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Manuscripts by Subject - Women's History

10023 Fannie Dunn Quain
Papers, 1877-1947
Bismarck, ND, Burleigh Co., ND
Correspondence, autograph albums, printed materials, newspaper clippings, calling cards, business cards, programs, advertisements, ephemera, manuscripts relating to early Bismarck and Burleigh Co. history, records of the Original Club, the North Dakota Federation of Women's Clubs, and the Fortnitely Club papers of John Piatt Dunn and Christiana S. Dunn. (1.25ft)

10076 Order of the Rainbow for Girls
Records, 1939
Brief histories of various Rainbow assemblies in North Dakota. (.25ft)

10098 Bertha Rachel Palmer
Papers, 1808-1960
Correspondence, reports, scrapbooks, family papers, and clipping files relating to administration of the Department of Public Instruction, education, the North Dakota Federation of Women's Clubs, North Dakota Women's Christian Temperance Union, and the North Dakota Sunday School Association. Collection includes papers of Palmer's maternal grandfather, Aaron M. Ludlow. (9.75ft)

10107 Nielson Family
Papers, 1875-1952
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial records, photographs, printed materials, records of women's clubs, and biographies of WWI nurses. Records relate to management of the Department of Public Instruction, Teachers' Fund for Retirement, and service clubs. Consists primarily of the papers of Minnie Nielson, president of the North Dakota Federation of Women's Clubs, Superintendent of Public Instruction and Hazel B. Nielson who operated army recreation stations in southern France during WWI. (3ft)

10108 Elizabeth Preston Anderson
Papers, 1898-1941
Scrapbook on the WCTU, essays concerning temperance lobbying activities, and an autobiography. President of the North Dakota Women's Christian Temperance Union, 1893-1932. (.25ft/2r/#5385, 16247)

10133 Women’s Christian Temperance Union of North Dakota
Records, 1882-1997
annual convention minutes and reports, constitution, correspondence, organizational history, records of the Florence Crittenden home, activities, scrapbooks, obituaries, news clippings, printed material, financial records, songbooks, photographs and post cards, audio visual material, and records of local and district chapters. Also includes minutes and reports from the annual meetings of the WCTU of Dakota (1884-1889). (8ft/1r/#378)

10152 Daughters of the American Revolution, North Dakota State Society of the National Society
Records, 1919-1990
Records of the state office, including subject files, programs, committee reports, state conference minutes and reports, and national DAR proceedings, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, genealogical information, photographs, financial reports, scrapbooks, biographies, reports, and publications, and records of local chapters, consisting of minutes, correspondence, financial records, biographies, by-laws, scrapbooks, photographs, and publications. (25.5ft/oversize)

10174 Elfie Freeman Carroll
Papers, ca. 1940-1950
Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, reports, programs, post cards, and printed material relating to the Woman's Relief Corps (G.A.R.) activities in Florida, Colorado, and Wyoming; and activities of the Woman's Relief Corps National Americanization Committee.  (1ft/3v)

10202 General Federation of Women’s Clubs of North Dakota
Records, 1893-1999
Records of the state and district offices and various affiliated clubs including minutes, subject files, biographies, district annual reports, pioneer daughters club records, annual meeting programs, and scrapbooks, photographs, and records of the North Dakota Federation of Women's Clubs Pioneer Mothers Project. (22ft/5r #16213-16217)

10223 Dagny Olson
Papers, 1963-1971
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, minutes, reports, and printed material relating to Olson’s activities as a member of the North Dakota Commission on the Status of Women. (.25ft)

10232 Women's Relief Corps. Jamestown Chapter
Records, 1927-1950
Jamestown, ND
Correspondence, printed materials, photographs, general orders, and convention proceedings. (.5ft) 

10243 Mother's Club of Bismarck, ND
Records, 1955-1976
Minutes, constitution and by-laws, and programs primarily relating to social functions, educational programs, and charitable activities. (.5ft)

10284 Minot Federated Study Club
Records, 1923-1982
Minot, ND
Minutes, programs, rosters, and photographs, relating to administration, mutual improvement activities, city beautification, and women's issues. (1ft)

10295 Women’s Club. Raub, ND
Records, 1938-1955
Minutes including attendance records, dues payments, administration, fund raising, and charitable activities. (3v)

