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Manuscripts by Subject - Groups/Organizations

10018 North Dakota Library Association
Records, 1902-2008
Minutes, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, financial reports, memoranda, subject files, committee reports, programs, notes, rosters and directories, newsletters, budgets, resolutions, printed material, President’s files, conference material and photographs. Records deal primarily with administration, legislative issues, annual committee meetings, education, and library standards (23.7ft)

10050 North Dakota Golden Jubilee Homecoming Committee
Records relating to the Committee's selection of "Dakota Territory Pioneers" as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of North Dakota statehood. Records consist of nomination correspondence, rosters, newspaper clippings, and registrations of persons qualified to be designated as a "Dakota Territory Pioneer." . (1.25ft)

10056 North Dakota Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
Records, 1896-1924
Organizational files, president’s and secretary’s correspondence, membership applications, reports, transfers, financial records, and programs. (1ft)

10060 Bismarck Civic Improvement League
Records, 1908-1918
Bismarck, ND
Minutes, constitution and by-laws, articles of incorporation, correspondence concerning the acquisition and landscaping of Custer park; and the constitution and by-laws of the Bismarck Federation of Women's Societies. (.25ft)

10065 National League of American Pen Women
Records, 1927; 1935-1964
State organization records relating to administration, projects, and programs, including correspondence, annual reports, newsletters, rosters, biographical sketches, and scrapbooks; and similar records of chapters in Fargo, Medora, Bismarck, and Williston. (2.25ft)

10080 Bismarck Women's Community Council
Records, 1923-1982
Bismarck, ND
Revised constitution, minutes, treasurer's reports, correspondence, membership rolls, a list of women's organizations, and research materials relating to the Bismarck "home rule" issue, including correspondence, city government rosters, questionnaires, reports, and printed materials. (1.5ft)

10084 North Dakota War Chest Incorporated
Records, 1943-1947
Articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes, reports, and the official publication, North Dakota War Chest. The records document the War Chest's efforts to raise funds for the war effort and local charitable organizations. (.5ft)

10102 Pioneer Daughters of North Dakota. Bismarck Chapter
Records, 1934-1958
Correspondence, minutes, historian's scrapbooks, and a receipt book. (1.5ft)

10125 Grand Forks Pioneer Club
Minutes, membership records, articles of incorporation, by-laws, programs, stock shares, and a visitors register. (1ft)

10131 Harry E. Polk
Papers, 1948-1972
Personal correspondence and files dealing with Williston Band Day, the Williston Herald, the North Dakota Press Association, the American Legion, records of the National Reclamation Association, records of Harry E. Polk, Inc., photographs, and printed materials. (14ft)

10137 Writing Rock Historical Society
Records, 1931-1964
Divide Co., ND
Correspondence, photographs, register books, account book, brochures, maps, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings. (1ft)

10141 Blackstone Club
Records, ca. 1930-1960
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence and financial records of a restaurant and night club. Access restricted due to condition of collection. (9ft)

10159 Homemakers Clubs
Records, 1963-1964
Scrapbooks submitted by local homemakers clubs to a history contest sponsored by the Greater North Dakota Association. Scrapbooks contain brief histories and photographs relating to local history in Barnes, Burke, Burleigh, Emmons, Grand Forks, Kidder, Sheridan, Slope, and Steele Counties, the cities of Grafton, Powers Lake, and White Earth Valley, and Ashtabula Township in Barnes County. (2ft)

10168 Burleigh County Pioneers Association
Records, 1932-1971
Minute book, rosters of charter members, resolutions, photographs, programs, histories, songs, financial records, and newspaper clippings received from J. B. Belk on November 27, 1944, and scrapbooks about the association's pioneer members. (.25ft/2v)

10189 Seventh U.S. Cavalry Memorial Association
Records, 1955-1960
Correspondence, business reports, contracts, financial records, printed materials, notes, newspaper clippings, and drawings of the Custer statue. (.5ft)

10194 Theodore Darwin
Papers, 1932-1938; 1952-1960
Records of the Dunn County Farm Holiday Association, 1932-1938, including minutes, correspondence, resolutions, petitions, bank statements, and records of the Consumer's Cooperative Association (1952-1960)including minutes, correspondence, a constitution, and bank statements. (1ft)

10199 Sons of Veterans. Division of North Dakota
Records, 1889-1890
Register identifies charter members of various Sons of Veterans (Grand Army of the Republic) "camps" in Ludden, Bismarck, Mandan, Fargo, Grand Forks, Jamestown, Wahpeton, Ellendale, and Lisbon. (1ft)

10202 General Federation of Women's Clubs of North Dakota
Records, 1893-1982
Records of the state office, district offices, and various affiliated clubs. State office records consist of minutes, subject files, biographies, North Dakota state golden jubilee club histories, district annual reports, club annual reports, pioneer daughters club records, annual meeting programs, Epsilon Sigma Omicron records, civic improvement contest entries, and newspaper clippings. District offices records consist of minutes, annual meeting programs, and scrapbooks. Records of affiliated clubs include minutes, meeting programs and yearbooks, and scrapbooks. (12.75ft)

10214 John H. Bradt
Papers, 1868-1926
Bismarck, ND
Diaries and letters relating to IOOF activities, receipts, and legal documents. (.25ft)

