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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #11140

Title: Sanish Historical Association

Dates: 1906-2011

Collection Number: 11140

Quantity: 7 feet 

Abstract: Records consist of a variety of materials created and collected by the Sanish Historical Association including records of the Sanish Study Club, Sanish Picnic Association, Sanish American Legion Post 252, the SOO Line Railroad at Sanish, maps of Sanish, material related to the Sanish Rodeo, ephemera, printed material, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and photographs.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Bernice Houser on October 23, 2012. The collection was processed by Emily E. Schultz and Bruce Hill in 2012. Additional material was added to the collection in December 2012 and in February 2016.
Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U. S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation:  Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

Transfer: Several publications were transferred to the State Archives Publications and artifacts from the collection were offered to the Museum Division of the State Historical Society of North Dakota in
October 2012. Please see case file for more information.


From the Sanish Silver Anniversary Jubilee Program: June 21st and 22nd, 1940: "Where Rails and Water Meet," 1915-1940.

In the fall of 1914 the first citizens came to what is now the town site of Sanish. The first lumber was brought in here by Mr. Thompson, he buying it in Stanley and having it hauled over land by George and Emmet Hawes, with two men who had worked for them. A carpenter, who had the plans in his head and had purchased the lumber with this in his mind, also came with them but refused to stay. "It's such a God-forsaken spot," and returned to the main line. Mr. Thompson secured the services of Adam Mayer, still living on a farm north east of Sanish. Mr. Mayer was a cabinet maker in his younger days, and he secured the services of C. P. Brehm and Leslie Morehouse in July, 1914, to assist him in building the new store on the new town site. They cut all the lumber for the framework and Mr. Mayer drove the first nail in the erection of the building. Soon thereafter Dave Gibb built a residence on the north hill and erected a feed barn to care for the horses of the farmers west of the river, who that fall hauled all their grain to Van Hook. The first load of groceries was hauled from Stanley by Bill Golden, long a familiar figure on our streets, who had homesteaded just northeast of the new town, on what was known as the strip.  He is now in Stanley. Inside the Fort Berthold Reservation it was necessary that a permit be secured from E. W. Jermark, Government Agent, at Elbowoods, and a bond for $20,000 be posted to guarantee honest dealings with the Indians. W. F. Thompson saw a future here and came over from Blaisdell to open the first store. Shortly after coming he applied for a post office and received it. He was made the first postmaster, and in this work has been followed by three other postmasters: J. P. Breslin, Mrs. A. J. Green, and Harold H. Bugge. Coming after Mr. Thompson were Dave Gibb and family, of Ross; C. N. Gardner and family, of Makoti, and Otis Mummert and family, and his brother, Wilbur, of York. These families spent the first winter here and in April came Chas. Olmstead and family, to open a rooming house, Mr. and Mrs. Sid McDaniel opening a livery and feed stable and also the first residence of the spring boom. On April 28th C. A. Pickering started the Sanish Sentinel, and got out the first copy on May 5, 1915, while Milo Baxter, of Ross, opened a recreation and billiard parlor. Others drifted in rapidly and as the town grew necessity was felt for a real celebration. The first picnic and rodeo was held on June 19 and 20, and many people were here to enjoy it in spite of the terrible rain the first night.

During 1914 the contract was let for completion of the railroad grade from Van Hook to the river. This was completed in the fall and during the early spring when roads were in terrible condition the grade was used for a highway. On July 24, 1915, the steel train came into town and soon thereafter regular service was begun. Living as squatters on the old town site the first winter was passed.

During the summer of 1916 the government sent surveyors to layout the town site for the sale of lots. The plan was to make the town site of one quarter section of land, but the land between that quarter and the river was necessary to secure a road to the river and the ferry, so upon petition this was added. During the summer A. D. Kimmel, Mr. Ross and their crew completed the work, and September 12, they were entertained at a big banquet. On Nov. 11, Judge McPhaul came out from Washington to hold the first lot sale. Bidding was brisk and many lots were sold. The town site was selected as the present place. On the old town site were fifty-four business places, including eleven eating places, crowded together. The exodus started in the spring of 1917 and before fall the move was completed. Buildings were picked up by the movers and transported to their permanent locations.

The election for the incorporation of the village was held March 20, 1917, and the vote was 52 in favor and 10 opposed. In April, 1917, the first election was held to elect the following board of trustees: A. E. Hehmke, Harry Watson, and Ed Senechal. R. E. Swenseid was elected clerk, Henry Schoenrock, treasurer, L. R. LaBrant, justice, W. B. King, assessor, and H. O. Narum, marshal. This board met, organized with Mr. Hehmke as president and took over the work of carrying on the government, which up to that time had been carried on by the Commercial Club. This board immediately contracted to build cement walks over the entire business district and we are yet thankful for this foresight. The street grades were surveyed by R. E. Phelps in 1917 and never since that time have they had to be changed.

Succeeding boards have carried on the work and at present in spite of bad years over the entire nation, the financial condition of the town is now very good. The village of Sanish has never had a boom but through the twenty-five years of its existence has enjoyed steady growth. The completion of the bridge over the Missouri brought to our doors a wonderful territory, expanding the already large territory that made Sanish their home town. The uncertainty of getting over the river after dark and the time, sometimes long and other times short, when the river was freezing over and again when it was breaking up in the spring, made traffic a precarious thing. But the opening of the bridge, after the completion of Highway 23, changed this for the better.

Always looking for the betterment of the town the boards of recent years completed the work of erecting a fine, though not a large, town hall and fire house and have kept things in fine condition. The paving of our street in 1935 was another step toward a better, cleaner town, doing away with the dust and rough highway. Side streets have been graded and graveled to make all parts of town easily accessible, and other improvements are constantly being made. Things to look forward to and which we really expect to see are the installation of a good water and sewage system and the building of a good community hall. These are the things that make it necessary and yet a pleasure to work forward to.

The present town officials are as follows: J. W. Schneider, president of the Board of Trustees; O. J. Olsen and Earl Arnold, trustees; M. H. Aubol, clerk ; C. A. Pickering, treasurer; E. A. McLauchlin, marshal ; H. J. Bugge, justice, and Gilbert Rohde, assessor.


Box 1:     Photographs and post cards removed from album by E. L. Thorpe (Sanish resident from 1927-1941, compiled by his daughters Ellen, Thelma and Martha and donated to the Sanish Picnic Association July 1976)
11140-001            Verendrye Bridge at Sanish post card    
11140-002            Arthur Patrick Tappen on river bank watching the Missouri River ferry “the Fawn” at Sanish post card (“The Fawn” was used to cross river before the bridge was built)
11140-003            Missouri River ferry “The Fawn” at Sanish post card
11140-004            Group on shore watching Missouri River ferry, probably “The Fawn” at Sanish, 1935
11140-005            Missouri River ferry, probably “The Fawn” at Sanish
11140-006            Missouri River ferry “The Fawn” at Sanish
11140-007            Dedication of Verendrye Bridge, Sanish, August 5-6, 1927
11140-008            Dedication of Verendrye Bridge, Sanish, August 5-6, 1927 post card
11140-009            Dedication of Verendrye Bridge, Sanish, August 5-6, 1927
11140-010            Dedication of Verendrye Bridge, Sanish, August 5-6, 1927
11140-011            The Verendrye national Monument sign overlooking Sanish
11140-012            Street scene of old Sanish
11140-013            Verendrye Bridge over Missouri River at Sanish post card
11140-014            Sanish English Lutheran Church, 1938
11140-015            Choir, Sanish English Lutheran Church, Christmas, 1938
11140-016            Rev. S. D. Fauske, Sanish English Lutheran Church, 1937
11140-017            Congregation, Sanish English Lutheran Church, ca. 1938
11140-018            Congregation, Sanish English Lutheran Church, ca. 1938
11140-019            Youth group at camp, ca. 1938
11140-020            Men’s club, Lutefisk supper, December 14, 1938
11140-021            First Confirmation Class, Sanish English Lutheran Church: Amelia Johnson, Lila Olson, Ruth Schneider, Thelma Thorpe, Rubie Ward
11140-022            L.D.R. Mother’s Day, Sanish, August 21, 1938
11140-023            First wedding in Sanish English Lutheran Church at Sanish, Alma Thorpe and Arnold Sjoberg, June 26, 1938
11140-024            Ready to go to the Y. P. L. Convention, Van Hook, or are they? Edie, Thelma, Orpha, Sibyl, Joyce, Maye, 1938
11140-025            Ready to go to the Y. P. L. Convention, Van Hook, Edie, Sibyl, Thelma, Orpha, Joyce, 1938
11140-026            L.D.R. Sanish, 1938
11140-027            Mrs. A. O. Johnson and Sibyl Thorpe, 1938
11140-028            Group of women, including Mrs. Jacobson, 1938
11140-029            Sanish Study Club: back row: Mrs. M. J. Olson, Mrs. C. W. Hoffman, Mrs. Laurence Larson, Mrs. LaRocque, Mrs. Pickering, Mrs. Harold Bugge, Mrs. Frank Levno, Merile (Fronson) Bugge, Lulu Lacy. Front row: Mrs. H. J. Bugge, Mrs. Granberg, Mrs. Helvey, Mrs. Thorpe, Mrs. O. J. Olson, Mrs. Meyers, Mrs. George Hoffman, Thelma (Thorpe) Sjoberg, Mrs. Pauls, ca. 1938
11140-030            Sanish Study Club, ca. 1938
11140-031            Sanish Study Club, ca. 1938
11140-032            Group of women, might be Sanish Study Club, ca. 1938
11140-033            Interior of Thorpe’s Place (Thorpe’s Eat Shop), Sanish, June 1929
11140-034            Group of young women inside Thorpe’s Place (restaurant), Sanish, ca. 1938
11140-035            Exterior of Thorpe’s Place (restaurant), Sanish, ca. 1938
11140-036            Mrs. Kallusky, Mrs. Arneson, Mrs. Thorpe, and Dr. Kallusky inside Thorpe’s Place (restaurant), Sanish, ca. 1938
11140-037            Group of young women inside Thorpe’s Place (restaurant), Sanish, ca. 1938
11140-038            Three men inside Power Equipment Company store, Sanish, 1938
11140-039            Group of women, Sanish, ca. 1938
11140-040            Mrs. Westby selling Christmas cards to Pee wee? Sanish, 1938
11140-041            Charlie, Rubie, Ethel and Martha? Outside ice cream parlor, ca. 1938
11140-042            Helen Uran playing code ball, ca. 1938
11140-043            Ruth Johnson, 1938
11140-044            Four girls with candy, left to right: Ione Kvernstven, Eleanor Ruland, Joyce Hanson, and Thelma Carlson, 1938
11140-045            Three girls with candy, left to right: Jane Levno, DeVon Westby, and Patsy Johnson, ca. 1938
11140-046            Picnic near the Goodal Butte, left to right: Thelma (or Alma) Thorpe, Arnold Sjoberg, Charlie, Smith, Lena, Severt, Ellen Y., Nellie, Ann, May 1938
11140-047            Unidentified group, three women and two men, ca. 1938
11140-048            Nell and Wanlo treating watermelons, 1938
11140-049            Decorated Ford automobile, ca. 1938-1940
11140-050            Dale and Stanley Johnson on horseback, probably Sanish, 1938
11140-051            Man and woman outside home, probably Sanish
11140-052            Group of men outside unidentified building, Sanish
11140-053            J. J. Struege (?) and Pete Eide
11140-054            Anton Bangen “Ja her er selve Anton Bangen” 1938
11140-055            Children on front steps of church or school

