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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10644

Title: Louise Jevne

Dates: 1957-1980

Collection Number: 10644

Quantity: 13 feet

Abstract:  Letters, diaries, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, genealogical reference material, and biographies of pioneers who lived within the Mouse River Loop to the Canadian border.

Provenance: Louise Jevne and her daughter Val Holmgren donated this collection to the State Historical Society of North Dakota in December 2003.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Box 1:
Aarhus, Lars                                      
Aaker, Dr. A.O.                                 
Aalund, Samuel and Esther families                                        
Aasen, Tom and Family                                
Abernathy, Donald & Mildred                                   
Abernathy, Charley & Cora                                         
Abrahamson, Edwin                                      
Adams, Charles & Ethel family                                   
Adams, Henry & Lydia (Brandt) families                                
Aga, John P. & Peter                                      
Ahman, Clara (Zettiner)                                               
Aitken, Albert                                   
Aiken, George & Leona (Schoenberg)                                   
Aiken Jerome Wilber and wife Amelia (Minnie) Heiser                                  
Albers, Lewis families                                    
Albright, Steve son of Richard                                   
Alderin, Andrew                                              
Alderman, Freeman & family                                     
Alef, Tony and family                                    
Alexander, Robert                                          
Alkenbrack, Halla (Culber) (Mrs. John)                                  
Allen, George & Elizabeth (Harkness)                                    
Allen, Floyd and Gertrude (Burke) families                                          
Allen, Ezra & Lydia (Meyers) family                                         
Allison, Allen & Bessie (Kaylor) family                                    
Allen, Warren G. & Marjorie (Thorpe)                                   
Allen, Frances (Mrs. Jesse Bonners)                                       
Almy, Fred & Chet families                                         
Amble, Arthur & Iva (Barker)                                     
Amrein, Chet & Kathryn (Wilson)                                             
Anderson, Robert & Betty Lou (Sims)                                    
Anderson, Charlie & Hozel (Williams)                                     
Anderson, Goldie (Mrs. Wesley Josewski)                                           
Anderson, Lester & Willard families                                        
Anderson, Emil & Susan (Bryans)                                             
Anderson, Mathea (Mrs. Martin Renden)                                           
Anderson, Alice                                               
Ankerberg, Mel & Jenny family, Esther & Duane                                              
Annis, Mrs. Minnie                                         
Armstrong, Richard & Vivian (Movius)                                   
Armstrong, Beacher, Ernest, Milton, Inez, Cora families                                
Armstrong, Win. T.                                         
Armstrong, Dave                                             
Armstrong, W.A. family & daughter Margaret (M.F. Hubbard)                                   
Armstrong, Aden LaFayette                                       
Armstrong, Floyd, Mrs. Nellie, Seward.                                 
Armstrong, John Porter, Leolie and sons, Bob & Harry                                   
Arthur, Mrs. H.S.                                             
Arneson, Andrew families                                          
Asheim, John and Serena (Dokken) families                                       
Atkins, Ralph M. and son Larry, daughter Cheryl                                               
Askdal, Ellen                                      
Atwood, Lela and father Ray                                      
Aune, Marius & son Melvin                                        
Aurland, Carl & Josie (Voight)                                    
Aus, Martin and family                                 
Auth, Marjorie (Mrs. Henry Moore)                                       
Avery, Yvonne, Mabel & Mrs. Don Ward                                              
Axness, Carl & Ted                                         
Axtell, Richard and family                                            
Babcock, Benjamin                                         
Backes, John & Gertrude (Willenbring) families                                 
Bagenstoos, Elaine                                         
Bahi, Lulu (Kohrman)                                     
Bailey, John T.                                  
Bailey, Kenneth & wife Magalyn (Hunter)                                            
Bailey, Forrest & wife Julia (Fenton)                                       
Bailey, Valentine son Frank & Wife Betty Slenes                                               
Bailey, J.F. son Howard                                 
Bailey, F. Thomas                                            
Baker, Joy and Neil Strecker                                       
Baklenko, Lois                                  
Ballman, Everette & wife Lois (Callahan)                                               
Bakken, Rev. E. M.                                         
Balding, Michael & Eileen                                            
Ballentine, Nellie daughter Ethel                                              
Banker, John Mrs.                                          
Barenthsen, Fred & Carle                                            
Barcus, Geo. & Nora (Courtney) families                                              
Bartholomew, Win. & wife Inez Schulz & family                                
Barrett, Frank & Emma (Fulsom) and Blom families                                         
Barrett, Susie (married Holoway)                                             
Baska, Frank and Alice (West)                                   
Bauer, Albert & Esther (Edinger)                                              
Baumgartner, Mrs. Elinor                                            
Baumgartner, Alfred, Steve                                       
Bean, John M. and Mary (F. Shook) families                                       
Beckendahl, families                                     
Becker, Albert and Clara (Luick)                                
Becktold, Ted & Lydia (Wallace)                                
Beebe, George families                                               
Behan, Dwight                                 
Behm, Neiman & Dorothy                                           
Belisle, Ralph and family                                              
Belly, Clyde H.                                  
Bellman, Charles & Jean (Ball)                                   
Beizer, Arthur & Narjie (R. Seeley)                                          
Bengston, Dennis, Andrew & Harold                                      
Bennett, Theodore and family                                  
Benson, Judge Asmunden S.                                     
Benson, Edward (Reardon)                                        
Benson, Douglas & Phyllis                                           
Benton, William & Mabel families                                            
Berg, Alfred & Esther (Zimmer)                                
Bergerson, Thomas & Mathilda (Mattern)                                           
Berglof, George and ... (Lakefield) son Larry & families                                  
Bergstrom, Stan, Sarg, Corvin                                    
Bergrun, Paul & Darlene                                              
Bertelson, Morten K. and Mary (Bigelow)                                            
Bethke, Aaron & Thea (Jorgenson)                                         
Berwick, Leonard & Lorraine (Malschenbacher)                                
Bierbaum, Edward B. (Ernest Albers farm)                                           
Bierman, Walter F. and Marlys (Link)                                      
Bergstrozer, Rev. John & ...                                        
Billey, George & Violet (Nehrenberg) Casselman                                             
Birnel, Malcolm S. and Alice (Clark)                                         
Birnel, Jorner & Agnes (Koskins)                                              
Bispring, Fred J. & Dorothea                                       
Bjelland, Tom and Caroline (Foss) and family                                      
Bjerkan, Ingvald & son Arthur & Bertha (Runnig)                                              
Bjorke, Peter son of Andrew                                     
Blakely, Lois                                       
Bliss, Colonel Paul                                           
Block, George C. and Alton                                         
Blocker, George family                                 
Blore, Edith C.                                   
Bodine, Francis & Elizabeth (Grossman)                                
Bollinger, Harold                                              
Bloms, Martin and families                                         
Blowers, Robert and sons George, Tom, Avery, Emery                                  
Boardman, Rev. Dwaine Harold and Edna Mae (Berg)                                    
Bluel, Henry C. and Isabella (Schiffman)                                
Blame, Walter R. and Hulda (Lehman)                                   
Callahan family                                 
Cameron, Victor & Edith (Porter)                                             
Cannon, Rev. R.W.                                         
Cantlon, Cleo (Loveland)                                             
Carbert, Charles family                                 
Carlson, Carl & Mae (Anderson)                                               
Carlson, Ernest & Alma (Herr)                                    
Carlson, Jacob and ...Bryans family                                          
Carlson, Edwin & Iva (Wood) family                                        
Carlson, John & ...(Melvin) family                                            
Carlson, Peter & family                                 
Carlson, Vernon & Doris family                                 
Carlson, Edward                                              
Carlson, Oscar & Mabel (Nelson)                                             
Carlson, Elmer & Alma (Anderson)                                          
Carr, Elmer & Mary Ellen                                              
Cart, Fred family                                              
Carter, John & Nora (Tomlinson) & son Wm & Etta                                          
Cascaden, Art & Susan (Sharp)                                  
Cassady, Claude & Blanche (Haseltine)                                  
Castelman, C.O. and Lola (Thompson) family                                      
Cavanaugh, L.B. family                                  
Chamberlain, Horace                                     
Chambers, Archies. . . .and Medler families                                        
Chandler, Andrew Jackson                                         
Chantland, Robert & Gloria (Cosgrove) family                                    
Chapdelaine family                                        
Charlebois, J.H. and Millie (Levire)                                           
Check, Lt. Fred & Cindy                                
Choiniere, Paul and Bertha (Wald)                                          
Christensen, Linda                                          
Christensen, Martin & Christine                                               
Christianson, Carl and Augusta                                  
Christianson, Christian and Helga
Christianson, Runa & husband David
Christenson families of area east of Glenburn, ND
Christopher, George and Rose (Mitchell)
Christopherson, Henry                                 
Clapper, Cecil        
Clark, Robert Jr. and Maude I. (Stevens)                                              
Clementich, Jake and Mary (Paulius)                                      
Cleven, Olaf and                                              
Cleven, David and Anna (O’Connor)
Clouse, John
Clum, Elgia, and Ruth
Cockrun, Andrew & Myron families                                        
Colcord, Clayton & Louise (Locchel)                                        
Colcord Genealogy Descendants of Edward Colcord of NH 1630-1908
Colcord, Berta & Husband Bert Baker and family
Cole, Pat and Cindy (West)
Cole, Theresa Jenkins              
Cole, Percy & Jennie&
Coleman, Louis & Susie (Parker)
Collins, Charles & Enola
Colley, Jerome                                 
Colton Store Ledger, Burlington, ND                                       
Conaway, Vernon & Eloise (Matthews)                                
Combs, Dr.                                         
Conrad, Kent and Pam (Schafer)                                              
Conkey, Lelah                                   
Connole, Jean                                  
Connors, Ruth and husband Bob                                              
Convie, Lester                                  
Cook, Elsie                                         
Copeland, James & Maude (Armstrong) families                                              
Cork, Norman & Lucille (Ober)                                  
Corey, Robert                                   
Cree, Earl & Kay                                               
Crooks, Art and Bernella                                              
Crosby, Lanny                                   
Culbertson, W.A.                                            
Cummings, Emma (Spooner)                                     
Cybulko, Florence, Mrs. Bill Dunn                                            
Wm M. Christen                                              
Tom Christen                                    
Kathleen Christen                                           
Mary Christen                                  
Sue Callies                                          
Ellen Crawdord, 1967                                     
Dahl, Bennie & Blanche                                
Dahle, George and wife Anna                                   
Dailey, Bill and Elaine                                     
Dahlseng, Clifford and June                                        
Davey, W.W.                                     
Davick, Wade and Dorene                                           
Davis, Floyd and Opal (Cobb)                                     
Davis Half Way House and stage coach on Canadia Trail                                 
Davis, James P. & Rachael (Russell)                                         
Davis, Larry and Sharon                                
Day, Sherman and Priscilla (Wilson)                                        
Dayton, Archie C. and Teckla (Carlson)                                  
Dayton, Glen and Carmen                                           
Degree, LeRoy                                 
Delahunty, James                                           
Marquis, De Mores and wife Medora                                    
De Silva, Mrs. E.A.                                           
Des Lauriers, Ida (Littlejohn)                                      
Detlaff, Arnold Jr. and wife Mary                                             
Dewine, Dr. J.P.                                               
Dickinson, I.H. and Bertha (Wilson)                                         
Dierdorff, Ray and Nellie Hazel (Frank)                                  
Dietz, Walter family                                       
Dillon, Harry and family & Nellie                                               
Dionne, Peter & Delia (Jastro) family                                      
Dittmer, Rev. Mike and Lynne                                   
Dix, Frederick and Caroline (Bernhardt)                                
Dodson, Rev. Wilbur and family                                
Dompier, Frederich and Patience L. Lattin                                            
Donavan, J.A.                                   
Dowing, Marie and husband Harry Williams 
Dtlleberg, Stanley and Sue (Benz)-Mohall, ND                                       
Duchsherer, Eugene L. and Mary Kay Helbling                                   
Duerre, Sonja daughter of Dan and Judith                                           
Dutner, John and 2nd wife Irene (Nett)                                
Duffler, Melvin & families                                           
Dufner, Hubert & Esther (Henson)                                          
Dunn, Fred B. and Bertha Chapin                                             
