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10157 North Dakota Oral History Project
This project was undertaken by Larry Sprunk, with the cooperation of the North Dakota American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, the North Dakota Farmers Union, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The primary objective of the North Dakota Oral History Project was to conduct "oral tape recorded interviews with North Dakotans who have lived through the state's history and who can speak of this history from a first-hand basis." Interviewees were photographed at the time of their interviews. Photographs of interviewees are available in the Photo Archives. In addition, the project borrowed over 6,000 historical photographs which were copied and added to the State Historical Society's collection. Many interviewees also donated family histories, documents, letters, ledgers, books, and artifacts.

10489 William L. Guy
Interview with former First Lady Jean Guy conducted by Lotte Bailey consists of 16 cassette tapes, transcript, and family biographical sketches.

10531 Forum Publishing Company (Fargo, ND). Centennial Writing Awards
Oral history stories written by school children who conducted interviews with family members. The one page articles were submitted by teachers to The Forum, during the state’s centennial. Entries were submitted from schools or individuals from the following North Dakota cities or towns: Aneta, Binford, Bisbee, Bismarck, Fargo, Hannaford, Harwood, Horace, Jamestown, Kenmare, Kulm, Lakota, Larimore, Mayville-Portland, Minto, Montpelier, Oriska, Page, Park River, Sherwood, Valley City, and Wyndmere. (1ft)

10582 North Dakota New Sweden '88 Committee
Correspondence, brochures, financial records, and an oral history tape. The committee was formed to plan and implement programs to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Swedish immigration to America. (.75ft)

10602 North Dakota Veterans of Vietnam
Records, 1992
Oral history interviews of North Dakota soldiers reflecting on their service in Vietnam. Interviewees include: Dennis Bullinger, David Erbtoesser, Al Fischer, Jack Heyne, George Hsu, Bill Kransky, Lamar Kruckenberg, Russ Olgier, Thomas Rausch, Ernst Reinert, Allen Rivinius, Doug Rivinius, Steve Schilling, Ron Staff, Ronald Weikum, and George Wentz. (20 cassettes)

10605 Commission on the Status of Women. Plum Valley Chapter
Records, 1912-1982
Copies of interviews with 94 Ward County women, community involvement reports, photographs, photocopies of newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and ephemera. (3ft)

10643 Cleo Moore
ca. 1920-1965
Includes a postcard collection for shortwave radio operators, photographs, negatives, brewery material, newspaper clippings, a broadside, publications, and an oral history interview with William J. Carey. Carey, of the Dakota Malt and Brewing Company in Bismarck (ND) (1.25ft)
10645 Turtle Mountain Oral History Project
Belcourt, ND; Rolette Co., ND
Interviews, photographs, and audio cassettes from a project of the North Dakota Humanities Council, the University of Mary, and the State Historical Society. (2ft)

10684 Roy H. (Andy) Andersen (1917-1999) Audiotapes
ca. 1962-1972
Includes radio interviews by Andersen with Governor William Guy, President Lyndon B. Johnson, US Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy, and businessman Robert McCarney. There is also a recent oral history with Andy Anderson about his life and the changes in the radio broadcasting business. (2ft)

10692 Robert L. Stroup Papers
1967-1976, 1996
Includes files of the Energy Development Board, coal mining reclamation issues and resolutions, files relating to Stroup’s service in the North Dakota Legislature, aerial photos of coal mine activity, and an oral history with Mr. Stroup. (13ft)

10697 Ann Rathke
Papers, 1982-1989
Research notes, publications, interviews, and a chart documenting women who served in the state legislature for Rathke’s book entitled, Lady, If You Go Into Politics. (4ft)

10728 San Haven Oral History Project
Rolette Co., ND
Audio interviews conducted by Scott Wagar during his research on San Haven Sanitarium, a treatment facility for tuberculosis patients. (.25ft)

10729 Oral History Interview Collection of North Dakota Women
Interviews with women in politics conducted by Barbara Honeyman-Pierce. Interviewees include: Sarah Vogel, Anne Summers, Heidi Heitkamp, Pat Owens, Jane Summers, and Jane Bovard. (6 audio cassettes)

