ND
Diary of a North Arlington, MA resident containing account of hunting trip at the William Wade Ranch in Grant Co., ND (1 item)

20582 North Dakota Place Names
Papers, n.d.
Typescript identifying the origins of many North Dakota place names. (1 item)

20592 James P. Hanscom
Papers, 1828-1839, 1866
Correspondence, receipts, and legal papers of the Rockingham Co. NH Sheriff. (45 items)

20594 George W. Lilly
Papers, 1936-1940
Photograph and reminiscences of settlement in McIntosh County in the 1880s by a lawyer and civil engineer, McIntosh County Commissioner (1884), State Representative (1889-1890), and Register of Deeds, 1893-1895. (20 items)

20595 Minnie Larson
Papers, n.d.
Barnes Co., ND
Photocopy of a brief history of the founding of Kathryn, ND. (1 item)

20596 Jesse A. Tanner
Papers, 1906
Outline of a University of North Dakota thesis on immigration in North Dakota, tables detailing immigration patterns, and correspondence concerning research. Correspondents include Bishop Vincent Wehrle. (26 items)

20609 Edward Pennington Pearson
Papers, 1873
Letter from Pearson to his mother about the Yellowstone Expedition and family affairs. (1 item)

20615 Lillian Hale Haig
Papers, 1963
Manuscript describing Haig’s youth near Fort Totten and Devils Lake, ND ca. 1890s. (1 item)

20616 Henry L. Bernard and Esther Busch
Papers, 1981.
Manuscripts describe Henry L. and Esther Bernard's youth in Grafton, Oakwood, Grand Forks, Valley City, and New Berlin, ca. 1905-1937. Collection includes reminiscences of Christmas celebrations in North Dakota. (3 items)

20624 Mrs. H. C. Croffurd
Papers, n.d.
Two typescript copies of reminiscences of settlement near Fargo in the early 1870s. (2 items)

20625 J. R. Parsons
Papers, 1860-1901
Rolette Co., ND
Diaries detail Parsons' horse trading activities from St. Louis to San Francisco. (3 items)

20634 Thomas Newgard
Papers, 1971-1973
College research paper entitled, “Negroes in North Dakota,” and copies of letters, notes, and newspaper clippings. (8 items)

20636 John R. M. Wilson
Papers, 1966-1968
Programs for the Northern Great Plains History Conference and copy of a paper entitled, “The Role of the United States in the Growth of Canadian Autonomy.” (4 items)

20649 Henrietta Christopher
Papers, 1958
Mimeographed pageant scripts entitled, “The Role of the Red River Cart” and “Red River Ripples: A Pageant of Pembina, 1818-1889.” (2 items)

20650 Joseph Falk
Papers, 1983
Reminiscences concerning sod house construction. (1 item)

20655 Damia Peck Berry
Papers, 1956
Dickey County, ND
Letter contains reminiscences of homesteading near Yorktown, Dakota Territory in the 1880s. (1 item) 

20658 Independence Day
Papers, [1959]
Anonymous reminiscences of an Independence Day celebration at Fort Yates in 1898 entitled, “A Day to Remember.” (1 item)

20666 Reilly Luffsey
Papers, n.d.
Copy of transcripts of testimony relating to the Reilly Luffsey murder. (1 item)

20669 George Shepard
Papers, n.d.
Typescript and a carbon copy of an account of a trip from Bismarck to Fort Walsh in 1879, focusing on navigating the Missouri River and buffalo hunting. (2 items)

20673 Era Bell Thompson
Papers, 1972
Bismarck, ND
Letter from Thompson to Thelma and Jack Vantine concerning personal matters, politics, and civil rights. (1 item)

20677 T. C. Kopseng
Papers, 1883
Letter from Kopseng to the Dakota Territory Bureau of Immigration relating to land prices. (1 item)

20678 Charles E. Hunt
Papers, 1954
Typescript entitled, “Red River Settler,” by Hunt on the life of Chris Ulland of Mayville, ND, and his reminiscences on homesteading, farming and local personalities. (1 item)

20679 L. M. Boge
Papers, 1876
Letters from Boge of Bramstadt, Germany to John Kunrath, Minneapolis regarding Germans in North Dakota (3 items)

20693 Edna Dey Warner
Papers, 1961
Reminiscences of homesteading near Mandan, ND ca. 1904-1910. (1 item)

20702 Hug McGillivray
Papers, 1966
Dickinson, ND
Copies of letters betweem McGillivray and a Wyoming relating concerning ranching and family liffe. (2 items)

20705 Fred Trende
Papers, 1987
Rosholt, SD
Account of the homestead rush on the Sisseton Indian Reservation in 1892. (1 item)

20712 M. J. Connolly
Papers, 1939
Radio  script focusing on 50 years of North Dakota statehood entitled, “Historical Sketch of North Dakota.” (1 item)

20713 Jasper O. Best
Papers, 1976
Letter to Best, in Montana, from Governor Arthur A. Link. (1 item)

20716 Sam O’Connell
Papers, 1914
Typescript reminiscence of a trading post and Indian life on the upper Missouri in Montana. (1 item)

20723 Cameron Arnegard
Papers, 1987.
Arnegard, ND
Manuscript of history of Arnegard, ND. (1 item)

20730 Forrest Daniel
Papers, 1877-1989
Autograph letters, examples of WWII V-mail, political flyers, election postcards, bumper sticker, poster, event schedule, plats and survey notes for land near Sykeston, ND, and tickets for events in Wells County, Maddock, Minot, and Bismarck, ND. (15 items)

20737 F. M. and Cora Billings
Papers, 1917-1934, n.d.
Lakota, ND; Nelson Co., ND
Deeds of real estate, OES membership receipt, and advertisement for L. D. Shaughnessy. (4 items)

20742 George S. and Mary (Bishop) Montgomery
Papers, 1887-1937
Sargent Co., ND
Family history of George Montgomery who moved to Dakota Territory in the early 1880s. (10 items)

20744 John S. Murphy
Papers, 1888-1918
Diary, letters to brothers Pat and Mark, newspaper clippings, and an obituary. (8 items)

20750 Lynn S. Smith-Roberts
Papers, 1986-1989, n.d.
Concerns Reverend Smith’s involvement with the Missouri Valley Hospice program, the Bismarck, ND Unitarian Church Centennial tree planting ceremony, and Dakota Stage Limited productions. (29 items)

20754 Irene C. Smith
Papers, 1989
Copy of the author's poems, recipes, and reminiscences of living in North Dakota entitled, "Simple Life." Copyright retained by the author. (1 item)

20757 McLean Family
Papers, 1893-1921
Linton, ND; Winchester, ND
Shopping lists, prices of household goods, sketches, an invitation to a social hop, programs from high school events, and a graduation announcement from Ellendale Normal and Industrial School. (8 items)

20761 Cora A. Scott
Papers, 1876-1894
Letters to Scott in Dawson, ND from Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Libbey of Orleans and Cresco, IA. (28 items)

20772 John E. Wasson
Papers, 1872
Letters written to his brother William A. during the winter in Edwinton, DT (5 items)

20778 Charles Cavalier
Papers, 1853-1854, 1877, 1879, 1882
Certificate of appointment as postmaster of Cavalier County, a letter of appointment as a corresponding member to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, two photo albums, and letters from Cavalier to his son Albert, his sister, and a woman named Charity. (7 items/oversize)

20794 Orville Butler
Papers, 1942, 1946
A 1946 letter to Orville Butler and his 1942 selective service notice. (2 items)

20795 John L. Peterson
Papers, 1898
Hand drawn map of Manila Bay, a calling card, photograph, letter, and historical reminiscences of Bismarck, ND. (4 items)

20796 John Huber
Papers, 1911-1984
Handwritten reminiscence covers author’s parents, Jacob and Katherine (Wessel) Huber, German Russian immigrants who settled near Dodge in Mercer Co., ND. (105pp)

20798 Kristina (Palsdatter) Wambheim
Papers, 1876, 1921-1922
Two letters written in Norwegian, a language course of study, and a religious pamplet written in Norwegian. (7 items)

20802 Thomas A. Pugh
Papers, 1900
Dickinson, ND
Correspondence, financial records, and a partnership agreement. (21 items)

20806 Renville County Pageant
Records, 1989
Renville Co., ND
Program, history of the pageant, and a schedule of speakers for events held during the statehood centennial. (22 items)

20810 Phyllis Wentz
Papers, 1922-1942
Logan Co., ND
Napoleon High School commencement announcement, instructions for knitting men’s socks, and an A.A.U.W. bulletin page of obituaries. (5 items)

20815 Orpha King
Papers, 1916, 1920-1929
Bank statements, marriage certificate, home study information, and an African newsletter. (13 items)

20822 Harold L. Kepler
Papers, 1944-1946
Bismarck, ND
Photographs, newspaper clippings, church bulletins, military roster, Thanksgiving menu, and newsletters of a music teacher and founder of the Century High School Patriot Band. (30 items)