Box 2:
1 Sanish Study Club directory, 1949-1950
2 Sanish American Legion, Post 252 minute book, September 8, 1949-December 11, 1952
3 Sanish Picnic Association reunion program, 1973
4 SOO Line at Sanish research, 1907-2011
5 Sanish History Association organizational authorization, 1989
6 Sanish History Association and Cowboy Hall of Fame (Sanish Rodeo induction), 2001-2003
7 Sanish maps and printed material, ca. 1920s-1951
8  Bernice Houser correspondence relating to September 11, 2001
9 News clipping removed from E. L. Thorpe photograph album (box 3)
10 Sanish History Association scrapbook (photographs by E. L. Thorpe)
11140-056            Business district, Sanish
11140-057            Brief history of Sanish, Mountrail (ND) and advertisement for Thorpe’s Place text
11140-058            Lawrence Larson, 1941
11140-059            Oscar Knudtson, 1941
11140-060            C. A. Pickering, ca. 1941
11140-061            Severt Botnen, 1941
11140-062            W. R. Olson, ca. 1941
11140-063            Rev. S. D. Fauske, 1941
11140-064            Arnold Sjoberg, 1941
11140-065            Henry Westby, 1941
11140-066            M. H. Aubol, 1941
11140-067            M. J. Olson, 1940
11140-068            Ed. Jacobson, 1941
11140-069            E. L. Thorpe, 1941
11140-070            John G. Hanson, 1941
11140-071            O. J. Olsen, 1940
11140-072            Smith Botnen, 1941
11140-073            Mr. Gunther Harms, 1941
11140-074            Lloyd Anderson, 1940
11140-075            Alvin Martinson, 1941
11140-076            Harold Bugge, 1940
11140-077            Mac E. A. MacLaughlin, ca. 1940-1941
11140-078            J. D. Johnson, ca. 1940-1941       
11140-079            W. C. Golly, ca. 1940-1941
11140-080            Arvid Olson, ca. 1940-1941
11140-081            Doc. C. J. Mahowald, ca. 1940-1941
11140-082            Sid McDaniels, 1940
11140-083            H. O. Johnson, ca. 1940-1941
11140-084            A. O. Johnson, 1940
11140-085            John Boyko, 1940
11140-086            Gordon Brown, 1940
11140-087            Harry Buerkle, 1940
11140-088            Royal Logan, 1940
11140-089            Art T. Olson, 1940
11140-090            Mrs. Charley Granberg, 1940
11140-091            Mrs. H. J. Bugge, 1940
11140-092            Mrs. O. J. Oleson, 1940
11140-093            Mrs. M. J. Olson, 1940
11140-094            Mrs. C. A. Pickering, 1940
11140-095            Mrs. E. W. Phillips, 1940
11140-096            Mrs. E. L. Thorpe, 1940
11140-097            Mrs. George Hoffman, 1940
11140-098            Mrs. Hi Helvey, 1940
11140-099            Mrs. Charles Hoffman,
11140-100            Mrs. Maggie Goodal, 1940
11140-101            Mrs. W. R. Olson, 1940
11140-102            Mrs. Aug. Myers, 1940
11140-103            Mrs. Ray Lacey, 1940
11140-104            Mrs. J. D. Johnson, 1940
11140-105            Mrs. Fred La Roque, 1940
11140-106            Mrs. John G. Hanson, 1941
11140-107            Mrs. Ed Jacobson, 1940
11140-108            Mrs. Severt Botnen, 1940
11140-109            Mrs. Henry Westby, 1941
11140-110            Mrs. Harold Bugge, 1940
11140-111            Mrs. Alvin Martinson, 1941
11140-112            Mrs. Lawrence Larson, 1940
11140-113            Mrs. Thelma A. E. Sjoberg, 19410
11140-114            Mrs. A. T. Olson, 1940
11140-115            Mrs. M. H. Aubi (or Aubo), 1940
11140-116            Mrs. Frank Levno, 1940
11140-117            Mrs. Frank Busik, 1940
11140-118            Mrs. E. B. Steadman, 1940
11140-119            Mrs. E? B. Kvernstoen, ca. 1940
11140-120            Mrs. Adolph Larson, 1940
11140-121            Mrs. Josine Benson, 1940
11140-122            Mrs. Harry Keating, 1940
11140-123            Mrs. Royal Logan, 1940
11140-124            Lena Botnen, 1940
11140-125            Marie Botnen, 1940
11140-126            Mrs. H. Reinholtz, 1940
11140-127            Mrs. Harden Reynolds, 1940
11140-128            Mrs. Ive Lockrem, 1941
11140-129            Mrs. Lloyd Anderson, 1941
11140-130            Mrs. Judith Holts, 1941
11140-131            Mrs. H. Oppebaum, 1941
11140-132            Mrs. Gilbert Rohde, 1941
11140-133            Sibyl Macdonald, 1941
11140-134            Mrs. Gordon Brown, ca. 1940-1941
11140-135            Mrs. Paul, ca. 1940-1941
11140-136            Mrs. Hagen Carlson, ca. 1940-1941
11140-137            Mrs. Earl Garness, 1940
11140-138            Unidentified woman at table
11140-139            Joyce Aubol
11140-140            Elidah Tolven    
11140-141            Thelma Berntson, 1941
11140-142            Hulda Quelmen, 1941
11140-143            Eleanor Ruland, 1941
11140-144            Lucille Narum, 19410
11140-145            Margaret Hitland, 1941
11140-146            Mildred Uran, 1940
11140-147            Emily Schneider, 1941
11140-148            Audrey Berntson, 1941
11140-149            Kathryn Vorderbrueggen, 1941
11140-150            Gyneth Kvernstoon, 1941
11140-151            Mrs. Harry Buerkly (Orpha Aubol), 1940
11140-152            Edith Wade, ca. 1940-1941
11140-153            O. K.
11140-154            Harold (Bugge?)
11140-155            Buckneberg
11140-156            Raymond Holt, 1936
11140-157            Arvid (Olson?)
11140-158            G. S. Thorlakson
11140-159            John Boyko with his Russian outfit, Sanish, December 1938
11140-160            Sid McDaniels, oldest resident of Sanish, arrived May 1915, December 1938
11140-161            Frank Keogh, 1937
11140-162            Constable Bert Toumerdal, 1938
11140-163            Arvold, Berg, Carlson
11140-164            LeRoy, 1935
11140-165            George Stringer, Adolph Tolgern
11140-166            E. L. Thorpe viewing the burning coal mine eight miles north of Charbonneau? (ND), 1926
11 Sanish Reunion materials, July 1-2, 1989
12 Sanish Reunion album, June-July 1989 (photographs 11140-167-251 were removed and housed in boxes 3-4)
13 Sanish Reunion album, June-July 1989 (continued) (photographs 11140-167-251 were removed and housed in boxes 3-4)
14 Sanish Rodeo album
15 Sanish Rodeo album (continued)
16 Scrapbook with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-252-262 were removed and housed in box 5):  
Winjum, Herman, 1930
Kolberg, Peter, 1941
Beard, Herman, 1941
Brenna Arline Clarissa, 1939
Johnson, Anna M., 1971
Brien, Russell M., 1940
Lockrem, Eli, 1945           
Strand, Kari, 1945
Graue, Chris J., 1946
Feehan, Charles, 1946
Graue, Christian O., 1946
Gardner, Anna, 1946
Gullickson, baby girl, 1952
Waldorf, John C., 1951
Nelson, Clark E., 1951
Wustner, Rubie Haines, 1952
Weidert, William, 1952
Barrow, Dorice E., 2006
Bauer, Laurence “Larry” A.
Saunders, Maybelle
Thvedt, Dagny, 2006
Mastrud, Patsy Evenson, 2006
Peterson, Isabel, 2006
Hasby, Jeannine Mildred, 2006
Dean, Carol, Arvilla, 2006
Nelson, Ann Nichole, 2001
Folven, Linez C., 2006
Norby, Raymond L., 2006
Hanson, Margene Dorthea, 2006
Berntson, Elwood, 2006
Cole, Evan Reno, 2006
Uran, Kenneth William, 2006
Wardlow, Arthur “Mac,” 2006
Logan, Lester “Micky” L., 2007
Benson, John
Garness, Marie
Bangen, Eunice M. Haddeland, 2007
Ellingston, Janie (Price), 1923
Norby, Elvera Lucile Mikkelsen
Larson, Donald P.
Fitzpatrick, James B., 2000
Faris, Bessie Louise
Westby, Henry “Hank,” 1993
Galusha, Ethel, 2007
Saunders, Maybelle, 2006
Dinwoodie, Richard “R. J.,” 2000
Skarda, William, 2007
Porter, Gertrude C.
Summers, Juleen Mary, 1995
Wilk, Karen “Jill,” 2007
Torno, Ellen Naomi, 2007
Washburn, Anne, 2007
Loe, Amber Kjell, 2007
Zewick, Michael, 2007
Froholm, Carl, 2007
Lansland, Marilyn D., 2007
Anderson, Rodney Allen, 2007
Bruns, Gustav C., 2007
Estvold, Adrian L., 2007
Erickson, Una Rosella, 2007
Ferrari, Ina Kuust, 2007
Wisness, Lester Norman, 2007
Logan, Lester “Micky” L., 2007
Andersgord, Minnie Viola, 2007
Fuller, Erma French, 2008
Chamley, Percy, 2007
Knudtson, Frances Rose Marie Zehrer, 2007
Tank, George Edward (Boise), 2008
Slaaten, Ralph W., 2008
Kleppen, Merle Burton, 2007
Ritzke, Phyllis Elaine
Rohde, Jean Gervay, 2007
Ruppert, Kay, 2009
Logan, Leslie “Pat,” 2008
Larson, Jack Lee, 2008
Dinwoodie, Betty Jane, 2008
Gilstad, Charles Leslie, 2008
Heinrich, Susan Kay, 2008
Kuust, Nels T., 2008
Thompson, Harley Obert, 2008
Gladheim, Ordean B., 2003
Whillock, Marlys Ann, 2008
Rabbithead, Dorothy Cecilia, 2008
Gilbertson, Leland, 2008
Dodge, Edward Guy, 2008
Dreyer, Helga, 2008
Schwarts, Kenneth, 2008
Olsen, Van Roger, 2008
Sherven, Naomi O., 2008
Baker, George M., 1956
Spooner, Mrs. A. E., 1956
17 Scrapbook with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries (continued)
18 Scrapbook with historical news clippings about Sanish and genealogical information for the following people (photos 11140-263-266 were removed and housed in box 5): 
Alden, Ruth M. (Satterthwaite), Mrs. Dayl, page 17, 1914-2000
Bangen, Reuben, page 60, 1923-2001
Bastian, Lorene M. (Wadholm), (Berends), Mrs. Clarence, page 49, 1914-1999
Benson, John, page 87, ?-1946
Berntson, Norma E. (Grendahl), Mrs. Alfred, page 39, 1897-1973
Breslin, John P., page 41, 1875-1971
Breslin, John P., page 82, 1965-2001
Chapin, Robert L. Sr. "Bob," page 49, 1934-2001
Covlin, James, page 45, 1906-2000
Covlin, Robert J., page 45, 1929-1999
Dinwoodie, Richard "R. J.," page 27, 1913-2000
Dunn, Richard L., page 119, 1931-2002
Elk, Victor "Bowes," page 60, 1922-2001
Evans, Hazel (Satterthwaite), Mrs. Wayne, page 10, 1911-2000
Evans, Wayne H., page 31, 1911-2000
Fevold, Olaf “Ole,” page 123, 1913-2002
Fitzpatrick, James B., page 48, 1917-2000
Fox, Thomas B. “Tommy,” page 53, 1928-2001
Froholm, Orvin, page 107, 1918-2001
Grendahl, Myron G., page 69, 1927-2001
Grube, Gladys G., page 1, 1917-2000
Gullickson, Clara (Weidner), Mrs. Orwall “O. T.,” page 26, 1934-2000
Hammer, Arthur C., page 90, 1895-1949
Joan and Don Hammer (photo 11140-264, removed to box 5)
Hansen, Gene E. (Steffensen), Mrs. John R., page 72, 1925-2001
Hansen, John R., page 2, 1913-2000
Haugerud, Albert, page 6, ?-2000
Hellandsaas, Juliet M. (Swenson), Mrs. Orville, page 3, 1929-2000
Hermanson, Ollie, page 82, 1910-1986
Hinsverk, Allen, page 85, 1917-2001
Houser, Clemence M. (Brien), page 1, 1917-2000
Hukkanen, Rudolph W., page 119, 1914-2002
Jacobson, Leroy "Roy," page, page 16, 1914-2000
Johnson, Billie (Larmer), Mrs. Roy, page 82, 1921-1986
Johnson, Darwin W., page 16, 1924-2000
Keck, Mabel (Oppoboen), (Stolz), Mrs. Emmanuel, page 7, 1906-2000
Kinden, Helmer "Ham," 74, 1915-2001
Knight, Elmer "Mike," page 126, 1909-2002
Larson, Adolph, page 44, 1880-1954
Larson, Donald P., page 72, 1918-2002
Larson, Evelyn F. (Bruns), Mrs. Martin, page 31, 1915-2000
Larson, Glenn, page 37, 1921-2000
Larson, Hannah, (Mrs. Adolph), page 44, 1883-1955
Lenartz, Nora (Pfundheller), (King), Mrs. Jake, page 70, 1893-2001
Lockrem, Blanche (Thompson), Mrs. Eli, page 41, 1879-?
Lund, Martin Jr., page 19, 1907-2000
Mayer, August B., page41, 1906-2001
Mayer, Bernard "Ben," page 24, 1911-2000
Mayer, Denise M. (Severance), Mrs. Alvin Roger, page 26, 1962-2000
Miller, Shirley "Tiny" (Buerkle), page 56, 1935-2001
Narum, Henry O., page 39, 1883-1974
Naatus, Murial Strasser (photos 11140-265 and 266, removed to box 5) 
Ness, Robert G., page 122, 1924-2002    
Olson, Arvid, page 39, ?-?
Peterson, Eugene "Gene," 1925-2000
Pickar, Thomas "Tom," page 67, 1931-2001
Pickering, Charles A., page 42, 1888-1960
Pickering, Charles A., page 47, 1887-1960
Poole, Milo D. "Mike," page 15, 1927-2000
Quale, Ruby (Dunn), Mrs. Harold, page 126, 1909-2002
Rusch, Helen S. (Alden), Mrs. Rhyne, page 2, 1913-2000
Schoenrock, Allyn and Elton (photo 11140-263, removed to box 5)
Severance, LuAnn (Garness), Mrs. Mike, page 81, 1955-2001
Songstad, Alice (Demo), Mrs. Lloyd, page 68, 1911-2001
Stout, E. T. "Ted," page 5, 1939-2000
Sullivan, James E. "Jim," page 36, 1879-1950
Swenson, Betty J. (Carman), Mrs. Carroll, page 84, 1923-2001
Swenson, Carroll M., page 1, 1916-2000
Uran, Mary (Clauson), Mrs. Sam, page 43, 1885-1971
Wagner, Wayne W., page 10, 1912-2000
Wahus, Milo L., page 6, 1929-2000
Weil, Eldora (Morin), Mrs. Elmer, page 84, 1935-2001
Weninger, Harold A. "Tony," page 14, 1923-2000
Wisness, Amo H., page 15, 1914-2000
Wolding, Alfred, page 41, 1916-?
Wolding, Orvin R., page 30, 1912-2000
Yuzicapi, Opal (Hasby) (Garness), Mrs. Ernie, page 118, 1929-2002
19 Scrapbook with historical news clippings and genealogical information (continued) (photographs 11140-263-266 were removed and housed in box 5)
20 Scrapbook with historical news clippings and genealogical information (some donated by family of Earl and Laura Garness) for the following people (photographs 11140-267-283 were removed and housed in box 6): 
Abelson, Clara (Olson), Mrs. William, page 9, 1888-?
Anderson, Alice (Rud), Mrs. Lloyd, page 95, 1911-1998
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21 Scrapbook with historical news clippings and genealogical information (some donated by family of Earl and Laura Garness) (continued) (photographs 11140-267-283 were removed and housed in box 6)
22 Loose material from scrapbook/photo album (photographs 11140-284-643 removed and housed in boxes 7-14)
23 Scrapbook with historical and genealogical material that might include the following people, was on display at the Lakeside Senior Citizens Center (photographs 11140-644-649 removed and housed in box 15):  
Abelson, LaVeern, p. 197
Blake, Hazel Mary, p. 214
Gibb, William K.
Hammer, Bob, p. 225
Hoffman, George, p. 233
Houser/Johnson wedding, p. 212
Kinden, Pearl, p. 211
Knight, Elmer, p. 212
Lee, Beverly, p. 211
Loe, Sydney A., p. 218
Loe, Torgny F. S., 218
McLauchlin, Robert, p. 217
Nelson, Ann, p. 221
Rohde, A. O. “Tony,” p. 224
Satterthwaite, Earl and Barb, p. 215-216
Sorenson, Ardelle E., p. 217
Spooner, Mrs. A. E., p. 233
Strasser, Joe, p. 244
Swenson, Verna, p. 212
Thorpe/Sjoberg wedding, p. 237
Werlinger, Margaret, p. 179
White Body, John, p. 244
24 Scrapbook with historical and genealogical material that was on display at the Lakeside Senior Citizens Center (continued)

Box 3:                    Photographs removed from the Sanish Reunion album, June-July 1989 (folders 12-13)
11140-167            Aerial view of Sanish, ca. early 1950s
11140-168            “Enjoy North Dakota: Open Year Round” sign, 1987 with note, “March 31, 1989 – Sanish Reunion meeting at New Town Civic Center: Ramona Lacey, Lois Estrold, Phyllis Ritzke, Sally Olson, Glenn Larson, Hillard Froshaug, Tony Weninger”
11140-169            “Stay in North Dakota: Custer Was Healthy When He Left” sign, 1987 with note, “March 31, 1989 – Sanish Reunion meeting at New Town Civic Center: Sally Olson, Izetta Weninger, Frances Ventsch, Don Lund, Charles Shobe, Marvin Bohmbach, Coreen Beard, Shirley Bohmbach, Ernest Weninger, Alvin Houser, Royal Logan”
11140-170            “Welcome to North Dakota: Mountain Removal Project Completed” sign, 1987
11140-171            “This is one of the Famous North Dakota Billboards!” sign, 1987
11140-172-176  Sanish Reunion meeting at New Town Civic Center, March 31, 1989 (individuals are identified on back of photographs)
11140-177            Sanish Baseball player outside J. H. Hock Contractor, Carpenter Shop, Sanish, ca. 1910s (from the album of Leta Price (Turner)
11140-178            Missouri River at Sanish
11140-179-184   Preparation for Sanish reunion, June 12, 1989 (identification on back of photographs)
11140-185-204 Sanish reunion at New Town, June 30-July 2, 1989 (identification on back of photographs)

Box 4:                    Photographs removed from the Sanish Reunion album, June-July 1989 (folders 12-13) (continued)
11140-205-215   Sanish class of 1948 and spouses reunion at New Town, July 3, 1989 (identification on back of photographs)
11140-216-217   Sanish class of 1947 and spouses reunion at New Town, July 3, 1989 (identification on back of photographs)
11140-218-219   Sanish class of 1945 and spouses reunion at New Town, July 3, 1989 (identification on back of photographs)
11140-220-238   Sanish banquet at New Town High School, July 1, 1989 (identification on back of photographs)
11140-239-251   Sanish reunion at New Town, July 1989 (identification on back of photographs)

Box 5:    Photographs removed from the historical news clippings and obituaries scrapbook (folders 16-17)
11140-252            W. R. Olson’s horses fell through the ice of the Missouri River near Sanish, ca. 1920s-1930s
11140-253            View of Sanish and Missouri River, ca. 1930s
11140-254            Group photograph at Granberg’s, Sanish, ca. 1930s
11140-255            (copy) Jane Hoffman with horse in downtown Sanish, ca. 1940
11140-256            W. R. Olson cranking his car at Stanley, group around airplane, ca. 1924
11140-257            Anne Haroldson, Arthur Olson and Marie Botnen in front of the old Sanish bridge, ca. 1925-1927
11140-258            Group on ferry, ca. August 1927
11140-259            Two men standing near automobiles, ca. 1940
11140-260            Group in horse drawn cart in Sanish at dedication of old bridge, 1925
11140-261            People on the Verendrye Bridge over the Missouri River, Sanish, ca. 1927
11140-262            Thelma, Ellen and Martha Thorpe, January 1, 1939

