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Manuscripts by Subject - Groups / Organizations - #10435

Title: Greater North Dakota Association

Dates: 1925-1980

Collection Number: 10435

Quantity: 2 feet and moving and still images

Abstract: Includes by-laws, financial statements, resolutions, and minutes of the Executive Committee, Industrial Committee, Board of Directors, and joint meetings with the North Dakota Automobile Association. Minutes relate primarily to administration of the Association, tourism, promotion of economic development, Missouri River diversion plans, plans to establish the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and relations with the North Dakota Automobile Association prior to their split in 1925. Film footage and photographs shot for the GNDA by Corwin, Sebens and Snyder is of rodeos, farm and ranch life, Medora, Theodore Roosevelt National Park opening, oil well opening, Jewel Bearing Plant groundbreaking, Fargo Diamond Jubilee, Rosemeade Pottery, Cloverdale Creamery, and Melroe Manufacturing Company. (Film is digitized).

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the collection from Dale Anderson in September 1984.

Property Rights:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: The North Dakota Right to Life Association has dedicated such copyrights as it possesses in this collection to the public. Consideration of all other copyrights is the responsibility of the researcher.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Box / Folder Inventory

Box 1:
1 Promotional Brochure ca. 1929
2 Minutes 1925-1927
3 Minutes 1927-1929
4 Minutes 1931-1934
5 Minutes 1934-1939
6 1940-1945

Box 2:
1 Minutes 1946-1949
2 Minutes 1950-1954
3 Minutes 1957-1960
4 Minutes 1960-1963
5 Minutes 1963-1968

Box 3:
Minutes 1968-1978

Moving Image Inventory
Item Number/Description/Location/Date

10435-00001-001            Rodeo, Mandan (N.D.), 07/1947
10435-00001-002            Rodeo, Dickinson (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00001-003            Rodeo, Sanish (N.D.), 1949
10435-00002-001            Rodeo, Sanish (N.D.), 1951
10435-00003-001            ND High School Athletic Association; National - rules of basketball, filmed in Ames, Iowa, ads by Wheaties., Iowa , n.d.
10435-00003-002            Jewel Bearing Plant groundbreaking; includes speakers (includes Milton Young, William Langer), Indian dances, and ceremony, Rolla (N.D.), 10/18/1952
10435-00003-004            Southwestern Trip, n.d.
10435-00003-005            Boys' State at NDAC, Fargo (N.D.), 1945
10435-00003-006            Greater North Dakota Association; NY.  Far. Tour, farm, and crop tour, Fargo (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00003-007            Apple trees and grapes; Morden, Man and Mandan, Sebens, Mandan (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00004-001            Northern Sheet & Iron, Wahpeton (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00004-002            Wahpeton Pottery Co.; Rosemeade, Wahpeton (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00004-003            Wahpeton Pottery Co.; Rosemeade, Wahpeton (N.D.), 1954
10435-00004-004            Melroe Manufacturing Co.; Combine pick-ups, Gwinner (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00004-005            Melroe Manufacturing Co., Gwinner (N.D.), 1954
10435-00004-006            Wahpeton Pottery Co.; Rosemeade, Wahpeton (N.D.), 1954
10435-00004-007            Macaroni Festival, Devils Lake (N.D.), 1953
10435-00004-008            Grocery shopping, Cloverdale Creamery, Badlands, dehydrating potatoes, Mandan (N.D.), 1954
10435-00004-009            Fargo Diamond Jubilee; Includes a parade, Fargo (N.D.), 1950
10435-00004-010            Scrap metal & lumber processing plant, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00004-011            Lewis and Clark Pageant, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-001            Klindworth Seed Cleaning, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-002            Feed processing, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-003            Vitamin deficient sheep, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-004            Miscellaneous plant and animal life, farm tour and horse show, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-005            Feed mixing chicks, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-006            Rural electric, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-007            Harvest scenes, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-008            Beef and snowdrifts, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-009            Farm life, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00006-001            Passion Play, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00006-002            Passion Play, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00006-003            Theodore Roosevelt Park dedication, North Dakota, 1949
10435-00006-004            Dairy Show; Includes parade with several "misses" in convertibles, Jamestown (N.D.), 1950
10435-00007-001            Ranching film; shows baling - Farm animal tests; chickens raised on poor and good rations, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00007-002            Cattle round up, river scenes, opening of oil well, etc., North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00007-003            Farm and flooding miscellaneous pieces, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00008-001            Combining and threshing, crops at experiment station, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00008-002            Grains, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00009-001            North Dakota Land of Opportunity; filmed by W. A. Sebens for GNDA-lots of agriculture; sugar beets, capitol building, Badlands, Fargo, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00009-002            Flooding; wheat breeding, Red River, Riverside Drive, Fargo Truman campaign train (Fargo - September 29, 1952), North Dakota, 1948-1952
10435-00009-003            Filmed by Sebens wheat breeding, beets, potatoes, beef, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00010-001            "Roughrider Country"; filmed by Bill Snyder -- for GNDA and the Industrial Commission, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00010-002            "Goodbye Mr. Germ"; Tuberculosis, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00011-001            Flood prevention across ND, some sugar beet, etc., North Dakota, 1950
10435-00011-002            "Land of Opportunity"; water development, early states, North Dakota, 1952
10435-00012-001            "Land of Opportunity" geology, coal, etc., North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00013-001            Clay, coal, oil, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00014-001            Devils Lake underpass-parade-"Pan American Unity"; agriculture; dams; oil and gas, Devils Lake (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00015-001            Agriculture; historic sites; Ida Prokop Lee; mining; oil and gas production, North Dakota , n.d.
10435-00016-001            How to Lose Weight by National Dairy Council and Michigan State College, North Dakota, 1951
10435-00016-002            Train derailment; Northern Pacific Railway, North Dakota, 03/05/1963
10435-00016-003            Arlo Begg; ND Farmers Union convention and tour, Chicago (Ill.), 02/28/1966

