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Manuscripts by Subject - Groups and Organizations - #10974

Title: Burleigh-Morton Square Dance Club. Records
Dates: 1947-2010

Collection Number:  MSS 10974

Quantity: 5 feet

Abstract: Records consist of material from the Homesteader, Promenaders, Belles ‘n Beaux, Bis-Man Plus and International Square Dance Clubs and include correspondence, constitutions, by-laws, minutes, annual reports, financial records and reports, historical information, membership information, photographs and albums, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, convention material, guest books, caller agreements, and a phonograph recording.

Provenance: The records were donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Wilmer and Marion Meske on April 11, 2007. Several additions were made to the collection in 2008 and 2011. This document was created by Emily E. Schultz in July 2011.
Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation:  Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.     



(loose)             Belles ‘n Beaux guestbook, v.1, 1958-1963   
(loose)             Belles ‘n Beaux scrapbook, v.2, 1979-1983   
(loose)             Belles ‘n Beaux scrapbook and photographs, v.3, 1981-1982           
(loose)             Belles ‘n Beaux scrapbook, v.4, 1964-1965   
(loose)             Belles ‘n Beaux class photographs, v.5, 1982-1988   
(loose)             Belles ‘n Beaux journal, 1988-2002   

Box 1:
1         Constitution and bylaws, 1984-1985 
2          Annual meetings, Promenaders' Square Dance club, 1970-1999      
3          Joint meetings, minutes, Promenaders and Belles ‘n Beaux, 1975-1999       
4          Promenaders' financial reports, 1968-1999    
5          Membership lists, Promenaders                     
6          Callers schedules, 1985-1999
7          Correspondence, members, 1984-1994         
8          Membership certificates, Promenaders, 1984-1994   
9          Square dance club schedules/lists, 1970-1994           
10        Badge ordering information, 1973, 1979       
11        Minutes:  Homesteaders Square Dance Club, three record books, 1947-1970         
12        Financial records and membership lists, Homesteaders, 1957-1968 
13        Newspaper clippings, square dancing, 1970-1990s   
14        “History of Square Dancing” by Marlan Sorenson                
15        Guest books: Homesteaders and Promenaders (seven), 1968-1993 
16        Photographs:  Belles ‘n Beaux and Promenaders, 1970-1980           

Box 2:
1          Constitution and Bylaws:  Belles ‘n Beaux, 1978-1996        
2          Minutes- Belles ‘n Beaux, 1952-1966
3          Minutes of Joint Meetings:  Belles ‘n Beaux and Promenaders, 1975-1999  
4          Minutes: Annual Meetings of Belles ‘n Beaux, 1976-1988; 1997     
5          Financial material, Belles ‘n Beaux, 1982-2002         
6          Belles ‘n Beaux 25th anniversary, 1977        
7          Membership lists, Belles ‘n Beaux, 1952-2004          
8          Square dance schedules, state and local, 1970-2003 
9          Special square dance committees, reports and convention information       
10        Duties of club officers
11        Correspondence, Belles ‘n Beaux, 1975-1980           
12        Lunch committee lists, 1982-2004    
13        Membership certificates, Belles ‘n Beaux, 1956-1991           
14        Belles ‘n Beaux callers' confirmations, 1978-2001    
15        Belles ‘n Beaux financial reports; guidelines, 1973-1984      
16        Belles ‘n Beaux treasurer records, 1952-1984
17        Guest books, Belles ‘n Beaux, 1972-1993     

Box 3:
1          History, Belles ‘n Beaux square dance club, 1952-1981        
2          Class guidelines and board meetings 
3          Graduation class photographs; financial fees/dues, 1981-1987         
4          Caller-Club agreements, 1983-1987  
5          Belles ‘n Beaux and Promenaders, class photographs, 1988-1995    
6          Belles ‘n Beaux photographs (George and Vera Rogler), 1983-1993
7          Video Tape, Square Dance promotion          
8          Plaque (wooden) and white cloth banner

Box 4:
1          Bis-Man Plus Club minutes and caller agreements, 1985-2005        
2          Bis-Man Plus treasurer's report, 1985-2001   
3          Bis-Man Plus membership lists, 1984-1996   
4          Belles ‘n Beaux constitution and bylaws, 1962-1991
5          Belles ‘n Beaux, correspondence, 1976-1977
6          Belles ‘n Beaux, annual reports, 1972-2001  
7          Belles ‘n Beaux, membership information, 1953-1982          
8          Belles ‘n Beaux, caller contracts, 1999-2001 
9          Belles ‘n Beaux, Square Dance magazine information                      
10        Belles ‘n Beaux, International convention booklet, 1970     
11        Belles ‘n Beaux, Guest books, 1993-1999     

Box 5:
1          International Square Dance records (removed from binder), 1960-1999      
2          Belles ‘n Beaux meetings, 1987-1998
3          Belles ‘n Beaux meetings, 2004-2005
4          Belles ‘n Beaux meetings, 2006-2007
5          Belles ‘n Beaux meetings, 2008-2010

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