20823 Charles and Olive (Falkenstein) Staley
Papers, 1930-1977
Burleigh Co., ND
Newspaper clippings, a convention flyer, photocopies of an historical reminiscence, biographical information on Falkenstein and Staley families, and family genealogy. Photos were transferred to photograph collection. (4 items)

20824 Mae (Hoffman) Wentz
Papers, 1890-1965
Calling cards, a North Dakota Civil Defense Agency membership card, postcard of Bismarck High School, and ink blotter containing advertisements for Bismarck businesses. (15 items)

20831 Thad Hecker
Papers, 1938
Descriptive information about archaeological sites near Keever Butte and north of Menoken Indian Village in Burleigh Co., ND (2 items)

20838 Dennis and Karen (Nash) Riggin
Papers, 1864, 1978, 1983
Ramsey Co., ND
Typed copy of letters of W. G. Riggin, letters from Halicia Whitehouse, the granddaughter of Captain E. E. Heerman, and an article on homesteading by Mary Nash. (3 items)

20840 Emma J. Keller
Papers, 1992
Oral history interview with Keller recalling growing up in McLean Co., ND. (4 items)

20854 Elizabeth Seymour Harris
Papers, 1882-1888
Dickey Co., ND; Emmons Co., ND
Letters from Mrs. Harris to her family in Wisconsin. (10 items)

20855 Walcott Plat Map Collection
Records, 1882
Letter of transmittal and plat maps of Walcott, DT. (4 items/oversize)

20856 Bjorke, Martin
Papers, 1905-1937
Page, ND; Wilton, ND; Burleigh Co., ND; Cass Co., ND
School certificates, school report cards, and an eighth grade diploma, a photograph of Bjorke, and humorous post cards he collected while working in Alaska. (8 items/oversize)

20862 F. L. Watkins
Papers, 1930
Typescript entitled, “The Loss of the Andrews Estate,” describing the problem of alcohol in the life of one family. The story was used for the Humanities Council presentation, “Bringing Boozers, Bootleggers, and Blind Piggers to the Bar of Justice: The North Dakota Enforcement League.” (62pp)

20861 Margaret Johnson
Papers, ca. 1958
Scrapbook of pictures from promotional maps and brochures about North Dakota. (1 item)

20866 Ely H. and Fannie (Heilbrun) Weil
Papers, 1900-1950
Williams Co., ND
Copy of letters written to Ely from Fannie. (62 items)

20867 Florence Klipstein
Papers, 1914-1929
Pattern guide and cooperative extension service publications on topics for homemakers. (5 items)

20868 Edmund E. Braun and Matthew P. Wright
Papers, 1905-1986
Photographs of family members and color postcards from North Dakota locations. Braun was a surgeon at Fort Abercrombie, DT. (35 images)

20869 James T. McCulloch
Papers, 1909-1976
Washburn, ND
Suede bound Delta Sigma Delta dance card booklet and newspaper clippings about the family. (8 items)

20879 John Bakken
Papers, 1962, 1989
Adams, Walsh County, ND
The family stamp collection, consists of one sketch of two images of the Bakken homestead issued by the U.S. Postal Service, and reprints from the events of the Bakken reunion. (5 items)

20892 Jane (Rensink) DeKrey
Papers, 1916-1946
Pettibone, ND
Letters from DeKrey to her daughter, photos and a newspaper clipping. (34 items)

20893 Moen Family
Papers, 1865-1927
Leeds, ND; Benson Co., ND
Nine letters in Norwegian language, an unidentified  photo of young woman, and two packets of calling cards. (89 items)

20899 Alten Teske
Papers, 1864-1996
Fargo, ND
Letters written during the Civil War and WWI, family letters, ephemera, snapshots, a certificate, and postcards. (7 items)

20904 Alexander Family History
Papers, 1981
Epping, ND
Autobiography of Joseph W. Alexander and his family on a ranch near Epping between 1907-1937. Provides accounts of family life as they moved back and forth between North Dakota, Ohio, and Washington. Includes vivid accounts of northwestern North Dakota during the depression years of the 1930s. (1v)

20905 John F. Roadhouse
Papers, 1919, 1940
Cavalier, ND; Pembina Co., ND
The six page letter is written to E. W. (Tone) Kibler from John (Jack) F. Roadhouse in Germany, and three photographs of John Roadhouse, Thompson Roadhouse, and E.W. and Herb Kibler. (4 items)

20909 Reinhold A. Widmer
Papers, 1936-1962
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of state, national, and international events. (1v)

20920 Paul Siem
Papers, 1888-1914
Three letters in Norwegian, a newspaper obituary, and Seim's naturalization papers. As a young man, Siem came to the U.S., returned to Norway in 1916, returned to this country, and was employed on the railroad at Hamar, ND. (5 items)

20927 Grand Forks Christmas Letters
Papers, 1997
Relates the struggle of dealing with the Red River flood of 1997. (2 items)

20936 Elmore Hatch
Papers, 1906
Letter from Hatch to a friend in Connecticut encouraging him to return and make Oberon, ND his home. (.05ft)

20937 John and Marie Opsal
Papers, 1900s
Williams Co., ND
Correspondence (some in Norwegian), notes, poems, a naturalization certificate, and genealogy of descendents. (.1ft)

20939 Postcards of North Dakota
Papers, n.d.
Postcards of structures in Mandan, ND including the post office, Main Street, U.S. Experimental Farm, St. Joseph’s Church, Liberty Memorial Bridge, Missouri River Railroad Bridge, and Deaconess Hospital. (7 items)

20940 Mabel Hartwell (Mrs. H. B.) Mitchell
Papers, 1907-1913
Devils Lake, ND; Ramsey Co. ND
Handwritten diaries detailing the weather and daily living, a postcard, two  publications by George D. Mitchell and John Ruskin, a copy of the Hartwell family tree, and an advertisement for the Colonial Hotel and  auctioneer Col.  D. W.  Dickson.  (.2ft)

20948 Alonzo G. Grace
Papers, 1950s
Correspondence, biographical information, newspaper clippings, publications, and scrapbook items. (.25ft)

20950 Edyth Sorenson
Papers, n.d.
Letter written to Edyth by H.T. Helgensen who served as a member of Congress at Large from North Dakota and a scanned 1919 photograph of Edyth and her brother Edwin (Johnson) with their adoptive parents Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Nancy) Sorenson in Grand Forks, ND. (3 items)

20952 Lloyds Opera House (Jamestown, ND)
Records, 1895-1907
Black and white copy print and negative of the Opera House, two souvenir programs of the grand opening (printed in 1975 for the closing ceremony of the opera house) and a program from 1907. (5 items)

20956 Ethel (Mrs. Aaron) Bauer
Letters, 1947-1948
Nine letters from Mrs. Gladys (Walter) Hanemann of Bremen and later Frankfurt am Main to Mrs. Anna (Aaron) Bauer, Otter Creek, ND between 1947-1949 acknowledging food and clothing packages Mrs. Bauer sent to Mrs. Hanemann as part of a Missouri Synod program to aid residents of post-war Germany. (9 items)

20955 Giles Personius
Papers, 1917-1919
Notebook contains accounts and a U.S. flag from WWI. (1v)

20957 Bernice Howser
Papers, 1987-1991
Newspaper clippings of Howser's work as a columnist with the Minot Daily News and articles written by Bob Corey. (.2ft)

20958 Patricia (Fitzpatrick) Swigart
Papers, n.d.
Letter describing a trapping trip to Dakota Territory in 1880. It appears to be written by an O. A. Fry and mentions other names: Charley Huchins, Beb Sprague, Jack Stonehocker, and Ely Fry. (23 leaves)

20960 James Monroe and Altie Belle (Cook) King
Papers, 1935, 1952-1953
Typescript copy from a 1935 diary, a copy of a letter, and a summary of notes about Altie Belle Cook. (14p.)