Photographs removed from the historical news clippings and genealogical scrapbook (folders 18-19)  
11140-263            Allyn and Elton Schoenrock at Alvin and Bernice Houser’s home near New Town, August 14, 2000
11140-264            Joan and Don Hammer, Don is a former Sanish resident (his mother, Ila Hammer, taught there from 1950-1953), October 5, 2000
11140-265            Photograph of a portrait of Murial Strasser Naatus
11140-266            Murial Strasses Naatus portrait

Box 6:                    Photographs removed from the historical news clippings and genealogical scrapbook (folders 20-21)
11140-267-268    Beta Sigma Phi Sorority planting flowers, New Town, including: Helen Medalen, Marvine Fisher, Marie Brown, Deannie Iverson (identification on back of photographs) (images from the New Town News)
11140-269            New Town, left to right: Frank Whitehead, Santa Claus, Maria Whitehead and Marie Brown, ca. 1960 (image from the New Town News)
11140-270            New Town school bus drivers, left to right: Phil Weyrauch, Larry Goodall, Roger Anderson, Glenn Hasby, Herb White Owl, Jim McMaster, Opal Garness, Lyle Locken, Buford Berglund, unidentified, ca. 1950s  (image from the New Town News)
11140-271            Activity room at the New Town Nursing home, Ellen Granberg in dark glasses, everyone else unidentified, ca. 1950s (image from the New Town News)
11140-272            Steam engine which ran in Sanish, now in New Town Civic Center, before 1953 (image from the New Town News)
11140-273            View of Sanish from Mt. Crowhigh, ca. 1920s 
11140-274-277   50 year class reunion, Sanish class of 1947, July 4, 1997, including : Ramona Peterson Lacey, Jeannine Froshaug Hasby, Juliet Swenson Hellansaas, Vernon Houser; front: Lois Pfundheller Estvold, Sally Beard Lautenschlager, Lorraine Ove Henry, Lorraine Holst Thompson, and David Nelson (photos are identified on back)
11140-278            Composite of the Sanish High School class of 1940 (from the Glenn Larson family collection), 1940
11140-279            Sanish class of 1948, October 16, 1999: Marjorie Ove Stanton, Opal Hasby Yuzicapi, Roger Anderson, Bernice Narum Houser, Anabel Swanson Uran, and Agnes Carlson Breslin
11140-280            New Town News, seated: Barbara Folven, ? Underfurth, Hattie McMaster, Margaret Estvold; standing: Theresa Danks, Millicent Schadler, Betty Swenson, Thelma Gillette, Nina Uran, Goodie Odegard, Ollie Brenna, Maxine Swenson, Delores Sand, Ramona Locken, ca. 1970
11140-281            Agnes Carlson, ca. 1930s
11140-282            Mrs. Esther Carlson, ca. 1930s
11140-283            Bob Morehouse and paddlefish, downtown New Town, 1970

Box 7:                    Photographs removed from scrapbook/photo album (folder 22)
11140-284            Ellen Granberg, Gladys Wolding, Mary Sanderson, Bertha Benn, Fern Sanderson, Mrs. McKeen, Mrs. Benn’s sister, Mrs. Weidner, unidentified
11140-285            (back of 284) unidentified boys with puppies
11140-286            Louise and Marion (Myron?) Ruland
11140-287            Logan’s Hardware (in old Sanish, Royal O. Logan)
11140-288            Royal O. Logan on roof of his hardware store, Sanish
11140-289            Royal O. Logan, Sid McDaniel, Jack Wolf outside Logan’s Hardware store
11140-290            Henry Narum’s water wagon
11140-291-293    R. O. Logan in his hardware store, Sanish, 1944
11140-294            Sally Beard, Betty Pennington, Ramona Peterson, Opal Garness and Marlys Peterson (back), ca. 1944
11140-295            Wallace Abelson and Art Green with fish
11140-296            Wallace Abelson with a pallid sturgeon
11140-297            (copy) Main Street, Sanish
11140-298            (copy) Campbell’s Bazaar, Van Hook (ND)
11140-299            Main Street, Van Hook, 1915     
11140-300            (copy) aerial of Van Hook, 1949
11140-301            (copy) birds-eye view of Van Hook, 1916?
11140-302            J. C. Sanderson and unidentified on farm
11140-304            (copy)   Shipment of Chevrolet automobiles at dealership, Sanish, April 1935
11140-305            (copy)   Shipment of Chevrolet automobiles at dealership, Sanish, June 1935
11140-306            (copy) The “Legion” Chevrolet won by Lyle Ruland, Sanish, June 14, 1935
11140-307            Construction of Verendrye Bridge over Missouri River at Sanish, ca. 1926 (from Elgin Peterson family)
11140-308            Construction of Verendrye Bridge over Missouri River at Sanish, ca. 1926 (from Elgin Peterson family)
11140-309-312    (copies) Cutting ice on Missouri River at Sanish
11140-313            (copy) City Mondak steamboat at Sanish
11140-314            View of Sanish (J. Breslin)           
11140-315            (copy)   Barge with horses crossing river to Sanish
11140-316            (copy)   Construction of a freight boat at either Williston or Mondak, MT
11140-317            (copy)   City Mondak steamboat in winter quartered at Sanish
11140-318            (copy) Shipment of cattle from Sanish   
11140-319            (copy) Steamer Scotty Philip at Sanish
11140-320            (copy)   City Mondak steamer at Mondak

Box 8:                    Photographs removed from scrapbook/photo album (folder 22)
11140-321            View of a farm in Sanish (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-322            (copy) When the fiver went down leaving the ice in piles along the edge of the timber, Sanish, March 24-25, 1939
11140-323            Monument on Crow High, Sanish
11140-324            (copy) Flood stage over the highway, west end of bridge, Sanish, March 25, 1939
11140-325            (copy) composite of three old photographs
11140-326            Group sitting down to lunch outside, ca. 1930s (from Lyle Sanderson)
11140-327            Marion Gibb, Ruel Ward, Niels Hansen, 1976 last photo taken of them was in 1916
11140-328            J. C. Sanderson and unidentified on hill overlooking Missouri River and Verendrye Bridge, ca. early 1950s
11140-329            Harriet Berntson and an unidentified man and woman, ca. 1930s
11140-330            J. C. Sanderson and Frank Wilber outside home, Sanish
11140-331            Group cooking out, J.C. Sanderson, Sanish, ca. 1930s
11140-332            Mary Wardlow and Gladys Wolding performing on stage
11140-333            Boat on the Missouri River
11140-334            Mrs. J. C. Sanderson and Ed Stolson
11140-335            Connie Wolding and Lyle Sanderson with horse
11140-337            J. C. Sanderson and Ed Stolson (homesteaded together), ca. 1968
11140-338            Mary Sanderson, unidentified and Olive (Sig) Rud
11140-339            (copy) Sanish baseball team, 1946
11140-340            J. C. Sanderson and Helge Kattevold
11140-341            Alma and Leonard Hagen (owned and operated the last ferry at Sanish before the bridge was built), 1983
11140-342            (copy) View of original Sanish town site, looking south toward Crow High, ca. 1915
11140-343            (copy) “Dad” Turner’s meat market in old Sanish
11140-344-345   Watford City band marching in the parade, 25th anniversary of Sanish, June 20, 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-346            Parade, 25th anniversary of Sanish, June 20, 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-347            American Legion women marching in parade, 25th anniversary of Sanish, June 20, 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-348            LaVerne Pennington, Ernest Weninger, Ed Stolson, down at the sawmill, 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-349            Ed Stolson by his cat down at his sawmill south of Sanish, 1941 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-350            Ed Stolson working at his sawmill south of Sanish, fall of 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-351            Left to right: Mrs. J. C. Sanderson, Gladys Sanderson, Ernest Weninger, Ed Stolson on steps of cook shack at the sawmill south of Sanish, 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-352            Siver Locken and the steam engine at Ed Stolson’s saw mill south of Sanish, ca. 1940-1941  (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-353            Ole Rud driving team, threshing crew, at Carl Skogstad’s in 1941 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-354            Fritz Wolding, Gladys Sanderson, Paul Evenson south of Sanish, 1941 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-355            Part of the threshing crew at Carl Skogstad’s, 1941 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-356            Photo of the composite photo of the Sanish High School class of 1943    
11140-357            (copy) Snowy roads near Sanish, 1950s
11140-358            Main Street looking west, Sanish, ca. 1920s-1930s
11140-359            (copy) W. R. O. in his merry Oldsmobile, 1939
11140-360            (copy) three men at restaurant or bar, the one in the center is C. A. Pickering, ca. 1930s

Box 9: Photographs removed from scrapbook/photo album (folder 22)
11140-361            (copy) Pick gets on the tractor
11140-362            (copy) Arvid Olson’s combine
11140-363            Children’s merry-go-round Shoberg hotel in background, June 20, 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-364            Indian rodeo at Shell Village, summer 1941 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-365            Boys on motorcycles, probably June 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-366            Where the barbecue was held (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-367            Indian Rodeo at Shell Village, summer 1941 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-368            Group of people walking on Verendrye Bridge, 1937 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-369            Verendrye Bridge, 1937 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-370            View of Sanish from Mount Crow High, 1930s (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-371            Left to right: Bernice Larson, George Schneider, Fred Hanna, Snooky Kidd, Mrs. Grandma Schneider, by Schneider’s Hotel and Café, Sanish, 1930s? (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-372            Delores Berntson on Sanish bridge, spring 1940 (from Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-373            Flood in old Sanish, Wesley Hotel, Bovey Shute Lumber Company, Schneider Hotel, ca. 1923
11140-374            (copy) Relief steer being lead to slaughter, Sanish, 1934
11140-375            Flood in old Sanish, Wesley Hotel, Bovey Shute Lumber Company, Schneider Hotel, ca. 1923
11140-376            (copy) starving calf, Sanish, 1934
11140-377            (copy) Verendrye bridge over Missouri River, Sanish
11140-378            (copy) group of children (unidentified), ca. 1930s (from Cora Brennan Sweeney) 
11140-379            (copy) Probably dedication of Verendrye Bridge, Sanish, August 5-6, 1927 (from Cora Brennan Sweeney) 
11140-380            (copy) Sanish, ca. 1930s (from Cora Brennan Sweeney) 
11140-381            (copy) Three men on horseback, Sanish, ca. 1930s (from Cora Brennan Sweeney) 
11140-382            (copy) Probably dedication of Verendrye Bridge, Sanish, August 5-6, 1927 (from Cora Brennan Sweeney) 
11140-383            (copy) The bunk house at the Laporte Ranch, Sanish (from Cora Brennan Sweeney) 
11140-384            Sanish rodeo grounds post card (Cora Brennan Sweeney) 
11140-385            Calma’s Place being vacated, Sanish, ca. 1953 (from Lyle Johnson)
11140-386            Building going west across ice of Missouri River near old Sanish bridge (from Lyle Johnson)
11140-387            Van Hook homes moving to western segment across Missouri at Sanish (from Lyle Johnson)
11140-388            Homes moving across Missouri at Sanish (from Lyle Johnson)
11140-389            View of Sanish and Missouri River (from Herman Jahnke)
11140-390            View of Sanish and Missouri River (from Herman Jahnke)
11140-391            Scene from golf course, Sanish, post card (from Herman Jahnke)
11140-392            View of Sanish (from Herman Jahnke)
11140-393            (copy) “Sanish many years ago ‘Ford Garage now’”
11140-394            (copy) “Here’s Sanish in the making ‘Ford Garage now’”
11140-395-396    Hills behind Crow Flies High
11140-397            Pete Hansen’s log cabin north of New Town
11140-398            Roy Hansen
11140-399            National Guard in old Sanish
11140-400            Missouri River at Sanish

Box 10: Photographs removed from scrapbook/photo album (folder 22)
11140-401            Earl and Laura Garness (from Ruel Ward)
11140-402            Mrs. Roy O. Ward, Mrs. Goodall, Ruel Ward (from Ruel Ward)
11140-403            Alfred and Norma Berntson
11140-404            Sanish street scene in winter, 1930
11140-405            Joe Madlec, Rhyne and Helen Rusch
11140-406            Dan Adams and unidentified (Adams ran the first theatre in Sanish)  (from the Narums)
11140-407            View of Sanish
11140-408            River scene from Mt. Crow, high Sanish
11140-409-410 (copies) Panorama of Sanish, ca. 1920s-1930s
11140-411-412 (copies) Panorama of Sanish, 1930            
11140-413            (copy) First basketball team of Sanish, 1927-1929 (Martha Heats Collinson)
11140-414            (copy) “A few of the team, just a bunch of bums” first basketball team of Sanish, 1927-1929 (Martha Heats Collinson)
11140-415            Boy scout cabin, Sanish, post card (Joe Breslin)
11140-416            Bridge and River scene, Sanish, post card (Joe Breslin)
11140-417            Crow Fly Mountain, Sanish, post card (Joe Breslin)
11140-418            River scene, Sanish, post card (Joe Breslin)
11140-419            School and church, Sanish, post card (Joe Breslin)
11140-420            Monument on Crow Flies High, Sanish, post card (Joe Breslin)
11140-421            Mrs. Ida Green, May 1960 (Joe Breslin)
11140-422            Mrs. Ward, May 1960 (Joe Breslin)
11140-423            Joe Breslin, May 1960 (Joe Breslin)
11140-424            View of Sanish post card (correspondence on back) (Joe Breslin)
11140-425            Les. Wilbur and Orvin Wolk, Sanish, 1949
11140-426            Fritz Buerkle at Medicine Lake, 1949
11140-427            Mrs. Art Greene with automobile (Joe Breslin)
11140-428            Tony Nystaad, Sanish, 1949 (Joe Breslin)
11140-429            Bill Breslin, Sanish, 1949 (Joe Breslin)
11140-430            Arlene Abelson and Beulah Breslin, Sanish, 1949? (Joe Breslin)
11140-431            Flood in old Sanish, Wesley Hotel, Bovey Shute Lumber Company, Schneider Hotel, ca. 1923 (Joe Breslin)
11140-432            View of Sanish (Joe Breslin)
11140-433            Verendrye Bridge (Joe Breslin)
11140-434            Bill Breslin, Ruby, Alfred Thompson, ca. 1960 (Joe Breslin)
11140-435            Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carlisle and Bertha Breslin (Joe Breslin)
11140-436            Joe Breslin and Mrs. Ward, midwife at his birth (Joe Breslin)
11140-437            Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. J. P. Breslin (Joe’s godmother) (Joe Breslin)
11140-438            Third generation: mother, daughter and grandson (Joe Breslin)
11140-439            Ice going out on the Missouri River, Sanish, March 28, 1930 post card
11140-440            Missouri River and Sanish
11140-441            Ruby, Cora and Chuck Austin, Judy (5 years old), Michael (9 years old), July 1950 (Joe Breslin)
11140-442            Joe Breslin and the original Crow Flies High sign (Joe Breslin)      
11140-443            Joe Breslin (Joe Breslin)
11140-444            Sanish, Harley House and Scout cabin (Joe Breslin)
11140-445            View of Sanish
11140-446            Sanish bridge (Joe Breslin)
11140-447            Sign: “this is the site of the New Town of Sanish and Van Hook,” ca. 1953 (Lyle Johnson)
11140-448            W. R. Olson standing in doorway of Red Owl (Lyle Johnson)
11140-449            Charlie Pickering (Lyle Johnson)
11140-450            Unidentified, unidentified, and Harold Bugge (Lyle Johnson)