10238 Bismarck-Mandan Friends of Public Television
Records, 1978-1980
Bismarck, ND; Mandan, ND
Correspondence, petitions, constitution and by-laws, and newspaper clippings relating to promotion of public television.  (.25ft)

10244 North Dakota Social Science Association
Records, 1958-1976
Minutes, programs, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, and membership lists. (.25ft)

10253 United Spanish War Veterans Auxiliary. Department of North Dakota
Records, 1931-1977
Minutes of regular meetings and annual encampments, correspondence, general orders, committee reports and resolutions, treasurer's and secretary's reports, constitution, rules, regulations, and rituals, scrapbooks, photographs, printed material, and records of Colonel E. S. Person Auxiliary Camp No. 1, Minot, ND. (3ft)

10254 Bismarck-Mandan Executives Club
Records, 1942-1957
Bismarck, ND; Mandan, ND
Minutes, correspondence, programs, membership rosters, financial reports, and dues records. (.75ft)

10263 Daughters of Rebekah. Starlight Lodge No. 68
Records, 1909-1925
Fullerton, ND
Records consist of minutes, receipts, and an account book. (.25ft)

10278 North Dakota Public Employees Association
Records, 1965-1979
Minutes, subject files, correspondence, budgets, memoranda, reports, financial statements, notes, photographs, constitution, programs, publications, and records of a health maintenance organization study. (9ft)

10291 Germans from Russia Heritage Society
Records, 1839-1981
Includes minutes, newsletters, scrapbook, correspondence and genealogical material consisting of notes, photographs, family data sheets, and audio tapes. (2.5 ft)

10294 Wyndmere (ND) Commercial Club
Records, 1907-1945
Minutes, correspondence, financial reports, resolutions, notes, membership lists, programs, constitution and by-laws, insurance records, receipts, and paid bills. Correspondents include Gerald P. Nye, William Lemke, John Moses, and William Langer. (.25ft)

10324 Lions Club, Fifth District Convention
Records, 1928-1975
Proceedings. (.5 ft/3r/#5291-5292, 6934)

10337 George Teskey
Papers, 1961-1972
Scrapbook contains programs, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning the North Dakota Grand Commander, Knights Templar. (1v)

10349 North Dakota Public Employees Association. Chapter 16
Records, 1973-1983
Minutes, correspondence, reports, memoranda, state convention materials, rosters, and newsletters. (.25ft)

10378 North Dakota Press Association
Records, ca. 1915
Newspaper clippings on the annual meeting and other activities. (1r)

10408 American Legion, Department of North Dakota
Convention programs and one digital scan of a portrait of attendees at the First Convention of the North Dakota Department of the American Legion, Bismarck (N.D.), 1919. (.75ft.)

10410 North Dakota Right to Life Association
Records, 1949-1982
Minutes, correspondence, subject files, notes, memoranda, news releases, newsletters, by-laws, public opinion survey reports, membership rosters, training materials, speeches, legislative files, court case files, and records relating to the 1972 North Dakota abortion on demand initiative campaign. (12ft)

10435 Greater North Dakota Association
Includes by-laws, financial statements, resolutions, and minutes of the Executive Committee, Industrial Committee, Board of Directors, and joint meetings with the North Dakota Automobile Association. Minutes relate primarily to administration of the Association, tourism, promotion of economic development, Missouri River diversion plans, plans to establish the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and relations with the North Dakota Automobile Association prior to their split in 1925. Film footage shot for the GNDA by Corwin, Sebens and Snyder is of rodeos, farm and ranch life, Medora, Theodore Roosevelt National Park opening, oil well opening, Jewel Bearing Plant groundbreaking, Fargo Diamond Jubilee, Rosemeade Pottery, Cloverdale Creamery, and Melroe Manufacturing Company. (Film is digitized) (4.5ft.)

10446 North Dakota Press Women
Records, 1950-2002
Minutes, correspondence, charter, by-laws, histories, programs, brochures, officers and member rosters, copies of Type-Hi, notes, speeches, membership records, scrapbook, photographs, news releases, financial statements, newspaper clippings, officers manuals, and memorabilia. (4ft)

10452 Pioneer Association of the Devils Lake Region
Records, 1890-1943
Biographies of Ramsey County (N.D.) pioneers written on application forms submitted for membership in the Pioneers' Association and including newspaper clippings, obituaries, correspondence and/or reminiscences is available for several of the pioneers.  Also includes minutes, and information on Ramsey County history. (.25ft)

10466 Young Citizen’s League, Morton County Chapter
Records, 1940-1979
Minutes, correspondence, programs, biographies of Morton County Pioneers, reading certificates, newspaper clippings and photographs. (.5ft)

10467 State Bar Association of North Dakota
Records, 1924-1980
Minutes, convention proceedings, subject files, programs, committee files, memoranda, correspondence, annual reports, audits, photographs, member biographical files, and publications, relating to administration of the Association, legislation, judicial affairs, conventions, legal aid, law education, and member activities. (38ft)

10480 Current Events Club
Records, 1903-1977
Bismarck, ND
Minutes, programs, reports, photographs, correspondence, treasurer’s book, songs, and by-laws. (1.5ft)