10315 Catherine Morris
Papers, 1800s-1987
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence, subject files, legal documents, photographs, scrapbooks, printed material, notes, and desk diaries relating primarily to family affairs and Morris' legal practice. Access restrictions due to condition of the collection. (13ft)

10458 North Dakota Federation of Republican Women
Records, 1964-1986
Minutes, correspondence, memoranda, notes, news releases, subject files, by-laws, workshop and convention files, membership records and membership directories, campaign files, newsletters, National Federation of Republican Women files, photographs, charter, histories, by-laws of local chapters, and printed materials. Records relate to administration of the Federation, campaign activities, conventions, political affairs of the Republican Party and the North Dakota Republican Party, and the National Federation of Republican Women. (3.5ft)

10488 Beatrice M. Peterson
Papers, 1971-1989
Correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, video cassettes, and publications documenting Peterson's participation in a variety of governmental, civil rights, political, and women's organizations, including the North Dakota Constitutional Convention, White House Conference on Aging, Criminal Justice Commission, Democratic National Committee, North Dakota Medical Advisory Committee, White House Consultation with Rural Women, Agricultural Policy Committee, Multilateral Trade Negotiations, Missouri River Basin Commission, ERA, International Women’s Year, SALT, drug abuse, the North Dakota Advisory Committee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, North Dakota Penwomen, Western North Dakota District Office of the American Lutheran Church, and the North Dakota Cowbelles. (10ft)

10501 Junior Federated Women’s Club
Records, 1949-1977
Bismarck, ND
Minutes, by-laws, correspondence, programs, account books, publications, and news releases. (1ft)

10508 Sister Mary Elizabeth Mason
Papers, 1975-1986
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence, notes, newsletters, leaflets, and publications concerning the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in North Dakota. (.25ft)

10577 Abbey (Hurley) Conmy
Papers, 1916-1924
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, sketches, photographs, a certificate, and memorabilia of Conmy who was involved in the Red Cross Canteen Services and Secretary of the American Legion Auxiliary in Fargo, ND. (.25ft/oversize)

10586 Clara (Mrs. John P.) Reeve
Papers, 1906-1914
Scrapbook including poetry, articles about North Dakota, newspaper clippings, memorabilia affixed to a furniture sampler. (1 item)

10605 Commission on the Status of Women. Plum Valley Chapter
Records, 1912-1982
Minot, ND
Copies of interviews of 94 Ward County women, community involvement reports, photographs, photocopies of newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and ephemera. (3ft)

10637 Zonta International. Bismarck, ND Chapter
Records, 1967-1989
Bismarck, ND
Constitution, by-laws, chapter history, programs, newsletters, scrapbooks, and memorabilia of Esther Hample. (2.25ft)

10647 Woman’s Club. Minot, ND
Records, 1905-1991
By-laws, constitution, minutes, club history, secretary’s report, membership rosters, programs, snapshots of the Minot Public Library, yearbooks, state convention programs, newspaper clippings concerning members and activities of the group, correspondence to and from members, certificates of proficiency, and a 1914 cookbook by the club. (1.5ft)

10667 Margot O. Anderson
Papers, ca. 1900-1950
Diaries, Montana teachers' contracts, and an autograph book in Norwegian language. (.5ft/oversize)

10672 Roberta C. Burr McCreery
Papers, 1910-1979
Educational materials, WAC correspondence, papers relating to the Democratic Party and social organizations, photographs, scrapbooks, publications, and memorabilia of McCreery, daughter of Supreme Court Justice Alexander G. Burr , who served in the Women’s Army Corps in WWII, had master’s degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Minnesota, worked for the ND League of Municipalities and was active in the Bismarck-Mandan communities. (2.5ft)

10690 Mattie (Martha Dalziel) (Mrs. Charles F.) Truax
Papers, 1892-1967
Minot, ND
WCTU minutes, convention programs, promotional materials, a history, pamphlets, and brochures relating to her involvement in the GAR, Women’s Relief Corps, and the Rebekah Lodge. (1.5ft)

10697 Ann Rathke
Papers, 1982-1989
Research notes, publications, interviews, and a chart documenting women who served in the state legislature for Rathke’s book entitled, Lady, If You Go Into Politics. (4ft)

