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Audiovisual materials include motion picture film and video tape including an estimated 5 million feet of 16mm motion picture film, approximately 3.5 million feet of which was acquired from North Dakota television stations covering the period 1953-2000. The film collection includes the Holmboe Collection, the John Hanson Collection, the Bill Snyder Collection,the North Dakota News Film Collection, several individual and family collections (both amateur and professional), and other film and video from a variety of sources.

10149 Russell Reid
Duplicate reel of the motion picture film showing the burning and destruction of the North Dakota State Capitol on December 28, 1930. Three cores of 16 mm film were transferred to a high quality digital format.  (31 canisters)

10269 Frithjof Holmboe
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, contracts, documents, financial statements, films, and lists of stockholders and inventors of the Publicity Film Company of Bismarck (ND). Holmboe was a photographer and producer of promotional motion picture films for North Dakota Department of Immigration. NOTE: The photographs from the collection were transferred to the Photo Archives Collection 00834. (3.25ft)

10435 Greater North Dakota Association
Includes by-laws, financial statements, resolutions, and minutes of the Executive Committee, Industrial Committee, Board of Directors, and joint meetings with the North Dakota Automobile Association. Minutes relate primarily to administration of the Association, tourism, promotion of economic development, Missouri River diversion plans, plans to establish the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and relations with the North Dakota Automobile Association prior to their split in 1925. A list of 16mm promotional motion picture film shot between 1948-1963 is available. Footage shot for the GNDA by Corwin, Sebens and Snyder is of rodeos, farm and ranch life, Medora, Theodore Roosevelt National Park opening, oil well opening, Jewel Bearing Plant groundbreaking, Fargo Diamond Jubilee, Rosemeade Pottery, Cloverdale Creamery, and Melroe Manufacturing Company. (Film is digitized) (4.5ft.)

10482 Pat Curtiss
Consists of 1982 Burdick campaign files containing correspondence, memoranda, notes, speeches, a 1970 survey of political opinion, audio tapes, videotapes, and motion picture campaign advertisements for Quentin Burdick, Scott Anderson, and William Guy. (1.75ft)

10559 A. W. Lucas
Papers, 1905-1980
Scrapbooks contain letters, certificates, photographs of window displays, advertising awards, memorabilia, and the home movie film collection of Bismarck businessman, El Torrance. Includes 27 reels of 16 mm film of football games (Pecan Bowl) sports parades, NDSU-Omaha (9ft/oversize)

10566 Blasidell (ND) Statehood Centennial Reunion
1922, 1989
Consists of correspondence, historical background information, newspaper clippings, a packet sent to out-of-state alumni, brochures, postcards, photographs,  audiocassette, and videocassette all relating to the statehood centennial celebration musical and the all class reunion. (.75ft)

10578 Prairie Public Television
Prairie News Journal, a regional news digest hosted by Darrel Dorgan, combined stories submitted by regional television, radio and newspaper journalists with mini-documentaries produced by Prairie Public. The program, which aired for 8 seasons, won an Iris award, an Emmy nomination and multiple awards from the Northwest Broadcasters News Association.
SPIN with Cal Olson was a weekly hour-long magazine program with interviews and discussions about topical interests.  The program began in 1976. Boyd Christenson began hosting the show in 1978.
Boyd Christenson Interviews (BCI) included intimate portraits with many of North Dakota’s best known personalities. Guests included musician Lawrence Welk, baseball great Roger Maris, U.S. Senator Milton Young, hockey legend Cliff “Fido” Purpur and writer Louis L’Amour.
Other, smaller programming include some tapes of Skylines Magazine, Dakota Fields, PlainsTalk, Chautauqua programs, and Legislative Review.

