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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #11082

Title: Busch, Berning and Bernard Family
Dates: ca. 1870s-2018

Collection Number: MSS 11082

Quantity:  15 feet (including oversize)

Abstract: In 1905, newlyweds Ferdinand Busch and Rosa Berning migrated to their new LaMoure County farm (Section 13, Henrietta Township, Berlin).  They came  from Hazel Green Township, Grant County (Wisc.) (near Dubuque).  The North Dakota farm remained in the family till their last surviving child, Vincent Busch, died in 2015.

In 1907, Ferd and Rosa’s sister and brother, August Berning and Christina Busch, married and took up farming on the adjoining acreage of Section 13 of Henrietta Township.  In all, 22 children were born to the two couples, 19 of them surviving to become adults.
This collection includes about 1,000 photographs, nearly all captioned, from pre-1900 forward, most from 1907-1972. Also included are 127 blog posts and other internet stories written by descendant Dick Bernard from about 2005-2018.

There were nine children born to Rosa and Ferd Busch from 1907 to 1927.  One child, Verena, died at 15 in 1927.  Her siblings Lucina, Esther, Mary and George became career school teachers; Florence taught for a time and married a farmer; Art became an electrical engineer; Edithe and Vincent remained on the farm.  All had very deep roots in North Dakota.

Thirteen children were born to Christina and August Berning, the sibling neighbors in Section 13.  Seven children were born in North Dakota and six in Dubuque IA or area. 

The Bernings lived on their Henrietta farm from 1907-1920, and again from 1933 to the 1950s.  From 1920-33 they lived in Dubuque IA.  Two of their children, Irwin, the eldest, and Ruth, #8, died as infants.  The others, in order of birth between 1908 and 1928, were Irene, Lillian, Cecilia, Rose, August, Hyacinth, Ruby (Ruth’s twin), Rufina, Agnes, Anita and Melvin.

Eight of the Berning girls became housewives.  Agnes became a Nun.  Rufine and Anita were registered nurses.  August Jr. became a printer; Melvin’s career was as a civil engineer.  Cecilia was a national champion level shooter with firearms. 

These children, as the Busch’s, became accomplished and good citizens. 

Cousins George Busch and August Berning, Jr. were military officers (Navy and Marines) in WWII; Art Busch and Melvin Berning were also military veterans right after WWII ended and time of Korea conflict.  Brother-in-Law Frank Bernard (Grafton) died on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941.  Rose Berning’s husband was killed in action over Italy near the end of WWII.  Rufine’s husband was a WWII veteran.            

Publications about the Busch and Berning families are also available in the State Archives' cataloged collection. The books include genealogy and many personal stories written by the children of both families.

The papers were donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Dick Bernard on February 16, 2011. Material was added to the collection between 2012-2018.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

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Transfer: Three publications were transferred from this collection to the State Archives' publications in June 2015.

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From History of Berlin, ND (1976), p. 21

Ferdinand W. Busch, son of William and Christine Busch, was born at Cuba City (Wisc.) December 4, 1880; there he received his education and grew to manhood. He married Rose Berning February 28, 1905 at Sinsinawa (Wisc.). Mr. Busch, Fred as everyone knew him, came to North Dakota with his brother Leonard, and a carpenter named John Terfruchte. They came in an immigrant car with some cows, four horses and a few pieces of simple farm machinery. They arrive in Edgeley on March 21, 1905. From there they traveled to the half section northeast of Berlin, that Fred had bought. They built a house and broke u p 80 acres of virgin sod that first summer. Mrs. Busch joined her husband there 6 weeks later. The Buschs made their home there 62 years. Their family of nine children were born and raised there: Verena, George, Arthur, Lucina (Mrs. Duane Pinkney), Esther (Mrs. Henry Bernard), Mary (Mrs. Allen Brehmer), Florence (Mrs. Bernard Wieland), Vincent and Edith. Fred was active in community affairs, served on the township and school boards. Mrs. Busch directed the choir and played the organ in the church at Berlin for many years.

The Busches celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on March 5, 11967. It was shortly after this Fred passed away, March 17, after having suffered a coronary heart attack. Mrs. Busch continued to live on the farm with her son Vincent, who took over the management of the farm, and daughter Edith. Mrs. Busch passed away August 3, 1972.


Box 1:
1 Manuscripts describing Henry L. and Esther Bernard's youth in Grafton, Oakwood, Grand Forks, Valley City, and New Berlin, ND; reminiscences of Christmas celebrations in ND (formerly MSS 20616) (3 items), 1981
2 Microfilm: muster roll, USS Woodworth, copy made in 1934?
3 Laminated material from Busch-Berning family reunion (1993): prints of news
clippings, photographs, poetry, correspondence; original photographs; genealogical information, ca 1900-1993

Box 2:    (loose)  (Copies of) USS Woodworth records: before & after George Busch, 1942-1945

Box 3:
1 Copies of Log Books (4) of the U.S.S. Woodworth, July 1, 1945-October 31, 1945
2 Busch-Berning reunion DVDs, July 2-5, 1993
Art Busch describes farm, July 5, 1993
Grand Rapids (N.D.) Park Gathering, July 3, 1993
Grand Rapids (N.D.) Park sing-a-long and mass, July 3, 1993
Evening in LaMoure, July 2; at Grand Rapids Park, July 3; Banquet, July 3, and Berlin Cemetery Service, July 4, 1993
Grand Rapids Park, July 3; and banquet, July 3, 1993
3 Biographical information about George Busch and Jean (Tannahill) Busch
4 Miscellaneous George Busch WWII material
5 Correspondence to George Busch, 1944-1945
6 Photographs (mostly copies)
7 RESTRICTED Correspondence, miscellaneous to and from George Busch (copies), 1941-1945
8 RESTRICTED Correspondence between George Busch and Jean Tannahill (copies), 1941
9 RESTRICTED Correspondence, Jean Tannahill to George Busch (copies), 1942
10 RESTRICTED Correspondence, George Busch to Jean Tannahill (copies), 1942
11 RESTRICTED Correspondence, George Busch to Jean Tannahill (copies), 1943
12 RESTRICTED Correspondence, Jean (Tannahill) Busch to George Busch (copies), 1944
13 RESTRICTED Correspondence, Jean (Tannahill) Busch to George Busch (copies), 1944 (continued)
14 RESTRICTED Correspondence, George to Jean Busch (copies), 1944   
15 RESTRICTED Correspondence, Jean to George Busch (copies), 1945
16 RESTRICTED Correspondence, Jean to George Busch (copies), 1945 (continued)
17 RESTRICTED Correspondence, George to Jean Busch (copies), 1945
18 RESTRICTED Correspondence, George to Jean Busch (copies), 1945 (continued)
19 RESTRICTED Correspondence, Jean to George Busch (copies), n.d.

Box 4:
1 Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, 1903-1904, January-April 1905
2  Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, May-July 1905
3  Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, August-December 1905
4 Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, January-June 1906
5 Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, July-December 1906
6 Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, January-May 1907
7 Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, June 1907-1908
8  Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, 1909-1967
9 Correspondence to F. W. and Rosa Busch, n.d.

Box 5:
1 Henry Bernard: Arbor day program from rural school between Thompson and Grand Forks (N.D.), May 1, 1932
2 Richard (Dick) Bernard: correspondence, ca. 2001
3 August Berning: correspondence, ca. 1905
4 George Berning: funeral card, ca. 1921
5 Helena Berning: correspondence, ca. 1905
6 John Berning: funeral card, ca. 1920
7 Arthur Busch: LaMoure County public schools records, certificates and programs, and correspondence, 1935-1945 
8 Arthur Busch: correspondence, January-February 1946
9 Arthur Busch: correspondence, March-April 1946
10 Arthur Busch: correspondence, July-September 1946
11 Arthur Busch: correspondence, October-December 1946
12 Arthur Busch: correspondence, 1947-1948 & n.d.
13 George W. Busch: correspondence, programs from Mayville State Teachers' College, obituary and funeral program, 1942-1979
14 Lucina Busch: correspondence, Berlin High School class of 1938 booklet, commencement program from St. John's Academy (Jamestown, N.D.), teacher's contracts from Frieda School District, McIntosh County, 1932-1939
15  Luetta (Busch) Weigel: obituary, ca. 1950
16 Rufine Busch: St. Joseph Academy commencement invitation (Dubuque, Iowa), 1920
17 Verena H. Busch: Grand Rapids (N.D.) State High school Board examination in English, 1927
18 Genealogical information: Busch-Berning timeline (1880-2001), Ferd and Rosa Busch history, family tree, mailing lists with children's names and birth dates, and notes, n.d.
19 Miscellaneous: ink blotter papers from  Jos. W. Wranovsky General blacksmithing, Grand Rapids (N.D.) and the State Teachers College (Minot, N.D.), photocopies of photographs of the Busch farm with identification, notes about the Berning Farm, souvenir booklet from the Henrietta Township Public school (District 1), maps of Berlin, Grand Rapids, LaMoure, Henrietta Township and LaMoure County, a brief history of Grand Rapids, and a  list of contributors for St. John's Catholic Church, ca. 1900s-1980s

Box 6:                    Negatives 00001-00135
Box 7:                    Negatives 00136-00168
Box 8:                    Prints from negatives 00001-00168 (gaps)
Box 9:                    Prints 00169-00210
Box 10:                   Prints 00211-00265
Box 11:                   Prints 00266-00300
Box 12:                   Prints 00301-00350
Box 13:                   Prints 00351-00407
Box 14:                   Prints 00408-00420
Box 15:                   Prints 00421-00427
Box 16:                   Prints 00428-00430
Box 17:                   Prints 00431-00450
Box 18:                   Prints 00451-00470
Box 19:                   Prints 00471-00484
Box 20:                   Prints 00485-00494, 00499-00500
Box 21:                   Prints 00495-00498
Box 22:                   Materials displayed at Vincent Busch's funeral, February 2015; Wedding certificate, Rosa and Ferdinand Busch, February 1905
Box 23:                   Prints 00501-00540
Box 24:                   Prints 00541-00580
Box 25:                   Prints 00581-00654
Box 26:                   Prints 00655-00709
Box 27:                   Prints 00710-00801
Box 28:                   Prints 00802-00869
Box 33:                   Prints 00870-00909
Box 34:                   Prints 00910-00947, 00959, 00961-00975
Box 35:                   Prints 00948-00958, 00960                           

Box 29:
1 Edith Busch's Berlin (N.D.) High School scrapbook, ca. 1934
2 Miscellaneous printed materials:
Postcard from the Elliott-Holbert Company, Inc. La Moure (N.D.), February 1913
Ration books, ca. 1943
Articles of association and bylaws of Berlin Farmer's Elevator, 1979
Berlin reunion materials, 1980
3 Henry and Esther Bernard - biographies and other anecdotes, ca. 1937-1982
4 "The 'In-Between' Years: Henry Bernard and Esther Busch Bernard Recall the College and teaching Years between High School graduation (1927) and marriage (1937)," January 1981
5 "The Bernards of Sykeston, Twice: A Story of North Dakota 'Nomads,'" Dick Bernard, June 30, 2008
6 Henry and Esther Bernard teaching certificates and documents, 1942-1968
7 Henry Bernard's recollections about teaching and other life events, ca. 1974-1981
8 USB sticks with oral history interviews (also digital): 00870-00878 Bernard siblings, Henry and Dick Bernard reminisce about times in North Dakota from 1930s-1972, recorded June and August 1991
9 Grafton Flour Mill photographs: 00879-00880
10 Henry Bernard Spanish American War photographs: 00881-00887
11 Henry Bernard photographs: 00888
12 Josie Bernard Whitaker photographs: 00889-00891
13 Information about tintypes

Box 30:
1 Bernard family photographs: 00892-00908
2 Collette family photographs: 00909-00914
3 Frank Bernard USS Arizona photographs: 00915-00941
4 Miscellaneous photographs: 00942 - 00971

Box 31:                 Tintypes: 00972-00978

Box 32:
1 Abstract of title, township map, property history, ca. 1880-1915
2 Posts from Dick Bernard's blog, 2016-2016
3 Miscellaneous:
Unsent letter from Rosa Busch, June 22, 1969
Copies of birth and death certificates (restricted)
Reminiscences about Vincent and Edith
Photocopies of newspaper clippings
Class calling cards
Driver's license, correspondence, diploma, wedding invitations, awards
4 Print 11082-00862

Box 36:
1 Binder of miscellaneous photo prints, circa 1900-2013
2 Blog posts about the Busch family by Dick Bernard, 2015-2018
3 Blog posts about the Busch family by Dick Bernard, 2009-2016
4 Blog posts about North Dakota by Dick Bernard, 2009-2016
5 Blog posts about the Busch family at Henrietta Township by Dick Bernard, 2002-2006
6 Material from reunion, 2018
7 Title and land description, 1905

Box 37:
1 Verena Busch school materials and artwork, ca. 1920
2 Miscellaneous loose from ledger, ca. 1905
3 Financial ledger, ca. 1905
4 Prayer books 
5 Family bible    

VOL.001               Photo album - Busch-Berning family events, 1954-2005
VOL.002               Photo album - deconstruction of the 1905 Busch farm house, June 2000

Oversize               Photograph 00976 (on shelf), ca. 1910

Map case drawer 401                     Laminated material from Busch-Berning family reunion (1993):
prints of photos, post cards, poems, page from a diary, correspondence, hand-drawn map of tour of USS Woodward, 1899-1949      
Map case drawer 401                     Plat map: Grant County, WI, 1918: William Busch and George
Berning land highlighted (map case folder), 1918
Map case drawer 401                     Laminated material about Frank Bernard (USS Arizona),



