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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #20796

Title: Jacob Huber

Dates: ca. 1880s-1970s

Collection Number: 20796

Quantity: 1 folder

Abstract: This handwritten reminiscence covers the author’s parents Jacob and Katherine (Wessel) Huber, German Russian immigrants, who came to the United States in 1906 and settled in Mercer County, N.D., near Dodge. To a large extent it documents the entire rural community where they lived and the early residents, most of whom were German Russian.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Jacob Huber Papers from his son, Dalton Huber in April 1991.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Biographical Sketch

Katherine Wessel was born in South Russia to Sophia (Haag) and Frederick Wessel on June 23, 1881. Jacob Huber was born September 19, 1878 in South Russia and was married to Katherine Wessel in February 1901. They arrived at the port of Boston on the ship Astoria September 29, 1906 and homesteaded north of Dodge, ND in Mercer County. They had five children: Caroline born in Russia in June 1903, Fred born February 2, 1907 in North Dakota, Jacob born September 18, 1911, and two other daughters. Jacob, Sr. filed a declaration of Intention for citizenship November 20, 1906 in Bismarck and became a naturalized citizen December 19, 1911.

The Hubers retired in 1943 and moved to Golden Valley. Katherine died January 26, 1967 and Jacob died August 26, 1969. Both had been living with their son Jacob on the family farm since 1966.

From Beulah Beacon, Thursday July 19, 1984

Jacob M. Huber, 72, rural Dodge, was mortally injured in a farming accident on Saturday, July 14 1984 and died at the Medcenter One Hospital in Bismarck.

He was born on September 18, 1911, north of Dodge, to Jacob and Katherine (Wessel) Huber. He was raised and attended school in Golden Valley and he helped his family run a restaurant there until the family returned to the farm north of Dodge in 1927.

On Oct. 19, 1943 he married Martha Rueb at Wishek, and the couple continued to live on the family farm up until the present. Jake served on the Defiance School Board and was a member of the Assembly of God Church in Golden Valley where he served on the church board for 26 years.

He is survived by a wife of rural Dodge; two sons, Joel or rural Dodge, and Dalton of Park Rapids, Minn.; one daughter, Mrs. William (Loretta) Busch of Watford City; one sister, Mrs. William (Caroline) Erdman of Bismarck; five grandchildren and two nieces.

He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother and one sister.

Funeral services were held July 18, at the Golden Valley School Gym in Golden Valley with Rev. Howard Romberg officiating. Interment was at the Defiance Cemetery north of Dodge.

Active pallbearers were George Rueb, Valentine Rueb, Raymond Rueb, Christ Rueb, Adolph Rueb, and Oscar Rueb.

Erdman Funeral Home of Beulah was in charge of the arrangements.

Two page content list from Manuscript:

Contents of Revised Manuscript of the Old People

Page 14 How they homesteaded, Bertch, who lived in the community, Defiance Store.

Page 15 Wagons, Buggies, mowers, rakes

Page 15 ½ putting up hay, threshers

Page 16 threshers, straw, ladders, haying on one

Page 16 ½ first winter, stories of men on frontier disappearing, Welks

Page 17 Welks, Manuel Mueller, George Barker

Page 17 ½ Barkers, Jake Frank missed a calf, Charlie Dewitt

Page 18 Frank Barker, Judd Hayden

Page 18 ½ taxation, Pete Fredericks

Page 19 Pete Fredericks

Page 19 ½ Pete Fredericks, mare who led caravan last from California

Page 20 Pete Fredericks

Page 20 ½ Pete Fredericks, Defiance Post Office and George Morris

Page 20 ¼ Juzelers and Sam Keller, Bratzel old Golden Valley

Page 20 1/5 Brechts’ old Golden Valley, Warren Haven

Page 21 Kiesz and Edwin Gates caravan to Hebron

Page 21 ½ Dad at Juzeler’s saddle horse, Goldman led a caravan to Hebron

Page 22 Dad and Tabbert at elevator

23 ¼ differenc in unloading wheat, Kaspers studio

Page 23 ½ Tschackofske and Stuhlmiller, Dad’s wagon swept down Knife River, hog followed

Page 23 ¾ Tsaeman rode to Hebron, Dad and “wolf” from Hebron area, Schneider, Unterscher death of Steve Sterns wife

Page 24 Otto Bauman moved his rig out

Page 24 ½ Bauman starting, Rumeley-Bauman threshing, Kettner

Page 25 old G. V. Lauffs cattle stolen Schaftner ranch

Page 25 ½ Schaftner ranch

Page 26 Schaftner ranch

Page 26 ½ Arnold Rynning in school

Page 27 Arnold Rynning

Page 27 ½ Schaftner ranch, Buchli ranch

Page 28 Buchli ranch

Page 28 ½ Tabbert and “Mann” Jake Wolf

Page 29 Negro brother Fred

Page 29 ½ Fred Nacht, dance at store Ben Benson

Page 30 cutting posts Ben Benson and ?