20968 Strube Family
Papers, 1900s-1920s.
Photographs, baptismal certificates, an eighth grade diploma, and genealogical information about the Strube family. Includes studio wedding photographs of Louis Strube, Louis and Emma (Laskowsky) Strube, August Laskowsky, certificates and a studio portrait of Florence Strube Goldsmith, and a portrait photograph of Lawrence and Florence (Strube) Goldsmith. See also MS-10778, MS-10838, and MS-10856. (.15ft)

20969 Silba Family
Papers, 1940s
Glen Ullin, ND
War ration applications, stamps, and booklets issued to the Silba family, certificates for mileage rationing, and pay receipts for Lawrence Silba. (.15ft)

20971 Joyce Fossum
Papers, 1970-1973
Newspaper scrapbook. (1v)

20975 Ida Thompson
Papers, 1896, 1907, 1961, n.d.
Northwest Hotel 1907 Christmas menu, postcard of early Bismarck, newspaper clipping from the Bismarck Tribune about E. H. Bly, and the children's picture book, "The Night Before Christmas," which was reproduced by the Society (4 items)

20979 Medora (ND) and the Marquis de Mores
Papers, 1946, 1958
Series printed in the Minot Daily News by Tom Miller, a photocopy from the editorial page of the Minot Daily News, photocopies of identified photographs from the GNDA photo album of newspaper publishers and committee members who promoted Medora, a 1958 program from the musical "Old Four Eyes," and a copy of the North Dakota History publication on the career of the Marquis. (.1ft)

20980 State Historical Society of North Dakota. Guinness Records. Snow Angel Events
Records, 2003, 2007
Copies of the sign in sheets used to document the number of people participating in the Snow Angel World Record attempt for the Guinness Record Book, on March 23, 2002 and a proclamation of Governor Hoeven declaring December 26, 2007 Snow Angel Day. (.05 ft)

20981 Edward Hoverson and Chris Paulson Families
Papers, 1903-1905, 1980
Genealogical material on the Hoverson and Paulson families, who were residents of Beach, ND, including school papers of Alvin Hoverson who in 1911 was the first student in to receive a school diploma as retold in a news clipping from the October 16, 1980, Golden Valley News; several 1903 handwritten letters by Mary Paulson to her aunt; and edited excerpts by Avis R. Anderson from the Montana Magazine of Western History of letters written by an itinerant minister who traveled the southwestern North Dakota/Montana circuit including several stories of the Hoverson and Paulson families. The Hoverson and Paulson family were related through the marriage of Edward Hoverson to Ragnhild Anderson. (.05ft)

20991 Virginia Howell
Papers, 1922-1925
Color postcards of buildings and parks in Fargo and Bismarck. Bismarck photographs include St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck Hospital, State Territorial Capitol, Post Office, Liberty Memorial Bridge, Missouri River Bridge, State Penitentiary, and the Roosevelt Cabin. Fargo images include Auditorium Building, Sacred Heart Hall, Ford Building, New Ceres Hall at the North Dakota Agricultural College campus, Central High School, Cass County courthouses, Masonic Temple, New Elks Home, Oak Grove, Northern Pacific Park and Skyscrapers Fargo, St. Mary's Cathedral, First Lutheran Church, St. Lukes Hospital, Fargo Clinic and Nurses Home, and St. Johns Hospital. (.05ft)

20994 Jamestown (ND) Photo Postcards
Papers , n.d.
Postcards include City Hall, Bird's Eye View, Oil Tank Fire August 23, 1924 with a description of the fire on the reverse, and City Park. (4 items)

21002 Myrtle Munson Williams
Papers, 1925-1985, sc.
Seven b/w photographs and a 1956 bulletin from the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary that features son William Andrew Williams. (8 items)

21013 Fort Buford Historic Site
Papers, 1916, n.d.
1916 receipt from the Buford Mercantile Company, undated deposit slip from the Trenton, ND State Bank, and studio photographs of two different women.Thee items were found at Fort Buford Historic Site by the site supervisor in a leather clutch purse. (9 items)

21017 James Thompson
Interviews, 2005
Reminiscences of Thompson during the early years of his life, his military experiences, marriage, and business career as the owner of Sioux Sporting Goods in Bismarck, ND. (4 audio tapes)

21018 Nystrom Cemetery
Records, 1897-2006
Eddy Co., ND
Minutes, financial, and burial information. Burial information includes name, birth and death dates, burial date, cause of death, gender, and location of plot. Some information may be confidential. Original volume in fragile condition. Color copy and CD available.. (.2ft/cd)

21019 Levi Dalley
Papers, 1886
Diary of daily entries on weather conditions, farming activities, and finances during the year of 1886, while he lived in the Jamestown area. (.5ft)

21023 James J. Scott
Papers, 1905-1909, 1954
Typescript providing information of the early days in Munich, ND and a copy of an article published in the Cavalier County Republican written on the eve of the Munich Golden Jubilee celebration in 1954. (.05ft) See also MS- 20240

21029 Ben W. James
Papers, 1933
Biographical information on Ben James and b/w snapshot photographs of his trip through North Dakota, including scenes from the Red River Valley area of Wahpeton, Jamestown College, Jamestown Hospital and a Jamestown park, Bismarck Memorial Bridge and Bismarck area farmland, farmland at Hebron and snapshots from Fort Logan and Castle Mountains in Colorado. (.1ft)

21031 William C. Mills
Papers, 1899
Photo album belonging to E. G. Patterson and including photographs of the steamer Walla Walla leaving San Francisco on September 5, 1899 and other photos of the San Francisco area; photos of the train trip though the mountains; two individual photos of Patterson and his wife in a horse drawn buggy with the inscription Maud P Bismarck, July 1899; a photo of a corral next to a railroad track; unidentified photos a Black community including the homes, ox cart mode of transportation, groups of Black families and children; and a larger b/w photo titled Archie Bear and Family. Album is in fragile condition, photos are b/w and some fading. Most unidentified. (.2ft) See also MS-10144, Patterson Hotel Collection.

21043 Reverend R. E. Feeney
Papers, n.d.
Biography of John Tyler, the first black homesteader on the Little Missouri River. There are three versions of the biography, some with corrections or notations. (.2ft)

21045 Jamestown (ND) Newspaper Clippings
Papers, 1929-1933
Newspaper clippings regarding Jamestown, historical photographs of the settlement of the city, and an estray letter from Berg & Wassell Garment Co., Chicago, to R. B. Griffith in Grand Forks. (.1ft)

21046 Emma H. Klomstad
Papers, n.d.
Crosby, ND; Divide Co., ND
Typescript.entitled, "My Experience on Homestead on North Dakota Prairie." (.05ft)

21047 Cliff Jorgens
Papers, 1980s
Crosby, ND
Newspaper clippings of stories written by Jorgens for the Crosby Journal. (.05ft)

21048 Martinus Wick
Postcard collection, 1908-1912
Postcards relating to scenes of businesses and buildings in the Bismarck area. One postcard depicts businesses in Jamestown, ND located on Fifth Avenue and looking south. (.1ft)

21050 Postcards of Western North Dakota
Papers, 1950s
Postcard of the Noyes modern cabins at Beach, ND published by the New York Artview Postcard Company, and the color postcard titled Greetings from North Dakota Badlands, published by the Hafstrom Company and Tichnor Quality Views, Belfield, ND. (.05ft)

21055 Carl Aasen
Papers, n.d.
Hhandwritten stories by Carl Aasen about how family members applied for their homesteads in 1910, written on legal pad. Transcription of stories by Robert Aasen. (.05ft)

21057 Jacob B. Sonderall
Papers, 1929-1947
Items Judge Somerall collected or wrote about the history of Adams Co. and Hettinger, ND include: "The F Ranch;" "Historical Events and Occurances Adams Co. No.Dak.;" "History of Hettinger;" notes on civil and probate cases; research on the organization of Adams County collected from C. R. Pendergast, the U.S. General Land Office, and the ND Secretary of State; research on location of trails and ranches in early Adams County from Albert Leff; replies to Judge Sonderall from living members of the 1889 Constitutional Convention (including E. A. Williams, E. W. Camp, V. B. Noble, B. F. Spaulding, Frederick B. Fancher, and William J. Clapp), containing their recollections; a poem entitled, "Reverie of a Farmer at Eventide;" and an article published in the Adams County Record Nov. 27, 1947 by Judge Sonderall about his European travels. (1ff)

21063 Theodore Hagberg
Papers. 1870-1956
McKenzie Co., ND
Correspondence, marriage certificate, copy of indenture, land title, genealogical material, and a reminiscence by Della Brallier Hagberg about her life and pioneering in western North Dakota from 1906-1907. (.15ft)

21070 William I. Agard
Papers, 1911-1912
Contracts regarding sale of land, bills, correspondence, and legal documents regarding the sale of William I. Agard's estate, an appraisal of the Agard property, and the appointment of an executor of the estate. William I. Agard was born in Marion County, IA, July 18, 1875. He married Ella Horr on Christmas day 1897, and the couple moved to Portal, ND, in May 1902. William worked for several years for the Canadian Pacific Railway on the Soo Line Railroad. He was working as a night watchman for the town of Portal until his death in an automobile accident near Coteau on November 5, 1911. G. W. Rhodes was appointed General Administrator of the estate. The papers were removed from the Burke County Clerk of Court, Civil Case Files. (.05ft.)

21078 Lillian Ulsrud Grove
Papers, n.d.
Handwritten reminiscence and typed transcript entitled, "Home on the Prairie," about growing up in Burke Co., ND near Columbus. The date it was written is unknown, but is most likely after 1940. (.2ft)

21079 Evelyn (Tehle) Baumann Sapa
Paper, 1936
Nine page paper written by Evelyn Baumann entitled, "Early History of Lidgerwood," dated January 8, 1936 describing some of the early history of Lidgerwood, the names of early settlers, and the businesses that opened in the early years. The paper was likely written for a school assignment. (.1ft.)