10581 Waldmar H. Itrich
Images of family events and outings on 16mm film of a druggist from New Salem and Hebron, ND. (14 reels)

10612 Quentin N. Burdick
Reels of 16mm news film footage from various campaign trips around North Dakota and two black and white photographs complete with pen sets of the Senator with President Johnson and congressmen during a bill signing ceremony at the White House. Segment level control.  Negative film. (6ft)

10620 C. W. Corwin
Includes b/w and color footage, mostly family topics and activities.  See also collections 84-AV-004 for film shot by S. W. Corwin of Capitol fire, deconstruction and construction of current capitol. See also 10967 for footage of the same shot by James Blunt, and found with 84-AV-004. (49 reels)

10623 John W. Larson, Sr.
includes home movies of trips to Mexico, Canada, Yellowstone National Park, fishing and hunting, Moffit and Mandan rodeos, and wildlife scenes. (21 cans of 8mm; 16 cans of 16mm film)

10624 Raymond and Gertrude Schaefer
The 8mm b/w and color edited film of the family includes a script describing the people and events captured in the footage. The films generally center around the Bismarck area and contain urban and rural film footage of family events such as birthdays, holidays, parades, and vacations. Includes the home front in World War II with a soldier send off and a BIsmarck parade celebrating the war's end. (2.5ft)

10658 John Hanson
Consists of motion picture film, video tapes, scripts, and other written materials relating to documentary film productions or co-productions.  Hanson, a McClusky ND native, earned the Camera D'Or award at the 1979 Cannes film festival. Copyright is retained by the film maker. Titles include Northern Lights,  Prairie Fire, Rebel Earth, Survivor, Talking Pictures, Traveling Light, Troubled Waters,  Western Coal,  Wildrose, Sisters, A Sense of Place, Liberty!, Alien CD, American Portrait: Step Family, American Portrait: Multicultural Preschool, Bayfield Follies, Happy Hour, and On this Farm He Had Some Pigs. (250ft)

10684 A. L. (Andy) Anderson
Audio tapes, 1949-1975
Includes radio interviews by Andersen with Governor William Guy, President Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy, and businessman Robert McCarney. Also includes a recent oral history with Andy Andersen about his life and the changes in the radio broadcasting business. The collection also contains 29-16mm film clips that have been put together on two cores. The clips include Bismarck construction and demolition scenes, Mandan rodeo, Gene Autry, Sanish (ND), Buffalo Lake (ND), and Bismarck (ND) scenes.(2ft)

10724 Darrell Dorgan
Contains a compilation of historical files, scripts from Bismarck ND radio and television broadcasting stations, video interviews with a variety of North Dakotans, and reports on popular social issues including the environment, energy, MX missile system, school certification, synthetic fuels, taxes, Sitting Bull, and the potato sale.  (2.5ft)

10765 Society for the Preservation of the Former Governor's Residence
Videotapes documenting the Former Governors' Mansion Lawn Parties of 2006 and 2007 and the press announcement and schedule of events for the 2007 party. (2 VHS tapes)

10770 Lyndon F. Clark
The 7,000 feet of color film includes winter and summer scenes mostly taken in Rolette County. Other footage includes hunting trips to Canada and a wedding in Washington state.  (5 canisters)

10771 North Dakota Oral History Collection
Recollections of Standing Rock Sioux tribal members, nine women and five men.  Reference use only. (10 video cassettes)

10782 Snyder Films
Consist of 16mm films of raw footage and completed productions of work done by Bill Snyder Films.  The company shot and produced industrial films, TV commercials, animation and documentaries.  The Company’s over 800 productions, many award winners, include work for Walt Disney Mickey Mouse newsreel, Melroe Bobcat, Steiger Tractor, political and other television commercials, documentaries about North Dakota agriculture, the farm credit system, Insurance Youth Golf Tournament, the U.S. Bicentennial and other topics. (1.5 million ft., 330 shelf ft.)