10754 Victoria Gillies. Oral History
Interview by Scott Wagar on her family life in Bottineau, school days, and thoughts on her father's death from the 1918 influenza epidemic. (1 cassette tape)

10771 North Dakota Oral History Collection
Interviews with ten Standing Rock Sioux tribal members, entitled Wisdom of the Elders. Those inteviewed include: Sybil Iron Archambault; Arlene Red Door Benson; Reginald Bird Horse; Lillian Brown; Verna Cadotte; Evangeline Fast Horse; Alan Flying Bye; Joe Flying Bye; Agatha Fool Bear; Rose Good Left; Agatha Holy Bull; George Iron Shield; Grace Jamerson; Felix Kidder; Emma Lambert; Henry Lawrence; Zona Loans Arrow; Pete Looking Horse; Blanche Makes Him First; Helmina Makes Him First; Theresa Martin; Lillian Iron Bull Martinez; Ben One Feather; Ada Red Horse; and Leona Ryan. (10 video cassettes)

10781 Garrison Dam Relocation Oral Histories
Six members of the Three Affiliated Tribes who had been teenagers during construction of the dam describe how they learned about the dam, how relocation was accomplished, and the economic, social, and cultural impact of relocation on their lives, the lives of their families and of the region. Interviewees include: Hazel Driver Blake, Martin Cross, Jr., Phyllis Old Dog Cross, Bernice Estes, Marilyn Hudson, and Marie Wells. (6 audio cassettes, transcripts, and data sheets)

10789 State Historical Society of North Dakota. Governor’s Conference
Records, 1999
Recorded at the Annual Governor's Conference on North Dakota History in a session called "Myth and Reality: the Military Experience and North Dakota Oral Histories," 1999. Participants include Eugene Aune, Robert Austin, Albert Henry Becker, Brendon Brazil, Everett Haunson, John Jacobson, Gary O'Callaghan, Duane Olson, Mary Pardue, and Herb Place. (10 audio cassettes)

10827 Walsh County (ND) Historical Preservation Commission
Consists of audio interviews and transcripts, release forms, and the final report by Kimberly R. Porter for an oral history project entitled, "Depression Era Discoveries," sponsored by the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Interviews cover farming, schools, CCC and WPA, community activities, and the general conditions of the ‘dirty thirties’ in Walsh County, North Dakota. Interviewees include: Adele Anderson,  Joe  Anderson, Norman Bjorneby, Ray Carlson, George Chyle, Warren Evans, Alida Goodman, Tilford Grove, Edith Harris, Joe Holm, Sig Jagielski, Bertha Jensen, Vic Johnson, Verna Johnson, Ann Kelly, Charlotte LaVang, Vivian LaVang, Helen Lizakowski, Loretta McLaughlin, Harold McLaughlin, Lynn McMillian, Dennis Monson, Steve Nozinski, LLoyd Omdahl, Hazel Pfannsmith, Frank  Rose, Marvin Ulberg, Effie Ulberg, Percy Walstad, and Frank Wysocki. (.5ft)

10869 Helen Swenson
Papers, 1997-2002
Oral interviews  conducted by Helen Swenson with David and Vivian Barth, Alden Brink, Lois Engler, Roy Erickson, Dr. Marlin and Peggy Johnson, Doris Landerholm, Grace Link, B. Solberg, Betty Sprynczynatyk, Norma Stenslie, Emory Swanson, and Mabelle Walberg. (14 audio tapes)

10873 The North Dakota Veterans History Project
Interviews with veterans took place from with support from a grant through the General Services Administration. The State Historical Society of North Dakota was able to staff this project with a full-time coordinator through 2006. The project was initiated by Congress and the Library of Congress encouraged participation throughout the country. U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan was a strong proponent of the project and has promoted it both in North Dakota and nationally. Over 1600 interviews have been conducted. Veterans are still being interviewed as staff are able.