Box 11: Photographs removed from scrapbook/photo album (folder 22)
11140-451-454    Sanish grade school (Lyle Johnson)
11140-455            (copy) Sanish High School basketball team, 1939 (Lyle Johnson)
11140-456            Students outside Sanish High School (Lyle Johnson)
11140-457            Sanish High School: Irma Bitter, Opal Robinson, Ellen Kjellberg, Gladys Jensen, Beth Berg, Una Erickson, 1943 (Lyle Johnson)
11140-458-462    Sanish High School classroom scenes (Lyle Johnson and Donna Narum Appelt)
11140-463            Delores Larson outside Sanish High School (Donna Narum Appelt)
11140-464            Lorraine Schneider (from Opal Garness)
11140-465            Dean Gullickson (from Opal Garness)
11140-466            Delores Morin (from Opal Garness)
11140-467            Sanish in the winter (from Opal Garness)             
11140-468            Missouri River in winter at Sanish (from Opal Garness)
11140-469            Sarah (Bunny) Breslin    
11140-470            Blizzard at old Sanish, ca. 1949-1950 (from Opal Garness)
11140-471            Bill Stiffler’s coyote (from the Narum’s)
11140-472            Sid McDaniel’s team, Roy Carlisle was loading ice, Sanish (from the Narum’s)
11140-473            Concrete mixer for Sanish bridge, 1926 (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-474-475    Verendrye Bridge construction, Sanish, 1926 (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-476            Laura Garness, 1926 (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-477            Tiny Buerkle in basket of Katherine Rupp’s bicycle (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-478            Dick and Terry Rupp (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-479            Donovan hill, Sanish (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-480            Laura, Earl, Leonard, Donald Garness (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-481            Mrs. “Mac” McNamara, 90th birthday, August 24, 1973 (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-482            Baptism in Missouri River (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-483-484    Sportsmen’s Picnic, June 17, 1945 (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-485            Earl and Laura Garness, Jennie Stedman (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-486            Donald and Leonard Garness (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-487            Gene and Jennie Stedman, Boby and Irene (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-488            Gene Stedman and Bill Golden (from Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-489-492    Election day, Big Bend Township, June 10, 1986 (individuals identified on back of photos)
11140-493            (copy) Mac’s Café, Sanish
11140-494-504     Royal O. Logan 80th birthday party, July 11, 1987 (individuals identified on back of photos)

Box 12: Photographs removed from scrapbook/photo album (folder 22)
11140-505            Sanish Bay, July 7, 1957
11140-506-507     Joanne, Karin, Renee and Reverend Dennis Marchus
11140-508-510     Moving Minnekota elevator form old Sanish to New Town, ND, ca. 1953 (from Hulda [Sally] Olson)
11140-511            (copy) Baseball, old Sanish
11140-512            (copy) Dick Rupp, Marland Aubol, Mickey Logan
11140-513            (copy) Royce Aubol and Corrine Houser
11140-514            (copy) Shirley “Tiny” Buerkle and Mickey Logan
11140-515            (copy) Georgia Hoffman and Lola Larson on Sanish bridge
11140-516            (copy) Mrs. Ray (Lulu) Lacey
11140-517            (copy) Lola Larson, DeVon Westby, Georgie Hoffman, Veronica Two Crow on Sanish bridge
11140-518            Last of old home in Ruland Ranch
11140-519            Hunting party at Ruland Ranch
11140-520            New Town Development corporation; back, left to right: Lyle Johnson, Al Ulrich, unidentified, Alfred Thompson, W. R. Olson, Walt Murphy, Gilbert Rohde, unidentified, M. H. Aubol; front, left to right: Soren Sjol, F. Traynor, Gertie Elam, Arvid Olson, Marshall Taylor
11140-521            Frank Wilbur and his goats, Sanish
11140-522            Albin Larson plowing, post card
11140-523            Main Street looking east, Sanish post card
11140-524            John G. Hanson and the way he farmed without horses post card
11140-525-532    Royal Logan, Alvin and Bernice Houser with reporters from the Minot Daily News at the old Sanish town site. The low level of Lake Sakakwea exposed the foundations of the old grain elevators and stockyards, September 14, 1988
11140-533            Sanish Lutheran choir, front, left to right: Janice Anderson, Coleen Lund, Irene Ove, Cailla Ove; Second row, left to right: Alice Anderson, Marlys Dinwoodie, Marlene Dinwoodie, Coreen Lund, and Hulda Olson; third row, left to right: Esther Carlson, Edith Rohde, Myrtle Bugge, Edie Anderson, Mrs. Everett (Grace) Tande; back row, left to right: Roy Buerkle, Charles Ruppert, Sivert Botnen and Smith Botnen, ca. 1952
11140-534            Patterson ran REA line from Stanley into New Town in 1954, Ajo, AZ, February 23, 1991
11140-535            Opal (Robinson) Joe Laxague, Ely NV, February 12, 1991
11140-536-539    Sanish Bridge dedication, August 5-6, 1927 (A. F. Meyers family)
11140-540-541    Sanish Reunion, July 1, 1989
11140-542            Earl Bunyon statue, New Town,1989
11140-543            Sharie Wyckoff, Ann and Al Hinsverk’s 50th anniversary, November 28, 1993
11140-544            Royal Logan at Satermo Hardware, New Town, July 12, 1991
11140-545            Ann and Al Hinsverk’s 50th anniversary, November 28, 1993
11140-546            Ruth Thompson, Sun City, AZ, February 6, 1992
11140-547            Agnes Breslin and bull snake, 1992
11140-548-550     Lake Sakakwea State Park, March 1, 1992 (campsite signs)

Box 13: Photographs removed from scrapbook/photo album (folder 22)
11140-551-556     Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High, New Town, June 25, 1992
11140-557-558     Paul Breslin, Alvin Houser, Don Carlson putting up sign for Sanish Riverview cemetery north of New Town, Highway 1804, October 22, 1993
11140-558            American Legion Color Guard at Riverview Cemetery of Sanish, May 31, 1993
11140-559            Riverview Cemetery of Sanish, June 26, 1993
11140-560            American Legion Honor Guard at Riverview Cemetery of Sanish, May 31, 1993
11140-561-572    Al and Ann Hinsverk 50th wedding anniversary, November 28, 1993
11140-573            Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High, New Town, June 25, 1992
11140-574            Marion Anderson and Red Saunderson
11140-575            End of Culvert next to highway west of Sanish bridge
11140-576            Mr. and Mrs. Orvie Thompson
11140-577            Four Bears Bridge, New Town post card
11140-578            Royal Logan at Satermo Hardware, New Town, July 12, 1994
11140-579            Homer Parris, Hagen Carlson, Bob Bohn, James Schuler
11140-580            Minnekota grain elevator, Sanish
11140-581            W. R. Olson (at wheel) and his brother in automobile, Sanish post card
11140-582            Wrecked plane, wrecked by Gunther Harm’s farm, McKenzie County, ND
11140-583            Lucille Sand, Laura Ventsch, Jeannine Hasby, Bernice Jarski and Laura Garness
11140-584-592    Sanish High School class of 1944 reunion, July 23, 1994
11140-593            Rowene Logan, June Hanson, Mrs. E. O. Jacobson, Mrs. Jack Johnson, Grace Logan, Mrs. John R. Hanson
11140-594            Jane Hoffman
11140-595-599    80 ton crane on barge to be taken across river for building new bridge, photos by Max Ove, April 25, 1952                               

Box 14: Photographs removed from scrapbook/photo album (folder 22)
11140-600-601    Construction of Verendrye Bridge over Missouri River at Sanish, ca. 1926 (Earl and Laura Garness)
11140-602-626    Construction of Four Bears Bridge at New Town (Tom Pickar)
11140-627           “Customer” (black bear) outside “Snake Pit” bar, New Sanish, ND, 1960 post card
11140-628-639    Construction of Four Bears Bridge at New Town (Tom Pickar)
11140-640            Crow Flies High Butte historic site sign overlooking Garrison Reservoir, ca. 1960 post card
11140-641-643    Construction of Four Bears Bridge at New Town (Tom Pickar)

Box 15: Photographs removed from scrapbook with historical and genealogical material (folders 23-24)
11140-644            Original Sanish park, west side of town along river, Sanish by Hans Jensen (Nina Nissen Uran)
11140-645            Verendrye bridge, Sanish, 1927 by Hans Jensen (Nina Nissen Uran)
11140-646            Congregation of First Baptist Church, Sanish, ca. 1920s (Leota E. Simpson and R. J. Dinwoodie)
11140-647            Ag and Jack Schmidt and Dianne
11140-648            Earl Satterthwaite retiring after 40 years as the president of the Sanish Riverview Cemetery Board, clean up day, May 18, 2002
11140-649            Lewis and Clark Bridge, Williston post card

Box 16:
1 Scrapbook/photograph album with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photographs 11140-650-682 were removed and housed in box 17): 
Anderson, Edna Ruth (Hendrickson), Mrs. Arthur, p. 804, 1915-1994
Annala, Selma, p. 853, 1903-1994
Aubol, Mr. & Mrs. M. H., 837
Baker, Veronica (Two Crow), Mrs. Gail, p. 804, 1930-1994
Bangen, Lance, p. 849, 1948-1994
Benbow, Jack, p. 833
Berglund, Buford W., p. 771
Berntson, Bennie, p. 836, ?-1961
Berntson, Norma Elidah (Jorgenson), Mrs. Alfred, p. 847, 1897-1973
Blatherwick, Dr. Wilfred E., p. 832, 1870-1956
Botnen, Martin Smith, p. 838, 1889-1956
Bottleson, Adelaide (Swenson), Mrs. Gordon, p. 859, 1908-1994
Boyko, John, p. 791, 1883-1972
Brehm, Alice, p. 888, ?-1995
Brehm, G. P., p. 829 1879-1962
Brehm, Mrs. & Mrs. G. P., p. 830
Brehm, Roy W., p.  828, 1910-1962
Buckneberg, Rev. Ingvald J., p. 795, ?-1948
Bugge, H. J. (family), p. 873
Bugge, Harold, Robert & Darryl, p. 861
Bugge, Robert B., p. 774, 1918-1993
Burchett, Lila J. (Wolding), Mrs. Willard G., p. 875, 1907-1995
Buzick, Frank P., p. 827, 1870-1955
Christianson, Walter A., p. 793, 1919-1993
Clark, Murray A., p. 871, 1914-1995
Couchigan, Agnes J. (Gardner), Mrs. George, p. 862, 1909-1995
Davis, Charley, p. 831
Davis, Emma (Korthouar), Mrs. Charles, p. 828, 1884-1955
Dinwoodie, Lloyd C., p. 788
Dokken, Lola W. (Engelhart), Mrs. Charles, p. 856, 1910-1994
Dow, Neva May (Prior), Mrs. Patrick, p. 875, 1934-1995
Dye, Lawrence G., p. 831, 1899-1958
Erickson, Phillip M., p. 870, 1913- ?
Evans, Wayne & Hazel, p. 777
Fix, Margaret (Arnold) (Holst), p. 774, 1905-1993
Follis, Robert, p. 871, 1914-1995
Folven, Willard "Bill," p. 888, 1918-1995
Foreman, Earl, p. 854, 1913-1976
Gardner, C. N. "Charlie," p. 836, 1880-1956
Garsteig, Ella Augusta, p. 793, ?-?
Grady, Francis "Red Peppermint" (Young Wolf), Mrs. Minot, p. 801, 1914-1993
Granberg, Ellen (Olson), Mrs. Charles, p. 847, 1885-1973
Gudbranson, Joseph M., p. 843, 1914-1994
Hansen, Neils P., p. 834, 1909-1994
Hanson, Orin, p. 872, 1918-1995
Harms, Penn B., p. 878, 1927-1995
Hasby, Glenn & Lilah (Norby), 906
Hasby, Jene, 823
Hauge, Lillian (Pederson), Mrs. Floyd, p. 849, 1908-1994
Haugen, Julian A., p. 853, 1911-1994
Haugerud, Albert, 835
Hendrickson, Ray & Millie, 855
Hinsverk, Hans O., p. 850, 1912-1994
Holmberg, Lawrence, p. 825, 1904-1994
Jahnke, Herman, p. 779
Johnson, Corrine (Weidner), Mrs. Darol, p. 865
Johnson, Jack D., p. 779
Johnson, Mary M. (Knudson), Mrs. Lyle H., p. 849
Johnston, Roy, p. 827, 1881-1955
Kellar, Raymond, p. 829, 1909-1994
Keogh, Frank P., p. 1877-1955
Keogh, Kathleen Mary (Hyland), Mrs. Brooks, p. 842, 1913-1970
Kirk, Ivy (Kvernstoen), p. 833, ?-1994
Kline, Lawrence J., p. 875, 1894-1995
LaRocque, Fred, p. 835, 1888-1961
Larsen, Adolph, p. 830, ?-1954
Larson, Shirley & Dorothy, p. 831
Loe, Gloria V. (Solem), Mrs. Edwin, p. 854, 1908-1994
Loe, Maude Lillian Rosanna, p. 872, 1911-1994
Logan, Royal O., p. 885, 1907-1995
Logan, Royal O., p. 799
Mayer, Edward H., p. 878, 1926-1995
Mayer, John J., p. 878, 1908-1995
McDonald, Angus & Belle, p. 839
McKeen, Floyd, p. 859, 1904-1994
McLaughlin, Josephine, Mrs. E. A., p. 837, 1904-1967
Mead, Helen I. (Bruns), Mrs. Earl W., p. 870, 1921-1995
Melby, Norman, p. 907, 1919-1990
Meldahl, Mildred (Ambrosen), Mrs. Alvin J., p. 842, 1912-1995
Michalenko, Bert, p. 904, 1923-1992
Mikkelsen, George L., p. 873, 1923-1995
Morin, Duane R. "Bobby," p. 875, 1974-1995
Narum, Henry O., p. 834
Narum, Henry & Hilda, p. 844
Nash, Arlene (Hungate), Mrs. Wesley, p. 842, ?-1993
Nice, Gladys (May), Mrs. Ear! L., p. 801, 1904-1993
Nissen, Merald C., p. 875, 1931-1995
Olson, Arthur T., p. 840, 1893-1955
Olson, Ethel (LaPlant), Mrs. Art, p. 801, 1898-1993
Olson, Guri Mathilda Elizabeth (Benson), Mrs. Clarence M., p. 872, 1910-1995
Olson, Wanlo R., p. 832
Oppeboen, Olaf & Anna, p. 829
Olson, Arvid, p. 832, 1880-1958
Pappa, Lillie M. (Beard), Mrs. Vernon, p. 857, 1917-1994
Peterson, Dale, p. 863
Peterson, lIa (Alg) (Hammer), p. 854, 1912-1994
Quale, Earl R., p. 878, 1916-1995
Quale, Harold C., p. 888, 1909-1995
Rakness, Monica L. (McLauchlin), Mrs. James, p. 889, 1928-1995
Reynolds, Kenneth, p. 788
Roszell, Regina P. (Grady), (White Body), p. 868, 1928-1995
Ruland, Lyle, p. 840, 1894-1967
Ruland, Mrs. Myron N., p. 828, ?-1954
Rupp, Milo Roy, p. 829, 1895-1962
Sattergren, Cecelia K. (Pickar), Mrs. Ted, p. 872, 1906-1994
Satterthwaite, Isabel, Mrs. J. B., p. 827, 1885-1953
Sherva, Gladys (Wolding) (Hungate), Mrs. Chester, p. 857, 1905-1994
Snyder, Walter, p. 853, 1920-1994
Sorenson, Norman C., p. 850, 1919-1994
Starr, Reggie & Mary Ann (Reynolds), p. 866
Strasser, Joe, p. 871, 1934-1995
Swenson, Maxine (Carmen), Mrs. Sydney, p. 874
Swenson, Maxine (Carmen), Mrs. Sydney, p. 877
Tolgan Brothers & Tolgan Township, Ward County, p. 909
Uran, Louise Mary (Vorderbruggen), Mrs. Maynard, p. 859, 1917-1994
Uran, Robert & Anabel, p. 824
Van Berkon, Alice T. (Vangen), Mrs. Holland, p. 852, 1918-19940
Vig, Dorothy (Hollowell) (Ness), Mrs. Olaf, p. 872, 1928-1995
Walker, Mercy "Cowry Shell Woman" (Baker), Mrs. Hans, 1902-1993
Waller, Alfred, p. 889, 1920-1995
Wardlow, "Mac," p. 851
Washburn, Lyle, p. 898
White Body, John, p. 838, 1900-1959
Wilbur, Earl & Rosemary, p. 857
Zewick, Mabel M. (Cranmer) (Kulczyk) (Schule), Mrs. Micha, p. 889, 1923-1995
2 Scrapbook/photograph album with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries (continued)  
3 Historical scrapbook and E. L. Thorpe photograph album (photographs 11140-683-723 were removed and housed in box 18):
4 Scrapbook with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photographs 11140-724-754 were removed and housed in box 19): 
Schultz, Bertha (Richards)
Hannah, Mrs. Fred
Senechal, Edmond Edward “Cap”
Pfundheller, Raymond and Gladys (Ranum)
Brehm, Walter George
Chase, Alice Helen (Benn)
Loe, Sidney Arthur
Overlie, Woodrow Bernard
Carver Family
Ruppert, Charles L. II
Peterson, Dale C.
Aubol, Clare Howard
Meuth, Sylvia Magdalene (Evenson)
Maynard, Warren George
Stevenson, Etheline (Hogan)
Holt, Lillian Aletha (Moe)
Ruland, Anna (Raan)
Pennington, Raymond James
Aadnes, Rogene Margaret (Gullickson)
Sveen, Lillian (Bruns)
Lee, Lucille (Schmidt)
Davy, Marilyn Ann (Bugge)
Uran, Robert William
Goodall, Alice Louise (Sullivan)
Erickson, Una Roselia
Garvison, Frona Merle “Peggy” (Maynard)
Olsen, Katherine Louise (Benn)
Sleeman, Dorothy Naomi (Johnson)
Howard, Dorothy Dee (Hehmke)
Dillon, Ellen Elizabeth (Johnson)
King, Paul L.
Gladheim, Ole and Clara (Ranum)
Green Halgh, Ada Claire Janette “Bud” (Madden)
Olsen, Van Roger “Buzzy”
Carlson, Charles
Morehouse, Frank
Olsen, Corinne M.
McLauchlin, Eileen M. (Froshaug)
McLauchlin, Robert Earl “Bob”
Hoff, Mariel Mae (Ward)
Williamson, Toni Rae (Gullickson)
Chase, Alice Helen (Benn)
Haugerud, Albert R.
Gilbertson, Lawrence Norman  
5 Scrapbook with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries (continued)  