Photographs Inventory
10435-P-00001 Traux Traer Coal Mine ca. 1950
10435-P-00002 Mallard ducks congregate on the shore of the Red River ca. 1955 
10435-P-00003 Russell Miller Milling Company, Valley City (N.D.) 1945-1955
10435-P-00004 Geese at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve, near Devils Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1950 
10435-P-00005 Boys fishing on the Pembina River near Walhalla (N.D.) ca. 1960 
10435-P-00006 Sugar beets harvest, Casselton (N.D.) ca. 1950
10435-P-00007 Aerial view of buttes and valleys in Badlands (N.D.)1947
10435-P-00008 Boating on Lake Metigoshe ca. 1945 
10435-P-00009 Truax Traer Coal Mine, Hazen (N.D.) ca. 1955 
10435-P-00010 Truax Traer coal mine near Hazen (N.D.)  ca. 1950 
10435-P-00011 Two surveyors making a map for a reservoir near Crosby (N.D.) 1946
10435-P-00012 Surveying crew taking a break on reservoir project near Crosby (N.D.) 1946
10435-P-00013 Survey crew man using surveying transit for Missouri Souris reservoir near Crosby (N.D.) 1946
10435-P-00014 Construction of Garrison Dam Circa 1950
10435-P-00015 Sign at the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park (N.D.) ca. 1955 
10435-P-00016 Cedar Canyon, Badlands (N.D.) ca. 1955 
10435-P-00017 Ferry on the Missouri River near Underwood (N.D.) ca. 1955 
10435-P-00018 Threshing near Casselton (N.D.) ca. 1950 
10435-P-00019 Buildings under construction at Garrison Dam ca. 1950 
10435-P-00020 Mandan Creamery and Produce Co., 4th Ave. at 1st St., Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1945 
10435-P-00021 Hereford cattle at Schultz Ranch, Towner (N.D.) ca. 1950 
10435-P-00022 Lehigh briquetting plant, Dickinson (N.D.)   ca. 1955 
10435-P-00023 Pheasant hunting near Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1955 
10435-P-00024 Drawing by Carl R. Sebens of proposed world’s largest pumping plant, Grenora (N.D.) 1947
10435-P-00025 Drawing of proposed power plant for Des Lacs Lake, Kenmare (N.D.)  1947
10435-P-00026 Tunnelling, Garrison Dam04/23/1948
10435-P-00027 Outlet works excavation for Garrison Dam 4/23/1948
10435-P-00028 Missouri River bridge near Garrison Dam construction site04/23/1948
10435-P-00029 Loading Euclids at Garrison Dam spillway site1950
10435-P-00030 Buttes and entrance sign to Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park, near Medora (N.D.)  1950
10435-P-00031 Construction of Garrison Dam 6/18/1952
10435-P-00032 Construction of Garrison Dam 6/18/1952
10435-P-00033 Construction of Garrison Dam 1949-1952
10435-P-00034 Construction of Garrison Dam 6/18/1952
10435-P-00035 Intake structure, Garrison Dam 06/18/1952
10435-P-00036 Back side of intake structure, Garrison Dam 06/18/1952
10435-P-00037 Outlet wings, power house foundation, Garrison Dam 06/18/1952
10435-P-00038 Construction of Garrison Dam 6/18/1952
10435-P-00039 Construction of Garrison Dam 8/5/1952 
10435-P-00040 Construction of Garrison Dam 8/5/1952 
10435-P-00041 Powerhouse foundation and surge tanks, Garrison Dam 08/05/1952
10435-P-00042 Construction of Garrison Dam 8/5/1952 
10435-P-00043 Construction of Garrison Dam 8/5/1952 
10435-P-00045 Aerial view of Heart Butte Dam and Reservoir (Lake Tschida), Grant County (N.D.) 9/11/1953
10435-P-00046 Construction of Garrison Dam 9/12/1952
10435-P-00047 Rock and earth fill dike at work bridge, Garrison Dam    04/21/1953
10435-P-00048 Pulling plug at outlet end of new channel created by Garrison Dam 04/21/1953