10894 Fargo (ND) Historic Preservation Commission
Records, 2002
Oral histories concerning downtown Fargo. (.5ft/18 audiotapes)

10905 Ukrainian Cultural Institute
Records, 1984-2001
Dickinson, ND
CDs and transcripts of 20 oral history interviews conducted by the Ukrainian Cultural Institute of Ukrainian families from Belfield, Bismarck, Butte, Fairfield, Kief, and Wilton. Those interviewed include William Anheluk; Steve Baranko; Pearl (Mrs. Mike) Basaraba; Peter Basaraba; Eva Boozenny; Mary (Skoropot) Hruby; Irene (Irena) Iwaniw; Peter Kassian, Sr.; George Klym; Mike and Pauline Kulish; Anna Logosz; Matt & Katy Logosz; Catherine Omafrey; Mary Palanuk; Rose Skurupey; Anna Solodiuk; Mr. and Mrs. John Stuchynski; Mary Stuss; George and Julia Tymchuk; Titiana Urchenko. (1ft)

10928 StoryCorps (North Dakota)
Records, 2005-2018
Consists of a interviews, reminiscences, and stories by North Dakotans recorded at story booths that were set up in Bismarck, Fargo, and New Town (N.D.). Collection also includes photographs of the interviewee and interviewer. The StoryCorps stops in North Dakota have been sponsored by Prairie Public Broadcasting, the Library of Congress, the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismarck State College, and AARP of North Dakota. This collection is available for reference use only. (1,734 digital files, 88.7 GB)

10987 Harold Schafer Interviews by Rod Tjaden
Consists of 9 tapes, 8 BETA and 1 1/2" (VHS)

11085 Fletcher Poling Oral Histories - Amateur Baseball in Northwest North Dakota and Northeast Montana
Interviews of former amateur baseball players from the region by Fletcher Poling in June 2011. Interviewees are Lyle Nelson, Duane Hought, Ed Smith, Gene Emery, Walter "Herbie" Oyen, Ken Oyen, Les Olson, Roy Trogstad, Gordon Hegge, Irwin Quarne, Winfred Smith, Howard Ross, Jr., Clarence "Chip" Poling, and Mary Christine Larson. (8 DVDs)

11109 Mary Wolf Oral History
Consists of interview of Mary Wolf whowas interviewed by Juliene Wolf and other family members. Also contains three family photographs. Interview took place in Zeland, ND. Wolf and Richter families. (1 audio cassette and 3 photographs)

11131 North Dakota Governor's Residence Oral Histories
Consists of six interviews of former first ladies and children who lived in the governor's residence as well as the architect. People interviewed were Rick Davis, Nancy Guy, Deb Igoe, Jean Guy, Grace Link, Jane Sinner, Wayne Sanstead, Ed Conlin, Mikey Hoeven, Bob Ritterbush (architect), Kari Jones Hammer, and Barb Olson. Interviewers were First Lady Betsy Dalrymple and Sarah Johnson. (.25 ft./6 DVDs)

11142 Floyd Boutrous
Consists primarily of materials collected by Floyd Boutrous from the February 22, 1955 visit by General Alfred M. Gruenther, Supreme Commander, Allied Powers, Europe, to North Dakota to promote The Crusade for Freedom. Boutrous was the Chairman of the ND Crusade for Freedom, and was on the General Gruenther Committee. Also includes an oral interview of Floyd Boutrous done by Lotte Bailey, Deputy State Archivist, on August 29, 2003. (2 cassette tapes)

11166 State Historical Society of ND Foundation Oral History
Contains oral history interviews with A. Kirk Lanterman conducted by Gerald Newborg on August 19, 2010, and interviews with Al Golden, Bill Schott, Bob Hammond, Dick Broschat, Leon "Tude" Gordon, Wally Beyer, and Walt Braun. (12 DVCAM and MiniDV)

11190 Tri-County Tourism Alliance Food Culture Oral Interviews, Recipes and Photographs 2011-2013
Consists of transcripts of oral history interviews, recipes, printed thumbnails of photographs, and discs of photographs and recipes. The food history project was conducted by the Tri-County Tourism Alliance and supported by a Cultural Heritage Grant from the State Historical Society of North Dakota to preserve the history of Germans from Russia in Emmons, McIntosh and Logan Counties. This collection is for REFERENCE USE ONLY. Permission to duplicate material must be acquired from the Tri-County Tourism Alliance (Napoleon, ND). (.25ft)