10484 North Dakota Young Citizens League
Board minutes, convention minutes, correspondence, reports state projects, resolutions, committees, programs from state conventions,  banquets and county leagues, newspaper clippings, certificates, election and ballot materials, news releases, thank you notes, music, spelling bee information, district maps, newsletters, an International Peace Garden Young Citizens League scrapbook and photographs. (2.25ft)

10493 North Dakota Historical Society, Inc.
Records, 1965-1990
Minutes, correspondence, memos, newsletters, by-laws, membership lists, financial records, and notes. The organization was dissolved in May 1986. (1.75ft)

10502 Wednesday Study Club
Records, 1923-1987
Bismarck, ND
Minutes, programs, and account book. (.5ft)

10520 North Schiller Community Association
Records, 1960-1976
Velva, ND
Articles of incorporation, minutes, financial reports, correspondence, quit claim deed, bill of sale, warranty deed, insurance policies, and various financial receipts. (.25ft)

10521 Rotary International. Bismarck, ND Chapter
Records, 1920-2010
Minutes, committee reports, financial records, membership roster, The Buffalo Horn, and other publications, slides, and awards. (13.5ft)

10523 Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Badlands Association
Records, 1958-1961
Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports, an undated souvenir program “Old Four Eyes,” and several newspapers. (.25ft)

10528 Young Citizen's League (Bowman County ND) Chapter
Records and scrapbooks documenting the activities of the organization. Both include membership information, minutes, correspondence, convention programs and information, news clippings, printed material, ephemera, and photographs. (1.25ft)

10529 Young Citizen's League (Slope County ND) Chapter
Includes four scrapbooks. The first volume details the 50th anniversary of the organization in Slope County, primarily through newspaper clippings and congratulatory correspondence. The other three volumes contain programs from county and state conventions, membership information, correspondence, newspaper clippings, ephemera, printed material, and photographs. (1ft)

10551 Danish Brotherhood of America. North Dakota Chapter
Records, 1907-1975
Membership laws and bylaws, minutes in Danish language, membership ledger, financial ledger, annual reports, monthly reports, and songbooks. Some of the correspondence is in English language. (1ft)

10552 North Dakota Quilt Project
Records, 1989
The records document each quilt pattern design for quilting clubs in 45 of North Dakota's 53 counties. The design was added to a quilt commemorating the state's centennial. Colored slides of each quilt are available along with a list of participating counties. (3ft)

10554 North Dakota State Highway Employees Association
Records, 1960-1965
Historian’s album including constitution and by-laws, photographs, certificate of incorporation, conference materials, and newspaper clippings. (.25ft)

10582 North Dakota New Sweden ’88 Committee
Records, 1988
Correspondence, brochures, financial records, and an oral history interview of a committee formed to plan and implement programs to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Swedish immigration to America. (.75ft)

10589 Civilian Conservation Corps. North Dakota District Seventh Corps
Records, 1937-1992
Official annual, reunion directory, and calendars of the organization. (.25ft)

10597 National League of American Pen Women Incorporated
Records, 1935-1986
By-laws, minutes, biographies, correspondence, memorials, photographs, scrapbooks, publications, newspaper clippings, snapshots detailing lives of members and work of the association, reports, and loose inserts from a scrapbook with clippings from the Bismarck Tribune and Mandan Morning Pioneer. (2ft)

10619 Campfire Incorporated Dickinson Chapter
Records, 1920-1991
Dickinson, ND
Scrapbooks, publications, photographs, and memorabilia. (2.75ft/oversize)

10632 Daughters of the Union of the Civil War. Mary Livermore Tent #2
Records, 1937-1989
Constitution, minutes, membership logs, published material, scrapbooks, programs, and memorabilia. A branch of the national society, they were organized in Minot, ND on April 9, 1937, to honor Union Soldiers killed in battle. (3ft)

10638 Beta Sigma Phi Chapter XI
Records, 1931-2002
Bismarck, ND
Meeting minutes 1954-1961, Gamma Master charter and minutes, financial records, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbook, brochures, memorabilia, program book, ritual book, and several Beta Sigma Phi magazines . (3ft.)

10650 Keep North Dakota Clean Incorporated
Records, ca. 1968-1981
By-laws, minutes, committee correspondence, and membership lists. (.25ft)

10664 Des Lacs Homemaker Club
Records, 1931-1981
Des Lacs, ND
By-laws, installation services ceremony information, minutes, financial records, correspondence, programs, membership lists, publications, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and memorabilia. (2ft)

10687 Bismarck Study Club
Records, 1926-2010
Bismarck, ND
Consists of minutes, membership information, a scrapbook, printed material and founding documents. (1.5ft)

10694 Missouri Valley Optimist Club. Bismarck, ND Chapter
Records, 1989-1995
Minutes, financial reports, and photographs. (3ft)

10698 Sons of Norway. Richland Co., ND
Records, 1933-1955
Minutes, financial records, history, and publications. (1.5ft)

10702 Toastmasters International. Bismarck, ND Chapter 717
Records, 1946-1989
Minutes, financial records, committee files, programs, membership lists, scrapbooks, brochures, certificates, newsletters, photographs, and a distinguished club plan. (4ft)