10709 Karen M. (Carrie Strinden) Berger
Papers, 1928-1962
Ransom Co., ND
Four journals are copies of Carrie's original journals. The fifth volume contains the edited excerpts by granddaughter Lorraine L. Berger. Photographs retained. (5v)

10729 Oral History Interview Collection of North Dakota Women
Records, 1997
Interviews with women in politics conducted by Barbara Honeyman-Pierce. Interviewees include: Sarah Vogel, Anne Summers, Heidi Heitkamp, Pat Owens, Jane Summers, and Jane Bovard. (6 audio cassettes)

10731 Barbara Honeyman-Pierce
Papers, 1974-2004
Newsletters, brochures, legislative information, publications, and memorabilia associated with the women’s movement and reproductive rights. (2ft)

10753 Woman’s Club. Wilton, ND
Records, 1925-1975
Scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, state and district convention programs, annual club programs containing membership, officer and meeting lists, photographs, and decorative napkins.(1.5ft)

10754 Victoria Gillies
Papers, 1998
Bottineau, ND
Oral history interview covering family life, school days, and Gillies’ thoughts on the impact of her father’s death during the 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic. (2 items)

10830 Ethel (Carrington) Boise
Papers, 1922
Scrapbook including photographs, newspaper clippings, calling cards, memorabilia, and a certificate of her high school days in LaMoure, ND. (.25ft)

10834 National Organization for Women. Missouri Valley Chapter
Records, 1979-1990
Correspondence with the national organization, committee activities, membership lists, newsletters, ephemera, publications, audio public service announcement, and promotional video. (1.25ft)

10863 Riverside Homemakers Club
Records, 1958-2002
Bismarck, ND
Minutes, project information, and scrapbooks of a chapter of the North Dakota Association for Family and Community Education. (2ft)

10866 Sweet Sixteen Homemakers Club of Stutsman County, ND
Records, 1951-2001
Constitution and bylaws, minutes, financial records, membership lists and handbook, annual programs, special programs, photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera. (1.5ft)

10917 Karen V. Kopseng
Papers, 1950s-1970s
Correspondence, photographs, programs, newspaper clippings, publications, audio recordings,  ephemera, and other memorabilia spanning Kopseng's school years, involvement with local, state, and national beauty pageants, career with the Fred Waring Orchestra, and as a fashion model. (3ft)

10959 Lyness Family
Papers, 1886-1946
Transcriptions of the diaries of Sarah Lyness and of Sarah’s daughter, Ida Lyness Lloyd, a variety of certificates of Chester Lyness, Marion Lyness (Eldredge), Nora Marie Link (mother of Marian), and Hazel Irene Lyness (daughter of George Lyness). (2ft.)

10963 American Mothers, Inc.  North Dakota Association
Records, 1945-2000
Scrapbooks, photo album, programs of the annual luncheon, 1988-1998, and publications.  Scrapbooks include newspaper clippings and photographs recognizing the award winning North Dakota Mother of the Year. (3.5ft)

10992 Commission on the Status of Women, North Dakota. Centennial Committee, Centennial Profiles of Women
Records, 1988-1989
Copies of Centennial Profile forms and supporting documents sent to the North Dakota Commission on the Status of Women for a centennial project recognizing women's contributions, both professionally and/or voluntarily, during the first century of statehood. Women who submitted their profile were recognized at a conference held in Bismarck, ND. (1ft)

11033 Ellen (Kilander) Chaffee
Papers, 1970-2007
Material relating to Ellen Kilander Chaffee’s activities as a member and as President of the North Dakota Commission on the Status of Women, and also as a speaker and presenter on equal rights issues. Consists of presentation and speech material, a scrapbook, copies of cartoons, programs, official gubernatorial documents appointing Chaffee to the Commission, newspaper clippings, list of book titles, and the articles of incorporation of the North Dakota Commission on the Status of Women. (.5ft)

11052 Anna Martina Murlosky
Recipes, ca. 1924
Burke County, ND
Ledger containing recipes of Mrs. Anna Martina Murlosky (Anna Martina Jacobson), written in about 1924. The ledger was used for accounting from 1914 to 1925, and several of the recipes were crossed out. (.25ft)

11083 Alice Kennedy Dahners. Pioneer Mothers Biographies
ca. 1922-1950
Consists of Alice Kennedy Dahners' (Mrs. Henry L. [H. L.] Dahners’) contribution to the North Dakota Federation of Womens' Clubs Pioneer Mothers Biographies project, including handwritten, typed, and draft biographies, notes, news clippings and correspondence. Many of the biographies are of pioneers in Morton County, ND. (1.25ft)

11118 Era Bell Thompson
Correspondence, printed material, photographs and newspaper clippings of pioneering editor of Ebony magazine and North Dakota native.