11193 Buffalo Trails Museum Oral History
Cassette tapes and some transcripts of interviews of pioneers from Epping and the surrounding area. (.5ft)

11200 Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge Oral History         
Interviews with current and former staff members of Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge centered on the built environment at Arrowwood, in particular the remaining WPA-era structures and any information about their uses, physical or functional changes, or any other information that would aid in the general documentation of the built environment at Arrowwood.  (.25ft)

11204 Medora Memories Oral History Project
Five interviews of longtime residents from the Medora area talking about their remembrances of growing up and living in the area. Interviewees are Ethel Hanen, Roberta Kennedy, Pearl Olstad, Einar Justesen, and Marje Gratton. Interviewers are Kelly Owens, Samantha Bossman, and Emily Sajdak. Tapes have been digitized. (0.25 ft./7 cassette tapes)

11239 North Dakota Newspaper Association Oral Histories
Interviews for the Inside Stories Oral Histories of North Dakota Journalists Project. Initial accession contains three interviews featuring John Andrist, Bill Marcil Sr., and Marilyn Hagerty. These interviews were conducted by Teri Finneman and sponsored by the North Dakota Newspaper Association. For each of the interviews, there is a transcript, a DVD copy, and an audio copy. The collection also contains a highlight file of the interviews and newspaper clippings about the project. (.5ft)

11249 Bakken Oral History Project
Twenty-seven oral interviews conducted by members of the University of Minnesota's Department of Geography, Environment and Society as part of a project titled "Life and Labor in the Bakken Oilfields.  The project set out to interview oil industry related workers as well as long term residents and people that had recently located to the Williston region. (24 digital files)

11257 Kurt Quanbeck
Five oral history interviews conducted by Kurt Quanbeck with Roy Hogan, July 22, 1978; Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Pearson, June 14, 1978;  Gurine (Mrs. Chris) Clausen, March 10, 1979; Herb Tuck, June 26, 1979; and Simon Helgeland, August 5, 1979. The interviews were originally recorded on cassette tapes. The tapes were digitized by Sarah Walker. (.25 ft. and 5 digital files)

11322 Prairie Memories: the Vietnam Years
Consists of audio recordings of interviews with North Dakota veterans of the Vietnam War, as well as digital scans and photocopies of photographs, moving image, newspaper clippings, publications, and printed material, supplied by the interviewees at the time of interview. Items were scanned/photocopied and returned to the donors. (.25ft and digital)

11323 Hazen Public Library (Hazen, N.D.)
Consists of interviews conducted by Ervin Albers for the Hazen Golden Jubilee: Dr. C. R. Chapman, Victor and Emery Stephens, Mary Zabel, Jo Bolle, Emma Drath and Helen Weigum, as well as miscellaneous interviews with Reuben Baisch, R. J. Sailer and Carol Martin about the history of the Hazen area, including the Influenza of 1918 and Great Depression (0.5 ft.).

11342 Barnes County Oral History Collection
Consists of 249 audio recordings of North Dakota residents, most of which were compiled by Valley City students between 1970-1984. Includes cassette tapes and magnetic tape recordings. (3ft)

20709 Hilary B. Hacker (1913-1990) Oral History Interview
Consists of an oral history interview transcript concerning Bismarck's Catholic Bishop Hacker's life and history of the Diocese of Bismarck. (1 item)

20807 Kyle R. Jansson
Oral Interviews, 1993
Twenty taped interviews Jansson conducted for his master's thesis, "Amateur and Semi-Professional Baseball in North Dakota Communities". Copy of thesis is included. (21 items)

20840 Emma J. Keller Oral History
Recollections of growing up in north central North Dakota. (4 items)

20841 Glenharold (ND) Coal Mine. Oral History
Interviewees included Randall Fretty, George Moorman, and Mrs. Wilbur (Freda Teuber) Stephens all of Stanton (N.D.) The report was prepared for Basin Cooperative Services of Bismarck by Historical Research Associates of Missoula (MT). Report of findings resulting from phase I mitigation of adverse impacts to cultural resource sites in mine area I of the Glenharold mine, Mercer County, North Dakota. (3 audiocassettes + transcripts)