DuVall, Richard (1905)                                   
Daley, Jane                                        
Devore, Debra                                 
Dieinmer, Dale                                 
Dodson, Opal                                    
Earsley, Melvin & Hazel                                
Eastward, John                                
Eckert, George and Catherine (McCrary)                                              
Eckert, Donovan and Gaila (Williams)                                     
Edinger, Eldren and Ruth (Hanson)                                         
Effertz, Hannah (Butt) and families                                         
Ehr, Peter and John Ehr families                                               
Ehr, George and Della Grevel families                                    
Eide, John and Norma (Williams) families                                             
Eidem, Ingeborg (Mrs. Oscar A. Olson)                                  
Eielson, Col. Car. Ben                                     
Einess, Bertha, Mrs. Floyd Mallet                                             
Eldred, John                                      
Ellingson, Gilbert and Marie Thompson families                                
Elliot, Agness                                    
Ellis, Martha                                      
Elton, Dr. T.J.                                     
Emans, Ralph & Bessie (Johnson) Asp                                    
Engebretson, Albert                                      
Engel, Ervin                                        
Engeihard, Gene & Lena                                              
Engh, Mable daughter of Matt and Augusta                                       
Engstrom, Vernie & Lena (Ledoux)                                         
Espeseth, Laurence & Ida (Tossett)                                        
Eniers, Rev. Duane & Helen (Stenberg)                                 
Erber, Henry and Gladys (Loveland)                                       
Erdmann, Fred and Zenora (Benton)                                      
Erickson, Boyd & Kae (Castleman)                                           
Erickson, Laura & sister Hazel                                     
Erickson, Lawrence & Nellie                                       
Etter, Isabel                                       
Evanger, Alvin & Minnie (Nelson)                                            
Evans, A.J.                                          
Erving, Bob and wife Catherine                                 
Ewen, Leila                                        
Erickson, Floyd                                 
Elsberry, Lloyd son of John, had son Richard                                       
Emerson, Russel Pupils:                                               
Faul, Lawrence and Betty family Pupils:                                
Fanchald, Julius and Inga N. Nerseth                                    
Ferch, Dentist Lyle E.                                     
Ferguson, Kathryn & Margaret                                 
Fisher, Inez                                        
Fitch, Winnif red                                              
Fitchner, Loretta                                             
Fitzgerald, Morris & Leah (Milkey)                                           
Fitzmaurice, Dr. Edward & Alice (Bryant)                                              
Fjeldahl, Martha (Mrs. Ruben Gravseth)                                              
Fladseth, Grace                                               
Flem, K.R. & Hilma J. Wilson                                       
Flory, Orville family                                        
Fluhrer, Donald                                
Foat, Garald & Rebecca (Hagar)                                
Foley, James W.
Foltyn, Tony & Elaine (Mattern)                                               
Forland, Lars & Edna                                      
Forschen, Roger & Helen (Liversay)                                        
Fortune, Oliver family- daughter Irene                                  
Foss, A.E. & Peter (Oss)                                               
Foss, Roy and Dagney (Evanger)                                              
Foster, Charles & Sarah (Beard)                                
Foster, Dr. A.R.                                
Forthun, Vernon & Laura (Steffan) family                                            
Fox, Michael                                     
Fowler, David & Ruth (Striker)                                   
Francis, Elmer                                   
Fredrickson, Rev. Chester S. and Frances (Drake)                                             
French, Rial & Ella (Blessing) Lillie Grace                                
Froelich, Warren J. and Joyce Ann (Buchmeier)                                 
Fruh, A.M. and Mable (Lindbloom)                                         
Fry, Andrew and family                                
Frye, Gotlieb and Rosie (Adams)                                              
Frye, Freddie and Regina (Frey) families                                               
Freberg, Reb. Mervin & Linda (Dillsbaugh)                                           
Fuchs, Frank & Minnie (Musch)                                
Fugelson, Peter and Sigrid (Larsen)                                         
Fuller, Emilie                                     
Fost, Benjamin                                 
Foster, Barbara daughter of Charles Foster                                         
Fougner, Cyd. daughter of Robert and Cook in our Custer play                                  
Galvin, Francis                                  
Gallagher, Mary and John families                                           
Gamble, Wm and Tibatha (Brockelbank) families                                              
Gamblin, Rev. Lee family                                             
Gasman, Henry & Minnie (Thygeson)                                    
Gates, Mike and Van Ray                                            
Gay, Otie                                            
Gebbardt, Marvin                                           
Gelking, Victor and Alice                                              
George, John and Wally                                               
German, Clarence families                                          
Gibbens, Charley family                                               
Gilbert, Edna                                     
Gilbertson, Ola and Christie                                        
Gilbertson, Reinhart & Mathilda                                               
Gilbertson, Marcus and Helga (Helseth)                                               
Gillespie, Don                                   
Gilseth, Floyd and Edna (Kelly)                                  
Gilson, Opal (Mrs. Wally Preskey)                                            
Gjermundson, Carol (Vaagen)                                  
Glenn, Rev. Ray and Joan (Werley?)                                       
Glick, John                                         
Gobernatz, Chris family                                
Goetz, Leo and Mary Battchuck                                
Goldade, Peter and Magdalena (Lesmeister)                                     
Good, Jesse and Johanna (Larsen)                                          
Goode, Joseph                                
Gorman, Bernard and Goldie (Benton)                                 
Gowan, Bob and Betty                                 
Gowin, Harold and Ruby (Locke) family                                 
Grace, Dr. Cyril W.                                          
Graham, Billy and family                                              
Graham, William and families, Margie, etc                                           
Grainger, Norman and A. Pauline (Therol)                                           
Grandbois, Gene                                            
Grant, A.M. and Charley                                              
Graves, Chester & Evelyn (Sommerness)                                             
Gray, Rev. Joseph                                           
Gray, Herbert & Robert & C.A.                                  
Greek, Edward & Amelia (Tanberg) family                                           
Grilley, Geo. and Lester families                                               
Grinnell, Dr. E.L.                                               
Gribble, Thomas & Mary (Leamer)                                          
Gregg, Mae                                       
Griggs, Helena                                  
Grinnell, Wm and Emily (Nastor)                                              
Grissom, Eliwood and Mary (Brunson)                                  
Graver, Harold C.                                            
Gruhike, Hilda (Mrs. Frank Popech)                                        
Gunderson, Ida (Mrs. Albert Vihan)                                       
Gunning, Art and Anna                                 
Gunning, Harold and Gladys (Carlson)                                   
Gunning, Leslie and Norim (Tosset)                                        
Gunter, Rev. Win. and daughter Naomi (Mrs. Henry Morten)                                    
Guvakosky, Evangeline (Schoenberg)                                    
Gassner, John Pupil:                                      
Haakenson, Mary Pupil:                                               
Haga, Art Pupil:                                
Ham, Frank and Clara (Budha) family                                      
Haldi, Ann                                          
Hall, John (Thoreson from Norway) families                                       
Halvorson, Phillip and Alice (Siebert)                                      
Hamerly, Theodore and Alice (Bischer) Axness                                  
Hamerly, Noval son of Al                                             
Hamilton, Richard and Penelope (Wester) and family                                     
Haner, Oscar and Eva                                    
Hanna, Louis B. and Lottie (Thatcher)                                     
Hanson, Bruver                                
Hanson, Alma (Mrs. Donald Olson)                                         
Hansen, Julius and Mattie (Nelson)                                        
Hanson, Ole                                      
Hanson, Glenna                                               
Hanson, George and Julia (Halvorson)                                   
Hanson, Henry and Nellie (Dunn)                                            
Harkness, James and Jane (Finley)                                          
Harmon, Ulyssus                                             
Harper, Stella                                    
Harshman, Arthur                                           
Hartman, Bertrand                                         
Haskin, Walter and Hazel (Smith) families                                            
Harrington, Marvin and Eva                                        
Hatchard, Etta                                  
Hathaway Sisters: Avis, Beatrice, Margurita, Stella                                           
Hatlestad, Elmo                                               
Hangen, Louis and Olina (Rothe) etc. Henry, Bennie, Magnhild,                                 
Haugen, Chlarence and Marvel (Larson), Collette and Terry                                        
Hayford, Edwin and Ragna (Bakken)                                       
Haugland, Brynhild                                         
Hauser, Dominick Ch. Anna and Theresa                                              
Haven, Albert                                   
Hawn, Solomon and Ida and family                                         
Hay, Alex, Albert, George, and Jessica                                   
Hazelton, James and Bessie                                       
Healy, Edward and Effie (Cornell)                                            
Heath, Bob and Lois (Richardson)                                            
Hedger, Rueben, wife, Sanford, Gertrud, Shirley, Don,                                 
Hefter, Frank and family                                              
Heincker, Rev. Dan and Karen (Wailce)                                 
Heinge, W. wife and ch. Oswald, Oscar, Agnes                                  
Heinze, Alfred W. and Johanna (Petschke) and family                                    
Hellibust, Louise and Anna (Drivdahl)                                     
Halliwell, Robert and Olga (Aim) and family                                         
Helmers, Harry and Grace (Folker)                                          
Helsning, Theodore and Helen (Handeland) and family                                 
Helseth, Fremont Sr. and family                                               
Hembree, Robert and Eunice (Hansen)                                 
Hempel, J.W. and Ruth (Gardner)                                           
Handerson, Bert and Della (Simons)                                       
Handerson, Ray and Winnifred (Fitch) family                                      
Hensen, Mathias and Mary (Weidert) and family                                             
Hensen, Win and Katherine (Netl) and family                                    
Herbransen, Eleanor                                     
Herrick, Clinton and ALice (Johnson)                                      
Heupel, Emmanuel J. and Dianne (Specht)                                          
Hill, Charley and Katherine (Adams) and family                                 
Hill, Oliver and Fidelis (?)                                              
Hinkle, Steven and (?) (McBeth)                                              
Hinshaw, Virgil cousin of Cypert Young                                  
Hippe, Martin                                   
Moar, Helen                                      
Hobbs, Neal Son of Thomas and Helen                                  
Hoverg, Martin and Laura (Olson)                                            
Hochspring, Esther dau. of Wm and Bertha                                         
Hochstetle, Carl and Evelyn (Yoder)                                        
Hodgins, Joseph and Olive G.                                    
Hoffine, Lyla                                      
Hoffman, Jacob and (?) (Grant)                                
Hoffman, Charley "White Hawk" and wife Carolette (Smith)                                       
Hoke, Dr. Roy and Hertha (Guenther) son of Charles and Dora(Landen)                                
Holbach, John and Margaret                                      
Holbin, Will E. and (7) (Hubbart) [editor of Lansford Leader]                                        
Holbrook, W. J. and Mattie (Randolph)                                 
Holconib, Henry and Sarah (Hoffman)                                   
Hollinger, John family                                    
Hollinger, John and Rose family                                
Holmes, Dr. Frank L. and wife Lucile                                        
Holmes, Ole and Anna (Nienaber) families                                          
Holter, Arthuer and Celine (St. Croix)                                     
Hooke, John and Gretha (Peterson)                                       
Homer, Lloyd and Ella (Jacobson) Parents: Pat and Anna (Sullivan)
Hoskins, Bertha (Charter) cousin of Nova Preskey                                           
House, Stella (Holcomb)                                              
Howell, C.S.                                       
Hubbard, Edward and Juanda (Gibbaney)                                            
Hubbard, Elmer L. and Vivian (Dwyer) family                                      
Hubbard, Ralph son of Elbert and Bertha                                              
Hoffman,George and Ella (Wallen)                                          
Hoffman, Jacob dau. Mildred                                    
Holzenga, Art and Sarah families                                              
Humphrey, J.H.                                
Hunt, Myron and Helen                                               
Hunt, Andy and Wilda (Bradley)                                               
Hunt, Claude (son of Joseph) and Lena (Adams)                                               
Hustad, Erick and Gunhild, (Romnis) family                                         
Hawe, Richard and Takela (Schnieder)                                   
Innis, Ben and Jane (Miller)                                        
Inwood, Ella                                      
Irgens, Fred                                       
Irons, -- and Ellen                                            
Irwin, Sam and Jane (Curtis)                                       
Irwin, Neal and Lillie (Walker)                                    
Irwin, Rev. Win. and Alice (Williams)                                       
Isachson, Jill                                      
Ilverson, Irvey and Ruth (Milkey)                                             