10816 Cathy Kurihara
Relates to proposed expansion of the Hughes Field and Hughes Junior High School in Bismarck, ND, and includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, and beta video cassettes. (.5ft)

10829 Hector Airport (Fargo, ND)
Contains copies of the history, reports, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a video of the airport. (.5ft)

10831 Parkhouse Family
Consists of photos with description and an audio tape describing the farm life and activities in Arthur  ND from the 8mm film as it was transferred to video.  (.25ft)

10847 Arthur W. Hedge
1935, 1946, 1947-1948
Hedge produced the films while at student Dickinson State College and after.  Three reels of  16mm film were produced by Arthur Hedge and include Campus Days, 1935, silent and black and white, 48 minutes; Holiday in Hawaii, 1947-1948, and color;  and  Report from the Orient, undated, black and white and color, and silent.   The fourth 16 mm reel (Part One) was a gift to him from the US Signal Corps and is titled The Stilwell Road.  (4 - 16mm reels)

10855 Flint Communication
Moving images gathered for use during North Dakota's state centennial celebration advertising and programs, Garrison Diversion Project, Blue/Cross Blue Shield, ND-The Changing Picture, and American Oil Frontier. Much of the footage is from archival, government and private collections.  (63 - 3/4 inch videotapes)

10859 Ralph Lawson
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, scrapbook and a motion picture film relating to the North Dakota State Babe Ruth Baseball League. (3.25ft)

10860 William Leingang Jr. Mobile Video Productions
Papers, 1960-2000
A selection of film footage shot by Wiliam L. Leingang and William L. Leingang, Jr. Topics include a 16mm film of the 1969 flood of eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota, and video footage of Gordon Kahl, Badlands, aerial footage of the 1997 flood, 7th Cavalry stock footage, and oil fields.Slides are of the Meter Television newscast team including Roger Higgins, Al Gustin. Bob McLeod, Jess Cooper, and Jim Bucklin. (4ft.: 1-16mm film, 30 VHS tapes, 5 slides)

10878 George Amann
Comprised of 35 vhs videotapes of steam threshing celebrations/festivals at Fort Ransom, New Rockford and Fullerton. Arranged by event then year.  RESEARCH ONLY. (1ft)

10888 Frank Parsley
1909, 1940s
Motion picture footage from the Red River Valley region. Titles include 1909 tractor, snow plow, road work, drills, floods, blind show, and deer hunt. (7 - 16mm reels)

10938 Castle Films. News Parade
Newsreels, 1941-1945
Covers a number of WWII battles and also a number of year- in-review films from late 1930s to the early 1940s. 16 mm film in poor condition - vinegar syndrome. CD of cover scans. DVD and CD version of Japans surrender, Guam, Paris liberation, Victory over Germany, Axis surrenders in Africa, and Okinawa-USS Franklin on CD and DVD, 1945 on CD and DVD. (19 reels)

10944 Hiram M. and Ada Drache
Two-hour video of the life of Ada and Hiram Drache, a video of aerial combat titled Weedon-K-King (479), 1993-1994, and two audio cassettes of Drache's military service experience.  (.25ft)

10955 Roger Allin Bond
Contains correspondence, photographs, and other material related to Mr. Bond and to his namesake the Territorial Governor Roger Allin.  Video of the presentation of the material to Governor Schafer, 1995. (.25ft)

10967 James Blunt. Capitol Fire, Demolition and Construction of New Capitol  
Footage shot by James Blunt of the Capitol Fire (2 reels) December 28, 1930, Demolition of the State Capitol (3 reels) 1931 and Capitol Cornerstone Ceremonies (2 reels) October 8, 1932. Found in 2007 with S. W. Corwin film of the Capitol Fire and Demolition, 7:45, see collection 10620 and 87-AV-004. Blunt and Corwin reels are located in separate boxes in vault. (7 – 16mm reels)

10986 Hertz Film Collection
Consists of moving image film shot by Herbert G. "Herb" Hertz of family and events in and around New Leipzig, ND and other area towns and locations visited by the family all over the country.  (12 - 16mm reels) 

10996 American Red Cross Burleigh County Chapter Audiovisual Collection
Includes public service spot phonographs, 16 mm film including programs sponsored by the American Red Cross, and public service announcements. (47 canisters/11 phono covers)

11023 Dakota Media Access. Bismarck, Cable 12
Video tapes of events that occurred in the Bismarck area and television programming of events held at the North Dakota Heritage Center. Formats include BETA, 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch VHS and DVD. (13.25ft)

