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Manuscripts by Subject - Women's History - #10202

Title:  North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs

Dates: 1893-2014

Collection Number: 10202

Quantity: 22 feet, 5 microfilm rolls (roll numbers 16213-16217)

Abstract:  Consists of records of the state and district offices and various affiliated clubs including minutes, subject files, biographies, district annual reports, pioneer daughters club records, annual meeting programs, scrapbooks,  photographs and records of the North Dakota Federation of Womens' Clubs Pioneer Mothers Project.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs Records as a gift of the Federation in May 1978. A gift agreement was signed by Alice Power August 13, 1982. Additions to the records are deposited on a regular basis, with the most recent added in October 2016. The records of the North Dakota Federation of Women's Clubs Cosmos Club Chapter, Bismarck, ND, 1926-1969, were added to the collection on December 28, 2011 (formerly MSS 10707). The North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs Pioneer Mother Project Records (formerly MSS 90046) were moved back in the collection in April 2011. The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the North Pioneer Mother Project Records  as a gift from the North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs in August 1932.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs has dedicated such copyrights as it possesses in this collection to the public. Consideration of all other copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer: One hundred forty-one photographs were removed from the records and transferred to the Photo Archives in November 1982. Published materials were transferred to the Library in November 1982 and November 2014. Photographs that remain with the collection were accessioned after 1982. See case file for titles of transferred publications.

Three hundred eighty-five photographs were removed from the biography files of the North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs – Pioneer Mother Project Records and transferred to the Photo Archives in July 1982.      
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The North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs was organized at the Devils Lake Chautauqua in July 1897. Mary Whedon, editor and general manager of Western Womanhood, suggested holding a “Woman’s Day” at the Chautauqua with hopes of organizing a state federation. The General Federation required a minimum of nine clubs to form a state federation. There were only eight clubs in attendance but the founders quickly organized the Nineteenth Century Club of Devils Lake to meet the nine club requirement. The purpose of the North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs was to “bring the women of the State into communication for acquaintance, mutual helpfulness, and the promotion of higher intellectual, social and moral conditions.” Membership is open to “all clubs organized for literary, artistic, musical, philanthropic, scientific, or other educational purposes, who owe allegiance to no political or sectarian control.”

The North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs has been involved in numerous projects, including the establishment of the pure food laws, erecting a statue of Sakakawea, gathering data for the Pioneer Mother Project, maintaining libraries and museums, and purchasing the first bookmobile in North Dakota. Currently the North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs has 1,852 members in 94 general clubs and one junior club.

Sources: North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs (MSS 10202); and the Fargo Forum, July 10, 1897. 


The Pioneer Mother Project was adopted by the North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs at the 1929 convention in Dickinson, North Dakota. The primary goal of the project was to raise funds for the “erection of a memorial on the capitol grounds at Bismarck to the Pioneer Mothers of our State.” To raise funds to erect a memorial to North Dakota’s pioneer mothers, the Federation collected biographical sketches of pioneer mothers. The Federation asked that a donation accompany each biography. Unfortunately, the memorial to North Dakota’s pioneer mothers never materialized. Instead a valuable research source was generated as a result of the Federation’s interest in women’s history in North Dakota. To qualify as a pioneer mother, a woman had to be “one who lived in that part of the Territory which is now North Dakota prior to November 1889 and was married at that time – altho [sic] she may have become a mother later.” Mrs. Elita McArdle of Fargo was appointed chairman of the Pioneer Mother Project committee, and the Federation president, Mrs. Albert E. Jones of Lisbon, appointed representatives from each of the club’s eight districts to solicit funds and collect biographical information on pioneer mothers.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota was designated the official depository for the Pioneer Mother Project Records by the North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1930. The Pioneer Mother Project Records were officially transferred to the State Historical Society of North Dakota as part of the ground breaking ceremonies for the new state capitol building in August 1932. The State Historical Society actively sought additional biographies until 1949. Only a few biographies have been added to the collection since that time. The Pioneer Mother biographies have been microfilmed (roll numbers 16213-16217).


Bismarck Tribune, August 13, 1932.
North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs. Records, MSS 10202.


The North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs Records date from 1893 to 1999 and occupy 21.5 cubic feet. The records are divided into four Series: State Records, Biographies, District Records, and Club Records.

Series I, State Records, consists of the records of the main office and includes eleven Subseries: Minutes, Subject Files, North Dakota State Golden Jubilee Club Histories, District Annual Reports, Club Annual Reports, Pioneer Daughters Clubs Records, Annual Meeting Programs, Epsilon Sigma Omicron Records, Civic Improvement Contest Entries, Newspaper Clippings and Photographs.

The Minutes Subseries, dating from 1897 to 1999, includes annual, board and convention minutes, and expands in 1953 to include state officers’ reports, department reports, division reports, and district reports. Beginning in 1978, the various reports were placed in the subject files. The Subject Files Subseries, 1897-1999, consists of correspondence, department reports, division reports, special project reports, committee reports, contests, newspaper clippings, a scrapbook, ephemera, and published materials.

The North Dakota State Golden Jubilee Club Histories were prepared by the federated clubs in 1939. The histories describe club accomplishments, and include photographs of club members and activities. The histories were stored in eight gold color three-ring binders representing the eight districts and arranged alphabetically by city within the district. The histories were removed from the three-ring binders and placed in acid-free folders. The District Annual Reports Subseries, dating from 1910 to 1979, generally provides district officers names, club achievements in the Federation departments and divisions, and a history of the district.

The Club Annual Reports Subseries, 1897 to 1983, consists of Club Annual Reports, arranged within each district alphabetically by city. The reports generally provide the application to federate, the constitution and by-laws, organizational history, officers’ names, and club activities. The Pioneer Daughters Clubs Records Subseries, 1938-1981, consists of minutes, correspondence, refund applications, and reports. The Annual Meeting Programs Subseries, dating from 1897 to 1996, includes menus and agenda in addition to programs. The Epsilon Sigma Omicron (affiliated study Sorority) Records Subseries, dating from 1946 to 1972, consists of correspondence, publications, history, and a scrapbook. The Civic Improvement Contest Entries Subseries, dating from 1955 to 1958, consists of correspondence, contest applications, club entries, and rating sheets.

The Newspaper Clippings Subseries, dating from ca. 1900 to the 1980s, provides information on annual meetings, contests, and projects. Identified articles were removed and a reference card indicating the subject matter was placed in the Reading Room newspaper index. The Photographs Subseries date from 1915 to 1942 and consist of a baby contest at the 18th annual meeting in Minot, a tree planting on the state capitol grounds for Carl Ben Eielson, and members at the 45th annual meeting in Fargo.                       

Series II, Biographies, consists of records of the Pioneer Mother Project, and biographies of pioneer mothers, daughters, club members, and several pioneer men, and includes two subseries: Pioneer Mothers Project Records and Pioneer Daughters and Club Members. The Pioneer Mother Project Records date from 1930 to 1974 and occupy four and one-half cubic feet. They are divided into administrative records, indexes, incomplete biographies, and complete biographies.

The administrative records consist of correspondence, a dedication notebook, final report, receipts and expenditures book, fourth district reports, poems and miscellaneous items. Correspondence, dating from 1930 to 1974, documents the efforts of the Pioneer Mother Project Committee and the State Historical Society of North Dakota to obtain biographical information for the project. The dedication notebook contains biographies of Pioneer Mother Project Committee members and a list of persons who contributed funds to the project. The final report, dated September 1, 1931, describes the accomplishments of the Pioneer Mother Committee and provides a financial assessment of the project. The receipts and expenditures book delineates the financial affairs of the project from 1931 to 1944. The fourth district reports provide information concerning the collection of biographical information for the Pioneer Mother Project from April 1940 to April 1941. The poems were composed by pioneer mothers, or friends and relatives. The poems describe the sacrifices and hardships of North Dakota’s pioneer mothers. The miscellaneous items include a partial list of county auditors, press releases and placards.

The indexes consist of a list of complete pioneer biographies, a list of the incomplete pioneer mother biographies, a miscellaneous list of pioneer mothers, 1941, a list of pioneer mother biographies added to the collection from 1938 to 1953 and the lead/information card file. The lead/information card file consists of a partial list of women eligible for designation as pioneer mothers. In many cases a biography was not prepared for the candidate listed in the card file. This series includes a card index to the complete pioneer mother biographies. This index is available in the Reading Room.

The incomplete biographies are arranged alphabetically and consist of pioneer mother biographies in various stages of completion. The biographies generally provide the pioneer mother’s name, birth and death dates, place of birth, date of marriage, name of spouse and children, date of arrival in Dakota Territory, and lists include letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

The complete biographies are arranged alphabetically. A complete pioneer mother biography consists of an 8 ½” x 11” typescript. Many of the biographies include photographs of the pioneer mother mounted on a page. In some cases, the photograph has separated from the biography. These photographs (numbering 385) have been transferred to the Photo Archives. The biographies generally provide the pioneer mother’s name, birth and death dates, place of birth, date of marriage, name of spouse and children, date of arrival in Dakota Territory, and lists of significant events and activities. Originally the complete biographies were stored in three-ring binders in the pioneer mother’s vault. Due to conservation considerations, the complete biographies were removed from the three-ring binders and place in acid-free folders and boxes.

The Pioneer Daughters and Club Members subseries is organized alphabetically by last name and consists of newspaper clippings, letters, obituaries, and tributes of pioneer daughters and members of the Federation.

Series III, District Records, consists of the records of the various district offices and includes five Subseries: Constitutions and Bylaws, Minutes, Annual Meeting Programs, Financial, and Scrapbooks. The Constitutions and Bylaws Subseries includes the constitution and by-laws for district three only. The Minutes Subseries, dating from 1911 to 1975, is incomplete for districts two, three, four, five, seven and eight and nonexistent for districts one and six. The Annual Meeting Programs Subseries, dating from 1913 to 1979, is arranged chronologically by district. The Financial Subseries contains financial information for district three only. The Scrapbooks Subseries, dating from 1940 to 1975, consists of newspaper clippings, programs, and published materials (several of the scrapbooks are located separate from the series because they are oversized. Their location is noted on the finding aid).

Series IV, Club Records, consists of records of various federated clubs and include three Subseries: Minutes and Membership Records, Meeting Programs and Yearbooks, and Scrapbooks. The Minutes Subseries, dating from 1893-1996, includes minutes from clubs in Casselton, Fargo, and Williston, as well as from the Ex-Club. The Meeting Programs and Yearbooks Subseries, 1911-1978, covers the Dacotah Club (Ellendale), the Fargo and Pembina Chapters of Pioneer Daughters, the Women’s Civic League (Williston), as well as a variety of other clubs. The Scrapbooks Subseries dates from 1921-1970 and includes the Kulm Civic League, Women’s Civic League (Williston), Nemo Study Club (Lakota), New Town Study Club, and the Woman’s Literary Club (Pingree). Scrapbooks from other series and subseries are located with these (oversized) scrapbooks.


Series I.           State Records, 1897-1999, Boxes 1-12, 18

                        Consists of minutes, subject files, North Dakota state golden jubilee club histories, district annual reports, club annual reports, pioneer daughters clubs records, annual meeting programs and minutes, Epsilon Sigma Omicron records, civic improvement contest entries, newspaper clippings and photographs.

Series II.         Biographies, Boxes 6, 19-26

                        Consists of records of the Pioneer Mother Project, and biographies of pioneer mothers, daughters, club members, and several pioneer men

Series III.        District Records, 1908-1979, Boxes 12-14

                        Consists of constitutions and bylaws, minutes, annual meeting programs, financial, and scrapbooks.

Series III.        Club Records, 1893-1996, Boxes 14-17

Consists of minutes and membership records, meeting programs and yearbooks, and scrapbooks.


Series I.                State Records      
Subseries 1.    Minutes
Box 1:
1 1897-1902
2 1902-1910
3 1911-1914
4 1915-1921
5 1922-1927
6 1928-1932
7 1932-1936
8 1937-1942
9 1943-1946
10 1947-1952
11 1953-1958
12 1959-1960
13 1961-1962
14 1963-1964

Box 2:
1 1965-1966
2 1967
3 1968
4 1969-1970
5 1971-1972
6 1973-1974
7 1975-1976
8 1977
9 1978-1980
10 1981-1983
11 1984-1988
12 1989-1991
13 1992-1995
14 1996-1999     

 Box 3:
1 Business and Professional Women’s Club (James W. Foley), 1924; 1926
2 American Cancer Society, 1961-1962
3 Cass County Historical Society, ca 1961
4 American Citizenship Department, 1919-1932
5 Clubwoman Magazine, 1937-1962; 1980
6 Communications Division, 1957-1981
7 Community Improvement Division, 1933-1982
8 Concerts and exhibits (miscellaneous), 1912 & n.d.
9 Conservation Department, 1923-1979
10 Constitution and By-Laws (articles of incorporation and amendments), 1911-1988 & n.d.
11 Consumer Concerns Division, 1957; 1979-1980
12 Convention Planning, 1933-1980; Convention Planning, 1980-1999 (SEE Series I, Subseries I)  
13 Correspondence, 1907-1980
14 Crafts Division, 1957-1962
15 Crippled Children’s School, Jamestown, n.d.
16 Florence Davis, 1927-1949
17 Florence Davis - Genealogy, 1931-1950
18 Delta Kappa Gamma, 1949-1950
19 Diamond Jubilee, 1972
20 Directories, 1979-2012
21 Judicial Districts, 1889-1915
22 Drum and Bugle, 1935
23 E’lan Gallery (Bismarck)(former home of James W. Foley Jr.), 1975
24 Education Department, 1908-1981
25 Election Questionnaire, 1915
26 Endowment Fund, 1912-1949
27 Epsilon Sigma Omicron Division, 1947-1965
28 Extension Department, 1912-1981
29 Minnie Featherstone, n.d.
30 Federal Forest Project, 1937-1941
31 Flag, 1934-1951
32 Flag, 1934-1951           
33 Fort Union, 1938
34 Foundation Fund, 1930-1939
35 General Federation, 1897-1973
36 General Federation, 1897-1973
37 General Federation - Bismarck Convention, 1979-1982
38 German Guest, 1954

Box 4:
1 Gerontology Division, 1957-1961
2 Golden Jubilee, 1939-1942
3 Golden Jubilee, 1947
4 Handbooks, 1984; 1991-1992
5 Health, 1910-1944
6 Health and Welfare Division, 1910-1981
7 State History Committee, 1910-1983
8 History Contest Correspondence, 1924-1936
9 History Contest Entries, n.d.
10 Histories of North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs, n.d.
11 History of North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1950
12 Elizabeth Holland, 1949-1962
13 Elizabeth Holland - Second Vice President, 1960-1962
14 Historical museums and parks
15 Honor Roll, 1930-1933; 1944; 1980
16 Indians, 1932-1954
17 Indian Affairs Division, 1929; 1957-1962
18 Indian - Sakakawea (including statue), 1910; 1940; 1979 & n.d.
19 Insurance Policy, 1944-1945
20 International Affairs Department, 1953-1981
21 International Peace Garden, 1953-1954
22 Jamestown College (Hilltoppers), ca 1952
23 Blanche Durell Jones (Blanche Durell Jones Club) (Mrs. A.E. Jones), 1928-1942
24 Junior Membership Department, 1929-1940
25 Ida Prokop Lee, 1943; 1957
26 Legislation, 1945-1954
27 Legislation Division, 1910-1911; 1954-1962; 1975
28 Library Division, 1905-1962
29 Literature, 1922-1930
30 Literature and Drama Division, 1957-1962
31 Jennie Lord, 1902; 1925
32 Manuals, 1954; 1958
33 Membership (and mailing lists), 1974-1975

Box 5:
1 Membership (and mailing lists), 1976-1977
2 Membership (and mailing lists), 1979-1980
3 Membership (and mailing lists), 1980-1981
4 Membership (and mailing lists), 1981-1982
5 Membership (and mailing lists), 1982-1984
6 Membership (and mailing lists), 1985-1989
7 Membership (and mailing lists), 1990-1992; n.d.
8 Mississippi Valley Conference, 1962-1980
9 Model School, Valley City, 1906
10 Mother-of-the-Year, 1948-1988
11 Music, n.d.
12 Music Division, 1954-1962
13 National Defense Division, 1960-1961
14 Minnie J. Nielson, 1951
15 Nominating Committee, 1990
16 North Dakota Diamond Jubilee, 1964
17 Oldest Mother Project, 1932
18 Francis Merrill Cochran Phelan, 1940
19 Federation Pin Department, 1898-1956; 1982
20 Pioneer Club Women, 1940-1943
21 Pioneer Mother Project, 1930-1943
22 Poetry, n.d.
23 Elsie Powell, 1897, 1935-1952
24 Presidential inaugurations (United States President), 1941
25 Presidents’ Letters to Board Members and Club Presidents, 1900-1980
26 Press and Publicity Division, 1953-1962; 1981 (scrapbook, 1924-1927, is located in box 16)
27 Program Coordination Department, 1913-1916; 1960-1962; 1979
28 Public Affairs Department, 1952-1981
29 Public Welfare Department, 1924-1935
30 Radio and Television Division, 1930-1954
31 Religions of the World Division, 1956-1962
32 Research Notes, n.d.
33 Resolutions, 1914-1980
34 Safety Division, 1960-1962
35 Secretary (Recording), 1982-1988       
36 Scholarship Division, 1954-1978
37 Lottie B. Sowles, 1897-1898; 1913

Box 6:
1 State Historical Society of North Dakota
2 State Officers - Reports and Speeches, 1897-1936 (including Presidents)
3 State Officers - Reports and Speeches, 1937-1956 (including Presidents)
4 State Officers - Reports and Speeches, 1957-2014 (including Presidents)
5 State Teacher’s College, Minot, 1950
6 Statistical Reports, 1984-1990 & n.d.
7 Leonora Steinmetz, 1938-1942
8 Treasurer files, 1985-1988
9 Jeanie Tuller, 1897-1914; 1982
10 USS North Dakota, 1908-1909 & n.d.
11 George Washington, 1932
12 Why Federate?, n.d.
13 Status of Women Division, 1934; 1960-1962
14 Works, Departments of, 1913-1914
15 Yearbook, 1904-1954
16 Youth Division, 1957; 1961
40 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, ca. 2010-2011

