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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #11104

Title: Braeger Family Films

Dates: 1930s-1965

Collection Number: MSS 11104

Quantity: 20 16mm films

Abstract: Family films consisting of family gatherings, vacations, farming scenes. Places include Sioux City, IA, Abilene TX, Oklahoma, Omaha, Mt. Ranier, St. Louis, San Diego, Black Hills, Yellowstone and Glacier Park, Medora, Badlands, Mexico, San Francisco, fishing trips to Canada (Flinn Flon, Lake Kilarney, Pelican Lake), Big Lake at Bemidji, MN, fishing on the Missouri, Niagara Falls, Michigan, Florida, Arlington Cemetery, Garrison Dam, Fort Peck Dam, Missouri River at Rosebud, SD, Grand Canyon, New Mexico, Yosemite National Park, Lake of the Woods, Grand Forks, ND Mill and Elevator. Also 3 DVDs transferred from 3 VHS tapes from the State Agricultural Heritage Museum at SDSU. The VHS tapes consist of a video taping of the films with Phillip and his father, H.D. Braeger commenting on the films as they view them.
All transferred at 15fps. Most is color, some mixed color and b&w.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Braeger Family Film Collection from Phillip Braeger in June 2010.

Property Rights:
The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.



1 Braeger family reel 1 Notes: family pictures galore. 12:20

2 Braeger family reel 2 Notes: Phil at 2 plus Daddy Jo (?) - Granary - old folk DeCoste. 13:47

3 Braeger family reel 3"  Notes: At Fally’s place - Ray, Leona, Florence with kids. Gladys. Last pictures of Dad. Sioux City, Iowa. No. 1 is written on can. 8:30

4 Braeger family reel 4 - farming. Farming scenes, etc. 19:04

5 Braeger family reel 5 - Texas. Notes: Phill at Brownwood - WPA work on pipe line at Abilene Texas - Mother and Dad Braeger at Abilene Texas - Paddy Jo also. B&W 20:26

6 Braeger family reel 6 (# 5 on written on can.) Notes: Muffie and Jo in snow. Marylin, Phil, Shaun & David. Lilac bushes around place the first summer. Snow scene that is too bright. Pawnee Bills in Oklahoma and Lyle and Becky. Pictures of kids with deer. Bob Walz cleaning snow. Phil on Flicka, digging basement. Fran and Willard and Jay on horses. Jerry Clough and Phill - Don and Hazel after married. Tina and her mother and sister-in-law. Mr. & Mrs. Clark & Lloyds. 19:58

7 Braeger family reel 7 - Omaha & west. Notes: Omaha - Don's place- Cheryl, Jan & Lynn - David - all family. Cabin - skiing Ronnie, Virginia, Marge & Gino. Lynn going to school, first time Don, Hazel - Bunny Giltner & wife - Phil, Bob Walz & myself skiing - Cute. Mt. Ranier - Marc and Todd at Ft. Louis. Marine Land at San Diego. Marc at ____. 16:06

8 Braeger family reel 8 1955." Notes: Don's baby in 1955. Black Hills, Clarence and Evelyn and all of us at Follys, Kids riding horseback. 15:27

9 Braeger family reel 9 - Yellowstone. Notes: Trip to Yellowstone Park and Glacier.
Begins with drive through ND badlands and Medora (view of Chateau de Mores). 20:25

10 Braeger family reel 10 - Mexico. Notes: Can has 1959 on outside. ? & H.D. in Mexico. Lynn at Ocean. Big cattle roundup, Texas. Farm & snow in ND. 12:54

11 Braeger family reel 11- San Francisco, 1956" Notes: San Francisco. Monkeys in park. Lynn by the water. Box indicates that it was processed Jan 10, 1957. Initial scene was toddler in yard (at home?). Includes shots of San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate bridge, etc. Last scenes shows sledding and skating (not SF). 4:30

12 Braeger family reel 12- 1957. (Written on outside of can.) Notes: Franklin, Neb. Blizzard in ND. Flinn Flon fishing trip. Lake Kilarney and Pelican Lake in Canada. Big Lake at Bemidji, Minn. Ronnie and Phil fishing. 1957 Phil in convertible. Fishing on Missouri. 12:46

13 Braeger family reel 13- Niagara Falls. Notes: Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan, Niagara Falls, Casa Loma. 19:48

14 Braeger family reel 14- Florida. Notes: Ocala, Florida with fish- flamingo birds, all at Silver Springs. Cypress Gardens show, then at cabin on Missouri with boat, etc. Film also shows Tomb of Unknown Soldier at Arlington briefly, and Garrison Dam. 16:03

15 Braeger family reel 15- Brownsville, TX. Notes: Charo Days, Brownsville, Texas, 1965. 4:23

16 Braeger family reel 16. Notes: Phil at Erurial (sp?) Creek with boys, Pat and motor bikes - Hillside combine at Lewiston, H.D. at Madera with Gino pruning grape vines.  Also includes footage of seashore, skiing, and birthday party. 13:56

17 Braeger family reel 17. Notes: Pictures of Ric___ National Park - kids - Icky and Clare Newenswander - Fort Peck Dam. This film was run twice, since some parts were flipped.  8:59

18 Braeger family reel 18. Notes: Pictures of Bush place - me painting the Bush place - Missouri River at Rosebud, SD. Oil wells in Oklahoma City capitol grounds. 14:16

19 Braeger family reel 19.Trip through west. Notes: Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park and Falls, Donner summit, Reno, Salt Flats, Mormon Temple, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, New Mexico, Phil at 2 years in Yosemite Park with Daddy Jo and Granny and Don. Film appears to be from 1930s or 1940s. 21:41

20 Braeger family reel 20. Notes: first half cut off as nothing on but scenery and no one will know about the pictures. Last half Lake of the Woods and other lakes. See note inside (there was no note inside). Grand Forks and Mill and Elevator exterior at end. 9:40

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