11029 VideoArts Studios. North Dakota Energy Council Videotapes
1988 & 1991
Consists of 4 - 3/4" videotapes containing raw footage of the North Dakota Energy Council meetings in 1988 and 1991. (4 tapes)

11030 Plowville, National Plowing Contest
Consists of materials relating to the September 1964 National Plowing Contest held at the Elmer and Ramona Fraase farm near Buffalo, North Dakota. Some dignitaries in attendance include 1964 Democratic Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, 1964 Republican Presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, Governor William "Bill" Guy, future Governor George Sinner, and Democratic nominee for the United States House of Representatives, Rolland Redlin. For film segments of the event, see Core #s 2280, 2281, 2282, 2325, 4440, and 5317. (4ft)

11037 Dr. Eric P. Quain
Footage of Dr. Quain's vacations to Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, Central and South America. Of special interest is footage of Bismarck (ND) Pioneer Day parades, President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Bismarck and James Foley speaking at the capitol.  Includes hand and type written descriptions of the film (26 canisters of 16mm film).

11040 Basin Electric Power Cooperative
The moving image portion of this collection consists of DVDs,  ¾” and ½” video tapes of company programs, meetings, symposiums, aerials of power plants, historic footage from the SHSND.  Speakers at many of the dedications and annual meetings are North Dakota politicians. (15ft)

11069 Dean Winkjer Family Collection
1. VHS tape (length 4:25) of Wildrose, ND "Olden Days". 1940s in color showing the town and its residents. Film was put together for the 1985 Diamond Jubilee celebration; 2. Vinyl recording of A.C. Townley speech titled "The Communist Russian New Deal Game To Bankrupt The U.S.A." August, 1956; 3. August 3, 1886 memo from George Hedderich of Leighton, Jordan & Hedderich, General Dealers in military and Indian Supplies, Fort Buford. Memo is written to John Hefferman of Little Muddy with instructions regarding supplies.
Townley recording and Wildrose video have been transferred to CD/DVD. (3 items)

11084 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Garrison Dam Construction Films
Consists of 58 films or film segments produced by or for the Corps of Engineers approximately during the period 1947-1960. Six films relate to projects in other states; two to McNary Dam in Oregon and four to Quake Lake in Montana. The films range in length from under 1.5 minutes to approximately 30 minutes. All of the film is 16mm and all has been transferred to a high quality digital format. Except for some completed programs, the film has no sound. Most film was shot in color; however, a number of films are in black and white.  (58 – 16mm reels)

11097 Wunderlich Family Film Collection
Consists of 20 16mm film segments ranging in length from under 3 minutes to slightly over an hour and totaling approximately 3.5 hours. Although the film is generally undated, the earliest identified date is 1961 and the latest 1987.
The film collection includes typical home movie subjects, including children’s antics, opening Christmas presents, vacation scenes at the International Peace Garden, Lake McDonald, and Marineland of the Pacific. Film of track meets (including the state track meet of 1978) focuses on a family member competing in the high jump. Other film shows typical farming activities, from plowing to harvesting, the raising of a grain leg, and livestock handling. A significant amount of film shows mining at the Falkirk Mine and the large dragline “the Prairie Rose.” Other shorter segments show a parade in Velva, erection of telephone poles and lines, and house construction. (2ft)

11103 Pearson Family Movies
Footage of family gatherings, Bowman and Slope County fairs, corn cutting, an oil well, and parades. (digitized). (7 - 16mm film reels)

11104 Braeger Family Film Collection
Family films consisting of family gatherings, vacations, farming scenes. Places include Sioux City, IA, Abilene TX, Oklahoma, Omaha, Mt. Ranier, Ft. Louis, San Diego, Black Hills, Yellowstone and Glacier Park, Medora, Badlands, Mexico, San Francisco, fishing trips to Canada (Flinn Flon, Lake Kilarney, Pelican Lake), Big Lake at Bemidji, MN, fishing on the Missouri, Niagara Falls, Michigan, Florida, Arlington Cemetery, Garrison Dam, Fort Peck Dam, Missouri River at Rosebud, SD, Grand Canyon, New Mexico, Yosemite National Park, Lake of the Woods, Grand Forks, ND Mill and Elevator. Also 3 DVDs transferred from 3 VHS tapes from  the State Agricultural Heritage Museum at SDSU. The VHS tapes consist of a video taping of the films with Phillip and his father, H. D. Braeger commenting on the films as they view them. (Digital transfers of 20 - 16mm film reels). (2ft)