00001 Vincent Busch and Arthur Busch on Vincent's first communion, ca. 1932
00002 Group at Busch farm photo, ca. 1940s
00003 Probably Lucina Busch in first communion dress, ca. 1917
00004 Group at Kate and Herman Placke’s golden wedding anniversary, ca. 1940s.  (Kate was Rosa Busch's  older sister)
00005 Mary Busch and friend, ca. 1940s
00006 Group of teenagers, ca. 1930s
00007 Children in winter clothing, likely Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1920s-1930s
00008 Unidentified young women next to automobile, ca. 1940s
00009 Group of first communion recipients outside church, probably in LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1940s
00010 Group of first communion recipients outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1940s
00011 Children on seesaw, ca. 1930s-1940s
00012 Group photo, Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1920s-1930s
00013 outside Berning farm house, Louisburg (Wis.) ca. 1930s
00014 Family members with hay wagon, Busch farm, ca. 1930s
00015 Hired man Bernard Henry Kisting with cattle on Busch farm, ca. 1915
00016 Art with horse, ca. 1930s 
00017 Busch men with horses on farm, before 1915
00018 Group by hay wagon, Busch's and Bernings, after 1915
00019 Group of women and children, Bernings in Wisc., ca. 1920 or 1930s
00020 Threshing, Busch farm, 1914
00021 F. W. and Rosa Busch outside farm house, ca. 1940s
00022 Busch family Group outside home, ca. 1950s
00023 Men with horses on farm, before 1915
00024 Stacking hay, ca. 1920s-1930s
00025 Threshing, Busch farm, ca. 1920s
00026 Man with Lucina, Esther, Verena, Mary in field, automobiles in background, ca. 1920s-1930s
00027 Ferd Busch with patented invention, wild oats separator, ca. 1940s
00028 Busch Family and visitors from Wisconsin on stone pillars or gates, at Memorial Park, Grand Rapids, LaMoure County, (N.D.) ca. 1920
00029 Rosa Busch holding baby Lucina inside home, before 1910
00030 Children inside home, ca. 1920s
00031 Young child feeding chickens, ca. 1920s
00032 Two men standing outside probably at Busch farm near Cuba City (Wisc.), ca. 1920s-1940s
00033 Vincent Busch and Bernard Wieland family standing in wheat field, ca. 1950
00034 Boys standing outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1930s-1940s
00035 Children with priest outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s-1940s
00036 Busch children inside home, ca. 1920s
00037 Children in winter clothing, probably Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1930s-1940s
00038 Lucina Busch and Duane Pinkney outside restaurant, perhaps on honeymoon, ca. 1939
00039 Possibly Art Busch with horse, ca. 1930s
00040 Henry and Josephine Bernard, Ferd and Rosa Busch, Richard Bernard at Busch home, 1941
00041 Congregation outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1915 (when church opened)
00042 Group outside Busch home, ca. 1930s
00043 Duane and Lucina Pinkney outside home, ca. 1940s
00044 Children with priest outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s-1940s
00045 Man and woman outside Busch home, ca. 1940s
00046 Group, mostly family, outside Busch farm home, ca. 1930s
00047 Rosa Busch with children in the snow, 1916
00048 Man standing in field, ca. 1940s    
00049 Family eating at table, neighbors of Busch family, ca. 1920s
00050 Unidentified, ca. 1920s-1940s
00051 Group of first communion recipients outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1940s
00052 Group outside Busch home, ca. 1920 (note fiddle)
00053 Two men in baseball uniforms, ca. 1920s-1940s (game most likely in Berlin or at Memorial Park in Grand Rapids, N.D.)
00054 Lena and Art Parker with Verena Busch, ca. 1916 (Lena was Rosa Busch's  sister.  Later she and husband Art would be first caretakers at Veterans Memorial Park, Grand Rapids, N.D.)
00055 Busch's  outside home, August Berning at right, ca. 1940s  
00056 Rosa and Edith Busch feeding turkeys outside barn, ca. 1940s
00057 Large family group outside Berning home, Louisburg (Wisc.), 1920s-1940s
00058 Harvesting with pull-type combine, possibly at St. John (N.D.), ca. 1940s
00059 Group of first communion recipients, including Esther Busch, outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920
00060 Two women, Lucina Busch at right, seated on automobile, ca. 1940s
00061 Children and jump rope, Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1930s-1940s 
00062 Boys with machinery on farm, ca. 1920s-1930s
00063 Perhaps Florence Busch with Vincent or Art with bicycle, ca. 1940s
00064 Esther, Verena, Lucina and Rosa Busch on Busch farmstead, chicken house, old barn and granary are visible, ca. 1914
00065 Hired man Bernard Henry Kisting with feed pails on Busch farm, ca. 1915
00066 Women holding rakes, Mary Busch at right, ca. 1940s 
00067 Women having tea outdoors in winter, Mary Busch at right, ca. 1940s
00068 Edith and George Busch and Ann Berning inside barn with baby pig, ca. 1940s
00069 Probably Mary Busch packed for college holding ice skates, ca. 1930s-1940s
00070 Busch children inside home, might be Mary and George, ca. 1916
00071 Busch child on farm, geese in background, ca. 1920s
00072 Children outside home, might be Verena, Florence and George, girls are holding dolls, ca. 1920s
00073 Men standing beside barn with cattle, might be Busch's near Cuba City (Wis.), ca. 1920
00074 Richard Bernard, Mary and Lucina Busch preparing for picnic, ca. 1941 
00075 Busch's next to automobile, early 1920s
00076 Rosa and Ferdinand Busch with Esther, Rosa, Mary, Lucina and Verena, ca. 1915
00077 Possibly Rosa Busch and children on snow bank, February 4, 1916
00078 Mary, Florence and Verena Berning with kittens, ca. 1920s-1930s 
00079 Woman, man, children and dog in wheat field on farm, before 1920s
00080 Woman and children in wheat field on Busch farm, ca. 1920s-1940s
00081 Possibly Berning boys with wheat binder, ca. 1920s-1930s
00082 Possibly Berning boys with wheat binder, ca. 1920s-1930s
00083 Sheep on farm, ca. 1940s
00084 Art, Vincent, Mary and unidentified person, possibly a Berning, ca. 1940s
00085 Ferd Busch standing by flooded field,  possibly by Memorial Park, Grand Rapids (N.D.), 1950
00086 Stacking straw after harvest, ca. 1920s-1930s
00087 Stacking grain at harvest, ca. 1920s-1930s
00088 Gathering grain with rake, ca. 1920s-1930s
00089 Gathering straw with hay rake, ca. 1920s-1930s
00090 Mostly Bernard kids beside Sykeston (N.D.) home, ca. 1950
00091 Group of children outside St. Elizabeth’s School, Sykeston, Wells County (N.D.), ca. 1950
00092 Group of Bernard and Pinkney children on horseback, Vincent at left, late 1940s 
00093 Mary Ann Bernard's first communion, Florence Bernard flower girl about 1950, probably Sykeston (N.D.)
00094 Bernard Family on top of rubble after barn was destroyed by windstorm, 1949
00095 Person on horse-drawn wagon filled with grain, ca. 1920s-1940s
00096 Ferd Busch working on automobile, ca. 1920s-1930s
00097 Man with boy at gas station, ca. 1940s
00098 Threshing, ca. 1920s-1940s
00099 Arthur and Vincent with unidentified and dog outside home, ca. 1930s
00100 Group of first communion recipients outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s-1940s
00101 Florence Busch in wedding dress with sister Mary Busch, ca. 1940s
00102 Men with airplane, ca. 1940s
00103 Stacking straw, ca. 1920s-1930s
00104 Pinkney Boys on front steps, ca. 1943
00105 Men ice skating on frozen lake or river, ca. 1940s
00106 Group having a picnic with outdoor grill,  ca. 1940s
00107 Group having a picnic with outdoor grill, ca. 1940s
00108 Group having a picnic with outdoor grill, ca. 1940s
00109 Two children dressed up for a wedding, ca. 1930s
00110 Large group photo, ca. 1940s
00111 Mary Busch at right and two women in graduation uniforms, ca. 1930s      
00112 Pinkney Family, ca. 1945
00113 Child on balcony of unidentified building, ca. 1920s-1940s
00114 Edith and Ron and Jim Pinkney with baseball and bat, ca. 1944      
00115 Four men in naval uniform, ca. 1940s  (115-120 were likely taken with George Busch's  camera when he was in Naval Officer Training in Chicago the fall of 1942)
00116 Man in naval uniform, ca. 1940s
00117 George in naval uniform, ca. 1940s
00118 Man in naval uniform, ca. 1940s
00119 Four men in naval uniform, ca. 1940s
00120 Man in naval uniform, ca. 1940s
00121 Group at picnic, Veterans Memorial Park, Grand Rapids (N.D.), ca. 1930s-1940s
00122 Group of men at picnic, Veterans Memorial Park, Grand Rapids (N.D.),ca. 1930s-1940s
00123 Group of women at picnic, Veterans Memorial Park, Grand Rapids (N.D.), ca. 1930s-1940s
00124 Art Busch with the day’s hunt of skunk pelts, December 1943
00125 Probably Duane Pinkney and Vincent Busch with the day’s hunt of pheasants, ca. 1940s
00126 Arthur and Mary Busch with the day’s hunt of pheasants, ca. 1930s
00127 Barn on Busch farm, ca. 1950
00128 Busch family on farm, including Esther, Henry, John, Richard, Ronald, Frank, Edith, Florence Bernard and Ronald and Jimmy Pinkney, 1950s
00129 Bernards, Pinkney boys and Busch's outside Busch home, ca. 1950s (see 128)
00130 Man with horse-drawn plow, ca. 1920s-1930s
00131 Unidentified triplet girls on farm, ca. 1920s-1930s
00132 Unidentified triplet girls on farm, ca. 1920s-1930s
00133 Family beside automobile, ca. 1930s-1940s
00134 Art and Melvin Berning beside automobile, ca. 1930s
00135 Group with horses, ca. 1940s
00136 Child with coaster wagon, ca. 1930s-1940s
00137 Parade, possibly in Jamestown (N.D.), ca. 1930s
00138 Art and Vincent beside automobile, ca. 1930s-1940s
00139 Two women beside automobile, ca. 1930s-1940s
00140 Group outside with dog, ca. 1940s
00141 Bernard Wieland and Arthur Busch beside Busch home, ca. 1940s
00142 Group on toboggans, ca. 1940s
00143 Family roasting hotdogs over fire, ca. 1940s (see 156 and 159)
00144 Four women, Mary at left, possibly with picnic supplies, ca. 1940s
00145 Group in yard outside home under large umbrella, ca. 1940s
00146 Mary Busch and woman in graduation uniforms, ca. 1940s (see 111)
00147 Group of children after playing in the snow, probably at Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1940s 
00148 Group around doorway of home, possibly on a wedding day, ca. 1940s (see 149)
00149 Unidentified couple, possibly August Berning and Betty Cisinski, on wedding day outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1940s
00150 Group of children in the snow, probably at Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.),  ca. 1930s-1940s
00151 Group in winter, ca. 1940s
00152 Group of children with American flag, ca. 1940s
00153 Two women in blackface, location unknown, n.d.
00154 Two men with tractor, ca. 1940s
00155 Three children with sleds, ca. 1940s
00156 Women and children roasting marshmallows, ca. 1940s (see 143 & 159)
00157 Group in winter clothing with sleds, ca. 1940s
00158 Group of young men joking around, ca. 1940s
00159 Women and children roasting marshmallows, ca. 1940s (see 143 & 156)
00160 Three children in costume, ca. 1940s
00161 Group outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1930s-1940s
00162 Wedding party, ca. 1940s (see 149)
00163 Group beside automobile parked outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), Duane and Lucina Pinkney in middle, ca. 1930s-1940s 
00164 Group of children, several are in costume, ca. 1930s-1940s
00165 Group of children with young woman, probably the teacher, ca. 1930s-1940s
00166 Group of children outside Berlin Public School, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1930s-1940s
00167 Arthur and Vincent Busch with the day’s hunt of rabbits, ca. 1941-1942
00168 Large group outside, ca. 1930s-1940s