Subseries 2.   Pioneer Daughters and Club Members Biographies
17        A:
Abbott, Esther Jeanette (Mrs. Victor)
Adams, Olive (Mrs. Paul)
Agneberg, Ruthella (Mrs. Paul)
Agrest, Gladys (Mrs. Joseph)
Aldrich, E. M.
Alexander, Mrs. W. H.
Alexander, W. H. (and Thomas)
Allen, J. D.
Alme, Edna (Mrs. Lars)
Amble, Ben
Amidon, Beulah (McHenry) (Mrs. Charles F.)
Anderson, Elizabeth Preston (Mrs. Rev. James)
Anderson, Etha (Lucken) (Mrs. Edward)
Anderson, Gilbert J.
Anderson, Lena (Mrs. Charles)
Anderson, Mary L. (Hanson) (Mrs. Carl S.)
Anderson family (by Mrs. Gertrude Anderson Reilly)
Andrew, Anna (Mrs. Theodore)
Arason, Augusta
Atkins, Captain C. J.
Austin, Professor John H.
18        B
Bacon, Grace Violet (McIntyre) (Mrs. J. Warren)
Bailey, Violet (Mrs. Clifford)
Bain, Mrs. J. H.
Baird, Dorothy (Wright) (Mrs. W. G.)
Baker, Mrs. Henry
Bangert, Mrs. Charles G.
Bangs, Tracy R.
Barnard, F. A.
Bartleson, Ida C. (Mrs. Leonard)
Bartron, James II
Bathgate, John N.
Beardsley, Nina
Beaton, Grace (Fee) (Mrs. William)
Bechtle, Florence (Mrs. Robert)
Bellin,  Mrs. Violet
Berdahl, Mrs. Andrew
Berg, Jennie
Berglund, Doris (Sevalson) (Mrs. Buford)
Bernhoft, (Mrs. Ole B.)
Bickert, Mrs. Robert G.
Bjornson, Florenz
Bliss, Elsie (Mrs. J.W.)
Blumer, Maude (Barnes) (Mrs. Fred)
Bodine, Elizabeth (Grossman) (Mrs. Frank)
Bolley, Frances (Sheldon)
Boleyn, Mrs. P. T.
Bottineau, Charles
Brandt, Luella (Cady)
Braseth, E. A.
Brenna, Henry
Brentzel, Wanda W. (Weniger)
Brightbill, Gladys (Mrs. Noble)
Brouillard, Opal Esther (Owen)
Brown, Katherine (Mrs. William A.)
Brown, Margaret J.
Brownson, Anna L.
Bryant, Cora (Mrs. O. F.)
Buck, Mrs. J. L Blair
Budlong, Minnie
Buraas, Faye (Mrs. Vincent)
Burges, Mrs. Charles W.
Burke, Mary Ellen Keane (Mrs. John)
Burke, Hon. John
Burkstrand, Annie S. (Bratt) (Mrs. George)
Burgum, Jessamine Slaughter
Burner, Thea (Hartwell)
Byrnes, Hazel (Webster)
19        Minnie Budlong
20        C:
Carlson, Mabel (Mrs. Walter)
Canfield, Mae (Farquharson) (Mrs. Roy)
Cary, Anne Alison (Clark) (Mrs. Lyman)
Case, Jesse
Case, Lovetta
Ceglowski, Mary Agnes (Herbrandson) (Mrs. John)
Chapman, Marie (Schumacher)
Chesnut, Josie (Mrs. James A.)
Clapp, Mrs. I. P.
Clark, Jessie Mae (Britton) (Mrs. Walter S.)
Clark, Kathryn
Code, Edna (Mrs. Edward)
Code, Edward
Collins, Albert E.
Cook, Norma (Mrs. Ross)
Cooper, Laura (Schmidt) (Mrs. A. B.)
Coss, Charles W.
Crabtree, Mrs. Dwight
21        D:
Dahl, Julila E. (Hippe) (Mrs. A.W.)
Dahl, Mrs. Norman
Dahlen, Drusilla (McCarthy) (Mrs. Leonard)
Danow, Mrs. E. M.
Davidson, Jo
Davies, Helen M.
Davies, W. P.
Davis, Edna
Davis, Mrs. David L.
Davis, Florence Harriet (Brennan) (Baldwin)
Davis, Hazel Catherine (Hennessy) (Mrs. Rufus)
Davis, Ruth Mary (Butterfield) (Mrs. Charles)
Davis, William Sr.
Denison, Anna (Mrs. Rev. George B.)
Densmore, E. J.
Dickey, Rev. John G.
Diebel, Ethyl (Mrs. Charles)
Diesem, Leila Pearl
Dills, France (Hamp) (Mrs. J. C.)
Dinnie, James A.
Divet, A. G. (Guy) and Nora
Dockter, Florence E. (Mrs. Julius O.)
Dominique, Sister Mary Mullen
Donovan, Kathryn (Nugent) (Mrs. Edward J.)
Dougherty family (Lawrence
Duell, D. G.
Duffy, Evelyn Kelly (Mrs. Tom F.)
Duncanson, Mrs. L. V.
Dunlop, Nellie G.
Duntley, Alfred Sylvenous
22        E:
Eastman, Dr. Charles A.
Eastman, Irene
Eastvold, Christine
Ego, Louise (Busch) (Mrs. Charles E.)
Ehart, Violette (Hunt)
Elken, Agnes (Mrs. Gilbert L.)
Ellestad, O.T.
Ellingson, Mae (Mrs. Morris)            
Ellingson, Marie
Engelking, Lillian (Raabe)
Engstad, Dr. J. E.
Ertresvaag, Velma (Mrs. Edwin M.)
Estrop, Rebbecca (White) and Jarvis
Evanson, Charles J.
23        F:
Failor, A. L.
Fakler, Mrs. and William
Farrell, Rev.
Fay, Gunda (Mrs. Francis John)
Featherstone, Mrs. John Emerson
Fenelon, Mrs. Eugene
Ferris, Inga (Mrs. Charles)
Fiedler, Edith (Gurke) (Mrs. Albert)
Fladeland, Eva Louise
Floberg, Bergithe Amelia (Herbrandson) (Mrs. Hartvig)
Fjeld, Marit (Kompelien) (Mrs. Hans)
Fleming, Emma (Mrs. George)
Fogderud, Laura
Foley, Emma
Foley, James W.
Forthun, Genevieve (Wright) (Mrs. Arthur C.)
Foulkes, Irene M. (Olson)
Frank, Elizabeth (Mrs. James A.)
Fry, Bertha (Mrs. John)
Fuller, Earl C.
Fuller, Mabel (Mrs. Earl C.)
Funk, Lorraine (Finke) (Mrs. Archie)
24        G:
Galbraith, J. W.
Gallowaym Mrs. George
Ganssle, Lena (Mrs. Chris)
Garske, Mrs. Gustav
Garritty, Mary (Hegney) (Mrs. James)
Geelan, Agnes Henriette (Kjorlie) (Mrs. Elric)
Giese, Ludolf
Gilby, Frank
Gjellstad, Ivar
Glaserud, Ole G.
Goiffon, Father
Goodman, Fred L.
Gothberg, Otto
Grant, Mrs. Corbert
Green, Mrs. Albert
Green, Loretta I. (Nelson) (Mrs. Dr. E. E.)
Green, Robert H.
Griffith, T. C.
Griggs, R. S.
Grönli, Ingeborg Emma
Gudmundsson, Einar
Gust, James
25        H:
Hagen, Beatrice (Page) (Mrs. Sam)
Haig, Lillian (Hale) (Mrs. A. V.)
Halcrow, Winniefred (McIntosh) (Mrs. John)
Hale, Clarence A.
Hallberg, Edna
Halldorson, Elaine S.
Hallquist, Mildred (Mrs. William)
Hammes, Ethel (Mrs. Albert)
Hammond, Edna Thexton (McKibbin) (Mrs. Charles)
Handt, Blanche E. (Reeshagen) (Mrs. Ezra A.)
Hansen, Louise Adele
Hanson, O. S.
Haroldson, Mrs. A. L.
Harper, Dorothy (Mrs. Robert)
Hartnett, Eva M. (Valker) (Mrs. Lester)
Hauge, Marie (Gjellstad) (Mrs. Julius)
Haugland, Byrnhild
Haugon, Myrtle
Hawkinson, Josephine (Mrs. A. R.)
Hawthorn, Glendeva (Mrs. Clarence)
Heerman, Captain Edward E.
Helmers, Gladys
Henderson, Marie (Stenseth) (Mrs. George)
Herbranson, Carrie Leona (Proffitt) (Mrs. Albert L.)
Herrick, Michael
Herther, Zenie (Price) (Mrs. Art)
Hiassen, Regina
Hill, Verna (Mrs. Clifford)
Hilstad, Mary Merilla (Dunlevy) (Mrs. George)
Hjelle, Mrs. O. S. (Myrah)
Hoff, Anne (Weber)
Hoff, Inger (Thoreson) (Mrs. Oliver)
Hogenson, John
Holland, Elizabeth (Seim) (Mrs. Walter)
Holler, Emma Ruth (Inglis) (Mrs. John P. R.)
Hollister, Joan Randolph (Watson) (Kelly)
Holt, Julia (Mrs. Henry R.)
Holte, Nell (Roland) (Mrs. Howard)
Hoopes, Mrs. W. E.
Hope, Hazel (Mrs. G. L.)
Horne, Caroline (Mrs. Harold)
Host, Viola (Mrs. Archie)
Hoveskeland, Jessamine (Mrs. Sydney)
Hoyer, Hilda (Mrs. Martin)
Howe, Edith (Mrs. J. L.)
Hubbard, Ralph
Huff, Wallace A. Sr.
Hutcheson, Hazel
Hyland, Florence (Nelson) (Mrs. Frank H.)
Hyslop, George
26        J:
Jacobson, Nora
Jacobson, Vera (Mrs. Arthur)
Janis, Una M. (Reilly) (Mrs. Beverly [Jack])
Jefferis, Katherine (Fife) (Mrs. Fred)
Jeglum, Iver
Jenks, Charles H.
Jenson, Margeurite (Nevens) (Mrs. Harold)
Johnson, Bessie (Geddes)
Johnson, Helen (Sando)
Johnson, Luba (Roman) (Mrs. Axel T.)
Johnson, Margaret H. (Middal) (Mrs. Andrew)
Johnson, Mildred Bernice (Mrs. Wilbur L.)
Johnstone, M. Beatrice
Jollie, J. J.
Jones, Mrs. Albert E.
Jones, Ethel (Koerner) (Mrs. Dan)
Junod, Molly (Mrs. Harry)
27        K:
Kehoe, Mrs. John J.
Kelly, Clara (Rutten) (Mrs. William Francis)
Kihle, Leann Louise (Cole) (Mrs. Kenneth)
Kjelland, Anne S.
Klawitter, Catherine (Mrs. Fred)
Kmain, Annie (Omsager) (Mrs. Emil)
Knauf, Winifrerd (Wood) (Mrs. John)
Kneeshaw, William J.
Knott, Margry (Holm) (Mrs. Harry)
Knudson, Henry F.
Knutson, Elnor Gene (Larson) (Mrs. Oscar)
Krag, Inga (Mrs. Soren)
Kristjanson, Mathilda Amelia (Melsted) (Mrs. Johann)
Krueger, Mrs. and W. F.
Kuplis, Lija
28        L:
L’Amour, Louis
La Due, Edith (Mann) (Mrs. S. J.)
Lageson, O. K.
LaGrave, Mary (Mrs. Grover)
Lampert, Esther (Nelson) (Mrs. Dr. Max T.)
Lander, E. J.
Lane, Helen Lucretia
Langager, Solveig Margarethe (Dahl) (Mrs. Elmer)
Larson, Julia (Hovden) (Mrs. Christ)
LaRue, Ada B.
Lauder, Nettie (McKean) (Mrs. W. S.)
Lauf, Lillian (Senechal) (Mrs. Edward)
Lee, W. B. and T. P.
Lewis, Hazel
Lewis, Mrs. Vesper
Libby, H. A.
Lieberg, Olga (Serumgard) (Mrs. H. A.)
Little, Grace
Little, F. A. and Mrs.
Locken, Lucille Gayle (Bagne) (Mrs. Tdean)
Locklin, C. D.
Lord, Jennie B. (McIntosh) (Mrs. C. J.)
Lounsberry, Mrs. C. A.
Lowe, Rosamond (O’Brien) (Mrs. Kenneth C.)
Lum, Elmour Denton
Lum, Edyth Marion (Counter) (Mrs. Elmour Denton)
Lunak, Minnie
Lunney, Jessie Mae (Wenck) (Mrs. James)
Lunny family
Lystad, L. O.
29        M:
McArthur, Thorun (Thorwaldson) (Mrs. Donald)
McCarthy, Anna H.
McCrea, Mrs. John (O’Connor)
McCulloch, Hattie May (Caarnahan) (Mrs. James T.)
McDaniel, Bessie
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, D. J.
McFarland, George A.
McFarland, Mrs. George A.
McGuire, Michael
McIlwain, Mrs. D. S.
McKay, J. R.
McLain, Elnora H. (Mrs. Joseph E.)
McLoughlin, Phil
McMillan, Rose (Middal) (Mrs. Hugh)
McNair, Gabriella Gustava (Olson) (Neste)
McNally, Eunice (Flumerfelt) (Mrs. Joseph)
McNicol, J. H.
McVey, Frances Jewell
Mahon, Rurth F. 
Maize, Isabel S.
Maize, Mary
Malone (Maloney) family
Maloney, Charles O.
Mann, Fred P. Jr.
Mann, Jane (Smith) (Mrs. Fred P.)
Mann, Mrs. Lewis J.
Markley, Edith
Meberg, Lorraine
Melaas, Helene (Christen) (Mrs. H. H.)
Melstad, Marcella (Mrs. Alvin)
Merager, M. S.
Metcalf, Fred
Metz, Laura Lucille (Lammer) (Mrs. Reuben L.)
Metzinger, Mrs. Leon
Mikkelson, Mads
Miller, Anna (Strifert) (Mrs. P. W. Miller)
Miller, Marie (Mrs. Matt)
Miller, Norma
Miller, Olive Josephine (Hansen) (Mrs. Archie)
Miner, Hazel
Moen, Albert
Moen, Siri Mathea (Braaten) (Mrs. Albert G.)
Monson, Frieda (Ahlness) (Mrs. Hans)
Montgomery, Laura May
Morman, Helen (Ehlers) (Mrs. Edward)
Moore, Don
Morey, Ida B. (Halvorson) (Mrs. George F.)
Morrow, Jane (Mrs. David)
Mott, Amanda Ernestine (Schemel) (Mrs. J. F.)
Movius, Anna (Ann) (Anne) (Murry)
Movius, John H.
Mowris, Blanche
Munn, Mrs. William T. Sr.
Munn, William T. Sr.
Munn, William T. Jr.
Muscha, Kathy (Mrs. Wayne)
30        N:
Nash-Finch Company
Nelson, Blanche Miles
Nelson, Hazel (Pederson) (Mrs. Leo)
Nelson, Joseph
Nelson, Martha (Peterson) (Mrs. S. Q.)
Nelson, Nils
Nesting, Marie V.
Neverman, Marie (Williams) (Mrs. Henry)
Newberry, Ethel
Nielson, Hazel Belle
Nielson, Minnie Jean
Nimmo, Marion E.
Njaa, Inger (Ulland) (Mrs. S. H.)
Noecker, Alice
Nootnagel, Louise (Frank) (Mrs. Edwin)
Norcross, Mrs. Everett W.
Norman, Mose
Nudell,  Donna (Sletmoe) (Mrs. Larry)
Nye, Gerald P.
31        O:
O’Brien, Mrs. Harry (Thoe)
O’Brien, Harry
O’Connor, Agnes Ceclia
O’Connor, Archie M.
O’Connor, Clarence
O’Connor, James
O’Connor, Margaret (O’Sullivan) (Mrs. A. B.)
O’Connor, Pat
O’Connor, W. V.
O’Keefe, Dr. H.
O’Neale, Dr. Lila
Olgerson, Gudrun (Erlendson) (Mrs. Bjorn F.)
Olsen, Dagne
Olson, Mrs. C. P.
Olson, Aletta (Christopherson) (Mrs. Martin)
Olson, Mabel
Olstad, Einar
Ostmo, Amund
Owen, Opal Broullard (Montague) (Mrs. Ray B.)
32        P:
Page, Birdie Atkins (Alice Sinclair) (Mrs. E. B.)
Palda, Frances (Mrs. L. J.)
Palmer, Bertha Rachel
Palmer, Frank
Pankow, Mrs. August
Pariseau, Myrte (Johnson) (Mrs. Alvert)
Parker, Gertrude (Mrs. W. S.)
Patterson, Mary T. (Teasdale) (Mrs. Newell)
Paulson, John H.
Paulson, Martha
Pearce, Gladys M.      
Pelisser, Katherine (Kate) (Roberts) (Mrs. George)
Pelisser, Marion (Piper)
Pence, Ella (Watson) (Mrs. Roy W.)
Perkett, Florence (Cotton) (Mrs. J. B.)
Perrine, Lura L.
Perry, Mrs.
Perry, W. F.
Peterson, Myrene
Pierce, Lucille (Sullivan) (Mrs. Thomas)
Pinkham, Jennie (Knapp) (Mrs. Frank P.­)
Pinkham, Leila
Plachte, Mary E. (Mrs. Dr. A. W.)
Pladson, Haege
Plummer, Laura (Nelson) (Mrs. Clarence F.)
Poupore, Joseph R.
Powell, Albert Morrill
Powell, Chilton
Powell, Elsie (Moores) (Mrs. Albert Morrill)
Powell, Mary Florence
Powell, Virginia Elvira
Prosser, Sally Mason (Lounsberry) (Mrs. F. H.)
Pugh, Laurel
Pugh, Mary E.
33        Q:
F. D. Q. (Fannie Dunn Quain?)
Quain, Dr. Fannie Dunn
Quigley, J. J.
34        R:
Rabinovich, Max
Rader, Alice (Bradshaw) (Lipp) (Mrs. Charles P.)
Ralston, Edna (Pifer) (Mrs. Dr. John F.)
Randall, Harriet (Caldwell) (Mrs. Floyd E.)
Randolph, Mrs. T. B.
Ravnsborg, Solveig (Olson) (Mrs. P. P.)
Reading, Augustus
Reep, Mrs. J. E. (L. C.) (Wolf)
Reeves, W. L.
Reid, Russell S.
Reineking, Ethel (Mrs. Arthur S.)
Rice, Clara
Richards, Lydia (Mrs. Burt)
Richardson, Augusta (Schrader) (Mrs. R. L.)
Richold, Jennie L.
Ricket, Thomas W.
Rieder, Marie (Kern) (Mrs. Frank)
Riley, Eva C.
Rillo, Belan (Mrs. A.)
Ritchie, Mrs. Dr. 
Ritterbush, Ruth (Mrs. Robert A.)
Roberts, Margaret (Barr)
Roberts, Myrtle (Ridgeway) (Mrs. M. Pierce)
Roberts, M. Pierce
Robertson, Ella May
Robinson, Elsie
Rockne, Anna Helgeson
Rogne, Mabel (Wien) (Mrs. Lloyd)
Rognas, Rangold Gaspar Otto Emil
Rolfson, Abigail (Ormiston) (Mrs. Edwin)
Rolvaag, O. E.
Rood, Martin
Rousseau, M. Marie (Anderson) (Mrs. Raymond L.)
Rudser, Nellie Baldwin
Ruff, Freida (Mrs. Walter)
35        S:
Sanden, Easten
Sando, Cecilia (Amdalsrud)
Sando, Halvor
Sando, Helen (Mrs. Helen S. Johnson)
Sateren, O. L.
Sausker, Evelyn B. (Wilson) (Mrs. Henry)
Schave, A. F.
Schiel, Rose E. (Clark) (Mrs. D. G.)
Schlaberg, Frank W.
Schroeder, Leona
Schultz, Caroline (Yegen) (Mrs. Enoch)
Scott, Frank
Scott, Hazel
Sebrey, John
Sebrey, Mrs. John
Seivert, Catherine (Perry) (Mrs. Gerald)
Selke, Mrs. A. C.
Selvig, Lena
Seright, Mrs. J. L.
Severeid, Helen (Oliver) (Mrs. Eddie)
Severinson, Emma (Sane) (Mrs. Ingberg)
Seymour, Margarita
Seymour, Mrs. Walter W.
Shannon, J. M.
Sharkey, Adele Anderson
Shaver, Lucina Marie (Roman) (Mrs. Russell N.)
Shaw, Mrs. Earl L.
Shepperd, Adele (Mrs. Dr. John H.)
Shepperd, J. C.
Shide, Marijo (Loomis) (Mrs. Don)
Shockley, Hazel
Shuman, Minnie Louise (Larson) (Mrs. Maj. Frank L.)
Sigurdson, Mena
Simengaard, Olga (Kaldor) (Mrs. Ole)
Sippel, Mrs. John F.
Skabo, Myrtle
Skarperud, Helena (Fjeld) (Mrs. Osmund)
Slaughter, Linda
Sleeper, Arlington L. (Shattuck) (Mrs. Sherwood)
Smith, Emma C. (Nelson) (Mrs. Charles H.)
Smith, Mamie (Bowler) (Mrs. Walter Smith)
Solberg, Mrs. George
Solberg, Ruth Denora (Holt) (Mrs. Willard E.)
35        Solmonson, Helen (Mrs. Carl)
Sowles, Lottie B.
Speck, Wilhelmina (Schueltge) (Mrs. George)
Starkey, Clara (Swenson) (Mrs. O. K.)
Stanley, Robert
Stanton, Margaret (Dafoe) (Mrs. Hiram)
Stavens, Betsey Marie (Wolden)
Stavens, Hanna Oline
Stead, George
Steenstrup, Gail (Carr) (Mrs. Harry P.)
Steinbach, Helen F.
Steinmetz, Lenora Bertha (Brooke) (Mrs. Rudolph)
Stenehjem, Mrs. O. Vincent
Stenson, Mr. and Mrs. James
Stevens, Jerry E.
Stevens, Mrs.
Stewart, Luella F.
Stewart, May (Hermanson) (Mrs. Art)
Stockwell, Helen (Huntington Tombs) (Mrs. Walter L.)
Strand, Jess (Mrs. A. C.)
Strom, Olafune (Bedsler) (Mrs. Christ)
Stromme, Peer
Sullivan, Emilybelle (Mrs. Henry)
Sullivan, Marion Piper
Sullivan, Maurice J.
Sullivan, Michael
Sundby, Nellie (Nelson) (Mrs. G. Q.)
Sutton, Ellen (Olson) (Mrs. Harvey)
Swanson, Mrs. George
Symington, Kathleen (Park) (Mrs. James)
Syverson, Ingeborg (Nelson) (Mrs. Laurtiz)
36        T:
Taylor, Mabel (Diesem) (Mrs. Walter Claire)
Taylor, Miriam (Mrs. Donald F. Murtha)
Taylor, Wallace
Thacker, Blanche (Page) (Mrs. Robert)
Tharalson, Grace (Nielson) (Mrs. Jno)
Thelander, Ragnhild (Rags) (Jelstrup) (Mrs. Carl)
Thielman, Ann (Bartunek) (Mrs. Otto)
Thom, Harriette (Mrs. Norm)
Thomasson, Soffia (Kristjanson) (Mrs. Thomas)
Thompson, Ed
Thompson, Isabella (Isabelle)
Thompson, Robert
Thorsell, Anna (Johansen)
Timms, Mrs.
Tooley, Sarah
Torgerson, Samuel
Townsend, Burdette David
Trapp, Lois
Trinka, Leopoldina (Mrs. Anton)
Trottier, Hattie (Kihne) (Mrs. George)
Trousdale, Mrs. R. E.
Tschida, Bernice (Olson) (Mrs. A. L.)
Tuller, Jeanie S. (Curtis) (Mrs. Chauncey E.)
Turner, J. D.
Turner, James E.
37        U, V:
Van, Verna (Morrissey) (Mrs. Glen H.)
Van Middlesworth, Edith Adella
Van Ornum, Dorothy (Mrs. Elbert H.)
Van Wechel, Avis (Naas) (Mrs. Willard)
VanWechel, Dagney
Vaughn, Claire (Morden) (mrs. William)
Vinje, Ruby M. (Collins) (Mrs. Martin E.)
Vosper, Nellie (Trenbeath) (Mrs. Fred C.)
38        W:
Waldo, Edna (LaMoore) (L’Amour)(Mrs. Frank Harwood)
Walker, Charlotte (Ewen) (Mrs. Harry)
Walker, Mary Denise (Mrs. Stuart)
Walker, Sadie
Walsh, Stuart
Walster, Mrs. C. E. (Thompson)
Ward, Ralph D.
Ward, Mrs. Ralph D.
Waterman, Mrs.
Webber, Mrs. Freeman
Webster, Gelens (Lenes) (Mrs. David)
Webster, Isabella (Thompson)
Webster, Serena C. (Leet) (Mrs. William)
Wedge, Jessie R. (Richardson) (Mrs. Frank L.)
Weible, Mary (Darrow) (Mrs. Ralph E.)
Weiler, Lorraine (Andrew Gidskemo Peterson)
Wertenberger, Mildred (Frankland) (Mrs. Ivan)
West, Beatrice (Evans) (Mrs. Floyd)
Westlind, Laura
Wetmore, Martha G. (Peterson) (Mrs. Bert Daniel)
Weyrauch, Bertha (Mrs. Harold)
Wheeler, Decima (Leigh) (Mrs. C. D.)
Whelan, Mrs. Thomas
White, Elsie (Hadley) (Mrs. Frank)
White, Frank
Whitehead, Stella M.
Whiteley, Katherine A.
Whittemore, Blanche Lynn (Mrs. A. A.)
Wilcox, Eleanor
Wilder, Kate (Selby) (Mrs. F. S.)
Wilder, P. H.
Williams, Ruth Inanda (Wisnaes)  (Mrs. John E.)
Wineman, J. B.
Wineman, Mrs. J. B. (Walsh)
Wing, Mrs. C. K.
Wilson, Lillian (Osborne) (Mrs. Herbert J.)
Wink, Dr. Helena Knauf
Winterer, Emma (Myrick) (Mrs. Herman)
Wisner, Charles F.
Wohlwend, Alice F. (Piersol) (Mrs. Philip)
Wold, Randi Andrena (Ness) (Mrs. H. C.)
Woll, Clara (Fredrickson) (Mrs. Henry L.)
Wong, George O.
Wood, Gladys,
Woolcott, Mrs. William (Scully)
Woolner, Maria (Jacobs) (Mrs. Dan)
Working, Carrie (Mrs. J. F.)
Worst, Susan (Wohlgamuth) (Mrs. J. H.)
Wyckoff, Luther
39        X, Y, Z:
Young, Augusta L. (Mrs. George M.)
Young, Mrs. Newton Clarence (Clarke)
Zieman, Florence Marie (Hersey) (Mrs. Louis)
Zimmerman, Lulu Ethel (Wylie) (Mrs. Dr. S. Alvin)
Zimmerman, Vera (Meyer) (Mrs. Harry)

Subseries 3.        North Dakota State Golden Jubilee - Club Histories, 1939
Box 7:
1 First District
2 Second District
3 Third District
4 Fourth District
5 Fifth District
6 Sixth District
7 Seventh District
8 Eighth District

Subseries 4.        District Annual Reports
9 First District, 1910-1961
10 Second District, 1923-1979
11 Second District - History, n.d.
12 Third District, 1910-1961
13 Third District - History, 1907-ca 1970
14 Third District - Newspaper clippings
15 Fourth District, 1924-1961
16 Fourth District - Newspaper clippings, n.d.
17 Fifth District, 1919-1975
18 Sixth District, 1914-1978
19 Sixth District  - History, n.d.
20 Seventh District, 1912-1975
21 Seventh District - Department, 1936-1974
22 Seventh District - History, n.d.
23 Seventh District - History by Delta R. Connolly, n.d.
24 Eighth District, 1923-1961
Subseries 5.        Club Annual Reports
District 1

Box 8:
1 Aneta Civic Club, Aneta
2 Pioneer Daughters Club, Aneta and Northwood
3 Bathgate Study Club, Bathgate
4 Cavalier Civitas Club, Cavalier
5 Cavalier Study Club, Cavalier
6 Lysistrata Club, Cavalier
7 Forest River Study Club, Forest River
8 Riverside Homemakers’ Club, Grafton
9 Riverside Woman’s Club, Grafton
10 Sigma Rho Club, Grafton
11 Grand Forks Woman’s Club, Grand Forks
12 M & M Study Club, Hoople
13 Monday Nite Study Club, Hoople
14 Tater Town Study Club, Hoople
15 Nemo Study Club, Lakota
16 Langdon Woman’s Club, Langdon
17 Athena Club, Lankin
18 Larimore Tuesday Study Club, Larimore
19 Larimore Women’s Literary Club, Larimore
20 Manvel Woman’s Club, Manvel
21 McVille Civic and Study Club, McVille
22 Woman’s Literary Club, Northwood
23 Decca Club, Park River
24 Fortnightly Club, Park River
25 Sedecim Club, Park River
26 Pembina County Chapter of Pioneer Daughters
27 Lyceum Club, St. Thomas
28 Thompson Woman’s Club, Thompson
29 Walhalla Open Page Club, Walhalla

District 2
30 Turtle Mountain Indian Arts and Crafts Club, Belcourt
31 Vistarian Club, Bisbee
32 Bottineau Study Club, Bottineau
33 Bottineau Woman’s Club, Bottineau
34 Coterie Club, Cando
35 Entre Nous Club, Cando
36 Futorian Club, Cando
37 Cando Literary Club, Cando
38 Cando Woman’s Club, Cando
39 Lake Region Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Devils Lake
40 Devils Lake Study Club, Devils Lake
41 Twentieth Century Club, Devils Lake
42 Woman’s Club, Devils Lake
43 Friends in Council Club, Hansboro
44 Alfredian Club, Leeds
45 Woman’s Progressive Club, Leeds
46 Atheneum Society, Maddock
47 Timely Topics Club, Minnewaukan
48 Rolla Federated Club, Rolla
49 Junior Woman’s Club, Rugby
50 Rugby Literary Club, Rugby
51 Rugby Woman’s Club, Rugby
52 Cosmos Club, St. John
53 Souris Woman’s Club, Souris
54 Westhope Woman’s Club, Westhope

District 3
55 Nu Alpha Sigma Club, Anamoose
56 Anamoose Study Club, Anamoose
57 Columbus Improvement League Club, Columbus
58 Dames of the Round Table Club, Crosby
59 Fortnightly Study Club, Crosby
60 Progressive Study Club, Crosby
61 Town and Country Study Club, Crosby
62 Blanche M. Nelson Study Club, Granville
63 Pioneer Daughters of Mouse River Loop, Granville
64 Bell, Book and Candle, Lignite
65 Amita Club, Minot
66 Minot Art Club, Minot
67 Book and Thimble Club, Minot
68 Coterie Club, Minot
69 Criterion Club, Minot
70 Medallion Club, Minot
71 Minot Chapter of the Pioneer Daughters, Minot
72 Minot Study Club, Minot
73 Minot Woman’s Club, Minot
74 The Woman’s Forum, Minot
75 El Cuarte Club, Mohall
76 Mohall Study Club, Mohall
77 Mohall Woman’s Club, Mohall
78 New Town Study Club, New Town
79 Ray Study Club, Ray
80 Sanish Study Club, Sanish      
81 Sherwood Study Club, Sherwood
82 Book and Thimble Club, Stanley

Box 9:
1 Pioneer Daughters Club, Towner
2 Women’s Civic League, Van Hook
3 Velva Woman’s Club, Velva    
4 Watford City Junior Women’s Club, Watford City (Women’s League, Watford City)
5 Watford City Woman’s Club, Watford City
6 Women’s Civic League, Williston

District 4
7 Cynosure Women’s Club, Casselton
8 Casselton Woman’s Club, Casselton
9 Clio Club, Enderlin
10 Tuesday Study Club, Enderlin
11 The Literary and Civic Improvement Club, Fairmount
12 Fargo Fortnightly Club, Fargo
13 Literary Teacup Club, Fargo
14 New Era Club, Fargo
15 Fargo Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Fargo
16 The Round Table Club, Fargo
17 Travois Club, Fargo
18 Fargo Woman’s Club, Fargo
19 Cultura Club, Hankinson
20 Woman’s Literary Club, Hankinson
21 Hatton Study Club, Hatton
22 Hillsboro Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Hillsboro
23 Woman’s Club, Hope
24 Leal Literary Club, Leal
25 Civic Improvement and Study Club, Lidgerwood
26 Lidgerwood Woman’s Club, Lidgerwood
27 Lisbon Mother’s Club, Lisbon
28 Lisbon Study Club, Lisbon
29 Lisbon Woman’s Club, Lisbon
30 Goose River Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Mayville
31 Schumann Thursday Musical Club, Mayville
32 The Woman’s Club, Mayville
33 Book and Thimble Club, Portland
34 Sheldon Woman’s Club, Sheldon
35 Valley City Chapter of the Pioneer Daughters, Valley City
36 The Tuesday Club, Valley City
37 Aulde Fortnightly Club, Wahpeton    
38 Woman’s Literary Club, Wahpeton
39 Amita Club, West Fargo
40 Faculty Wives’ Club, West Fargo
41 Wimbledon Study Club, Wimbledon

District 5
42 Ashley Woman’s Club, Ashley
43 Barlow Friday Club, Carrington
44 Fine Arts Club, Carrington
45 Women’s Literary Club, Carrington
46 Edgeley Civic and Study Club, Edgeley
47 Fessenden Literary Club, Fessenden
48 Modern Women’s Club, Harvey
49 Sorosis Club, Harvey
50 Thursday Study Club, Harvey
51 Eddy County Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, New Rockford   
52 Minerva Club, New Rockford
53 Active Arts Study Club, Oakes
54 Town and Country Study Club, Sheyenne
55 Sykeston Woman’s Club, Sykeston 1909-1955
56 Mater Cara Club, Tuttle, ND
District 6
57 Beulah Woman’s Club, Beulah
58 The Federated Civic and Study Club, Bowman
59 Monday Club, Dickinson
60 Dickinson Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Dickinson
61 Round Table Club, Dickinson
62 Dickinson Women’s Literary Club, Dickinson
63 Dacotah Club, Ellendale
64 Pioneer Daughters Club, Ellendale     
65 Gackle Fireside Literary Club, Gackle
66 Halliday Study Club, Halliday 
67 Monday Club, Hettinger                         
68 Twentieth Century Club, Hettinger
69 Stutsman County Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Jamestown
70 Kulm Civic League, Kulm
71 Fortnightly Club, LaMoure
72 Thursday Study Club, Napoleon
73 Pingree Woman’s Literary Club, Pingree
74 Turtle Lake Centennial Club, Turtle Lake
75 Turtle Lake Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Turtle Lake
76 Turtle Lake Woman’s Study Club, Turtle Lake
77 Washburn Study Club, Washburn

Box 10:
1 Washburn Women’s Club, Washburn
2 Wishek Civic League, Wishek

District 7
3 Mandan Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Mandan
4 New England Woman’s Club, New England      
5 Rhame Civic League, Rhame

District 8
6 Cosmos Club, Bismarck
7 Coterie Club, Bismarck
8 Fourth Tuesday Study Club, Bismarck
9 Heritage Club, Bismarck
10 Junior Federated Women’s Club, Bismarck
11 Pan Attic Club, Bismarck
12 Bismarck Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Bismarck
13 Bismarck Study Club, Bismarck
14 Bismarck Woman’s Club, Bismarck
15 Dawson Fortnightly Club, Dawson     
16 Tuesday Improvement Club, Garrison
17 Goodrich Woman’s Club, Goodrich   
18 Mercer Woman’s Study Club, Mercer
19 Riverdale Woman’s Club, Riverdale 
20 Steele Fine Arts Club, Steele
21 Wilton Woman’s Club, Wilton              

Unknown district
22 Book and Thimble Club, Elbowoods
23 Every-Day Folks Club, Mott
24 Mott Woman’s Club, Mott

Subseries 6.        Pioneer Daughters Clubs
25 Records, 1938-1980
26 Bismarck Chapter - refunds, 1955-1975
27 Lake Region Chapter - refunds, 1963-1981
28 Dickinson Chapter - refunds, 1961-1975
29 Fargo Chapter - refunds, 1961-1966
30 Jamestown Chapter - refunds, 1945-1975
31 Mandan Chapter - refunds, 1950-1974
32 Goose River Chapter - refunds, 1954-1981
33 Minot Chapter - refunds, 1951-1955
34 Eddy County Chapter - refunds, 1963- 1974
35 Pembina County Chapter - refunds, 1944-1981
36 Valley City Chapter - refunds, 1950-1973

Subseries 7.        Annual Meeting Programs
Box 11:
1 1897-1912
2 1913-1925 (scrapbook of 18th annual meeting is located in box 17)
3 1926-1950
4 1951-1973
5 1974-1983