Box 17: Photographs removed from scrapbook with historical and genealogical material (box 16, folders 1-2)
11140-650            Ducks on Gibb Ranch, north of Sanish by Big Spring
11140-651            Ardell Meyers Sorenson, Ione Kvernstoen Walker, 1992
11140-652            Carlson Co. First Supper, Elbowoods
11140-653            Art Green, Nils? Ruland, Alfred Spaulding            
11140-654            Group, probably on Crow Flies High butte post card
11140-655            Art Green family and Jeannette Rue
11140-656            (copy) View of Sanish, December 1953 (Fargo Forum)
11140-657            (copy) View of Sanish, October 1952 (Fargo Forum)
11140-658-662    Sanish class of 1948 reunion, July 1, 1993 (individuals identified on back of photographs)
11140-664-663    Al and Ann Hinsverk’s 50th wedding anniversary, November 28, 1993 (individuals identified on back of photographs)
11140-665            Sanish class of 1944 reunion, July 23, 1994 (individuals identified on back of photograph)
11140-666            Parade in Sanish, girls wearing hats from the Botnen Hat Shop, Sivert Botnen, the driver
11140-667            Christmas at W. R. Olson’s, 1937
11140-668            Ferry crossing the Missouri River at Sanish, before 1927
11140-669            Oswald Olson in uniform, 1918
11140-670            Smith Botnen in uniform, 1918
11140-671            Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Thorpe inside Thorpe Café in Sanish
11140-672            John Leraas Charlson in uniform, 1918
11140-673            Royal Logan’s 88th birthday at Satermo Hardware, New Town, July 12, 1995
11140-674            Group of women, including Fay (McMahen) Wolf and Grace McMahen Logan
11140-675-676   Royal Logan’s 87th birthday, July 12, 1994
11140-677            Agnes Breslin at Sanish History Booth, New Town Fall Festival, September 19, 1997
11140-678            Charlie Granberg, Art Olson, Arnold Sjoberg, Bert Purdy, W. R. Olson, Roy Rupp inside Power Equipment Company, Sanish (Hulda Olson)
11140-679            Arnold Sjoberg, Charlie Granberg, Bert Purdy, Art Olson and W. R. Olson outside Power Equipment Company (Hulda Olson)
11140-680            Group outside Power Equipment Company, Sanish (Mrs. W. R. Olson)
11140-681            1972 State tournament Division II bowling champions: Orlea Wolding Moe, Gay Wardlow Aadnes, Sharon Estvold, Karen Bottleson Smith, JoAnn Weber, Darrell Peterson
11140-682            Putting new posts on Crow High, Walt Brehm on tractor

Box 18: Photographs removed from historical scrapbook and E. L. Thorpe photograph album, ca. 1938-1939 (box 16, folder 3)
11140-683            E. L. Thorpe and Mrs. Thorpe
11140-684            Flood scene, Sanish, August 15, 1928
11140-685            A get away scene, flood time, Sanish, August 15, 1928
11140-686            Sanish High School exterior
11140-687            Lunch and auction crowd, market day, Sanish, October 24, 1934
11140-688-696    “Little Red Schoolhouse” cast, Sanish, April 1938 (individuals identified on photographs)
11140-697            “Gay Nineties” actors, April 1938
11140-698-701    “Little Red Schoolhouse” actors, Sanish, April 1938 (individuals identified on photographs)
11140-702            Kid Pet parade, Sanish, August 6, 1938
11140-703            Mickey Wilbur’s goat herd
11140-704            Mickey Wilbur and his goat team, Sanish
11140-705            At the Farnham farm six miles north of Sanish. When the river dropped it left ice floes piled on top of each other. You may judge the size by looking at C. A. Pickering, March 16, 1939
11140-706            A big chunk of ice on picnic grounds, Sanish, March 24-25, 1939
11140-707-708 Ice floating down Missouri River, March 24, 1939
11140-709            Along the river by Farnhams farm, six miles north of Sanish, C. A. Pickering “Pick” is six feet tall; judge the height of the ice cakes, March 16, 1938
11140-710            Harold Bugge stands between two cottonwood trees that were damaged by the flood on the Farnham Farm six miles north of Sanish, March 16, 1938
11140-711-713     Ice jam six miles north of Sanish, March 16, 1938
11140-714            Farnham home surrounded by ice, water went as high as the keyboards of the piano, March 16, 1938
11140-715-717     Kid pet parade, Sanish, August 6, 1938
11140-718-719     A cottonwood tree damaged as the ice floes ripped the bark off, not the height from the ground, C. A. Pickering “Pick” is six feet tall, March 16, 1938
11140-720-723       Newton Simonson, 1938

Box 19: Photographs removed from scrapbook with historical news clippings and obituaries (box 16, folders 4-5)
11140-724            (copy) Aerial/topographical photograph of Sanish, 1953
11140-725            (copy) First and second grades, Sanish, 1936 (individuals identified on back of photograph)         
11140-726-728     Verendrye Bridge, Sanish, ca 1927
11140-729            Sanish High School Students, ca. 1936 (identified on back of photograph)
11140-730            Sanish ladies (identified on back of photograph)
11140-731            Sanish rodeo
11140-732-735     Missouri River upstream from Sanish on Highway 23, before 1953
11140-736            Old Sanish fire card in Bob Kottsick’s back yard, Minot, April 30, 1979
11140-737-744     Election day, Big Bend Township, June 10, 1986 (individuals identified on back of photographs)
11140-745-747     Sanish Riverview Cemetery Club, 60th anniversary, July 2, 1986 (individuals identified on back of photographs)

Photographs removed from scrapbook with obituaries, funeral programs and historical news clippings about Sanish (box 20)
11140-748-750    Ground breaking ceremony at “new” Sanish, June 1953
11140-751            Sivert Botnen
11140-752            Might be confirmation class from Sanish church, ca. 1941
(individuals are identified on back of photograph)
11140-753            Dorothy Hallowell, might be confirmation photo, ca. 1941
11140-754            Turtle effigy (Ed Hanson)

Box 20: Scrapbook with obituaries, funeral programs and historical news clippings about Sanish with information about the following people (photographs 11140-748-754 moved to box 19):
Alden, Dayl, p. 31
Alden, LaFayette Burton, p.  2
Alden, Susie, p. 5
Anderson, Arthur G., p. 42
Anderson, Loyd, p.  12
Anderson, Norman A., p.  4
Aubol's, Inc., p.  57
Bangen, Howard & Rogene, p.  54
Beard, Anna M., p.  6
Berntson, Maggie, p.  25
Berntson, Norma E., p.  9
Boehning, Rose C., p.  10
Bohmbach, Louis C., p.  11
Bohmbach, Veroley, p. 59
Boots, Bert, p. 11
Boyko, John, p. 8
Brehm, G. P., p. 3
Brehm, Lawrence J., p. 8
Brehm, Lena, p. 10
Brehm, Walter and Alice, p. 58
Brenna, Eldred, p. 15
Breslin, John, p. 14
Breslin, John P., p. 8
Breslin, Mrs. John P., p. 3
Breslin, William K., p. 17
Brien, Sarah, p. 12
Bronson, Charles A., p. 5
Brown, Marie Jane, p. 18
Buerkle, Kate, p. 42
Carlson, Esther, p. 6
Carlson, Hagen J., p. 5
Chapin, Lincoln, Jr., p.  7
Curren, Elvera, p. 19
Cushing, Del, p. 12
Davis, Charles, p. 3
Dawson, Florence, p. 2
Deserly, Frank, p. 3
Deserly, Margaret, p. 1
Dinwoodie, Mary, p. 8
Dinwoodie, Mary G., p. 16
Dinwoodie, William J., p. 37
Drags Wolf, Kenneth, p. 1
Drags Wolfe, Louis, p. 6
Estenson, Emmet, p. 21
Felland, Oscar, p. 32
Foreman, Earl, p. 11
Foreman, Roger E., p. 7
Fossum, Mildred H., p. 34
Froshaug, Daryl, p. 15
Froshaug, Ella, p. 33
Froshaug, Harvey, p. 33
Froshaug, Josephine, p. 10
Galusha, Sidney Wayne, p. 26
Garness, Earl, p. 16
Garness, Laura, p. 14
Garness, Leonard, p. 9
Gladheim, Clara, p. 21
Goodall, Oliver Perry, p. 17
Granberg, Ellen, p. 9
Grendahl, Celia, p. 12
Grendahl, George M., p. 17
Gudbranson, Amy, p. 19
Gullickson, Beatrice, p. 14
Hagen, Clarence, p. 32
Hagen, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence, p. 37
Hansen, Edward, p. 16
Haugen, Esther, p. 25
Hendrickson, Avis, p. 61
Hendrickson, Lynn W., p. 10
Hermanson, Ollie, p. 23
Hoffman, C. W., p. 21
Hoffman, Carl, p. 14
Hoffman, Charles Ward, Jr., p. 1
Hoffman, Charlie, p. 49
Hoffman, Dorothy, p. 18
Hoffman-Ulrich, p.  52
Houser, Harley J., p. 16
Hungate, Lawrence C., p. 2
Janssen, Paul William, p. 18
Johnson, Billie, p. 52
Keogh, Frank P., p. 1
Koukol, Alma, p. 14
Kvernstoen, E. B., p. 1
Laity, W. Clifford, p. 29
Larson, Alice, p. 52
Larson, Edwin, p. 23
Larson, L. G. (Lewe), p. 8
Larson, Mrs. Edwin, p. 3
Lindberg, Katherine, p. 9
Lindley, Charlie, p. 16
Lockrem, Blanche, p. 5
Loe, Edwin, p. 32
Logan, Mrs. Royal O., p. 13
Longre, Virginia, p. 6
Lund Family, p. 63
Lund, Carl, p. 12
Lynch, Evelyn Olson, p. 19
Madsen, Lester, p. 34
McCutcheon, Paul, p. 17
McLauchlin, Earl, p. 4
Meiers, Ruth, p. 27
Merrill, Gladys L., p. 31
Mikkelson, Bernard "Ben," p. 15
Monson, Georgia, p.  4
Morin, Beatrice, p.  19
Myhra, Dolly, p.  23
Narum, Warren Henry, p.  14
Neal, Bigelow, p.  4
Nedrud, Aida, p.  22
Nelson, Martha, p.  31
Nesheim, Melvin L., p.  5
Olson, Elidah Julia, p. 31
Osborn, Mrs. Robert H. (Clara L.), p. 19
Pennington, Earl R., p. 2
Pennington, Lillian, p. 13
Peterson, Celia, p. 15
Peterson, Dolph C. (Tom), p. 24
Pfundheller, Raymond, p. 32
Pfundheller, Raymond, p. 52
Pickar, John, p. 26
Pickar, Johnnie J., p. 26
Quale, Darrel and Joanne, p. 48
Rakness, Tom, p. 44
Reese, Mabel and Arthur, p. 40
Rodenhizer, E. W., p. 5
Rogers, Laura Mae, p. 33
Rogers, Lyle W., p. 33
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Ruland, Marion, p. 22
Ruland, Myron N., p. 2
Rupp, Milo Ray, p. 4
Ruud, George and Doris, p. 50
Sanderson, Mary, p. 16
Sanish Class of 1937, p. 64
Sattergren, Cecelia, p. 37
Sattergren, Louise M., p. 24
Satterthwaite, John Benjamin, p. 8
Schmidt, Jack J., p. 34
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Weidner, Emma, p. 21
Weidner, Harold T., p. 3
Weninger, Anton, p. 34
Wilber, Emma, p. 10
Wod, Gloria, p. 35

Oversized material:
Poster, Sanish Rodeo, July 3-5, 1953
Plat mat of Sanish, ND (Garrison Reservoir blue print), ca. 1953                 
Sanish Reunion placemats, July 1-2, 1989 at New Town
Box 21:                 Negatives
11140-762            Composite of the Sanish High School class of 1951
11140-763            Sanish baseball team, ca. 1910s
11140-764            (copy) Looking west down Main Street by the Baptist Church, Sanish, April 1947
11140-765            (copy) Main Street looking west, Sanish
11140-766            (copy) The Government boat “John Ordway” on its way to Fort Peck, Sanish, May 6, 1935
11140-767            (copy) Hank Narum
11140-768            (copy) two images: Hank Narum, March 23, 1938 and March 23, 1939
11140-769            (copy) Edie and Merls
11140-770            (copy) Earl Arnold
11140-771            (copy) Charles Hoffman
11140-772            (copy) Brock Train, Sanish
11140-773            (copy) A typical scene of an Indian Village of N. Dak., 1911 by Fred Olson              
11140-774            (copy) Group of children
11140-775            (copy) Pioneer at Sanish
11140-776            (copy) Automobile driving
11140-777            (copy) Verendrye Bridge
11140-778-782     (copies) Scenic views of the Missouri River
11140-783            (copy) Sanish High School class of 1947 composite
11140-784            (copy) Sanish High School class of 1948 composite

Oversized Photographs
11140-755            Seventh Annual Sanish Rodeo, July 3-5, 1953 (Osborn’s Studio, Dickinson, ND)
11140-756            Seventh Annual Sanish Rodeo, July 3-5, 1953 (Osborn’s Studio, Dickinson, ND)
11140-757            (copy) Panorama of Sanish, 1930 (photo by Booen, Miles City, MT)
11140-758            Panorama of Sanish, June 16, 1919
11140-759            Verendrye Bridge dedication, August 5, 1927
11140-760            Panorama of Sanish, 1916
11140-761            Farmers Union, Mountrail and McKenzie Counties annual picnic, Sanish, June 20, 1930 (photo by Booen, Miles City, MT)