11148 Robert Wood Family Film Collection
Film reels consisting of Robert Wood’s films of his family which include farm scenes, parades, powwows, vacations, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations. The Wood family is from the Warwick, ND area.  Some of the locations filmed include Devils Lake and Fort Totten.  The films are digitized. ( 21-8mm Reels)

11149 Harris Robinson Film Collection
Film reels of various scenes shot by Harris Robinson, who was an engineer on the original Memorial Bridge in Bismarck, ND. The film includes scenes of flooding around the Mandan area, snow removal, and Garrison Dam construction. Collection is digitized. (7-8mm Reels)

11150 Mel Stone
Consists of Mel Stone’s research, scripts, and videotapes of his television reports while working with KTHI/KVLY in Fargo, ND.  Much of this material is from Mel Stone’s segment “The Stone Report” which covered news and human interest stories of the Red River Valley.  Also included is correspondence and memoranda that occurred between Stone and other station employees. (10.5ft)

11151 Divide County High School Event Audio and Videos
Video and audio tapes of Divide County athletic events, including boys and girls basketball. Some video is home video and some are games taped off television broadcasts. Audiocassette tapes are recordings of radio broadcasts. (2ft)

11156 TLN Productions Inc. Video Collection
Consists of five DVDs of video footage shot in the Minot area, Medora, and Badlands. SHSND purchased the DVDs and rights from TLN in 2012. This is raw footage that was used in the production of the series titled "DiscoverAmerica" that aired on the Discovery Channel. (5 DVDs)

11159 Thomas O. Burgess
One film consists of footage with captions of Glacier National Park with unidentified people skiing and mountain climbing.  The other film consists of footage of a Montana rodeo, scenic views in Montana, and Pacific Coast scenes of the ocean and beach. (digitized) (two 16mm films)

11160 Columbus, ND Bicentennial Parade
Reel contains a United States Bicentennial and 70th Anniversary of town parade in Columbus, North Dakota. The film has sound.  (digitized) ( One 8mm reel)

11161 R. L. Baron
Consists of R. L. "Dick" Baron combat footage from his P-47 Thunderbolt fighter, 78th Fighter Group camera in the European Theater. (digitized) (one 16mm reel)

11162 Beulah Centennial Committee
Home movies of parades, car derbies in Mandan and Beulah, vacations to South Dakota, and a New Year’s celebration. Also includes an episode of Abbott and Costello. Three VHS tapes contain footage from Beulah’s 75th Jubilee Celebration in 1989 showing the Style Show, Pony Express, and Jubilee Musical Production. The slides contain images of the Wiest family from weddings, vacations, relatives, and family friends from the Beulah area. (digitized) (six 8mm reels)

11163 American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps
Footage of the Bismarck unit of the American Legion Drum and Bugle Corp at a Chicago, IL parade with Richard M. Nixon. Also contains the American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps in Grand Forks, ND..  (digitized) (one 8mm reel)

11165 Political Campaign Advertisements
Political advertising spots of North Dakota candidates for state offices. May 22, 2013 accession consists of 228 various film and video formats of political campaign advertisements for various North Dakota candidates.  Film and video formats consists of 2 inch tape, 1 inch tape, 3/4 inch tape, BETA, and VHS.  Candidates include Art Link, Lloyd Omdahl, Byron Dorgan, Earl Pomeroy, Kent Conrad, Steve Sydness, and Jack Dalrymple.(15 ft. of 1" reel to reel video transferred to DVD and digitized).