Box 2:
Jabs Paul and Frieda (Marshall)-Oberon and Tolley, ND
Jazwiak, Jacob and Jonanna- Tolley, ND, Trenton, MT, Carrington, ND
Jacobsen, Carl T and eight sons-Minot, ND
Jacobson, Elven and Tessie (Groves)-Carpio, ND, Spokane, WA
Jacobson, Heliner and Marie (Bly)-Mohall, ND                                   
Jandl, Steven and Barbara (Krueger) family-Sawyer, ND                                               
Jelleberg, Anna and Husband Alfred Gray family-Bottineau, ND                                
Jelleberg, Hilina and Husband George Graff-Bottineau, ND, Duluth, MN
Jenkins, Geo. and Emmeline (Howe) family-Glenburn, ND
Jennejohn, Charles and Mamie Family-rural Glenburn, ND
Jensen, Ernest and Rohdine (Nelsen) family-Kenmare, ND
Jensen, Myrtle and husband Donald Foster-Mohall, ND
Jensen, Theo family-Kenmare, ND
Jensan, Wilbur and Bervella Lafferty fainilies-Mohall, ND
Jesson, Hazel and husband Kenneth Erickson family-Velva, Carpio, ND
Jevnager, Anton (?) Ador A. family-Villard, Towner, ND
Jevne, Peter and wife Brith (Lunke) family-Newberg, Russell, ND
Johansen, Laurits and wife Laura (Kelner) family-rural Mohall, ND
Johnson, Alfred and wife Nora Maude (Perkins) family-Glenburn, ND
Johnson, Alice and husband R.L.Simon-Sherwood, ND
Johnson, Art and Gladys-Minot, ND
Johnson, Axel and wife Clara Johnson-Minot and Pleasant, ND
Johnson, Axel and wife Mathilda (Anderson)-Tolley, Minot, ND
Johnson, Einar fainily-Mohall, ND and Ferndale, WA
Johnson, Emery F. son of John Johnson-Lansford, ND, Cutbank, MT
Johnson, Emily "Emmeline", Hannah, Hilda, Ida-teachers in Lansford
Johnson, Florence (Nodar) husband Peary Johnson-Maxbass, ND
Johnson, Gust and wife Borgerson family-Mohall and Minot, ND
Johnson, Oscar and wife Jeanette (Ritters)-Tolley, Lansford, ND
Johnson, James and wife Ida (Colton)-Burlington, ND
Johnson, Jerrold and Breinnie (Skoczylas)-Norma and Kenmare, ND
Johnson, Johan and Minnie (Schroeder)-Mohall and Minot, ND
Johnson, John C., "bachelor"-Van Buren Twp., Glenburn, ND
Johnson, John M. and wife Anna (Bang)-Lansford, Glenburn, ND
Johnson, John and wife Ida (Johnson)-Hamlet Twp., Mohall, ND
Johnson, Melvin and Ruth (Shaver)-Norma and Sherwood, ND
Johnson, Myron, dau. May it Vansickle, see Johnson--Donnybrook, ND
Johnson, Oscar and Jeanette (Ritter)-area of Mohall and Lansford
Johnson, Paul and Marilyn "Gay" (Johnson)-Sherwood, ND, AK, and HI
Johnson, Rolland and Neltah (Copeland)-Glenburn,ND, Bloomington, MI
Johnson, Victor-Grano, ND
Johnston, Andy and Alice (Cooper)-Glenburn, ND
Johnston, Berl-Lansford, ND
Jones, Harold and Sylvia (Sears)-Mohall, ND ~rural area
Jones, Lavonna & husband Duane Kartl-Watford City, Minot, Williston
Jones, Paul and Collette (Haugen)-Minot, ND
Jones, Paul and Goldie (Martin)-Sherwood, ND
Jones, Ronald and Letha (Price)-Minot AFB, ND, Aurora, CO
Jordet, Anton and Gunder-Mohall, ND
Jorgensen, Viktor and Bessie (Reed)-Denmark, Lorraine, Antler, Westhope, ND
Joslyn, Clyde and dau Margaret-McKinney and Minot, ND
Kallia, John Jr.-Minot, ND
Kalvoda, Brenda-Mandan, ND
Kappadahl, Albert and Alliene (Tovey)-Lorraine & Mohall, ND
Kauffman, Rev. Floyd and Ida (Troyer)-Surrey, ND
Kauffman, Harold Yoder-Surrey, ND
Kauffman, W.T. and Elma (Harris)-Kenmare and Minot, ND
Kaylor, Bessie and husband Allen Allison-Mohall, ND, Duane, CA~ twin brother Allen Allison
Keck, Jay and Nellie (Ray)-Sherwood, ND, Sioux City, IA, Independence, MO
Keith, Oran and Audrey (Anderson)-Sherwood, ND
Keller, John and Margaret (Sauer)-Foxholm, ND
Keller, Wilson and Emma (Jenkins)-Glenburn, ND
Kellogg, Mark-news reporter-Bismarck, ND
Kelly, Georgia and husband James P. Flynn-Westhope, ND
Kelly, Clark and Caroline (Nixon) family-Mohall, ND
Kelly, Stanley and Minnie (Mclntyre)-Westhope, ND
Kennedy, Rev. Dan and Carolyn-Minot, ND & Blackwell, OK
Keogh-Brooks Ranch-McKenzie Co., ND. Brooks and Betty Coune, Williston, ND
Ketham, Giles and Neva (Vance)-Lorraine, ND
Keup, William and Margaret (Moser)-Mohall, ND
Keysor, Ronald and Marla (Hellman)-Minot and Mandan, ND
Kidder, Worden and Barbara (Kauffman)-Minot, ND, Sun City, AZ
Kiedrowsky, Albert and Anna (Hefter)-Sherwood & Devils Lake, ND
Kilber, Martin and Amalia (Lauf)-Hazen, ND
Kiliper, Bob-Antler, ND and Hadlyme, CN
Kimball, Donald and Jennie (Coulthart)-Minot, ND
Kinyon, Wade-Minot, ND
Kingsley, Richard and Coleen (Wade)-Mohall, ND
Kirkelie, Sidney and Clara (Sanden)-Donnybrook, ND
Kirkelie family-Burlington, ND
Kittelson, Dr. John-Wisconsin, Tolley, ND, Yankton, SD
Kjelstrom, Carl-Poet-Rugby, ND
Kjonas, Bernice and husband Douglas Ellingson-Mohall, ND
Kjonas, Halvor and Ole-Mohall and Glenburn, ND
Kjos, Martin and Dorothy (Hoefer)-Sherwood, ND
Kline, Wallace and dau.Susan Domitrovich-Minot, ND
Klinner, Carl and Clara (Becktold)-Minot, ND
Klosterman families-area of Glenburn and Minot, ND
Knapstad, Andrew and Hazel (Johnson)-area of Minot, ND
Knight, James and Hilda (Johnson)-Lansford, ND
Knight, John "Al" and Iva (Limke)-Lansford and Minot, ND
Knight, Willis and family-Lansford, ND
Knopfler, August and Esther (Mickelberry) Wunder-Mohall, Lansford,ND, Kalispell, MT
Knowlton, Lem and Doris (Manner)-Sherwood, ND
Knox, Orris and Elna (Knutson)-Sherwood, ND
Knox, Herman and Elesha (Hollingsworth)-Minot, ND
Knudson, Knud and Annie-Sherwood, ND
Knudson, Joe and Ingeborg (Vasenden)-Tolley, ND
Knudson, Dr. Knute and Marie (Asplund)-Glenburn, ND
Koetter, John Herman and THeresa (Klosterinan)-Glenburn, ND
Kolbo, Kevin fainily-Mohall, ND
Kouba, Rusty-Minot, ND
Kranelka, Ellis and Eliza (Souther)-wildrose and Kenmare, ND
Krause, George and Julia (Newbauer)-Sherwood, ND
Kreae, Walter and Leah CGoebel)-Minot, ND rural Sherwood
Kristvick, Hans family & dau Eva-Minot, ND area
Kruckenberg, Fred and Katherine (Harning)-Krem and Stanton, ND
Krueger, Helen and Melvin Beckdahl-Sherwood, ND
Krzebetkowski, Julius and Ava (Soldatke)-Sherwood, ND
Kuhl, Adolph and Mae (Fulton)-Mohall, ND, Seattle, WA
Kunkel families in Minot, Surrey, Norwich areas.
Kvamen, Sondres story of Montivedeo, MN to Minot, ND area
LaBar, David and Jolene (Bell)-Birchwood, WI, Sidney, MT, Minot, ND
Lacey, Will and Minnie-Edina, MN and Minot, ND
La Crosse, David and Mary (Carpentier)-Loraine, ND
Lade, Frand and 7-Waterford Twp., Ward Co., Ruthville, ND
Lagorin, Frank and Agnes (Ekstroin)-Kenmare, ND
Lain, Howard and Beryl (Beebee) Rutherford-Minot, ND
Lakefield, George and Cora (Armstrong)-Sherwood, ND
Lambert, Frank and Marguerite-Foxholm, ND
Lamoureaux, Joe and Celina (Cadieux)-Quebec, Canada, Minot, ND
Lamphere, J.P. and Gertrude (Huff, Kopp?)-Glenburn/Lansford, ND
Land, Nels and Gesine (Holland), Gus & Selma-Horace, Mohall, ND
Lane, Thomas family-Solin,IN, Salem, IN, Lansford, ND
Langer, William and Lydia-Casselton, ND
Larkin, Oyd and Byrdie (Mockler)-Minot, ND
Larkin, Michael and Ruby (Jevne) and son Larry-Lansford, ND
Larsen, J.J. family-Benedict, ND, Bourbaunois, IL
Larsen, John and Loraine family-rural Mohall, ND
Larson, Arnold and Christine (Strand) family-rural Sherwood, ND
Larson, Beverly (Arneson)-Antler and Sherwood, ND
Larson, Carl and Caroline (Anderson)-Grassland Twp., Renville Co.
Larson, Carl and Oluf-St. Carl (SE of Minot near Logan)
Larson, Chris and Julia-Minot, ND. Christine and Carrie Kopp)
Larson, Clayton and Edythe (McLain)-Mohall and Minot, ND
Larson, Elwin and Agnes Smetana-Lansford and Minot, ND
Larson, Gilbert and Edna (Mattern)-Loraine and Mohall, ND
Larson, Joseph and Cora (Jordre)-Glenburn, ND
Larson, Sam and Ella-rural Sherwood, ND
Larson, Lars and Kjerston families: Adrian, Hans, Hemming, Lars,Martin, Peter-Bottineau area, Minot, ND
Larson, LaVern and Madeline, dau. Lynae-Foxholm, ND
Larson, LeRoy and Helma (Olson)-Bottineau, ND and Everette, WA
Larson, Melvin and Margaret (Lafferty) -Albert Lee, MN, Sherwood, ND
Larson, Oluf and O.J.--Washburn and Villard, ND
Larson, Owen--Minot, ND
Larson, Ted and Ada (Otto)-Mohall and Lansford, ND
Laskowski, Joe and dau. Carrie-Ruthville, ND
Lathrope, Lon-Danville, IA
Latimer, Lowell and Ann-Minot, ND
Lauf, Robert and Lela (Sailp) family-Krem and Hazen, ND
Laumeyer, Louis and (Short)--Mohall, ND
Laux-Bacchard, Lynds
La Ville, LeRoy and Shirley (Frazer) family-Port Orchard, WA,Minot, ND
Lee, Belina and husband Albin Broden--Carpic, Opping, Williston, ND
Lee, Ted and Alma (Olson) family-Minot, ND
Lehman, Paul-Glenburn, ND
Leikvold, Peter and family-Oicorah, IA, Lansford, ND
Leitzke, Alvin and Anna (Smetana)-Lansford and Minot, ND
Lemere, Floyd and Mary-Minot, ND
Lewis, Wesley and Ann (Rose)-Mohall, ND and Eugene, OR
Lielke, Walter and Mary Lou (Holines)-Lansford, ND, McAllister, MT
Lillenos, Haldor and 1st wife Bertha (Wilson)-Carpio, ND, Kansas City, KS
Limke, John and Mary (Nazuor) family-Lansford, ND
Lindlauf, Nils (dau. TilDe-Mrs. A.R. Foster)-McKinney, Lansford,ND
Lindsay, Alexander and William M.-Glenburn and Cando, ND
Lindsay, Michael and Judy (Jacobs)-Peoria, IL and Minot, ND
Littler, Francis-Glenburn, ND, Assinabora, Sask. Canada
Livingston, Edwin and Freda (Nelson) family-rural Minot, ND
Livingston, Gunder and Nellie (Hathaway) families-Minot, ND
Lizotte, Stephen and Adel, dau.m. A. M. Dionne-Belcourt, Mohall, ND
Lock, Ben and Sarah (Street) family-Packwood, IA and Loraine, ND
Loeffelbein, Linda (in. Pat Lynch)-Minot, ND
Loerch, Henry and Mary-Lansford, ND
Loftesnes, Arnold and Anna (Salvey)-Velva, Kenmare, Mohall, ND
Lohse, Gust and Emelia (Aiken)-Mohall, ND
Loken, Jerome and Emelia (Siemens) family-Dysart, IA, Mohall, ND
Loomis, Everett and family (Seger) family-Sherwood, Mohall, ND, Vancouver, WA
Lord, Dr. B.-Glenburn, ND
Lorenzen, James and Margaret (McCrory) family-Mohall, ND
Loughead, Ernest and Ruth (Combs) family-Mohall, ND
Loughead, Harry and Edna (Gustafson)-ortonville, MN, Minot, ND
Loveland, James and Etta (Ruch) families-Minot and Glenburn, ND
Lowe, James and Clarie (Mattson)-Minot, ND
Lowman, Dennis and Denise (Dahl)-Bismark, Minot, ND
Lowry, Thomas and Ethel tamily-Bismarck, ND
Lubenow, Wayne and Rosie family-Fargo, ND
Lucksinger, Jacob and Dorothea (Christian) families-Humbolt, IA, Surrey, ND
Luck, Ben family-Minot, ND
Luddington, Ellen and husband Edmund Hamel-Maxbass, Mohall, ND
Ludke, August-Muskego Twp., Foxholm, ND
Lueke, Richard and Thelma-Minot, ND
Lund, Androes and Maren (Westerguaard)-Denmarck and Mohall, ND
Lund, Gilbert and Nettie (Selberg) family-Granville, Minot, ND
Lundby, ALbert and Amelia-Sherwood, ND and Billings, MT
Lundeen, Andrew and Marie I. (Stromstad)-Sherwood, ND
Lynch, John and Mary (Maloney)-Willmar, MN and Minot, ND
Lynnes, John and Ingeborg (Bratterud)-Rollette and Minot, ND
Lytle, Glen and Jennie (Davis)-Broken Bow, NE
McAllister, Bradley and Ella (Hay) (see Knight)-Lansford, ND
McCain, Henry-Mohall, ND
McCarson, Hans-Lansford, ND
McCauley, Elizabeth (Mrs. Geo. Westra)-St. Cloud, MN, Lansford, ND