10435-P-00049 Garrison Dam powerhouse foundation, stilling basin and outlet 06/11/1953
10435-P-00050 Intake structure, Garrison Dam 06/11/1953
10435-P-00051 Diversion channel and outlet structure, Garrison Dam (N.D.) 7/22/1953
10435-P-00052 Spillway construction, Garrison Dam ca. 1953 
10435-P-00053 Aerial view of Riverdale (N.D.) ca. 1953 
10435-P-00054 Stone marker, International Peace Garden XX  
10435-P-00055 Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hughes outside Rosemeade Pottery, Wahpeton (N.D.) 1980
10435-P-00056 Girls bicycle club, Langdon (N.D.)  1940
10435-P-00057 H. T. Ranch near Amidon (N.D.)  ca. 1950 
10435-P-00058 Binder crew on the Alex Widdicker farm, Bowden (N.D.) 1941
10435-P-00059 Grading a road with heavy machinery, Valley City (N.D.) 1940
10435-P-00060 Columnar-shaped juniper trees in valley in Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park, Billings County (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00061 Aerial view of automobiles on the highway going to Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park dedication ceremony, Medora (N.D.)  6/4/1949 
10435-P-00062 Full irrigation ditch running length of field, Dickinson (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00063 Four men standing around full irrigation ditch running length of field with siphon tubes on side leading into field, Dickinson (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00064 Pipeline filling irrigation ditch on edge of field Dickinson (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00065 Dam drawing by Carl R. Sebens 1947
10435-P-00066 Pipeline pumping from irrigation ditch on edge of field, Dickinson (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00067 Peerless water pump and water pipeline, Dickinson (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00068 Road in the Badlands 1950
10435-P-00069 Line of impact rotary head sprinklers irrigating a field, Valley City (N.D.) 1951
10435-P-00070 Line of impact rotary head sprinklers irrigating a field, Valley City (N.D.) 1951
10435-P-00071 Pipe filling irrigation ditch running length of agricultural field, Dickinson (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00072 View of unknown river 1961
10435-P-00073 Unknown river with sand bars 1961
10435-P-00074 Surveyor using transit in reservoir project near Crosby (N.D.) 1946
10435-P-00075 Twenty steers on 7 1/2 acres of irrigated pasture at Mandan (N.D.) 1950
10435-P-00076 Glory hole outlet on Heart River behind the Heart Butte Dam in Grant County (N.D.) 1950
10435-P-00077 Cairn with U.S. and Canadian flags, International Peace Garden near Dunseith (N.D.) 1950
10435-P-00078 Road winding through buttes and stone outcroppings in the Badlands, Medora (N.D.) 1951
10435-P-00079 Automobile rounding curve on road in Badlands 1951
10435-P-00080 Three men watching another putt his golf ball towards the cup on the green 1951
10435-P-00081 Osborne-McMillan Co., Farmer’s Equity Exchange, Bagley and Great Western Elevator Co. elevators, New England (N.D.) 1951
10435-P-00082 Heart Butte Dam and intake of glory hole spillway near Glen Ullin (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00083 Power lines leading east from Garrison Dam, McLean and Mercer counties (N.D.) 1952
10435-P-00084 Mowing alfalfa on North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Farm, Bowbells (N.D.)  6/19/1952