21108 Marion J. Piper
Papers, ca. 1948-1959
Photocopy of a letter to Marion from Angela Cournoyer Fiske, a write-up by Piper about Angela's 75th birthday party and biography, Piper's notes, a portrait of Angela, and various drafts of an incomplete booklet "Fiske Photographs of the Sioux." (.05ft)

21127 Eugene Gordon Aune
Papers, 1923-1945
Copy of Aune's birth certificate and record of baptism, negatives and prints of his honorable discharge paper and certificate, notice of separation from the US Naval Service, and a digital scan of Aune in uniform. (.05ft)

21130 Ypsilanti 125th Anniversary Oral History Collection
Oral history interviews conducted at the 125th anniversary celebration, June 16, 2007, conducted by Steve Reidburn and Carolgene Wolf. The collection consists of a transcript of the interviews and index, four CDs containing the interviews, and a souvenir booklet from the celebration. Names of interviewees include Guymer, Dally, Peckham, Heffernan Laber, Erickson, Kipp Cumber, Berge, Bunde, Evansm Monson Miedema, Marks, Lacer, Woiwode, Roorda, Mellum, Orr, Randall, Whitney, Lien, Larson and Wolf. Subjects include the depression, farming, the 1930s, education in Ypsilanti, businesses, people, personal reminiscences and biographical information. (6 items)

21136  Ariana Walker, Miss North Dakota 2011  
Consists of the Christmas card mailing sent by Ariana and her parents Renae and Dwayne, and mailing sent by Ariana Walker that includes a card and a photograph. (.01 ft.)

21137  Bruce Christianson
ca. 1968-1970
Correspondence, selective service papers, Minot State College Student Handbook (1968-1969), business card of Mary E. Christianson, and a photograph. (.05 ft.)

21142 Dietrich Wieder Ebeling Family
ca. 2012
Genealogical information about the descendants of Dietrich Wieder Ebeling, from a  genealogy compiled by Elmer Klipstein of Bismarck, ND in 1983; a 1979 Ebeling Genealogy by Eunice Campbell Lammers and Oliver Altman Lammers; the Yeater Family Book; Family data sheets by Eunice Ebeling Altimus and input from descendents of Dietrich Ebeling.  Descendants in North Dakota reside(d) in Mayville, Bismarck, Driscoll, Goodrich, Mandan, St. Anthony, Menoken, Linton, Fargo, Plaza, Jamestown, and Grafton. Printed documents and CD with digital documents (Word files).

21143 Thomas Dance Sr.
ca. 2012
Genealogical information about the descendants of Thomas Dance Sr. Descendants in North Dakota reside(d) in Bismarck, Menoken, Britten, and Heimdal. Printed documents and CD with digital documents (Word files).

21144 Henry C. Dralle Family
ca. 2012
Genealogical information about the descendants of Henry C. Dralle beginning with family data compiled by Elmer Kipstein of Bismarck (ND) in 1983. Descendants in North Dakota reside(d) in Bismarck, Fargo, Riverdale, Golden Valley, Dickinson, Menoken, Bremen, Heimdal, Brittin, Grand Forks, Mandan, Moffit, Sterling and Glencoe. Printed documents and CD with digital documents (Word files).

21145 John Warner Family History Collection
Family stories, letters, obituaries, photos, and a digitized family film with scenes from the Ryder, ND area. (.25ft)

21146 Vida Sophia Baldwin
Manuscript titled "The Things My Mother Told Me" detailing the life of Vida Sophia Baldwin, compiled by Baldwin’s daughter Julie Tatum. The transcribed manuscript includes biographical information and diary entries of Vida Baldwin, who was born in 1888 in Park River (DT) and served in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in France during World War I. Around 1893 the family relocated to Crystal and then to Fargo. Baldwin's efforts to be educated and accounts of her military training and war correspondence are included in the manuscript. The diary was digitized and is available in PDF format. (.1ft)

21148 Christmas card sent to fan Mrs. Norman Willman by Lawrence Welk
Christmas card sent to fan Mrs. Norman Willman by Lawrence Welk in 1965.

21149 Bill Phillips "Growing up in Garrison (ND): Recollections of the 1930s"
eminiscence by Phillips about farming and life in Garrison (ND) during the Great Depression. Available in PDF format.

21151 Bettenhausen Family
Articles by Joe Manning about the Bettenhausen family printed from his website, census records and genealogical information about the family, and a disc with 24 photographs and captions used by Manning for his articles (11 photographs taken by John Vachon which were downloaded from the Library of Congress website and 13 photographs that belong to the Bettenhausen family). Also includes copies of "Bettenhausen Childhood Memories" and "'Childhood Memories' as Told by the Children of Oliver W. Bettenhausen." Both were compiled for family reunions in 1990 and 2005. The Bettenhausens were a McIntosh County family that were photographed in 1940 by the Farm Security Administration. Joe Manning interviewed some of the children that were in the photos, and wrote a story about what happened to the family in the following 72 years. This collection is for reference use only - all rights to the information are retained by Joe Manning.

21153 Diane Larson Flood Scrapbook
Digital scans (and prints) of a scrapbook created by Diane Larson (Bismarck, ND), to document the 2008-2009 Missouri River flood in Bismarck-Mandan.

21155 History and Mystery: Hiddenwood Cemetery (Ryder, ND) Source Material
Includes a copy of "History and Mystery: Hiddenwood Cemetery" (Ryder, ND) by Douglas E. Wurtz, as well as material used in the publication, including: the original charter for the Hiddenwood Presbyterian Church (December 14, 1907), the original warranty deed transferring land to the Hiddenwood Presbyterian Church (June 26, 1908), the quit-claim deed transferring land from Chas. D. Wilson to the Hiddenwood Presbyterian Church (November 30, 1907), and church meeting minutes (March 21, 1907-April 15, 1916).

21159 Donna Austin
ca. 1932
Two photographs of the Dominick Vranna family (Dickinson, ND) and an obituary of Mrs. L. K. Grantier (Dickinson, ND). The items were found in the book Dakota Days by Edson C. Drayton. The connection between Grantier and Vranna is unclear except that they both resided in Dickinson (ND). (3 items)

21162 Martha Deason Midwife Records (Walsh County, ND)
Midwife logs include mothers names, and the sex and birthdates of the children. (.05ft)

21165 Shortridge Family
ca. 1886-2010
Copies of photographs of the Eli and Anna Shortridge family, a portrait of Charles H. Shortridge,  image of James Levi Shortridge’s grave, genealogical information, and news clippings. (.05ft)

21166 Mitzel Family
Photocopied pages borrowed from the Mitzel family by Michael M. Miller, NDSU, including obituaries of family members, primarily Catholic persons with roots in Pierce and Wells County (ND). (.05ft)

21167 Glotzbach Family
Consists primarily of obituaries of and biographical information about William E. Glotzbach, state Democratic national committeeman from Anamoose (ND). Collection also includes some information about Frank L. Glotzbach, photographs of the Albert Glotzbach Drug Store in Anamoose, a photo of William and Frank Glotzbach, a portrait of William Glotzbach, and a portrait of James Farley which was given to William Glotzbach. (.05ft)

21168 Shephard Family
ca. 1915-2013
Consists of photographs and genealogical information about Fred Shepherd (1891-1918), the only man from Hensel (ND) to give his life in World War I, a sympathy letter sent to Fred’s family after he was killed in action in France on September 13, 1918, a poster "Columbia gives her son this accolade," diplomas of Fred and Ralph Shephard from Pembina (ND) School and a copy of the Shephard family tree. (.05ft)

21169 Nels Johnson Esping
ca. 1890-1986
Consists of biographical information about Nels J. Esping and his wife Hulda, correspondence with relatives (in Swedish), copies of photographs of Hulda, a photo of two hunters with the days catch, a broadside for the farm auction of the Victor Esping estate. (.05ft)

21174 Harold V. and Mabel (Laxdal) Dougherty
Obituary of Harold V. Dougherty,  mayor of Park River (ND); teacher's contract between Mabel (Laxdal) and the city of Grafton (ND); certification that Harold Dougherty passed the Park River High School Board examination in music; a letter from Harold to Mabel; contract for sale of school lands, lien notes, and an abstract of titles to land owned in Walsh County that belonged to Harold's father James; a humorous (blank) tax form; stock certificates from the  American Barley Company owned by Mabel's parents (Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Laxdal) (0.10 ft.).

21180 Devils Lake (ND)
ca. 1910-1916
Program from the Devils Lake (ND) class of 1912 graduation and a postcard with three images of the interior of the "F. W. Mann & Sons" store in Devils Lake (ca. 1910-1916). Museum Division transfer (2 items).

21183 George Harold McNown
ca. 1916-1953
Includes copies of letters to Harold from his mother in Mauston, WI, which describe rural life in the upper Midwest from 1916-1917, a biography of Harold written by his niece, Marjorie McNown Zwickel (the donor), and nine photographs  of the rural Medina/Jamestown school at which Harold taught, his pupils (which included man Ukrainian/Russian immigrants), a later photo of the Medina Exchange/Bank of Steele, and a copy of a portrait of Harold in WWI uniform (14 items).