10703 North Dakota Peace Officers Association
Records, 1935-1997
By-laws, minutes, membership logs financial records, correspondence, reports, publications, photographs, and memorabilia. (12ft)

10716 Eureka Homemakers Club
Records, 1930-1995
Minute books, letters, guest book, scrapbooks, programs, photographs, and newspaper clippings. Of special interest are the materials of Brynhild Haugland a charter member of the club. (2ft)

10720 John Birch Society. Dunn Co., ND
Records, 1962-1970
Sound recordings sent to members for the monthly meetings of the Dunn County chapter. (58 recordings)

10722 Amelia (Mrs. James) Morris
Papers, 1938-1939
Bismarck, ND
Scrapbook containing  newspaper clippings of Amelia (Nagel) Morris while she served as the National President of the American Legion Auxiliary. (1v)

10740 Dairy Women of North Dakota
Records, 1982-1997
Includes organizational records and scrapbooks. Records consist of bylaws and minutes, correspondence, annual promotion reports, “REAL” Dairy News and other newsletters, letterhead and an envelope, a membership brochure, and information about publicity chair duties. Scrapbooks contain organization reports, newspaper clippings, photographs, and material promoting the dairy industry. (1.25ft)

10765 Society for the Preservation of the Former Governor's Residence
includes bylaws, membership records, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, histories of the Society and of the Former Governor’s Mansion, copies of photographs of the Mansion, and videos of lawn parties held at the Former Governor’s Mansion. (1.25ft)

10768 Custer CB Patrol
Records, 1960s
Scrapbook of the Bismarck-Mandan citizens band radio patrol organized in 1963, including member roster, attendance record, exercise record, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, and newsletters. (.25ft)

10785 Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Stanley Lodge
Records, 1908-1963
Stanley, ND
Journal of Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of North Dakota Annual Session, Manual of Instructions, programs, and reports. (1.5ft)

10793 Bismarck-Mandan Library Association
Records, 1964-1999
Constitution, minutes, by-laws, membership lists, financial records, and memorabilia. (.75ft)

10811 Wildrose Homemaker’s Club
Records, 1924-1980s
Wildrose, ND
Minutes, scrapbooks, photographs, newspaper clippings, and ribbons. (3.75ft)

10817 Bismarck-Mandan (ND) City Council of Beta Sigma Phi
Records, 1977-1996
By-laws, minutes, membership lists, and conference information. (.5ft)

10882 Four Corners Homemaker’s Club
Records, 1950-1978
Jamestown, ND
Secretary's record books, attendance and finance records, yearly programs, major projects and club handbook. (.5ft)

10891 Kiwanis Club. Bismarck, ND
Records, 1923-2007
Minutes, financial statements, bulletins, gazettes, newsletters, local and international directories, reports, material documenting the history of the organization, records from the diamond jubilee, programs, convention material, membership lists and information, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, and negatives. (5.25ft)

10906 North Dakota State Genealogical Society
Records, 1996-2002
Articles of incorporation, minutes, budget and financial material, press releases, projects, surveys, logos, inquiries, out of state pamphlets, and miscellaneous materials. (.25ft)

10909 State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation
Records, 1980s-2000
Minutes of the board, executive committee,  and annual meetings, correspondence, financial records, Fiske promotional material, exhibit opening material, personnel records of Foundation staff and Historic Sites, membership correspondence, and news releases. (30.5ft)

10923 Happy Homes Homemakers Club
Records, 1937-1987
Jamestown, ND
Minutes, membership books, program files, scrapbooks, and albums. (3ft)

10937 North Dakota Peace Garden Unit Airstreams
Records, 1973-2004
Consists of the official records including minutes, correspondence, newsletters, notices of rallies, newspaper clippings of rallies and unit members, membership directories, photographs, contained in scrapbooks and albums. The records document the founding of the North Dakota organization and the history of its activities and includes materials from the unit under the name of Wally Byam Caravan Club International Inc. (2.25ft)

10969 Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. North Dakota
Records, 1926-1940
State Federation history, program for clubs, State convention programs, and Bismarck club records. (.5ft)

10970 International Toastmistress Clubs. Bismarck, ND
Records, 1953-1978
Minutes, by-laws,  financial records, invitations, programs, special projects, correspondence, historical material,  reports of the International Toastmistress Association, press and publicity statements, critique speech forms, and stationery and envelopes for the International Organization. (1ft)

10974 Burleigh-Morton Square Dance Club
Consists of material from the Homesteader, Promenaders, Belles ‘n Beaux, Bis-Man Plus and International Square Dance Clubs and include correspondence, constitutions, by-laws, minutes, annual reports, financial records and reports, historical information, membership information, photographs and albums, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, convention material, guest books, caller agreements, and a phonograph recording. (5ft)

10977 North Dakotans for the Preservation of Rural America
Records, 1968-1969
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings and promotional articles. (.5ft)

10979 North Dakota Fraternal Order of Masons
Records, 1871-1960
Manuals and ritual books used by North Dakota Masonic chapters, programs for fraternal organizations, pamphlet of poems, an invitation to a dance at Fort Abraham Lincoln, and 23 digital scans of documents of the Yellowstone Lodge no. 88 (Fort Buford) and the Tioga Lodge no. 188 charter. The Yellowstone Lodge documents include dimensions of the lodge, general historical information, and membership rosters (record books) for 1871-1873. (.25ft + digital scans)