10435-P-00085 Missouri Basin Inter-agency Committee visits site of dam 1946
10435-P-00086 Aerial view of confluence of Missouri and Yellowstone rivers east of Montana-North Dakota border, Buford (N.D.) 1953
10435-P-00087 Pumping station for Heart Butte Dam and Reservoir (Lake Tschida) in Grant County (N.D.)    1953
10435-P-00088 Heart River farmers on tour looking at field of certified cobbler potatoes on Unit #25 of Lewis and Clark Irrigated Farms Project, Morton County (N.D.) 1946
10435-P-00089 Migratory birds resting on the water and shoreline of Lower Souris National Wildlife Refuge, Upham (N.D.)  1955
10435-P-00090 Aerial view of migratory birds resting on the water and shoreline of Lower Souris National Wildlife Refuge, Upham (N.D.) 1955
10435-P-00091 Badlands highway, Medora (N.D.) 1949
10435-P-00092 Aerial view of Four Bears Bridge, Sanish (Mountrail County, N.D.)  1949
10435-P-00093 McCormick-Deering hay baler, Terras Brothers, Hebron (N.D.)   1945
10435-P-00094 Engineers ready to start work at Community Building, Crosby (N.D.) 1946
10435-P-00095 Group at site of pumping plant, Grenora (N.D.) 1946
10435-P-00096 Site of power plant, 10 miles SE of Crosby (N.D.) 1946
10435-P-00097 Bird's eye view of downtown Medora (N.D.)1951
10435-P-00098 Terminal warehouse, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.)    1939
10435-P-00099 Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)   circa 1945
10435-P-00100 Badlands XX
10435-P-00101 Earth lodges at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park (N.D.) 1940
10435-P-00102 Bridge at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park (N.D.) XX
10435-P-00103 Block house, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park (N.D.) XX
10435-P-00104 On-A-Slant Indian Village and Museum, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park (N.D.) XX
10435-P-00105 Roseau Lake during construction East Cavalier County Soil Conservation District (N.D.)9/18/1952
10435-P-00106 Aerial view of Angostura Dam on Cheyenne River near Hot Springs, Fall River County (S.D.)  1952
10435-P-00107 Water skiing at Heart Butte Dam and Reservoir (Lake Tschida) during the Heart Butte Water Carnival and Boat Regatta, Grant County (N.D.) 7/15/1956
10435-P-00108 Crowd with speedboats on shore at Heart Butte Dam and Reservoir (Lake Tschida) Heart Butte Water Carnival and Boat Regatta, Grant County (N.D.) 7/15/1956
10435-P-00109 Group of men standing beneath clock set at 11:00 pm Bismarck (N.D.)1952
10435-P-00110 Aerial view of cultivated land next to buttes1952
10435-P-00111 Aerial view of canal construction between cultivated fields 1952
10435-P-00112 Right side of display of award-winning North Dakota grain and photographs of its uses 1950
10435-P-00113 Display of award-winning North Dakota grain and photographs of its uses 1950
10435-P-00114 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit circa 1955
10435-P-00115 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit circa 1955
10435-P-00116 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit circa 1955
10435-P-00117 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit circa 1955
10435-P-00118 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit circa 1955
10435-P-00119 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit circa 1955

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