Page 30 ½ Defiance settlement Welhaufs

Page 31 Jacob Zieglers, Jacob Franks

Page 31 ½ Jacob Frank, Sr.

Page 32 Jacob Frank, Sr. at Schneiders

Page 32 ½ 4th of July celebration at Frank Kerrner and Frank’s ghost

Page 33 Kettner

Page 33 ½ Kettner

Page 34 Kettners

Page 34 ½ Meissels, stacking bundles

Page 35 stacking bundles, haying

Page 35 ½ unloading hay with rapes, headering

Page 36 Headering

Page 36 ½ Baumann threshing stacks, pitchers threw belt off, settlers worked for others

Page 37 settlers worked for others, P. Meissel struck Amelia, Death of Mrs. Meissel

Page 37 ½ death of Mrs. Meissel and spirit, Meissels went visiting

Page 38 Weidner, surveying crew, Lena and J. Frank, Jr.

Page 38 ½ Schneiders want to beat Dad up, Julia Schneider, Fred ate matches

Page 39 Dad and Mother at M. Stones

Page 39 ½ medicine stones, mother, Ludi took the stones to G. V.

Page 40 Mrs. Rheberg sick, Paul Wold sick

Page 40 ½ Settlers walked to Garrison, Indians horse broke ice

Page 41 Government agent at Elbowoods, Alfred Christman broke ice, rodeo at Beulah

Page 41 ½ celebration at our place, August Kasper, Jake in coyote den

Page 42 Arndt Breitling and coyotes, Mrs. Mickle Miller, Malcom, Kreiz Bremer

Page 42 ½ Rudolph Bremer Jess Harvey at Stanton, broke into snore

Page 43 education in Russia, my Dad learned Latin, loaned machinery, Barnetts

Page 43 ½ Barnetts

Page 44 Jon Laubenstein

Page 45 Mueller and Laubenstein

Page 45 ½ land numbered by railroad, John Kisse, Jack Nagel and wolf

Page 46 John Miller and homestead, Rosseau on homestead

Page 46 ½ Frank Rosseau and McLaughlins, Frank wrestled Dad

Page 47 Dad and Frank at Mannhaven, McLaughlins, Fred Spect as wrestler

Page 47 ½ Peter Stern

Page 48 Charlie Scharf and Pete Stern, Gust Radkes parents, ferry at Ree

Page 48 ½ Schnader brought board for F. Huber, Fred Isaak

Page 49 two men at Mannhaven, George Weisz led a caravan to Wolf Head, Herman Weidner

Things for Stories

Page 41 Rosena Frank and cow

Page 25 Bill Glass and Jake, Louise Schneider on Birch

Page 39 A Weidner on quiet Model T, Gust Kru

Page 41 LeRoy Heiff
Nathan Little Soldier talking German
Emerson Chase and bif horse
Police and Negroes on ice
Kruckenberg looked into Skunk Bay

Page 39 Kruckenberg at Zieglers
Erdmanns on reservation, Jack Christman and package, John C. Wool smugglers

Page 32 A. Baumann and Salman

Page 42 Willie Schneider and Irene Gienkl

Page 41 Huber boys threw shoe, Andrew Weidner and Max Tenski
Frank Feigl on boat, Ludi and Andrew chased past Baumann

Page 42 Bill Glass and Jake, Fred Bryle and Henry Dschaak

Page 43 Beyler and Dschaak, visit at Harvey, Charles De Witt, Bro Jim and Kaspers chickens, George Heine at church

Page 46 Weidner children saw Jarveys chimney smoke

Page 33 Fred Ziegler on Art Isaaks land, Piken Jones, Kisse saw buggy coming, Fred Hubers chickens, two men who drank syrup, Henry Isaaks stories

Page 19 Frank Baumann ate cake, Indians saw strange creature, Edwin Gates at auction, Goldman shot at settlers, G. on horse

Page 41 Pete Tsch and J. Schneider on boat, Frank Feigl on dump wagon

Page 14&15 Kittler and Jews, Jews whiskey, marks

Page 26 Henry Frank, Jr.

Page 27 John Hauff and Schnautzer

Page 25 L Frank and coyote

Page 27 Beer in our basement, Stohlers trip to Manning

No pages Henry Sitting Crow swam Missouri. Mrs. H. Eagle called turtles. Snake and child ate together. Negro on ice, Wenzes bull. Fred Aelke (?) and cattle. Fred A and girls. New Russians caught bears. New Russians caught wolves. When Czar Nicholas has his mother arrested. Phillip Schneider bought hazel nuts. Mrs Anderson..? Pete Tschaekofski. Anderson always had a substitute for sale. Gold in badlands, Dick and Eleanore Barker at border. Frank Barker very thin. Taking off the belt on Baumanns machine. Pulling the machine between stacks, chain had to be pulled. Kids following teacher and husband. Baumanns old shep and pups.


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