00169 Woman with triplets, neighbor of the Bernards, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910s
00170 Lucina Busch in first communion dress, ca. 1917
00171 Large group having a picnic, ca. 1918          
00172 F. W. Busch holding baby George inside home, ca. 1915
00173 Large group photograph, ca. 1918
00174 Six children on Busch farm beside fence, ca. 1910s
00175 Verena, Edith, Florence, Vincent and Mary Busch on front porch of home, ca. 1926
00176 Possibly teacher with students, Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), 1914
00177 Unidentified men with Lucina and Esther Busch standing next to barn with horses, ca. 1912
00178 Portrait of Engline and Clara Veiskercher, ca. 1910
00179 Men with horses on Busch farm, ca. 1910
00180 Portrait of two unidentified women (last name could be Heiml), ca. 1918
00181 Hired man Bernard Henry Kisting, ca. 1915
00182 Home, possibly in LaMoure (N.D.), ca. 1920s-1940s
00183 Unidentified young woman, possibly a Berning, Wisconsin, ca. 1918
00184 Large group of children in Busch yard, possibly after a first communion of one or two Busch children, ca. 1910s
00185 George Busch and August Berning with cat on front steps of house, ca. 1920
00186 Children of Kate Placke, Rosa Busch's sister in Wisconsin, ca. 1918
00187 Possibly Julia Berning and daughter Mary Emily Berning, ca. 1909
00188 Portrait of an unidentified infant, possibly Mary Emily Berning in baptismal dress, ca. 1909
00189 Portrait of two unidentified brothers, ca. 1920s
00190 Portrait of two unidentified brothers, ca. 1920s
00191 Two women and man holding dog in corn field, probably LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1920
00192 George, Mary, Verena, Esther and Lucina Busch, ca. 1918
00193 Possibly Esther, Verena and Lucina Busch, ca. 1912
00194 Possibly Verena and George Busch, ca. 1917
00195 Hoffman family, ca. 1920
00196 Unidentified woman with young child, ca. 1890s-1910s
00197 Lucina, George, Rosa, Verena, Esther, and Mary Busch with unidentified woman (possibly a Berning) and children on Busch farm, ca. 1917
00198 Lucina, George, Rosa, Verena, Esther, Mary and F. W. Busch on Busch farm, ca. 1920
00199 Group outside Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1920
00200 F. W. and Rosa Busch in horse-drawn wagon, printed by Benjamin (LaMoure, N.D.), ca. 1915
00201 Busch family and visitors outside home, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1918
00202 Celia and Rose Berning inside home, ca. 1918
00203 Group outside the Berning home, Louisburg (Wisc.), ca. 1918
00204 Lena (Berning) and Art Parker with Verena Busch, ca. 1916
00205 Portrait of young woman, possibly Celia Berning, ca. 1910s
00206 Exterior of home, ca. 1920
00207 Group of first communion recipients outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920
00208 Large family group standing in field around harvest time, ca. 1918
00209 Ferdinand Busch with daughters Lucina, Verena, Mary and Esther, ca. 1915
00210 Esther Busch in first communion dress, ca. 1918
00211 Busch family on farm, including Esther, Henry, John, Richard, Frank, Florence Bernard, Lucina, Ronald and Jimmy Pinkney, 1949
00212 F. W. and Rosa Busch with Edith and Vincent, ca. 1950s
00213 Arthur and Vincent Busch during Arthur's high school graduation, 1945
00214 John Bernard portrait, 1948
00215 Frank Bernard school portrait, 1947
00216 Florence Bernard school portrait, 1947
00217 Mary Ann Bernard school portrait, 1947
00218 Richard Bernard school portrait, 1947
00219 Vincent Busch with the day’s hunt of pheasants, ca. 1940s
00220 Allen with Ellen Rose, Patricia, Jerry, Rosa Busch and Art Busch, ca. 1950
00221 Allen and Mary with Ellen Rose, Patricia and Jerry Brehmer, ca. 1950
00222 Arthur Busch high school graduation, ca. 1945
00223 Vincent Busch, ca. 1945
00224 George and Jean Busch with John, Mary Kay and Georgine, Rugby (N.D.), ca. 1950
00225 Ron and Jim Pinkney and Richard Bernard in Busch's yard, ca. 1945
00226 Students in school house: Harriet Pitchford, Edith Busch, Leonard Long, Raymond Larson, Virginia Knudsen, Duane Young, Esther Ornas, Elvina (last name unknown),and Steven (last name unknown), Berlin (N.D.) Public School, January 1935
00227 Mary Busch Brehmer portrait, ca. 1963-1964
00228 Vincent Busch, ca. 1940s
00229 George Busch, ca. 1962
00230 Esther Busch, ca. 1959
00231 Henry Bernard, 1959
00232 Frank Bernard portrait, 1959
00233 John Bernard portrait, 1959
00234 Leonard and Stella (last name unknown), Mrs. and Mike Heim, with F. W. and Rosa Busch, ca. 1940s
00235 George and Jean Busch wedding, Thompson (N.D.), May 1944
00236 F. W. Busch playing fiddle, George Busch at piano, Mary Kay, Georgine and John Busch playing other instruments, 1952
00237 Rosa and F. W. Busch with Georgine Busch inside home, December 27, 1952
00238 Arthur Busch with automobile, Pittsfield (Mass.), ca. 1955
00239 F. W. and Rosa Busch with grandchildren Tom Wieland, Jim and Ron Pinkney, Mary Francis Wieland, inside home, early 1950s
00240 Future Bernard home with children outside, Sykeston (N.D.), ca. 1951
00241 Virginia and Vincent Busch, four days old, February 19, 1952
00242 Vince and Edith Busch, December 27, 1952
00243 F. W. Busch with Farmers Union Central Exchange group (Busch is  seated, third from right), March 10, 1953
00244 F. W. Busch with Farmers Union Central Exchange group (Busch is  standing, fourth from right), ca. 1956
00245 Berlin (N.D.) blacksmith shop after storm, 1952
00246 Arthur Busch in U.S. Army uniform, 1945-1946
00247 George Busch graduation, Mayville State Teachers College, 1942
00248 Captain August Berning in uniform, possibly right after World War II, ca. 1945
00249 Busch farm home, Thanksgiving, 1971
00250 Ferd, Rosa Busch, and their children on their golden wedding anniversary, 1955
00251 Golden wedding anniversary of Ferd and Rosa Busch, 1955
00252 Jean and George Busch at the golden wedding anniversary of Ferd and Rosa Busch, 1955
00253 Rufine Berning portrait, 1928
00254 "The Bunch I'm Working for," portrait of the E. M. Wallrich family, candidate for Register of Deeds, November 1925
00255 Fred Kisting, hired man, ca. 1915
00256 Joe Gientmer, possibly hired man, seated on porch, ca. 1915
00257 Children marching in a parade, ca. 1918
00258 School portrait of an unidentified boy, possibly Melvin Berning, ca. 1930s
00259 Interior of unidentified restaurant or hotel, ca. 1920
00260 Lena and Art Parker with Esther, Mary, Verena, Lucina, Rosa and George Busch, ca. 1916
00261 Esther Busch baby portrait, 1909
00262 Esther Busch graduation portrait from St. John's Academy, Jamestown (N.D.), ca. 1926
00263 Ruby Berning high school graduation portrait, 1928
00264 Vincent Busch and Arthur Busch on Vincent's first communion day, ca. 1935
00265 Duane and Lucina Pinkney, Esther and Henry Bernard, ca. 1940
00266 Portrait of Fred Busch, ca. 1940s
00267 Mary, Verena and George Busch, ca. 1920
00268 Elmer Quinlan, Mel Berning and Art Busch, high school graduation, 1945
00269 Henry and Esther Bernard, Grand Forks (N.D.), ca. 1960s
00270 Richard Bernard school portrait, ca. 1950s
00271 Richard Bernard with the day's catch of fish, 1957
00272 Jean Busch with Tom Bernard, 1965
00273 Henry Bernhard family, Dubuque (Iowa), ca. 1920s
00274 Barbara, Richard and Tom Bernard, Valley City (N.D.), summer 1964
00275 Ferdinand Busch with patented mower/sickle sharpener, ca. 1949
00276 Ferdinand Busch with patented mower/sickle sharpener, ca. 1949
00277 Ron Pinkney with Fred Busch and sickle sharpener invention, ca. 1950s
00278 Henry Bernhard (right) and Wilhelm Busch (left) at Wilhelm Busch farm near Cuba City (WI), ca. 1915
00279 Henry Bernhard family, Dubuque (Iowa), ca. 1920s
00280 Portrait of Esther and Lucina Busch,  1910
00281 Portrait of Celia Busch, ca. 1915
00282 Portrait of Esther Busch, 1927
00283 Portrait of Arthur Busch, ca. 1941
00284 Portrait of Esther Busch, ca. 1926
00285 Mrs. Busch, Mr. Busch, Edi, Mary, Mrs. Skober, Josephine Bernard, Esther Bernard, Henry Bernard, Duane Pinkney, Vincent Busch, John Schober, Henry Bernard. First row: Arthur, Richard Bernard, Ardella and Eugene Schober, dog Skippy, May 17, 1941
00286 Vernon and Loraine Busch on their wedding day, ca. 1930s-1940s
00287 Mary Kay, John and Georgine Busch with neighbor Barbara Jensen, Rugby (N.D.), January 30, 1950
00288 Pinkney, Wieland, Bernard and George Busch families visit the farm: Tom Wieland, James Pinkney, Georgine Busch, John Bernard; Mary Kay Busch, Ron Pinkney, Mary Wieland, Florence Wieland, Art Busch, Duane Pinkney, Lucina Busch, Jean Busch, George Busch, Vincent Busch, Rosa and Fred Busch, ca. 1955
00289 Portrait of Herman Wilker and Mary Busch, ca. 1935
00290 Portrait of Rosa and Julia Berning, ca. 1900
00291 Portrait of June Berning, ca. 1900
00292 Students on front steps of Berlin (N.D.) school, ca. 1940s
00293 Lucina, George, Verena, Vincent and Mary Busch outside home, 1925
00294 Verena, Mary, Florence, Edith and Vincent Busch outside home, 1926
00295 Rosa, Vincent, Florence and Edith Busch, ca. 1925
00296 Kate Placke, Julia Berning, Rosa Berning Busch, Lydia Buckingham, Celia Lange, Bertha Hoffman, June 1941
00297 Five children outside Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.),  ca. 1920s
00298 Portrait of Mary Busch, ca. 1930s
00299 Portrait of Mary Busch, ca. 1930s
00300 Portrait of Mary Busch, ca. 1930s
00301 Portrait of Florence Busch, ca. 1938
00302 Florence Busch and Bernard Wieland on their wedding day, ca. 1942
00303 Farmers taking grain to town for sale, LaMoure (N.D.), Benjamin Studio, ca. 1910
00304 Richard Bernard standing in doorway with dog, January 27, 1942
00305 Portrait of Henry Bernard, 1939
00306 Group outside Busch home, Bernard and Pinkney families, ca. 1940
00307 Mary Busch's first communion, 1922
00308 Verena Busch's first communion, ca. 1920
00309 Verena Busch's first communion, ca. 1920
00310 Verena Busch's first communion, 1920
00311 Esther Busch's first communion, 1916       
00312 Lucina Busch's first communion, 1915
00313 Edith Busch's first communion, August 2, 1931
00314 Portrait of the Henry and Esther Bernard family, back from left: Florence, Richard, Frank, front from left: Mary Ann, John, Henry and Esther,  probably Christmas 1956-1957
00315 John and Mary Kay Busch on tricycles, ca. 1952
00316 Portrait of Mary Ann Bernard, December 1950
00317 Portrait of Henry Bernard, December 1950
00318 Portrait of Esther Bernard, December 1950
00319 Portrait of Richard Bernard, December 1950
00320 Probably Mary Emily Berning (daughter of Julia Berning) at Berning home in Wisconsin, ca. 1909
00321 Mary Emily Berning on her wedding day (to Cyril Wissel), ca. 1930
00322 Celia, Julia, Rosa, Kate, Lydia and Julia Berning at Berning home near Louisburg (Wisc.), ca. 1900
00323 Mary Emily Berning (daughter of Julia Berning), ca. 1908
00324 F.W. and Rosa Busch around their 60th wedding anniversary, February 28,  1965
00325 F.W. and Rosa Busch on their 50th wedding anniversary, February 28, 1955
00326 F.W. and Rosa Busch on their 60th wedding anniversary, February 28, 1965
00327 John and Virginia Busch with catch after ice fishing, 1963
00328 Portrait of George Busch, ca. 1935
00329 George and Jean Busch, ca. 1944
00330 George and Jean Busch on their wedding day, May 1944
00331 Frank Bernard, Mary Kay Busch, Mary Wieland, Tom Wieland and unidentified children having a picnic, Busch farm, ca. 1950s
00332 Portrait of Lucina Busch, ca. 1935
00333 Portrait of Duane Pinkney, ca. 1935
00334 Baby portrait of Lucina Busch, ca. 1907
00335 Arthur Busch high school graduation, 1945
00336 Arthur Busch in uniform, ca. 1945
00337 Large group portrait of Busch and Berning families, at Busch home, probably late summer 1946
00338 Florence, Edith, Lucina, Rosa, Esther, Ferdinand, Art and Mary, August 23, 1964
00339 Portrait of August Berning, Jr., 1928
00340 Students outside the Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910s-1930s
00341 Students of the Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910s-1930s
00342 Students outside the Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910s-1930s
00343 Students outside the Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910s-1930s
00344 Students outside the Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910s-1930s
00345 Students outside the Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910s-1930s
00346 Six girls in first communion dress, ca. 1930s
00347 Students outside the Henrietta School #1, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1930s
00348 Group of first communion recipients outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00349 Group of first communion recipients outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00350 Group of first communion recipients outside St. John's Church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1930s
00351 Group of six girls, including Edith Busch, in first communion dress, ca. 1927
00352 Large group outside "Grandpa Berning's house" for a reunion, probably Louisburg (Wisc.),  ca. 1920s
00353 Group after Bernard Wieland's funeral, including Brehmers, Pinkneys Bernards, Art Busches, George Busches, Wielands, Dazey (N.D.) Wieland home, June 7, 1982
00354 Vince and Edith Busch, June 1992
00355 Rainbow over Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1994
00356 Tearing down old Busch farm house, Berlin (N.D.), 2000
00357 Probably Fort Ransom Days, 2000
00358 Tractor and barn, Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1999
00359 Vincent Busch, dog and the day's hunt of two ducks, October 2000
00360 Grain auger carrying corn, Berlin (N.D.), 2000
00361 Vincent Busch with dog and rifle, summer 2002
00362 Harvesting wheat, Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), summer 2002
00363 Berlin (N.D.) elevator, summer 2005
00364 Wheat field, possibly contaminated by mildew, Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), summer 2005
00365 Harvesting wheat, Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), summer 2005
00366 Richard Bernard and unidentified inspecting combine after it broke down, Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), summer 2005
00367 Hay in the barn, Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), August 2, 2006
00368 View of wheat field, Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), August 2, 2006
00369 Agricultural equipment on the Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), June 2000
00370 Tearing down old Busch farm house, Berlin (N.D.), June 2000
00371 Tearing down old Busch farm house, Berlin (N.D.), June 2000
00372 View of the Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), June 2000
00373 Arthur Busch next to "North Dakota Pioneer Farm: Family Ownership Prior to 1920" sign on the Busch farm, Berlin (N.D.), June 2000
00374 Tearing down old Busch farm house, Berlin (N.D.), June 2000
00375 Tearing down old Busch farm house, Berlin (N.D.), June 2000
00376 Mary Kay Busch with old Busch family letters, June 2000
00377 Mary Kay Busch with Busch family papers, June 2000
00378 Group portrait, Long family of Berlin (N.D.), back row: Dan Schmit, Jeanette Schmit, Mike Long, Sue Long, Tom Long, Georgia Long, Richard Schlosser, Mary Kathryn Schlosser, Tim Long, Lisa Long, John R. Long, Rosalie Long, Gene Hager, Patricia Hager, Charles Long, Kris Long; Seated: Jerry Bjornstad, Cindy Bjornstad, Sister Lillian, John, Christina, Susan, Richard Long
00379 Richard Bernard with Edith, Vincent and Art Bush at pool table, June 2000
00380 Aaker's business College postcard, Fargo (N.D.), ca. 1910
00381 First Congregational Church, Fargo (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1913
00382 Island Park, Fargo (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1912
00383 Masonic Temple, Fargo (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1910
00384 St. John's Hospital, Fargo (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1909
00385 St. Mary's Cathedral, Fargo (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1909
00386 Overflow artesian well (height 30 ft.), LaMoure (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1910
00387 "A Residence," LaMoure (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1910
00388 Front street Looking east from 7th Street, LaMoure (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1910
00389 Postcard with an image of the LaMoure (N.D.) High School and school song, ca. 1908
00390 Eighth Street Looking North, LaMoure (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1910
00391 View of an automobile accident on a bridge, possibly in Cuba (Wisc.) postcard, ca. 1910
00392 "Barrels of Fun in Edgeley" postcard with an image of stacked barrels, ca. 1910
00393 Group in field, unidentified town in background, possibly in LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910
00394 Snow Plow entering Grand Rapids (N.D.), February 6, 1907 (snow six feet deep) postcard, ca. 1907
00395 Sioux Indians, North Dakota postcard, ca. 1907
00396 Two couples in an automobile postcard, ca. 1918
00397 "Greetings from Berlin, N. Dakota" postcard, ca. 1910
00398 "The Free" sewing machine postcard, sold by Jake Anderson, Edgeley (N.D.), ca. 1908
00399 E. O. Bartz General Merchandise, Berlin (N.D.) calendar postcard, ca. 1908
00400 Catholic School and Church, Valley City (N.D.), ca. 1943
00401 Trinity Hospital, Jamestown (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1945
00402 Eighth Street looking south from Front street, LaMoure (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1920
00403 Man with horse-drawn cultivator postcard,  ca. 1910
00404 "Boost for LaMoure, N. Dak" postcard, ca. 1910
00405 Men slaughtering pigs, hanging pigs are visible inside the barn, ca. 1910
00406 "Fargo, N.D." postcard, ca. 1911
00407 Catholic Church and Public High School, LaMoure (N.D.) postcard, ca. 1915
00408 F. W. Busch farmstead, 1916
00409 Unidentified large group, ca. 1930
00410 Portrait of U.S. Navy Ensign George Busch in uniform, ca. 1942
00411 Portrait of Art Busch in U.S. Army uniform, ca. 1946
00412 Portrait of August Berning, Jr., ca. 1941
00413 Portrait of Celia Busch (later Mrs. Chinberg), ca.  1910
00414 Portrait of Verena, Lucina and Esther Busch, ca. 1913
00415 Aerial view of the F. W. Busch farm, United Ayr Vues photograph (Arnold Park, Iowa), ca. 1952
00416 Wedding portrait of August and Christina Berning (seated), with attendants Celia Busch and Anthony Berning, ca. 1906
00417 Portrait of Paul Busch, ca. 1960s
00418 Portrait of Kathy Busch, ca. 1960s
00419 Portrait of John Busch, ca. 1960s
00420 Portrait of Richard Bernard,  1942
00421 Wedding portrait of Hyacinth (Busch) and Ted Chase, ca. 1910
00422 Portrait of Jean Tannahill Busch, ca. 1958
00423 Wedding Portrait of Jean Tannahill Busch, May 1944
00424 Wedding portrait of Celia (Busch) Chinberg and husband, ca.  1915
00425 Panorama of Busch farm, left to right: Frank Busch, Lena Berning, Ferdinand W. Busch, Wilhelm Busch, Rosa and Lucina Busch, ca. 1907
00426 Large unidentified family portrait, ca. 1910
00427 Unidentified, Wilhelm and Frank Busch with shocks of wheat in field, home and farmstead to the south, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1907
00428 Portrait of the William and Christina Busch family, Cuba City (Wisc.), including Hyacinth, Frank, William, Leonard, Ferdinand, Christina, and Celia, ca. 1895
00429 Panorama of a harvest scene, Busch Farm, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1910
00430 Busch-Burning Reunion, Veterans Memorial Park, Grand Rapids (N.D.), July 1993
00431 View of Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00432 View of Main Street, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00433 View of train, railroad depot and Main Street, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920
00434 E. O. Bartz General Merchandise and State Bank of Berlin (N.D.) building, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00435 View of Main Street, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00436 Grain elevator and lumber yard, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00437 View of Main Street, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00438 Lumber dealer, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1920s
00439 St. John's church, Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1930
00440 Portrait of Jean Tannahill (Busch), 1937
00441 Portrait of George Busch in U.S. Navy uniform, ca. 1942-1945
00442 Portrait of William and Frank Busch, Nick Lenz portrait (Dubuque, Iowa), ca. 1900
00443 Portrait of Frank Berning, ca. 1905
00444 Portrait of Anthony Berning, ca. 1910
00445 Portrait of Ludwina Berning, ca. 1910
00446 Portrait of Frank, Hyacinth and William Busch, ca. 1900
00447 Portrait of Celia and Hyacinth Busch, ca. 1902
00448 Portrait of William and Frank Busch, Nick Lenz portrait (Dubuque, Iowa), ca. 1900
00449 Portrait of Julia Berning, ca. 1905
00450 Portrait of Rosa Berning, ca. 1900
00451 Snapshot of Martin Runde, ca. 1900
00452 Snapshot of Rosa (Berning) Busch, ca. 1900
00453 Snapshot of Ferdinand W. Busch, ca. 1900
00454 Portrait of Esther Busch, ca. 1910
00455 Portrait of Esther and Lucina Busch, ca. 1908
00456 Confirmation portrait of Frank Busch, ca. 1905
00457 Confirmation portrait of Bertha Berning (Mrs. Otto Hopeman), ca. 1905
00458 Portrait of Theodore and Mary Vosberg, grandparents of Rosa Busch, Dubuque Iowa, 1887
00459 Wedding portrait of Herman (last name unknown), relative of Ferdinand Busch, ca. 1905
00460 Confirmation portrait of Anthony Berning, ca. 1905
00461 Confirmation portrait of Ida Berning, ca. 1905
00462 Evelyn, Benedict and Mary Placke, ca. 1905
00463 Portrait of a Placke child, ca. 1905
00464 Wedding portrait of Herman Placke and Kate Berning, June 11, ca. 1895
00465 Portrait of Mary Emily Berning, ca. 1900
00466 Portrait of Kate Placke and unidentified, ca. 1905
00467 Confirmation portrait of Ludwina Berning and Evelyn Placke, ca. 1905
00468 Portrait of Lena and Cecilia Berning, ca. 1905
00469 Portrait of Julia Berning, ca. 1905
00470 Portrait of Anna Mary Margaret (Heitkamp) Berning, came to the U.S. from Salzburg, Germany with four boys, ca. 1880s
00471 Portrait of Valerie DeMore Chinberg, 3 months old, ca. 1900
00472 Portrait of Valerie DeMore Chinberg, ca. 1900