10981 Sons of Norway. Svingen Lodge 196
Records, 1919
Overly, ND
Membership lists, correspondence, scanned photographs, ephemera, and memorabilia. (.25ft)

10988 Order of the Eastern Star. Grand Chapter of North Dakota
Records, 1915-1955
By-laws, manuals and ritual books used by North Dakota Order of Eastern Star chapters. Names found in the collection are as follows: Ewald, P.; Hoeft, Vivian; McKendry, Anna; Peterson, Nannette; Acacia Chapter No. 12 Grand Forks, ND; Mecca Chapter No. 5 Fargo, ND. (.25ft)

10995 Menoken (ND) Homemakers Club
Records, 1948-1976
Six scrapbooks documenting club events, and the anniversaries, births and deaths of members and their families. (2ft)

10997 Fireside Homemakers
Records. 1949-1992
Bismarck, ND
Secretary's minutes, membership lists, and programs. (.75ft)

11000 Economizers Homemakers Club
Records, 1953-1962
Bismarck, ND
Scrapbook including a list of original members, letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, and programs documenting club activities. The club name was chosen because most of the members lived in the Economy Homes Addition of Bismarck. (1v)

11001 Roseglen Homemaker's Club
Records, 1937-2003
Roseglen, ND
Minutes from 1937 to 2003, project books and newsletter. (1ft)

11015 Lois Richardson
Papers, 1940-1942
Scrapbook consists of photos, newspaper clippings, letters, and memorabilia of the grades 7-8 Bismarck Rainbow Girls group. (1ft)

11060 Bismarck Historic Preservation Association
Records, 1980-1996
Articles of incorporation, grant material, notes, material on the Cathedral District in Bismarck, the Washington Street Corridor, the Bismarck Centennial Committee (North Dakota Centennial), the creation of a Historic Preservation Review Commission through a city ordinance, the National Register of Historic Places, and zoning. (.5ft)

11077 North Dakota Jaycee Women
Records, 1955-1984
Consists of meeting minutes, agenda, membership records, by-laws, constitution, articles of incorporation, presidents' mailings, presidents' newsletters, annual reports, organizational history, newsletters, press releases, financial material, certificates, awards, and brochures. (2ft)

11110 Kiwanis International Peace Garden Association
Records, 1976-2008
Correspondence, minutes, agenda, memoranda, activity and anniversary material filed by year. The group disbanded on July 1, 2008. (.5ft)

11114 Town and Country African Violet Club
Records of the Town and Country African Violet Club, including minutes, financial records, printed material, photographs, program listings, and material from the Club’s 50th anniversary in 2007. (.75ft)

11137 Preservation North Dakota
By-laws, minutes, correspondence, grant applications and reports, financial records, and project records such as Picture North Dakota Churches and Hutmacher Farm of an organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the architecture, historic places, and communities in the varied landscapes of the state. (17ft)

11147 Williston (ND) Korner Lions Club
Organizational meeting minutes, board meeting minutes, membership records, monthly activities reports, and treasurer’s records. (1ft)

11167 North Dakota Horticultural Society
Records of the North Dakota Horticultural Society, including the constitution, history of the organization, Executive Committee minutes, ledger with membership information, a register of annual meeting attendees, annual meeting information, financial records, and newsletters (North Dakota Horticulture). (1ft)

11206 Community Elder Service Network
Contains minutes, agenda, correspondence, membership records, brochures, records of activities, financial records, publications and printed material of the Community Elder Service Network (CESN) The organization brings together persons interested in promoting the wellbeing of the older persons in Burleigh and Morton Counties. (1.75ft)

11212 North Dakota Counseling Association
Constitution, bylaws, minutes, membership records, correspondence, lists of officers and board members, organizational history, conference material, information about awards, position descriptions, legislation, grants, lists of scholarship recipients, newsletters, journal, a DVD from the 50th anniversary of the organization in 2007, and records of several affiliated organizations. (1ft)

11213 North Dakota College Personnel Association          
Consists of the Association’s bylaws, strategic plan, minutes, agenda, membership records, correspondence and memoranda, directories, lists of officers and board members, information about awards and elections, newsletters and records of the American College Personnel Association. (.5ft)

11215 Thursday Music Club (Bismarck-Mandan, ND)
Minutes, by-laws and constitution, membership information, officer and committee information, correspondence, subject files (including activities, awards, elections, events, festivals. programming, music, National Music Week), legal documents, reports, the club newsletter Con Brio, a photograph, and audio visual material. The objective of The Bismarck-Mandan Thursday Music Club is to aid and encourage musical appreciation, education, and develop and maintain high music standards. (1.25ft)

11221 Senior Wellness Coalition
Photograph albums and scrapbook containing membership information, meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, programs, press releases, and newspaper clippings that document the Summer Senior Sensation Coalition's annual event in Bismarck. (1.5 ft).