20105 Bertha Duncan
Papers, ca. 1920
Essay by a 15 year old girl on her impressions of the North Dakota Badlands. (1 item)

20151 Ladies Auxiliary
Records, 1917-1918
Minutes, membership roster, and letters from servicemen for an organization in Mandan and Morton Co., ND who sent packages of food, clothing, and tobacco to soldiers in the American Expeditionary Force in WWI. (11 items)

20218 Elizabeth Jones
Papers, 1925
Manuscripts entitled, “A Tribute to the Pioneer Women of Bismarck,” and “The Use of Historical Fiction in the Teaching of American History in the High School.” (2 items)

20226 Mary E. Owens
Papers, 1945
Resolution, a history of the Seneca Falls, NY Convention of the National Women’s Party, and a news release about a meeting in Bismarck to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the convention. (4 items)

20298 May Salisbury
Papers, 1900
Minnewaukan, ND; Oberon, ND; Benson Co., ND; Grand Forks Co., ND
Letters to Salisbury from friends. (.05ft)

20391 Delia Barner
Papers, 1952.
McKenzie Township, Burleigh Co., ND
Short history entitled "An Abstract of McKenzie, McKenzie Township and the Early Settlers, and Other Items of Interest in the Making of the History of Our Community," by Mrs. Delia Barner, Mrs. Idella Sperry, Mrs. Rose Watson, Mr. and Mrs. P. Bliss, and Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Wildfang. (1 item)

20429 Minnie C. Budlong
Papers, ca. 1913
List of North Dakota state legislation relating to women. (1 item)

20477 North Dakota State Women’s Liberty Loan Committee
Records, ca. 1917-1919
Rosters of county chairmen. (2 items)

20584 Order of the Eastern Star. Peace Chapter 93
Records, ca. 1969
Brief history of the chapter (1 item)

20648 Fortnightly Club
Records, 1951-1952
Bismarck, ND
Membership list. (1 item)

20698 Isabella Elmslie
Papers, 1887-1888
Autograph Book. (1 item)

20751 Grace M. Christensen
Papers, 1989
Copies of awards given during the 52nd Standard Flower Show held at the Bismarck, ND Civic Center. Photographs transferred to the photo collection. (3 items)

20859 Hazel F. (Farkasch) Rice
Papers, n.d.
Typescript reminiscences of the first woman hired to file claims with the Worker's Compensation Office in 1919. (1 item)

20872 Mildred (Mrs. T. E.) Simle  
Papers, 1959
Burleigh Co., ND
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and the manuscript entitled, "The Heyday of the Floating Palace." (1 item)

80058 Women's Relief Corps. Department of North Dakota
Records, 1890
Charter. (1 item/oversize)


1196 A New Day Beyond ERA
90 minute cassette
Consists of a recording of a rally on the Equal Rights Amendment on July 1, 1982 in the North Dakota Heritage Center. Sponsored by the North Dakota Commission on the Status of Women.

2071-2072 Oral History Interviews of North Dakota Women in Politics: Sarah Vogel
Mss 10729. 1997

2073 Oral History Interviews of North Dakota Women in Politics: Anne Summers
Mss 10729. 1997

2074 Oral History Interviews of North Dakota Women in Politics: Heidi Heitkamp
Mss 10729. 1997

2075 Oral History Interviews of North Dakota Women in Politics: Pat Owens
Mss 10729. 1997

2076 Oral History Interviews of North Dakota Women in Politics: Jane Summers
Mss 10729. 1997

2077 Oral History Interviews of North Dakota Women in Politics: Jane Bovard
Mss 10729. 1997

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