00473 Wedding portrait of August and Christine Berning, neighbors of the Busch family in Berlin (N.D.), ca. 1905
00474 Portrait of Verena, Lucina, and Esther Busch, ca. 1913
00475 Portrait of Irene and Lillian Berning, LaMoure County (N.D.), ca. 1910
00476 Wedding portrait of Rosa Berning, Fred Busch, Julia Berning and Leonard Busch, February 28, 1905
00477 Wedding portrait of Rosa Berning and Fred Busch, February 28, 1905
00478 Wedding portrait of Leonard and Stella Busch, ca. 1905
00479 Portrait of Verena, Lucina, and Esther Busch, ca. 1913
00480 Portrait of Almeda Busch, ca. 1900
00481 Portrait of Margaret Berning (Mrs. Henry Berning), ca. 1890
00482 Portrait of Henry Berning, ca. 1890
00483 Portrait of George and Christina Berning, ca. 1890
00484 Portrait of Irene, Lillian and Celia Berning, ca. 1905
00485 Portrait of Lillian Berning, ca. 1920s
00486 Interior of the Chinberg store at Adrian (N.D.), ca. 1900
00487 Portrait of Mary Emily Berning, ca. 1905
00488 Confirmation portrait of Evelyn Placke, ca. 1905
00489 Portrait of Frank Busch, ca. 1910
00490 Portrait of Betty Runde and Hyacinth Busch, ca. 1910
00491 Portrait of Frank Lange and Lydia Berning, ca. 1930
00492 Portrait of Hyacinth Busch and Ted Chase's children, ca. 1930
00493 Confirmation portrait of Benedict and Henry Placke, ca. 1905
00494 Portrait of Art and Lena Parker wedding, Nick Quinlan and Ludwina Berning attendants, ca. 1905
00495 Confirmation portrait of Mary Emily Berning (Wissel), ca. 1905
00496 Portrait of Celia Chinberg's wedding party, ca. 1900
00497 Large crowd at Memorial park, Grand Rapids (N.D.), July 4, 1924
00498 Group outside the Wilhelm and Christina Busch farm, rural Cuba City (Wisc.), ca. 1905
00499 LaMoure (N.D.) court house, 1910
00500 Portrait of Mike Heim, ca. 1905
00501  Ferd and Rosa with daughter Lucina 1907
00502    Verena, Esther, Lucina Busch about Sr 1912, likely visiting Aunt Lena and Uncle Art Parker in LaMoure ND (Lena is Rosa’s sister)
00503    Likely at left Art Parker and Lena Berning about time of marriage in 1912.  Others unknown
00504    Lucina, Esther, Verena about 1913 in hayfield.
00505    Esther, Lucina, Verena Busch
00506    Possibly Mary and Verena Busch about 1914
00507    from left, Esther, Rosa, Mary, Lucina, Ferdinand, Verena Busch
00508    Art and Lena Parker with Verena Busch about 1914
00509    Aunt Lena Parker at home in LaMoure about 1915
00510    Ferd and Rosa Busch with Verena, Lucina, Mary and Esther about 1914
00511    Lucina, Esther, Verena and Mary Busch about 1914
00512    Lucina Busch about 1915 First Communion
00513    Lucina Busch First Communion 1915
00514    Verena, Lucina, Esther, Mary Busch ca 1915
00515    Probably Mary and George Busch about 1915
00516    Rosa Busch with first four kids, Lucina, Esther, Mary, George with Art and Lena Parker and one unidentified in Lamoure ND
00517    Same people and setting as 516
00518    Rose and George Busch about 1915 (possibly baptismal picture)
00519    Ferd with George Busch about 1915 (same as above)
00520    George and Mary Busch pre 1920 520-22 same photo, 521 best exposure
00521    George and probably Verena Busch pre-1920
00522    Same as 521, second picture
OO523  Likely Esther Busch First Communion ca 1916
00524    George Busch about 1917
00525    Mary and George Busch about 1917
00526    Same persons and date as 525
00527    Probably Lucina, Esther and George Busch about 1918
00528    from right: Lucina, Esther, Verena, Mary, George Busch about 1918
00529    Verena Busch First Communion about 1919
00530    Florence Busch about 1919
00531    Possibly Florence Busch about 1919
00532    Florence and George Busch and dog about 1919
00533    Florence and Mary Busch about 1919
00534    Lucina, Esther, Verena, Mary, George Busch with Ferd in field about 1919
00535    Busch’s with unnamed visitors (top left, and top right, with child).  From left Lucina, Esther, Rosa, Verena, George, Mary and in front Florence and Edithe about 1921
00536    Top from left: Ferd, Rosa, Lucina, Esther; 2nd: George, Mary, Verena; 1st: Florence and Edithe, about 1921
00537    Edithe, Florence Busch and cats about 1921
00538    Mary, Verena and Geoerge Busch about 1921 (same setting for 539, 540  and 541)
00539    Rosa and Ferd, center, George and Edith, bottom Mary and Florence about 1921
00540    “Esthers 8th grade graduation” present with Esther and yard swing, about 1921
00541    Esther at about 12 or 13 – 1920 or so.  She skipped a grade. In school.
00542    back from left: Ferd, Rosa, Esther, Lucina; front from left, Edithe, Florence, George, Verena, Mary.  Probably about time of Vincents Baptism (1925)
00543    Busch kids (order of age) Lucina, Esther, Verena, Mary, George, Florence, Edithe ca1922
00544    Mary Busch First Communion about 1921
00545    Rosa and Ferd Busch 1920s
00546    Lucina and Esther Busch about 1920 at Grand Rapids Memorial Park
00547    Esther, Lucina and Florence Busch about 1920 at Grand Rapids Memorial Park
00548    Edithe, George, Lucina Busch about 1920 at Grand Rapids Memorial Park
00549    Political Campaign piece of E. M Wallrich, for Register of Deeds 1925 (see 660)
00550    Likely from left Edithe, Vincent, George, Florence Busch 1925
00551    Florence Busch First Communion about 1926
00552    Busch kids, probably Vincent front and center, at right, George, taller girls from left, Mary, Verena, shorter girls Edithe and Florence.  Esther and Lucina probably at school at St. Johns Academy in Jamestown.
00553    Busch kids 1926 top from left: Mary, George, Verena Lucina.  Bottom: Florence, Vincent, Edithe.  Esther probably at school St. Johns in Jamestown.
00554    from left top Lucina and George and Mary.  Possibly Verena and Edithe in front about 1922.
00555    possibly Verena and Mary (top), Florence, Vincent, Edithe bottom, about 1926
00556    Edithe Busch First Communion about 1928
00557    probably Lucina and Vincent Busch and Lena Parker at Grand Rapids Park about later 1920s.  Parkers moved to Dubuque in later 1920s.  Art became Custodian at Clark College and Lucina went to Clark College 1930-31.
00558    Vincent with chickens about 1926
00559    appears to be back from left: Mary, Lucina, Art, George, Esther; front: Florence, Edithe, Vincent.  Perhaps 1928 or 1929.  Verena died May, 1927, Art born October 1927
00560    Top Ferd and Rosa; Middle Mary, Esther, Lucina; front Art, Vince, Florence, Edithe, George Sep 16, 1929
00561    Sep 16, 1929, probably Edithe, Art, Vincent and Rosa
00562    Vincent and Ferd Busch about 1930 with culvert
00563    Lucina Busch with puppy 1930s
00564    Most likely Art Busch late 1930s
00565    Art and Vincent Busch about 1932, Vincents First Communion
00566    Vincent Busch First Communion about 1932
00567    Mary, friend, and Lucina Sep 1933- same friend seems to be in 1939 Lucina wedding party #559
00568    Edithe and Art about 1933
00569    August Berning Jr. and George Busch about 1933.  See also 570 caption
00570    Busch and Berning families at Grand Rapids Park 1933.  Bernings had moved back to North Dakota from Dubuque, due to Great Depression.  They lived in ND 1907-1920, then in Dubuque 1920-33, so some of the children were born in ND and some in Iowa
00571    Lucina and Art Busch about 1934.  Gift of what appears to be tricycle see 572
00572    Esther and Art Busch about 1934
00573    Vincent, Mary and Esther about mid 1930s
00574    possibly Art First Communion about 1935
00575    Lucina Busch with class at Berlin School 1939
00576    Henry Bernard and Esther Busch wedding day August 1937.  Photo is very blurred – taker error – but person with knowledge of the family can make out both location and the names of many of the family, including Henry Bernards parents, sister and brother-in-law.  No other better photographs are known.
00577    Ferd, Rosa, Mary, Vincent and Art about 1938 – moving hay
00578 Likely 1939, Lucina and friends near time of wedding
00579    Busch’s on Lucina’s wedding day.  Likely on Lucina’s wedding day August 1939, photo at the farm.  Back from left, Ferd, unknown person, probably family friend, Edithe, Esther, Lucina, George, Mary, Vince.  Front, Rosa and Art
00579A  Quite certainly same day, same place as 579, only this would be the Duane Pinkney family, Lucina’s spouse-to-be.
00580    Appears to be Florence, Art and Edithe about 1939 or 40
00580A  (2 items) Photo of Edith 1938, and Edith’s card describing fishing trip to James River 1941. 
00581    1940  from left: Duane and Lucina Pinkney, Esther and Henry Bernard. 
00582    Edithe and Vincent Busch possibly after early 1941 Armistice Day Blizzard
00583    Edithe and Rosa after same blizzard
00584    Doing some repair work on a car
00585    Putting water in the car radiator, Edithe in background
00586    The Berning family Model T.  Not sure who the people are
00586A “thumbprint” Vincent, Edithe, Rosa and Ferd picnic at the Memorial Park
00587    Rosa and Ferd Busch visit Rutland ND, where Henry Bernard was teaching.  1940
00588    Art Busch, Richard Bernard and Vincent Busch 1941.  Richard one year old
00589    Rosa Busch early 1940s
00590    Vincent Busch after a Blizzard perhaps same one as in 582-583
00591    After a blizzard, again see 582-583
00592`”The bunch at Wissels farm 1941 June”  Rosa Busch is 4th from left in top row.  Next to her on her right is Edithe Busch.  5th is her sister Julia Berning who was dying of what later was known as Lou Gehrigs Disease (ALS).  She died a year later in August, 1942.  The men at top right are Ferd and Vincent Busch.  Wissels lived on the farm where Rosa and Julia grew up.  Likely most of the adult women are Rosa and Julia’s siblings.
00593    Art Busch and Melvin Berning about 1941
00594    Duane Pinkney and Ron, Ferd and Rosa, Henry Bernard and Richard about 1941
00595    Arthur Busch with skunks from a hunt 1942-43
00596    June 1941.  From left Rosa, Ferd, Edithe, Mary Busch, unknown, Josephine, Esther, Henry Bernard, Duane Pinkney, Vincent Busch, unknown, Henry Bernard Sr.  In front, Art Busch, Richard Bernard, two unknown kids.  Dog is Skip, a regular in photos.
00597    Same group as 596, only in slightly different order.
00598    1941 – Grandparents with Richard Bernard, first grandchild.  From left, Henry, Richard, Josephine Bernard, Rosa and Ferd Busch. 
00599    Mothers Day, Duane and Lucina Pinkney look on as Rosa and Vincent tie up some chickens to be taken home.  1940 Ford.
00600    June 1941 Grandma Bernard at right.  Possibly the family is the Shobers from the next farm to the northwest of Busches.
00601    Vincent Busch, Bob, Donald and Dorothy Langkamp at the Busch farm Berlin ND Sr. 1941.
00602    Busch’s 1942.  Mary, Florence, Rosa, Ferd, Art, George, Edithe, Esther Bernard, Vincent, Lucina Pinkney.  Likely the last family gathering before Ensign George Busch joined the crew of the USS Woodworth, and service in the Pacific 1943 to the end of the war.
00603    George Busch’s Destroyer in WWII
00604    Vincent, Rosa and Skip early 1940s  verypossibly same 1941 blizzard referenced at 582
00605    Rosa and Edithe Busch after the blizzard, see 604
00606    Mothers Day 1942.  Vincent Busch, Ron Pinkney, Richard Bernard, Arthur Busch
00607    Likely Vincent Busch high school graduation photo 1942
00608    Duane Pinkney and Vincent Busch with results of Pheasant hunting early 1940s
00609    Vincent and Arthur Busch with Snowshoe Rabbits 1941-42
00610    Mary Busch with Snowshoe Rabbits, see 609
00611    Vincent Busch and Skip, early 1940s a day of heavy frost
00612    Rosa Busch early 19940s
00613    Rosa Busch and Vincent early 1940s
00614    Ferd and Rosa Busch early 1940s
00615    Vincent Busch about mid 1940s
00616    1943  Mary, Ron and Jim Pinkney, Rosa Busch
00617  Ferd Busch working on rural phone lines 1940s
00618  Rosa and Edithe Busch 1940s working with Turkeys
00619    Ferd and Rosa Busch probably early 1940s
00620    Edithe, Ferd, Rosa, Vincent 1940s
00621    Appears to be Busch and Berning families from adjacent farms greeting their Marine Captain August Berning who served in the Pacific in WWII.  (The military person could also be
AAF George Molitor, who married Rose Berning in 1942, killed in April 1945 over Italy.)  Young kids would be Richard and Mary Ann Bernard, Ron and Jim Pinkney.  Esther Bernard is holding daughter Mary Ann in back row.  Seated is Tina Berning, probably holding Jim Pinkney who was born in 1942.
00622    Art Busch with fruits of hunting ducks 1943
00623    Mary Busch with Ron Pinkney and unknown girl about 1943
00624    Vincent Busch hunting with Skip about 1943 seems to be Pheasant
00625    About 1943.  Top from left: Rosa Busch, Esther, Mary Ann and Henry Bernard.  Front Art, Richard Bernard, Mary and Vincent Busch
00626    Same group as 625
00627    At time of wedding of George Busch and Jean Tannahill Mothers Day May 1944.  From left: Edithe Busch, Esther Bernard, Art, Rosa, Vincent, George Busch, Jean Tannahill, Ferd Busch.  Kids: Mary Ann and Richard Bernard
00628    About 1942.  Busch kids, from left: Florence Wieland, Lucina Pinkney, George, Edithe Vincent, Mary, Art Busch, Esther Bernard.  Skip 
00629    Jean Tannahill, (married George Busch 1944) with father in law Ferd Busch
00630    Art, Edith, Jean Busch (then Tannahill) with Skip 1940s
00631    probably Art Busch high school graduation May 1945 with parents Rosa and Ferd Busch
00632    Art, Edithe, Vincent Busch, perhaps 1945 at time of Arts High School graduation
00633    Elmer Quinlan, Melvin Berning, Art Busch at St. John’s in Berlin.  After high school graduation 1945
00634    Prob. Nov. 1945, from left: Art Busch home on leave from Army.  Back Bernard Wieland, Duane Pinkney, Vincent, Art Edithe Busch, Lucina Pinkney.   Front: Jean and George Busch, Florence Wieland, Mary Busch, Esther Bernard.  Kids from left: Richard Bernard, Jim and Ron Pinkney, Florence, and Mary Ann Bernard
00635    1940s.  Five people at the left are likely from the Long family, one of them Sister Victorine.  To the right would be, starting at Middle, Ferd busch, Esther and Henry Bernard, Christina Berning, Edithe Busch.  Seated in front: Rosa Busch.
00636    Vincent in 1940s with the cow he said was Edithe’s favorite.
00637    1946.  In back, Vincent Busch.  Grand kids from left: Richard, Frank, Florence, Mary Ann Bernard and Ronald and Jim Pinkney
00638    Ferd Busch late 1940s
00639    About 1947.  Top from left: Allen and Mary Brehmer, Edithe, Rosa, Ferd, Vincent.  Front, Ron and Jim Pinkney
00640    Jim and Ron Pinkney with their Aunt Edithe Busch late 1947
00641    Ferd Busch with homemade Hay Ble Elevator 1940s
00642    Ferd Busch with brand new 1948 Plymouth
00643    Ferd and Vincent Busch with the new 48 Plymouth
00644    Edithe Busch with the new Plymouth
00645    Vincent Busch with deer kill about 1948
00646    Back. Jean and Mary Kay Busch. Vincent and George and Edithe Busch; Second Rosa Busch and  Esther Bernard; Front. Richard, Mary Ann, Florence, Frank Bernard;.  About 1947
00647    Same group as 646
00648    Back: Rosa, Vincent, George, Edithe, Fred Busch; Frank, Florence, Mary Ann, Richard Bernard
00649    Ferd and Rosa Busch about 1948
00650    Rosa and Ferd Busch, probably a Mothers Day late 1940s
00651    Late 1940s from left: Art, Rosa, Ferd, Vincent Busch
00652    Bernard and Pinkney families about 1949.  Standing: Lucina Pinkney, Edithe Busch, John and Henry Bernard.  Seated: Esther and Mary Ann Bernard, Rosa Busch.  Front:  Richard, Frank Bernard, Ron Pinkney, Florence Bernard, Jim Pinkney.
00653    from left: August Berning, Chris and Georgine Molitor and Ferd Busch.  Possibly about the time of Christina Bernings funeral 1950.
00654    Ferd and Rosa Busch by Center of N America monument near Rugby.  About 1949.  Probable visit to son George and family in Rugby.
00655    Vincent Busch ca 1950
00656    James River Flood at Grand Rapids 1950, Rosa and Ferd Busch  one of three
00657    James River Flood
00658    James River Flood
00659    Top from left:  Florence Wieland, Lucina Pinkney, Ferd and Rosa Busch, Edithe Busch, Esther Bernard; kneeling: Art, Vincent and George Busch.  Only Mary is missing.  Probably early 1950s
0060       Same event as 659
00661    About 1954.  Top, from left: Florence Bernard, Rosa and Fred Busch, Mary Ann and Richard Bernard.  Bottom: (not certain of some) Frank Bernard, Mary Kay Busch, Tom Wieland, John and Georgine Busch, Mary Francis Wieland.
00662    Lucina (left) and Florence (right), Vincent, unknown person, Tom Wieland.  Maybe about 1950.
00663    Rose and Edithe Busch with turkeys, early 1950s
00664    About 1950.  Top: Lucina Pinkney, Esther, John, Henry Bernard, Rosa and Edithe Busch; front Jim Pinkney, Richard Bernard, Florence and Mary Ann Bernard, Ron Pinkney, Frank Bernard.  (Richard, Ron and Frank are “stacked” one from another.  About 1950
00665    Fred Busch 1950s
00666    Mary Kay and John Busch, early 1950s.  Drum (see 549) and Piano
00667    Ferd and Rosa Busch, Sr. Mary Katherine and her Dad, August Berning.  Perhaps about 1950, possibly when Augusts wife and Mary Katherines mother died.  August was Rosa Busch’s brother.  His wife, Tina, was Ferd Busch’s sister.
00668    Art, Vince, George and Ferd Busch about 1950
00669    Likely at time of Christina Busch’s funeral 1950.  Rose and Ferd Busch, Rose (Berning) Molitor and her daughters, Vincent Busch and August Berning
00670    Vincent and Rosa Busch, Bernard, Mary and Florence Wieland, Fred Busch.  In front, Tom Wieland.
00671    from left: Florence, Bernard and Tom Wieland and Vincent Busch about 1952, in wheat field.
00672    Ferd Busch in wheat field south of house.  Perhaps same place and time as 671
00673    1st – Jim and Ron Pinkney, 2nd Grandma and Grandpa Busch, Mary, Tom Wieland; 3rd Bernard Wieland, Art, Vince and Edithe Busch; Lucina and Duane Pinkney
00674    Ferd Busch with Geese n farmyard, 1950s
00675    back from left: Mary Ann Bernard, Vince Busch, Esther and Henry Bernard, Fred Busch; Front, Florence, Frank, John Bernard; Rosa Busch, Richard Bernard.  Appears to be Easter time (Easter eggs with Frank) about 1952
00676    back from left: Richard and Mary Ann Bernard, Duane Pinkney, Henry and Esther Bernard, Fred Busch, Florence Wieland, Vincent and Rose Busch, Bernard Wieland; front: Tom Wieland, Ron Pinkney, Florence and John Bernard, Jim Pinkney
00677    from left Bernard and Florence Wieland, Vincent Busch, Duane (?) & Lucina Pinkney, Art; front Ron Pinkney, Tom and Mary Wieland.
00678    same people as in 677, different place
00679    same people as in 677
00680    Probably about 1953.  Photo in Yard of house.  Back, from left: Ron Pinkney, Florence Wieland, Art Busch, Duane Pinkney, Richard Bernard, Lucina Pinkney, George Busch, Vincent Busch, Rosa and Ferd Busch.  Front: Mary Francis and Tom Wieland, Jim Pinkney, Georgine, John and Mary Kay Busch, (behind John is Florence Bernard)
00681    Same group as 680
00682    First row: Photo in Yard of House: John Busch, Tom Wieland.  Second Jim Pinkney, Ron Pinkney, Ferd Busch.  Back row: Vincent Busch, Richard Bernard, George and Art Busch and Duane Pinkney (partly hidden).
00683    About 1953 Lawn of house (note outhouse) back: Vincent, George, Richard Bernard, Art Busch; middle Jim and Ron Pinkney; front Frank Bernard, Tom Wieland. 
00684    Lawn of House.  See 685
00685    About 1955: back: Lucina Pinkney, Florence Wieland, Ferd and Rosa Busch, Edithe Busch, Esther Bernard; front: Arthur Vincent and George Busch.
00686    Lawn of House, about 1953:  Back: Florence Bernard, Rosa and Ferd Busch, Mary Ann and Richard Bernard: front: John Bernard, Mary Kay Busch, Frank Bernard, Tom Wieland, John Busch, Georgine Busch, Mary Francis Wieland.
00687    Summer 1955, lawn of house Art and Eileen Busch and family See 686
00688    See 698, better photo
00689    Lawn of house.  From left: Ferd, Vincent, Rosa Busch, Florence, Frank, Mary Ann, Esther, John, Richard, Henry Bernard Late 1950s
00690    Lawn of house, Fish,  Ferd Busch at right with unidentified friend.
00691    Lawn of house, mid- 1950s, back row, from left: Art Busch, Richard Bernard, George, Vincent, Edithe Busch; second row: Ron Pinkney, Florence Wieland, Duane Pinkney, Lucina Pinkney, Rosa Busch, Florence Bernard; front: Mary Francis and Tom Wieland, Jim Pinkney, Georgine Busch, John Busch, Mary Kay Busch
00692    mid 1950s Lawn of home: Back, from left: Art, Vincent Busch, Richard Bernard; third row: Rosa Busch, Florence Wieland, Edithe Busch, 2nd: Mary Kay Busch, Florence Bernard, Lucina Pinkney, George Busch; 1st Mary Francis Wieland, Ron and Jim Pinkney, Frank Bernard, Tom Wieland
00693    Lawn of house: back from left about 1954 Frank Bernard on Richard Bernards shoulders, Tom and Mary Wieland, Mary Ann Bernard; front: Georgine Busch, John Bernard, John Busch, Mary Kay Busch, Florence Bernard. 50th anniversary of Ferd and Rosa 2-28-1955
00694    Ferd and Rosa Busch 2-28-1955
00695 from left: Edithe Busch, Florence Wieland, Vincent Buschg, Mary Brehmer, Esther Bernard, Rosa and Ferd Busch, Lucina Pinkney, Goerge Busch.  Arthur Busch couldn’t attend – had married in Indiana in January, 1955.  Rosa  and Ferd attended the wedding. 
00696    Rosa and Ferd Busch with Parish Priest from St. Johns in Berlin.
00697    Top from left: Jim Pinkney, Richard Bernard, Mary Ann Bernard, Ron Pinkney; Middle: Mary Kay Busch, Tom Wieland, Frank and Florence Bernard; Front: Georgine Busch, John Busch, John Bernard, Vincent and Virginia Busch. 50th anniversary of Ferd and Rosa 2-28-1955
00698    Family reunion, Summer 1955: at left, newlyweds Art and Eileen Busch.  Henry Bernards, George Busch, and Bernard Wieland families. 50th anniversary of Ferd and Rosa 2-28-1955
00699    Ferd Busch and his sickle sharpener, patented invention
00700    Ferd Busch and his sickle sharpener, patented invention
00701    Ferd Busch and his sickle sharpener, patented invention
00702    Ferd and Rosa Busch after 1955
00703    New Years 1957 Pinkneys, Eileen Busch, John Busch held by Eileen’s father Merrinane and other lady might be Eileen’s mother.
00704    Ferd and Rosa Busch with Pinkney and Bernard families (missing Jim Pinkney) about 1957
00705    Sep 1958 Vincent Busch and fish
00706    June 1959: back from left: Richard, Mary Ann Bernard, Vincent Busch, Esther, Florence, Henry Bernard, Edithe Busch; front: Rosa Busch, John and Frank Bernard