Box 12:
1 Menus
2 Miscellaneous

Subseries 8.        Epsilon Sigma Omicron Records
3 History, 1952
4 Records, 1946-1963
5 Records, 1964-1974
6 Record Book, 1952-1972; Theta Chapter scrapbook, 1946-1969 (located in box 16)

Subseries 9.        Civic Improvement Contest Records
7 Records, 1955-1958
8 Aneta Civic Club, Aneta, 1956-1958
9 Barlow Friday Club, Carrington, 1956-1958
10 Woman’s Literary Club, Carrington, 1956-1958
11 Civitas Club and Cavalier Study Club, Cavalier, 1956
12 Goose River Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Mayville, 1956-1958
13 Decca Club, Park River, 1956-1958
14 Rolla Woman’s Club, Rolla, 1956-1958
15 Women’s Study Club and Turtle Lake Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Turtle Lake, 1956-1958

Subseries 10.     Newspaper Clippings
16 Community Service
17 Devils Lake
18 Miscellaneous

Subseries 11.     Photographs
19 Baby contest at 18th annual meeting outside Elks Lodge, Minot, October 13, 1915 (photographer: Jacob L. Skrivseth, Minot, ND) (10202-01)
Tree planting for Carl Ben Eilson, Capitol Grounds, State President Mrs. A.E. Jones 1932 (10202-02)
Ten members at 45th annual meeting, Fargo, ND, June 15-17, 1942 (10202-03)   

Series III.             District Records
Subseries 1.        Constitutions and by-laws
20 Third District, 1957 & n.d.
Subseries 2.        Minutes
21 Second District, 1920-1929
22 Third District, 1913-1919; 1934-1942
23 Fourth District, 1926-1938

Box 13:
1 Fourth District, 1939-1953
2 Fifth District, 1913-1926
3 Fifth District, 1927-1939
4 Seventh District, 1911-1926
5 Seventh District, 1926-1953
6 Seventh District, 1954-1975
7 Eighth District, 1926-1959
8 Eighth District, miscellaneous, 1920-1971

Subseries 3.        Annual Meeting Programs
9 First District, 1913-1939
10 Second District, 1914-1943
11 Third District, 1916-1979
12 Fourth District, 1914-1973
13 Fifth District, 1918-1939
14 Sixth District, 1908-1952
15 Seventh District, 1916-1975
16 Eighth District, 1915-1960

Subseries 4.        Financial
17 Third District, 1916-1937
18 Third District, 1939-1945
19 Third District, Secretary-Treasurer Reports, 1924-1942

Box 14:
1 Third District, Elizabeth Dinnie Student Loan Fund, 1931-1949
Subseries 5.        Scrapbooks - Third District Pioneers, 1940 (scrapbook is located in box 16)
2 Seventh District, 1970-1975
Eighth District, 1964-1966; 1969-1974 (scrapbook is located in box 16)      

Series III.             Club Records
Subseries 1.        Minutes and membership records

3 Woman’s Club, Casselton, 1903-1908
4 Woman’s Club, Casselton, 1915-1923
5 Literary Tea Cup, Fargo, 1893-1896
6 Fargo Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Fargo, 1934-1943
7 Fargo Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Fargo, 1943-1952
8 Fargo Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Fargo, 1952-1961
9 Fargo Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Fargo, 1961-1966
10 Travois Club, Fargo, 1936-1947
11 Travois Club, Fargo, 1947-1950
12 Women’s Civic League, Williston, membership and treasurer’s ledger, 1909-1920
13 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1911-1912
14 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1912-1917
15 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1917-1927
16 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1927-1935
17 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1935-1941

Box 15:
1 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1941-1948
2 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1951-1958
3 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1/1987-11/1996
4 Ex-Club, 1913-1941
5 Ex-Club, 1932-1933; 1943

Subseries 2.        Meeting Programs and Yearbooks
6 Dacotah Club, Ellendale, 1925-1953
7 Fargo Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, Fargo, 1936-1966
8 Pembina County Chapter of Pioneer Daughters, 1940-1954
9 Women’s Civic League, Williston, 1911-1978
10 Miscellaneous clubs, 1923-1970
11 Miscellaneous clubs (continued)

Subseries 3.        Scrapbooks
Box 16:
(loose) Press and Publicity Division scrapbook, 1924-1927
(loose) Epsilon Sigma Omicron, Theta Chapter, scrapbook, 1946-1969
(loose) Nemo Study Club, Lakota, scrapbook, 1956-1958
(loose) New Town Study Club, New Town, scrapbook, 1956-1958
(loose) Woman’s Literary Club, Pingree, scrapbook, 1956-1958
(loose) Third District Pioneers, scrapbook, 1940
(loose) Eighth District scrapbook, 1964-1966; 1969-1974
(loose) Kulm Civic League, Kulm, scrapbook, 1921-1945
(loose) Kulm Civic League, Kulm, scrapbook, 1945-1950

Box 17:
1 Women’s Civic League, Williston, scrapbook, 1934-1935
2 Women’s Civic League, Williston, scrapbook, 1935-1941
(loose)  Women’s Civic League, Williston, scrapbook, 1941-1954
3 Women’s Civic League, Williston, scrapbook, 1954-1955
4 Women’s Civic League, Williston, scrapbook, 1956-1970
5 Eighteenth annual meeting, Jamestown, scrapbook, 1914

Subseries 2.       Subject Files
Box 18:
1 American Home Department, 1911-1980
2 Farm Home Equipment Survey, 1926-1928
3 Annual Meeting Correspondence, 1897-1946
4 Fine Arts Department, 1908-1981
5 Fine Arts Department, 1908-1981
6 Creative Writing Contest, 1962-1963
7 Art Division, 1957-1961
8Artwork, 1977-1978
9 Bar Association, State of North Dakota, 1926
10 State Beauty Spots Contest, 1932; 1935
11 U.S. Savings Bonds Division, 1940; 1952-1961
12 Bookmobile, November 1949-March 1953
13 Bookmobile, April 1953-May 1957
14 Wanda Brentzel, 1952-1953
15 Wanda Brentzel - Secretary, 1952-1954
16 Wanda Brentzel -Treasurer, 1952-1954
17 Wanda Brentzel - Second Vice President, 1953-1954
18 Bright of America Company, 1978-1982

Series II.         Biographies

Subseries 1.    Pioneer Mothers Project Records
Administrative Records
Box 19:
1 Correspondence, 1930-1949
2 Correspondence, 1950-1957
3 Correspondence, Mrs. Mavis C.  Mitchell
4 Dedication Notebook, n.d.
5 Final Report, September 1, 1932
6 Receipts and Expenditures book
7 Fourth District Reports, April 1940-April 1941
8 Poems, n.d.
9 Miscellaneous, n.d.

10 Complete biographies, n.d.
11 Incomplete biographies, n.d.
12 Miscellaneous list, 1941
13 Additions, 1938-1953

Box 20:                 Lead/Information Card file, A-M

Box 21:                 Lead/Information Card file, N-Z

Incomplete Biographies
Box 22:
1         A:
Abel Louisa Brandt
Abrahamsen Bendika 1859
Adler Mary 1842
Albeis Mary Westhusen 1863 
Alexander Margaret Low
Allen Alice Adell Whedon 1852
Allen Anna Laura Wink
Allen Emma Weaver 1849
Amerland Cora Nunnemaker
Anderson Alma Bruns
Anderson Clara Isaacson 1849 1921
Anderson Inga Larson 1941
Anderson Johanna M. Swenson 1860
Anderson Maria Christina Johonson 1859
Anderson Martha Nilson 1861
Anderson Octavia Torfason 1863
Andrews Frances Ruth 1837 1924
Arason Solveig Fridrihsdalter 1859
Armann Margaret Eyolfsdolter 1852
Armstrong Laura Mowat Laird 1925
Arnason Johanna Siguslaug Jonsdoltir 1842 1927
Arngrimsson Thorbjorg Magnusdoltir 1840 1912
Arntzen Anna Ingebrigtsen 1855 1932
Asmundson Osk a Oah 1855
Atkins Laura Boal 1893
Aufrebaum Brita Paul 1842
Aurand Karen Gullikson 1858
Austad Angrid Johnson 1919
Austin Francis A. Houston
2          Baertsch-Best:
Baertsch Eliza 1858
Baird Margaret Hamilton 1865
Baker Delilah Empie
Baker Flora E. Rice 1868 
Baker Mary Ellen Regan 1861
Bakke Betsey Lekvold 1850
Bakken Masgel Axvig 1948
Baldwin Clara Duchene 1951
Balfour Eliza Blanchard
Balfour Margaret
Baptie Elizabeth Lee 1928
Barday Mary Ann Nelson 1865 1934 
Bartlett Steven B. Mrs.
Barton Ellen Miller 1845
Bassingthiwaightt Minnie 1903
Bates Harriet Oliver 1860
Bath Mary Ann Rudd
Baumgartner Elizabeth Anette Kimball 1855 1927
Beard Mary Emma Smith 1943
Beaton Mary Hannah Sidney 1852 1932
Bechtel Cora McCumber 1867 1904
Bechtel Elizabeth Warner 1826 1905
Bechtel Johanna Burke 1865
Beck Hannah Jane Shunk
Bell Douglas Mrs. 1864
Bell Mary Ann Porter 1864
Bellamy Edith Jane Buston Myles 1864 1935
Bensch Mary Maisel 1863
Benson Anna Olivia 1934
Benson Isabel Cunningham
Benson Maria Sveinnsdoltir 1854
Berger Mary Wedell
Bergmann Thorunn Jonsdoltir Hallderson 1835
Bergmon Ingibjorg Thorlacisus 1854 1920
Bergmon Sigurbjorg Davidsdoltir 1864
Bernard Mary Ann Miesen
Bertel Mary Obermiller 1864
Bertleson Ellen Knudsvig 1866
Bessason Lilja Vegfusdoter 1824
Best Jane Smith 1866
3          Biewer-Byers:
Biewer Agnes Wawers
Birch Harriet Balfour
Bjarnason Anna Gudrun Jonsdoltir 1859 1930
Bjarnason Elinborg 1848
Bjarnason Helga Jonsdoltir 1915
Bjarnason Mildfridur Arnisdoltir 1854 1911
Bjarnason Sigridur J. S. Ericksen 1848 1923
Bjerke Martha Stenehjem 1852
Bjornson Anna Sigridur Arnadoltir 1840 1882
Bjornson Gudbjorg Petursdoltir 1908
Bjornson Gudfinna Johannesdoltir Jonsson 1842
Bjornson Halfriedur Maria 1872 1913
Bjornson Oddny Jonsdoltir 1854 1938
Bjornson Soluen Jonsdoltir 1848
Bjornson Thordis Arnadoltir 1836 1893
Blackorby Mildred E. Stuart 1851
Blades Isabelle C.
Blaisdell Alice Fadden
Blake R. B.
Blondal Bjorg Bjornsdolter Halldorson 1862 1904
Boley Caroline Bruns 1864
Boley Sarah Llewelyn 1832 1923
Born Bertha Schulz
Botton Mari 1954
Brandson Margaret Gudbrandsdoltir 1849 1900
Brekke Gunhild 1890
Broberg John Mrs.
Brooks Mary Elizabeth Bille 1869
Brown Bertha Daniels 1858
Brown Mary Emma Isbell 1837
Brown Mary Stewart 1852 
Brumwell Martha Cassidy 1843 1921 
Bruschwein Ernestine Wolf 1855 
Bryant Phoebe Elizabeth Peacock 1853 1935 
Burdick Altie Eliza Boher 1859 1897 
Burdick Kitsy Genevieve Strong 1866 
Burdick Lucy E. Farnum 1838 1929 
Burke Sophia Stokes 1860 
Burt Althea Welch 1853 
Busta Anna Housha 
Butler Jane Bishop Wilson Eddy 1834 
Butts Ellen E. Boulton 1899 
Byers Ann Mann 
4          Cameron-Cowley:
Cameron Catherine MacEwan 1898 
Campbell Catherine Smyth Lipska 1863 1925 
Campbell Emmaline Rachael Wright 1854 
Campbell Rachel Houston Allison 1857 1921 
Cannell Mary Baxter 1808 1900 
Carrick Katherine Thomson 
Carter Angeline Perants 1840 1908 
Cavileer Isabella Murray 
Cavin Martha Matelda Devlin 1863 1919 
Chaffee Amanda Fuller        
Challoner Jane Badman 1935 
Chance Anna Susan Hunter 1850 1936 
Charigot Armeling Riopelle 1845 1930 
Chenery Jennie Martha Kelley 1866 
Christenson Caroline Schmid 1861 1928 
Christianson Christine Golberg 
Clark Emma H. 
Clasen Henrietta Vilhelmina Marteinsdoltir 1859 
Clemens Regina Bloedorn 1841 
Clemens Wilhelmina Ernestine Hanker 1851 
Cleven Dorthea Skulberstad 1843 1932 
Cochran Christy Crerar 1857 1942 
Code Letitia James 
Coit Mary 1861 
Collins Elizabeth Young 1847 1923 
Collinson Mary Jane Hillanta 1852 1932 
Connell Elizabeth Johnson 1857 1927 
Connor Mary Farden 1857 
Connor Mary Sullivan 
Corbit Helen May Fuller 1866 1928 
Cornwall Grace Grienwood 1852 1886 
Corwin Cela Bush 1915
Cory Cora A. Peavy 
Courtney Lois Cooper 1866 
Covell Esther C. Butts
Cowley Ann Considine
5          Craig-Cusator
Craig Angeline Perrin 1928 
Craig Mary Ann O'Hara 1852 1928 
Cranley Bridget Burke 1851 1931 
Crombie William Mrs. 1860 
Crowston Agnes Ann Howitson 
Crummy Jane McCrosson 
Cryne Abigal Fancher 1929 
Cull Helen McQueen 
Currie Catherine
Currie Charlotte Murdock
Currie Margaret J. Murdock 1907 
Curtis Mary Schaefer
Cusator Isabelle Sinclair 1858 
6          D:
Dada Anna Mills Dixon 1862 
Daeda Dorotha Wandland 1843 
Dahl Ella Osterholm 1864 
Danielson Louise Sackarison 1831 
Davidson Anna Jonsdoltir 1822 1892 
Davidson Sigurdur 1866 1949 
Dazell May Devlin 1851 1929 
Degnan Margaret O'Brien 1859 1919 
Delahay Jane Hunt 1911 
DeLong Anna Eliza Reid 
DeLong Ellen Josephine Calder 1868 1955 
Demars Caroline Denie 1861 
Dennison Margaret Jane Conlin 1859 1922 
Derkson Mary 
Devlin Ruth Knight 1840 
Dewey Mariette Hunter 1864 1931 
Diechert Lucy Caroline Stoples 1870 
Dike Harriet Bond Sheldon 1850 
Dobie Jane Lawson 1930 
Dohl Lois 1865 
Dompier Patience Lusetta Lattin 1865 1947
Dows Martha 
Duncan Edith Hoadley 1869 
Dunstan Jane Symons 1916 
7          E:
Eastgate Emma Cocks 1835  
Eastman Rebecca Cherry 1862  
Eckert Elizabeth Berne 1861 1917  
Eckes Gertrude Stollenwerk 1864  
Eddy Ida Hopson 1857  
Eddy Jane Bishop Wilson 1834 1915  
Einarson Ingibjorg Kristjansdoltir  
Einarson Margaret Samuelsdatter 1864 1920  
Einarson Steinvor Lilja Gudmundsdolir 1854  
Eirikson Gudny Josepsdoltir 1898  
Eirikson Helga Marteinsdoltir 1851 1903  
Ell Wilhelmine Melenthin 1842 1928
Elliott Mary Gardiner 1850 1938  
Ellis Sarah Dorsey 1845  
Emmons Martha  
Engstrom Christine Pearson 1862  
Espeseth Anna Halvorson 1858 1927  
Espolin Rannveig Skuladoltir 1836 1918  
Everett Jane Jilbert 1833 1918  
Ewen Josephine McQueen  
Eyfod Gudlog  
Eyolfson Gudrun Bjornson 1859  
Eyolfson Thorun Gudmundson
8          F:
Facey Mary Millissa Stableton 1846 1935 
Factor Katrina Dvorak 1908 
Falk Henrietta L. Christensen 
Falvey Margaret Moore 1933 
Farley Mary Agnes McCann 1863 1952 
Faurot Ruth Adell 1854 
Fawcett Walter Mrs. 1836 
Fennell Lillie Gregor 1862 
Fennell Mary Ann Brown 1857 1921 
Ferguson Catharine McLean 1845 1926 
Finch Henry Mrs. 
Finney Ellen 1832 
Fischer Elizabeth Webber 
Fischer Mary Elizabeth Converse 1847 1920 
Fiske Angela 
Fitzgerald Margaret Mary 
Fitzmaurice Frances Stokes 1923 
Fladebo Agatha 1900 
Flanagan Elizabeth Kelly 1869 
Flatt Mary Jane Lane 
Fleming Agnes Gillis 1834 
Fletcher Mrs. 
Ford Mary Ann Stone Pike 1834 1927 
Forsythe Sarah Elizabeth Toole 
Fraldrick Anna Louise Augusta Oehlke 
Frasier Lois Brackett Hoar 1830 
Fredrickson Sigfridur Einarsdoltir 
Fredrickson Valgertur Josefina 1863 
Freeman Helga S. Baldvensdoltir Lindae 1858 
Freeman Susan Purcell Penhallow 1847 1888 
Freitag Minnie 
Fretland Helena Peterson 1859 
Frey Wilhelmina Krause 1857 
Fuller Elizabeth Fleming 1869 
9          Gainer-Gowan
Gainer Isabella Johnson 1940 
Gamble Esther Jane Gordon Irwin 1864 
Gartland Olea 1845 
Geiger Annie Baker 1866 1934
Geston Arnthora Johannesdoltir Torfason 1867 
Geston Johanna J. 1860 
Ghering Ida May Spaulding 1859 1932 
Gibson Mary Currie 
Gilbert Elizabeth Camerson 1846 1921 
Gilbert Ellen Johnson 1853 1937 
Giles Mary Jane Dobbie 1849 
Gillespie Sarah MacLellan 1906 
Gillies Letitia Jane Westall 1852 
Gillis Rannveig Arnadoltir 1833 
Ginn Ellenor Jane Kerr 
Gislason Gudrun Illhugason 1849 
Gislason Hallfridur Hallgrimsdoltir Gudmundson 1860 
Gislason Sium Thorsteinsdoltir Gudmund 1841 1915 
Gislason Solveig Johnson Gudmundson 
Goodall Mary McLauchlin 1851 1935 
Goodman Elinborg Jonsdoltir 1850 
Goodman Joreidur Grimsdoltir Gudmundson 1840 1922 
Goodman Kristin Grimson 
Goodman Thorbjorg Sveinson 1851 1928 
Goodrich Mary Evaline Sidmore 1852 
Goolsbey Frances E. Smith 
Goolsbey Lillian Almeda Thornton 1870 
Gordon Agnes Stewart 1844 1933 
Gowan Margaret Ferguson 1926
10        Gragrave-Gynn
Gragrave Mary 1907 
Grandy Agnes Jane Lough 1847 1930 
Grandy Margaret Fee 1836 
Grant Julia A. Bush 1940 
Grant Lora Mae Vancamp 1874 1949 
Green Ellen McGraw 1850 
Green Maltie E. Wilty 1863 
Greenwood Selena Stanloke 1844 1929 
Greer Agnes Susanna Hull 
Grimson Ingibjorg Jonstansdoltir 
Grimsrud Gunhild Maria Oiehus 1855 1906 
Gudbrandson Steinunn Thordardoltir Zakariasson 1864 
Gudjonsonlton Sigrid Gudjansen 1858 
Gudmundson Anna Gudnadoltir 1855 1911 
Gudmundson Asdis Gudmundsdoltir 1850 1891 
Gudmundson Elin Palmadoltir 1851 1914 
Gudmundson Gudrun Hallgrimsdoltir 1851 
Gudmundson Gudrun Margaret Jonsdoltir 1841 1908 
Gudmundson Paline Thorsteinson Jonsson 1851 1934 
Gudmundson Rosa Sigurdardoltir 1824 1920 
Gumb Mary Hughes 1873 
Gummer Mathilda Aslakson 1861 1932 
Gunnarson Anna Helgadoltir 1908 
Gunnarson Audur Grimsdoltir 1844 1903
Gustafson Sophia Tolke 1857 
Guy Sarah Edith Harrison 1867 
Gynn Isabella Stewart 1848 1938 