11227 Capital Quilters Club (Bismarck, ND)         
Founding documents, by-laws, membership records, meeting minutes, materials from activities such as quilt shows and workshops, newsletters, published articles, records and newsletters of the Prairie Textile Arts Guild (PTAG), scrapbooks, and photographs. (2ft)

11233 El Zagal Plainsmen. Bismarck- Mandan (ND)
Includes correspondence, membership records, material from performances and activities, songbooks, published articles about the organization and their performances, photographs, and cassette tapes with performances by the Plainsmen. (1.5ft)

11238 Silver Haired Education Association          
Consists of founding documents, organizational history, membership information, minutes, correspondence, legislation affecting senior citizens, reports, documentation of activities such as trainings and workshops, and records of the Silver Haired Legislature and its assemblies. (2ft)

11240 Bismarck-Mandan Chapter. National Association of Retired Federal Employees
By-laws, constitution, membership information, meeting minutes and newsletters. The Bismarck-Mandan Chapter of the NARFE exists to protect and improve the benefits of federal employees, retirees and their families. (.75ft)

11241 Shy-Ann Harmony Homemakers (Sheyenne, N.D.)
Consists of secretary's record books which include membership and officer records, minutes, committee and activity information (.25 ft.)

11242 International Square and Round Dance Council
Consists of records of the council, including bylaws and founding documents, membership records, convention records and scrapbooks. The Scrapbooks include programs, photographs, and printed material from the annual International Square and Round Dance convention, which was held in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Canada. The council was founded to plan the international conventions. The council consisted of couples from Canada and the U.S. and disbanded in 2014. (5.5ft)

11254 Young Citizen's League (Ransom County, N.D.)
Consists of ledger compiled by the Ransom County Young Citizen's League (YCL), which primarily consists of minutes, but also includes a history of the County YCL, member information, projects, convention summaries, a YCL manual, an informational booklet about the YCL in North Dakota. The minutes were compiled in an unused auto license fee ledger given to club members by the Ransom County Auditor. The ledger was discovered during a records transfer in 2015 (1.5 ft.).

11289 Telephone Pioneers of America, Bismarck (N.D.) Council
ca. 1955-1994
Consists of records of the Telephone Pioneers of America, Bismarck (N.D.) Council. Records primarily consist of scrapbooks and photo albums documenting activities each year. The collection also includes reminiscences and transcripts of interviews with early telephone operators in North Dakota, photographs and printed material.  The North Dakota council was formed July 11, 1931. The Bismarck Council was formed March 1, 1970 and merged with the C. P. Wainman Chapter #18, the Minnesota-North Dakota Council. (7 feet and oversize)

11311 Order of the Rainbow for Girls (Lansford, N.D. Chapter)
Consists of meeting minutes, membership records, correspondence, activity information, financial information, and petitions for degrees. (.25 feet)

11313 North Dakota Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) (ServeYES)
Papers consist of records documenting the administration and activities of the organization, including minutes, information about volunteers and volunteer recognition events, newsletters, printed material, public relations material, a fundraising feasibility study, photographs, audio-visual material, and records of the Minot region. (.5 feet)

11327 Beta Sigma Phi (Minot, N.D.)
 Consists of organizational records, including articles of incorporation, charter, membership information, officer lists, minutes, printed material, photographs and scrapbooks. Beta Sigma Pi is a non-academic sorority with 200,000 members in chapters around the world. Founded in Abilene, Kansas, in 1931 by Walter W. Ross, the organization has spread across the U.S. and Canadian and to 30 other countries. The sorority was founded for the social, cultural, and civic enrichment of its members. (3.25ft)

11330 American Lung Association of North Dakota
Records of the American Lung Association in North Dakota (formerly known as the North Dakota Anti-Tuberculosis Association, the North Dakota Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association and the Tuberculosis and Health Association), including minutes, posters, architectural blueprints, a scrapbook and certificates. (5ft.)

11331 Bismarck-Mandan Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc.
Records include minutes, correspondence, membership information, annual reports, records from workshops and printed material. (1ft.)

11333 North Dakota Public Health Association
Consists of membership records, minutes, annual meeting programs and clippings, newsletters, founding documents, records from the silver and golden jubilees, committee information, awards records, and subject files. (2ft.)

11344 Jamestown Civic Music Association
Consists of membership rosters, board of directors rosters and correspondence, the organization's constitution, information on past concerts, letterhead and ephemera. (.25ft)

11369 Sacred Heart Academy Alumnae Association (Minot, N.D.)
Records of the Sacred Heart Academy Alumnae Association, including reunion materials, constitution, newsletters and a list of faculty and students. (.25ft.)