20942 Louise (Aandahl) Stockman and Mary (Langer) Gokey. Oral History
Transcript of interviews with former governors’ daughters, Louise Stockman and Mary “Mimi” Gokey, conducted by Larry J. Sprunk, May, 1983, discussing the daughters’ views of the mansion. (.25ft)

21017 James Thompson Oral History
Consists of reminiscences of Mr. Thompson during the early years of his life, his military experiences, marriage, and business career as the owner of Sioux Sporting Goods in Bismarck, North Dakota. (4 audio tapes)

21067 Garrison Dam Impact Study Interviews
Consists of interviews with individuals affected by the construction of the Garrison Dam, handwritten descriptions of the contents of the discs, and consent forms signed by interviewees. The study was titled "Valley of the Dammed: Garrison Dam History Project" and was conducted by Tessa Sandstrom and Aaron Wentz in November 2006. Topics and places discussed include: Shell Creek, Van Hook, Sanish, Parshall, Plaza, Keene, Missouri River and bottom lands, agriculture, New Town, Four Bears Bridge, rodeos, Elbowoods, Three Affiliated Tribes, and depression. Individuals interviewed were Marilyn Hudson, Bernice Houser, Bob Gorder, David Nelson, Doris Yri, Harley Steffen, Sharon Andes, and Rita Satermo. (8 DVDs)

21112 Manuel and Frances Stegmiller Oral History
Consists of an interview with Manuel and Frances Stegmiller by Abby Bardell. Manuel and Frances were married in 1946. They discuss their lives and growing up in Morton County. (2 CDs and printed transcript).
21130 Ypsilanti (ND) 125th Anniversary Oral History Collection
Oral history interviews conducted at the 125th anniversary celebration, June 16, 2007, conducted by Steve Reidburn and Carolgene Wolf. The collection consists of a transcript of the interviews and index, four CDs containing the interviews, and a souvenir booklet from the celebration. Names of interviewees include Carol and Bill Guymer, Wilma Dally, Lillian Peckham, Shirley Heffernan Laber, Oscar Erickson, Betty Kipp Cumber, Berge sisters, Jodi Bunde, Virginia Evans, Elaine Monson Miedema, Dale Marks, Judy Lacer, Carl Woiwode, Darrell Roorda, Marlys Mellum, Ellen Orr, Irene Randall, Curtis Whitney, Lien family, Kerry Larson, Arline Lueck, and Carolgene Wolf. Subjects include the depression, farming, the 1930s, education in Ypsilanti, businesses, people, personal reminiscences and biographical information.

21138 Minot Musicians Association Oral Histories
Consists of an interview with Jerry Schlag and Myron T. Dammen about the history of the Music Association and their band, the JMB Band. Also contains a paper copy of the Association's constitution and by-laws. Sarah Walker of the SHSND State Archives conducted the interview. JMB Band music is cataloged in WorldCat. The music is on CD. (1 CD, 1 DVD)

21178 Lyle M. Nelson Oral History
Includes interview with Lyle Nelson done by Clair Olson. Interview relates to photos from the Zahl Photo Collection 2010-P-017 and consists of reminiscences of growing up north of Zahl in Divide County. Also included are two war ration books of Otto and Hilda Nelson. (.1ft/1 cassette tape)

21193 Agnes Bjorke Leer Oral History
Transcript and microcassette tapes of an interview conducted by Dr. Thomas Saylor (Concordia University, St. Paul, MN) on December 1, 2003. The interview details Bjorke’s (Leers) memories and experiences of the 1941-1945 period. Leer was born April 9, 1926 in Wolverton (Wilkin County, MN) and grew up in Minot and Rugby (ND). During the war years, 1941-1944, Agnes was a high school student and also worked part time at a drug store and a movie theater in Rugby. After graduation, she completed a summer program in Minot that qualified her to teach in country schools. She taught in Abercrombie (ND) from 1944-1945 and in Kindred from 1945-1947. In 1947 she moved to Fargo (ND) and took a job with a local telephone company. There she met Army veteran Clarence Leer, who she married in 1948. In 1951, the couple moved to California when Clarence finished school. They returned to the area in 1956, settling in Apple Valley (MN). Agnes was a homemaker who raised four children and had a variety of interests, including traveling (.05ft).