21190 Gorder and Pletan Family
ca. 1906-1968
Copies of farming photographs on the Pletan and Gorder homesteads (ca. 1906); photographs of Olefina (Loraas), Martin and Ottilia Gorder (ca. 1906); Ottilia Gorder in her confirmation dress (1912); Ottilia and Rudolph Pletan wedding portrait and snapshot (1918); Olefina, Martin, Myrtle and Ottilia Gorder (ca. 1940s); a copy of a portrait of Ottilia and Rudolph’s family (ca. 1968); Ottilia and Rudolph’s wedding announcement with accompanying news clipping (1918); an invitation and program from Ottilia and Rudolph’s golden wedding anniversary (1968). Museum Division transfer (.05ft.).

21197 Howard and Pringey Family
Genealogy of the Howard and Pringey family (Hettinger, ND area) created by the Bozeman State of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from research conducted by Eleanor Maud Howard Buzalsky (1920-2008). Eleanor was born in Hettinger County (ND), and upon her death, her research was donated to the Bozeman State of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (.05ft.).

21198 Jane Miles Brander
Consists of a bound copy of Jane Miles Brander, Pioneer, Bottineau (ND): Wife, Mother, Doctor, Nurse, Cook, Laundry Maid, Chamber Maid, Dairy Maid, Dress Maker & Tailorist, which includes transcriptions of reminiscences and poems by Jane Miles Brander about pioneer life in Bottineau (DT and ND) and a letter about the Golden Jubilee celebration. The collection also includes a disc which contains several versions of the Jane Miles Brander booklet in various formats, as well as digital copies of Brander’s original writing in various formats. The original writings have been printed and are with the collection, as well as on the disc and on the Q server with the other digital materials.
Jane Miles was born in Canada, Bruce County, February 4, 1865, to Mr. and Mrs. John Myles Sr. She emigrated to the United States, crossed at Port Huron June 12, 1886 and became a citizen of the U.S. July 1886. She married Robert Brander in Bottineau County July 27, 1887. Robert Brander was born October 18, 1859 at Woolwich, Ontario, and moved to the County of Grey where he was raised. In 1880, he moved to Winnipeg, and on July 3, 1882, moved to North Dakota. He declared his intention to become a citizen in 1884. At the time Bottineau County was organized, Robert Brander, J. B. Sinclair and John F. Sinclair were the first white men to settle Bottineau County. Robert Brander plowed the first furrow ever plowed by a white man in the county (.1ft).

21199 Sott Family
Ledger given to Henry F. Sott from his son Rudy G. Sott, Rudy’s wife Roxana, and their son Rudy G. Jr. Used as a diary, financial ledger and repository for genealogical information by Henry, his wife Augusta, and their children Rudy G., Henry C., Herman A. and Franklin R. Transferred to SHSND from the Great Falls Genealogy Society (Great Falls, MT) (1 item).

21202 Stuckle Family
Copy of a genealogy of the descendants of Ludvig and Christina (Ottmar) Stuckle, compiled by Louisa and Rosa Stuckle and part of a letter written in German by Wilhelm Stuckle to his children. A translation of the letter is included in the collection. Related to MSS 21203 Miller Family. FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY (.05ft).

21203 Miller Family
ca. 1959-1972
Genealogy of the family of Friedrich and Barbara Miller and also Johannes Brenneise. Related to MSS 21202 Stuckle Family. FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY (.01ft).

21204 Paul and Rosa (Goetz Fried) Hoffer
ca. 2012
Information about Paul Hoffer and his wife Rosa Goetz Fried. They both immigrated to Werner, ND, from Rastadt, Beresan, Odessa, Russia. FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY (.01ft).

21208 Halvor Johnson Family
Genealogy of Halvor C. and Nellie Johnson (Halvor Kristiansen and Pernille Tostensdatter), who immigrated to Wisconsin from Hedmark County, Norway, in 1870 and emigrated to Dakota Territory in 1889, and settled in the Green Lake area of McIntosh County. The genealogy was researched and written by Harold A. LaFleur Jr., maternal great grandson of Halvor and Nellie (.05ft).

21220 "Omemee (ND) October 16, 1903 through December 25, 1908" manuscript
FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY. Consists of a printed copy of a manuscript by Neil Wenberg, that discusses the residents of Omemee (ND) and their social, political, business and religious activities from October 16, 1903 to December 25, 1908 based on information gleaned from the Omemee Herald (.05 ft.).

21229 Fern Nelson
Oral interview with Fern Nelson about her youth and education in Mountrail County, the Garrison Dam, and donation of the Sanish school bell (Digital). The interview was conducted by Sarah Walker in May 2014 at the SHSND (digital only).

21230 Freida Hofer-Brehm-Schlecht
Oral interview with Freida Hofer-Brehm-Schlecht about her life and journey to North Dakota. Frieda was born in 1930 in what was then the German village of Hoffnungstal in Bessarabia (now Ukraine). She survived World War II and wartime relocation into Greater Germany in the early 1940s. She and her family immigrated to the United States in 1951, and established their new home in Gackle (ND). The interview consists of a digital file only. The interview was conducted by Larry Kleingartner, probably in 2013, at the SHSND. Collection also includes a copy of an article on Frieda's life from the December 2013 issue of the  Heritage Review (Germans from Russia Heritage Society) (0.05 ft).

21231 Irene Isabel Kolb Zuger
Oral interview with Irene Isabel Kolb Zuger (Mrs. John A Zuger Sr.) about growing up in St. Paul during the depression in a family of six children. The interview includes Irene's reminiscences of being tracked in grade school with her twin brother Bill and seven other children, about toys and games they played, and about the struggles families had getting jobs, trying to further their education, and government efforts to deal with the crisis. She also mentions first seeing television at the World's Fair held in the Bay area where her family had moved and seeing ND governor John Moses on TV there on North Dakota Day. She answers questions about current health care (1989), changes to the family unit and children's lives, treatment of and attitudes to the elderly, and the effectiveness and importance of the presidency and government in general. The interview is on a cassette tape and also available as a digital file (.05ft).

21232 Bertha (Pritzkau) and John (Feichtle) Fitchell
Correspondence, valentines and postcard correspondence to Bertha (Pritzkau) and John (Feichtle) Fitchell of Goodrich (ND). (.05ft.).

21233 History of Stutsman County
ca. 1925
Consists of a history of Stutsman County booklet written by Olga Litvinenko. The history includes the following topics: Explorers, Fur Traders and Missionaries; The Fur Trade; Native Animals of the County; The Indians; Indian Remains; Indian Relics in Neighborhood; The Pioneers and What they Did; How the Pioneers Got their Land; How the First Settlers Lived; How the First Settlers Traveled; What the Pioneer Women Worked With; What the Pioneer Men Worked With; Relics of Pioneer Days; Peculiar Pioneer Industry; The Pioneer School; Pioneer Narratives; Battles with Indians; Trails, Forts and Camps; Dangers and Hardships of Pioneer Life; A Story of Heroism; Famous Men and Women; and Cities and Villages. (.05ft.).

21235 Hjalmer (Jake) Fritz Johnson
Diploma, 1920
Consists of Johnson's diploma from Hanson's Tractor and Automobile School, Fargo (ND), December 21, 1920 (1 item).

21241 Ray Lingk
Sully Trail Maps, ca. 1950
Consists of a letter to Lingk from State Historical Society of North Dakota Superintendent Russell Reid requesting his account and maps of the Sully trial of 1864. The collection includes of the letter, four maps, and a detailed description of one map. The provenance of this collection is unknown (.05 ft).

21242 Katherine and Edmund Muggli Family
A history of the family of Katherine Mary (Kreidt) Muggli (1910-2010) dictated in the 1988 and photographs of the New Salem graduating class of 1927, two photographs of Edmund Anton Muggli (1905-1989), a portrait of Katherine and Edmund, a photograph of Hervey Creviston, the Pete Meissner family, and the Schedel family  (Fritz Grube and Elizabeth Randoll Grube's daughter, Marie Elizabeth or "Mary" Grube Schedel. They adopted several children; including Hervey Creviston.) The Muggli family lived in Glen Ullin, Morton County (N.D.) (digital only).

21244 Martin Thompson
Photograph of the 1885-1886 class of the William Moore grade school and two Christmas cards, ca. 1920s-1941, from Mr. and Mrs. Lynn J. Frazier. Students in the photograph include: Anna Braithwaite, Maud Robinson, Fannie Ross, Frank Muggy, Ralph D. Ward, Edith Winchester Conklin, Rollo Foley, Dora Healey, Abe Eppinger, Hanna Griffin Harris, Israel Robinson, Dan Slattery, Robert Walton, Mattie Goodrich, William Ramthun, Miss Anna Scott (teacher), William Woods, Olive Falkenstein Staley, Mattie Falcolner, Nellie McCarty, Minnie Dutton, Arthur Miller and Dan Raymond (3 items).

21245 Francis William and Ellen (Thompson) Cook (Cooke)
Genealogical information about Francis William and Ellen (Thompson) Cook (Cooke) and their children (Pembina County, N.D) (0.05 ft.).

21246 "Blizzard of 1997 in Page N.D"
12 printed pages from a Prezi presentation by Concordia College student Vanessa Johnson. The presentation includes information about the blizzard, damages incurred to the region, reminiscences about the blizzard, and proposed solutions.