20196 Bismarck and Burleigh County Pioneer Association
Records, 1873-1874
Bismarck, ND
Records consist of a minute book and a list of charter members. (1 item)

20215 Herman F. Strehlow
Papers, 1908; 1941
Photographs, newspaper clippings, list of officers and members of the North Dakota Retail Hardware Association (1897-1941), and a ticket to the 1908 Republican National Convention. (8 items)

20222 Albert H. Yoder
Papers, 1925-1927
Grand Forks, ND
Correspondence with Rev. Eben E. Saunders concerning affairs of the Red River Valley Old Settlers Association and issues of The State Record, published by the Association. (17 items)

20260 Fargo-Moorhead Heritage and Cultural Bridge Task Force
Records, 1978
Minutes, reports, correspondence, and a resolution relating to planning and promotion of a joint heritage and cultural interpretive center. (4 items)

20263 Galesburg Library Association
Records, 1892-1907
Galesburg, ND
Minutes, financial reports, and a book inventory. (1 item)

20331 Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War. North Dakota Department
Records, 1927-1928
Jamestown, ND
Proceedings of the first annual convention and a convention program. (2 items)

20347 Bismarck Food Co-op
Records, 1974-1976
Bismarck, ND
Reports, correspondence, newsletters, price lists, charter, and by-laws. (50 items)

20351 North Dakota Press Women State Organization
Records, 1960
History of the organization, affiliated with the National Federation of Press Women. (7 items)

20377 Eva Wienbergen
Papers, 1965
Speech entitled, “The D.A.R. in North Dakota,” presented at a luncheon of the North Dakota State Conference, D.A.R. in Dickinson. (1 item)

20407 Frank L. Church
Papers, 1885-1923
Correspondence, financial records, poetry, receipts, printed materials, business cards, an agreement concerning operations of the Hack Line, a livery and dray service, a speech related to the Patrons of husbandry, and papers relating to membership in the National Citizen’s Rights Association. (65 items)

20478 Bismarck Committee of the Fatherless Children of France
Records, 1919
Bismarck, ND
Rosters of persons participating in the organization. (2 items)

20525 Roosevelt Memorial National Park Association
Papers, 1924
An appeal to Dickey County public school teachers to contribute funds for creation of a national park in the North Dakota Badlands. (1 item)

20540 North Dakota State Highway Department Employees Association
Records, 1961-1982
Minutes, memoranda, letters, notes, financial reports, by-laws, and membership lists. (40 items)

20578 Daughters of the American Revolution. Minishoshe Chapter
Records, 1926-1946
Records relate to the Chapter's maintenance of the Roosevelt Cabin on the Capitol Grounds and consist of letters, property inventories, notes, visitor reports, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings. (17 items)

20632 Cosmos Club
Records, 1950-1961
Programs from a Bismarck, ND women’s club which include committee and membership rosters. (4 items)

20639 United Farmers League State Conference
Records, 1934
Pamphlet, letters, and petitions from League committees to state officials insisting that state government bear the cost of the April 1934 conference. (12 items)

20640 North Dakota State Employees Association
Records, 1933
Meeting  notice for Chapter 18940. (1 item)

20641 Red River Valley Historical Society
Records, 1972-1976
Letters, programs, brochures, and reports on the activities of the Society. (52 items)

20647 Bismarck-Mandan Library Circle
Records, 1950-1952, 1961
Bismarck, ND; Mandan, ND
Programs. (4 items)

20674 North Dakota Project
Records, 1974
Memoranda, newsletter, and brochure of a research organization focusing on the impact of energy development in North Dakota and environmental policy. (4 items)

20696 Grand Army of the Republic. Department of North Dakota
Records, 1914
General Orders. (1 item)

20720 Harry J. Divine
Papers, 1926
Letter requesting funds to purchase an Elks hall for use as a meeting place, a pledge card, and a receipt for the Kass Kounty Klan [Cass County Ku Klux Klan] (3 items)

20759 Camp Fire Incorporated
Records, 1921
Mandan, ND
Charters are numbered 23201 Mewatani Peta and 23207 Minesosa. (2 items)

20797 Coalition Incorporated
Records, 1989
Minutes regarding Gay/Lesbian issues and health issues related to AIDS. (21 items)

20881 Junior Study Club
Records, 1930-1933
Bismarck, ND
Photos, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and program booklets of a youth organization. (12 items)

20885 Red River Valley Old Settlers Association
Records, 1897 and 1898
Grand Forks, ND
Correspondence including proceedings of the 7th Annual meeting in Grand Forks, an invitation from Clement A. Lounsberry to the meeting, and a membership certificate for John Ottern. (3 items)

20912 Iris Homemakers Club
Records, n.d.
Williston, ND
Constitution and by-laws. (1 item)

20935 Mouse River Loop Genealogical Society
Records, 1998
Bottineau Co., ND; McHenry Co., ND; Mountrail Co., ND; Pierce Co., ND; Renville Co., ND; Rolette Co., ND; Ward Co., ND
Copies of information concerning churches found in the Mouse River Loop area. (.05ft)

21140 Darling Springs Township (Adams County, ND)
1971, 1977
Programs from the 50th anniversaries of the Darling Springs School District (1971) and the Darling Springs Homemakers (1977). (2 items)

21152 Raub (ND) Womans Club (Pioneer Womans Club)
Membership information, minutes, financial material and materials. Removed from 40190 McLean County Loquemont School District #74.

21158  Grand Lodge of North Dakota Independent Order of Odd Fellows Annual Session 1947 Program. Bismarck (ND)
June 2-5, 1947
(1 item)

21170 Service Dogs for America (Jud, ND)
Book "A New Leash on Life: Life with a Dog from Service Dogs for America" by Keith Norman, card "Im a Service Dog" in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, booklet "Legal Rights of Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, and Service Dogs”. (.05ft)

21175 Knights of Columbus, Bismarck Council No. 1604
By-laws of the Council, a ribbon worn by a member of the Council, a lease agreement between Bismarck Bank and the Knights of Columbus, and a report of the 1912 audit of the board of trustees (4 items).