21207 Chester R. Cowles
ca. 1989
Transcript of an interview of Cowles (1919-2005) conducted by his daughter Charlotte Gilman. He discusses his childhood in Bismarck (ND), agriculture, the depression of the 1930s, his service in the Army in World War II in the Pacific, his marriage and married life, employment a Chester R. Cowles was born July 10, 1919 in Le Sauk Township, Stearns County (MN) to Clarence and Pearl (Lamont) Cowles. He married Helen Faye Haggard on June 28, 1948 in Belle Fourche (SD). Chester Cowles died March 26, 2005 (.05ft).

21302 Jon Rask
Consists of an oral history interview with former NASA astronaut Jon Rask, conducted by Sarah Walker (digital only) (1:11:52). In this interview, conducted on November 2, 2010 at the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Jon Rask discusses the many events in his life that led him to his current career. Among his influences are his childhood in Bismarck and his time spent farming and ranching south of Mandan. He discusses the many experiments and projects he has been involved with for NASA and how his background in North Dakota affected and inspired his work.

Rask is a life scientist with the Space Biosciences Division of NASA Ames. His research focuses on human health risks associated with space exploration and the search for life on Mars. Rask has investigated the toxicity of lunar dust, and he has developed and tested life science hardware and experiments for Space Shuttle missions and the International Space Station. He has performed experiment operations aboard the NASA C9B parabolic aircraft and been a test subject in hypergravity experiments aboard the centrifuge facilities at NASA Ames. Rask has also been involved in Mars analog research at the Mars Desert Research Station in the Mojave and Empty Quarter Deserts; in the relic glacial terrains and Badlands of North Dakota; in the Arctic on Svalbard archipelago; and in Antarctica. Prior to his work at NASA Ames, Rask was a farmer, rancher, and high school science teacher in North Dakota. Rask is a 2001 alumni of the UND Space Studies M.S. program. Space Studies is part of the UND John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences.

21305 Gary Miller
Consists of an oral history interview with Darla Miller, wife of the late painter, Gary Miller, conducted by Sarah Walker (digital only) (1:42:05). Darla was born in 1935 and later married Gary in 1954. Together they had 5 children. This interview largely discusses Gary Miller’s painting career focusing on the path he took to becoming a full time painter and gallery owner. Darla also explains Gary’s painting technique and how he would plan and execute a painting. There are many anecdotes of running an art and gallery business, and also stories about the people who appreciated his work that the Millers had met over the years. Darla also details Gary’s battle with leukemia and how it affected him and his work.

21315 Ray Staiger
October 10, 2013
Consists of an oral history interview with Ray Staiger, former deputy director of the North Dakota Disaster Emergency Services (Division of Emergency Management). The interview was conducted by Sarah Walker (1:32:25). Raymond Julius Staiger was born December 9, 1932 on his parent’s (Jacob and Emma Staiger) farm south of Hebron in Grant County, ND. He had two older brothers and an older sister. In this interview Staiger recalls memories from his youth such as grasshopper plagues during the Great Depression, and also his experiences being educated in a one room schoolhouse. After high school he enlisted in the Air Force as a radar repairman and was subsequently stationed in Japan during the Korean War, and then later in northern Washington state. After his enlistment period in the Air Force, Staiger went to college at Minot State University, and upon graduation was employed by the Civil Defense Administration. In this position he facilitated education, awareness, and equipment training for the various stations across the state. Staiger recalls many of the disasters that occurred in North Dakota during that time period and reflects on how his organization responded. (Digital only).

21316 Betty Lou Pyle
Consists of an oral history interview conducted by Sarah Walker with Betty Lou Pyle at the North Dakota State Archives. Includes family history information and a news article about Betty Lou and her sister Betty Jean (1 digital file).

21317 Diane Weber
Consists of an interview with Diane Weber about her youth in North Dakota, focusing on her education in a one-room school house in Dunn County. The interview  was conducted at the North Dakota State Archives by Sarah Walker and Amy Bleier (1 digital file).