11170 Hettinger High School Athletic Events
High school football games, homecoming parades, half time entertainment, and other school activities.  Football opponents of Hettinger High School include Beach, Bowman, Lemmon, Killdeer, and Mott.  (Digitized) (39 - 16mm reels)

11174 Barbie Family
Film was taken by Erwin A.Barbie and audio tapes are Eugene and Edwin Barbie.  Contains home video of Barbie's family including vacations, weddings, birthdays, and shots of the family's cars.  The audio tapes include audio of family occasions.  There are four DVDs that contain copies of the film. DVD copies are digitized. (17 - 8mm film reels and 14 reel to reel audio tapes)

11175 Kenmare Jubilee
1947, 1972
Reel one features the Kenmare Golden Jubilee in 1947 and consists of parade footage, horse show, band performance, fireworks, and aerial shots of Kenmare. Reel two contains the Diamond Jubilee in 1972 and shows residents signing the guest book, parade, horse show, circus, fireworks, and car derby. Both films are color and silent. (two 16mm reels)

11179 Farmers Union
Consists of national and North Dakota news clips including film from the Focus on the News program which included segments from both KFYR and WDAY. Significant people included in the collection are John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Quentin Burdick, William Guy, and Art Link. The collection has been divided due to a gift by a NDFU principal to the University of North Dakota. 90 cores are located at UND. Complete inventory available in the Film and Video database. (65 feet of 16mm film)

11197 Mary S. Garman Sr.
Footage of a Bismarck farm, the Chateau de Mores, and Theodore Roosevelt’s cabin in Medora from 1973.  (2-16mm film)

11201 Roxana Saberi - Fort Lincoln Internment Camp
A two-segment program from KVLY-TV by Roxana Saberi featuring stories about the Fort Lincoln Internment Camp. (1 VHS videotape)

11202 Arnold Holden
Footage of Sen. William Langer, Bill Mills, and Harold Schafer. (1 VHS videotape)

11218 Elmer Osking Family Film               
Consists of fifty-six 8mm home movies, Castle Films News Parades, and two audio reels. The home movies contain footage of Hatton (N.D.), parades, aerials, football games, American Legion events, dedication of Eielson Air Force Base (Alaska) and family celebrations. Carl Ben Eielson house featured throughout films. The Castle Films New Parades (check for copyright before use) feature news stories during World War II until the 1954. The audio reels contain audio from the dedication of Eielson Air Force Base and memorial (Alaska). Elmer Oskings's wife was Elma Eielson Osking, sister to Carl Ben Eielson. (2.25ft)

11226 Paul and Eleanor Hoff Family
Contains film footage from Richardton (ND) including graduations, prom at St. Mary's High School, parades, harvesting and farm yard scenes, and family events and vacations. (2 mp4 segments)

11245 Pioneer Trails Regional Museum
Consists of seven VHS tapes of plays by the Tri-State Area Theater from the Bowman (N.D.) area, performed from 1979-2003. Titles of plays include Annie Get Your Gun, Unsinkable Molly Brown, Calamity Jane, The King and I, South Pacific, and Union Prairie Church dedication. (7 VHS tapes)

11250 NoDak Cable
Consists of audiovisual materials, including 1/2" videotape, Betamax tapes, and VHS videotapes, from NoDak Cable company in Bottineau (N.D.).  Footage includes parades, Centennial celebrations, style shows, athletic competitions, commercials, church services, and other activities in the towns of Bottineau (N.D.), Rugby (N.D.), and Towner (N.D.).  Also includes script from style show. (3ft)

11253 Mayville State University Films
ca. 1939-1965
Thirty-seven 16mm films taken at Mayville State University.  Footage includes campus events, sporting events and games, homecoming bonfires, commencement ceremonies, dedications of athletic field, and other college life activities. (2.ft.)

11256 Everett Thorson
Two 16mm film cores with footage of Mayville (N.D.) including graduation ceremonies, students, parades, the Minneapolis Aquatennial with the Mayville High School band and other town scenes. (1ft.)