Box 23:
1          Haaback-Herron:
Haaback Ingaborg Homme 1852 
Haarsager Anna Bergitta Fensted 1865 1936 
Hagele Christine Sophia Schempf 1845 1919 
Hale Jane Williamson 
Hall Malinda Kellogg 1850 1892 
Hall Sigrudur Kristjansdoltir 1852 
Halldorson Ingun Jonatansdoltir 1843 
Halldorson Kristin Jonsdoltir 1853 
Halldorson Magnee Einarsdoltir Scheving 1832 1904 
Halldorson Sigridur Thorlaksdoltir 1830 1889 
Hallsten Sigrid Johnson 1841 
Halvorson Ingrid Olson 1859 
Hamilton Flora J. McDonald 1866 
Hamilton Margaret McClelland 1857 
Hanawalt Luella A. 1856 
Hansche Esther Ann Cuzner 1853 1931 
Hanson Bertha Skrogstad 1858 1936 
Hanson Herdis Josephson 
Hanson Indiana Elstad 1924 
Hanson Mary Jane Stewart 1871 1898 
Hanson Sigridur Sigurdardoltir 1854 
Harlow Susannah Greenwood 1925 
Harris Catherine Jane Abrams 1857 1939 
Harris Harriet Wodge 1832 
Hart Margaret Emma Staples 1859 
Hartje Pauline Caecelia Neitzche 1866 
Hassler Rosalia Langer 1866 
Hatch Lydia Connell 1864 1888 
Haugen Velgierd 1849 
Hausken Anna Katherina Myhre 1866 
Hawkins Katherine McDougal 1853 
Haynes Mary Butterfield 
Hays Nora Callahan 1860 
Hazlitt Elida Jane Laynrs 1849 1922 
Healy Catherine Simpson 1861 1928 
Heatherington Rachel Gibson 1852 1935 
Heazlett Mary Dunlap Fleming 1856 1913 
Hedland Inga 1846
Hektner Andrea Severson 1952 
Heley Lenora Kabella 1945 
Helgason Kristbjorg Arnadoltir 1846 
Helgem Hans Mrs. 1832 1891 
Helland Caroline Wike 1858 
Hendrickson M. Mrs. 1880 
Henry Phoebe Ann Bonham 
Hermanson Anne Dahlen 1856 1948
Herron Mary Jane Johnson 1850 1940
2          Hicks-Hyde:
Hicks Maria 1839 1915 
Hildreth Louella Davis 
Hill Margarete Balfour 1897
Hiller Severina Benson 
Hillesland Anne E. 
Hillis Edith Mountain 
Hillis J. Mrs. 
Hillman Sigurlaug Margaret Ogmunsdoltir 1859 
Hillman Valgerdur Sigurdoltir 1853 1929 
Hills Harriet Esther Scott 1863 1927 
Hjalmarson Margaret Halldorson 1857 1920 
Hjalmarson Oluf Olafsdoltir 1855 
Hoadley Angeline Lindersmith 1846 
Hobbs Almira Weir 1862 1932 
Hobza Anna Choda 1880 
Hodge Sarah Ross 1845 1898 
Hodgson Florence Bentely 1847 
Hoff Oline Wammer 1908 
Hohenhaus Dorothea Sophie Koehn 1858 1934 
Hoiland Johanna Christofferson 
Holland Petra Margurite Peterson 1867 1943 
Holland Serina Ashland 1866 
Holm Helen Anderson Johnson 1846 
Holmes Anna Emilia West 1857 
Holmes Maria Lucretia Boker 1862 
Holt Olia Komperud 1846 1936 
Homme Ingeborg Loyland 1855 1921 
Horsley Margaret Aiken 
Hoskins Florence Armstrong 
Hougen Josephine 1938 
Houghtling Ella Matilda Moffilt 
Hrutfjord Caroline Magnusdoltir 
Hudson Martha Maneta Grant 1905 
Huffman Martha Marion Elford 
Hughes Ellen Sheehan 
Hughes Mary Ann Darvill 1846 1917 
Hunt Jane Dunfield 1844 1936 
Hunt Janet Rumney 1956 
Hunter Annie Darling 1846 1932 
Hunter Mary Maydole 1842 
Hurley Ella 1860 
Hurley Susie Easton 
Hurst Emily Childerhose 1855 1921 
Husband Agnes McLagan 1855 
Hyatt Mose 
Hyde Matilda Millar 1841 1915 
3          I:
Illugson Sigurbjorg Bjarnason 1881 
Imes Margaret Campbell 1853 1918 
Ingaldson Holmfird Andresdoltir 1857
Irwin Sarah Matilda Lithgow 1859 1900 
Isaacson Sigridur Eijolfsdoltir 1863 1938 
Isfeld Kristin Hallfridur Ofeigsdoltir 1853 
Iverson Anna Olson 1848 
4          Jackson-Johannson:
Jackson Gudrun Jonsdoltir 1845 
Jackson Mary Ann Gilmer 1861 
Jacobson Anna Ellison 1830 
James Annie Howland 1854 1904 
James Annie Woods 1862 1887 
Jameson Arabella Clarke 1867 1910 
Jenkins Anna 
Jenkins Etta Everett 
Jennings Bridgit Glynn 1847 1903 
Jenson Martha Moen 
Jerdine Berget Gvesrude 1956 
Jereszek Julia Warzala 
Johanneson Arnfridur Jonsdoltir 
Johanneson Asta Sigurlaug Eirikson 1857 1897 
Johanneson Elizabeth Petursdoltir 1839 1911 
Johanneson Ingiborg Gudmundsdoltir 1844 1938 
Johanneson Sigridur Aradoltir 1832 
Johanneson Soffia Jonsdoltir 1851 1895 
Johanneson Thoruna Olafsdoltir 1856 1931
Johannson Gudrun Arnadoltir 1846 1920 
5          Johnson-Jorgenson:
Johnson Amanda Bendersen
Johnson Carrie V. N. Holmes 
Johnson Catherine Ann Taylor 1822 1909 
Johnson Catherine Bechtel  1853 1939 
Johnson Christine 1935 
Johnson Emily Sophia Almberg 1857 1934 
Johnson Gudbjorg Peterson 1866 
Johnson Hallbera 1895 
Johnson Hanna Holmberg 1941 
Johnson Ingveldur Samuelsdoltir 1845 1923 
Johnson Jane Mary Lindsay 1862 1934 
Johnson Johanne Arntzon 
Johnson Karen Lunde 1859 
Johnson Margaret Jane McConnell 1859 1939 
Johnson Margaret Johanna 1867 1931 
Johnson Maria Rogmaldsdoltir 1835 
Johnson Marselia Halldorsdoltir 1870 1917 
Johnson Martha Ionson 1848 
Johnson Mathilda Beck 
Johnson Matthildur Palsdoltir 1848 
Johnson Notta Ensrud 1864 1922 
Johnson Oddny Johannesdoltir 1845 1937 
Johnson Oluf Jonsdoltir Goodman 1857 
Johnson Rosa Gudlaugsdoltir 1934 
Johnson Sarah Watts 1857
Johnson Sigurbjorg Jonsdoltir 1840 1911 
Johnson Sisselja Sigurdardoltir 1833 1918 
Johnson Solveig Illhugadoltir 1844 1920 
Johnson Sophia Bjornsdoltir 1850 1903 
Johnson Thea Amelia Amundson 1859 1937 
Johnston Louise Boker 
Johnston Thomas Mrs. 1866 1945 
Jonasson Bjorg Olafsdoltir 1849 1931 
Jonasson Elen Magnusdoltir 1833 
Jonasson Gudlaug Eyolfsdoltir 1865 
Jonatanson Kristbjerg Bjarnadoltir 1844 1907 
Jones Gertrude Sherman 1857 
Jones Martha Glew 
Jonson Kristlaug Einarsdoltir 1833 
Jonsson Asa Einarsdoltir 1928 
Jonsson Gudrun Bjarnadoltir 1843 1926 
Jonsson Kristin Gudmundsdoltir 
Jonsson Kristjana Maria Andresdoltir 1840 1925 
Jonsson Sigridur Thorlaksdoltir 1838 1918 
Jonsson Sigurbjorg Stefansdoltir 1904 
Jonsson Thordis Gudmundsdoltir 1913 
Jonsson Torbjorg Johannsdoltir 
Jorgenson Carrie Johnson 1863 
Jorgenson Harriett E. Kennedy 1868 
6          K:
Kabella Anna Heley 1941 
Kelly Frances Caroline Webb 1828 1908 
Kelly Mary Whelan 1859 1946 
Kemp Della Hughes 1861 1933 
Keogh Mary Grace Hearsnep 1860 1951 
Kerr Barbara Stewart 1837 
Keyes Esther Elizabeth Manuel 1865 
Kilian Wilhelmina Jenner 1858 
King Wesley 
Kjelsberg Sophia Nylund 1850 1937 
Kline Mary Kiedrowski 1868 1929 
Knain Mina Dorothy Sand 
Kneeshaw Elizabeth McMartin 1849 1941 
Knowles Nellie Farrell 1930 
Knudsen Bernadine Helen Eickhoff 1858 1924 
Knudson Torbjor Kitrem 1858 1933 
Koehn Augusta Ell 1870 1940 
Kouba Mary Heley 
Kraft Augusta A. Bleese 1930 
Kraker Mary Miksche 1866 1952 
Krakson Kristin Jonina Thorteinsdoltir 1853 
Krantz Christine Margreta Austad 1857 
Kravik Line Johnson Eide 
Kristjanson Adalbjorg Bjarnadoltir 1925 
Kristjanson Juliana Jonsdoltir 1862 1939
Kristjanson Oddny Gisladoltir 1860 
Kristjanson Sigrun Sigurdson 1850 1937 
Kristjanson Svanfridur Jonsdoltir 1855 
Kruse Louisa Castor Johnson 1868 
Kurfirst John Mrs. 1850 1923 
Kurtz Doris Rolfe 1856 
7          L:
Lacey Ellen Murphy 1856 1943 
Lane Anna C. Geil 1866 
Lane Emily Pask 1843 1910 
Larsen Ane Margrethe Neilsen 1846 1929 
Larson Julia Hovden 1868 
Larson Sorena Sorensen 1882 
LaTraille Marguerite Jelleboa 
Laurence Adaline Wolfer 
Laurence Caroline Ausen 1857 1951 
Lauzon Victoria Cusson 1862 1940 
Laxdal Aldis Bergnan 1863 1899 
Laxdal Maria Gudmundsdoltir 1841 1889 
Laynes Alida Harris 1822 
Laynes Charlotte Maria Harris 1819 
Laynes Eliza Farthing 1860 
Laynes James S. Mrs. 1856 
Lee Eleanor Elizabeth McGuin 1855 
Lee Ingeborg Solberg 1849 1932 
Lee Martha 1806 
Lee Thorunn Halldorsdoltir 1855 1934 
Leifur Sigridur Einarsdoltir 1857 1937 
Lenhart Mary Fitzgerald 1851 
Lind Anna Lovisa Anderson Nordenson 1856 1889 
Lindal Ingebjorg Soffia Benidiktsdolter 1856 1936 
Lindsay W. M. Mrs. 
Linn Karen C. Domholt 1855 
Livingood Ellen Healy 1934 
Lofthouse Clara Amelia Hansche 1861 
Lokken Kari Olsdatter Bjorgen 1858 1923 
Long Ellis Richardson 1891 
Long Gudrun Einarsdoltir 
Louden Annie Vance 1843 1929 
Lough Margaret Weir 1824 
Lovett Emma Caroline Powell 1857 
Lund Christ P. Mrs. 
Lunde Bertha Halverson 1859 1939 
Lundgren Karna Monson 1855 1937 
Lyle Susan Junkin 1857 1925 
Lynch Mary A. Maher 
Lyng Axel Mrs. 1926 
Lyon Esther Greengras 1850 1887 
Lyon Josephine Crosby 1847 
8          Mc:
McAndress Margaret Ellen MacKenzie 1857 1890 
McCann Catherine Myles 1865 
McConaghy Matilda Daupe 1859 1911 
McConnell Grisella Kennedy 1830 1905 
McConnell Maria Taylor 
McCullough Mabel 
McDonald Mary Ann Butts 1855 
McDonald Mary Ann Webb 1863 
McDonell Catherine McMillan 1858 
McFadden Elizabeth Briggs 1849 1911 
McGettigan Catherine Crowley 
McGillioray Catherine McKechnie 1897 
McHolland Sarah Mand Staples 1864 
McHugh Rosa Welch 
McIlonie Mary Sloan 1859 1938 
McIntosh Alice Ermina McLeod 1863 
McIntosh Margaret Bethune 1864 
McIntosh Veeny Sophia 1865 
McKay Anna Moore 1938 
McKay Elizabeth McGregor 1870 
McKay John Mrs. 1939 
McKee Hannah 
McKee Janet Betsey Cameron 1865 1934 
McLain Mary Catherine Stouder 1856 1933 
McLauchlin Martha 1908 
McLean Elizabeth Brown 1913 
McLean Elizabeth Ross Williamson 1920 
McLean Margaret Work 
McLellan Margaret
McMerty Mary 1919 
McMillan Jane Elliot 
McPhail Helen Graham 1865 1921 
McPherson Jean Munro 
McQuarrie Margaret West 
McTaggart Sarah McDougall 1859 
McVietz Bertha C. Johnson 1854 
9          M:
MacKechnie Ida Luella Burdick
MacKenzie Margaret Ellen MacLeod 1902 
MacKenzie Mary Armstrong 1917 
Madson Iver Mrs. 1848 
Magnuson Henrietta Wilhelmina Klassen Fredrickson 
Magnuson Valgerdur Kristjansdoltir 1858 1898 
Mahler Eva Elliott 1931 
Mahon Annie Tuhan Mrs. 
Mahoney Frances Morgan 
Maier Josephine Klingenstein 1857 
Maize Annie Milne 1858 1924 
Mallick Mary Katherine Stock 1936 
Manning Matilda Hillis 1865 
Marsh A. Mrs. 1857 1932 
Martell Olive LaChapelle 1857 1931 
Martin Sarah McKinnon 1836 1908
Matheson Annie Block 1854 1917 
Matheson Annie M. McLeod 1823 
Matheson Isabel McLeod 1857 1935 
Mauseth N. O. Mrs. 
Maxwell Rose Skidmore 1868 1951 
10        N:
Naismith Isabella Cochran 1864 
Nedrebo Nels Mrs. 
Nelson Anna Haldorson 1859 1934 
Nelson Flora Azubah Melendy 
Nelson Julia Erickson 1933 
Nelson Kristi G. 
Nelson Laura Nelson Plummer 1880 
Nelson Martha Maria 1858 
Nelson Randi 
Nelson Solrum S. Sigurdardoltir 1861  
Nerby Carrie Braaten 
Nevin Nell Dowan 1861 1903 
Newberry Martha Ann Gimblett 
Newton Christina Crabtree 1854 1948 
Nichols Elizabeth Crane 
Nicholson Christina Metcalfe 1845 1922 
Nicholson Elizabeth Johansson 1828 1919 
Nielson Mary Stewart 1852 
Northrup Sarah Elizabeth Fortress 1861 1928 
Norton Ailon Moriarity 
Noyes Helen Eliza Bunker 1852 1925 
Nupdal Agnes Teitson 

Box 24:
1          O:
O'Brien Olive Ebert 1860 1931 
O'Conner Anna D. 1945 
O'Connor Elizabeth Horgan 1853 
O'Hara Elizabeth Shouldice 1907 
O'Sullivan Annie McCormick 1853 1900 
O'Sullivan Ida Palmer 1860 1924 
Oelin Tobine Jacobson 
Ohlquist Nellie Kirkelie 1855 1929 
Oie Sigridur Gudrun Olafson 1933 
Olafson Anna Jonsdoltir Bjarnason 1933 
Olafson Anna Maria Fredrihsdoltir 1834 1914 
Olafson Fredrika Steinum Muller 1854 1923 
Olafson Gudrun Kathryne 1851 
Olafson Gudrun Olof Jonsdoltir 
Oliver Mary Frances Bower 1864 
Olson Anna Marie Brataas 1846 
Olson Annie Caisa Erickson 1850 1930 
Olson Bertha Lee 1834 1897 
Olson Ingeborg Torgerson 1849 1923
Olson Marit Rogndokken 1855 1941 
Orpe Sarah Ann Horne 1854 
Otterness Kari Floom 1862 
Ottm Betsy Helgeson 1853 
2          P:
Page Elisha Bartlett Mrs. 
Page Martha Ann Kurtz Thacker 1854 
Page Martha Ann Wright 1858 
Paine Mary A. Boyd 1835 1908 
Palmer Amelia Greengras 1844 1915 
Palmer Eliza Ludlow 1845 1917 
Palmer Marie Prang 1872 
Parizek Louise Trnka 1861 1942 
Parizek Mary Nemetz 1932 
Parsons Anna Dewees 1857 
Patterson Emma McKean 1854 1936 
Patterson Sarah Jane Ewing 1846 1919 
Paulson Annie Shrogstad 1867
Paulson Oak Hallgrimsdoltir Helm 1860 1934 
Paulson Ole Mrs. 
Payne Clare Burt Collins 
Pearson Jane McFarlane Henderson 1844 1943 
Pederson Marit 1845 1925 
Pellisier Samantha 
Pendray Lavinia Jenkin 1857 1921 
Perry Mary Nichols Lancaster 1849 
Peterson Anna Lisa Carlson 1835 1904 
Peterson Borghildur Long 1876 
Peterson Engelrud Margart Sigurdurdoltir 1848 1922 
Peterson Mary E. Carlson 1912 
Peterson Mattie Nelson 1870 
Peterson Sigridur Espolin 1866 
Petterson Selma Nathalia Swenson 1865 1935 
Petty Carrie Luella Spohesfield 1859 1939 
Phair Anna M. 
Phelps Julia L. Leach 
Pierce Frank Henry 1924 
Pierce Mary Cronin 1834 1901 
Pleasance Clara Dynusdoltir 1865 1933 
Plowe Ella Rebecca Coplin 1861 1890 
Plummer Hannah Jane Spunk 1850 1932 
Polda Marie Hrnecek 1938 
Pollock Christine Corse 
Porter Ira Mrs. 1912 
Porter Mary A. Eleves Ireland 
Porter Mary Anne Moulton 1912 
Porter Mary Anne Welsh 1905 
Powles Joseph Mrs. 
Prestegarden Gunvor G. 1926 
Price Susan Thomas 1847 1916
3          Q:
Qualheim Anfin Mrs. 1858 1939 
Queom Gertrude Sande 1851 
Quigley Mary Elizabeth Fox 1861 1938 
4          R:
Ramsey Alice L. Davis 1865 
Ramstad Marie Legvold 1946 
Ranard Mary Christine Hootman 1842 1923 
Reed Jane Kernshin 
Reed Mary Leslie Dayman 
Reese Lettie Effie Biggs 1867 
Regan Mary Ellen 1860 1912 
Reily Mary Ann Pinkerton 1869 1900 
Reishus Astrid Orwoll 1861 
Renard Thilda Nelson 
Renwick Margaret Fife McConnell 1871 1906 
Retterath Anna K. 1855 
Reykjalin Sigurras Halldorsdolter 1832 1916  
Reynolds Stella May Beeman 1863 1919 
Rhinehart Julia Amy Knight 1852 1900 
Rice Frances Adeline Robacher 1858 
Richardson Anna Smith 1844 1923 
Richer George Mrs. 
Ringuette Louisa Le Tart 1836 1908 
Ritchey Jane Henry 1832 1898 
Rivard Georgiana Denis 
Rives Lida Ann Drum 1907 
Robbins Clara Rosina Matthews 1864 
Roberts Ella Chandler 1862 
Robertson Ann Jane James 1853 1920 
Robertson Ella May 1883 
Robidon Pauline Holm 
Rodger Harriet Sholdice 1862 1929 
Rodger Jane Chadwick 1853 
Rondeau Catherine Lena Pascal 1849 1938 
Rorvig Marie Berg 1851 1937 
Rosecrans Mary Anna Lattin 1857 1920 
Ross Annetta 1866 
Ross Catherine Celina McCluskey 1838 1926 
Ross Julia Williamson 1811 1902 
Ross Margaret McGillivary 1862 
Ross Margaret Murray 1818 
Rover Maria Gunhus 1856 
Rudnick Mary Anna Kukolski 1857 1931 
Rudnik Josephine Vrechie 
Rudser Nellie Baldwin 
Russell Burton L. Mrs. 1867 
Russum Anna Lynnen 1928 
Rustebakke Inger Tidemandson 1855 
Ruston Elizabeth 1843 1918
Ryen Kari Reitan 1853 
Ryen Mary Maghes 1857 1925 
5          Mrs. Albert Roberts
6          Sabie-Snowfield:
Sabie Ingeborg Hjelmervig 1856 
Samuelson Anna Bjonsdoltir 1859 
Samuelson Elizabeth Gudrun Jonsdoltir 1936 
Schaffner Anna Forbes 1922 
Scheving Sigridur 1864 
Schneider Elizabeth Knauf 
Schroeder Ida Nelson 
Schuls Bertha Wilhelmina Shuster 1920 
Schulstad Line Odegaard 1855 1936 
Schutt Mary Louise Breske 1933 
Scollard Laura Westcott 1853 
Scoville Olivia H. Osten 1862 
Seblen Christiana Spangelo 1859 1921 
Sebrey John Mrs. 
Seilstad Marit Grav 1856 1931 
Selby Adelia Watson 1850 
Seltveit Ingeborg 1853 1927 
Severson Ingeborg Helgeson 1847 1915 
Shafer Eva Dichin 
Shephard May Louise Givins 1854 1924 
Sherman Sarah Phillips 1923 
Sherva Anne Bakken 1850 1927 
Shield Sarah Walton 1842 1921 
Shortridge Alice Higgins 1865 1936 
Shortridge Anna Guy Burton 1854 1918 
Shotwell Katherine Haran 1850 
Sigfusson Sobrun Jonsdoltir 1859 1936 
Sigurdson Anna Bjornson 1938 
Sigurdson Sigridur Finnbogason 1850 1923 
Sigurdson Sigridur Gunnlaugsdoltir 1842 
Simmons Frances Mary Wilson 1834 1896 
Simmons Sarah Large 
Simonson Bernhart 1829 1889 
Simpson C. H. 
Simpson Helen Lobben 1919 
Sinclair Mary Tomison 1825 1915 
Sing Catherine Adela Bowerman 1889 
Skagfjord Asta Jonasdoltir 1830 1906 
Skogen Gunhild Maria Hanson 1863 1955 
Slagerman Janet McDougal 1863 
Slagerman Minnie Henrietta Vollrath 1869 1935 
Slama Teresia 1856 
Slattery Annabelle Lenehan 1850 1922 
Slaughter Linda Warfel 1850 1920 
Smillie Catharine Ferrie 1851 
Smith Ambrose 1841 1889 
Smith Louise Harper 1860
Smith Phoebe Ann Smith 1942 
Snowfield Gudbjorg Gudmundsdoltir 1864 
7          Solberg-Syverson:
Solberg Gunhild Rosten 1859 
Solberg Maret 
Solberg Maret Krogstad 1860 1889 
Soliday Jessie Augusta 
Soliday Sarah Ann 1842 
Solum Ellen Gronna 1939 
Sommerfield Henrietta 1849 
Soper Margaret G. Jonasson 1860 1912 
South Mary Etta Little 1851 1938 
Southard Elizabeth 1844 1912 
Sperling Louise Tiede 1852 1933 
Sperry Mary L. Aylesworth 
Spiker Isabel Balfour 
Stach Nellie Patton 1857 1927 
Stanford Cora 1849 
Stapelton Mary Bassing 
Stark Annie Anderson 1871 1948 
Stearns Harriet Minnie West 1867 1893 
Steele Mary Jane 1936 
Steen Amelia Rebecca Anderson 1860 1938 
Steen Brita Nelson Ulvin 1844 
Steinbach Philomenia Pottner 1863 1922 
Stephannson Gudbjorg Hannesdoltir 1911 
Stephannson Helga Sigudur Johnson 1859 
Sterns Dorcas Horton 
Sterrett Catherine Herndon 1846 1912 
Stewart Annie Campbell 1858 1941 
Stewart Mary McGillivrary 1861 
Stewart Sarah Catherine London 1843 1915 
Stewart Sarah Elizabeth Searles 1859 
Stewart Sarah Johnston 1857 
Stonehouse Alice Keller 1861 1930 
Storey Sarah McCulough 1903 
Strom Olafina Bidsler 1873 
Stromberg Hanna 1844 1923 
Stull Sarah Hester H. Hodgson 1840 1918 
Sumarlidason Helga Kristjansson 1832 1926 
Sundquist Caroline Teien 1862 1937 
Sveinson Christine 1857 1918 
Sveinson Gudrun Simonardoltir 1856 
Sveinson Valgerdur Solveig Thorlackson 1909 
Sveinsson Steinum Thordasson 
Sweetman Emma Geneva Crouch 1858 1933 
Swenson Randine Johnson 1841 1917 
Symington Amelia Harding 1908 
Symington Susannah Elliott 1864
Syverson Anna Karine Larson
8          T:
Tapley Maria Page Jackson 1853 1939 
Tatley Caroline Johnson 
Taylor Mary Jane Baxter 1853 1933 
Teasdale Martha Atkinson 1859 1927 
Teien Inger 1834 1897 
Tennison Ottilia Melby 1862 
Thatcher Phebe Ann Smith 1850 
Thexton Elizabeth Agnes Hamilton 1865 1917 
Thimens Sarah Grant 
Thingstad Kristina Mikkelson 
Thom Anna Clemens 1879 
Thom Ernstine Caroline Wilhelmine Winkelman 1840 1910 
Thomas Emily Alice Fisher 1855 1937 
Thomas Maria Graves 1855 1933 
Thompson Betsy 1860 
Thompson Eliza Ann Page 1864 
Thompson Jane Kippen 1867 
Thompson Janet McCormick 1820 1897 
Thompson Kjerstine Jensen Rynning 1854 1921 
Thompson Mary Ann Alice Baker 1848 1939 
Thompson Olafvia Palina Einarsdoltir Ofrigson 1866
Thompson Regina 1864 
Thordarson Johanna Sigurlina Frictbjorsdoltir 1857 
Thordarson Rosa Jonsdoltir 1844 1937 
Thordarson Solveig Ingibjorg 1861 
Thorgilson Oluf Kjartansdoltir 1837 
Thorgrimson Mathilda Stub 1900 
Thorlackson Maria Steffania Sigurdson 1924 
Thorlakson Hladgerdur Bergman Laxdal 1864 
Thorlakson Inga 
Thorlakson Petrina Gudnadoltir 1865 1912 
Thorlaksson Henriette Louise Nielson 1820 1901 
Thorsteinson Sigridur Jonsdoltir 1852 1924 
Thorsteinson Sigurbjorg Bjornsdoltir 1827 
Thorsteinson Steinum 
Thorsteinsson Elin Stephansson 1836 1923 
Thorwaldson Thorun Peterson 1853 1927 
Thorwaldson Vilborg Stigsson 1830 1896 
Thue Paula Monsdoltir Hellebrist 1862 
Tisdale Jane Clifton 
Toay Clara Bainen 1862 1926 
Tombs Emily Randall 1838 1919 
Torfason Helga Danielsdoltir 1831 1927 
Torrey Sarah Currie 1851 1912 
Trauger Joanna Puckett 
Trenbeath Margaret Ann Wylie 1847 1930 
Treumann Elizabeth Baird 1867 1938 
Tufft Letetia Estelle Crow 1848 
9          U:
Ulberg Olina Regina Odne 1872 1946
10        V:
Vallentyne Emily Boyle 1857 1939 
Van Meter Caroline Amelia Fales 1895 
Vandewater Phoebe E. Liddell 1858 
Vigfusson Elizabeth Gudmundsdoltir 1844 1927 
Vollrath Jane McArthur 1937 
Vollrath Johanna Pinzler 1839 1924 
Vosper Helen Amelia Jarvis 
Vowles Felecia Hill 1860 
Voyek Antoinette Hrneck 1942

Box 25:
1          W:
Wacha Mary Heseckki 
Waite Rosanne Podesta 1858 1910 
Wakeford Mary Magdalene Schell 1859 1942 
Walker Ann Jane Mathews 1853 1936 
Walker Janet Ritihie 1857 
Wallace D. H. Mrs. 
Wallace Emma L. 1853 
Wallace John D. Mrs. 
Walter Ingibjorg Margaret Johnson 1861 
Walton Mary Ann Foster 
Walton Sarah Mosher 1849 1914 
Wanner Katharina Langard 
Ward Margaret Neilson 1859
Ward William T. Mrs. 
Washington Mary Boyle 1858 1926 
Waterman Ellen Shearer 1854 
Watson Eva Bruce 1861 
Webster Bella Thompson 1865 
Weeks Francis McConnell 1861 
Weeks May Goodman 1831 
Weese Sarah J. Vandewater 1854 1925 
Weise Theresa Lorenz 1826 1910 
Welo Caroline Anderson 1864 1900 
Wemple Chole M. Wood 1817 1897 
Wendt Josephine Vondal 
Wescom Julia Smith 1845 1903 
West Jane Polter 1899 
Wheeler Isabella Kerr 1862 1936 
Whelan Sarah Jane Finlan 1827 1912 
Whipple Kate Van Woert 
Widme Ellen Kordahl 1934 
Wiegmann Fred Mrs. 1935 
Wilder L. Amelia Mrs. 
Williams Eleana 
Williams Esther Annie Clark 1838 1907 
Williams Janette Hare 1865 
Williams Mary Elizabeth Hoitman 1847 
Willson Alice Marian Clark 1869 
Wilson Alison Brown 1837 
Wilson Ann McConnell 1848 1900
Wilste William M. 1956 
Wirtz Mathilda Olson 
Witmer Charlotte Fizette 
Wolfe Ellen Vivla Goolsbey 
Wood Sarah Ann Heaton 1843 1926 
Wright Eliza Teeter 1933 
Wright Sophia Burton Symonds 
Wright Vina Rogers 1842 
Wylie Elizabeth M. 
Wynne Catherine M. Van Camp 1856 1939 
Wysoski Emma Rose 
2          Y:
Young Elizabeth Galloway 
Young Ida Brown Clarke
3          Miscellaneous