21200 North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare
Program from the 18th annual conference of the North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare, Bismarck (ND), October 12-15, 1941 (1 item).

21206 Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Caledonia (ND) Lodge No. 15
Certificate that Lars L. Hagen attained the Scarlet degree, proclamation of a celebration for the 77th anniversary of the Order, and a treasurers bond appointing Lovell Houghton treasurer of the lodge (3 items).

21243 "History of Trapshooting in North Dakota and the Bismarck Area"
Manuscript tracing the history of the Bismarck Gun Club and trapshooting in North Dakota and the Bismarck area. Written by Chester E. Nelson Jr. in conjunction with the self-published book "Trapshooting in North Dakota: A Five Decade Photographic History" (2010). The manuscript includes photocopies of photographs, names of members, and information about club activities. The Bismarck Gun Club was organized in 1884 (1 item)

21284 Kiwanis Club (Grand Forks, N.D.)
Consists of an invitation to the 1939 District Convention of the Grand Forks (N.D.) Kiwanis Club (1 item)

21287 American Legion, Carl E. Rogen Post #29 (Watford City, N.D.)
Consists of meeting minutes and membership information of the American Legion, Carl E. Rogen Post #29 (Watford City, N.D.), 1992-2007 (.1 ft.).

21314 North Dakota Association of Chiropodists
Meeting minute book of the North Dakota Association of Chiropodists. (1 item)

21329 North Dakota Firefighter's Association
The collection includes a Power Point Presentation (digital only) with audio and still photographs created for use during the 130th anniversary convention of the NDFA and a leaflet for the first annual grand tournament of the NDFA, Fargo (D.T.) October 2-3, 1884. The leaflet was among the SHSND Curator's correspondence (Series 30205). Related to 2015-P-036 (.05 ft. plus digital).

21332 North Dakota State Quilt Council
Consists of quilt documentation forms and photographs. Each quilt documentation consists of a 3-page record (PDF files) and 1-2 photos (JPG files).  It may also contain additional PDF or DOC or DOCX files with additional information.  All information for each quilt is numbered beginning with the same number. The record (PDF file) is numbered between 1 and 420. Photos are listed with record number, followed by a dash and another number. (Note:  Quilt #414 does not have photos. NDSQC offered and received no response to redo photos on this quilt. And due to mis-numbering, there is no record for #407).

NDSQC's Documentation Committee set out to document all quilts in small local museums and add them to the 1988-1989 Quilt Project. "The education and information within each of these quilts provides a glimpse into the lives of the industrious people who made them.  I am grateful I had the opportunity to research the documentation process and inspect these wonderful quilts.  My life is certainly richer for it.  I hope the information contained herein will be helpful to you as well " (Debra Irene Hall Forsberg) (1818 digital files).

21364 Gladys Helping Hand Club (Gladys, N.D.)
Moving images compiled by Fletcher Poling of meetings, interviews, and auctions conducted by the Gladys Helping Hand Club. In the introduction, Poling observes that the organization has persisted throughout economic, cultural and political changes to serve others. (2 DVDs)

80043 Ancient Arabic Order, Imperial Council, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
Records, n.d.
Certificate issued to Carl E. Hovland. (1 item)

80050 Deutsch-Amerikanischer Central-Bund von Nord Dakota
Records, n.d.
Charter of German-American Bund. (5 items/oversize)

80068 Grand Army of the Republic. James B. McPherson Post No. 3
Records, 1890
Charter. (1 item)


1120A Emmanuel C. Vix
60 minute cassette
Germans from Russia Convention, Minot. June 27, 1975.

1120B Theo Ripplinger
60 minute cassette
Germans from Russia Convention, Harvey ND. June 27, 1975

1121A&B Dorothy Feist - Martin Jochim
Larry J. Sprunk,-interviewer for Feist
Robert J. Carlson,- interviewer for Jochim
90 minute cassette
Germans from Russia Convention in Minot Ramada Inn. June 27 & 28, 1975.

1203-1204 Germans from Russia: Immigration Centennial Conference
240 min
Recording of the Germans from Russia Conference on September 29, 1984 in the North Dakota Heritage Center, Bismarck.

1207-1208 Karl Stumpp Speeches
540 min
Consists of speeches by Stumpp (in German) delivered at the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in Lincoln, Nebraska. June 17-20, 1971

1209-1210 Karl Stumpp. Speech
180 min
Consists of a speech by Stumpp and others in Rugby, ND on July 19, 1971

1211-1217 North Dakota Historical Society of Germans from Russia Convention
840 min. 7 tapes
Consists of recordings of speeches and presentations at the NDHSGR convention in 1971 and 1972

1218 North Dakota Historical Society meeting, 1972
120 minute cassette
Recording of the proceedings of the annual meeting of the North Dakota Historical Society.

1600 Stockman's Association
60 minute cassette

1605 Stockmen's Association meeting
30 min

1667 James M. Kaplan
60 minute cassette
New Sweden '88 Chair for ND. 10/26/91. MSS 10582

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Bismarck, North Dakota 58505
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