00707    1959 Vincent Busch after Goose hunt – at someone else’s far, perhaps Wielands.
00708    Probably Thanksgiving 1959.  Ferd and Rosa Busch with Bernard and Pinkney families, also Arthur Busch.             
00709    1959 from left John and Florence Bernard, Ron Pinkney, Mary Ann Bernard, playing cards or some board game.
00710    Rosa, Edithe, Ferd probably Mother’s Day 1960
00711    Rosa, Ferd same as 00710
00712    Rosa and Ferd at the farm ca 1965
00713    About 1960 PINKNEY AND GEORGE BUSCH families: back from left: Duane and Lucina Pinkney, Jean and George busch, Jim Pinkney, John Busch, Vince Busch; front: Vincent and Virginia Busch, Rosa and Ferd Busch, Ron Pinkney
00714    Same group as 00713.  From left: Duane and Lucina Pinkney, Vincent, George, Virgina Busch, Rosa Busch, Jim Pinkney, Ferd Busch, Vincent Busch, Ron Pinkney, Jean Busch.
00715    About 1960 from left Rosa Busch, probably Mary Wieland, Mary Ann Bernard, John Bernard, Esther and Henry Bernard, Vincent Busch, Florence Wieland
00716    Ferd Busch on tractor about 1960s
00717    Probably Christmas time 1960: Back: Henry Bernard, Vince Busch, Ferd and Edithe Busch, Esther Bernard; front fr left: Mary Ann, Frank, Florence, Richard Bernard
00718    about 1963 back from left: Lucina, Tom Wieland, Frank  Bernard, possibly Ron Pinkney and Jim Pinkney, Florence Bernard; middle Mary Francis Wieland, Brehmer girls; front Brehmer boys.’
00719    About 1963, generally same group as 00718.  Back from left: Henry and Esther Bernard, Mary Brehmer, Edithe Busch, Jim Pinkney, a couple uncertain, at back right, Allen Brehmer and Vincent Busch; front  Ferd and Rosa Busch, Brehmer kids and John Bernard at front, Lucina Busch
00720    Ferd and Rosa Busch about 1963
00721    Vincent Ice Fishing winter 1963
00722    About Fall 1963 from left: Sr. Mary Katherine (Berning), Rosa, Ferd and Vince Busch
00723    Back from left: Art Busch, Florence Wieland, Vince Busch, Mary Brehmer, Edithe Busch, Lucina Pinkney; front Rosa and Ferd Busch. Probably Fall 1963
00724    same setting as 00722, with Edithe Busch rather than Vincent Busch
00725    Rosa and Ferd Busch Sr. 1964
00726    early 1964 in house.  Those who can be identified, from left: Rosa and Vincent Busch, Esther and John Bernard, Ferd Busch.
00727    Spring 1964.  From left: Bernard and Florence Wieland, unknown, Rosa, Edithe and Ferd Busch.
00728    Vincent Busch 1964 Fishing catch
00729    August 23 1964.  From left: Duane Pinkney, Vincent Busch, Allen Brehmer, John Bernard (holding Tom Bernard) Art Busch (behind John), Dick and Henry Bernard, Bernard Wieland, Ferd Busch, Ron and Jim Pinkney, in from Brehmer boys.
00730    same day as 00729.  Back from left: Rosa and Ferd Busch, Mary Francis Wieland, John and Florence Bernard, Jim Pinkney, Richard and Barbara Bernard; front from left” Rod, Duane, Carl Brehmer, Patricia, Marilyn Brehmer, Ron Pinkney
00731    August 23, 1964 Back: Edithe, Art, Vincent Busch; middle: Florence Wieland, Lucina Pinkney, Esther Bernard; front: Rosa and Ferd Busch, Mary Brehmer
00732    Ferd, Vince and Rosa Busch, probably Christmas 1964    
00733    Vincent Busch about Oct 1964
00734    Summer 1964.  Same as 00731
00735    Tom Bernard.  Probably July 29 1965 after his mothers funeral.  Part of series.  See also
00736    probably Christmas 1964  Ferd, Vincent, Rosa Busch.
00737    about 1965.  Ferd Busch with fish
00738    Probably 60th anniv of Ferd and Rosa Busch 1960  from left: Lucina Pinkney, Vincent Busch, Esther Bernard, Edithe Busch, Florence Wieland, Rosa and Ferd Busch.
00739    Rosa and Ferd Busch  see also 00738
00740    Rosa and Ferd Busch see also 738
00741    Rosa and Ferd Busch see also 738
00742    Jul 29, 1965 after Barbara Bernards funeral at Grand Rapids Park.  From left: Tom Bernard (on Ferd Busch’s lap), Mary Brehmer, Edithe Busch, Lucina Pinkney, Vincent Busch, Florence Wieland, George Busch, Art Busch, Esther Bernard, Rosa Busch.
00743    Jul 29, 1965 after Barbaras funeral.  From left appears to be George Busch, Duane Pinkney, Art Busch, Ferd Busch, Allen Brehmer
00744    Vincent Busch after March 1966 storm
00745    Ferd and Rosa Busch with Art and Eileen Busch family Summer 1966.  From left: Kathy, Paul, Dan, Jim, John Busch.  Ann Busch is not in photo.
00746    Sr. 1966                At left seems to be all of Allen and Mary Brehmer’s family.  At right, most of Art and Eileen Busch’s family.  At right, Bernard and Florence Wieland, Esther, Henry, Richard and Tom Bernard (facing back).  Back row at far left are Edithe Busch and John Bernard; possibly Vincent Busch partially visible.  Vincent, Ferd and Rosa are more or less at the middle of the picture, back to front.
00747    Sr. 1966.  Same group photo as 00746, different camera.
00748    Christmas 1966.  From left: Esther Bernard, Rosa Busch, Tom Bernard, Ferd Busch, Henry Bernard
00749    Rosa and Edithe Busch August 1966 Note Edithe’s sun hat
00750    Aug 1966.  Vincent Busch with fish
00751    March 3 1967.  62nd annive of Ferd and Rosa Busch
00752    Mar 3 1967.  Same day and setting as 00751
00753    Mar 3 1967.  Same day and setting as 00751.  At left, Florence Wieland.  Other side of table, Nick Quinlan and Vincent Busch
00754    Mar 3 1967  Rosa Busch, Mary Francis Wieland, Ferd Busch, Florence Wieland
00755    March 1967, possibly on Ferd Busch’s funeral day.  Rosa and Vincent Busch.
00756    Summer 1967    Rosa Busch with dog
00757    About Dec 70     Rosa Busch
00758    Possibly winter 1968 Esther and Tom Bernard, Rosa Busch, Dick Bernard
00759    Summer 1969.  Tom Bernard with, from left, Richard, Diane Bernard, Edithe and Rosa Busch
00760    Possibly about 1970.  Rosa, Vincent and Edithe Busch playing cards.
00761    Probably early 1972.  Rosa, Vincent and Edithe Busch
00762    Spring 1972  Rosa and Edithe Busch
00763    early August 1972 – time of Rosa’s death.  Lucina Pinkney, Vincent Busch, Mary Brehmer, Esther Bernard, Florence Wieland, Edithe Busch.  Unsure of who the little girls are. 
00764    same day as 00763.  From left: Edithe Busch, George Busch, Lucina Pinkney, Florence Wieland, Art Busch, Esther Bernard, Mary Brehmer, Vincent Busch (all the children of Ferd and Rosa Busch.)
00765    Before 1915, first barn for the Busches predating 1910
00766    Likely the new barn about 1915.  It would appear to be Ferd Busch with oldest children, Lucina and Esther.  Unknown who the person on horseback might be.
00767    At the chicken coop about 1915, possibly Lucina, Esther and Verena with Rosa Busch.  Same as 504
00768    About 1915 Lucina, Esther and Verena watching while men make hay.
00769    Bernard Kisting, hired man for Busch’s about 1915
00770    Ferd Busch with first car, about 1924
00771    Old farm wagon ca 1930s
00772    east of barn perhaps 1930s, cannot identify parents and three kids
00773    probably 1930s.  Straw piles from Threshing.
00774    More straw piles
00775    More straw piles probably about 1920s
00776    Seems like art Parker about late 1920, possibly with George Busch.  Can’t id other boy, possibly Vincent?
00777    Shocking about late 1920s likely Art Parker and George, possibly Vincent
00778    Looks like corn field maybe 1920s or 30s.  Possibly Ferd Busch and hired man.
00779    About 1943, cattle at barn
00780    seems like swathing grain perhaps 1940s
00781    Threshing about 1940s  Can’t identify men  781,82,83 are all of same scene
00782    1940s Busch Threshing
00783    Threshing probably 1940s
00784    Sheep in farmyard 1940
00785    Dog Skip as farm cats guard kittens
00786    Skip and Pup 1940s
00787    Geese in farmyard about 1940, probably Edithe in background, or Rosa.
00788    Threshing ca 1942.  Probably Edithe and Vincent shoveling.  Possibly Art standing in front
00789    Skip before 1943
00790    Farm cat with kittens 1940s
00791    Farm horses early 1940s
00792    “Edithe’s favorite milk cow” about 1940s
00793    Aerial photo of Busch farm pre-1980 (before metal shed)
00795    Henrietta School kids 1942-43
00796    August and Christina Berning, probably also Lena Parker and Rosa Busch and probably Henrietta School Kids before 1920
00797    May 18, 1923 “Presented to Verena Busch by Miss Hopewell”, three photos of school kids
00798    “Lucina Busch”, Henrietta School about 1913 or so.  Lucina and Esther and Verena might be at lower left, Rosa and Ferd and possibly Mary at right.  A number of other school kids
00799    Henrietta School, quite possible 2nd from left is Esther Busch, 3rd from left Lucina.  Four kids
00800    Kids on a teeter totter maybe at school or possibly at Memorial Park in Grand Rapids.  I would guess school.  Four kids in picture
00801    Henrietta School kids perhaps 1920s.
00802    School kids probably outside the Berlin town school 1930s
00802    Outside St. John’s Catholic Church in Berlin ND.  Second from left looks like Duane Pinkney.  Sometime in 1930s.  He was a teacher in the town school, and met and married Lucina Busch who also taught there.
00803    Mary Altar at St. John’s Catholic Church in Berlin ND, probably 1940s
00804    Inside st. John’s Church Berlin ND about 1944
00805    Altar Society at Mary Altar in St. John’s Church Berlin ND 1940s.  Same group in 0080-6
00806    Church women posing with Christmas crèche at Mary altar, St. Johns, Berlin ND  Rosa Busch at right
00807    Church ladies about 1959,  Rosa Busch at right
00808    Men of St. Johns in the Busch’s hayloft about 1950s.  First row from left: Tony Kroll, Frank Weigel, Leonard Long, ___ Swantek, Tony and Ike Wilhelm, Robert Quinlan; 2nd row: Ed Shere, Howard Quinlan, John Long, Bill Schweitzer, August Aberle, John Cisinski, Babson Wilhelm, Mike Aberle, casper Feist, Fr. Drapela.  Early 1950s
00809    Large group outside St. Johns, men women children
00810    Probably parishioners at a party at the Oasis downtown Berlin.  A church event.  Rosa Busch is in front row near far right.  Ferd busch is in next row at far right.
00811    Playing games at the Oasis in Berlin.  August Berning and Ferd Busch at left.
00812    Women playing a game, same setting as 810-812
00813    “Vincents’ First Communion” about 1932.  Vincent at left.
00814A    First Communion, probably about 1930s.  3rd row ___Thieson, Lenord, Long, Thomas Shockman, Eugene Raush.  2nd row Yvonne reader, Verna May winters, Margaret Reader, ??? Shockman, ??? Raush; front row Raymond Lar??? Orville Shockman, Buddy Weber, ??? <cGovern. Elmer Kosse, Thieson, Robert Quinlan
00815    First Communion Father Bannon, Kelly Shockman, Melvin Berning, John Long, Chad Revly, Jim Long, Art Busch, Elmer Quinlan.  Front Luella Theison  Rosann Rausch, Patricia Sullivan, Lois Shockman
00815    About 1937 First Communion and parishioners at St. Johns in Berlin
00816    First Communion.  Boys, St. Johns Berlin No information on who people are.
00817    Unknown date or persons, though before June, 1944
00818    Unknown date or person though before July 1945
00819    First Communion.  Two boys three girls before Joly 9, 1945,  Berlin St. Johns.
00820    Before Jul 3, 1945.  Seems the same persons as in 818 & 19, but 9 in all.  None named
00821    No names or date.  May be the same as previous three by a different photographer
00822    Six girls in First Communion class
00823    Seven girls one boy in First Communion at St. Johns Before July 1944
00824    5 boys and 6 girls with Father Bannon, unknown date.  Some peoples names are visible on reverse: Lorraine Shockman, Patricia Reader, Richard Potnick, Charles Cortes, May Sullivan, Annabelle Reader
00825    Fr O’Divier with 11 First communicants,  Unknown date or names.
00826    Front gate area to brand new Grand Rapid park about 1918
00827  Entrance to Grand Rapids Memorial park Grand Rapids ND – another view.
00828  Caretaker house at grand Rapids Memorial Park.  Lena Parker and Art Parker were 1st caretakers.  The house is still there in 2017
00829    The Busch family and Berning visitors from Wisconsin about 1920
00830    Same group as 829
00831    Same site and time as 829
00832    Same site, time and people as in 829 etc.
00833    Probably same site and time as in 829 etc.  Baseball game in background
00834    Auditorium at the Park in the early 1920s.
00835    A group of men at the Memorial Park grand Rapids.  One appears to be Ferd Busch.  Another Bernard Wielnd standing together middle of back row.  In front of Bernard may be Tom Wieland, who was adopted about 1950.
00836    May be family gathering at time of Tom and Mary Francis adoption or not long after.  Same general group as 835, but women and men.  First row middle would be Florence Wieland and Mary francis.  At left Ferd and Rosa, close by St. Mary Katherine Berning
00837    Same day as 835 and 836.  Lucina Pinkney in front.  Sr. Mary Katherine Berning
00838    Gathering at the park in the early to mid 1940s
00839    Seems to be Berlin folks in WWII time.  See man in Navy Uniform, also man in baseball uniform.  2nd row at right is Vincent
00840    Women gather at the Grand Rapids Park.  Not dated.
00841    Probably Lena Parker and her sister KLate Place at right, probably in 1920 at the Grand Rapids Memorial Park
00842    Verena Busch and Lena Parker, likely at the park about 1920
00843    Large group of men, women and children at Grand Rapids Memorial Park. Perhaps in 1920s or 1930s
00844    Wisconsin: Busch family, Cuba City WI, about 1905 from left, back: Hyacinth, Frank, William, Leonard, Ferdinand, Christina; front: Wilhelm, Cecilia, Barbara
00845    North Dakota 1909.  Esther Busch
00846    Rosa Busch with Esther, 2nd child, Fall 1909
00847    Lucina and Esther Busch, 1910
00848    Verenam Lucina, Esther Busch about 1913
00849    Henrietta School 1915 LaMoure Co. ND, Teacher Dorothy Gates with Esther Busch, front left, Lucina Busch, front right
00850    Busch farmstead from the south about 1915.  Note kitchen has been moved from west to east side of the house.
00851    from Edithe Busch’s album 1939 time of her high school graduation with thumbnails of classmates and calling cards.  Photos not identified.  Includes some other information about the general time period as well.
00852    1946, probably St. John’s Catholic Church women, Berlin ND
Individuals (first names provided by Mrs. Christina Long of Berlin, 2016)
1 – Catherine Kraft
2 – Lucille ODonnell
3 – Theresa Long
4 -  Catherine Cisinski
5 – Edith Rausch
6 – Mary Quinlan
7 – Clara Long
8 – Anna Theisen
9 – Anna Marie Baumgartner
10 – Magdaline Weigel
11 – Elizabeth Warfield
12 – Carolina Wilhelm
13 -  Catherine Aberle
14 – Mary Eve Schweitzer
15 – Alice Schweitzer
16 – Sara Sullivan
17 – Christina Berning
18 – Elizabeth Aberle
19 – Rosa Busch
20 – Barbara Shockman
00853    Busch farm, Henrietta Township LaMoure Co ND Sec 13 looking NE after 1950
00854    Ferd Busch and his homemade hay bale elevator
00855    Ferd and Rosa Busch, possibly at time of 50th anniversary 1955
00856    Rosa Busch 1957
00857    Ferd Busch 1957
00858    Summer 1966 #1 Top from left: Edithe and Vincent Busch, Marilyn, Ellen, Pat, Mary Brehmer, possibly Allen Brehmers brother, Ferd, Rosa, Vincent Busch, Esther and Henry Bernard, Jean Busch, Eileen and Art Busch; front from left: Allen and three Brehmer boys, Richard and Tom Bernard (small boy in front of Richard), fiver youngsters of Art and Eileen Busch (Kathy, Jim, Dan, Paul and Ann), Florence Wieland.
00859 #2 same occasion as 858, a few different people in picture: Top from left: Edithe Busch, John Bernard, Brehmer brother (?), Ferd Busch, Rosa Busch, Esther Bernard, Vincent Busch, Henry Bernard, Art and Eileen Busch; front from left: three Brehmer girls and Mary Brehmer, in front of them Allen Brehmer and Duane, his son, Kathy and John Busch, Tom Bernard, Rod Brehmer (?), Dan Jim, Paul, Ann Busch and Florence Wieland.
00860    The Busch “kids” August 1977, in Grand Forks at Esther and Henry Bernards 40th wedding anniversary.  Standing from left: Mary Brehmer, Lucina Pinkney, Vincent Busch, Edithe Busch, George Busch, Seated Esther Bernard and Florence Wieland.  Art Busch was unable to attend.  George Busch died the following summer, Esther died in 1981.
00861    Summer 1977, Busch family, Grand Fords ND occasion of Esther and Henry Bernard 40th anniversary.  Back row from left: Dick Bernard, Vincent and George Busch, Allen Brehmer, Duane Pinkney; second row from left: Edithe Busch, Bernard and Florence Wieland, Mary Brehmer, Esther Bernard.  Front row, from left: Frank and Tom Bernard, Carter, Eric and Florence Hedeen, Hank, Mary Ann and Sea Maher, Joni Bernard, Lucina Pinkney, Jean Busch.
00862    Busch "kids" at Wielands: Art, Vince, George Busch, Edithe, Mary Brehmer, Florence Wieland, Ester Bernard and Lucina Pinkney, July 5, 1978
00863  Bertha Berning ca 1904.   Rosa Bernings younger sister born 1890
00864 Mary Busch probably sometime in 1930s or 40s.  Wisconsin
00865 farmyard photo, someone interacting with a smaller farm animal.  Possibly the Busch yard  Wisconsin
00866 Three photos of August Berning (b 1879) probably very early 1900s  Wisconsin
00867 Frank Lange, husband of Cecilia, b 1884, probably early 1900s  Wisconsin
00868 Tina (Christina) Busch b 1887 probably before 1900.  Wisconsin
Wisconsin Bernings
00869 Gerhard (George) Berning with wife, children and families probably about 1920 (he died 1921) at the Berning home in Hazel Green Twp, rural Louisburg Wisconsin.  Rosa Busch is third from left.  Her sister Julia and daughter Mary Emily are to Rosa’s left
00870 Gerhard (George) Berning with wife, children and families probably about 1920 (he died 1921) at the Berning home in Hazel Green Twp, rural Louisburg Wisconsin.  Rosa Busch is third from left.  Her sister Julia and daughter Mary Emily are to Rosa’s left
00871 “at Aunt Celia’s J 17 ‘31” with mother Christina Berning (seated at right) who died 10/21/1931.  Rosa Busch is seated at left; Esther Busch is standing second from right.  Wisconsin
00872 The Berning home in Hazel Green Township, Grant Co Wisconsin probably before 1920
00873 The Berning family at the Berning home perhaps about 1921.   Christina Berning is third from left.  Quite likely the couple with the young child is Christina and August Berning, to whom twins were born in 1920, one of the twins died at a very young age.  The young person may be Ruby Berning, the surviving twin.  It is not known exactly when Ruth died.  In 2015 her surviving sister said she was about two when she died.  Wisconsin
00874 Possibly Ruby Berning same time/place as 873 above.  Wisconsin
00875 Possibly same as 873  Wisconsin
00876 same as 873.  The taller young girl is likely Mary Emily Berning, then about 11.  Wisconsin
00877 same setting same people as 873 including at rear Christina and August Berning  Wisconsin
00878 George and Christina Berning ca 1921 Wisconsin
00879 “April 28, 1921” George and Christina Berning at Berning home.  This is also said to be George Bernings date of death, so there is an inconsistency.  Wisconsin
00880 The Berning girls probably about the time of their fathers death.  Rosa Busch is the person in the middle of the picture.  Wisconsin
00881   Series of photos (881-885) of George and Christina Berning before 1920 (see side notation on 884)  This may have been some significant event, such as 45th anniversary or such, possibly involving friends and neighbors.  Their first child was born in 1872, so they probably married in 1871; if so 45th anniversary would have been in 1916.)  Wisconsin
00882 same  Wisconsin
00883 same, with large group.  It appears that Ferd Busch may be the man in the back at far right.  If so, there may have been an occasion for a trip back from North Dakota.  Wisconsin
00884 same with children.  See notation on right margin of photo  Wisconsin
00885 same as previous, focus on grandchildren, it appears.  Wisconsin
00886 Bert (Bertha) Hoppman (Rosa Buschs sister) with grandchildren, Robert, Bertha, Harold, Ralph.  Undated, but may have been after her husband died in farm accident (ca 1936)  Wisconsin
00887 Possibly Harold Hoppman baby picture (see previous caption)  Wisconsin
00888 Undated picture though likely 1941 on family visit to Julia Berning (2nd from left), suffering with ALS.  Man is probably her brother August Berning, and wife Christina next to him and Rosa Busch at right.  Person at left is not known.  Wisconsin
00889  “4 Berning sisters”, unknown names.  Date probably 1940s  Wisconsin
00890  “aunts Lidwina Bertha Florence”  handwriting likely Rosa Busch, her sisters Lidwina and Bertha and her daughter, Florence, with “aunts”.  Wisconsin
00891 “from left to right Art & wife, Will & wife, Wilbert & wife, Mrs. Walter Lange, his siter Delia is hidden, Pa and I”.  Probably 50th anniv of Celia and and Frank Lange.  Not sure they had children of their own, so the others may be Langes.  Wisconsin
00892 “Lidia, Cecilia and Bert” sisters of Rosa Busch  Wisconsin
00893 “Langes golden wedding” Frank and Cecilia with cake.  Wisconsin
00894  “Lidia Bertha Frank & Cecilia”  Wisconsin
00895 “Mr & Mrs Wm Busch [Labor?] day 1925 Golden Wedding Nov 23”  Wisconsin
00896 Wilhelm Busch likely with Christina Berning and granddaughter Ruby about 1922.  Other lady unknown.  Ruby and her twin Ruth were born at home at the Busch farm in 1920, and Ruth died at about two according to Ruby.  This may have been taken not long after Ruth’s death.  Wisconsin
00897 “Frank Busch Labor Day 1925” Frank is Ferd Busch’s brother Wisconsin
00898 “Hyacinth Ber[ning?] First Communion in 1925 [?] same kind of film as others.  Beginning 1920-1933 Bernings lived in Dubuque.  Wisconsin
00899 “aunt Celia Busch (Chinberg)” Chinberg had a store in Adrian ND for a time.  This photo may have been before they married.  Celia died in Dubuque probably in 1930s.  No specifics.  Wisconsin
00900 Wilhelm Busch “Grandpa’s Arbor 9/9/35”  Wilhelm Busch was an avid horticulturalist.  Wisconsin
00901 Wilhelm and Barbara Busch postcard, probably in 1920s in orchard of farm  Wisconsin
00902 “Farm grandfather William Busch Cuba City Wis” Postcard perhaps same group as previous and following.  Wisconsin
00903 Postcard same perspective a previous more closeup.  Wisconsin
00904 Postcard Busch barn with two men and bull.  Not certain who men are. 