21247 "Missouri River Flood of 2011"
23 printed pages from a Prezi presentation by Concordia College student Kailee Zabolotny. The presentation includes information about the flood and the Garrison Dam, causes of the flood, effects on people and on the natural world, images, and personal accounts about the flood and its impact.

21249 Mark S. Miller
Includes research paper written by Mark S. Miller titled "Frithjof Holmboe's Representations of Prosperity: North Dakota's Sponsored Films, 1916-1921."  Miller's research and sources for the paper are also included. (.25 feet)

21254 Francis John and Gunda (Ledfors) Fay
Includes copies of correspondence, family photographs, baptism certificates, marriage announcement and certificate, genealogical information, material about the North Dakota Homemaker's Council, and newspaper clippings about Francis John Fay, the first white child born in the State of North Dakota.

Fay was born to Frank and Katie (Deeny) Fay in Churchs Ferry on November 2, 1889. The family moved to Hurricane Lake near Hong (Pierce County), where John lived until 1944, when he moved to Rugby for health reasons. Fay married Gunda Ledfors on June 1, 1921.  They farmed until moving to Rugby, where Mr. Fay worked as a livestock shipper. Mrs. Fay served as president of the North Dakota Homemakers Council and was involved in a variety of organizations. They had seven children. Francis John Fay was honored at the state's diamond jubilee anniversary in 1964. Francis John died in April 1967 and Gunda Fay died October 14, 1971 (.05ft)

21255 James McEwen (Mac) Uhlman and Lettie (Uhlman) Kellogg
Consists of biographies, copies of newspaper clippings and correspondence about James McEwen (Mac) Uhlman and his daughter Lettie (Uhlman) Kellogg, McKenzie County (N.D.) ranchers. The biographies were prepared when they were each nominated for induction into the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. Lettie was inducted in 2013. Both biographies are available as PDF documents. The biography of Lettie Kellogg was copied and returned to the donor (.1ft.)

21256 Sidney Catherine (Kate) (Richardson) Burdick
Consists of two letters written by Kate Burdick (Benson County, N.D.) to cousins Carrie and Annah O'Brien (St. Joseph, Missouri) and four portraits of a young man, probably one of Kate's nephews. The letters have been transcribed and the transcriptions are with the collection. Museum transfer (2014.00057 Barbara Liechti). Burdick was born in Missouri April 17, 1854, married Willard A. Burdick, lived in Missouri and Benson County (N.D.) and died December 15, 1937 (.05ft.)

21259 125th Anniversary of North Dakota Statehood Amateur Radio Celebration
Logbook for amateur radio operation on November 1-2, 2014, during the 125th anniversary celebration of North Dakota statehood, thank you letter and QSL cards sent to participants by stations they communicated with (0.05 ft.).

21262 Annie Blanche DeForest Cummings Family
Copied excerpts from the diaries of Annie Blanche DeForest Cummings, Annie's daughter Teressa Cummings, Teressa's daughter Millie Wilbur Markham, and Marian Hughes Anderson Cummings (granddaughter of Annie Cummings). Annie began her diary when she was 16, and the diary excerpts date from 1901-1922 and include her time in Dogtooth (N.D.). Teressa's diary excerpts date from ca. 1906-1912 and discuss her sons Johny and Charles, who died of diphtheria in May 1909 at the ages of 3 and 1. Teressa also discusses living on the claim in Dogtooth (N.D.). Millie Wilbur Markham's diary details the lives of her grandmother Annie, mother Teressa, and her youth in North Dakota and Florida. Finally, Merian Hughes Anderson Cummings' diary excerpts detail her childhood in and around Marmarth and Haley (N.D.), particularly the foods they ate, chores  and other activities they did as children.  Merian married Edgar Davis Cummings, son of Don and Martha Cummings.

Annie Blanche DeForest was born in Ohio in 1861. She was college educated and became a teacher in Ohio. Her father Theodore DeForest went to Brush Creek (Va.) to find gold. He became ill and Annie went to Brush Creek to take care of him. He died shortly after she arrived. She stayed on, teaching school, and married John Letcher Cummings of that area whose family were also gold miners. Their son, Doniphon "Don" DeForest Cummings was born there in 1889. His sister Teressa was born there in 1891. Annie was pregnant with their third child when John, her husband, died in September 1893. She returned to Niles, Ohio, gave birth to her third child, and lived with her mother for the next seven years. She then moved to DeForest Ohio with her children and the help of a hired man named Clarence Wilbur. Wilbur married Annie's daughter Teressa June 21, 1905. Wilbur, Annie and Teressa moved to Mandan (N.D.) in 1905 and homesteaded in Dogtooth (N.D.) (0.05 ft.).

21264 Charles Krauth
Consists of a letter written in German by Charles "Carl" Krauth (Hebron, N.D.) to his brother Friedrich in Baden, Germany on December 28-31, 1890. The letter discusses fears of local residents about Indian uprisings, conflicts between the Sioux and the U.S. Army, the spread of the Ghost Dance movement across Dakota Territory, and the death of Sitting Bull. Krauth explains to his brother how and why Fort Sauerkraut was constructed by the men of Hebron. Krauth was a German immigrant, a founder of Hebron (N.D.) and co-owner of a General Merchandise and Farm Machinery store, Krauth & Leutz, in Hebron. He also engaged in raising sheep, cattle, and horses, which he discusses briefly in the letter. Transcriptions of the letter are available in German and English. The original letter and the English transcription have been scanned and are available in PDF format (0.05 ft).

21269 Anton Kupper
Consists of a certificate presented to Anton Kupper during the Dakota Territory centennial, proclaiming Kupper to be an original settler or North Dakota or Dakota Territory by proving up on a homestead. Oversize in map case drawer (1 item).

21274 Orlin and Shirley Jacobson
Consists of an oversized pedigree chart of the Orlin Jacobson family , including some Aga, Bakken, Bleie, Dahle, Fjeldanger, Helleland, Hildal, Reiseter, and Tveit families of Norway, Canada, the U.S. and North Dakota. Compiled by Orlin and Shirley Jacobson, Bismarck (N.D.). Oversize (1 item).

21280 Ivan Dmitri (Levon West)               
Consists of a certificate of induction into the North Dakota Teddy Roosevelt Rough Riders hall of fame, April 13, 1962. Oversize (1 item).

21281 John and Ella (Kneen) Cannell     
Consists of John and Ella (Kneen) Cannell's marriage license, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, September 23, 1874. John and Ella Cannell homesteaded about three miles east of Glen Ullin (D.T.) in May 1883. They had eight children: Esther, John E., William, Catherine, Nellie, David, Mona and Frank. John became ill and returned to Cleveland for medical treatment in 1899. He died October 21, 1899. The family remained on the homestead and built up a wheat and cattle ranch. Ella passed away in June 1927. Oversize (1 item).

21282 Benson County Fair poster            
Color poster promoting the Benson County Fair, Minnewaukan (N.D.), June 28-30, 1928. Oversize (1 item).

21283 John Dick               
Consists of certificates earned by John Dick from his participation in a variety of organizations, including the El Zagal Shrine (Fargo, N.D., 1930 and n.d.), American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association (1942), Red River Valley Council Boy Scouts of America (1946), Kiwanis International (1948), and the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland (1949 and 1952). Finally, the collection includes a certificate appointing Dick Secretary of the Board of Civil Service Examiners, Carrington (N.D.), 1914. John Dick was born in Scotland on June 28, 1883, immigrated to the U.S. in 1905, and lived in Carrington (N.D.), where he served as postmaster. Dick passed away in 1953. Oversize (8 items).

21289 Anna Jane Stone
"Travels in North Dakota" by Anna Jane Stone, Kensington (Calif.), details Stone's 1998 trip through North Dakota. In the reminiscence, Stone discusses the landscapes, weather, natural life, people (including ethnicity and religion), social life and customs, religion, architecture, food, history, music, rodeos and technology in North Dakota (0.05 ft.).

21290 Susan Gessner
Consists of Gessner's manuscripts on four topics: early Minot (N.D.) fairs and outdoor pageants, 1904-1949 (includes fair dates and names, early fair efforts, the establishment of annual fairs, and major outdoor pageants in Minot), Minot's 'Magic City' and other early Nicknames," "Dorman Park: Socialist Park, Summer Resort, Address for the Poor," and "Emma Pooler: Early Minot Socialist"

21291 Erick and Peternelle Arntson family (Owego Township, Ransom County, N.D.)
Correspondence, genealogical information, funeral programs, family history, copies of newspaper clippings, a historical sketch of the Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid of Lisbon and photographs documenting the Erick and Peternelle Arntson family who immigrated from Norway to Owego Township, Ransom County (N.D.) in 1881. Family members featured in the collection include Erick and Peternelle Arntson, Ingebrigt and Karan (Karen) (Petrine Walla) Arntson, Arnt, Norma, Kenneth I., Nickolay, Andrew, Nels, Eric, and Mrs. Backlund (Kenneth's first music teacher) (0.05 ft.).

