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State Agency Records - Game and Fish - #32296

Title: Game and Fish.  Film and Video

Dates: 1958-1991

Record Series: 32296

Quantity: 9.7 feet

The Game and Fish Film and Video Records include footage shot by the agency as well as by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The film and video was produced for promotional purposes, some being public service announcements and others full documentaries. All have color and sound. The series contains raw footage and finished productions.

The North Dakota State Archives acquired this records series from the Department of Game and Fish in March 2013.

Public records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

These records are available for public inspection under provision of the North Dakota Century Code, 55-02.1-08.

Researchers are requested to cite the record group, series name and number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Box Inventory

Box: 1
1 “Waterfowl for the Future” (North American Waterfowl Management Plan) Distributed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 16:00
2 Al Gustin’s 5 Part Series on Wetlands. 1989/11/00. 09:00
3 Chinook Salmon Hatchery – Shock Boat
4 “Lead Poisoning in Waterfowl” Dr. Milt Lead.  Distributed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1985/00/00 27:49
5 “Pinnate, Ducks, Huns, Sharptail, Pheasants”
6 “Injured Whooping Crane Capture” 1985/00/00
7 “Tape X” Variety of footage of North Dakota wildlife.
8 “1993 Waterfowl Status Report” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 20:32
9 “Crackdown on Waterfowl Baiters” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 04:00

Box 2:
10 “The Illegal Duck Kill – Operation Goose Creep”
11 EPA Wetlands PSA “ND” B. 1987/01/00 00:30
12 EPA Wetlands PSA “ND” F. 1987/01/00 00:30
13 “Status of Ducks” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1985/00/00 12:35
14 Old Time Settlers Footage.
15 Enforcement School #1.
16 “Tape CC” Variety of footage of North Dakota wildlife.
17 TV Spots 1984/00/00
18 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. Whooping Crane. 1990/09/13. 00:30
19 “Status of Ducks 1991” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1991/00/00. 17:00

Box 3:
20 Whooping Crane PSA. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1985/00/00. 00:30
21 Canvasback Duck Closure PSA. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1987/10/01. 00:30
22 Lead Shot Controversy – Lake Puckaway, Shell Shock.
23 “Tape A” Deer.
24 “White Death” Winter losses of deer. 1978-79/00/00
25 EPA Wetlands PSA. “ND” A. 1987/01/00. 00:30
26 Devils Lake Fishing and Canoeing.
27 “Tape GG” Miscellaneous Fish and Lakes.
28 “Tape S” Turkeys, Antelope, Bighorn Sheep and other ND wildlife.

Box 4:
29 Predator and Prey.
30  Canoeing – Dakota Fields
31 Chase Lake Tape #1. 1989/09/26. 07:12
32 Field Testing Steel Shot Roster.
33 “Tape JJ” Variety of footage of ND wildlife.
34 Chase Lake Tape #3.
35 “Tape Q” Upland game, waterfowl, fisheries, Heart Butte.
36 Return of the Bighorns.
37 Sharptail B.

Box 5:
38 Chase Lake Foundation. 1991/04/26
39 “Tape F” Fish.
40 “Tape II” Variety of footage of ND wildlife.
41 Bighorn Sheep.
42 100 Years of Fisheries Management, 1883-1949. Part I
43 “Tape BB” Bighorn Sheep.
44 “Tape D” Fishing.
45 Sharptail E. 1980/04/03   
46 Devils Lake Basin – Al Kriel.

Box 6:
47 “Tape Y” General footage of ND wildlife.
48 Idaho Sheep Trapping. Big Horn #2. 1990/00/00
49 Upland Game Habitat.
50 “Tape LL” General footage of ND wildlife.
51 Mallard Island.
52 Enforcement #4.
53 Idaho Sheep Trapping. Big Horn #1. 1990/00/00
54 100 Years of Fisheries Management, 1950-1980s. Part II.
55 Goose Trapping.

Box 7:
56 Winter Fishing.
57 Enforcement #3.
58 Chase Lake Tape #2.
59 Dakota Fields - Fly Fishing.
60 “Tape NN” General footage of ND wildlife.
61 Dakota Fields - Bass Fishing.
62 Chase Lake Tape #1
63 “Tape AA” Deer and Wildlife Footage. Darby Reedy Memorial. Boating in Lake Sakakawea. Rabbit.
64 “Tape M” Fishing.
65 “Tape R” Fisheries.

Individual Core Inventory:
66 ND Game and Fish Division of Fisheries netting on Lake Sakakawea?
67 Antelope hunt, taking down campsite, rattlesnake
68 "Celebration 100" North Dakota Game and Fish Department
69 Bighorn sheep release     
70 Grouse
71 Grouse study
72 Ice fishing

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