00905 Mary Emily Berning (Julia’s daughter) possibly high school grad 1920s.  Wisconsin
00906 “Aunt Celia Lange and Mary Emily Whistle [Wissell] same general time as 905  Wisconsin
00907 Mary Emily and Cyril Wissell and mom Julia Berning Wisconsin 1930s.  Looks like wedding time.  Unknown who the other man is.  They lived in the Berning home.
00908 Same as previous photo, without the unnamed man.  Wisconsin
00909 “Mary Emily” by herself, same location as previous two.  Wisconsin
00910 Mary Emily and likely first child ca 1933.  Wisconsin
00911 Julia Berning and granddaughter ‘  Wisconsin
00912 “Lois and her Daddie” Cyril Wissell, First Communion about 1940.  Wisconsin
00913 Mary Emily, perhaps same setting/circumstance as 905 above.  Wisconsin
00914 “Marion & Lucina Placke 1923” “Lucina Placke First Communion June 1923”  Wisconsin
00915 “Marion Placke and Kitten” ca 1918  Wisconsin
00916 “Placke boys Summer ‘31” 1931  Wisconsin
00917 “Placke’s ‘J 16 ‘31” 1931 – young boy may be son of Clara (Placke) and Art Budden m 1927  Wisconsin

Golden Wedding photos of Catherine (Berning) and Herman Placke June 1945
Catherine (Kate) was the oldest surviving sibling of Rose Berning (later Busch).  Rosa was ten when Kate and Herman married.  They lived their entire married life in the same community where Rosa grew up, attending the same church and school next door to their farm.  There was a close sibling relationship.  Kate was a true family elder. 
00918 Herman and Kate Placke Wisconsin
00919 Father Herbert Hoffman, Herman and Kate Placke with daughter Evelyn (Sr. Georgianna, a nun).  Name of other Priest not known.  Wisconsin
00920 Placke’s with August Berning and Ferd and Rosa (Berning) Busch  Wisconsin
00921 Placke’s with their daughters Evelyn (Catholic Nun), Clara, Rose, Lucina, Florence and Marion – not sure who is who.  Wisconsin
00922 Girls in 921 joined by Placke boys Benedict, Leo, Henry, Francis, William (only four of the boys are in this photo.  Bill (William) Placke was in the military.  Wisconsin
00923 The Placke’s with grandkids.  Back Joan (Budden) Kieler, holding her first born, Grandparents, James Budden.  Front from left, Roger Budden, Ellen Budden, Carol Pastoret, Jerry Placke, Lois and Richard Budden and David Stangle.  Wayne Droessler, youngest child, in front.  Wisconsin
00924 Placke’s with four Priests (unnamed)  Wisconsin
00925 Entire group.  Back from left, Henry Placke, unnamed Priest, George Droessler, Arthur Budden (Clara’s husband), James Budden (Clara and Arts son), Benedict Placke, Mr. and Mrs. Francis and Calista Placke, Sr. Georgianna (Evelyn Placke) and Rose (Placke) Pastoret.  Front from left: Ellen Budden, Leo Placke, Carol Pastoret, Lois Budden (holding on to Wayne Droessler), David Stangl, Lucina (Placke) Stangl, Roger and Richard Budden (twins)    Wisconsin
00926 Wisconsin Berning family reunion July, 1994.  Followup to ND family reunion in 1993.  This is a very large group photo.  Wisconsin
00927 Lucina Stangl, Leo Placke and Marion Placke 1984  Wisconsin
00928 from left, Florence Wieland, Edithe Busch, Lucina Stangl and granddaughter, Marion Placke Leo Placke[?] at Marion Placke and Lucina Stangl home at Sinsinawa Wisconsin
00929 “Busch Bering reunion Sinsinawa Wis” Jul 3, 1994 same as 926  Wisconsin
00930 Oct 97 “Front row Dick and Mrs. Budden, Evelyn Stangl; secnd row Florence, Lucina [Stang], Marion [Placke] Vince Edith [Busch] at Lucina and Marions home at Sinsinawa Wisconsin