21293 Sheldon (Ransom County, N.D.)
Consists of a history of Sheldon (N.D.) and correspondence. Most of the correspondence is to or from the village trustees of Sheldon, attorney Ed. Pierce, and/or Rourke, Kvello & Adams, attorneys (Lisbon, N.D.). The correspondence primarily discusses drilling of an artesian well at Sheldon and damage caused by the well, but also covers intoxicating liquors, Sheldon citizens, The State Bank of Sheldon, legal cases, taxes, ordinances and city improvements. The collection was found among the papers of former North Dakota state archivist Frank Vyzralek (.05 ft.).

21309 The Farmer
Letters submitted by readers, containing pioneer experiences, for publication in "The Farmer" published in St. Paul (Minn.). Letters were published for the Centennial Issue printed on April 2, 1949. (1r. #04278)

21310 Mary Faith Young
Consists of a copy of a eulogy for Mary Faith Young and a copy of the DVD "Heritage of Faith" documenting the "Trinity of Celebrations" event at the St. James Basilica (Jamestown, N.D.). The celebration was held in recognition of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Diocese of Jamestown, the centennial of the present building, and the 25th anniversary of when the church became a basilica. Mary Young narrated the DVD, which was produced by Gary Baune, Bay Works Company (Fargo, N.D.). The DVD is for reference use only, copyright remains with Bay Works Company (Fargo, N.D.) (0.05 ft.).

Mary Faith (Olson) Young was born on May 28, 1920 on a homestead near Franklin, Montana. She attended St. John's Academy (Jamestown, N.D.) for 12 years, graduating from St. John's Academy in 1938. Mary Faith attended NDSU for 3 years, leaving NDSU during WWII to work at the Department of Censorship in Washington, D.C., in 1941. While working in Washington, Mary met her husband Chief Gunner's mate Ernest Young at the USO at the Presidential Ball. Mary Faith Olson and Ernest Young were married at St. James Catholic Church, August 21, 1944. They had 3 children, Mary Catherine, David Ernest, and Rebecca Ann. Mary and her husband Ernest helped start the Ft. Seward Wagon Train in 1969. Together they tracked many historic trails throughout the state. Mary Faith was a life-long active Preservationist, she wrote the nomination for the 1883 Stutsman County Courthouse (the oldest in ND) and the St. James Basilica.  Mary Faith (Olson) Young was a lifetime long member of St. James Basilica.

21312 Schjeldahl Family
Consists of biographical information about Ole and Anna (Bently) Schjeldahl and their children Mildred, Irene and Gilmore (Esmond, N.D.) and photographs of Esmond. The images depict the damage to Albert Halvorson's barn after the July 1916 storm, a portrait of Agnes Doyle with a pistol, the train and grain elevators, the Schjeldahl home, unidentified residences in Esmond, and possibly Clarence and Lillian Jensen (.05 ft.).

21313 Martin N. Johnson
Memoir of early days of the Martin N. Johnson family in Nelson County (N.D.) (1 microfilm roll #06926)

21316 Betty Lou Pyle
Consists of an oral history interview conducted by Sarah Walker with Betty Lou Pyle at the North Dakota State Archives. Includes family history information and a news article about Betty Lou and her sister Betty Jean (1 digital file).

21318 South Dakota State Boundaries and Township maps
ca. 1800s-1900s
Township maps of the Black Hills and Standing Rock Indian Reservation and maps of the boundaries of South Dakota, including the Black Hills and Forest Reserve.Transferred from the Frank Vyzralek Papers (MSS 10553). (1 microfilm roll #4428)

21320 South Dakota maps, census records and miscellaneous
ca. 1900s
Miscellaneous South Dakota maps, census records and other historical materials. Transferred from the Frank Vyzralek Papers (MSS 10553). (1 microfilm roll #4429)

21322 Audrey Marie Normann
ca. 1940s
Consists of a draft reminiscence written by Audrey Marie (Normann) Kinsella for her Bismarck High School class of 1945. The narrative is a recollection of what it was like living in Bismarck as a high school student during World War II. Kinsella passed away in August 2013 and was unable to complete the draft. The collection also includes Normann's high school portrait, and a photograph of Audrey's father Rolf Normann with a horse-drawn road construction crew in western North Dakota. Rolf Normann was an engineer who at one time ran North Dakota Concrete Products, Inc. (Cretex Corporation).

21323 Loretta Irene Swisher
Consists of printed materials, certificates, manuals and programs collected by Loretta Irene Swisher while a student at Fargo Senior High. The collection includes documentation of both social and academic activities, several World War II ephemera items, and a menu from the Fargo Pure Milk Company. An armband was donated with the collection and transferred to the Museum Division of the SHSND in May 2016 (.05ft.)

21326 Ellen O'Neill Thompson
Consists of commencement programs from Rolla High School (1914-1916), newspaper clippings about the Rolla golden jubilee and businesses, invitations to school events, souvenir cards from Rolette County township schools, political candidacy materials for A. R. Thompson, report cards from Rolla City School, confirmation certificates, certificate appointing A. R. Thompson district deputy grand master for Rolla Lodge, and a program for the July 20, 1952 old settlers picnic (.05 ft.).

21328 Lee Orville Hills
Consists of newspaper clippings documenting Hills and his career, biographical information, Hills' "A Personal Report on Russia Today" from the pages of the Miami Herald, text of a speech at the North Dakota Press Association, family reunion information and photographs. Lee Orville Hills was born to Lulu Mae (Loomis) and Lewis Hills in Egg Creek Township (McHenry County, N.D.) on May 28, 1906. Hills ran the News Advocate in Price (N.D.) from 1926 to 1927. He was a prize-winning journalist and chairman of the board of Knight News. Hills passed away February 3, 2000 (.05 ft.).

21334 Sweningsen Family
Consists primarily of genealogical research and correspondence, also contains a wedding announcement  for Peter Sweningson and Nina Morgan and a newspaper clipping. Related to 2014-P-017. The research documents the family of Mogens and Mary Sweningsen, their children Samuel, Halvor, Carrie, Anna, and Aleck , and their grandchildren Stella, May, Oliver, Samuel William, Ella, Oliver, Merle, Nellie, and Milton Briggs, as well as relatives Emma (Anderson) Sweningson; Ole Sweningsen; Knut Sweningson, his wife Betsy (Garder) and son Knut Sweningson and his sons Peter (Peder) and Swening (0.05 ft.).

21337 Gladys Pearce
"Claimed by the Prairies" (manuscript) is a typed copy and covers the life of Winnie Nicholls from 1830 to 1914, dealing particularly with her life after 1873 as a Bismarck Pioneer. Among people mentioned are Alexander McKenzie, Dennis Hannifin, Calamity Jane, General Custer, the horse, Comanche, William Latimer, Dr. E. P. Quain, Linda Slaughter, and the Marquis de Mores. Described are travel by covered wagon, Fort Seward (Jamestown), gambling halls, the removal of the capital to Bismarck, the 1898 fire, Negro settlements, statehood, Camp Hancock, early schools, social life of Bismarck, scenes in early Montana and many other subjects. (.2ft)

21338 Raleigh (N.D.) Postal History
Consists of a history of the postal service in Raleigh (N.D.), including information about Dogtooth Post Office, early postal routes and post office locations, post office clerks and buildings, and mail delivery. (1 digital file)

21360 Albert Roessel (Russell)
December 21, 1921
Consists of a letter with envelope to Caroline Roessel (Killdeer, N.D.) with a check for $75.00 for compensation for the death of her husband Albert, who was killed working in the Lucky Strike coal mine (Zap, N.D.). She notes on the envelope that this was the first and last check received (0.05 ft).

21362 Oliver Johnson
Contains one notebook that Johnson used to record water meter readings in Sept 1956 and includes the names of many of the residents of LaMoure. Also contains signed guest book for the dedication of the LaMoure Civic Center, where Johnson was honored on March 9, 1973 and an article from the LaMoure Chronicle on Johnson from May 16, 1974. (.1ft.)

21365 Cora Nickolina Malmedal
A transcription of daily diaries written from 1934-1944 by Cora Nickolina Malmedal, starting when she was 19 years old. The diaries contain humorous details of daily life, poignant details of the death of her five-year old sister, living with a family at Arnegard (N.D.) when she first taught school, seeing her three brothers off to war, attending the World's Fair in New York City in 1939, romantic life when meeting her future husband Melvin Vesterso, and becoming a housewife on a North Dakota farm. She lived her entire life in North Dakota.

Cora recorded her life during her first job at San Haven near Dunseith (N.D.). She then attended Minot Teachers College. Her first teaching job was at Arnegard (N.D.) in a one-room school. She then taught at Egeland and Hannah schools. After her marriage she taught at the neighborhood school that was located near the farm where she lived with her husband. It was not customary for married women to teach school, but because of the severe shortage of teachers during World War II, she was pressed into service and continued to teach until she became pregnant with her first child. The diary ends at this point (.1ft.)