McCauley, Jane (Mrs. Gus Johnson)-Lansford, ND
McClung, W.L. and Pearl (Peterson)-Mohall, Kenmare, ND & Laguna Hills
McConnell, J. Ed and Ruth-Minot, ND Enumclau, WA
McCormick, Leslie and Luina M. (Overung)-Mohal, ND Palm Springs, CA
McCormick, Francis and Agnes (Blesner)-Minot, ND and around the world
McCormick, Nannie (See Sharp, Mrs. John)-Glenburn, ND
McCrory, James and Francis (Krzebethowski)-Sherwood, ND
McCutcheon, Chester and Amanda (Hellebust)-Tolley, ND
McDaniel, Garry and Kathy (Berg)-Minot, ND
McDonald, Yvonne-Jamestown, ND
McElvain, Marvin and Viola (Engel)-Denhoff, Minot, ND Phoenix, AZ
McElvain, John and Mary-Lansford, ND
McGinley, John and Ella-Cumberland, WI, Minot and Stanley, ND
Mcllroy, Edwin U.S. and Ida A. (Cooley)-Prescott, WI, Glenburn, ND
McKay, Samuel and Edith-Minot, ND Fergus Falls, MN
McKone, Mary E.-Churchs Ferry & Minot, ND
McLain, John and Leona CSchroeder)-Mohall and Minot, ND
McLaughlin, Donald and Eleanor-superior, WI, Minot, ND
McLean, LeRoy and Thelma (Wiliainson)-Lansford, ND
McLeod, "Sandy" Alexander and Margaret "Maqgie"-Lansford, ND
McLeod, "Jack" "Little Mac"-Minot, Stanley, Flasher, ND
McNabb, Sylvester and Esther (Brodersaa)-Glenburn, ND
McIntyre, Jay and Carol (Iverson)-Mohall, ND Grand Island, NE
Mahle, Gory and Carrie-Bergen Norway, Glenburn, ND
Mahnke, Robert and Jessie (Gallagher)-Edsen, Kenmare, Mohall, ND
Malm, Reed and Marianne (Connor)-Minot, ND
Mallory, Amelia, David, James-Glenburn, ND
Mansfield, Will-Jamestown and Minot, ND
Mar, Michelle and husband Steven J. Goeche-Minot, ND
Maragos, George and Constance-Greece, Minnesota, Minot, ND
Marjoribanks, Coutts and sister Ishbel and brother Archie-England, Towner, ND
Markel, Gottlieb and Susie (Adams)-Glenburn and Minot, ND
Markeley, W.B. and Harmon, Forrest, J.W. Viola (Harmos, Hanks) Granville, ND
Markillie, William and Bertha (Dayton)-Pow Pow, MI Glenburn, ND
Markuson, Jens and Pauline (Kearness)-Grano, ND
Marten, Earl and Sylvia (Yoder)-Surrey and rural Minot, ND
Martin, Henry and Naomi (Gunter)-Mohall and Des Lacs, ND
Martinson, Sam and Carrie-Minot, ND
Massath, Frank P. and Bertha (Edward)-Lancaster, Cass and Fillmore town sites
Matson, Lawrence and Mabel (Sharp)-rural Glenburn, ND
Mattern, "Mathern". Wilhelm and Kari Olson-Bryant, SD Renville County, ND
Mattern, Dean-Renville Co., Bottineau Co., ND
Mattson, Steven-Minot, ND
Maxinillian, Prince A.P.-Germany, St. Louis, MO Fort Clark, ND
May, Ruben and Viola (Kuth)-rural Mohall, ND
May, Flavius-Minot, ND
Maupin, Jewis and Maude (Moore)-Browlngton, MO, Minot, ND
May, Samuel and Emma (McIler)-rural Lansford, ND
Mayer, Fred and Myrna (Gowin)-rural Glenburn, ND
Mayer, Ora and husband Leonard Fisher-Mohall, ND
Mayfield, James and Lori (Ely)-Biloxi, MI, Minot, ND
Mead, Eugene-Lockwood twp., Renville Co., ND
Mehl, Heliner-Kief and Minot, ND
Mehta, Sudesh (Sharma)-India, Minot, ND
Melby, Nils (Olson) wife Hildis (Swenson), Benson, G.-MN and Minot
Melby, Ruth and husband Carl H. Hovery-Minot and Fargo, ND
Melin, Ole and Johanna (Lindquist)-Litchfield, MN Norma, ND
Melin, Amos and Ada (Anderson)-Meiker Co., MN Norma, ND
Menard, Old "Montreal Peddler", 1776 Mouse River Loop, Canada and USA
Meredith, Vernon and Ardith-O.K. Minot AFE, ND
Metz, Ronald-Ft. Meyer FL, Minot AFE, ND
Meyers, Henry, Fred, Win., James-Glenburn and Buford, ND, TX
Michelson, Don and Darlene (Zimbelman)-Minot, ND, Eugene, OR
Mickleberry, Frank and Alice (Burke)-Blairtown, MO Mohall, ND
Mickelson, Martin and Pam (Torgerson)-Glenburn and Minot, ND
Middendorf, Urban and Genevieve (Linnertz)-rural Lansford, ND
Milkey, Carl and Augusta (Smith)-warsaw and Minot, ND
Miller, Allie and Sophia (Emerson)-Grano, ND
Miller, Dwight and Lyda (Busta)-Pennsylvania and Minot, ND
Miller, Luella (husband Walter Hurlbert)-Eckman, ND Kelliker, MN
Miller, Gordon "Tom" and Darlene (Burns)-Minot, ND
Mills, Walter and Cecelia (Murrey)-Sioux City, IA Minot, ND
Mills, Ella and family-Velva and Minot, ND
Miner, Hazel-Oliver County ND
Minot, Henry son of Wm and Katherine (Sidgwich)-Roxbury, MA
Moberg, John and Minnie (Johnson)-Farwell, MN, Mohall, ND
Moen, Elmer and Ingeborg-Velva, ND
Moldenhauer, Clyde and Carol-Minot, ND
Moler, Clayton, Fred and T.C.-Lansford, ND
Momdrak, Vilhelm and Odelia (Dahl)-Park River and Minot, ND
Montgomery, Harold and wife Esther-Ortonville, MN and Minot, ND
Moody, Dwight L.-Northfield, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL
Moon, Hazel (Mrs. H.E. Byorum)-Ortonville, MN, Minot, ND
Morin, Amelia-Belcourt, ND
Morris, John and Hattie (Wichman)-Tolley, ND
Morris, Walter F. families-Blame Twp., Lansford, ND
Morrison, A. B. and Celia Conboy-rural Sherwood, ND
Mortenson, Gunner and Tillie (Reiiner)-Arnegard, ND                                   
Mortensen, Ole and Christina (Rehm) families-Mohall, ND
Mostad, Thorwald and Gunhild (Mostad)-Sacred Heart, MN and Minot
Mowry, George and Grace (Nelson)-Mohall, ND and North Platte, NE
Mueller, Lawrence and Helen (Anne)--Mohall, ND, Blackduck, MN
Muir, Michael and Alice (Leonard)-Melrose, MN and Minot, ND;
Mull, W.C. and wife-Glenburn, ND
Mullin, Patrick and Elzabeth (Krzebethowskm)-rural Sherwood, ND
Mulvaney, James and Elizabeth-Park Falls, MN, Lansford, ND
Mutch, James and Catherine (Fisher)-Mansing, MI and Sherwood, ND
Muttoren, John and family-Minot, ND
Myers, Charlie and May (Dillie)-PN, Ontario, Mahnomen, MN
Myers, Josiah and Lydia (Mudge)-Holland, Canada, NY, MI, Glenburn
Nedrud, A.C. and Petra (Listerud)-Tolin, Norway; Sacred Heart, MN and Minot, ND
Nelson, Axel W.s dau. Sister Vera-rural Mohall, Haas cemetery
Nelson, Elmer and Dorothy (Bearman)-Velva, Minot, ND and South American countries
Nelson, Fred W. families-Kenmare, ND area
Nelson, Rev. Lars and Julia-Canby, MN, rural Lansford, ND
Nelson, Nels M. and Severine (Stone)-Chikio, MN and rural Minot
Nelson, Nels P. and Ingeborg (Elven)-Mohall, ND
Nelson, Oscar and Selma (Nelson)-rural Minot son & dau of Edward Nelson
Nelson, Pete and Ella (Bonderson)-Anoka, MN, rural Mohall, ND
Nelson, Roland and Clara (Berg)-sec.36 rural Mohall (Son of Edward and Mary)
Nelson, Thor and Cecelia-of Eds Mary (Besta and Tom and Inga Hanson)
Nelson, Victoria (Anderson) Mrs. Ernest, Dunn and Mercer Counties and Minot, ND
Nelson, Walter and Florence (Magnusson)-Wheaton Twp., Norma, ND
Ness, Karen and husband Charley Schwan-Minot, ND
Ness, Olaf and Mary (Wert)-Zumbrola, MN Stafford Twp., Norma, ND
Ness, Olav O.-Ensign Twp. rural Glenburn, ND
Neubauer, Alma (Eckhardt)-rural Sherwood, ND
Neukum, Henry John-rural Glenburn, ND
Neville, Jack and Ethel-6 miles s. of Antler, ND
Newgard, Tom and Patricia (Burchardt)-Moorhead, MN
Newhall, Mary (Mrs. Rev. Franklin Shaw)-Knox, ND, Iowa, Glendale,CA
Newhouse, Garrett and Ethel (McFarlane)-rural Sherwood, ND
Newton, Vernon and Annette (LaVille)-Springfield, OH and Minot
Nice, Karen (Mrs. Michael Wolf)-Minot, ND
Nickleson, Nickolaus and Josephine (Thompson)-Bottineau and Minot
Niewenhouse, Lyle and Carol (Runholdt)-Garrison, ND
Nissen, William and son Rev. Elwyn-Van Hook, Sherwood and Mohall
Noltimier, John W.-Glenburn, ND and Excelsior, MN
Nordin, Milton and Hildur-Minot, ND Longview, WA
Norcihil, Einar and Helen Langbell (widow)-Mohall and Minot
Norris, Chaucy and Elise (Dutton)-Hastings, NE and Minot, ND
Norsby, Frances and Alice-Deering and Minot, ND, Palo Alto, CA
Nutter, Myrtle-Glenburn, ND and St. Francis, MN
Oberg, Andrew and Marie (Engebretson)-Sweden, Ryder, ND
Oberholtzer, Lloyd and Nellie (Kay)-Peoria, IL and Mohall, ND
OBrien, Julia and husband Clem Bradley-Glenburn, ND
O'Cain, Elwood and Ada (Loftiss)-White Earth, ND
O'Connell, Joyce and husband Gerald Seykora-Devils Lake, Glenburn
Odell, Benajher and Archie families-Markill and Glenburn, ND
OKeeffe, John-Lansford, ND
OLeary, Joseph and Marie (Gruenberg)-Edgefield, SC and Glenburn
Oler, Maurice and Luella (Seibel)-Alden, IA, Minot, ND
Olson, Albert and Mina (Knutson)-Mohall, ND
Olson, Clarence and Irene (Huftman)-Mohall, ND
Olson, Clifford and Olive (Bjelland)-Carpio and Glenburn, ND
Olson, Elma (Thorson)-Moorhead, MN
Olson, Esther and husband Samuel Aalund-Mohall, ND
Olson, Fred-Muskego Twp, ND
Olson, Jens and Lena (Bredvik)-Norway, rural north Minot, ND
Olson, John
Paff, W. J. and Laura-Billings, MT McKinney, ND
Page, Vera (Nimmons)-Granville and Minot, ND
Palmer, Bertha family history-Devils Lake and Bismarck, ND
Palmer, Herbert "Gene" families-Iowa, Glenburn, ND
Pancerzemski, Bruno C. families-Waseca, MN White Earth, Minot
Paris, Ed and Ida (Fredrickson)-Mohall, ND
Parke, Theodore P.-Canton, SD Minot, ND
Parker, Clarence and Lottie-Lansford, ND
Parker, E. E. (violinist)-Lansford, ND
Parris, Warren and Irene (Hoffman)-Grano and Minot, ND
Peglow, Herman and Alta (Pettibone)-Renwick, IA Glenburn, ND
Pepke, Emil J. and Carolyn (Budke)-Wausau, WI Minot, ND
Perkins, Clifton and Betty family-Mayville and Fargo, ND
Perkins, J. 0.-Devils Lake, ND
Perry, Dr. David, Judge-Fargo, ND
Person, Ole and Anna (Christenson Nelson) families-Greene and Tolley, ND
Petermann, Fred and Anna (Mau)-Kenmare, ND
Peters, Irvin and Mary (Bugard)-Harvey, Glenburn, ND
Peters, Frederick and Fannie (Pendroy)-Towner, ND
Peterson, Hans "Pete" and Mary (Jorgensen)-Denmark and Lansford
Peteron, Lee-Minot, ND
Pettys, Frank and wife-Reynolds, Minot, ND
Phillips, George and sons Earl and Gary-rural Lansford, ND
Phillips, Howard and Ruth (Hawkins)-Mohall, ND Goshen, IN
Phillips, John and Emma (Clappen) families-Mo and rural Glenburn
Phillips, Lois Hudson author of ND novel and stories. "11 of WA", Fargo, Washburn
Phillips, Olivia and husband Andrew Korg-rural Glenburn, Bisbee
Picard, Joseph and Elsie-Bottineau and Lansford, ND
Pierson, Ernest and Florence (Siljenberg)-Makoti and Minot, ND
Pike, Devila and Hattie-Minot, ND and Canada
Piper, John and Beatrice (Robold)-Lansford, ND
Plank, D. C. and Minnie--Minot, ND
Plecker, Edward and Mary (Shorter)-Maxbass, ND
Plummer, Beulah-Minot, ND
Podruchny, Emil and Lillian (Wetmur)-Minot, ND
Poland, Wilson 5.-Callahen twp. Renville County
Potts, Richard and Charleen (Milton)-Springfield, MO New Town, ND
Pounds, Earl-Minot area and Gooding, ID
Powell, John and Jane and descendants, England
Powers, Walter and Earl-Lockwood twp. rural Lansford, ND
Presler, Henry and Emma (Sayler)--Java, SD Garrison, ND
Purcell, Families of Mary Ann and husband Richard Anderson Larimore, ND
Pursell, Sam and John families-rural Lansford, ND
Putney, Corliss (Berg)-Minot, ND
Prange, Bertha wife of Louis Herzberg-Ivanhoe Twp, rural Carpio, ND
Prohl, Minnie-clenburn, ND
Peterson, Ole and Annie (Peterson) changed to Blackstead
Pfundheller, Henry and wife (Metzges)--Burlington, Van Hook, Parshall
Quam, Sever and Alice (Lucksinger)-Luvern, IA, Minot, ND
Questad, Lawrence, Jacob and Ingvolg-Muskego Twp. Tolley, ND