Busch, North Dakota
00931 Ferd and Rosa Busch on some special occasion, perhaps 1940s, unsure of place.
00932 Mary Busch (later Brehmer) with two female friends at some country location, maybe 1930s or 1940s.
00933 Art and Vincent Busch J. 16, 1931, at Placke’s in Wisconsin probably after funeral of their grandmother Berning.
00934 Esther Busch and her Aunt Lena Parker early 1920s at the caretakers house at Veterans Memorial Park Grand Rapids MN
00935 and 00936 Postcard Unknown persons posing at front door at Busch house one name might be McCarlly or such for the man.  Apparently important as notation on one of the postcards says “12 of these)
00937 Bernard family visiting Buschs at farm, photo developed Feb 1961.  Back row from left Henry Bernard, Rosa, Vincent, Ferd, Edithe Busch, Esther Bernard.  Front Mary Ann, Frank, Florence and Richard Bernard.  John not in photo for some reason, he would have been there as a 12 year old.
00938 Unknown boy, place, probably First Communion film developed Sep 17, 1948.  Could be of one of the Pinkney boys.
00939 Busch kids about 1917, from left: George, Mary, Verena, Esther, Lucina Busch
00940 “Esther, First Communion, 1913”
00941   M  Probably late 1942 at the farm.  From left: Mary, Florence, Rosa, Ferd, Art, George, Edith Busch, Esther Bernard, Vincent Busch, Lucina Pinkney.  George was probably about to embark for Navy Duty on USS Woodworth in S. Pacific.
00942   M  Pinkney and Bernard kids with Art Busch in Army Uniform.  From left, Ronald and James Pinkney, Mary Ann, Florence and Richard Bernard
00943  Probably at time of George and Jean Busch wedding May 1944.  From left: Jean Busch, Lucina Pinkney, George Busch, Edithe Busch, Vincent, Mary, Art Busch, Esther Bernard.  Unsure of place.
00944 from Mrs. Harold Zimmer “Mary on my knee, Esther behind”.  Probably writer of the caption is Art Parker, his wife Lena Berning Parker second from right.  Others would be Verena, George, Rosa and Lucina.  Probably about 1916 or 1917 in LaMoure ND.
00945 Grandkids on horseback at Busch farm.  May be 1944, when George Busch was home to get married.  Note following two photos.
00946 George Busch and Richard Bernard
00947 George Busch and Mary Ann Bernard
00948 “Bernard Henry Busch b Dec. 3, 1816, d May 23, 1904, with granddaughter Lena Busch Dietzel b 1890, d. Nov 12, 1972”  Photo would seem to be around 1900, probably at Dickeyville WI.  Bernard Henry Busch was Ferd Busch’s grandfather.
00949 Ferd and Rosa Busch formal portrait, possibly 50th anniversary (2-28-1955), but not certain. 
00950  Formal portrait of Rosa Busch and Ferdinand Busch
00951  Formal portrait of Rosa Busch and Ferdinand Busch
00952 Busch family gathering at Wieland farm July 5, 1978.  Back row from left: Jim, Edithe, Paul, Art, Vincent, Dan, Mary Kay Busch; second row, from left, Duane and Lucina, Mary Brehmer, Esther Bernard, Florence Wieland, Jean Busch; front row from left: John Busch, Allen Brehmer, Henry Bernard, Bernard Wieland,, George Busch.  Not sure who young boy in front is.  The other boys are the sons of Art and Eileen Busch.  Eileen had died a few months earlier.  Her daughters Kathy, Ann, and Mary would have been with grandparents in Illinois.
00953  W. August and Christina Berning farm, about one mile east of Louisburg, Grant Co, Wisconsin (Hazel Green Township) early 1900s
00954   same farm as in 00951.  Early 1900s.  Pictured are the family of Rosa Berning Busch who had recently married and moved to North Dakota.  From left: August, Christina, George, Julia,Celia, Bertha, Lidwina Berning.  Not in photo.  Helena (Lena) who was also in ND, Catherine (Kate) Placke who was married an lived a few miles away at Sinsinawa, and Rosa (married, in NDakota)  Wisconsin
00955   W  same farm as above, but as it appeared in 1940s after Cyril and Mary (Mary Emily Berning) had added a front porch.  Wisconsin
00956 Vincent and Edithe Busch at St. Rose Nursing Home LaMoure ND late 2013.  Edithe died in Feb. 2014; Vincent died in Feb. 2015.
00957 (See also 00860 and 00861) August 1977 in Grand Forks ND Esther and Henry Bernards 40th anniversary. Top from left, Henry and Richard Bernard, Vincent and George Busch, Allen Brehmer; middle row: Edithe Busch, Bernard and Florence Wieland, Mary Brehmer, Esther Bernard; front, Frank Bernard (kneeling), Tom Bernard, Carter, Eric and Florence Hedeen, Hank, Mary Ann and Sean Maher, Joni Bernard, Jean Busch.  Art Busch was only sibling not present.  His wife was very seriously ill at the time.
00958 (See also 00860 and 00861  same photo as previous with slightly different ordering of people).  Top from left: Hank Maher, Henry and Richard Bernard, Vincent and George Busch, Allen Brehmer, Duane Pinkney; second row, Edithe Busch, Bernard and Florence Wieland, Mary Brehmer, Esther Bernard; front row, Carter and Eric Hedeen, Tom Bernard, Frank Bernard, Florence Hedeen, Mary Ann and Sean Maher, Joni Bernard, Jean Busch and Lucina Pinkney.
00959  The Berning girls – August and Christina Bernings kids – Dubuque IA August, 1977.  “Left to right:  Ann – Mrs. Dale Cranfield; Agnes – Sr. Mary Kathryn; Rufine – Mrs Don Anciaux; Ruby – Mrs.Miles Fitzgerald; Hyacinth Sweeney; Rose – Mrs. Bernard Van Hoorn; Cecilia Thimmesch; Lillian McFadden; Irene – Mrs. Carl (their 50th anniversary) Langkamp.
00960  Wedding Portrait  (1946) August Berning and Betty Cisinski.  August is brother of women in 00959.  He had one other brother, Melvin Berning, the youngest child, still living in Eureka CA as of June 19, 2018.