Box 22:            Photographs removed from Scrapbook 1
11140-785-799 Van Hook Reunion or Sanish Picnic, ca. 1972
11440-800       Bud Perry’s (Leroy Perry)
11140-801       Sanish Bay June, 1973 (donated by Jim McMaster, New Town)
11140-802       1922 Sanish baseball team, Jack Thompson, Clarence Maynard, C.A. Pickering, Charley Anderson, John Hanson, Ruel Ward-bat boy, Babe Pennington, Alfred Berntson (from Mrs. Babe (Laura) Heath Pennington
11140-803       Sanish Rodeo Grounds (Joe Breslin)
11140-804       Bridge at Sanish (Joe Breslin)
11140-805       Elevated distance view of Sanish (Joe Breslin)
11140-806       Left Art Beard, right Joe Breslin
11140-807       Isabelle Breslin
11140-808       Left Dale Frankish, right Uncle John
11140-809       Eleanor Breslin
11140-810       Mrs. Les Baxter                      
11140-811       Walt Beard     
11140-812       Sanish (on west side of river)
11140-813       Left to right Joe Breslin, LaVeern Abelson, Harriet, Pat, Kirk (taken at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco ca. 1940, 1941)
11140-814       Judy
11140-815       Michael
11140-816       Sanish School
11140-817       Bridge at Sanish
11140-818       Sanish
11140-819       Left Baxter, right Phyllis Fowler
11140-820       Left Joe Breslin, right Ray Folven (1939 Graduation, Medicine Lake, MT.)
11140-821       W.R. Olson
11140-822       Joe Breslin (ID card for ND State Athletic Commission, amateur boxer license # 75, ca. 1937)
11140-823       Left to right Bertha Breslin, Munson A. and Ella Tappen
11140-824       Charlie Platt house (J.P. Breslin House, Sanish)
11140-825       Dick Breslin July 1943
11140-826       Left to right Cathy, Elinor, John, Dick, Bill, Suzy December 1960 (Williams home Pleasant Hill, CA)           
11140-827       Charley Gardners house, Sanish
11140-828       Left to right Mrs. Roy (Kate) Ward, Joe Breslin, Mrs. Art (Bertha) Breslin (Kate was midwife at Joe’s birth
11140-829       Munson A. Tappen
11140-830       Four Bears Bridge, New Town

Box 23: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 1 (continued)

11140-831       Loraine Hehmke birthday party 1922 (Loraine, Pearl, and Ruby identified)
11140-832       Beulah Breslin11140-833       Beulah Breslin
11140-834       Bertha Belle Breslin
11140-835       Joe , Ruby and Pearl
11140-836       Joe Breslin      
11140-837       Prince Nicholl (was at Sanish per Bertha)
11140-838       Left to right Aunt Belle Delaney, “Pat” Belle, Mary Randall, Alice, Pearl, Bertha Breslin, Elma Chambers (from Stanley)
11140-839       Left to right Belle, Mary (Stedman)Randall, Alice, Pearl, Bertha Breslin
11140-840       Left to right Bertha Breslin, Vestal Tappen (Mrs. Phil Westgard), Phyllis Westgard
11140-841       Joe Breslin 1958
11140-842       First town site of Sanish
11140-843       End of school May 1916 class photo in front of first school, Minnie Stensland teacher (donated by Donald Gibb and Marion Gibb Erickson)
11140-844       George Lien
11140-845       Class of 1946 trip to Bismarck left to right Esther Carlson, Leora Breslin, Izetta Naefus, Marlys Peterson, Alwin Schneider, Donald Swanson, Arnold Ytterdahl, Delores Brenna, Inez Gunderson, Doris Ostlund, Mr. Lyle Johnson (donated by Opal Garness)
11140-846       Mr. Lyle Johnson foreground with others on 1946 class trip (donated by Opal Garness)
11140-847       Bridge at Sanish (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-848       Sanish (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-849       Bridge at Sanish (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-850       Sanish (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-851       Bridge construction 1952, Willard Vangen on truck (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-852       Bridge construction 1952(Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-853       Bridge construction 1952(Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-854       Alvin Houser, Earl Garness, Doug McGrady - Bridge construction 1952(Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-855       Bridge construction 1952(Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-856       Bridge construction 1952(Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-857       High School Class of 1946 – back left to right Delphia Heilman (teacher), Alwin Heilman, Leonard Garness, Lester Swanson, Arnold Ytterdahl - front left to right Izetta Naefus, Leora Breslin, Inez Gunderson, Marlys Peterson, Doris Ostlund (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-858       Left to right Alwin Schneider, Esther Carlson, Doris Ostlund, Leora Breslin, Delores Brenna, Marlys Peterson, Inez Gunderson(Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-859       Esther Carlson, Doris Ostlund, Leora Breslin, Delores Brenna, Donald Swanson, Izetta Naefus, Marlys Peterson, Inez Gunderson, Lyle Gunderson (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-860       Sanish School Band back row Alwin Schneider, Joyce Hanson - middle row left to right director Gladys Jensen, Lois Pfundheller, Juleen Wirtzfeld, Hazel Hammer, Ione Kvernstoen, Doris Swenson, Marion Royal, Lynn Swenson, Delores Larson, Vernon Houser – front row left to right Amy Swenson, Marjorie Shobe, Monica McLauchlin, Thelma Bangen, Leornard Garness, Alice Ruland, Irene Ove, Mildred Orr (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-861       New bridge piers (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-862       Tioga oil well (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-863       Charles Ruppert
11140-864       Unidentified work crew, Donnie C. behind Harold W. (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-865       Donald Garness on Alwin Houser’s car (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-866       Leonard 1st grade class picture 1935 (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-867       Unidentified class picture ca. 1935 (Alwin Schneider, Esther Carlson, Leonard Garness, Leora Breslin, Donald Swanson, Delores Brenna, Izetta Naefus, Marlys Peterson, Inez Gunderson, Lyle Johnson (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-868       Back center Reverend Kirkpatrick - back left to right Joyce Hanson, Don Boehning, Vivian Lund, Dorothy Hallowell, Wallace Hitland – front left to right Don Lund, Leonard Garness, Alwin Schneider, Myron Grendahl (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-869       1935 back Cora Wolding, Duane Johnson, Harold Skogstad, Doris Nelson, Gladys Skogstad – middle Gordon Gullickson, Norman Nelson, Virgil Johnson, Orwall Gullickson, Donald Swanson, Rogene Gullickson, Ivan McGuire – front Margaret Nelson, Richard Johnson, Dennis Kidd, Lester Swanson, Leonard Garness (Donated by Opal Garness)
11140-870       Robert Sattergren (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-871       Lorna Aubol  (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-872       Sanish taken from Donovan hill (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-873       Unidentified group herding cattle (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-874       Sanish High School (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-875       1944-1945 basketball squad, back left to right coach Lyle Johnson, Donald Garness, Alwin Schneider, Jerry Ruland, Orwall Gullickson – front left to right Raymond Morin, Gordon Wirtzfeld, Hillard Pfundheller, Leonard Garness, Vernon Houser (donated by Lyle Johnson)

Box 24: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 1 (continued)

11140-876       Junior class of 1943-1944, back row left to right Raymond Beard, Don Lund, Orwall Gullickson, David Larson; middle row left to right Helen Christensen (teacher), Don Swanson, Hillard Pfundheller, Penn Harms, Myron Ruland, Gordon Wirtzfeld; front left to right Geraldine Morin, Amy Swenson, Alice Ruland, Monica McLauchlin, Ione Kvernstoen  (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-877       Scene at west end of Sanish bridge (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-878       Scene at west end of Sanish bridge (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-879       Left to right, back Douglas Sattergren, Dale Morin, Tommy Pickar, Chet Ruland, Marland Aubol; middle Bobby Osborn, Donna Narum, Lola Larson, Idella Garness, Georgia Hoffman, Lola Stewart, Veronica Two Crow, Vickie Deserly, unidentified woman; front Eleanor Brenna, Eileen Froshaug, Corrine Houser, Carol Swanson, Marie Smith, Reba Walker
11140-880       Sanish elevator being moved to New Town (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-881       Sanish elevator being moved to New Town (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-882       Left to right, back Richard Pennington, Clarence Deserly, Robert Pennington, David Moore, Haakon Carlson, Elwyn Stout; middle Lorna Aubol, Shirley Lindley, Carol Rohde, Sharon Meyers, unidentified, Carol Morin, Shirley Moe, Rosella Osborn, Phyllis Smith, Shirley Grady; front Harold Driver, Jimmy Gronberg, Roger Halvorson, unidentified, Patty McLauchlin, Myron Mayer     (donated by Lyle Johnson)
1140-883         Sanish elevator being moved to New Town (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-884       Sanish elevator being moved to New Town (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-885       Left to right back unidentified girl, Paddy Logan, Mickey Logan, Wayne Griffin, Leonard Driver, Clare Aubol, Cameron Rusch, Miss Mabel Vangness; middle Gloria Brehm, Janice Anderson, Darlene Whitman, Shirley Buerkle, Elaine Rohde, Shirley Peterson; front Dale Stewart, Vernon Deserly,  Rodney Anderson, Junior Morin, Harold Carlson (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-886       1946 left to right, back Lynn Wahus, Bob McLauchlin, Wilbur Stevenson, Larry Chapin, Bob McKeen, Jack Skarda, Gene Pennington, Dennis Larson, Dene Gullickson, Miss Sarah Breslin; front Fern Osborn, Velma Houser, Fern Brenna, ? Sattergren, ? Sattergren, Delores Morin, Lorraine Schneider, Alma Deserly (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-887       5th and 6th grade ca. ?, left to right back Marlene Holmberg, Lola Larson, Georgia Hoffman, Veronica Two Crow, Gustav Burns, Roland Holmgerg, Tommy Pickar, Bobby Osborne; middle Gladys Jensen(teacher), Nora Bruns, Carol Swanson, Dale Morin, Chester Ruland, Jackie Ruland, Marland Aubol; front Victoria Deserly, Donna Narum, Frieda Uran, DeVon Westby, Corrine Houser, Reba Walker, Eileen Froshaug (donated by Bill Breslin from Bob Osborne
11140-888       Ferry at Sanish (Joe Breslin)
11140-889       Left to right back Nellie Carlson, Helen Bartelson, Ruth Winjum, Dorice Bugge (teacher); middle June Sorenson, Donald Aubol, Odean Sorenson, Allan Carver, Daryl Bugge, Jeannie Berntson; front Eleanor Olson, Eleanor Ruland, ? McNamara, Warren Narum, Wally Abelson, Erling Kvernstoen, Joe Schneider (donated by Warren Narum)
11140-890       C.A. Pickering
11140-891       1946 left to right, back Beverly Meyers, Juliet Swenson, Vernon Houser, David Nelson, Phyllis Franklin, Tillie Walker, Miss Doris Slaaten; front James Stevens, Sally Ann Beard, Betty Lou Pennington, Lois Pfundheller, Betty Larmer, Robert Sattergren (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-892       1953 Sanish/New Town unidentified class of students (Royce Aubol, Michel Ranum) (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-893       Sophomore class 1945-1946 left to right back Ramona Peterson, Roger Anderson, Leslie Ostlund, Dale Ruland, Miss Sarah Breslin, Raymond Morin, Donald Garness, Lorraine Holst, Jeannine Froshaug; front Marjorie Ove, Ivy Beard, Violet Osborn, Bernice Narum, Agnes Carlson, Anabel Swanson, Opal Hasby (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-894       Mrs. Lyle (Mary) Johnson and Mrs. Ive (Hazel) Lockrem looking at high water near Elbowoods (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-895       Smithsonian excavations for indian artifacts in Missouri River Valley prior to flooding (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-896       Unidentified man excavating artifacts (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-897       Unidentified man holding artifact (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-898       Artifact (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-899       Unidentified man excavating artifacts) (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-900       Artifact (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-901       Left to right Gordon Gullickson, unidentified, unidentified, Dick Breslin (New Town School construction) (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-902       Paul Breslin (New Town School construction) (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-903       Grand opening New Town Farmers Union left to right Dick Larson, Mac Wardlow, unidentified, unidentified, Paul Evenson, John Breslin (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-904       Kenneth Auverson in new elevator (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-905       J.C. (Sandy) Sanderson (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-906       Gordon Gullickson at New Town school construction (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-907       Aboard first train to New Town, left to right unidentified man, J.C. Sanderson, unidentified, Lyle Johnson, Frank Traynor, Senator Milton R. Young, Mr. Westlie (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-908       Fire at Rohde’s Motel, Gilbert Rohde left, Bob Osborn right (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-909       Unidentified left, L.C. Hungate, auditor right (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-910       Left to right F.J. Traynor, city treasurer Harvey Froshaug, city auditor L.C. Hungate, mayor Paul McCutcheon (donated by Lyle Johnson)

Box 25: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 1 (continued)

11140-911       Planning meeting for city of New Town 1. Jack Smith 2. Soren Sjol 3. Marius Aubol 4. W.R. Olson 5. Reuben Ulrich 6. Jake Ranum 7. Hardin Reynolds 8. Gilbert Rohde 9. Lyle Johnson 10. L. G. Larson (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-912       Group looking over plat of New Town (1. Lyle Johnson, 2. Frank Traynor) (donated by Lyle Johnson)        
11140-913       Edwin Loe, Superintendant of School 1950-1953 (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-914       Benefit game at New Town, 1954 (Esther Carlson) (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-915       Marius Aubol (shooting ball) and W.R. Olson (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-916       Left to right back Morris Johnson, Charlie Ruppert, Carmen Levang, unidentified, Leonard Garness; front Les Wilbur, Sam Keeney, Marvin Sevalson, Ernie Bingen, 1954 (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-917       Building Four Bears Bridge near site of Sanish rodeo (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-918       M. H. Aubol, F. J. Traynor, Les Wilbur, Orvie Sjol, Morris Johnson (in wheelbarrow), 1954 (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-919       Main street New Town ca., 1954 (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-920       Sanish High Class of 1947, left to right back David Nelson, Beverly Meyers, Vern Sherven, Dick Larson, Vernon Houser, Juliet Swenson, Tillie Walker; front supt. Lyle Johnson, Lorraine Holst, Betty Pennington, Ramona Peterson, Jeannine Froshaug, Lorraine Ove, Lois Pfundheller, Sally Beard (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-921       Unidentified buildings (possibly Sanish?) (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-922       Mrs. A.T. Green (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-923       1946 Sanish school paper staff left to right standing Doris Slaaten, advisor Esther Carlson, Izetta Naefus, Sally Beard, Betty Pennington; seated Marlys Peterson, Inez Gunderson, Delores Brenna, Leora Breslin (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-924       Gladys Meiers and Myrtle Curtis, 1973
11140-925       Pastor Jack Reif
11140-926       Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Olmstead, 1921
11140-927       Sanish Fire Department left to right back Alfred Narum, Joe Lombard, Hank Bradburn, Ben Berntson, unidentified, Alfred Bernston; front Charlie Gardner, Munson A.  Tappen, Bill Golly, Henry Narum, Gary Ulbaasen, Charlie Pickering, A.O. Johnson (donated by the Narum’s)
11140-928       Warren Narum on horse (from Alice Shaw Rozett)
11140-929       Mrs. Bill (Clara) Abelson, January 28,1956 (donated by Laura and Earl Garness)
11140-930       Elm Creek
11140-931       Leonard Garness (donated by Laura and Earl Garness)
11140-932       Gene Stedman (donated by Laura and Earl Garness)
11140-933       West end of Sanish bridge when ice went out (donated by Laura and Earl Garness)
11140-934       Unidentified members (5) of Gil Jensen Radio Players (donated by Laura and Earl Garness)
11140-935       Jack Carter (donated by Laura and Earl Garness)
11140-936       Unidentified man standing on bluff (Breaks) near Sanish  (donated by Laura and Earl Garness)
11140-937       Bill Abelson (donated by Laura and Earl Garness)
11140-938       Pastor and Mrs. S.D. Fauske, 1939
11140-939       Two unidentified men in front of Union Center Garage & Blacksmith, winter, 1939
11140-940       Two unidentified men near Union Center Garage & Blacksmith, winter, 1939
11140-941       National Guard in old Sanish after storm
11140-942       National Guard in old Sanish after storm
11140-943       Wilson family left to right Herbert, Liliar, Frances, Jocelyn, Paul, Perry, Kathy, Herbert Jr.
11140-944       1927 bridge dedication ceremony for Verendrye Bridge at Sanish (from Nina Nissen Uran)
11140-945       1927 bridge dedication ceremony for Verendrye Bridge at Sanish (from Nina Nissen Uran)