Complete Biographies
4          Aabakke Gunhild 1840 1900
Aaberg Thea 1855
Aadahl Mali 1842
Aafedt Gertrude 1851
Aaker Karen 1851
Aarhus L. P. Mrs.
Aarness Ingeborg 1861
Aasand Jorund 1855
Aaserud Marie Hoiland 1855
Aasgaard Andrew Mrs. 1857
Abbott Julia Josephine
Abel Louisa Brandt
Abrahamson Maria 1953
Ackerman Martha 1932
Adams Elizabeth
Adams Emeline
Adams Susan 1857 1911
Adcock Margaret 1851 1911
Adler Mary
Albers Mary 1863 1939
Albertson E. B. Mrs.
Albertson Lucy M.
Albus Frans Mrs. 1858 1926
Alderin Amanda 1856
Alderin Loren Mrs.
Alderman Jane 1848 1921
Alderman Janettie E. 1867
Alderman Katherine 1856
Alexander Augusta
Alexander Margaret 1903
Alister Mary 1859
Allen Alice 1852 1945
Allen Emma 1849 1908
Allen H. W. Mrs. 1860
Allen Harriet 1868 1934
Allen P. P. Mrs.
Allensworth Martha 1851 1901
Allord Olive
Alm Ole Mrs.
Almen Anna
Almen Petronella 1927
Alstad Anne 1855
Altendorf Berget 1858
Altringer Cecilia
Amerland Cora
Ames Anna 1838 1924
Ames Lucia Anna 1855 1925
Amundson Cecilia 1845 1898
Anders Anna 1846 1925
Andersen Meta
Anderson Agnette B.
Anderson Alice May 1858 1931
Anderson Amanda 1870
Anderson Andrew J. Mrs.
Anderson Anna Halland
Anderson Betsy 1862 1908
Anderson Betsy 1855
Anderson Brita 1844
Anderson Caroline 1854
Anderson Carrie 1930
Anderson Carrie Marie 1860
Anderson Clara 1846 1921
Anderson Elizabeth 1859
Anderson Elizabeth 1854 1930
Anderson Emma 1862 1916
Anderson Engebert Mrs.
Anderson Erick Mrs.
Anderson Gustava 1837 1898
Anderson Hannah 1857
Anderson Inga
Anderson Ingeborg 1864
Anderson Jacobina
Anderson James Mrs.
Anderson James T.
Anderson Janet 1824
Anderson Johanna 1833 1900
Anderson Johanna 1858
Anderson Johanna 1862
Anderson Johanna M. 1860
Anderson John Mrs. 1868
5          Anderson Lina 1868 1892
Anderson Margaret
Anderson Maria 1859
Anderson Martha 1891
Anderson Marther 1847 1924
Anderson Mary 1820 1901
Anderson Mary Alice 1855 1892
Anderson Mary S. 1859
Anderson Octavia 1863 1884
Anderson P. B. Mrs.
Anderson Rauvei 1842 1928
Anderson Sam Mrs.
Anderson Sophia 1898
Andrews Lucy 1929
Anglesburg Mary
Ankarberg Huldah 1921
Anshutz Anna Lewis
Applegate Ione
Arason Solveig 1859
Archer Anna 1856
Archer Warren W. Mrs.
Argue Mathilda 1834 1911  
Armann Margaret 1852 1927
Armstrong Jessie Angeline 1865 1942
Armstrong Laura 1925
Arnason Johanna 1842 1927
Arnason Osk Ragnheidur 1860 1923
Arnegaard Iver Mrs.
Arnegard Ingeborg H.
Arneson Oliana
Arngrimson Thorbjorg 1840 1912
Arnold Helen
Arnot Robert Mrs.
Arntson Jonelle 1849
Arntze Anna 1855 1932
Arves Ole J. Mrs. 1926
Askerooth Johanna 1847 1920
Aslackson Gunhild 1881
Aslakson Signe Hustveit 1860
Asmundsson Osk 1885 1934
Atkins Laura 1840
Atkinson Agnes
Atkinson Laura 1833
Aufrebaum Brita 1842
Aughnay Bridget Agnes 1865
Auran Karen 1858 1910
Austad Ingrid 1919
Austin Francis A.
Austin Martha Jan 1843
Ayers Sophia R. 1854 1930
Aylen Florence A.
Baarstad Gustava Olson 1845
Babcock Mita Platt
Bacon Sarah Smith Durkee 1906
Bacon Susan Sherman
Baertsch Charles Mrs.
Baertsch Christian Mrs.
Bagley Hellek Mrs. 1849 1927
Bagnell Millie
Bahl Belle Sumner 1868 1927
Bail Marie Loisvelle 1843 1927
Bailey D. J. Mrs. 1903
Bailey Sydonia E.
Baird Margaret Hamilton 1855
Baker Anna Frances Kuhn 1840 1918
Baker Cynthia
Baker Dililah
Baker Euphemia Houston 1857 1931   
Baker Fanny J.   
Baker Flora E. Rice 1868   
Baker Susan Stanley 1923   
Bakke Betsey Lekvold 1850 1934   
Bakke Carrie Erickson   
Bakke Randine Katherine Nelson 1855   
Bakken Martha E. Olson 1860   
Bakkum Johanne Lokken 1852  
Baldwin Isabella McKinnon 1862 1926   
Bales Almarinda E.   
Balfour Eliza Harper 1892   
Balfour Elizabeth Bassingthwaite 1922   
Balfour Margaret Bassingthaighte 1929   
Balfour Margaret Cragg   
Ball Mary Augusta Merryweather 1852 1910   
6          Baney Rosiana Becker 1867   
Bang Berdine Ellertsen 1868   
Bannerman Margaret   
Baptie Elizabeth Lee 1928   
Barber Mary Holroyd 1848 1919   
Barclay Mary Ann Nelson 1865 1934  
Barday Tirzah Ann 1838 1905   
Barden Edith Marion Heiser 1935   
Barner Cordelia Evalena Scovil   
Barnes Ira A.   
Barnfather Fenwick Liddle Mrs. 1857   
Barnum Sarah Pratt   
Barr Minnie Wiltrop 1860   
Barr William Mrs. 1865   
Barrington Alice Ransier   
Bartels Margaret 1925   
Bartlett Steven B. Mrs.  
Barton Ellen Miller 1845   
Bascom Mary Bolster 1847 1913   
Bassett Laura A. Whitson 1861   
Bassingthwaite Minie Flesher 1904   
Bates Harriet Oliver 1860   
Bath Mary Ann Rudd   
Bauchnicht Catherine Schneider 1862 1917   
Baulig R. J. Mrs.   
Baumann Caroline Bjerke 1858   
Baumann Henrietta Behr 1849 1918   
Baumez Augusta Pinger 1854 1924   
Baumez Elizabeth Howery Cale   
Baumgartner Anna Berger 1846   
Baumgartner Elizabeth Anette Kimball 1855 1927   
Bayard Annie Louise   
Bayley Malissa Amelia Stanford 1890  
Beard Mary Emma Smith 1853 1943   
Beaton Mary Hannah Sidney 1852 1932   
Beauchamp Matilda Quenell   
Beaver W. J. Mrs.   
Bechtel Cora McCumber 1867 1904   
Bechtel Elizabeth Warner 1828 1905   
Bechtel Johanna Burke 1865   
Beck Hannah Jane Shunk 1850 1932   
Beckman Emma Pape 1863   
Bedsler Olafine Bedsler Mrs. 1873   
Beglau Justina Fisher 1869   
Beitland Christine Lilleflor 1866   
Belford Linnie Gordon 1862   
Belk Elizabeth Ann Hayes 1854 1916   
Bell Charlotte McDonald 1845 1914   
Bell Hannah Turpen 1864   
Bell Mary Ann Porter 1864 1925   
Bellamy Catherine Warren   
Bellamy Edith Jane Myere 1864 1935   
Benedict Eva   
Benedictsen Ingibjerg Gudvardsdoltir Therlaksen 1865 1949   
Bengtson Louisa Anderson 1853   
Benkam Harriet S. Legett 1849   
Bennett Addie K.   
Bennett Mary A. Daniels 1837 1917   
Bennett Mary I. Racey 1854   
Bennington Emma Thody   
Bensch Mary Ramsdel 1931   
Benson Isabel Cunningham   
Benson Maria Sveinnssdoltir 1854  
Benson Martha Thompson 1852 1926   
Bentley Anna E.  
Berg Andrine H. 1867   
Berg J. P. Mrs. 1864 1921   
Berg Josephine Rostad 1854   
Berg Marie   
Berg Marit Olsen Solbrekeie 1841 1927   
Berg Ragnhild Fulsaas 1893   
Berg Tonetta Heskin 1852 1929   
Berger Mary Wedell   
Bergindahl Frances F. Arnold 1857 1919   
Bergman Ingibjorg Thorlecius 1854 1920   
Bergman Sigurbjorg Davidsdoltir 1864   
Bergman Sigurjons Johanneson 1863   
Bergman Thorunn Johnsdoltir Halldorson 1835   
Bergsgard Agnetta 1842 1892   
Bergsley Jessie   
Bergstrom Eli Hogen 1865 1918   
Berlin Bertha 1911  
Berquist Bertha 1867   
Berrington Mary 1848 1917   
Berrisford Elizabeth Frost 1860 1901   
Berry Lourissa M. Foster 1856   
Bertel Mary Obermiller 1864   
Bertelson Ellen Knudsvig 1866   
Berwick Aronia 1838   
7          Bessason Lelja Vegjusdotir 1824 1887   
Bessire Jessie Horne 1865   
Best Abbey White Hall 1852   
Best Ella   
Best Jane Smith 1866   
Beveridge James Mrs.   
Bickel Johanna Bunsack 1838 1927   
Biewer Agnes Wawers 1854 1930   
Bigelow Ellen Van Slyke 1860 1915   
Bingenheimer Margaret Bowers 1865 1920   
Birch Anna Grahm   
Birch Harriet Balfour 1889   
Bird Sarah Curtis   
Bisbee Isabelle Stuart Noyes 1833 1915   
Bissell Lycetta W.   
Bjarnason Anna Gudrun Jonsdoltir 1859 1933   
Bjarnason Elinborg 1848 1917   
Bjarnason Helga Jonasdoltir 1915   
Bjarnason Mildfridur Sigurdson 1911   
Bjarnason Sigridur Johanna Samuelsdoltir 1848 1923   
Bjelde Mina P. Thorstad 1864   
Bjerke Ingeborg Christine Nordmyhre 1831 1923   
Bjerke Johanna Nygaard 1849 1929   
Bjertness Johanne Braaten 1853 1925   
Bjorlie Caroline Loberg 1856   
Bjorlie Karen Oien 1862   
Bjormeby Olia 1920   
Bjorneby Ann Midgarden 1865   
Bjornson Anna Sigridur Arnadoltir 1882   
Bjornson Gudbjorg Petursdoltir 1908   
Bjornson Gudfinna Johannesdoltir 1842   
Bjornson Oddny Jonsdoltir 1854 1936   
Bjornson Solrun 1848 1924   
Bjornson Thordio Arnadoltir 1836 1893   
Bjornstad P. H. Mrs.  
Bjur Amanda Noren 1857 1930  
Black Elmire Turner 1850   
Blackorby Mildred E. 1850 1923   
Blackorby Mildred E. Stuart 1851 1923   
Blades Hannah Watts 1855 1893   
Blades Isabelle C. Perkhouse   
Blaisdell Alice Fadden  
Blewett Kate Kelly 1852   
Bliss Margaret A. Cameron 1842 1928   
Blondal Bjorg Bjornsdoltir Halldorson 1862 1904   
Blum Charlotte Furstenau 1833 1928   
Bobb Isabelle Zimmerman   
Bodmer Carrie Gilbert 1862   
Bohlman August Mrs.   
Boise Ella Curry 1883   
Boise Helen M. Towl 1840   
Boley Caroline Bruns 1862 1928   
Boley Sarah Lewellyn 1831   
Bollinger Emma Jordan 1868   
Bolmeier Caroline   
Bond Martha Williams 1836 1917   
Bonde Susannah Preece 1846 1914   
Boness Johanna Lemke 1850   
Boostrom Sopha Erickson 1860   
Booth Jennie Doolittle 1853   
Bope Melinda Stalter 1918   
Borderud Johanna Gundersdater Aarnes 1822 1894   
Born Bertha Schulz 1937   
Borner August Mrs. 1862   
Borreson Agnethe Jensen 1851   
Bosch Thersia Sherman 1860 1888   
Bosworth Fannie Ann Little 1858 1923   
Botsford Annie C.   
Botten Lesje Gudbrandsdalen 1859   
Bottolfson Hannah Marie Brudevik Fluerby 1861 1897  
Bottolfson Karoline Anderson 1855 1936   
Boucher Mary 1922   
Boutwell Isabelle Porter 1857   
Bowen Jane Anetta Johnson 1856   
Boyd Maggie MacKinnon 1861   
Boyd Mary Christie 1835 1903   
Boyle Ellin Doyle 1837 1905   
Bracht Clara Baron 1854   
Braddock Sarah Virginia Gray 1857 1926   
Brady Jessie A. 1885   
Brainard Adeline Throwbridge 1829   
Brainard Agneta Heskin 1844 1920   
Braithwaite Krmelia Handrickson 1845 1925   
Brand Elise Gudel 1863 1917   
Brandson Margret Gudbrandsdoltir 1849 1900   
Brannon Ellen Elizabeth Kelly 1856   
Branthover Susan 1925   
Bratt Anna Nilson 1860   
Bratton Margaret E.   
Bratton Mattie Burton 1848 1927   
Bray Mary Ann Mudgett 1835  
8          Breen Margaret 1848 1926   
Brekke Christina 1868   
Brekke Thomas Mrs. 1890   
Brekken Guro Bjolivolden 1831 1901   
Brekken Johanne   
Brekken Marit 1840 1918   
Bremseth Ole Mrs. 1850 1911   
Brending Dora Schmidt 1858   
Brennan Joanna Brennick 1841 1929  
Brett Alice Foster   
Briggs Jane Elliott 1823 1914   
Briggs Mary Jane 1854   
Briggs Minerva Grout   
Briggs Nancy Pinkham 1848   
Brightbill Elizabeth Bachman 1858   
Briscoe Nellie May Beale   
Britton Ella E. Huston   
Broberg Aneta 1920  
Brock Julia Hoeft 1857   
Brockett Mabelle Esther Baldwin 1870   
Brokkie Gertie Nomland   
Brooks Mary Elizabeth Bills 1869   
Broste Guro H. Bjorlievolden 1852 1930   
Broton Betsy Halstenson   
Broughton Harriet Cooper 1836   
Brown Ann Snell 1833 1896   
Brown Bertha Daniels 1858   
Brown Charlotte North 1848   
Brown Florence L. Hart   
Brown Francis Elizabeth 1887   
Brown Francis Elizabeth Sargent 1834 1888  
Brown Hattie Laugen 1857   
Brown Jane 1850 1935   
Brown Margaret Tough 1842   
Brown Maria Hoover   
Brown Mary Emma Isbell 1837 1902   
Brown Mary Stewart 1852   
Brown Minerva F.   
Brown Minnie L. 1860   
Brown Rebekka Jorgina Markhuus 1846 1882   
Brownson Adelaide Maria 1835 1911   
Brownson Mary Elliott 1841 1924   
Brumwell Martha Cassidy 1843   
Brunsdale Margaret Nordgaard 1860 1927   
Brunsvold Ingeborg Tuff 1854   
Bruschwein Ernestine Wolf 1855 1888  
Bryans Esther Earl 1924   
Bryn Sofie Anderson   
Brynjolfson Helga Erlindsdoltir 1852 1918  
Buck Eliza Pricella Holland 1851 1901   
Buck Necia E. 1868   
Buckley Margaret 1857   
Bue Olina Mikkelson   
Bull Anna Malmin 1852   
Bull Ida Tenold   
Bunde Anna   
Bunde Sigrud 1853   
Burdick Altie Eliza Baker 1859 1897   
Burdick Kitsy Genevieve Strong 1866   
Burdick Lucy E. Farnum 1838 1929   
Burg Mary Johnson 1927   
Burgum Margaret Jane Ranard 1869 1892   
Burke Bertha Ingmundson   
Burke Sophia Stokes 1860 1939   
Burleson O. Mrs.   
Burley Rachel Catherine Long 1860   
Burlund Julius E. Mrs. 1849   
Burnbridge Isabella Holms 1844 1926   
Burnell Jennie Smith 1860 1930   
Burnett Jane Fulton 1845   
Burnett W. J. Mrs.   
Burnham Ada J. 1843   
Burns Elizabeth Collins 1859 1905   
Burr Mary McLachlan 1907   
Bursee Levina Kipp 1916   
Burt Althea Welch 1853 1884   
Burtness Mary Anderson Berg 1850 1931   
Burton Mary Fidelia Loomis 1855 1935   
Bush Mary Emily Wilsie 1855 1919   
Busta Anna Houska   
Butterfield Mary Chapman 1830   
Butterwick Mary Dawson 1850 1920   
Buttree Elizabeth Kerr 1831 1913   
Butts Ellen E. Boulton 1899   
Bye H. H. Mrs. 1855 1927   
Byers Ann Mann 1932   
Byers Annie   
Bylin Mary Skorgen 1864 1916   
9          Cairns Ella Chapman   
Calder Mary Ann Pearen   
Calderwood J. G. Mrs.   
Caldwell Christina Hill   
Caldwell Jean Davis   
Cale Catherine   
Cameron John Mrs.   
Campbell Carrie E. Moore  
Campbell Elizabeth   
Cannell Ella Jane   
Cantwell Margaret Hayden   
Carey Celestia Arville Carey   
Carey Mary Marshall   
Carkin Seth Mrs.   
Carlblom Wickland Mrs.   
Carley Franklin A. Mrs.   
Carlson Anna   
Carlson Carolina O. Pettersdatter   
Carlson Emily Charlotte Benson   
Carlson Eva   
Carlson Hanna   
Carlson Marie Caroline Larson   
Carlton Ellen   
Carlton Mary Maria Ellis   
Carmody John Mrs.   
Carpenter Clarence H. Mrs.   
Carpenter Hannah Baggs   
Carpenter Julia Gage   
Carr Isabel Denny   
Carrol Rosetta Flynn   
Carroll Julia Dennison   
Carter Margaret   
Carter Mary Ann Tanner   
Carter Sarah Ann Mitchell   
Cary Mary Brady   
Casper Josephine Csecholski   
Cassady Almira Stafford   
Cassedy T. J. Mrs.   
Castella Lena Mastrud   
Catherwood Elizabeth Dunes   
Catherwood Sarah C.   
Chadwick Lucy Clark   
Chaffee H. F. Mrs.   
Challey Ragnild Jesme   
Challoner Jane   
Chane Florence C.   
Chapman Euphemia Tucker   
Chapman Martha Davies   
Chapple J. H. Mrs.   
Chare Kate Paunce   
Chartrand Amelia Neveu   
Chenery Jenny Martha Kelly   
Chesley Emma Frances   
Chesworth Clara Edlund  
Chezik Mary   
10        Chisholm Jane Roseann Magee   
Chisholm Mary Maher   
Chittleson Blanche Boten   
Christ Caroline   
Christensen Caroline Schmidt   
Christensen Emelia   
Christensen Johanna   
Christenson Christine   
Christenson Peder Mrs.  
Christian Minnie Thompson   
Christianson Christ Mrs.   
Christianson Christine   
Christianson Ole Mrs.  
Christine Mary Eliza Arensman  
Christoferson Dortheo Jensen   
Christoferson Ingeberg Erickson  
Christopherson Nicolena Quam   
Clapp Alice Stevens   
Clapp Sarah Sleight   
Clark Edie Houghton   
Clark Emma H. Clark   
Clark Joseph Mrs.   
Clark Laura B. Reed   
Clark Mary R. Douglas  
Clark Robert Mrs.  
Clark Winnie   
Clarke Ida Sparks   
Cleaver Amanda Dippery   
Clementich Margaret Kukar   
Clementich Mary Zukar   
Cleveland Albertine Christine   
Cleverings Fred Mrs.   
Cockburn Ellen Williamson   
Codding Fanny Adams  
Codding Jennie Pratt   
Code Susan Wedge   
Coe Mary Cronkhite   
Coe Viola May   
Coger George L. Mrs.   
Cole Julie H.   
Coleman Anna A.   
Collins Mary Elizabeth Modden   
Collinson Mary J. Willan   
Colville David Mrs.  
Colwell Jane Collins  
Compaan Egbert Mrs.   
Connolly Ann Corsoren   
Connolly Caroline Steele   
Connolly Mary Hensler   
Connor Florence Brown   
Contrite Alice G. Marshall   
Conyne Alice Kennedy   
Cook Gertrude Falerius   
Cooney Michael Mrs.   
Coop Nancy Hall Lees  
Cooper Celestes Clarissa   
Copeland Annie J. Horne   
Corbin Rebecca Forrest   
Corprue Ann   
Cortrite Alice Marshall
Corwin Ella Bush
Cory Cora Peavy
11        Cotant Alice Martha Eldred   
Couch Martha   
Coulter Sarah   
Covell Esther C.   
Cowan Isabel   
Cowan Jemima Brown   
Cowan Mary Flynn   
Coykendall Ann E. Lewis   
Crabtree Joan Marian Letson   
Crafts Sarah Jane Eldridge   
Craig Mary I. Stewart   
Crary May McDonald   
Craswell Francis C. Lewis   
Creighton Nancy McDonald   
Creighton Susan Hill   
Cressinger Mary Jane McMullen   
Crocker Sarah Baird Purdon   
Crofts Lucina   
Cromar Charlotte Bacon Smith   
Cross C. B. Mrs.   
Cruden Anna M. Tarrant   
Cruff William Mrs.   
Crum Charles E. Mrs.   
Crum Esther Burd   
Crum Rosette   
Cryan Margaret   
Cryne Abbie Fancher  
Cudhie Margaret   
Cummings Francis M. Taylor  
 Cummings Margaret Anderson   
Cunningham Celia   
Currie Mary Evelyn   
Curry Kate Murley   
Curtis Charlotte Hettig   
Cuskelly Mary V.   
Daeley Anna Welsh   
Daggett Mellison Pinkham   
Dahl Agnette Hanson   
Dahl Anna   
Dahl Caroline   
Dahl Emma Orberg   
Dahl Iver Mrs.   
Dahl Lars A. Mrs.  
Dahl Mathia Evenson   
Dahl Sidsel Pederson   
Dahl Tilda   
Daley Karine Heimdal   
Danielson Christina   
Danielson Haakon Mrs.   
Danuser Caroline Riodtman   
Darch Rebecca Davy   
Darling James Mrs.  
Davidson Christiana L. Beck   
Davidson Priscilla Ann Stafford   
Davis Addie Crum   
Davis Ann Lloyd   
Davis Charles B. Mrs.   
Davis Elizabeth   
Davis Emily Brander   
Davis L. A. Mrs.   
Davis Lydia Wolfer   
Davis Margerat A. Buttery   
Davis Thomas Mrs.   
Davison Fausta Ann Hembly   