11266 Mary John
Consists of VHS, Beta, 16mm, 8mm, and other formats of raw footage used in the production of All My Relatives. All My Relatives is an oral history documentary of Spirit Lake Nation as told through generations of Mary John’s family. All My Relatives received Best Feature Film at the 2002 Fargo (N.D.) Film Festival. All My Relatives originally aired on Prairie Public Television in 2001.(3.5 ft.)

11283 Douglas Van Tassel
ca. 1980-2000
3/4" videotapes featuring video footage captured by Douglas Van Tassel.  Stories include Apple Creek, Fort Abraham Lincoln and a meeting of the Little Big Horn Association, Woolworth deer feeding effort, an air show, and a prairie fire. Van Tassel worked for the Bismarck Tribune, Associated Press, KXMB, Prairie Public Television, and KFYR as a photographer and videographer. (.5ft.)

11305 Waldo (Wally) Kroeber Family
Scenes of Hawaii and other Pacific islands shot while Wally served with the Army Air Corps in World War II from 1943-1946. Continues with community and family events all around North Dakota, including towns of Napoleon, Grand Forks, Williston, and Medora. Detailed shot sheets included with the film. (43 Super 8 and 8mm films)

20847 Society for the Preservation of the Former Governor's Mansion
Concerns a recent lawn party celebration held at the former residence, and includes the introductory remarks of Herbert J. Wilson, a copy of the speech given by the grandson (John Burke) of Governor John Burke, a vhs video, a digital photograph of members of the Society Boards, the Burke family, and actors who participated in the events of the day. (.1ft)

20878 Leonard C. Thorson
Includes a super 8 color film and two karate certificates of rank. (3 items)

20967 William L. Leingang
Video tape of Red River flooding from South Dakota to Canada shot from a plane (date unknown). Five slides of the Meyer Boradcasting news team: Jim Backlin, Jess Cooper, Al Gustin, Roger Higgins, Bob McLeod. (6 items)

21083 A. Kirk Lanterman
Audio/Video interview of A. Kirk Lanterman conducted by Gerald Newborg on August 19, 2010.  Lanterman, a North Dakota native, was a successful Chairman and CEO of Holland America, a cruise line based in Washington State. Lanterman has donated generously to North Dakota schools and other non-profit projects.  The interview has been digitized.

21306 75th Anniversary Parade, Richardton (N.D.)
8mm film of the 75th Anniversary Parade in Richardton (N.D.) (1 item)

30179 Governor. Administration
Recordings of dictated letters, public service announcements, and speeches of Governor William Guy. (35 reel-to-reel audio tapes and 9 - 16mm motion picture films)

30406 Department of Public Instruction, Administration
Lectures and special programs relating to education. (53 - 1/2 inch videotape reels)

30604 Peace Officers' Commission and Combined Law Enforcement Council
Motion picture film titled "Police the Human Dimension," produced by Harper Row. Topics of films include ethics, minorities, authority, stress, and the community. (8 canisters)

30881 Attorney General. Administration
1972-1974; 1979
Consists of one 16mm motion picture film dealing with North Dakota jails.

31062 North Dakota American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
ca. 1974-1976
Audio-tapes, 16mm motion picture films, audio discs, and 35mm slides. (5 ft.)

31079 State Seed Department
ca. 1920s-1950s
Photographs, negatives, 35 mm slides, and 16 mm motion picture film depicting cultivation techniques, seed and vegetable specimens, department staff, and experiments. (3 ft.)

31098 Historical Society. Administration
North Dakota Heritage Center Dedication Video Recording.

31317 Centennial Commission
Video tapes documenting the North Dakota Centennial Planning Conference held in the Heritage Center in October 1985. The purpose of the conference was to receive public input on the proposed focus and activities of the Centennial celebration. (10 - 3/4 inch videocassette tapes)

31710 Adjutant General.  Emergency Management Division
Consists of disaster preparedness films relative to natural disasters such as tornadoes, winter storms, and hazardous material spills. One videotape relates to Devils Lake flooding from 1995. (25 containers;  16mm motion picture reels)

31893 Public Instruction. Division of Independent Study
Contains educational and entertainment films that were loaned out to schools for students to view.
(156 canisters of 16 mm film)

32172 Parks and Recreation - Administration Division
Interviews with members of the North Dakota Civilian Conservation Corps conducted by Larry Wegleitner, Donna Schonweiler, or Lou Hafermehl. Audio tape recordings and/or digital video recordings. (1.75 ft.)