21366 Marie Gleason
Contains seven documents related to Norway and/or Norwegian-Americans. (.05ft.)

21367 Charles Amick
Consists of a letter from Charles Amick to C. H. Amick, postmarked January 4, 1905, and a letter, dated December 1, 1904, from Stutsman County Treasurer J. J. Latta. (.05ft.)

21368 Pearl Forslof
Contains correspondence related to Forslof's appointment as postmaster of Warwick (N.D.) and materials related to a soda fountain she operated in the town. (.1ft)

21369 Felonise Tanguay
Contains a 12 page translation from Old French of Tanguay's memoir of her time spent in North Dakota during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (.01ft)

21397 Gene Scherer
Consists of a disc with the manuscript "As I Lived It" documenting the life of Eugene Scherer and his parents, Clarence and Herta Wilhelmine Justine (Ziegler) Scherer. Scherer provides a detailed account of his life, focusing on his employment in the Replacement Auto Parts Business from June 1944 to March 1992. The manuscript begins with the first seven years of his childhood at Grandpa Herman and Grandma Martha Zieglers Homestead Farm in Oliver County (N.D.), the next seven years in Center (N.D.) and memories of Scherer Motor Co garage.  Clarence Scherer and Frank Scherer worked in the business since 1919 and terminated in 1943. From 1944, his story tells of bits and pieces of his labors, including the old time methods of automobile repair, product lines that were used in that period of time. The manuscript highlights the impact of national economics on North Dakota life and residents. It emphasizes the history of automobiles and automobile mechanics. The disc also includes numerous images and documents that were used to create the manuscript (0.05 ft.).

21400 DeForest MacFarland
Circa 1980
Consists of a reminiscence about growing up on the family homestead in Bantry (N.D.). MacFarland discusses agriculture, chores, North Dakota winters, grasshoppers, and other personal narratives.  His reminiscence includes a print of a photo of students outside the old school in Bantry (0.05 ft.).

21402 Dean and Ruby Johnson
Consists of information about the family of Dean and Ruby Johnson and their music store in Mott (N.D.). The disc contains images, a family history, and two oral history interviews with Dean Johnson about his recollections on World War II (0.05 ft.).

21409 George Dickson
Dickson's reminiscences about saving Eldon Hultin, who nearly drowned at Homme Dam in 1958 and about the knifing of his father, Albert Dickson (World War I veteran and Hoople N.D. Police Officer) while on duty (0.05 ft.).

30529 Historical Data Project. Pioneer Biography Files
Over 5,000 Pioneer Biography Files are arranged alphabetically by the pioneer's last name. (42ft)

30548 Historical Data Project. Local Histories
History files contain historical sketches of North Dakota counties, cities, townships, climate, natural resources, churches, military units, schools, businesses, labor organizations, recreation, railroads, political parties, fraternal and civic organizations, agriculture, population, and prominent citizens. (8.5ft)

30549 Historical Data Project. Transcripts of Local Government Records
Transcripts of early county and township records such as tax records, naturalizations, marriages, survey notes, and commissioners proceedings. (7ft)

50695 Welcome to Leith
Movie poster for film, Welcome to Leith, documenting white supremacist  Craig Cobb's attempt to takeover Leith (N.D.). (1 item)

80001 Myron H. Adams
Papers, 1904
Receipts regarding land grants (3 items)

80003 Joseph Beauchamp
Land patent, April 9, 1881
(1 item)

80004 J. C. Bushby
Papers, July 18, 1883
Subscription receipt for $100 issued to Bushby for contribution to the $100,000 Burleigh County fund to pay Dakota Territory for relocation of the territorial capital in Bismarck. (1 item)

80026 Byron L. Weiss
Papers, 1881-1885
Land patent, mortgage deed, and loan application for land in Richland Co., ND (3 items)

80092 William N. Best
Papers, 1881-1882
Deeds and a land patent. (5 items/oversize) 

90335 Bergquist Family
Consists of three homestead certificates of Charles A. Bergquist, Chris A. Nelson, and Lewis F. Bergquist, a request to file final proof of Louis (Lewis) Bergquist homestead, a wedding poem written for Louis (Lewis) Bergquist and Anna (Clara) Johnson (in Swedish with translation), and citizenship certificates of Louis F. Bergquist. Charles A. and Louis F. Bergquist were brothers. (OVERSIZE). (3ft)


1117A Patterson Hotel
60 minute cassette
November 16, 1975

1118A&B Bill Kapp
2 - 60 minute cassettes
December 16, 1970

1119A&B Stella Long
Barbara Peterson, Interviewer
45 minute cassette
Copy of an interview recorded by Barbara Peterson of Minot, North Dakota in December 1974. Mrs. Long is a douser or a “water witch.”
Region #18 Williams County

1123A History of Eidsvold, Starbuck, and Sergius townships in Bottineau County
Haugerud, Emmy
90 minute cassette

1129A Jim Endahl, Mrs. Maya Brudell
Barnum, Lonny
90 minute cassette
Fargo, ND. Recorded Nov. 1976. Copy of a tape loaned by Bill Sherman of Fargo

1197 Christmas Customs
60 minute cassette
Consists of an oral history interview on Germans from Russia Christmas customs, 1984.

1199 Josephine Zahn, Oral History Interview
Frank Vyzralek
Consists of an oral history interview with Zahn, the Bingenheimer family and business affairs. September 19, 1978

1237-1238 Local History Seminar
240 min
Recordings of a local history seminar at Valley City State College, June 25, 1971

1239 James K.  Blunt
Frank Vyzralek
120 minute cassette
Consists of an interview with Blunt concerning his family history. February 14, 1974

1244 Mrs. Ray  Towne
Frank Vyzralek, Jim Sperry
120 minute cassette
Consists of an interview with Towne by Frank Vyzralek and James Sperry concerning Towne's life. July 31, 1972 Bismarck, ND

1277-1289 Knox, North Dakota Oral History Project
Tom Newgard
780 min. 13 tapes
Oral history interview with several Knox residents concerning the history of Knox. 1978

1291-1295 Nordahl Family Oral History Collection
Stan Nordahl
300 minutes - 5 tapes
Consists of oral history interviews concerning the history of the Nordahl family. 1978

1325 Mary Cusotor
60 minute cassette
Interview with Cusotor on February 22, 1980 concerning homesteading in North Dakota.

1330 Jenny Pitts
120 minute cassette
Pitts is interviewed concerning her life in Jamestown, ND.

1331 Les Gasal
120 minute cassette
Gasal is interviewed concerning Jim Lees on January 25, 1978.

1332 Marjorie Nelson
120 minute cassette
Nelson is interviewed concerning Jim Lees.

1333-1334 Cars and Cassy Newton
150 min. 2 tapes
Consists of interviews with the Newtons in 1975 and 1977 concerning family history and Jamestown, ND.

1341-1346 Alice Lynge Anderson
630 min. 6 tapes
Oral history interview with Anderson concerning homesteading near Wilton and her career as a school teacher. Interviewed by Diane Triplett in 1984.

1352 Sondre Nordheim Memorial Plaque Dedication
90 minute reel-to-reel master
Recording of the dedication ceremony of the Sondre Nordheim memorial plaque in Denbigh, ND on June 12, 1966.

1402 Preserving a Dialect
60 minute cassette.
Preserving a dialect, telling how it is; written and narrated in German dialect, in rhyme by Ray Thomas, nd.

1406 Melvin Olson, Wahpeton, ND
90 minute cassette. (one side only)
Recollection of Richland County during his childhood-taped May 9, 1982. When he was in his 80's.

1554 Blaisdell Statehood Centennial Celebration and All-Class Reunion
100 min
Story telling program on June 11, 1989. Tape A. Mss 10566

1555 Blaisdell Statehood Centennial Celebration and All-Class Reunion
Story telling program on June 11, 1989. Tape B (may be incomplete) Mss 10566

1556 Blaisdell Statehood Centennial Celebration and All-Class Reunion
Anderson, Dr. Lloyd
60 minute cassette
North Dakota songs by Dr. Lloy Anderson of Washburn for Blaisdell celebration. Mss 10566

1572 Alvin H. Ode Interview
Dennis Neuman
30 min
Interview used for "Skyscraper Capitol" video, 1989. (91-AV-12)
North Dakota Capitol. Capitol fire. Ode, Alvin H.

1573 Elmer E. Barry. "Barry Collection"
90 minute cassette

1574 Tillie
M. H. Clausen
10 min
Interview. 5/30/81. (91-AV-13)

1576 Tillie
M. H. Clausen
10 min

1697-1699 Alfred Michael Venne Collection
3 - 120 minute cassettes
Autobiography of Alfred Venne. Mss 10584.

1987 Heartview Foundation Reunion Panel Discussion
90 minute cassette. (?)
Roberta C. McCreery (Burr) Papers  MSS 10672

2078 American Association of State and Local History
Thurman O. Fox, Educational Programs, n.d.

2095 James H. Hammill, Minneapolis, MN.
Recollections from the teens and 20's. 60 minute cassette. 1990. 91-AV-26. Acc. 91-08-09

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