Dawson J. E. Mrs.   
Day George J. Mrs.   
Dazell Mary Devlin
12        Dean Ella Dorst   
Dean Mildred Wyman   
Deans Lillian Rowley   
Dearborn Elizabeth Freeman   
DeBoer Harle Mrs.   
Deehr Mary   
Deisem Alice Ewilda Franks  
Deitcher Katie   
DeLong Ann Eliza Reid   
DeLong Ellen Josephine Calder   
Demers Margaret Jane Chartrand   
Deming Carrie F. Bunker   
Devany Mary Towey   
DeWitt Katherine Shaffer   
Dick Grace   
Dickinson Bertha Wilson   
Dickinson F. H. Mrs.   
Dickson L. P. Mrs.   
Diesem Sadie Ann Snyder   
Dietrich Joseph Mrs.   
Dignam Albina Sashel   
Digness Charles A. Mrs.   
Digness Maren Sander   
Dike Harriet Bond   
Dike Nancy Pease   
Dikeman W. E. Mrs.  
Dinsdale Margaret Whaley   
Dion Harriet Loiselle   
Dixon George W. Mrs.   
Dobbin Martha Felker  
Dobmeier George Mrs.   
Dockter Salomea   
Dohrmann Caroline   
Dokken Maria   
Dolan Elizabeth   
Dolan Mary Mullen   
Dolejsi Anna Stetinova   
Dolve Ragnhild Nestossva   
Dompier Patience Lusette Latten   
Donagher Rose   
Donelly Mary DeSautel   
Doney Ann Fairbanks  
Donnelly Katie Perry   
Donozick Anna Prill   
Dooley James Mrs.   
Douglas Mary Newell   
Dow Elizabeth Baker   
Doyle Ellen Leddy   
Doyle John Mrs.   
Doyle Julia Nollan   
Drake Carrie Vincent   
Drakeley Adelaide F.   
Draper Elizabeth Shirrell   
Draper Hattie A. Lounsberry  
Duell E. Viola Snider   
Duggan Mary Ann O'Reilly   
Dunbar Lena Arneson   
Duncan Edith Hoadley   
Duncan P. T. Mrs.   
Dunham Anna Paulson   
Dunlava Clara A. Fuller   
Dunn John P. Mrs.   
Dunphy Pheobe   
Durbin Minnie   
Dutton Rebecca Larkin  
Duval Eugenia   
Dyer Charlotte McAllen   
13        East Elizabeth Nolan   
Eastgate Emma Cocks   
Easton Rachel  
Eaton Elizabeth Wheeler  
Ecker Ellen Louise Freeland   
Eckes Jacob Mrs.   
Ecklund Mary Larson   
Edburg Marcus Mrs.   
Eddy Jane Bishop Wilson   
Edgerly Addie Rose Shepard   
Edinger Lena   
Edlund Mary   
Edmonson Rebecca   
Edwards David Mrs.   
Edwards John Mrs.   
Egar Mary Maulett   
Ehrhardt Thorina Solie   
Einarsson Gudrun   
Elken Ann C. Halverson   
Elkin Carrie   
Elkin Marie   
Ellefson Aase Mrs.   
Ellertson Marie Hanson   
Elliott Ann Maria Swope   
Elliott Mathilda Frances  
Elliott Nellie J. Allen  
Ellsbury Carrie Elida   
Elm Sophie Swenson  
Elsberry Fannie   
Elsberry William Mrs.   
Elvick Rosa B. Wise   
Emanuel Eloise Crouse   
Enerson Hilda Hendrickson   
Engdahl Hannah   
Enge Guri Pederson   
Engebretson Marie   
Engebritson Tarand Gunwall   
Enger Martha Church  
Engh Pauline Fredrickson   
Ensrud Anne Rusten   
Ensrude Marit Brenden   
Enstad Anne   
Enstad Ingri Bakken   
Enstad Maria   
Erickson Anna Blagen   
Erickson Barbara Olson   
Erickson Beret   
Erickson Elna Karstrom   
Erickson Luella Talcott   
Erickstad Johanna Aalhus   
Ericson Guri Fluto   
Erikstad Nicholina   
Erlanson Aneta Olson   
Esby Anna Swarstad   
Eskes Emma Piper   
Estrop Rebecca White   
Etter Marie Luther  
Evans Thora Jordet   
Everson Margit Swenson   
Everson Mary Dahl   
Ewen Josephine McQueen   
Eyres Catherine Morrison   
14        Facey Mary Mellissa Stableton
Fahlgren Kristen   
Fair Harriet Ann Park   
Fairbanks Louisa Barfield   
Fait Amelia Schlotterback   
Falck Hilda Sophia Hanson   
Falter Mary Ripple   
Farley Ann Mellen   
Farley Mary Agnus McCann  
Farnham Janet McNevin   
Farris Elizabeth Jane Murphy   
Farris W. H. Mrs.   
Farup Bertha Powell   
Faust Anna Maria Holmquist   
Faust Anna Peterson  
Faust Hannah Holmquist   
Faust Ingeborg Anderson  
Fay J. C. Mrs.   
Feather One Mrs.  
Feather Polly Jones   
Fecher Marit   
Feiring Beatta Melby   
Feltis Hannah Elizabeth DeLong   
Fergus Bridgett Farrell  
Ferguson Frances Burnett  
Ferguson Hattie Totman  
Ferguson Mary I. Bassett   
Ferguson Susan Pogue   
Fernybough Sarah   
Fevold Marie Sandvig   
Field Ada Mary Sheldon  
Fingarson Gunhild H.   
Finlayson Ellen Stewart  
Finley Ellen E. A.   
Finley Emily Bennett   
Finneseth Anna Monson   
Finney Ellen   
Fisher Caroline   
Fisher Jessie Blanding   
Fjorkenstad Oline Nelson  
Flaten Bodil Kirstine Larson   
Flaten Johanna   
Flath Mary   Fernybough
Flegel Fred Mrs.  
Flem Berte Johnson Langve   
Fleming Marion Lamb Marshall   
Flesche Peder E. Mrs.   
Fletcher Maria Norton   
Flom Theresia Laskitz  
Flummerfeldt Mary Hayes   
Flynn Mary Ann Carlton   
15        Fogderud Ellen A. Mossing   
Foley Inga Thompson   
Foley Mary A. Lynch  
Foley Rachel Aston Shryock   
Folger Cynthia Stewell  
Folsom Anna Storstee
Fons Pezalla  
Fooken Evelina J.   
Foran George Mrs.   
Forbes Anna S. Leizer   
Forbes Beulah DeCou   
Ford David Mrs.   
Ford Mary Isabelle McFadgen  
Ford Mary Louise Maloney  
Forrest Mrs.   
Forrest Christina  
Forsberg Anna Marie Bergen  
Forsythe Julia   
Foss Marie Wilhelmina Rydgren   
Foster Augusta Kent   
Foster Phila Smith  
Fowler Daisie Treleaven  
Fox Margaret Ann   
Fox Mary McDevitt   
Fox Richard Mrs.   
Fraser Leora Gillette   
Freadrick Louise Lucca   
Fredericks William Mrs.  
Freede Ellen   
Freeman Charlotte Andrews
Freeman Lucy Anna Ryan   
French Elivra Sarah Hill  
French H. W. Mrs.   
Fretland Helena P.   
Fridd Alice M. Bromley   
Fried Susan Schlag
Friskop Helmine Strandbakken  
Frojen C. H. Mrs.   
Frojen J. H. Mrs.   
Frolick Sophia H.   
Frost Jennie   
Fryar Minerva
Fugel John Mrs.
Funderhide Rebecca Jane McCanna   
Furstenau Minnie Booze   
Fyfe Ellen Hamilton   
Gabrielson Valborg Olson   
Gahlhoff Henrietta Bushy   
Gailfus Elizabeth  
Gailfus Lillie   
Gainsforth Caroline A. Brady  
Galbreath Clara M. Thomson   
Gale Emma Stanton   
Galegher Elizabeth Davis   
Gallager Katherine   
Gallup Martha Weller   
Ganten Catherine   
Garske Bertha   
Garske Maria Balkey   
Gartland Olea   
Gaskill Charles Mrs.   
Gasman H. C. Mrs.  
Gauche Peter Mrs.  
Gaulke Ferdinand Mrs.   
16        Geary Emma Amelia Wells   
Geary Martha   
Geddes Agnus  
Gehrmann Amelia Willar  
Geiszler Wilhelmina Brauer   
Gemmill Rebecca   
Gendron Saul Mrs.   
Gerntholz Hattie Annie Luther   
Gerrard Celia Bisbee
Gessner Rosalie Herslip   
Getchell Annie Longfellow   
Getchell Lois Stiles   
Getchell Martha E. Hanscom  
Getts Sarah Gurr   
Gibson Ellen Lois   
Gibson Mary Zeiler  
Gieske Jennie H. Parker
Gilberg Carrie Bryn  
Gilbert Thomas Mrs.   
Gilbertson Caroline Knutson   
Gilbertson Gurine   
Gilje Anne   
Gill Frances Catherine Cottoningham   
Gjellstad Sesel Marie Fusk   
Glaspell Kate Eldridge   
Gleason Gertrude Hebron   
Gleason Patrick Mrs.   
Gleeson Sarah L.  
Godfrey Martin Mrs.   
Good Matilda Knowles   
Goodall John W. Mrs.   
Goodman Jane Wilson   
Goodman Janet Wilson   
Goodwill Hannah Ramsey  
Goodwin Sarah Bates McKinney   
Goozee Minnie Norris   
Goplerud Carrie   
Gorder J. L. Mrs.   
Gordon Elizabeth Jane Alexander  
Graalum Christine A. Saarstad  
Gradin Margaret Erickson   
Graham Ann Fowler   
Graham Jane Fowler   
Gramstad Regina Rasmuson   
Granstrom Gustapha Carlson   
Grantier Florence   
Grantier Sylvia Randall   
Gray Martha Ourran   
17        Green Inger Mehus   
Green Mattie C.   
Greene Agatha Freed   
Greene Lillie C. Brown   
Grenenevald Regina Johnson   
Gresens Philipena Schenetter  
Gretsinger Christine Niebling   
Grey Bridget Nash  
Griffin Purcel  
Grimstvedt Julia Arneson   
Grinnell Emily Noster   
Grodahl Magnhild Solseng   
Gronback Anna Karrie Jacobson  
Gronlie John Mrs.   
Grosinger Rosalia Stienrigler  
Gross Lydia   
Gross Wilhelmina Louise   
Groth Johanna  
Groth Mary Tollefson  
Groupmann Mary Storm   
Grove Sven J. Mrs.   
Groven Ambjor Kollandsrud   
Groven Christie Ellingson   
Gruman Louisa Katsel   
Grunenfelder Theresa Welty   
Grunenwald Regina Johnson  
Gryde Turi Torgerson   
Gulickson Matt Mrs.   
Gullickson Christine  
Gullickson Ole Mrs.   
Gummer Anna  
Gunderson Anne Ulsbo   
Gusaas Rangneld Hanson   
Gustafson Mathilda Almquist   
Guthrie Grace Jenkins   
Haagness Kjersten Anna Ysteness   
Haakenson Thuri Stenerson   
Haas Hannah
Hackett Carrie Sears  
Hackett Lydia A. Robinson   
Hagen Louise Danielson   
Hagen Peter O. Mrs.   
Hagerott Minnie Mantz   
Hagerty Ann Kelly   
Hagerty Charlotte Ann   
Haggert Bergit Hertsgaard   
Haig Ellen McIntosh   
Halcrow Elizabeth Manson   
Hale Elizabeth Maloney  
18        Hall Anna Anderson  
Hall Caroline Lowry   
Hall Ellen Peters   
Hall Emma Calhoun   
Hall Hannah E. Cronin   
Hall Susan Webb   
Halliday Martha V. Warren
Halloran Mary   
Halmrast Elseber Johnson   
Halsten Julia  
Halverson Ingeborg   
Halvorson Ragnild Peterson   
Halvorson Ragnild Peterson   
Hambley Marcie Ann Card   
Hambley Martha Adeline Gordon  
Hammer H. P. Mrs.   
Hammer Sarah Johnson   
Hammerstad K. Mrs.   
Hammond E. D. Mrs.   
Hanchett Kate L. Aikman   
Hancock Henry Mrs.   
Handy Rebecca Fisher   
Hanna Jemima Beulah   
Hannaher Ellen Edith Edney  
Hanscom Alice R.  
Hansen Petra Hendricksen  
Hanson Alberta Johaneson
Hanson Anna Kavinitz   
Hanson Anne Sjelstad  
Hanson Beathe   
Hanson Bertha Skogstad   
Hanson Christina Eskelson  
Hanson Christine   
Hanson Ingeborg   
Hanson Jacob Mrs.   
Hanson Julia Olive Knutson   
Hanson Karna Monson   
Hanson Malinda Pederson   
Hanson Mary Anderson   
Hanson Nels Mrs.   
Hanson Oleanna   
Hanson Otto Mrs.   
Hanson Sophia   
Harding Mary Caroline   
Hardy John P. Mrs.   
Harmon Etta L. Frost   
Harmon George Mrs.  
Harris Mrs.   
Harris Emma J. Hickman   
Harris Mary Etta Cooley   
Harris Sarah Helen Ely   
Harris Theresa   
Hartman Caroline   
Hartry Agnus Bassingthwaite   
Hartsgaard Kristi Marken   
Harvey Ellen  
Hassler Rosalia Langer   
Hatling Greta Marie Larson   
Haugeberg Emma Florence Grout   
Haugen Ane Sonmark   
Hauser Sophia   
Hawkins Katherine Alexander   
Hayes Clara Ann Brown   
Haynes Cynthia Ann Keeler   
Haynes Levi Hasbrook Mrs.   
Haynes Lily Snyder   
Hazlitt Elida Jane Laynes
Hazzard Jane Twamley
19        Heaglett Mary Dunlap Fleming
Healey Catherine Simpson
Healy Ezra Mrs.   
Healy Lucy Dales Healy   
Hearonemus William Mrs.   
Heater Clarence Mrs.   
Heath Angeline   
Hecht William Mrs.   
Heegaard C. A. Mrs.   
Hegge Karen Nelson   
Heidel Hattie Clara Weiser   
Heimes Catherine Passmel   
Heinen Fredericka Schultz   
Helland Sina Engh  
Hembroff Joseph Mrs.   
Henderson A. E. Mrs.   
Henderson Rilla Wolfe   
Hendrickson Anna L. Larson   
Hendrickson Annette Nelson   
Hendrickson Magdalene Ulrickson   
Hendrickson Marie Lovisa Fransin   
Henke Jennie Brown   
Henker Ernest Mrs.   
Henley Mary Elizabeth Yee   
Henretta Mary Kelly   
Henry Mary   
Henry Nancy Carnahan   
Herald Mary Estella Goodwin   
Herman Rose   
Hermanson Anne Dahlen   
Herred Pernella Bjerke   
Herrick Eleanor   
Herring Francis V. Mrs.   
Herring Nancy   
Herriot Amanda Sykes   
Hertsgaard Margit Bakke   
Herzer F. J. Mrs.   
Hess Peter Mrs.   
Hesse Caroline Kruli   
Hibbs Pauline H.   
Higbee Nancy Jane Harvey   
Hilborn Elizabeth Marsh   
Hildremyr Martha Hildre   
Hill Martha Anne Bullock   
Hill Mary L. Sweet   
Hill Minne H. Hunter   
Hillis Eliza Jane Sinclair   
Hillius John Mrs.   
Hillstad Louise   
Hines Isabelle   
Hins John Mrs.   
Hoadley Angeline Lindersmith   
Hoadley Howard E. Mrs.   
Hoag Sarah Lizzie   
Hodem Elizabeth Lorenz   
Hodgson Cora   
Hoeffler Elizabeth   
Hoefs Amelia Tews   
Hogen Emma Offerdahl   
Hogue Louisa D. F.   
Hoiland Anna Langeterg   
20        Holbrook Sophronia Ivers   
Holcomb Alice M.  
Holding Lavina   
Holes Rhoda Harrison   
Hollan Joe Mrs.   
Holland Elias Mrs.   
Hollands Myra   
Hollinger Margaret Ann Craig   
Hollingsworth Eva Oxley  
Hollinshead Isabelle Maria Mallory   
Holm Anna Catherine Rauft   
Holman Ole Mrs.   
Holmes Delia Wyman   
Holmes John Mrs.   
Holmquist Anna Catherine Homberg   
Holt Joran Solum   
Holtan Margit Nordaarden   
Holzinger Bertha 1840 1933   
Hone Elisa A. Schofield   
Honnett Lena Lee   
Hood Frances L.   
Hoople Margaret Hunter   
Hoover Lena Hildre   
Horn E. F. Mrs.   
Horne Emma E. Reynolds   
Horne Jennet Falconer   
Hoskins Florence M. Armstrong   
Hougen Annie   
Houghton Louisa E.   
Hover Eliza McClelland   
Hover James Mrs.   
Howard Anne Bendikson Rollefstad   
Hubbard Elizabeth Clayton   
Hubbard Theodosia   
Hubbell Elizabeth DuBois   
Hudson Ollie Ransed   
Huesby Louisa Sampson   
Huesgen Bridget Leonard   
Huffman Hannah Gallinger   
Hughes Abigail Allyn Halsey   
Hughes Alexander Mrs.   
Hughes Catherine Cummings   
Hughes Ellen Tunney   
Hughes Sarah Ann McGrath   
Hulbert Euphemia T.   
Hultstrand Johanna Magnusson  
Hunke Louise Carter   
Hunt Israel P. Mrs.   
Hunter Alice D. Darling   
Hurly William Mrs.   
Huseby Kjersti Lovbroten
Hutcheson Elizabeth Thompson   
Hutchinson Elizabeth Alexander   
Hutchinson Sarah G. Classon   
Hyatt Florence Barclay   
Ingalls Alice E.   
Ingebrikson Maria   
Ingraham Lucretia Shipton   
Irmen Catherine Kiramer   
Irvine Ida Delber  
Irwin Sarah Matilda Lithgow
Iryah Catherine A. Burley   
21        Isaacson Sigridur Eyjolfsdottir Olafsson
Isfeld Kristin Hallfridur Ofeigsdottir
Iverson Elene   
Iverson Oline Olson   
Jaberg Angeline Packer   
Jackson Christin Carlson  
Jacobson Anna Marie Nielson   
Jacobson Martha Larson   
Jacobson Mathilda Lee   
Jacobson Olava Amalie Olson   
Jelleberg John Mrs.   
Jennings George E. Mrs.   
Jensen Andrew Mrs.   
Jensen Ingeborg Schmidt   
Jensen Sophia Fredrickson   
Jeressek Julia Warsala   
Jesperson Julia Hanson   
Jewell Marshall H. Mrs.  
Johannesson Arnfridur Jonsdottir
Johannesson Elizabeth Petursdottir
Johanneson Ingibjorg
Johannesson Sigridur Aradottir
Johannesson Sigridur Asta Sigurlaug Eirikson
Johannesson Soffia Jonsdottir Benjaminson
Johannesson Thorunn Sigridur Olafsdottir
Johannsson Gudrun Arnadottir
Johansen A. J. Mrs.   
22        Johnson Ane Dorthea Kronlokken
Johnson Anna
Johnson Anna Carlsdatter
Johnson Anna Fredrickson
Johnson Anna Hanson
Johnson Anna Johanna Christianson
Johnson Anna Maria
Johnson Mrs. August
Johnson Bertha
Johnson Bertha Mattson
Johnson Carrie V. N. Holmes
Johnson Catherine Ann Taylor
Johnson Cathering Bechtel
Johnson Christena Wilimenia Carlson
Johnson Christina
Johnson Christine
Johnson Christi Moe
Johson Dorothea Miller
Johnson Mrs. Elling
Johnson Emily Sophia Almberg
Johnson Fredrika Hammergrim
Johnson Josephine
Johnson Louise
Johnson Lynne Darr
Johnson Gina
Johnson Gudbjorg Peterson
Johnson Hallbera Hjaltadottir
Johnson Hanna Holmberg
Johnson Helena Pekop
Johnson Ida
Johnson Ingveldur Samuelsdottir
Johnson Jane Lindsay
Johnson Johanna
Johnson Johanna Arntzon
Johnson Josephine
Johnson Karen
Johnson Karen Lunde
Johnson Lena Sophia Carlson
Johnson Margaret Jane McConnell
Johnson Margit
Johnson Marie
Johnson Maria Rognvaldsdottir
Johnson Martha Husebye
Johnson Martha Ionson
Johnson Marselia Halldorsdottir
Johnson Mary Lee
Johnson Mathea
Johnson Mathilda Beck
Johnson Matthildur Palsottir
Johnson Oddny Johannesdottir
Johnson Olof Jonsdottir
Johnson Mrs. Peter
Johnson Petrene Jacobson
Johnson Ragnhild O. Oland
Johnson Rosa Gudlaugsdottir
Johnson Sarah Watts
Johnson Sesselja Sigurdardotter Sigurdson
Johnson Sigurbjorg Gudmondson
Johnson Solveig Illhugadottir
Johnson Sophia Bjornsdottir
Johnson Sophie Larson
Johnson Mrs. Swen
Johnson Thea Amelia Amundson
23        Johnston Annie Jane Noble
Johnston Miriam Minnie Van Camp
Johnston Ella Sharp
Johnston Jane Gillespie
Johnston Louise Baker
Jonasson Gudlaug Eyjolfsdottir
Jonasson Bjorg Olafsdottir
Jonasson Elin Magnusdottir
Jonatansen Kristbjorg Bjarnadottir
Jones Eliza Anna Hoyt   
Jones Emma Hollingsworth  
Jones Gertrude  
Jones Mary Billingslea John  
Jones Matilda Jessie Smith   
Jones Ruth Prichard   
Jones Sarah Brown  
Joos Anna Christ   
Joos Emma   
Joos Lucy Boutch   
Jordet Ellen A.   
Jordon Inez A. Puth   
Jordon Lucy A. Puth   
Jorgensin Anne Hansen  
Jorgenson Carrie Johnson  
Jorgenson Rangnel   
Junod Maria Annetta Dentler   
Kackman Augusta Wahl   
Kahovec John Mrs.  
Kalberer J. J. Mrs.  
Kaldor M. O. Mrs.   
Kalinowski Mary Wiese   
Kaspari Margaret Kempf   
Kasson Elizabeth H. Beane   
Kastella Lena Mastrud   
Kautt Therese Ludwig   
Kavanaugh William Mrs.   
Kee Mina Zingg   
Keidel George Mrs.   
Keiser Margaret Koehn   
Keller Irena Preston   
Keller Margaret   
Kellogg Almira  
Kelly Lorbia   
Kelly T. C. Mrs.   
Kemmer Sophia Margaret   
Kendall John Mrs., Sr.   
Kendall Margaret Josephine Sharp   
Kennedy Bridget Flannigan   
Kent Agnus Hall   
Kerfoot Robert G. Mrs.   
Kerfoot Samuel Mrs.   
Kern Oline M. Gilbertson  
24        Kernkamp Caroline Heidel   
Kernkamp Emma Weiser   
Keyes Eliza Bristol   
Keyes Stephen Mrs.   
Keys Elizabeth Barnes   