Racine, Gene and Mary (Miller)-Maxbass and Minot, ND
Ramey, Debra (Mrs. Mark Johnson)-Minot, ND
Ramsdell, Gerald and Carol (Taylor)-York and Surrey, ND
Ramstad, Erik and wife-Norway, Albert Lea, MN Minot, ND
Ramstad, Peder and Marie (Legvold)-Ryder and Minot, ND
Randall, Joseph Claude and Hattie (Winter)-Bancroft, IA and Glenburn, ND
Randash, Joetta Kay and Robert Williams-Mohall, ND
Rasmuson, Duane and Dorothy (Lucksinger)-Surrey, ND
Redding, Rueben and Hattie (Mills)-Sawyer and Minot, ND
Redmond, Lee and Betty (Niclai)-Devils Lake and Mohall, ND
Reed, Jay E. and Leta (Feldt)-Peoria, IL and Mohall, ND
Reed, Lenore (Morrow)-Glenburn, ND
Reed, Thomas and Orvilla-Lansford, ND
Reighart, William Henry-Lansford, ND Los Angeles, CA
Reinholdt, Rasinus Peter and Martin families-Velva, Sawyer, ND
Relnholdt, Donald and Alice (Foss)-Sawyer and Ray, ND
Reiquam, Sherman and Irene (Rikala)-Hibbing, MN and Glenburn, ND
Reishus, Rev. Torgus and Ellen (Brun)-Yellow Medicine Co. MN, Minot
Renz, Ernest-Lansford, ND
Resjkjalin, E. H.--Iceland, Sherwood, ND
Rhoads, Emory and Mary Frances (Phillips)-Glenburn, ND
Richardson, Charles and Clara (Black)-Ada Rapids, IA Lansford, ND
Richle, Ferdinand and John
Reibe, Johna and Esther (Robinson) dau Pam-Minot, ND
Riede, Carlos and Rosangela (Hoff) family-Brazil, Provo, UT, Fargo,
Rikansrud, Lawrence and Leola (Blowers)-Lansford, ND
Rickansrud, Sam family-Lansford, ND
Riley, James W. and Mary-Lansford, ND
Ritchey, Arthur and Ann (Lock)-PA, IA Sherwood, ND
Ritchie, John A.--rural Lansford, ND
Roberts, David and Beatrice (Soper)-Minot and Dickinson, ND
Roberts, Harry-Amidon, ND
Robinson, Greg-Minot, ND
Robinson, Pearl Olive-Lorraine, ND
Robinson, William and Anna (Bale) family-St. Louis, MO and Garrison
Roble, Inga Marie and Everette (Denprey)-Sherwood, Bottineau, ND Long Beach, CA
Rockman, Myra-Donnybrook and Minot, ND
Rodsater, Norma-Mohall, ND Watertown, MA
Rodriguez, George and Betty (Rachley)-TX and Minot, ND
Roen, Anne and Sarah-Lansford, ND
Rogers, Edythe and husband Martin Rectoris-Minot, ND Concord, CA
Rohrer, Lawrence and Doris (Bauer)-Grano and Minot, ND
Rohrer, Rowland and Mable (Strandberg)-Grano and Minot, ND
Roise, David and Karen (Gowan)-Berthold and Minot, ND
Roisum, Albert and Anna (Bakke)-sherwoocl and Grand Forks, ND
Roles, Henry and Ann (Pritschet)-Glenburn and Minot, ND
Rolle, Janel-Minot, ND
Ronna, C.O. and Julia (Thompson)-Norway, Starbuck, MN Minot, ND
Ronning, Olaf and wife-Mohall, ND
Roosevelt, Teddy-New York, Medora, ND
Rossow, Frank and Elizabeth (Rodehuhr)-rural Sherwood, Norman, ND
Roth, Christian-Norway, Glenwood, MN Bottineau, ND
Rothgarn, Gus and Tillie (Erdman)-Germany, Rochester, MN Glenburn,
Rouse, William H. and Charlotte-Jackson Co. MN Glenburn, ND
Roswick, Henry and dau.s Mary Jo and Karen-Minot, ND
Routledge, George and Myrtle (Townsend) families-Seaforth, Ontario and Lansford, ND
Routledge, Roy-Lansford, ND
Rowan, Robert-Roosevelt Park area of Minot, ND
Rowe, Dr.s Arthur and Paul and Joe Kiffer-Minot, ND Baltimore, MD,California
Ruman, Floyd and Minnie (Russell)-Velva and Minot, ND
Running, J.A. and wife-Lansford, ND
Ruth, Victor, Thomas, Herbert and W.A.-Velva and Bowbells, ND
Rutherford, Will and Jean (Rutherford) Martin-Minot, ND and Seattle, WA
Ryan, PErcy and Fern (Nelson)-Mohall, Kenmare and Minot, ND
Ryggs, J. Marie-Bemidji, MN and Long Beach, CA
Sagsveen, Murray-Lansford, ND
Sakakawea-Mandan Village, ND
Samuelson House-Minot, ND
Sanders, John and Elizabeth (Peterson) families-Waterford Twp.,Ward Co., ND
Sanders, Rachel W. (wife of Frank or Forrest L.)-Minot, ND
Sanderson, Charles and Sophie (Rude)-rural Sherwood, ND
Sanstead, Wayne-Minot, ND
Sanstrom, Alfred-Glenburn, ND
Sauer, Harold and Marilyn (Leitzke)-Lansford and Glenburn, ND
Sauer, Joseph P. and Mary E. (Chapdelaine)-Mushego Twp. Glenburn
Saugstead, Stanley-rural Minot, ND
Sausker, Sophus and Dora (Jorgenson) and sons Henry and Walter Maxbass, ND
Savelkoul, Henry and Mary (Davis) families-Lansford, ND
Sawyer, Willis-Lansford, ND
Scofield, Arthur family-Minot, ND
Scott, James W.-Van Buren twp. and Lansford, ND
Scripture, Frank R.-Glenburn, ND
Schaeffer, Marcellus and Lois (Hedberg)-Goebles, MI Glenburn, ND
Scharfe, Charles and Susie (Quast)-Glenburn, ND
Schelling, Frank and Edward families-rural Mohall, ND
Schell, Melvin and Evelyn (Sampson)--Antler, ND Minot, ND
Schimmelpfennig, Herman and Lydia (Sade)-Waterford Twp. rural Minot
Schmidt, Edwin-rural Sherwood, ND;
Schmidt, Fred son of John Schmidt and Franciska (Allen)-Minot, ND
Schmidt, Herbert and Irene (Kenz)-Bottineau and Minot, ND
Schneider, Ralph and Ann (Jennings)-Minot, ND and Harlem, MT
Schneiderman, Herman and Dora-Tolley and Kenmare, ND
Schoenwald, Larry-Minot, ND
Schomber, Logan and Mary-Burlington, ND
Schroeder, Julius and Lena (Sommers)-MN and Mohall, ND
Schrupp, John and Bertha (Brockey)-rural Glenburn, ND Granite Falls, MN
Schumacker, Stanley family-Ottowa, Ontario Renville and McHenry Counties, ND
Seaton, Frank-Macon, Saskatchewan, Glenburn, ND
Seeman-Ainsel, Steven and Janice Seeman-Ainsel, Minot, ND Calgary Alberta
Seger, Charles and Mary (Dunsworth) families-IL, MO and rural Sherwood, ND
Seibel, Henry and Rose (Heft)-Russia, McClusky, ND Minot, ND
Seiffert, Clement and Jane (Campbell)-Antler, ND
Selk, Walter and Gladys (Bradley) family-Lansford and Minot, ND
Serdahl, Alfred and Ruth (Swenson)-Minot, ND
Serr, Michael and mary (Cline)-Minot, ND
Serwold, Marie-rural Tolley, ND
Seter, Carl and Mina families-Bottineau, ND
Sevareid, Eric-Velva, ND Alexandria, VA
Sevig, Arthur and dau. Carol-Minot, ND
Shabel, Catherine-Luxemberg, MN Mohall, ND
Shambach, Gordon and Lila (Usher) family-Minot, ND
Sharp, John and Nannie (McCorinick)-Glenburn, ND
Shaw, Rev. E. S.-July 27, 1911 Gospel Tent-Renville Co.
Shearer, Earl and Ruth (Pounds) family-Minot and Oakes, ND
Sheppard, Harry and Ruth (Buland)-oakes and Fullerton, ND
Sheridan, Alfred and Bertha (Shook)-Glenburn, ND
Shields, John and Elizabeth-ontario, Canada Minot, ND
Shigley, Dr. Ralph-Kenmare and Minot, ND
Shirley, Alfred and Marie (Anderson)-Northfield, MN Minot, ND
Shook, William and Catherine (Clarkson)-van Buren twp. Glenburn, ND
Shores, Alex-Lakota, ND
Shupe, L.E.-Mohall, ND                                
Shurr, J.B. family-north of Glenburn, ND;
Sigderstad, Daniel and Freda CWestley)-Bristol, SD Moorhead, MN
Sigman, Kabe and Mary (Seger)-Greenfield, IA and Sherwood, ND
Simmons, E.L.-Glenburn and New England, ND
Simmons, Shirley (Frazier) family-Fargo, ND
Siinpkins, Mark and Mary (Noble)-Chatfield Twp. Glenburn, ND
Simpson, Steve, Peter, and Bertha-Mohall, ND
Sinclair, James and Monica (Kalla)-Albany, MN Lansford, ND
Skagen, Elber and Elizabeth (Doman)-Lansford, ND
Skara, Irvin and Ellen (Bielland) family-Mohall, ND
Skiem, Mary Ann and other motorcycle fans-Minot, ND
Sleeper, A.L. and Arbington (Shattuck)-Mohall, ND
Sleeter, Carrie (Mrs. Spencer Gocke)-Fairchild, WI Orlando, FL
Sletting, Alvin and Mabel (Qualey) Van Campen-Minot, ND
Smetana, Albert and Anna (Novy) family-Lansford and Minot, ND
Smith, Frank and Alice (Fitzgerald)-Mohall, ND
Smith, Rebecca (Struthers)-Joclyn and Greene, ND
Smiths Grove and Christs Grove
Smith, Robert and Mathilda-Mohall, ND
Snee, Winnifred-Hastings, MN
Snyder, Alva and Bessie-Van Buren twp. rural Lansford, ND
Somers, James J.-Willow Grove Farm Renville Twp. Bottineau Co.
Sorenson, August-Sherwood, Minot, ND
Sorenson, James and Mathilda (Goedecke)--Minot, ND
Southam, George and Estille (Lebold)-Mohall and Antler, ND;
Sparling, Rev. William and Emma-Sherwood, ND
Spaulding, John and Louise (Sherritt)-Blake, Ontario, Sherwood
Spelhaug, Raymond and Luella (Anderson)-Lansford, ND
Spencer, Donald and Dorothy (Gardner)-Roseburg, MI Minot, ND
Spoklie, Ole family-Minot, ND
Spooner, Eugene and Olive (Hizer)-Stanley, ND
Smeby, Norton and Alice (Jacobson)-Mohall, ND Ancortes, WA
Smetana, Albert and Anna (Novy) families-Lansford, Minot, ND
Smette, Ingel O. family-Minot, ND
Smith, Arthur and Carrie (Mitchell)-rural Sherwood, ND
Smith, Frank and Alice-Mohall, ND
Smith, Jerome and Annabel (Arneson)-Mohall, Sherwood, ND
Smith, J. Louise-Minot, ND
Smith, Rebecca Jane (Struthers) and brother Rev. J.C.-Joslyn and Green, ND
Smith, Robert B.-Minot, ND
Smith, Robert C. and Mathilda (Stanel)-Tolley, ND
Smith, Silas Edward-rural Sherwood, ND
Snee, Winnifred-Hastings, MN Glenburn, ND;
Snyder, Alva and Bessie-Van Buren Twp. Lansford, ND
Solheim, Ted and Grace (Stromstad)-rural Sherwood, ND
Somers, James J.-Renville Twp. rural Mohall, ND
Sorenson, August (Ward Co. Sheriff)-Sherwood and Minot, ND
Sorenson, James and Mathilda (Goedecke)-Minot, ND
Southam, George and Estelle (Lebold)-Mohall and Antler, ND
Sparling, Rev. William and Emma families-Sherwood, ND
Spaulding, John and Louise (Sherritt)-Blake, Ontario and Sherwood
Speihaug, Raymond and Luella (Anderson)-rural Lansford, ND
Spencer, Donald and Dorothy (Gardner)-Roseburg, MI Minot, ND
Spoklie, Ole and (2) families-Minot, ND;
Spooner, Eugene W. and Olive (Hizer)-Stanley, ND
Stafford, Obidiah family-rural Norma, New Port, ND Pie Pot, Sask.
Staflin, Daniel and Ellen (Johnson)-Lake City, MN Port Wing, WI, rural Minot, ND
Stai, Raymond and Agnes (Musland) family-Minot, ND
Stalinger, Fred and Ermal (Kroll) family-Fessenden and Minot, ND
Stammen, Henry and Mary (Clementich)-rural Foxholm, ND
Stearnes, Neal and Ruby Norris-Velva and Minot, ND
Steeves, Lee and Violet (Halvorson)-Mohall, ND
Steffan, Jake-Minot, ND
Steffan, Laura and husband Vernon Forthun-rural Sawyer and Minot
Steffen, Julius, Frank and Claus-Carpio and Bowbells, ND
Steffes, Thomas and George-rural Mohall and Dickinson, ND
Stegi, --Glenburn, ND
Steinberger, John and Mary (Keplar) families-Donnybrook, ND
Stevens, Fred (stone house)-Kreisel-rural Lansford, ND
Stevens, March and Nellie (Jenkins) fanhilies-Glenburn, ND
Stewart, James and (7)-Mohall, ND
Stolt, August and Mathilda (Budke)-rural Sherwood, ND
Storhaug, Cheryl and husband Ron Grondahl--Minot, ND
Storing, Charles E. and Mary C. (Kelleri-rural Sherwood, ND
Stoughton, John E.-rural Glenburn, Markillie, ND
Stowe, Bernind, Mrs. Robert Barnett-AlaSka, Glenburn, ND
Strand, Martin and Christine (Orvidahl)-rural Sherwood, ND
Strandberg, George and Gertrud (Larson)-rural Mohall, ND
Streitz, Herbert and Rose (Riehle)-Muskego twp., rural Lansford
Stromstad, Wilhelm and Inga (Stromstad)-rural Sherwood, ND
Strube, Donald and Sylvetta (Quamn)-Minot, ND
Suelzle, Dane and Debbie-Minot, ND
Summers, J. J.-Renville, east of Mohall, ND
Swanson, Marion and (7)-rural Minot, ND
Swartout, William and Lottie (Allen)-Glenburn, ND
Sweney, Florence-Minot, ND
Swenson, C. A. Rueben and Gwen-Minot, ND
Swenson, Nils P. and family-Tolley, ND
Swiggen, "Cap" and Alice (7), "Cis Hadley"-Berthold and Minot, ND