32178 Historical Society. Historic Sites, Audiovisual Materials
Photographs, videotapes, and DVDs featuring exhibits and programs held at various historical sites around North Dakota including Chateau de Mores, Gingras Trading Post, Fort Totten, Pembina State Museum, and the Former Governors Mansion. (6.25ft.)

32179 State Historical Society. Education & Interpretation, Events and Programs Videotapes
Programs and Events are on 3/4 and 1/2 inch video tapes and also DVD. Includes Read North Dakota, the Governors Conference on North Dakota History, Sensational Sunday programs, historic sites programs, and various SHSND educational events like History Alive!, Dakota Folks and news clips of staff and events happening at the Heritage Center. (13ft)

32186 Department of Transportation, Information Technology Division
Aerial film statewide which includes highways, cities, and areas outside of the cities. Includes counties of Barnes, Benson, Cass, Cavalier, Eddy, Foster, Grand Forks, Griggs, Kidder, Nelson, Pembina, Pierce, Ramsey, Ransom, Rolette, Steele, Stutsman, Towner, Traill, Walsh and Wells. (94 canisters)

32228 Department of Emergency Services. Public Information Office
Includes “To This Point,” 30 minute video footage shot by FEMA of the flooding in Fargo (DVD),  an episode of Rescue 911 from Sargent County, a Division of Emergency Management Agency Video, "A Call To Service…Continuing the Call, 2005-2008," "Guarded Waters: ND National Guard 2009 Flood Fight," a 2009 flood video, DEM-1 Daily newscasts beginning February 1,         “Old Agency video,” 2002, and  “EOC State Radio EOC DEM Video Master. (3 ft.)

32238 Public Instruction. Elementary Education, Project North Dakota Records
Curriculum materials contain audio tape and film strips provided to schools for the teaching of North Dakota history. (4ft)

32271 Department of Transportation. Communications, Multi-Media Unit
Crossing the Water: An Oral History of Four Bears Bridge, 2003-2010. Consists of 22 binders each containing an audio cd of the individual interview, 4 DVD set of video recordings of the interviews and a transcript of the interview. The oral histories are arranged alphabetically by last name. (3ft)

32296 Game and Fish
Footage shot by the agency as well as by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The film and video was produced for promotional purposes, some being public service announcements and others full documentaries. All have color and sound and have been digitized. The series contains raw footage and finished productions. (9ft)

32309 Tax Commission. Audiovisual Collection
Consists of six 3/4 inch videotapes and eight reel to reel audiotapes featuring Tax Commissioners Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad. Subjects include Homestead Tax Credit and Tax Amnesty. (1ft)

32333 Historical Society. Archeology and Historic Preservation, Audiovisual Material
Consists of audiovisual material of various archaeology and historic preservation projects.  Contains footage of Lake Ilo, the Mennonite Church in Casselton (N.D.), the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Lisbon (N.D.), the Former Governor’s Mansion in Bismarck (N.D.), and the Badlands. Collection also includes material on preservation techniques and conferences.. (3.2ft.)

32337 Center for Distance Education, Audiovisual Materials
Audiovisual catalogs and videotapes used by the Center for Distance Education regarding North Dakota. (1.25ft)

32353 Historical Society. Museum Division, Audiovisual Materials
Twelve VHS videotapes. Contains footage used in various museum exhibits. Topics of videotapes include quilts, the Marquis de Mores, Frithjof Holmboe, Angela Murray Gibson, Lakota Quillwork, and early television and films of North Dakota. (1ft)

32382 Parks and Recreation. Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Interviews
Digital audio and video interviews conducted by the Dakota Institute for documentaries on Governors Art Link and William Guy and Harold Schafer and Eric Sevareid. (3.56 TB)

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