Box 26:
1          Kibbee Eva Garm
Kidd Carrie Lewis   
Kidd Elizabeth Mundie   
Kindred Anna D. Dershimer   
King Lucy Stone   
King Sophie Rasmussen   
Kingsbury Minnie Jaster   
Kinley Samuel S. Mrs.   
Kinneberg Ambjor Sorbon  
Kinney Daisey Shiek   
Kirk George B. Mrs.   
Kitsch Wilhelmine Walter   
Kittleson Mary Marbury Wood   
Kjelland Hanna Lovaas   
Kjelsberg Margretha Sophia Nyland   
Kjorlie Jane Halverson   
Klein Anna Platzer 1863   
Klier Lucy Bauer   
Klindworth P. Mrs.   
Kline Selina Schoonover   
Klinefelter Minnie Grantier   
Klufton Carie Hogan   
Knecht Wilhelmina   
Knoll Ida M. Miller   
Knutsen Marie Breum   
Knutsen Peter Mrs.   
Knutsen Ragnhild Olson   
Knutson Elsie   
Knutson Gunhilda   
Knutson Kari   
Knutson Marie Gunderson   
Kochian Mary Riba   
Koehmstedt Lawrence Mrs.   
Koehn Sophia Steffin   
Kohn Steve Mrs.   
Kohnen Lizzie M. Farrel  
Korsmoe Josephine Bergh   
Kouba Barbara Shelleny   
Kouba Mary Heley   
Kramer Anna Margaret Kaspers   
Kramer Marion Koehn   
Krantz Charley Mrs.  
Kratt Clara Sophia Boysen   
Krause Caroline   
Krause Eva   
Kreitzberg George W. Mrs.   
Kribbs C. M. Mrs.   
Krien Henry Mrs.   
Kroeger Louise Eberhoff   
Krogen Maria Gorder   
Krogh Andrew Mrs.   
Kruckenberg Gottlieb Mrs.   
Krueger William F. Mrs.   
Kruse Dorothea Christopherson   
Kuch Elizabeth   
Kuecks Anna   
Kuhn Josephine Priebe   
Kurtz Mary Fisher   
Kurtz S. E. Mrs.   
Kvarness Carry Carlson  
Kvello Ane Marie Sjelbred   
Kyle Agnus Jane McKirryher   
Lacey Ellen Murphy 1856 1943   
Lacy John, Sr. Mrs.   
2          Ladbury Charlotte Bodell 1824 1912  
Ladbury Phila Mosher 1854   
Laing Helen 1903   
Lake Mary Jane Scott 1864   
Lambert S. F. Mrs. 1850 1931  
Lampman J. O. Lane 1843 1910   
Landsborough Fanny Harris   
Lane Anna E. Geil   
Lane Athea M. Abrams 1855 1918   
Lane C. S. Mrs.   
Lane Hannah M. Duncan   
Lane Mary E. 1841 1931
Lang Agnes Port 1867   
Lang Hannah Sullivan 1855 1883  
Lange Luliana Link 1857   
Langeliers Anna Murphy 1928   
Langems Mina Anderson 1870 1926  
Langems Minnie Dunham 1931   
Langworthy Sarah Isabella Cooke   
Lannon Emma Tanner 1869  
Lanterman Margaret Maria Rosenkrans 1930   
Lapham Annie Goozee 1868   
Lapham Jennie Downs   
LaPlant Sarah Morse 1868   
Laramore Celina Owen 1854 1932   
Large Mary Jane Maginnis 1857 1925   
Larsen Ane Margrethe Neilson 1846 1929   
Larsen Betsey T. Hotten 1862 1931   
Larsen Caroline 1843 1904  
Larsen Elias Mrs. 1857   
Larsman George Mrs. 1841   
Larson Anna 1863  
Larson Anna Casvold 1850   
Larson Caroline 1843 1904   
Larson Caroline Peterson 1866   
Larson Helen Schmoker   
Larson Julia Harrison   
Larson Karen 1850 1931   
Larson Louis Mrs.   
Larson Maria Hanson 1849   
Larson Mary Isabel Adterburg 1863 1930   
Larson Sarah Fryer   
Larson Sophia Olson 1921   
Larson Sorena Sorensen 1847 1928  
Larson Thea Borderud 1863   
LaRue Rachel Jane 1828   
LaTraille Marguerite Jelleboa   
Lauder Nittie McKean 1869   
Laughlin Jane Dornan 1860 1945   
Laurence Adaline Wolfer   
Lawler Agnes Wilson   
Lawrence Caroline Ausen 1857 1951  
Laxdal Aldis Bergman 1863 1899   
Laxdal Maria Gadmunsdoltir 1841 1889   
Laynes Cathrine Alida Harris 1822 1902   
Laynes Eliza Farthing 1860   
Leahart Francis Lucina Luce   
Lebo Henel Alice Brown 1839 1893   
Lee Aneta Samuelson 1855 1930   
Lee Annie Hilmoe 1860   
Lee Eleanor Elizabeth McGuin 1855   
Lee Emma Thornson   
Lee Gurina 1923   
Lee Ingeborg Solberg 1849 1932   
Lee Martha 1806   
Lee Mathilda Hansen 1845   
Lee Sarah Ellen Richards 1853 1919   
Lee Thorunn 1855 1934   
Lees Jennie McMAth 1853 1929  
Leidholm Charlotta Lundquist 1930  
Leifur Sigridur Einarsdoltir 1857 1937   
Lemke Julia Klier 1852   
Lengford Hannah Lewis 1923  
Lenhart Mary Fitzgerald 1851 1897   
Lennihan Margaret Mullen 1897   
Leonard Charlie Mrs.   
Lere Kerste Anderson   
LeRoy Margaret Froser 1926   
Lerud Ole Mrs. 1853   
Leslie Martha Olson   
Lesman Jake Mrs.   
Lessard Excilia Primo 1869   
Letson Ida Folson 1855 1932   
Letson Matilda Finch 1830 1895   
Leuch Susan Pfau 1909   
Leum Matilde Olstad 1864 1933   
Lewis Christina McLeod 1833   
Lewis Ellen   
Lewis Emma Goodeve   
Lewis Nizolla Jane   
3          Lidstrom Ann Nelson   
Lien Gunda   
Lillesater Christina Shilldow 1849 1910   
Lillicrap Nellie Gray 1890   
Lillithun Martha 1834   
Lincoln Sarah Celestine Lawson 1851 1925   
Lind Anna Lovisa Anderson Nordenson 1856 1927  
Lindaas Antoinette Bye   
Lindal Ingibjorg Soffia Benidiktadoltir 1856 1936   
Lindeman Carl Mrs.   
Lindeman Ida   
Linder Louise Johnson 1859 1930  
Lindgren Anton Mrs. 1909  
Lindsay William M. Mrs.   
Lindstrom Engeborg Kritofferson 1832 1910
Linehan Magaret 1897   
Linn Carrie Domholt   
Listul Alice Lee   
Little Maude Mary Bealby 1868 1959   
Livingood Ellen Healy 1865 1934   
Lloyd Ida Lyness 1864   
Lobben Christine Annette 1849   
Locke Louisa Gilbert 1858   
Lockhart Alice Maude Mary Claughton  
Locklin Mary Jane Cowan   
Lockman Mary Ann Lloyd 1842 1924   
Loe Jens Mrs. 1865   
Loendorf Gertrude Kuhler 1855 1917
Logan Elizabeth 1853   
Logan Lucinda McCulley 1862 1932   
Lohn Frances A. Houghton 1895   
Lommen Ingeborg Kittelson 1859 1925   
Long Ellis Richardson 1837 1891   
Long Gudrun Einarsdoltir   
Longfellow Myra Jane Calhoun 1912   
Loomis Henry Leslie Mrs. 1849   
Lossing Olive Amanda Jenkins 1926   
Lotzer Mary   
Louden Annie Vance 1843 1929  
Louden Ellen M. 1858  
Louf Mathilda Suess   
Lough Margaret Weir   
Louis Charles Mrs.   
Lounsberry Lucretia V. 1912   
Lountzen Martha Thompson
Loutzenhiser Jake Mrs.   
Louva Margaret Landre 1931   
Lovdokken Henrietta Kjerulf 1861  
Lovell Frances Tindall   
Lovett Emma Caroline Powell 1857   
Lowe Ronnog Holm 1859 1905  
Lowman Ellen Fisher Norrish 1859  
Loy Elizabeth Charlotte Heinemeyer   
Loynes Charlotte Maria Harris 1819 1898  
Loynes Emeline Sephronia Saxton 1856   
Lucke Ida Mine Seidel 1849   
Lucken Ingeborg Anderson 1850 1935   
Ludke Mary Augusta Forkert 1846 1915   
Ludwig Maggie Hoffman 1857   
Ludwig Mary Stanamon 1863   
Lund Ingeborg Solem 1884  
Lunde Chris Mrs.   
Lundgren Johanna 1863   
Lundgren Karna Monson 1855 1937   
Lura Anna K. Olson   
Luther Berthe   
Lykken Gilman Mrs.   
Lykken Ole H. Mrs. 1844   
Lyle Susan Junkin 1857 1925   
Lynch Margaret Ann Thomas   
Lynch Margaret Edwards 1854 1932   
Lynch Mary Maker 1864   
Lynch Thomas Mrs.   
Lynes Nancy Katherine Tafford 1859 1919   
Lyng Axel Mrs. 1926   
Lynn George W. Mrs.   
Lynn Hattie Gurr 1850   
Lyon Josephine Crosby 1847  
Lyon Pauline Wentz Much 1858 1921  
Lyons Catherine Mulvihill   
Lyster Ida   
4          McAllen Charlottte Brown 1912   
McAndress Margaret Ellen MacKenzie 1857 1890   
McBratney Mary Ann Butler 1856   
McBride C. W. Mrs. 1932   
McBride Mary Brogan 1889   
McBride Nettie L. Park 1871   
McCann Catherine Myles 1865 1940   
McCanna Alice Armastacia Thomas 1852   
McCanna Bridgid Teresa O'Gorman 1859  
McCanna Maria Berhardt 1823 1892   
McCarten Nora Tracy 1838   
McCarthy Charlette Martha McCanna 1862   
McCarthy ITA-Te-Win   
McCauly Isabelle Broard 1864   
McClellan Mary E.   
McClintock Margaret Lynch 1853 1925   
McClory Anna M. Adamson 1864   
McConaghy Mathilda Doupe 1859 1911   
McConnell Agnes Catherine Anderson   
McConnell James Mrs.   
McConnell Jennie Augusta Van Auken 1862   
McConnell Maria Taylor   
McCormick Cynthia Ann Carmony 1855   
McCormick Mary Ann Johnston 1859  
McCormick Susan 1851   
McCrea Ida Garrett 1864 1937   
McCrea Mary Ellen   
McCready Margaret Ann Harper 1846 1908   
McCrory Mary L. Parks 1849 1928   
McCullock Margarte J. Harkness Porter 1870   
McCullough J. H. Mrs.   
McCune Belle McFarlane 1858   
McCurdy Joanna 1851   
McDevitt Julia A. Buckley   
McDonald Catherine   
McDonald Ellen 1842 1922   
McDonald Mary Ann Butts 1852 1937   
McDonald Mary Ann Webb 1863   
McDonell Catherine McMillian 1858   
McEachern Mrs.   
McEwan Elizabeth Abbey 1852 1925   
McEwan Janet McGregor 1849 1922   
McFadden Elizabeth Briggs 1849 1911   
McFadden Mary Brislin 1913   
McFadgen Elizabeth Rae 1841 1910   
McFadgen Mary Shaw 1810 1895   
McGee Kate Victoria Campbell 1854 1908   
McGettigan Catherine Crowley   
McGillic Mary Estelle Cummins 1862   
McGillic Mary Salone Cressinger 1866 1931   
McGillivray Catherine McKechnie 1897   
McGillivray Christine Thomson 1861 1930   
McGillivray Martin 1829   
McGinley Catherine McGee 1865 1929  
 McGinnes Anna Keepers   
McGinnes Harriet M.  
McGinnes Mary Bell 1852   
McGowan Adeline Hodgins 1852 1929   
McGuire Harriet Maretta Backer 1837 1922   
McHolland Sarah Maud Staples 1864   
McHugh Ellen   
McHugh Rosa Welch  
McIntosh Alice Ermina McLeod 1863   
McIntosh Annie McDonald 1929   
McIntosh Lillian May Tufford 1869 1888   
McIntosh Margaret Bithune 1864   
McIntyre Johanna   
McIsaac Anne Kennedy 1938   
McIver Annie MacDonald 1852 1928   
McKay Anna Moore 1938   
McKay Elizabeth McGregor 1870   
McKay Elsie Grant Forbes 1850   
McKay Rachel Thompson   
McKean Rachel Rebecca Minniss 1851 1922  
McKee Hannah   
McKee Janet Betsey Cameron 1865 1934   
McKendry Emily Podgers 1856 1926   
McKenzie Catherine Ross   
McKenzie Frances   
McKenzie Mary Armstrong 1879 1917   
McLain Mary Catherine Stouder 1856 1933   
McLaren Archie Mrs.   
McLaren Belle Crowford 1859   
McLaren Jessie Baker 1871  
McLaughlin Ellen Lowry 1842   
McLaughlin Hugh Mrs.   
McLean Anna Monroe 1866 1931   
McLean Elizabeth Brown 1848 1913   
McLean Elizabeth Ross Williamson 1921   
McLean Margaret McDonald 1853   
McLean Margaret Work   
McLellan Margaret MacKean   
McLeod Annie Matheson   
McLeod D. A. Mrs.   
McLeod George Mrs.   
McLeod Mary R. Nason 1871   
5          McMahon Ellen Roe 1858   
McMartin Isabelle McLeod 1834 1913   
McMenamy Kate   
McMillan Jane Elliot 1847 1931   
McMirty Mary 1919   
McNally Stephen Mrs.   
McNeely Ellen Knoll 1854   
McPhail Helen Graham 1865 1921  
McPherson Anna Robbie   
McPherson Jean Munro 1846 1926   
McPherson John Mrs.   
McPherson Mary Jane Snowden 1853 1931   
McPike Ada Lee Briggs 1865   
McTaggart Sarah McDougall 1859   
McVeily Bertha C. Johnson Howe 1854  
MacDonald Annette Smith   
MacDonald Elizabeth Jane Cause 1853   
MacDonald Jennie Cameron 1858   
Mack Rosilla Goodeve 1848 1924   
MacKechnie Ida Luella Burdick 1884   
MacKenzie Duncan 1847 1913   
MacKenzie Georgina Ross 1850 1938   
MacKenzie Margaret Ellen MacLeod 1902   
MacLean Alicia Stuart   
Maddock P. J. Mrs.   
Madson Christine 1867   
Madson Iver Mrs.   
Magaffin Manlius Ann Thompson 1846 1925   
Magnuson Nels Mrs.   
Magnusson Henrietta Wilhelmina Klassen Fredrickson 1935   
Magnusson Valgerdur Krisjansdoltir   
Magnusson Valgirdur Kristjansdoltir   
Magnusson Valney Stephara 1858 1898   
Maher Sarah Cecelia Coleman 1866 1923   
Mahin G. M. Mrs.   
Mahler Eva Elliot 1931   
Mahlum Johanna Olsberg 1864   
Mahon Annie Tahan 1863   
Maier Josephine Klingensteen 1857   
Maize Annie Milne 1858 1924   
Mallick Mary Katherine Stock 1936   
Mallory Florence Anna Godfrey 1854   
Manderud Caroline Christopherson 1862 1929   
Mandigo Fideila   
Mangold Mary A.   
Mann Anna Lange 1861   
Mann Anton Mrs.   
Mann Julia Ann Porker 1846 1920   
Manning Matilda Hillis 1865   
Manning Rhoba I. 1927   
Manns Frances Squire 1847 1927   
Marcellers F. J. Mrs.   
Maresh Mary Padden 1859   
Marindal Karine   
Maristuen Anna Erie 1917   
Maristuen Anna Soffia 1928  
Mark Mary Jane Hoover   
Marks Edne D. 1927  
Markuson Martha Anderson 1867   
Marles E. Mrs.   
Marquardt Louise 1850   
Marsh A. Mrs. 1857 1932   
Marsh Amy 1859 1932   
Marsh Celia Skidmore   
Marsh Mary Upson 1923   
Marshall Anna Galaseia Riemenschneider 1842 1895   
Marshall Pauline S. Trumbo 1845   
Martell Olive LaChapelle 1857 1931   
Martin Dennis Mrs. 1848 1929   
Martin Henry Mrs.   
Martin Martha Smith 1852   
Martin Mary Anna   
Martin Sarah McKinnon 1836 1908  
Martineau Cedulie Plante 1861   
Martinson Charles Mrs.   
Martinson Lena Halvorson 1869   
Mason Carrie Thompson 1856   
Masterson Nancy J. Wiley   
Mastre Annie Presholt 1864   
Mastre Ellen 1913   
Mastrud Christine Anderson   
Matheson Annie Black 1854  
Matheson Annie McLeod 1823 1917   
Matheson Isabel McLeod 1857 1935   
Mathison John Mrs.   
Mathison Valkorg Olson   
Matson Karen Hagen 1861   
Mattison Harriet   
Mattson Bengta 1841 1922  
Mattson Magdalena Kjellin 1840   
Maurer Mary Elizabeth Wetker   
Mauseth N. O. Mrs.   
Maxwell Rose Skidmore   
May Emma Sleeman 1859   
6          Meachen Rhoda Alice Stabbs 1858 1928   
Mead Emma Hess 1869   
Medelman Mary Orr 1870   
Melander Carrie Pearson 1859   
Melarvie Clara Carr 1859 1925   
Melhus Christine Mjellum 1863   
Mellem Anna Fangsrud 1876 1924   
Mellin Johanna Louise Johnson 1855 1907   
Mellum Margit T. Knutson   
Meloy Diantha Paulina Falconer 1847 1903  
Melroe Oluf Mrs. 1862   
Melstad Johanna Johannesdoltir 1859 1930   
Melsted Johanna Johannesdoltir 1864 1930   
Menke Orilla Clark 1889   
Menzies Rachel McConnell 1865 1938  
Merrick Amelia Pool 1926   
Merrifield Cora Daniels Christianson   
Merry Agnes Lambert   
Merry Fred Mrs. 1890   
Merry Lorenzo Mrs.   
Merry William Mrs. 1852   
Meserve Amanda Roberts 1842   
Messecar Marietta Horning   
Messersmith Bertha L.   
Metalman Mary Ann Wood 1860  
Metvedt Thone Songedal 1860 1926   
Meyer Magdalena Bronhardt 1851 1909   
Meyers Mary Ann Bechtil 1855 1912   
Michaelson Ellen 1828 1902   
Mickelson A. Mrs. 1858 1931   
Middal Helldora Josefsdoltir Hallson 1856 1915   
Midgurden Inger Fluten 1870   
Mietchen Marion Schmidt 1863   
Mietzner Wilhelmine 1906   
Mikkelson Anna Anderson 1862 1914  
Mikkelson Ellen Simenson   
Mikkelson Johanna Anderson 1859   
Miller Ann McRae   
Miller C. B. Mrs. 1852 1930   
Miller Catherine A. 1850 1902   
Miller E. C. Mrs.   
Miller Frances B. Nash 1869   
Miller Helen Georganne McClave 1848 1930   
Miller Laura   
Miller Lavina Cassidy 1862  
Miller Margaret Monroe 1831 1913   
Miller Marion J. Gates 1854 1893  
Miller Mary Jane 1853   
Miller Nicolina Schmidt  
Miller William L. Mrs. 1923   
Mills Esther Hunter 1855   
Milne AnnaBella Aikinson 1822 1889   
Milne Ellen Hay 1833   
Milne Margaret Isabella Bertram 1852 1921   
Milsted Mary C.   
Milton Sophie Henrickson 1860   
Minnaugh Sophia Mooney 1865 1914   
Miron Avangeline Malo   
Mitchell Christine McIntosh 1851 1935   
Mitchell Eliza 1920   
Mitchell Ellen Sutton 1830 1905   
Mitchell Jane MacAndrew 1852 1926   
Mitchell Mary A. Maize 1928   
Mix Lena Mae   
Moberg Marie 1857 1921   
Mock Regina Mary Neuerbauer 1881 1937   
Moe Anna Johanna Suseg 1845 1890   
Moe M. O. Mrs.   
Moe Mary   
Moe Mary O. King   
Moe Mary Olsen 1861 1932   
Moen Andrew A. Mrs.   
Moen Anne Andrewson 1832 1910   
Moen Maiet Kultrud   
Moen Ole P. Mrs. 1925   
Moen Pauline Iverson 1846   
Moen Rica L. Stale 1862   
Moffet Leora 1859   
Mohagen Marie Egge 1844 1923   
Momrack Caroline   
7          Mong Alice R.   
Monsebroten Carrie Hellerud 1857  
Monson Anna 1860   
Monson Anna Marie Lysere 1865  
Monson Bertha Kristine Rimestad 1829   
Monteith Elizabeth Taylor 1842 1891   
Montgomery Margaret Marshall 1835 1917  
Montgomery Maria A. Quinell 1857   
Montgomery Mary Ann Gould 1831 1905   
Montgomery Nancy   
Montgomery Sarah Ann Powell 1854   
Monty Ann Martin   
Mooers Mary J.   
Moore Anna Sennett 1859 1910   
Moore Emma   
Moore Ida Jane Heron 1863 1930   
Moore Isabelle Watson 1912   
Moore Lillie Briggs  
Moran Mary Gallagher   
Morck Maren B. Jahr 1839 1917   
Morgan Anna Josephine Maker 1842 1922   
Morgan Helen E.   
Morgan James A. Mrs.   
Moris Mathilde Lembke 1832   
Moris Minnie Deresa 1863   
Moris Minnie Therese Vollrath 1863  
Mork Bergit Larsdotter 1888   
Morken Anetta Evenson 1867 1951  
Morken Anetta Evenson 1867 1951   
Morken Oline Rustin 1863 1913   
Morris Catherine Ritchey 1857   
Morris Fannie Ellis 1912   
Morris Miranda 1921   
Morrison Alexander Mrs. 1864  
Morrison Annie Macouley 1855 1932   
Morrison Eliza Dill Anderson 1839   
Morrison Jennie M'Leod 1860   
Morrison Maria Hudla 1845  
Morse Sophronia Mighells   
Moses Melissa Marie Wolf 1860 1922   
Mosher Allettie Keyes Betty   
Mostad Gunhild Rudi   
Mott Emma Crabell Shoemaker 1849   
Mougey Susan Delphine Goodman 1907   
Moum Anton Mrs.   
Moum Ingebrit   
Mountford William Mrs.   
Movius Addie H. Waring 1865   
Movius Marie Dora Rosenkrans 1856 1932   
Moylan Susan Murphy   
Mudgett Mathilda C. 1929   
Mudgett Mathilda Cameron 1846 1929  
Mueeke Bertha Sattler   
Muelen Louise Bail 1874   
Mueller Minnie Miller 1924   
Muir Isabelle Smith   
Muir Lois Louisa Wheelock 1842 1923   
Muir Margaret McDonald 1862 1897   
Muir Margaret Reid   
Mundy Jane   
Murchie Elizabeth Shanks 1850 1929   
Murphy Kate McElligott 1857 1921   
Murphy Katherine Gorman 1855 1893   
Murphy Victoria Hammirl 1855   
Murray Ab. Mrs. 1867   
Murray Mae 1858 1907   
Murray Sarah Hallet 1847 1904   
Mutchler Clara Isabel West 1860 1932   
Myhra H. C. Mrs.   
Myhra Hans C. N. Mrs. 1846 1921   
Myhre Ogot Mortrude 1864 1923   
Myrah Gurine Stenerodden 1917   
Myran Rachael O. Rue 1866   
Myrdal Anna Arnason 1847 1936   
Myrdal Sigridur Thorsteinsdoltir 1859   
Naaden Christian Mrs.   
Naastad Caroline 1863 1926   
Nackel Catherine Kramer 1856 1927   
Naismith Isabella Cochran 1864   
Nash John Mrs.   
Nash Margit Helene Nelson 1852 1895   
Nason Ellen Rowell 1842 1928   
Nattross Harriet L.   
Nayes Anna Sophia Peterson 1862   
Neal Nellie Bigelow   
Nedrebo Martha Myklebust 1861 1929  
Neering Lacy Sutton 1841 1914   
Nees Mathilda J. Hanson 1855   
Neil Robert Mrs.   
Neilson Katherine Cotton Dean   
Neilson Sarah Houston   
8          Nelson Anna Haldorson 1859 1934   
Nelson Anna Thornberg 1848   
Nelson August Mrs.   
Nelson Bertha Marum 1895   
Nelson Carrie Matson 1837 1922   
Nelson Dorathea Humesdahl 1836 1923   
Nelson Ella Mostrud   
Nelson Elsie 1834   
Nelson Emma L. 1859   
Nelson Flora Azubah Melendy   
Nelson George L. Mrs. 1862
Nelson Gulbjor Hanson 1931   
Nelson Hanna Kraakel 1860 1929   
Nelson Jennie Johnson 1862 1893   
Nelson Johanna Hanson  
Nelson John W. Mrs.   
Nelson Julia   
Nelson Julia Davis 1857   
Nelson Julia Erickson 1933   
Nelson Katherine 1855   
Nelson Kristi G.   
Nelson Laura 1880   
Nelson Martha Maria 1858   
Nelson Mary Herman 1845 1927   
Nelson Olena T. Olson 1866 1929   
Nelson Randi Mrs.   
Nelson Solrun S. Sigurdardoltir 1861  
Nelson Sophia   
Neoske Henrietta Schulz 1852   
Nepstad Isabella Redwing 1861   
Nerby Carrie Broaten 1934   
Nero A. S. Mrs. 1863  
Nero Kathlan Currie 1864   
Nero Kathleen Currie 1864   
Nertrost Sigrid Strand 1926   
Neshiem Minnie Arbien  
Ness Bertha Gulburo 1859  
Ness Sarah Anderson 1864   
Nesseth Mary Johnson 1857   
Netzer Eprisona Heth 1859  
Nevin Nell Dewan 1861 1903   
Nevramon Bertha K.   
Newberry Martha Ann Gimblett   
Newbre Lettie May Parker 1869   
Newby Hattie 1862   
Newman Laura Francis Newell 1839   
Newton Christina Crabtree 1854   
Nicholls Winnieford Winston   
Nichols Elizabeth Crane 1931   
Nichols Ida May Keene 1860   
Nichols Josephine   
Nicholson Elizabeth Johansson 1828 1919   
Nicholson Mary E. Beebe 1867   
Niemeier Clara Irene Seiler 1860   
Nilson Anna Sophia 1842 1919   
Nilson Kristine 1856 1930   
Nimme Jane Kirkpatrick 1855   
Nixon Isabella McCuteheon 1851   
Noecker Emilie Kuehn 1841 1916   
Nogowski Paulina 1864   
Noltimier Clara S. Scofield   
Noltimier Dora Ackerman 1860   
Noltimier Emma Jane 1859   
Nomland Sarah Knutson   
Norby Ole Mrs.   
Nordby Inger Osltey 1931   
Nordhaug Ellis Anna 1859   
Nordhium Randi Arneson 1858   
Nordquist Emma Swanson 1848 1914   
Nordstrom Johanna 1859   
Northrup Josephine Lumsden 1852 1904   
Northrup Sarah Elizabeth Fortress 1861 1928   
Norton Ailon Moriarity   
Norton George Mrs.  
Noyes Helen Eliza Bunker 1852 1925   
Nuessle Mary Vail   
Nummedahl Alice Foley 1856 1920   
Nummedahl Ingeborg 1825 1908   
Nunn Janet White   
Nupdal Agnes Teitson   
Nusviken Anna Hulda Olson   
Nyberg Henrietta   
Nybo Karine Amalia Jacobson 1865 1894   
Nygaard Marie Olava Strand 1897   
9          O'Brian Julia   
O'Brian Olive Ebert 1860 1931   
O'Connor Elizabeth Horgan 1853 1942   
O'Connor Morris Mrs.   
O'Donnell Thomas Mrs. 1930   
O'Hara Elizabeth Shouldice 1907   
O'Neil Lizzie Cole Tomlinson   
O'Rourke Minnie Nichols 1866 1931   
O'Sullivan Annie McCormick 1853 1900   
O'Sullivan Ida Palmer 1860 1924   
O'Toole Anne Langley   
O'Toole Mary Jane Mangan 1863 1935   
Oakland E. T. Mrs. 1864   
Oakland Ingeborg 1853   
Oakley Helen 1909   
Odegard Clara Marie Stenseth 1871   
Odne Carl Mrs.   
Oehlke Ida Louise Hulda Utke 1907   
Offigabo Anne 1824 1888   
Oie Sigridur Gurdrun Olafson 1933   
Oium Thomas Mrs.   
Okerg Anna Christiane   
Olafson Anna Jonsdoltir 1933   
Olafson Anna Maria Fredrikadoltir 1834 1914   
Olafson Fredrika Steinum Muller 1854 1923   
Olafson Gudrun Kathryn Einarson 1851   
Olafson Gudrun Olaf Jonsdoltir 1909   
Olesberg Sigri Roe 1857   
Olin Tobine Jacobson   
Oliver Mary Frances Bower 1864   
Oliver Ole Mrs. 1863   
Olkquist Nellie   
Olsberg Marie Bakken 1857 1944   
Olsen August Mrs. 1859   
Olsen Ella F. Hillman   
Olsen Helen Johnson 1853   
Olsen Ingeborg Maria Johnson 1854 1912   
Olsen Louisa 1867  
Olson Andrew M. Skoperud Mrs.
Olson Anne Marie Brataas 1846 1917   
Olson Bertha 1842 1926  
 Olson Bertha Hanvold   
Olson Caroline Johannson 1843 1892   
Olson Christian H. Mrs. 1864   
Olson Even Mrs.   
Olson Gunil Tveit   
Olson Heline 1869 1924   
Olson Ida Nelson   
Olson Ingeborg Isabelle 1862   
Olson Ingeborg Torgerson 1849   
Olson Isabel 1856 1944   
Olson Jennie Klefsaas 1869   
Olson Jorgine 1860   
Olson Katherine Anne Stolee   
Olson Lissa 1858 1918  
Olson Marit Rogndokken 1855 1941   
Olson Mathilde Jenson 1854  
Olson Matilda 1861 1904   
Olson Nicolina Ordahl 1851 1927   
Olson Sigrid Knutson 1846 1905   
Olson Syverine Iverson 1850 1923   
Olstad Marit Satrom 1858   
Olstad Mary 1860   
Opoien Rognhild Knutson   
Oppegard Louise Olson 1843   
Opperud Antonette Paulson 1843 1921   
Orange Emaline McMullen 1846 1902  
Orchard Julia Ann Riordan 1855   
Ordahl Ole Mrs. 1857 1918   
Orpe Sarah Ann Horne 1854   
Orr Catherine Tracy   
Orr Daisy M. Cogswell 1871   
Osborn Mary E.   
Oster Dorothy Weron 1850   
Ostern Anna Friskop 1859   
Ottem Anne Marie   
Otterness Kari Floom 1862 1958  
Ottinger Margaret Gauche 1861 1930   
Ottum Betsy Helgeson 1853   
Outram Annie Girurd 1857   
Oxton Belle Myrtie Drakely   
Page Annie Alice Paxman 1873   
Page Martha Ann Curts   
Page Martha Ann Wright 1858 1900   
Paine Sarah M. Boyd 1835 1903   
Palfrey Frances Hawkes   
Palfrey Jennie W. Champlin 1925   
Palm Rebecca Harriet Freehafer 1836 1903  
Palmer Eliza DeHart Ludlow 1845 1917   
Palmer Grant Mrs.  
10        Pannebaker Lilla Beil 1861   
Pariseau Mary Henry   
Parizek Mary Nemetz 1932   
Park Elizabeth Ruth Rice 1835 1896   
Parker Elizabeth D. Himebaugh 1927   
Parker Gertrude Margarite Morris   
Parker Ida May Pew 1859   
Parkins Angeline Brandt 1848   
Parry Sara A. Evans 1869   
Parsons Anna Fronefield Dewees 1851 1907   
Parsons Helen M.   
Parsons Louise Folsom 1845 1913   
Pascal Madeline   
Pascoe Mary 1930   
Passmel Elizabeth Tibor 1848 1929   
Pastoret Wilhemina Kruit Mrs. 1856 1945   
Patch Lydia Wolfe Wilson   
Pattee Albert S. Mrs.   
Patterson Agatha Smith 1851 1923   
Patterson Ellen Isabelle Warner 1859   
Patterson Emma McKean 1854 1936   
Patterson Sarah Jane Ewing 1846 1919   
Paul Mary Schmidt   
Paulson Annie Skrogstad 1867 1922   
Paulson Caroline Anderson  
Paulson Hans Mrs.   
Paulson Jacob Mrs. 1858   
Paulson Mary Olson 1853   
Paulson Osk Hallgrimsdoltir 1860 1934   
Paulson Ronnog Torgerson 1858   
Paulson Tonnetta Skogstag   
Peake Anne Teall Hollister 1862   
Pearson Emma Catherine Spotts 1862   
Pearson Jane McFarlane Henderson 1842   
Pease Jennie L. Files   
Peckens Althea L.  
Pederson Rachel Melass 1859  
Pehl Hannah Marie 1844   
Pelissier Samantha   
Pendray Lavinia Jenkins 1857   
Percival Abbie C. Oakes   
Percy Andrew Mrs. 1850 1914   
Perkins Mary Ann Wheeler 1870   
Perley E. W. Mrs. 1865 1915   
Perrey Mary Nichols Lancaster 1849   
Perrine Livonia Benedict 1832 1924   
Perry Jasper Mrs.  
Persons Elizabeth Coop Hill 1855   
Peters Doris Baumann 1840 1918   
Peterson Ane Elizabeth   
Peterson Anna Charlotte Carlson 1916   
Peterson Anna Christianson 1856 1923   
Peterson Anna D. 1918   
Peterson Anna Lisa Carlson 1835 1904   