Box 3:
Talley , Joshua and Lettie (Shook) families-IA and Glenburn, ND
Taplin, Harry and Viva (?)-Bismarck, Jamestown, ND Mitchell,SD
Tasker, Benjamin and James-village of Tasker near Burlington, ND
Tarvestad, Vernon and Rogna (Tossett)-Mdbel, MN Lansford, ND
Taul, Wylie and Mary (7)-Lansford, ND
Templeman, Harry and Geneva (Russell) Anderson families-Minot, ND
Thayer, J.E. families-Glenburn, ND Minot, ND
Thomas, Clarence and Harriet (Fairbanks)-IA Mohall, ND
Thompson, Duncan and Edith (McGuire)-Carpio, ND
Thompson, Phillips and Joyce (Adams)-Lansford and Minot, ND
Thompson, Shirley-rural Minot, ND
Thon, Sylvia and husband Lee Brochelsberg-Mohall, ND
Thorton, Frank and sister Rachel-Lorraine, Sherwood, ND
Thursby, Edwin H.-Towner, ND
Tillema, Linda and husband Roger Hartsoch-Minot, ND
Timms, Ben and Idamae (May) family-rural Lansford, ND
Tipke, John and Paulina (Neubauer)-rural Sherwood, ND
Tompkins, Ernest Minot-Minot, ND Columbia, MT
Tonneson, Oscar and Zena (7)-Denbigh, ND
Torkelson, Torkel and (2) (Nelson)-Wisconsin Glenburn, ND
Tossett, Andrew and Rose (Brown)-Lansford, ND
Tossett, Otis and Ellen (Tyler)-Lansford, ND
Tovey, Leslie and Bertha family-Mohall, ND
Trout, Walter and Clara (Rishling)-Sherwood, ND
Truax, Charles and Mattie (Gibb)-Minot, ND
Trutna, A. H. and (Jerebek)-Mohall, ND Hutchinson, MN
Triplett, Gerald Groenwold and wife Connie (Triplett)-Tolley, Bismarck, ND
Tufveson, Nels and Chritiana (Olson)-Sweden, rural Tolley, ND
Tuor, Charles and (Hocksprung)-Mohall, ND
Tuor, Catherine and Francis (Tuor) Price-Mohall, ND
Tyler, Frank and Amelia-Lansford, ND
Talley, Chester and DLela (Watson)-Teras; Logan, ND
Travis, Hattie (Mrs. Nels Armstrong)-Glenburn, ND
Wagner, Flora (Frost)-Jackson Co. MN and Ward Co. Wayne P.O.
Wakelam, John H. and family-Stafford twp. Renville Co. ND (Norma)
Waldron, Cal ND poet and attorney-Minot, ND
Walker, Ben-Lansford, ND
Walker, David and Hazel (Baker)-Sherwood and Newtown, ND
Walker, Edgar and Jennie (Rud) families-Minot, Newtown, ND
Walker, O.K. and Mary-Cresco, IA rural Sherwood, ND
Walker, Capt. Ronald and Donna (White)-Columbus, IN Minot, ND
Wall, Henry and Hellen (Lahse)-Mohall and Williston, ND
Wallin, John and Christian (Anderson), Augusta Anderson-Minot, ND
Walstead, J.G. and Mark-Minot, ND
Walter, George Walters son Lloyd-Glenburn, ND
Walton, Anthony and Elizabeth (Hall)-Forest City, IA Glenburn, ND
Wangler, Theresa-Balta, ND
Wapshott, Henry family-Waterford twp. Ward Co. ND                                   
Walton, Alice and Ann fainilies-Glenburn, ND
Ward, Chet and Edna Ward, Frederick and Ginger families
Ward, Paula-Minot, ND
Wardlow, Oscar and Georgina (McGrady)-White Earth, ND
Warn, Nathan and Augusta (Smith) Milkey-Muskego Twp. and Minot
Warnke, Julius and Florence (Kelliwall)-Wood Lake, MN Minot, ND
Watland, Harry and Ruth (Bakken)-Antler, Sawyer, ND
Watne, Iver and Ludwig-Bergen, Norway Burlington and Minot, ND
Watts, C. Ellen-Nompa, ID
Weber, Charles and Myrtle (Borman)-Tolley and Carpio
Weise, Robert and Mary F. (Gingerich)-rural Lansford, Glenburn, ND
Weise, Theodore and Mathilda CEckhart)-Sherwood, ND Seattle, WA
Welsh, Fred and Hazel (Meyers)-Goebels, MI Glenburn, ND
Welsh, Thomas and Eleanor (fl-Goebels, MI Glenburn, ND
West, Glen-Glenburn, ND Bow Island, Alberta, Canada
West, Torrie and husband Brian Sturm-Minot, ND
Westereng, Clarence and Irene (Stromstad) family-Carpio and Minot
Whaley, David and (7)-Minot, ND
Whirley, Wherley, Vincent and Annie (Baker)-Watford City, ND
Whiskers, Marvin and Diane-Minot, ND
White, Willis- Sec. 9, Van Buren twp., rural Glenburn, ND
White, Vernon and Maren (Rearick)-Minot, ND
White, William and Caroline-Minot, ND Hopewell, VA
Whiting descendants of Caleb and Louise (Amer) Whiting-Callahan Twp. Glendale, CA
Wicheal (Wolf), Marvin and Constance (Neustel) (Wicheal)-Bismarck
Wilcox, Silas and Edia (Brooke)-Leeburg, VA rural Mohall, ND
Wilkes, Marcus and Marie (Budke)-MN, IL, CA
Willand, Andrew-Glenburn, ND
Willenbring, Henry C.-Foxholm, ND
Willert, Henry F. and Ethel (Goodall)-Lansford, Glenburn, Surrey,
Willey, Thomas and John and Inez (Odland) families-rural Mohall
Williams, Willie and Lesta Brackelsberg and sister Mildred-Mohall
Wilson, Alonzo son of Ethel-Minot, ND Hawaii
Wilson, Floyd and Jean (Rearick)-Mlnot, ND
Wilson, Dr. Herbert and Lillian-Boston, MA Newtown, ND
Wilson, James and Mary (Orr) farnilies-Weterford twp. Ward Co.Glenburn, ND
Wiltse, Mary-Surrey, ND Salt Lake City, UT
Wink, Tern and husband Denny Griffith-Norma, ND Madison, WI
Wittliff, David and Sandra (Giese)-Minot, ND
Witteman families-area of Mohall, ND
Wirtz, John E. ch. Maude and Guy-rural Glenburn, ND
Wolf, Ben also see Wicheal
Wolf, Jerome and daughters Susan and Bonnie-Minot and Mapleton, ND
Wolf, Rev. Dancel 1914-Minot, ND
Wolhowe, Frederick-Bergen, ND
Wolk, Otto and Helen (Lawler)-Lorraine, ND
Wood, Larry and Georgia (Mott)-Sherwood and Minot, ND
Wood, Tom, Marjorie, Iva, etc.-Minot Sand and Gravel-Minot, ND
Workman, Arthur and Olga (Knudtson)-Donnybrook, Minot, ND
Wright, Ben and Emphemia (Crouston)-Westhope, ND
Wright, Henry and Alice (Stevens)-Glenburn, ND
Wright, Ronald and Josephine (Book)-Mohall, Grano, ND
Wulfsburg, Rudolph and Grace-Dunn County, ND Minot, ND
Wynn, Colonel Robert C. and Emma (Mitchell)-Hamilton, OH Sherwood,
Yaegar, Louise A.-Van Buren twp., Glenburn, ND
Yarborough, Thomas and Mary Ann-Winneboro, S.C. Minot AFB
Yeomens, Minnie (Larson)-Ripon, WI Antler and Lansford, ND
Yesenko, Martha-Minot, ND
Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. Pete and 12 children-Surrey, ND Twin Lakes, IA
Young, C. L.-Devils Lake, Lansford, Bismarck, ND
Young, Paul W. and Sarah Ann (Talley) families-Springdale, AR, Glenburn, ND
Yuly, Joseph and Elisa-MN and Minot, ND
Zablotny, Harold and Edith-Bismarck and Minot, ND
Zadaraka, Eugene L. and Margaret (Guszler)-Max and Minot, ND
Zahn, Larry and Cherri (Tennyson)-Westhope, ND
Zietz, Michael and Anstina (Rodin) families-Ortonville, MN, Casselton, ND
Zimbelman, Emil and Ruth (Steffen) families-Sawyer, Minot, ND
Zimmerman, Henry and Bertha (Becker) families-Mohall, ND
Zimny, Isadore and Jean (OKeefe)-Lansford, ND
Zoller, Chnis-Lanstord, ND
Zook, Lester-Minot and Surrey, ND
Zook, Tom and Ellen (Benell)-Minot and Surrey, ND
Zurburg, Fred and Annie (Budke)-Topeka, IL Mohall and Sherwood, ND
Zwinger, Duane and Mary (O’Connell)-Glenburn and Sykeston, ND
Genealogical material (Minot, ND)
DAR Minutes, Programs, Reports             1967-1974           
DAR Minutes, Programs, Reports             1975-1979           
DAR Minutes, Programs, Reports             1981-1985           
DAR Magazine articles (selected)              1969-1974           
DAR Magazine articles (selected)              1974-1977           