Box 26: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 2

11140-946       Elevated view of Sanish, ca. 1940-1950        
11140-947       Dedication ceremony at Mount Crow High
11140-948       Left Merle?, right Edie?
11140-949       Earl Arnold
11140-950       Left George? right June? at school ground 1939
11140-951       Charles Hoffman 1939 (man who named Sanish)
11140-952       The Berntson’s, left to right Audrey, Thelma, Alfred, Norma, Naomi.
11140-953       Gladyce Sanderson on carriage, Glenn Stevens and Siver Locken back by the slabs, Ed Stolson at saw 1941(donated by Rud Nelson)
11140-954       Pastor and Naomi Larson, Naomi and Abel
11140-955       Hans Belstad at Stolson’s sawmill 1941 (donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-956       Hilda Skulrud outside her homestead log cabin ca.1915-1916(donated by Olive Rud Nelson) (donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-957       Glenn Stevens at Stolson’s sawmill 1941 (donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-958       Wesley Thompson at Stolson’s sawmill 1941(donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-959       Mrs. L.C. Sanderson, Mrs. Floyd Renn 1941 (donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-960       Gust Jest and John Kinden 1941(donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-961       West side of Mount Crow ca. 1930’s (donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-962       Siver Locken 1941(donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-963       Mr. Gudbranson, Norman Gudbranson, Ole B. Rud (donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-964       Gladys Sanderson 1941(donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-965       Steam engine at Ed Stolson sawmill 1940 (donated by Olive Rud Nelson)
11140-966       Ruel (Ole) Ward (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-967       W.R. Olson (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-968       Ruel Ward 1932, on USS Chicago (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-969       Ruel Ward 1945 (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-970       1917 first school in Sanish, Minnie Stensland teacher (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-971       Unidentified group, possibly at Sanish Rodeo?
11140-972       Tent, possibly at Sanish Rodeo site?
11140-973       Group on horses, possibly at Sanish Rodeo?
11140-974       Unidentified group, possibly at Sanish Rodeo?
11140-975       Unidentified group, possibly at Sanish Rodeo?
11140-976       Scene from across river at Sanish
11140-977       Main street Sanish 1932
11140-978       “The Last Roundup” 1934
11140-979       Distant elevated view of Sanish
11140-980       Sanish Grade Operetta on the steps of the Meyers’ ; top Marion Platt, Betty Olson; middle Lorrayne LaPorte, Grace Helle; front Betty Meyers, Joyce Aubol (donated by the A.F. Meyers family)
11140-981       Unidentified man at Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-982       Unidentified man at Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-983       Unidentified bronc rider at the Sanish rodeo Unidentified man at Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-984       Unidentified group at Sanish rodeo Unidentified man at Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-985       Unidentified group at Sanish rodeo Unidentified man at Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-986       Unidentified man at Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-987       Unidentified group at Sanish rodeo Unidentified man at Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-988       Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-989       Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-990       Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-991       Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-992       Earl Bunyon east of New Town 1985
11140-993       Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-994       Sanish rodeo (donated by the Elgin Peterson family)
11140-995       Bigelow Neal portrait June 1939 (donated by Robert Cory)

Box 27: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 2 (continued)
11140-996       Crow High Butte 1927 (Maurice Holst)
11140-997       Looking east over Missouri River at Crow High Butte 1927 (Maurice Holst)
11140-998       Verendrye Bridge 1926 or 1927 (Maurice Holst)
11140-999       View of Sanish from river ca. 1920’s (Maurice Holst)
11140-1000     View across Missouri river from butte (Maurice Holst)
11140-1001     View downstream of Missouri river (Maurice Holst)
11140-1002     Verendrye Bridge 1926 or 1927 (Maurice Holst)
11140-1003     Verendrye Bridge 1926 or 1927 (Maurice Holst)
11140-1004     Dedication ceremony for Verendrye Bridge August 5, 1927(Maurice Holst)
11140-1005     Dedication ceremony for Verendrye Bridge August 5,1927  (Maurice Holst)
11140-1006     View of Crow High Butte looking south from west Sanish     (Maurice Holst)
11140-1007     Verendrye Bridge 1926 or 1927 (Maurice Holst)
11140-1008     Unidentified pioneer at Sanish ca. 1916
11140-1009     Group in a corral near the train
11140-1010     Back row left to right Helen Uran, Ivy Anderson, Betty Meyers, Marion Carver, Bette Olson, Marilyn Bugge, Miss Judith Lura; next row Mildred Uran, Arlyn Brenna, Lucille Narum, Marilyn Meyers, Ann Simonson, Gertrude Norby, Doris Slaaten; next row Margaret Hitland, Myrna Erickson, Gyneth Kvernstoen, Ruth Breiseth, Arlene Brenna, Mary Shaw, Vivy Ann O’Donovan; front Audrey Bernston, Emily Schneider, Harriet Berntson, Marjorie Johnson, Barbara Satterthwaite, Ida Anderson, Hazel Ellingboe, Phyllis Pfundheller (donated by Betty Dinwoodie)
11140-1011     Brooks Keoghs family
11140-1012     Brooks Keoghs family
11140-1013     Brooks Keogh’s family
11140-1014     Blaine Osborne’s farm (aerial view)
11140-1015     Shirley Olson 1949 (daughter of O.J. Olson)
11140-1016     Right to left Ida Kvernstoen, grandchildren Jana Lynn and Clive
11140-1017     VACANT NUMBER
11140-1018     View looking east of Verendrye Bridge near completion 1927 (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1019     Crowd gathering for Verendrye Bridge dedication August 1927 (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1020     View of Verendrye Bridge from Sanish ca. 1927 (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1021     View looking west over Sanish of Missouri River and Verendrye Bridge ca. 1927 (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1022     View looking northwest over Sanish (school is back right) (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1023     View looking northwest toward Schneider Hotel and Wesley Hotel (white building) (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1024     First Van Hook School 1913, left to right, back row Myrtle Pederson, Hazel Reisch, Lillian Pederson, Glen Reisch; middle row Earl Wilson, Idella Nesheim, Ina Reisch, Inger Nesheim, Melvin Nesheim; front Jim Wilson, Claude Reisch (teacher was Nora Pfundheller (Lenartz)) (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1025     Aerial view over Sanish of Missouri River and Verendrye bridge (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1026     View of Sanish looking northeast from Crow High Butte (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1027     1950 aerial view over Sanish of Missouri river and Verendrye bridge (donated by Hulda Olson)
11140-1028     June 8, 1928 Osborn School picnic; left to right back Myrtle Sanderson, Esther Rusch, Merle Madden, Hardin Reynolds, Svanhilde Eide, Bernard Gilstad, Clarence Nystad, Harvey Reynolds, teacher Mabel Randall; middle Herman Thompson, Charles Gilstad, Carl Eide; front Alice Barnett, Christine Eide Gladys Sanderson, Eva Thompson, Frances Thompson, Lilly Nystad, Tillis Nystad, ? Nystad, Alton Long, Jack Barnett (donated by Al Long, Minot)
11140-1029     1949 elevated view overlooking Sanish
11140-1030     1935 Sanish baseball team, standing left to right Royal Logan, Harry Buerkle, Jack Thompson, Herman Thompson, Lloyd Martinson, Harold Bugge, Howard Thompson, Bernard Gilstad, Hjalmer Tommerdahl, Peg Erickson, Art Olson; front Pete Peterson, Leroy Jaobson
11140-1031     The Married Ladies Club May 1939; left to right back Mrs. Royal Shoberg; front Mrs. Harlan Reinholt, Mrs. Mike Stolz, Mrs. Walter Nielson, Mrs. Lloyd Anderson, Mrs. Arnold Sjoberg

Box 28: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 3

11140-1032     Two men and one woman, all unidentified, possibly Bernston’s (donated by Lyle Sanderson)
11140-1033     Cattle in corral with elevator in back ground (donated by Lyle Sanderson)
11044-1034     Two images, top four unidentified men combing ca. 1940’s; bottom two unidentified men by the Missouri river with bridge in back left (donated by Lyle Sanderson)                                                                                                                                                          
11140-1035     Duplicate image of 11140-1030
11140-1036     Elevator tipped over at Sanish while being moved to New Town (donated by Royal Logan)
11140-1037     Elevator tipped over at Sanish while being moved to New Town (donated by Royal Logan)
11140-1038     Left Delores Morin, right Vernon Houser     
11140-1039     Sign at reunion for Senior Class of 1933, held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1040     Large group in attendance of Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1041     Large group in attendance of Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1042     Large group in attendance of Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1043     Bill Breslin, Ive Lockrem, Alvin Houser, Royal Logan at Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1044     Standing Bernice Auverson, Ardis Breslin; seated Royal Logan, Lyle Washburn at Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1045     Paul Janssen and Doris Shobe Reinholdt at Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1046     Edith Melby Rohde, LeRoy Jacobson, Alice Benn Chase, Hazel Erickson Lockrem, Doris Shobe Reinholdt at Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1047     Ruth Satterthwaite Alden, Margaret Janssen McBain, Francis Goodall at Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1048     Sidney Benn, Francis Goodall, Margaret Janssen McBain, Irene Anderson Gullickson at Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983  (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1049     Edith Melby Rohde, Alice Benn Chase, Hazel Erickson Lockrem at Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1050     LeRoy Jacobson, Edith Melby Rohde, Alice Benn Chase, Hazel Erickson Lockrem at Senior Class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1051     Hazel Erickson Lockrem, Gordon Jacobson, Ive Lockrem at Senior class of 1933 reunion held at New Town bowling alley  June 11, 1983 (donated by Edith and Gilbert Rohde)
11140-1052     Mount Crow High
11140-1053     View from Mount Crow High looking at Missouri River
11140-1054     View from hill near water tower looking towards Verendrye Bridge in back left
11140-1055     Looking towards elevator with Missouri River and Verendrye Bridge in back right
11140-1056     Paddle boat on Missouri River near shore
11140-1057     View down valley at Missouri River
11140-1058     Elevated distant view of west end of Sanish, Missouri River, and Verendrye Bridge
11140-1059     Elevated distant view of Sanish
11140-1060     Elevated distant view of Sanish (east end)
11140-1061     Morris Sanderson, Mabel Bernston   
11140-1062     Elevated view of Sanish
11140-1063     Peg Erickson back left, two young men and three young women unidentified
11140-1064     Peg Erickson center, two young men unidentified left and right
11140-1065     Four unidentified riders on horse atop a hill overlooking Sanish with Missouri River in back distance on left, ca. 1917
11140-1066     Large group of unidentified women posing beside a house (donated by Ann Hinsverk
11140-1067     Large unidentified group posing on steps (donated by Ann Hinsverk
11140-1068     Left Paula Kay Logan, right Patti Ann Logan
11140-1069     Royal Logan, Al Brevig, Alfred Haugen in front of Logan Hardware

Box 29: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 4

11140-1070     Elevated view from ridge of Sanish ca.1952
11140-1071     Aerial view of Verendrye Bridge and the Missouri River
11140-1072     Bear on a chain sitting in front of Snake Pit Bar, Sanish ca.1950
11140-1073     Mr. and Mrs. A. Ellingboe at Sanish groundbreaking 1953
11140-1074     Portrait of Carl Lien
11140-1075     H.P. Hansen’s farm, Carrie’s Homestead, ca. 1930’s
11140-1076     First house built in the community for William Black by Daniel Hawkins, last location in coal ditch east of highway 1804 north of New Town; William Golden N.E. corner section 12-152-93 on his homestead 1916
11140-1077     Tolgren brothers breaking sod, section 1-152-93 in 1916, Little Oak tractor with 4 bottom plow
11140-1078     Tolgren brothers breaking sod, section 1-152-93 in 1916 Little Oak tractor with 4 bottom plow
11140-1079     The “Twilight Limited”, Sanish
11140-1080     Sanish Rodeo July 4, 1950 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1081     Aerial view of Sanish Rodeo ca. 1940’s
11140-1082     Aerial view of Sanish Rodeo ca. 1940’s
11140-1083     W.R. Olson, Charlie Granberg, Harold Ceynar, Everett Ceynar, and Peg Olson in front of Power Equipment
11140-1084     Two men and one woman, all unidentified, at west pier construction for Four Bears Bridge in Sanish (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1085     Hill near depot, watching cars going over Crow High at 25th anniversary of Sanish, 1940 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1086     Band at 25th anniversary 1940 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1087     Left to right back Grace Logan, Fay Wolf, Ila Hammer, Mrs. Lyle Johnson, Edith Rohde, Edie Anderson, Hazel Lockrem; front Gloria Loe, Myrtle Bugge (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1088     1946 Sanish baseball team standing left to right Royal Logan, Harvey Froshaug, Bob Hammer, Perry Goodall, Hillard Pfundheller, Lloyd Anderson, Harold Bugge; middle Daryl Bugge, Fritz Buerkle,  Elsood Bernston, Jack Wolf, Roy Evenson; front Hillard Froshaug, Patty Logan
11140-1089     Murphy Bill on Scrambled Eggs, Sanish Rodeo 1948            (donated by R. O. Logan)
11140-1090     Lutheran Church, Sanish
11140-1091     Sanish  ca. 1950
11140-1092     Christmas tree near post office, Bugge Drug Store and theatre, Sanish ca. 1950
11140-1093     Unidentified man and woman near Andersons store, in process of moving town ca. early 1950’s
11140-1094     Moving elevator down main street in Sanish ca. early 1950’s
11140-1095     Moving Occident Elevator from Van Hook to New Town ca. early 1950’s
11140-1096     View of Missouri River, Sanish, and Verendrye Bridge from Mount Crow High (taken by E.F. Brunkow 12/19/1943)
11140-1097     View of Sanish taken from Mount Crow High (taken by E.F. Brunkow 12/19/1943)
11140-1098     Moving M.H. Aubol house ca. early 1950’s
11140-1099     Moving M.H. Aubol house ca. early 1950’s
11140-1100     Moving elevator thru Sanish ca. early 1950’s
11140-1101     Moving M.H. Aubol house ca. early 1950’s
11140-1102     Road construction on east side of Four Bears Bridge ca. early 1950’s (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1103     Road construction on east side of Four Bears Bridge ca. early 1950’s (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1104     Road construction on east side of Four Bears Bridge ca. early 1950’s (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1105     Moving elevator thru old Sanish (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1106     Moving elevator thru old Sanish (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1107     Wallace Abelson in Sanish near Arvid Olson general merchandise store
11140-1108     View of Sanish from Mount Crow High

Box 30: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 4 (continued)