Peterson Anna Marie Iverson 1856 1927   
Peterson Bengta Anderson 1853 1924   
Peterson Bertha C.  
Peterson Borghilden Long 1876   
Peterson C. P. Mrs. 1863   
Peterson Caroline Ziner 1853 1911   
Peterson Christine Anderson 1856 1905   
Peterson Christine Lrister 1930   
Peterson Clara Jensen 1855   
Peterson Gari Kittleson 1841 1912   
Peterson Gertie 1831 1925   
Peterson Ingeborg Anderson 1929   
Peterson Jennie Anderson 1856  
Peterson Johanna Aagsen 1860   
Peterson Julius Mrs.  
Peterson Kirsti Knutson 1856 1905   
Peterson Maria Jacobson 1848 1911  
Peterson Marie Katherine 1843 1899   
Peterson Mary E. Carlson 1912   
Peterson Sigridur Espolin 1866   
Petrie Wallace E. Mrs.   
Petterson Nels Mrs. 1865   
Petterson Selma Swenson 1865 1935   
Pettey Carrie Luella Spokesfield 1859 1939   
Pettigrew Thomas Mrs.   
11        Phair Joseph Mrs.   
Phelps Julia L. Leach   
Phillipps Frank F. Mrs.  
Phillipps Richard Mrs.  
Pickard Margaret Warren 1857   
Pickens J. E. Mrs.   
Picknell Emeline Putnam   
Pierce Bessie E. Tarbell 1856   
Pierce Florence Shelby 1921   
Pierce Mary Cronin 1833 1901   
Pilcher Clara Lowry 1863   
Pile E. H. Mrs. 1862   
Pinkham Rose E. Knapp 1847 1920  
Piper Margaret Berey 1828 1889   
Pitcher Sue Knowlton 1859 1909   
Pitts Susan Margaret 1891  
Plaggemeier Christine  
Plante Emma Lemieux 1861   
Platzer Magdalene 1890   
Pleasance Clara Dynusdoltir 1865 1933   
Plowe Ella Rebecca Coplin 1861 1890   
Plummer Sarah C. Horr 1840 1899   
Polda Marie Hrenecek 1938   
Pollock Christine Corse   
Pollock Jane O'Brien   
Poole Margaret Ann Warren 1867 1923   
Pope Harriet M. Carpenter   
Pope Mary Eliza Carpenter 1849 1892   
Porter Ann Welsh 1905  
Porter Harriet Laura McArthur 1860   
Porter Mary 1846   
Porter Mary A. Elves  
Porter Mary Ann Herbert 1864 1917   
Porter Mary Elizabeth Tanner 1910   
Porter Mary Moulton 1912   
Porter Selina Ann Walker 1860   
Post Ezra   
Post Margaret Wolfe 1911   
Potter Ellen Bedora 1905   
Potter William C. Mrs. 1845 1905  
Poulsson Mary   
Powers Hannah Foran   
Powles Eliza   
Prang Wilheminna Schasske 1839   
Pray Lydia Petrie VanSlyke 1843 1921  
Prestegaarden Gunvor G. 1926   
Price Susan Thomas 1847 1916   
Priebe Wilhemina Gross 1853 1928   
Priebe Wilhemina Route 1859   
Priest Alice H. Richards   
Proctor Willard Mrs.   
Prosser Sally M. Glick 1861   
Puhr Mary Boash   
Pummel Elizabeth   
Puth Lillian Konoske   
Putnam Clara Belle Rood 1861   
Pye William Mrs.   
Qualley Betsy   
Qualley Jensina   
Quam Annie   
Quam Cecelia   
Quam Eli   
Quam Goro  
Quam John Mrs.   
Quam Mathias Mrs.  
Quanrud Mrs. Goro
Quarters Melissa Kathryn Babcock
Quarve Sigrid   
Queom Gertrude Sande
Quigley Mary Elizabeth Fox
Quinn Margaret McGraw
Raaen Lisabet Martinson
Raaen Margaret Borra
Rader Mattie Murphy
Radtke Mathilda Flohr
Rainboth Jennie MacFaul
Rainville Mrs. Felix
Ramharter Mrs. A. G.
Ramsett Bertha M. Cumberland
Ramsey Alice L. Davis
Ramsey Lydia Ann Woods
Ranard Mary Christine Hootman
Randall Mrs. F. E.
Rankin Dolly Dickey
Rasmussen Julia A. Larson
Rasmussen Mrs. Mons
12        Reardon Jennie Kenefic
Rebsch Dorothy Albertina Nienas
Reed Annie Mitchell
Reese Lettie Effie Biggs
Reeves Emaline Elizabeth Hoag
Regan Honora Herrin
Rehberg Mary Catherine Schnecker
Reid Eliza
Reid Elizabeth Clifton
Reid Isabel Turnbull
Reilly Ellen Langly
Reilly Mary Ann Pinkerton
Reinhart Jacob
Reiten Wilhelmine Hildre
Reiten Kari Kjolmoen Strommen
Reiten Gertrude Brandvold
Renard Thilda Nelson
Rendedahl Guro Ulvestad
Rensby Oliana Brekke
Renville Josetta
Renwick Margaret Fife McConnell
Retterath Anna Kathie Wagner
Retzlaff Mrs. Julius
Reuter Anna Geisen
Reuter Annie J
Reykjalin Mrs. Halldor F.
Reynolds Stella May Beeman
Reynolds Mary Jane Coburn
Rhinehart Julia Amy Knight
Rhode Eliesabeth
Rhodes Charlotte Susan Filson
Rhodes Mattie J.
Rhude Rachel
Rhude Carrie
Rice Frances Adeline Robacher
Richards Margaret I. Horne
Richards Flora Meyers Maseley
Richardson Anna Smith
Richer Mrs. George
Richter Mrs.
Richter Theresa
Richter Christina Maas
Riebe Mrs. W. C.
Riedman Sophie Kramer
Rife Elizabeth J. Troyer
Riggin Ann L.
Riggin Mrs. L. C.
Riggin Mrs. Thomas
Ringuette Louisa Le Tart
Riordan Anora Dee
Riordan Anna Marie
Ritchey Jane Henry
Rives Lida Ann Drum
Roache Susan Walker Fawcett
Robb Jessie Broadfoot
Robbie Mrs. James
Robbins Lutecia
Robbins Clara Rosina Matthews
Roberts Ella Chandler
Roberts Annie Hedges
Roberts Margaret
Roberts Jane Jennie Ball
Robertson Rachel Grieve
Robertson Ann Jane James
Robinson Mrs. A. H.Robinson Janet Cook Sharp
Robinson Mrs. George
Robinson Mrs. Henry
Robinson Margaret Anne Grogan
Robinson Mary Westenfeldt
Robinson Mary Frances
Robinson Frances Fannie M. Belknap
Rodeman Bertha
Rodgers Tirziah Sophronia McWilliams
Rodger Harriet Sholdice
Rodgers Jane Chadwick
Rodland Carrie
Rodlin Thea Vie
Rogers Angelina Ames
12        Rollefstad Signa Gryte
Ronco Mary Flynn
Rondeau Cathering Lena Pascal
Ronnold Caroline Olson
Root May W. Mason
Root Bertie Johnson
Rorvig Marie Berg
Rosberg Gurine Kvalvog
Roscoe Mrs. Millege
Rosecrans Mary Anna Lattin
Rosenwater Oline Marie
Rosholt Celia May Barnum
Ross Catherine Celina McCluskey
Ross Margaret McGillivray
Ross Hugh Sr.
Ross Margaret Murray
Ross Mrs. James
Ross Julia Williamson
Ross Clara Bassett
Rotass Anne Berge
Rothenberger Lizetta Gablein
13        Rude Norah
Rudnick Mary Anna Kukolski
Rudnick Josephine Vrechie
Rudser Embjor Offigbo
Rue Margit Helen Hendrickson
Ruger Rosa Simpson Wright
Rukke Mrs. Nels C.
Runkel Candace
Russell Helen May Walker
Russell Anna M.
Russum Anna Lynneu
Rust Bergita Kyllo
Rustebakke Emelia Ellertson
Rustebakke Line Skagned
Rustebakke Inger Tidemandson Omsrud
Ruston Elizabeth
Rutledge Samantha Louise
Ruud Juliane Marie
Ryan Elizabeth Oderkirk
Ryan Ellen Morrow
Ryan Mary Maegher
Ryding Anna Mathea Berntson
Rye Kari T.
Rynning Mary Berg
Sabie Ingeborg Hjelmervig
Sackrider Eliza Jane Morrow
Safford Amelia Burtch
Sagen Anna Christina Halvorson Grovom
Sakariassen Jensine Miller
Salberg Christina
Salberg Olricka Mesing
Salie Mrs. C. W.
Samuelson Elizabeth Gudrun Jonsdotter
Samuelson Anna Bjornsdotter
Sandberg Adelia Hilborn
Sanden Elizabeth Nelson
Sanders Laura E.
Sanderson Margaret Lucinda Hamilton
Sandgren Gunhild Olson
Sandness Anna
Sando Christine
Sandy Isabella Murdoch
Sargeant Amanda Houghton
Sather Anna
Satterlund Charlotte Caroline Peterson
Sauer Karina Ostrem
Sautebin Mrs. Ed
Savard Melvina Blair
Scea Annie Waldie
Schaefer Mrs. Jacob (Dotting)
Schaffner Anna Forbes
Schenck Mrs. Valentine
Schenetter Mary Aderline Thielmann
Scheving Sigridur
Schilling Ella Weiser
Schimke Mrs. John
Schimkie Christine
Schlapman Caroline
Schlosser Mrs. George
Schmid Carrie
Schmid Mary E. Schmoker
Schmidt Ida Bernsdorf
Schmidt Eve Koller
Schmitz Emma E. Irmscher
Schneider Johanna Wolf
Schneider E. Lembeck
Schow Mrs. Martin
Schroeder Ida Wilson
Schroeder Dena A. Weiss
Schroeder Ottilie Mueller
Schrump Belle Henry
Schuett Mary Brueske
Schuett Mary Louise Breske
Schulenberg Minnie Graf
Schuler Mrs. Richard
Schulstad Lina Odegard
Schultz Mathilda
Schultze Anna Marie Gesellchen
Schulz Catherine Salzman
Schulz Minnie Wagner
Schulze Pauline Amalie Stephen
Schwartz Emilie Sheppheard
Schweinler Mary
Schwenck Rebecca Josephine Fenton
Scidmore Marion Jones
Scofield Martha
Scofield Rebecca Kennedy
Scollard Laura Westcott
Scott Mrs. Frank
Scott Elizabeth Noyes
Scott Margaret Rice
Scott Lavina
Scoville Olivia H. Osten
Searle Isabelle Whitson
Seastrand Bettie Mattson
Sebby Kari Knudsdatter Garen
Sebelius Bertha
Seblen Christiana Spangelo
Seeley Sarah Virginia
Seilstad Marit Grav
Selby Adelia Watson
Seltveit Ingeborg Skretveit (Skreduet)
Serumgard Karen Throdahl
Serumgard Johanna Munson
Severin Anna M.
Seward Laura Monette
14        Shafer Mrs. Alonzo G.
Shafer Eva Diem Dicken Diehn
Shand Margaret W. Murray
Shaw Mrs. B. W.
Shaw Caroline A.
Shea Ellen Mack
Shea Mathew
Shear Caroline
Sheehan Catherine Louise McWilliams
Sheldon Mary Anderson
Sheldon Mary Sather
Shelver Hulda M. Olson
Shelver Anna Davidson
Shenkenberg Elizabeth Glitschka
Shephard Mary Louis Givins
Sheppard Flora
Sherback Marthea
Sherman Sarah Phillips
Sherva Anne Bakken
Shiek Louisa Hockmuth
Shortridge Alice Higgins
Shotwell Mrs. David Boyce
Shoultz Frederica Johanna Nyberg
Shunk Mary Ann Leffler
Sibley Jane A. Emerie
Sigfusson Solrun Johnsdotter Sigmundsson
Sigurdson Anna Bjornson
Sigurdson Sigridur Finnbogason
Sigurdson Siridur Gunnlaugsdottir
Sikorski Elizabeth Schreiber
Silvester Janey Murray
Simley Gertrude Linn
Simmers Mrs. F. E.
Simmons Sarah Large
Simmons Frances Mary Wilson
Simmons Margaret
Simon Mrs. John
Simon Mrs. Nick Jr.
Simon Mrs Nick Sr.
Simons Annie Omness
Simons Olive Oslaug Leine
Simpson Catharine Augusta Walks
Simpson Helen Lobban
Sinclair Mary Tomison
Sing Catherine Adela Bowerman
Siple Ida Lucinda Andrews
Siverts Trine Eilertson
Sizer Josephine E. Sweet
Sjoberg Carin Mathilda Olson
Sjolikvern Mrs. Hans
Sjulli Hanna T.
Skaarer Theodora
Skagfjord Asta Jonasdottir
Skarie Christine Hemminsen
Skarison Thora
Skarnes Guri Renden
Skelton Harriet A.
Skene Mrs.
Skidmore Mary Gilbert
Skinner Angelina
Skodsdamen Marthea
Skogen Gunhild Maria Hanson
Slagerman Minnie Henrietta Vollrath
Slagerman Janet McDougal
Slama Teresia Slattery Annabelle Lenihan
Slaughter Linda W.
Slingsby Mary E. Lowe
Smedshammer Mrs. Christoffer
Smestad Klara Falk
Smillie Catherine Ferrie
Smith Mary Adella Spokesfield
Smith Susan Bates
Smith Emma Higby
Smith Mary L. Dickie
Smith Annie Ross
Smith Sarah Josephine Gill
Smith Mrs. Frank S.
Smith Mina Lundquist
Smith Louise Harper
Smith Sophia Gale
Smith Rebecca A. Marr
Smith Elizabeth Krapp (Knapp)
Smith Mrs. L. W.
Smith Frances Mary Gies
Smith Lillie Agnes Cameron
Smith Anna Marie
Smith Mrs. Thomas
Smith Marion McLean          
15        Snellman Louisa Petterson
Snowfield Magnus
Snowfield Gudbjorg Jonina Gudmundsdottir
Solberg Gunhild Rosten
Solberg Mrs. Martin
Solberg Maret Krogstad
Solberg Hannah Sommerstad
Solenberger Mary Newcomer
Soliah Anne Lomen
Sollin Emma Bakke
Solum Ellen Gronna
Somers Mary Hodgson
Sommerfeld Henrietta
Sommerfeldt Olina Johnson
Sonquist Mrs. J. W.
Soper Margaret G. Jonasson
Sorenson Christine Davidson
Sorenson Marie Hanson
Sorom Jennie Everson
South Mary Etta Little
Sowden Annie Morris
Spalding Alida Baker
Sparks Lillian Ione Perry
Spaulding Adella Hart
Spaulding Sarah Easton
Spech Eliza Jane Morris
Sperling Louise Tiede
Sperry Mary L. Aylesworth
Spiesman Mary W. Wilgus
Spiker Mrs. Isaac
Spiker Isabel Balfour Spiker
Spitzer Mrs. Charles
Spoerl Louisa Mintner
Spokesfield Lois Maria Gould
Spoklie Mrs.
Spotts Margaret Lichtenwalter
Springen Anne Olmstead
Sproule Ellen Jane Staples
Squire Mary Jane May
Stack Nellie m. Patton
Stade Ronnaug Haugen
Stafford Angie M.
Stahlem Ellen Anne Sanderson
Staley Mary Tucker
Standish Lucy Chapman
Stanford Mrs. Newton
Stangler Anna Warva
Stanley Emily Holmes
Stansbury Emily Madaline Newcomb
Staples Mary Jane Gillespie
Stark Anna J.
Staveteig Mrs. Erick P.
Stearns Dorcas Ann Hortan
Stearns Harriet Minnie West
Stee Anne Gurine Elstad
Steele Mrs. J. Hile
Steele Mary Jane
Steen Amelia Rebeca Anderson
Stefanson Ingibjorg
Steidl Anna Wurzer
Steiger Katherine Peterson
Steinback Philomenia Pottner
Steinbruck Valentine Valeska Milbitz
Steiner Eva Schaal
Stenmo Ragnhild
Stenseth Anne Usler
Stenson Dinah Hood
Stephannson Gudbjorg Hannesdottir
Stephanson Helga Sigridur Johnson
Stephenson Hattie Johnson
Stern Bertha Aurora
Sternberg Anna
Sterrett Catherine Herndon
Stevens Frances L. Wilder
Stevens Rondina Austvold
Stevens Mrs. E. F.
Stevens Mrs. H. E.
Stevens Mazie Rank
Stevens Mrs. Julius
Stevenson Mrs. Don
Stevenson Dora E.
Steward Margaret Jane ruddy
Stewart Mary McGillivray
Stewart Sarah Catherine London
Stewart Isabella McLean
Stewart Elizabeth Curtiss
Stewart Mrs. George
Stewart Martha Louise Ross
Steward Mrs. J. F.
Stewart Elizabeth Gibbs
Stewart Sarah Elizabeth Searles
Stewart Mrs. Peter
Stewart Sarah Johnston
16        Stickles Mrs. Lydon Dietrich
Stickles Regina Cynthia Diedrick
Stiles Alice Coop
Still Catherine
Stillman Hattie May Jackson
Stinson Margaret McKenzie
Stiteler Frances M. Stewart
Stockstad Ingeborg Stoeser Katherine Wagner
Stoeser Barbara Kratzmeyer
Stoeser Regina Meckle
Stoeser Mary Bruxer
Stone Clara Belle Boggs
Stone Anna Bird
Stonehouse Alice Keller
Storman Laura Gunderson
Stowell Eva Branch
Stoxen Mrs. Louis
Strait Eveline Harward
Stromberg Hanna
Stromme Kristina Olsdatter
Strumberg Hanna
Studness Mary Nestegard
Stuff Bertha Fuller
Stutzman Melissa Bach
Suckow Elizabeth Gaulke Blanchard
Sullivan Mrs. Charles Cassidy
Sullivan Mary Amelia Baker
Sullivan Katherine Kenefec
Sumarlidason Helga Kristjansson
Sundquist Caroline Teien
Sunstrom Annie
Sundstrom Ann Erickson
Sussex Mary Hammond
Sutherland Beulah Jane
Sveinson Christine Gudbrandson
Sveinsson Steinun Thordarson
Sveinsson Steinun Jasonardottir
Svinsson Valgerdur Solveig Thorlaksson
Sveinsson Gudrun Simonardottir
Swingen Mrs. O. P
Svingen Ellen Bergum
Swalstad Johanne Torstendatter Jahr
Swanson Charlotte Anderson
Swanson Josephine M. Lindeleaf
Swanson Augusta
Swanson Mrs. Magnus
Swanson Cecilia Harrland
Swart Sarah Abigail Congdon
Swartwout Mary Elizabeth Eldred
Swartout Annie Donnie Kee
Sweetman Emma Geneva Crouch
Swenson Randine Johnson
Swenson Mrs. John
Swenson Mrs. N. P.
Syminton Amelia Harding
Symington Susannah Elliott
Syverson Mrs. Thor
Syverson Anna Karine Larson
Tallackson Ingeborg Grovum
Tangen Margrete J. Morken
Tangen Anna Brekken
Tanton Harriet Wilson Jenke
Tapley Maria Page
Tarbell Mary Elizabeth Crossen
Taugh Jessie Campbell
Tausan Mrs. George
Tavis Emma
Taylor Armina Voss
Taylor Lorintha J. Gage
Taylor Alice M. Barrows
Taylor Emily Williams
Taylor Edna Dunbar
Taylor Mrs. Edward
Taylor Bella Thomson
Taylor Georgianna Booth
Taylor Henrietta Young
Taylor Mary Hutchenson
Taylor Julia A.
Taylor Mary Jane Baxter
Teasdale Martha Atkinson
Teichmann Mrs. F. W.
Teichmann Mary Blanchard
Teien Inger Anderson
Temple Mary Lindsey Temple
Tenborg Anne Brunner
Tennefoss Bertha Nummedahl
Teubner Marie M. Gerischer
Teubner Agnes Preusser
Thal Mrs. Solomon
Tharalson Sigri Espetvedt
Thatcher Pherbe Ann Smith
Thilmony Anna Stole
Thimens Sarah Grant
Thingstad Kristina Mikkelson
Thoe Jennie Sampson
Thom Ernstine Caroline Wilhelmine Winkelman
Thom Ida Netterfield
Thomaier Mrs. Andrew
Thomas Emily Fisher
Thomas Maria Cameron
Thomas Mary Nach
17        Thompson Alice Baker
Thompson Annette V.
Thompson Hepzibah Gullison Lambert
Thompson Fannie F. Walker
Thompson Olava Anderson
Thompson Regina
Thompson Mrs. Henry
Thompson Christina Jenson
Thompson Kjersten Jensen Rynning
Thompson Mary Bidgood
Thompson Jessie Margaret Bertilson
Thompson Caroline Loney
Thompson Margaret
Thompson Mary Anne
Thompson Mercy Carvell
Thompson Mary Ann Alice Baker
Thompson Alita Wyman
Thompson Olafvia Palina Einarsdottir Ofeigsson
Thompson Borgit Torkelson
Thompson Gurtrude O. Klefsaar
Thompson Jennie Johnson
Thompson Regina Thu
Thompson Isabella Scott Beattie
Thomson Birgetha
Thomson Annie Yorkston
Thomson May Spinning
Thomson Elizabeeth Collins
Thomson Mary Ann Kirkride
Thomson Jane Kippen
Thomson Janet McCormick
Thomson Eliza Ann Page
Thomson Elizabeth Marshall
Thorberg Ida Anderson
Thoraldson Ingibjorg
Thordarsson Johanna Sigurlina Fridbjorsdottir
Thordarson Rosa Thorsteinson
Thoreson Anna Moen
Thoreson Mathilde Olson
Thoreson Julia Thoreson Ingerid Skrattegaard
Torgerson Else Hoft
Thorgillsson Halldor
Thorlakson Inga Stefanson
Thorlakson Gudlaug Goodman
Thorlakson Maria Steffania Sigurdson
Thorlaksson Petrina Gudnadottir
Thorlaksson Hladgerdur Bergmann Laxdal
Thornton Amelia Wolfe
Thornton Nicoline B. Mathison
Thorson Anna Olson
Thorson Pernella Koppang
Thorson Helen L. Bartlett
Thorsteinsson Steinum Thordarson
Thorsteinsson Elin
Thorsteinsson Sigurbjorg Bjornsdottir
Thorsteinsson Sigridur Johnsdottir
Thorwaldson Thorunn Peterson
Thorvaldsson Vilbourg
Thue Paula Monsdatter Hellebust
Thurston Harriet R. Dodge
Tinbo Bergete Olson
Tisdale Jane Clifton
Tisdel Johanna
Titus Gertrude Viets
Tjenstrom Martha Margaret Sjostrom
Tjenstrom Mrs. (Isaac Larson)
Toay Clara Baenen
Tobin Alice Kennedy
Tobin Jane Culbertson White
Tollefson Belle Gullickson
Tombs Emily Randall
Tong Mary Ann Shaw
Tonseth Margaret
Tooke Mrs. George
Topping Elizabeth Bartley
Tofrason Helga Danielsdotter
Torfin Julia Mickels
Torgerson Gurine Mandal
Tornlund Edla
Tower Mahala Trendway
Towers Harriet M.
Towne Harriet Maria Gage
Towns Mrs. Chauncey
Tracey Mrs. J. M.
Tracy May Andrus
Tracy Helen Partridge
Tracy Victoria Phelps
Trader Augusta Beyer
Trangsrud Rikka Myhra
Trangsrud Bolette Anderson
Trauger Joanna Puckett
Travesty Augusta Olivia Peterson
Traynor Mrs. Thomas
18        Treat Augusta Louise Doris Baguhn
Treat Eva Lucille
Treichler Elizabeth Grush
Trenbeath Margaret Ann Wylie
Treumann Elizabeth Baird
Triebold Caroline Stutzman
Tronson Kjersti Vaslien
Trotter Barabara Anne McKenzie
Truman Jennie
Tufford Lorintha Gage
Tufft Letetia (Lititia) Estelle Grow
Tufte Guri Bry
Tufts Isabelle Campbell
Tully Terrence J.
Turcotte Celemere Turmelle
Turcotte Mrs.
Turnbull Kate Mahon
Turner Carrie M. Candor
Tvedten Ingri Ulnass
Tvenge Tora Hoverud
Twedt Ingeborg Momerauk
Tweten Josephine Jacobson
Ufer Mrs. Carl John
Ulberg Olina Regina Odne
Ulland Ingeborg Nysven
Ulland Marie Kanpesveen
Uloth Mary Louise Viereck
Ulsaker ingeborg Brujord
Upham Charlotte Hart Peppard
Urban Minna Augusta Funk
Urell Kate McDonald
Urness Unni Berg
Vailloucourt Mrs. J. B.
Valentine Cissy Gozee
Valker Fannie Annabel Swank
Vallentyne Emily Boyle
Van Beck Gerrit
Van Camp Mrs. Reuben
Vandewater Phoebe E. Liddell
Van Hyning Phoebe Post
Van Liew Ellen B. Farrell
VanMeter Caroline Amelia Fales
Vannier Ursula Beckle
Van Ornum Mrs. H. L.
Van Pelt Ida Jane McConkey
Van Pelt Jane Allen
Van Soest Mrs. Henry
Varty Susan Augusta McCanna
Vaughan Clarena S. Foley
Veeder Ella J. Sexton
Veitch Mrs. Andrew
Velzy Marjory Hazen
Vermedal Karoline Edea Hanson
Viets Nancy Dow
Vilandre Marie Le Duc
Vilhjalmsson Ingveldur
Villeneuve Mrs. Albert LaFramboise
Vinje Olava
Viseth Louise Pederson
Vold Agnete Paulson
Vosburg Elizabeth Williams
Vosper Helen Amelia Jarvis
Vosper Elizabeth Hicks
Voss Sarah
Vowles Feliccia Hill
Vowles Clara Althera Richards
Voyek Antoinette Hrnecek
Waagen Jorgine Olson
Wacha Mary Hezechki
Wade Ordelia Melinda Parks
Waggoner Josephine McCarthy
Wahl Mrs. August H.
Wahsner Dora Waid Mrs. E. A.
Waite Rosanna Podesta
Wakeford Mary Magdalene Schill
Wakeman Josephine Rosamond Warner
Walker Mary Margaret Hendricks
Walker Paulina Rosens
Walker Josephine Dickman
Walker Ann Jane Mathews
Walks Mrs. James E.
Walla Betsey Sondrall
Wallace Janet Ritchie
Wallace Emma Levis
Walsh Anna
Walsh Etta L. Calder
Walstad Christine
Walter Ingibjorg Margaret Johnson
Walters Marcia Jeanette Mansfield
Walton Sarah Mosher
Walton Mary Ann Foster
Walton Jane Elizabeth Norton
Walton Mary McVeigh
Walton Mrs. William
19        Wambeim Katherine P. Spoonheim 1848 1910   
Wanner Katharine Langard   
Ward Florence Jane   
Ward Margaret Neilson 1859 1941   
Ward Sarah Frances Manley   
Wardrope Abigail Scott 1854 1926   
Warren Bertha H. Lee 1861   
Washington Mary Boyle 1858 1924   
Waslien Helene   Waslien Olava   
Watson Elizabeth Wells  
Watson Elizabeth Wells   
Watson Eva Bruce 1861   
Watt Alice M. Terry   
Watt Mary A.   
Watts Manda   
Wavers Elizabeth Hentz   
Weagent Mary Miller 1834 1899   
Webb William Mrs.   
Weber Kate   
Webster Esther Nay 1850 1929   
Webster Isabella M. Thomson 1865   
Weeks Francis McConnell 1861 1914  
Weeks Mary Goodman 1831  
Wegner Ecce Garelts Weiss Mrs. 1891   
Wehe Pauline E. Dolch 1843   
Weimer Gibson L. Mrs.   
Weinlaeder Rebecca Schumacher 1858 1937   
Weiser Louisa Cleaver 1835   
Weiser Mary D. Schroeder 1783 1879   
Weiss Pauline Weber 1850 1928   
Weiss Theresa T. Lorenz 1836 1910   
>Welch Adeline B. Lambert Clark   
Welch Mary Jones   
Welch Olive Murphy 1863   
Weld Andrew Mrs.   
Wells Elizabeth B. Ely 1866   
Wells Frank Mrs.  
Wells Nellie M. 1930   
Wellwood Carrie May Button 1863 1914   
Welo Caroline Anderson 1864 1900   
Welsh Catherine Walsh 1838 1910   
Wenaas Anna Nelson   
Wendt Josephine Vondal   
Wenner Elizabeth Frances Bartholomew 1843   
Wescom Julia Smith 1845 1903   
Wessels Mary   
West Jane Potter 1841 1899   
West John Mrs. 1930   
Westad Hans Mrs.   
Weston Phoebe McFadgen 1855   
Weston S. E. Weatherbee 1825 1910   
Westrum Olianna Agnette 1850   
Wetherbee Florence 1868   
Wetherbee Leila Mills 1854   
Wetherbee Lucy Holley 1840 1886   
Whalen Susan McIntyre 1853 1931   
Wheeler Isabella Ken 1862 1936   
Wheeler Martha Clarissa 1924   
Wheeler Rose   
Wheeler Sarah Lawrence   
Whelan Sarah Jane Finlan 1827 1912   
Whelan Thomas F. Mrs.   
Whipple Kate Van Woert   
Whipple Mary Josephine Ten Breeck   
Whitcher Hattie A. Blackwell 1852 1925   
Whitcomb Ruth Ann Orr 1857   
White Annie Jane 1855 1917   
White Maria   
White Mary Ann 1869   
White Rose Deans 1853 1930   
Whitman Daisy Alice Tufts 1867   
Whitman Lila Worthington 1857  
Whitney Isabel Richards 1859   
Whitney Martha   
Whittaker Annie McMillan 1859 1892   
20        Wick Martin Mrs. 1885   
Wicklander Ingie Andensdotter 1845 1918   
Wickum Ellen Perderson 1858   
Widme Ellen Kordahl 1934  
Widmeyer Barbara   
Widmeyer S. Mrs.   
Wiegmann Fred Mrs. 1850 1935   
Wigdahl Christie Ness  
 Wikey Mary Henderson 1834 1918   
Wilcox George Mrs.   
Wilcox Louise Mihlmier  
Wilcox Minnie E. Mihlmier   
Wilde Catherine 1860   
Wilde Louis Mrs.  
Wilder Amelia   
Wilken Hulda Sophia Scheidt   
Wilkins W. H. Mrs. 1925   
Wilkinson Janet Milley 1842   
Will Bell Bird 1889   
Willcox Catherine LeRoy 1809 1896   
Williams Altha H. Van Steenburg 1861   
Williams E. A. Mrs.   
Williams Eleanor Ocain 1855 1937   
Williams Emma 1891   
Williams Esther Ann Clark 1838 1907   
Williams Janette Hare 1865   
Williams Marcia 1842   
Williams Mary Elizabeth Hartman 1847 1937   
Williams Sarah Harris 1919   
Willson Alice Clark 1869   
Willyard Harriet Jane Estabrook   
Wilmuth B. A. Mrs.   
Wilson Addie Lease 1852   
Wilson Ann McConnell 1848 1900   
Wilson Clara J. Corbett 1869 1918   
Wilson Fanny  
Wilson Ida Bauman 1857 1921   
Wilson Juliette A. Cuyler  
Wilson Mary Barr 1846   
Wilson Mary Boyle 1848 1905   
Wilson Samantha Ann Livingston 1857 1921   
Wilson Thomas Mrs. 1930   
Wiltse William Manley Mrs.   
Wineman Trina Moe 1868   
Wing Hattie J.   
Winkler Katherine Ertelt 1853  
Wise Malinda Bickel 1821 1908   
Wishart Betsy Ann Wooley 1846   
Wisnewski Barbara 1837 1907   
Witmer Charlotte Fizette   
Wittenburg Emelia Schiltz 1854 1911   
Wittkopf William Mrs. 1857   
Wohlwend B. M. Mrs. 1930   
Wold Catherine 1854   
Wold Ole Mrs.   
Wolf Michael Mrs.   
Wolfe Ellen Goolsbey   
Wolfe Emma Ludlow 1860   
Wolfe Sallie Tyler 1909   
Wolfer Anna Suylandt   
Wood Elizabeth Taylor 1853   
Wood Emma Swift 1925   
Wood Gertie   
Wood Rena Amundson 1859   
Wood Sarah Ann Heaton 1843 1926  
Woodberry Hattie Weston 1858   
Woodruff Ann Elizabeth 1837 1916   
Woodruff John Mrs.   
Woods Ida Atwater   
Woodsum Martha Gudger 1851 1909   
Woodward Adelia Hofacker 1866   
Wooland Elizabeth Eilertson 1850 1926   
Woolner Maria Jacobs 1831   
Worst J. H. Mrs. 1831   
Wright Caroline   
Wright Eliza Teeter 1870 1933   
Wright Jennie Coe 1919   
Wright Katherine A. McNanay 1854   
Wright Minerva   
Wright Sophia B.   
Wright Vina D. Preston 1842 1912   
Wright William Mrs.   
21        Wurser Mary Sherman 1859   
Wykoff M. K. Mrs.   
Wylie Huldah L. Clapp 1825 1898   
Wylie Mary Olive Ayers 1866   
Wyman Mary Clarke 1844 1929   
Wyman Sarah M. Clark 1847 1930   
Wynne Catherine M. Van Camp 1856 1929   
Wysoski Emma Rose   
Yeater Miranda   
Yegan John Mrs.   
Young C. A.   
Young Chris   
Young Elizabeth  
Young Ida   
Young John F. Mrs.   
Youngquist Neta   
Yunk Philomena   
Zeiman Juliana   
Zeiszler Rosina   
Zimmerman Elizabeth
Zingg Anna   

Subseries 4. Individual Clubs
Box 27:
1 Cosmos Club (Bismarck, ND) by-Laws                     
2 Cosmos Club organization-first year, 1927-1927       
3 Cosmos Club minutes and club programs, 1927-1930
4 Cosmos Club minutes and club programs, 1930-1940          
5 Cosmos Club minutes, club programs, activities, and group photo, 1940-1950
6 Cosmos Club minutes, correspondence, and club programs, 1950-1960
7 Cosmos Club minutes and club programs, 1961-1967 and n.d.        

612 East Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505
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