Box 4:
1 DAR Magazine, (selected) 1979-1980  
2 DAR Magazine (selected) 1981-1985   
3 DAR Magazine (A-H) 1969-1985             
4 DAR Magazine (I-N) 1969-1985              
5 DAR Magazine (O-Z) 1969-1985             
6 DAR Magazine Arkansas-New Mexico                
7 DAR Magazine New York-Washington DC                         
8 DAR people and places                             
9 DAR programs                               
10 DAR programs                            
11 DAR Pierre Verendrye chapter by-laws                           
12 Bismarck (ND) Convention and Visitors Bureau Information                  
13 Miscellaneous historical and genealogical material                     
14 Periodicals                    
15 Interpretational reading                         
16 Church of the Nazarene, Minot (ND) Pastors and history                        
17 Church of the Nazarene, Minot (ND) Pastors and history                        
18 Van Buren School, Teachers and pupils                           
19 Minot Public Library, Library clippings                               
20 Mouse River Loop Genealogical Society                          

Box 5:
1 Lansford notes                             
2 Townships: schools, news items                           
3 Glenburn                        
4 Church records                             
5 Church records                             
6 North Dakota subjects                              
7 North Dakota subjects                              
8 North Dakota subjects                              
9 Water                               
10 Publications (REC, Water, Minerals)                  
11 Trails & Smoke Signals 1967-1971        
12 Trails & Smoke Signals 1971-1982, 1984-1985 