21347 Saralee Greenberg Sloven
Interview with Saralee Greenberg Sloven, conducted August 14, 2017 by Sarah Walker. Interview approximately 75 minutes. Sloven was born to a Jewish family in Grafton in 1925 and discusses growing up in North Dakota. Her parents were born to Jewish homesteaders who lived in Ashley, ND and in the Wing, ND area. After she married, she lived for a few decades in Bismarck with her husband Sidney. Sloven talks about Judaism in North Dakota, customs and traditions, changes in community, and touches on WWII as well as the Great Depression. She also discusses the Ashley Jewish Homesteaders Cemetery. Both of her parents are buried in the Ashley Jewish Homesteaders Cemetery, which joined the National Register of Historic Places in 2015. Her mother was interviewed by Al Thal, and the cassette is in the State Archives' collections (1 digital file).

21351 Helen Arduser
March 25, 1999
Interview with Helen Arduser, Marion Lyons Clover and Connie Ashauer regarding their military service. The interview was conducted by Dorothy Nye and photographed by George Amann at the Barnes County Historical Society. The donor has been contacted to provide more information about the interview and interviewees. Lt. Col. Arduser served in Korea, Vietnam and Japan. She was the daughter of Margaret Christ Bayesch and Conrad Arduser. Her grandfather, J.C. Arduser, was a Bonanza farmer in Marion (N.D.) (.05 ft.).

21352 Matilda Towne Rupp
Interview covers early Bismarck development, her family history, and World War II. Rupp was born in 1927 and witnessed the capitol burning and the construction of Bismarck High School. Matilda's father was Dr. Towne, Bismarck dentist. Her maternal grandfather was E. A. Williams. She grew up in the Williams' home, on 7th St. The interview was conducted by Sarah Walker (digital).

21353 Charles Huhn
Consists of an oral history with Charles Huhn, conducted by Sarah Walker on August 16, 2017. In the interview, Huhn discusses his service in the Air Force during World War II.  He also talks about his family background, and discusses baseball. His father, Charles, and his brothers all played on the baseball team in Wilton. The collection also includes three portraits of Huhn (.05 ft. plus digital).

21354 Patrick J. Mangan
Patrick J. Mangan was interviewed by Sarah Walker for approximately 45-60 minutes. Patrick discussed his U.S. Navy service in Vietnam. (digital).

21355 Kevin D. Hawley
ca. 1970-2017
The collection consists of an oral history interview with multi-generation firefighter Kevin Hawley, and digital photographs of Hawley and his family. The interview was conducted by Sarah Walker on September 21, 2017 (14 digital files).

21356 Blossom (Land) McGillic
March 1983
Consists of an audio recording of reminiscences of Blossom (Lang) McGillic, daughter of Michael Lang (Custer's 7th Cavalry, proprietor of grocery store in Mandan) about growing up in Mandan (N.D.). Blossom married Frank McGillic. The interview is split into two mp3 files.

21370 Theodore Appel
Consists of an oral history interview with Theodore Appel discussing growing up in Butte (Mont.) and living in Fargo. He discusses working at Pioneer Mutual Life, Lions Club, Boy Scouts, John F. Kennedy, Nixon, Berlin Wall, and other North Dakota and national events. (1 item)

21402 Dean and Ruby Johnson
Consists of information about the family of Dean and Ruby Johnson and their music store in Mott (N.D.). The disc contains images, a family history, and two oral history interviews with Dean Johnson about his recollections on World War II (0.05 ft.).

21407 Marilyn O'Leary Lips and Gary Lahr
June 7, 2018
Consists of an interview with Marilyn O'Leary Lips and Gary Lahr about the history of the Tom O'Leary Golf course and Bismarck (N.D.). The interview was conducted by Sarah Walker at the North Dakota State Archives (1 digital file).

21408 Harry Sherman
Consists of an interview with Harry Sherman, former mayor of Steele (N.D.) about growing up and living in North Dakota, businesses, social life, and the city hall building in Steele. Sherman discusses his father, who was county auditor and a member of the Independent Voter's Association (IVA). They discuss contemporary and historical politics, both national and statewide. The interview was conducted by Lou Hafermehl for the North Dakota State Historic Preservation Office (1 digital file).