Marie Schrup’s visit to the Busch home country in Germany, 1954
Marie’s father was H. H. Busch of Dubuque Iowa, Ferd Busch’s uncle.
00961 – “1954.  Marie Schrup on cart.  Mrs. Bernard Busch (Anna) and her four daughters, Gertrude, Marie, Marg, Annie.  “I sure received a hearty welcome.”
00962 – “1954.  Herman Busch-Schmittman Hof at Sudlohn.  Left to right – Mrs. Anton, Anton, Henry, Mrs. Herman, Marie Busch Schrup, Herman, a sister and Mrs. Bernard (Anna) Busch.
00963 – “1954.  Driveway to Bernard Busch home.  Two youngest girls.”
00964 – “1954.  Front of home and buildings at Bernard Busch’s”
00965 – “1954.  Herman Busch-Schmittman Hof at Sudlohn”
00966 – “1954.  “The barn with Busch-Imping home added”.
00967 – “1954.  Front of barn where Busch-Imping house was added in rear.”
00969 Three photos of August Berning (b 1879) probably very early 1900s  Wisconsin
00970 Farmyard photo, someone interacting with a smaller farm animal.  Possibly the Busch yard  Wisconsin
00971 Bertha Berning ca 1904.   Rosa Bernings younger sister born 1890
00972 Frank Lange, husband of Cecilia, b 1884, probably early 1900s  Wisconsin
00973 Tina (Christina) Busch b 1887 probably before 1900.  Wisconsin
00974 Sisters Rosa and Julia Berning ca 1904.  Julia was Rosa’s older sister born 1881 and bridesmaid at Rosa’s wedding in 1905.  Rosa born 1884.  Wisconsin
00975 Mary Busch probably sometime in 1930s or 1940.  Wisconsin
00976 Wilhelm and Barbara Busch farm, Rural Cuba City (Wisc.)

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