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Archives - Reference Service Fees

All audio, video, and printed and digital images obtained from the State Historical Society of North Dakota are for single use and not for distribution, unless otherwise specified. Public use of these items requires proper citation and specific fees in addition to reproduction fees. The identification number for each item must be included in the credit line (example: State Historical Society of North Dakota A5373-2). The one-time use form must also be filled out and returned to staff.

All orders can be rushed (five-item limit) for double all costs.

All nonprofit organizations who wish to be considered for reduced fees must provide a tax exempt code.

Digital Scans
  • High resolution scan, up to 600 dpi, $15.00 per image
  • Higher resolution scans, up to 1200 dpi, and unscanned negatives/slides $30.00 per image
  • All not-for-profit entities*: $8.00 (up to 600 dpi) *This includes all (in and out of state) non-profit entities with an identifying number; people who are publishing or using items publicly without recompense, educational use; all (in and out of state) county/local/tribal/federal government agencies; out of state news agencies.
  • In-state news agencies: all fees are waived if photo information is cited properly within the broadcast.
  • Donors and state agencies accessing their own collections: up to 10 items at no charge. Additional images $8.00 each (up to 600 dpi)
Photograph - Still Image Use Fees
  • In state not-for-profit*: use waived
  • In state for-profit/commercial use: $15.00
  • Out of state not-for-profit: $15.00
  • Out of state for-profit/commercial use: $30.00
  • All use fees are waived for in-state news agencies and nonprofit organizations. Out-of-state news agencies fees are waived if photo information is cited properly within the article or broadcast.
  • Low resolution photos are allowed on websites and there is no use fee.
  • Reproducing images on clothing items is prohibited.
Photocopy Fees
  • letter-size (8½ x 11) and legal-size (8½ x 14) office copier copies: $.10 cents each
  • 11 x 17 inch: $.20 cents each
  • Paper reproductions from a microfilm reader printer: $.25 cents per page.
Research Fees
  • Specific item searches from indexed materials (such as individual census record, marriage record, obituaries, and naturalization record searches): $5.00 per search. Up to five pages included in cost; additional pages will be charged at normal copying costs plus postage.
  • If a single search comprises more than 25 pages of copies, staff time will be charged hourly at a rate of $25.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum.
  • Searches or requests for information beyond specific item searches will be charged at $25.00 per hour at the discretion of the staff, depending upon available staff time, or will receive a recommendation for referral to a non-staff researcher.
Moving Image and Audio Reproduction Fees
  • Digitized audio file (from cassette, CD, reel-to-reel, record, or digital) - $5.00 for mp3 format
  • Digitized video file - $5 for mp4 format
  • Files that are not yet digitized may be subject to additional fees up to $25 per hour, with a one-hour minimum.
Moving Image and Audio Use Fees
  • In-state news, public television, and nonprofit documentaries: no use fee if cited properly.
  • Out-of-state news, public television, and nonprofit documentaries: $10.00 per second plus production costs.
  • All commercial productions: $20.00 per second plus productions costs, each occurrence.
  • Broadcast - Media Bundle (includes website 3-year license) $150.00 per 30 second clip.
  • Publications - Electronic Bundle (includes website 3-year license) $150.00 per 30 second clip.
  • Use of images in television commercials, corporate presentations, live events, concerts, etc. is prohibited.
Microfilm Services & Costs
  • Silver duplicates of microfilm, $75.00 per roll
  • Foreign orders, including Canada, will be quoted individually.
Interlibrary Loan Fees
  • In state - $3.00 per roll
  • Out of state - $4.00 per roll, 5 rolls per patron, per loan.
  • Canada - $8.00 per roll, 5 rolls per patron, per loan.
  • Microfilm will not be loaned outside the U.S. except to Canada. Microfilm copies can be produced for sale to other international researchers.
Postage and Handling (in country)
  • Postage and Handling (in country)
  • Photo reproductions (up to two) $2.00
  • More than two images $2 + $.50/extra photo
  • Per tape/CD/DVD $1.50
  • Per video tape $5.00
  • 1-4 rolls purchased microfilm $6.00 (does not apply to Interlibrary Loan)
  • More than 4 rolls $6 + $.50/extra roll

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