Box 6:
1 Genealogical information and correspondence                              
2 Genealogical information and correspondence                              
3 Genealogy                      
4 Van Buren, genealogical and historical                               
5 Van Buren, genealogical and historical                               
6 Politics                              
7 Politics                              
8 Politics                              
9 Politics-Mark Andrews                              
10 History: ethnic groups                             
11 Periodicals, misc.                       
12 Political brochures/publications (Conservative)                           
13 North Dakota                              
14 North Dakota                              
15 North Dakota                              
16 North Dakota                              
17 North Dakota                              

Box 7:
1 Post Cards                      
2 North Dakota                
3 Tumbling Around the Prairies scrapbook                           
4 Miscellaneous                               
5 Educational                    
6 McClusky School Newspaper 1962-1963            
7 Model High School (Minot ND) Newspaper 1961-1962
8 Salary Squabbles - no strike    
9 State Exam for teachers and pupils 1936-1956

Box 8:
1 Educational materials                 
2 ND Unit at McKinley School                     
3 Student Teacher                          
4 Van Buren School # 3 1949-1950            
5 Van Buren School # 3 1950-1951            
6 Van Buren School # 3 1952-1953            
7 Van Buren School # 3 1953-1954            
8 Student Teacher 1954
9 Nedros #2 1954-1955 
10 Minot Public School, McKinley 1958- 
11 Educational material country school                  
12 Nedros # 2 1955-1956              
13 Nedros # 2 1956-1957              
14 Nedros # 2 1957-1958              
15 Educational Materials                              

Box 9:
Educational Materials                    
Poetry collection from publications (11 folders)                

Box 10:
1 Poetry miscellaneous                
2 Farm Standard plumbing                          
3 Homemaking                 
4 Vallic butterfield (items)                           
5 Newsclippings                               
6 Greeter (Minot October issue) 1985   

Box 11:
Material for the blind                    

Box 12:
1 Organizations, Louise Jevne                    
2 Organizations, Louise Jevne                    
3 Armstrong, Ben, Will, Florence, Henry                               
4 Jevne, Terry & Joan                    
5 Genealogical Information, Misc.                           
6 Genealogical Information, Misc.                           
7 Genealogical Information, Misc.                           
8 Church Education History Organizations                            
9 Church Education History Organizations                            
10 Church Education History Organizations                          
11 Armstrong, Joseph & Vallie (Butterfield)                        
12 Armstrong, Joseph & Vallie (Butterfield)                        
13 Armstrong, Joseph & Vallie (Butterfield)                        

Box 13:
1 Armstrong from Ireland, Joseph & Mary                           
2 Armstrong , Joseph & Mary from Ireland                          
3 Mitchell & Mace Families                         
4 Mitchell & Mace Families                         
5 Genealogical Information, Misc.                           
6 Genealogical Information, Misc.                           
7 Research, Misc.                            
8 Preston Butterfield & Nancy Gardner Barber etc.                         
9 Preston Butterfield & Nancy Gardner Barber etc.                         
10 Dunn & Butterfield                   
11 Dunn & Butterfield                   
12 Dunn & Butterfield                   
13 Jevne, Henry & Anna                               
14 Jevne, Henry & Anna                               
15 Jevne, Henry & Anna                               
16 Jevne, Alvin & Patricia Wolfer                              
17 Reporting and Editing MSC Muriel Turner Instructor 1963-1964            

Box 14:
1 Jevne, Ole Olesen from Valdres Norway to WI, ND, MN                            
2 Jevne, Ole Olesen from Valdres Norway to WI, ND, MN                            
3 Drane Families of Maryland and Index                               
4 School Census, Renville Co. 1910, Index                            
5 Sherwood, History of 1904-1979                           
6 Glenburn Senior Class 1989     
7 Index For Teachers And Pupils Of Van Buren Township, Renville Co.                    
8 Glenburn Alumni 1922-1989    
9 Dunn, Barber, Butterfield, Gardner, Research by States                            
10 Butterfield                   
11 Misc. Research                           
12 Dunn Families, Hugh & Elizabeth (Drake)                        

Box 15:
1 Dunn                 
2 Methodist Church Records, Renville Co.                            
3 Jevne, Harry Cards Hospital 1981          
4 Cemetery Records Of Renville Co. By Virginia & Edward Bryans                              
5 Cemeteries Of Renville Co. ND Plus Lansford and Mohall, ND                  
6 Velva Community 1908-1919 Vital Statistics                      
7 Cemetery Records of Bottineau Co.,                   
8 Butterfield, Maury, Hawley, Richardson                                            
9 Poems and Prose by Louise Jevne                       
10 Poems and Prose by Louise Jevne                     
11 Louise Jevne 1219 7th Ave. NE Minot, ND                      
12 No Identification                       
13 Brochures                     

Box 16:
1 REC and other articles on North Dakota                             
2 News articles: Topical, floods, striking teachers                              
3 People of North Dakota                            
4 Genealogy, DAR, family information                   
5 Religion and other causes                        
6 Political, North Dakota                               
7 Educational Materials                

Box 17:
Publications (bibliography on separate inventory)                           

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