31049 State Highway Department.  Administration, Oral History Transcripts
Transcripts of 14 oral history interviews relating to the history of the State Highway Department conducted by Larry Sprunk. (4ft)

31857 Indian Boarding Schools Oral History Project
Interviews of 12 former students at the Fort Totten Indian Boarding School for the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
1975 Pete Taken Alive
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Alvonne Gates, McLaughlin, SD. 5/19/93.
1976 Alvina Alberts
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Timber Moser, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93.
1977 Peter Belgarde
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Shannon Cameron, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93.
1978 Phyllis Young
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Lane Droog, Fort Yates, ND. 5/19/75.
1979 Grace Lambert
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Anissa Bordeaux, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93.
1980 Agnes Greene
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Susan Sevitts, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93.
1981 Bertha DeMarce
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Rhonda Weiss, Fort Totten, ND 5/12/93.
1982 Christine Alex
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Jim Cudney, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93.
1983 Ben Benson
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Deb Bloom, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93.
1984 Demus McDonald
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Luci Grosz, Fort Totten, ND, Little Hoop Community College, 5/12/93.
1985 William Village Center
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Susan Sevitts, McLaughlin, SD. 5/19/93.
1986 Margaret Shoestring
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Alvonne Gates, Fort Yates, ND. May 1993.

32172 Parks and Recreation - Administration Division.  Civilian Conservation Corps History Project
Audio tape recordings and/or digital video recordings of interviews with members of the North Dakota Civilian Conservation Corps. Interviews were conducted by Larry Wegleitner, Donna Schonweiler, or Lou Hafermehl. The project was sponsored by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Division and the State Historical Society of North Dakota.  Five interviews are also a part of the Veterans History Project MSS 10873. (10 recordings)

32271 Department of Transportation. Communications, Multi-Media Unit, Crossing the Water: An Oral History of Four Bears Bridge
22 binders each containing an audio CD of the individual interview, 4 DVD set of video recordings of the interviews, and a transcript of the interview. Interviewees include: Albert Bauman, Martin Cross, Jr., Laverne Fettig, Fred Baker, John Fredericks, Jr., Alfreda Goodbird, Helen Baker, Franklin Hines, Marilyn C. Hudson, Glenn Hasby, Lilah Hasby, Bob Gorder, Melda Packineau Lambert, Calvin Grinnell, Wilma A. Nash, Woodrow Overlie, Caroline Pleets, Victor Walker, Dr. Herbert J. Wilson, Lena Malnourie, Arthur C. Smith, and Tillie Walker.(3ft)

32281 State Historical Society. Education & Interpretation Division. Ed Lahr Interview "Living on the Missouri River" for Bridges SEND Trunk
Digital recording of an interview conducted by Marilyn Snyder with Ed Lahr on his experience living on the Missouri River from 1915 to 2006. Interview was done as part of the SEND Trunk program on Bridges in North Dakota. (1CD)

32314 Historical Society. Historic Sites, Missile Site Oral Histories
Consists of interviews conducted for the “Memories of the Missile Field, Oral Histories of Life in the Grand Forks Missile Field” project at the Ronald Regan Minute Man Missile State Historic Site (Oscar Zero Missile Site). Interviewees were both military and civilian personnel who worked at the missile sites. (.5ft)

32321 Historical Society, Historic Sites. Former Governors’ Mansion Oral History Project
Oral history interview transcripts compiled by Stacy Schaffer, intern at Former Governors’ Mansion in 2010. Interviews contain information about the Former Governors’ Mansion in the 1960s-1970s when it was used by the Mental Health and Retardation Services Division of the State Health Department. Interviewees are Ida Schmitt, Lucille Gohring, Sharalyn Gehring, Carl Rodlund, Richard Elefson, Albert Samuelson, Jean Doll, and Awad Ismir. (The only audio CD is of interviewee Albert Samuelson.) (.25ft)


Individual audio tapes are currently being digitized. (see Charges For Reference Services).
Individual audio tapes Interviews can be ordered and put on a CD or downloaded via our FTP web site. The charge per file is $5. Please contact the reference desk with the name of the person and interview number, if known, to order.

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