11140-1109     1940 class reunion June 29, 1985
11140-1110     Left to right George Schneider, Alden Smith, Audrey Smith, Phyllis Ritzke, Charles Shobe (on Mac Wardlow’s boat) June 30, 1985
11140-1111     Left to right Sally Olson, Nadine Skogstad, Joyce Larson, Phyllis Ritzke, Mrs. Marvin (Shirley) Bohmbach, June 30, 1985
11140-1112     Left to right Ann Hinsverk, Audrey Bernston Smith, Mac Wardlow;  June 30, 1985
11140-1113     Ann Hinsverk left, Audrey Smith right
11140-1114     Back Audrey Smith left, Alden Smith right; front Alvin Houser left, Roger Anderson, June 30, 1985
11140-1115     Back Al Hinsverk left, Marvin Bohmbach; standing  left to right Alden Smith,  George Schneider, Lemen Stewart, Charles Shobe; front Nadine Skogstad, Glenn Larson June 30, 1985
11140-1116     Left to right around table Nadine Skogstad, Marion Anderson, Sherri Wycuff, Shirley Bohmbach, Mrs. George Schneider across from Nadine June 30, 1985
11140-1117     Foreground Royal Logan, Al Hinsverk  June 30, 1985
11140-1118     Sanish Class of 1940 Reunion at New Town Marina, June 30, 1985
11140-1119     Para-sail at New Town Marina June 30,1985
11140-1120     1941 Sanish Community Choir, left to right bottom row Myrtle Bugge, Meryl Tronson Martinson, Sivert Botnen, Mrs. Laurence Larson, Charlie Pickering, Marius Aubol; back left of bottom row Lena Botnen, Mrs. Henry Westby; middle row Anna Botnen, Sybyl McDonald, Mrs. E.A. Jacobson, Edith Pickering, Thelma Sjoberg, Emily Schneider, Mildred Uran, Eleanor Ruland, Margaret Hitland, Edith Rohde, Cora Oppoboen; back row Mrs. Gunther Harms, Mrs. John Hanson, Alvin Martinson, John Hanson, Harold Bugge, Rev. Fauske, Arnold Sjoberg, Andy Brennan, Mrs. Laurence Larson, Oscar Knutson, Hulda Quellman, Alice Anderson, Doris Bugge, Judy Holst, Hazel Lockrem, Gunther Harms
11140-1121     Hazel and Wayne Evans
11140-1122     Sarah Brien
11140-1123     Ruth Alden, Bernice Auverson, Barb Satterthwaite, Alice Brehm, Edna Anderson, Lorna Durant, Evelyn Reynolds, Irene Aubol, Berget Hitland, Nellie Goodall, Elsie Mayer, seated Anna Botnen, July 2, 1986
11140-1124     Evelyn Reynolds, Bernice Auverson, Barb Satterthwaite, Ruth Alden, Lorna Abol Durant, Scott Hauser, Irene Aubol July 2, 1986
11140-1125     Berget Hitland, Anna Botnen, Marion Hepler Bugge, Mrs. Daryl vistor, Irene Reynolds, Evelyn Reynolds July 2, 1986
11140-1126     Ruth Alden, Bernice Auverson, Barb Satterthwaite, Alice Brehm, Edna Anderson, Lorna Durant, Evelyn Reynolds, Irene Aubol, Berget Hitland, Nellie Goodall, Elsie Mayer, seated Anna Botnen July 2, 1986
11140-1127     Road construction on east side of bridge, ca. 1950 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1128     Road construction on east side of bridge, ca. 1950, Norman King (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1129     Road construction on east side of bridge, ca. 1950 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1130     Road construction on east side of bridge, ca. 1950 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1131     Road construction on east side of bridge, ca. 1950 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1132     Road construction on east side of bridge, ca. 1950 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1133     Donna Narum, Froggy, Orwall Gullickson (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1134     80 ton crane on barge to be taken across river, April 25, 1952 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1135     80 ton crane on barge to be taken across river, April 25, 1952 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1136     Construction work ca. 1952 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1137     Construction work ca. 1952 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1138     Construction work ca. 1952 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1139     Construction work ca. 1952 (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1140     Left to right back row Hi Helvry, Helge Kattevold, Hagan Carlson; front Homer Parris, Jim Schuler, Bob Boen (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1141     Froggy, Orwall Gullickson (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1142     School house north of Woesner farm
11140-1143     Van Hook in spring 1944

Box 31: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 5

11140-1144     Rufus Stevenson
11140-1145     Turtle Effigy (taken by Ed Hanson)
11140-1146     New Town 1953
11140-1147     Back row Gladys Hungate, Grace Logan, Ida Kvernstoen, Mrs. Adolph Larsen; seated Sena Looysen, Irene Aubol, Mrs. Estenson, Edith Rohde, Ruth Alden (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1148     Ruel Ward, Walt, Larry (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-1149     Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Breslin 1956
11140-1150     Lewe and Alice Larson golden anniversary June 28, 1966 (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-1151     Mr. and Mrs. A.O. Johnson, 50th anniversary July 28, 1967 (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-1152     Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Larason (donated by Ruel Ward)
11140-1153     Earth lodge west of Four Bears Bridge
11140-1154     Four Bears Bridge, New Town
11140-1155     Ice going out on the Missouri River
11140-1156     Duplicate of 11140-1065
11140-1157     Mac McLaughlin, Arnold Sjoberg, Kay Keogh (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1158     1949 one mile west of Halliday, 93 cattle killed by train
11140-1159     The Sidney Swenson’s          
11140-1160     The Sidney Swenson’s         
11140-1161     Sanish Rodeo, ca. 1940’s
11140-1162     Paddle boat “The Fawn” prior to bridge
11140-1163     Lutheran Church, Sanish      
11140-1164     Lutheran Church, Sanish

Box 32: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 6
11140-1165       Overview of Sanish, ca. 1950
11140-1166       Four Bears Bridge
11140-1167       Mrs. Royal (Grace) Logan, Royal O. Logan, Bill Golly, Mrs. Al Brevig, Mrs. Harold (Myrtle) Bugge
11140-1168       Art Green (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1169       C.A. Pickering, Bill Golly, Al Brevig, R. O. Logan, Harold Bugge
11140-1170       Vernon Houser, Lantz Battleson, unidentified, Cameron Rusch, Dale McGrady, unidentified, Pat Logan; at Royal Logan home (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1171       Elevator tipped over while being moved to New Town (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1172       Elevator tipped over while being moved to New Town (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1173       Elevator tipped over while being moved to New Town (donated by R.O. Logan)
11140-1174       “The Melvin H.”, ferry boat

Box 33: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 7

11140-1175       Major A.B. Welch with Chief Drags Wolf and others at Verendrye Bridge dedication
11140-1176       Church and school, Sanish ca. 1940’s
11140-1177       View across Missouri River at Mount Crow Flies High
11140-1178       View of Sanish and Missouri River from Mount Crow Flies High
11140-1179       Main street Sanish ca. 1930’s
11140-1180       Ice break up on Missouri River west of Sanish
11140-1181       Ice break up on Missouri River west of Sanish
11140-1182       Highway 23 west of Sanish flooding from spring break up of ice on Missouri River
11140-1183       Highway 23 west of Sanish flooding from spring break up of ice on Missouri River
11140-1184       Cattle coming off east end of Verendrye Bridge
11140-1185       Main Street Sanish winter ca. 1940’s
11140-1186       Main Street Sanish, highway 23, winter ca. 1940’s
11140-1187       Five unidentified people on top of the Breaks near Sanish, ca. 1940’s
11140-1188       View over Sanish of Verendrye Bridge and Missouri River
11140-1189       Verendrye Bridge- Sanish- from west side, trees removed highway 23 raised due to rising water from Garrison Dam, ca. early 1950’s
11140-1190       Looking northwest at Verendrye Bridge, abandoned Sanish site, and Missouri River bottoms after trees were removed, ca. early 1950’s
11140-1191       Four Bears Bridge ca. mid 1950’s
11140-1192       Earl Satterthwaite July 7,1993  
11140-1193       Royal Logan, Bergit and Gudrun Hitland, July 7,1993
11140-1194       Lois Froshaug, Marion Anderson, Dave Dinwoodie July 7, 1993
11140-1195       Standing Earl Satterthwaite, Hillard Froshaug; seated Barb Satterthwaite, Elsie Mayer, Gudrun and Bergit Hitland, Royal Logan, Nellie Goodall, Lois Froshaug, Marion Anderson, Ben Mayer July 7, 1993
11140-1196       Steve Carrer and Thelma Carlson May 19, 1992
11140-1197       Gene Sloan with Norwegian briefcase and Esther Erickson May 19, 1992
11140-1198       Mylo Wolding, Paul and Agnes Breslin May 19, 1992
11140-1199       Sylvia Lahtinen, Kay Thompte May 19, 1992
11140-1200       Jeff and Earl Wilber June 24, 1992
11140-1201       Isabel Tappen Peterson, Doris Tappen Connor June 24, 199211140-1202            Don Carlson, Royal Logan, Ann Hinsverk June 24, 1992
11140-1203       Isabel Tappen Peterson, Doris Tappen Connor, John Goodall, Thelma Carlson Stinson June 24, 1992
11140-1204       Ann Hinsverk, Royal Logan, Esther Erickson, Kay Peterson, Izetta Weninger June 24, 1992
11140-1205       Hank Simonson, Alvin Houser, Kay Peterson, Ernie Weninger, Arthur (Pat) Tappan June 24, 1992
11140-1206       Pat Tappan, Kay Peterson, Delores and Don Carlson, Alvin Houser, Royal Logan June 24, 1992
11140-1207       Izetta Weninger, Alvin Houser, Kay Peterson, Ernest Weninger, Pat Tappan June 24, 1992
11140-1208       Thelma Carlson Stinson, Don Carlson, Agnes Carlson Breslin June 24, 1992
11140-1209       Dorothy Goodall, Thelma Stinson, Don Carlson, June Bohmbach, Arthur Tappan, Ester Erickson June 24, 1992
11140-1210       Nellie Goodall, John Goodall, Larry Goodall, Dorothy Goodall June 24, 1992
11140-1211       Don Carlson right, Sanish books at New Town Civic Center, June 24, 1992
11140-1212       Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High June 25, 1992
11140-1213       View of Four Bears Bridge and Missouri River from Crow Flies High High June 25, 1992
11140-1214       Irene Belstad, Orlea Roggenbuck, Vivian Pennington, Agnes Breslin, Marcia Anderson at Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High June 25, 1992
11140-1215       View of markers looking toward Four Bears Bridge and Missouri River from Crow Flies High High at dedication June 25, 1992
11140-1216       Crowd at Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High June 25, 1992
11140-1217       Crowd at Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High June 25, 1992
11140-1218       Crowd at Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High June 25, 1992
11140-1219       View Sanish marker and others also Four Bears Bridge and Missouri River from Crow Flies High High at dedication June 25, 1992
11140-1220       Crowd at Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High June 25, 1992
11140-1221       Irene Belstad, Orlea Roggenbuck, Vivian Pennington, Agnes Breslin, Lois Estvold, Marion Anderson, at Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High June 25, 1992
11140-1222       June 1952 view of Sanish taken from Mount Crow Flies High
11140-1223       Sanish, site of Sanish Bay ca. 1940’s
11140-1224       Marker with Missouri River in background at Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High June 25, 1992
11140-1225       Helen Volk Schill, Clare Aubol, Agnes Breslin, Esther Ranuml, Ron Brugh, Bernice Houser, Ann Hinsverk
11140-1226       Sanish High School Class of 1935, Row 1: Amy Larson, Amanda Berntson,  Larry Gilbertson, June Hanson, Ruth Hitland Row2: Alice Vangen, Harry Buerkle, Virginia Randall, Bernie Kvernstoen, Lauretta Ambroson, Row 3: Jack Helling, Lila Green, Jack Curtis, Ivy Kvernstoen,Bob Bugge Row 4: Anne Sinnerud, Lavern Abelson, Betty Keogh, Alfred Wolding, Thelma Bernston Row 5: Luella Grimestad, Lynn Larson, Norman Melby, Margaret Baker
11140-1227       Sanish High School Class of 1938, first row Clayton Erickson, Evelyn Alden, Victor E. Mattson (superintendent), Arline Brenna, Earl Satterthwaite,; second row Catherine Rupp, Walter Beard, Angeline Bartleson, Harvey Thompson; third row Lloyd Johnson, Arlyn Brenna, Harvey Sherven, Helen Uran; fourth row Doris Zuelke, Orel Grendahl, Doris Slatten, Jack Tappen; fifth row Lucille Narum, Evelyn Folland
11140-1228       Sanish High School Class of 1943, row 1: Thelma Bangen, Eleanor Langland, Duane Pennington, Irene Ove, Melvin Walker, Marion Royal, Velma Stewart; row 2: Juleen Wirtzfeld, Delores Larson; row 3: Ardell Meyers, Bob Larson, Lyle Johnson (superintendant), Glenn Olson, Doris Swenson; row 4 Daryl Bugge, Marjorie Shobe, Thelma Carlson, Hazel Hammer
11140-1229       Sanish High School Class of 1947 top left to right David Nelson, Tillie Walker, Jeannine Froshaug, Juliet Swenson, Dick Larson; next left to right Lorraine Holst, Beverly Meyers; next Lorraine Ove, Sallyann Beard; next Betty Lou Pennington, Lyle H. Johnson (superintendant), Vern Sherven; next Vernon Houser,  Lois Pfundheller; bottom Ramona Peterson (donated by Lyle Johnson)
11140-1230       Sanish High School Class of 1948, top left to right Agnes M. Carlson, Leslie N. Ostlund, Bernice C. Narum, Roger W. Anderson, Opal J. Hasby; next Jack Skarda, Anabel E. Swenson; bottom LaVerta M. Songstad, superintendant K. Garstzig, Marjorie J. Ove (donated by Bernice Houser)
11140-1231       Sanish High School Class of 1951, top left to right Corrine Houser, Minor Grendahl, Corrine Ruland, Donald Carlson; next Leonard Anderson, Eleanor Brenna; next Maryann George, Dale Morin; next Marland Aubol, superintendant Edwin Loe, Germaine Dragswolf; bottom John Ruland, Howard Barke (principal)

Box 34: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 14

11140-1232       Lobby of Hotel Plentywood, Plentywood, MT., ca. August 1912, 1913 (Sibyl MacDonald collection)
11140-1233       Sibyl MacDonald (Sibyl MacDonald collection)
11140-1234       View over Sanish (possibly looking north)  from Mount Crow Flies High ca. 1940’s
11140-1235       View over Sanish (possibly looking north)  from Mount Crow Flies High ca. 1940’s
11140-1236       View of Mount Crow Flies High looking east across the Missouri River
11140-1237       New Town Mayor Clare Aubol, August 1, 2003
11140-1238       Sanish Bay near New Town, August 1, 2003
11140-1239       Lake Sakakawea Sanish Bay near New Town, August 1, 2003
11140-1240       Building the first railroad in McKenzie County, steam shovel working on Madson  Flat fill
11140-1241       Sanish English Lutheran Church
11140-1242       1947 Grand Valley Ladies Aid; back row Gladys (Cecil) Hungate, Grace (Royal) Logan, Esther (Gerald) Ranum, Beatrice (Chet) Prior, Myrtle (Donald) Larson, Betty (Charles) Shobe, Frances (Nathan “Pat”) Logan, Ella Larson, Mary (Ed) Larson (holding Allen Larson); front row Lillian (Rudolph) Anderson, Beatrice (Gerhard) Gullickson, Ethel (Albin) Swanson, Crystal (Bert) Tommerdahl, Randi (Jasper) Shobe, Gladys (Raymond) Pfundheller, Sophie (Ed) Evenson, Nellie (Olaf) Wolding, Sharon Larson
11140-1243       Rachel (Westby?), Clare (Paul) Westby, Devon (Westby) Danielson
11140-1244       Paul Westby, Rachel Westby, Devon (Westby) Danielson
11140-1245       Winter view over bay (possibly Sanish Bay looking toward east?)
11140-1246       Sunset/sunrise over Lake Sakakawea with geese flying in formation
11140-1247       Waves rolling ashore on Lake Sakakawea
11140-1248       Unidentified bay at Lake Sakakawea
11140-1249       Unidentified bay and shoreline at Lake Sakakawea
11140-1250       Unidentified bay and shoreline at Lake Sakakawea
11140-1251       Unidentified area overlooking Lake Sakakawea with bluffs in background
11140-1252       Unidentified bay and shoreline at Lake Sakakawea
11140-1253       View across Lake Sakakawea, town background right, bridge back left (possibly winter?/spring?)
11140-1254       Ice houses on Lake Sakakawea with bridge in background
11140-1255       View across Lake Sakakawea from shoreline, town background right, bridge back left
11140-1256       Unidentified view across Lake Sakakawea from shoreline
11140-1257       Frances, Art, Bob, Don, Ila, and Hazel Hammer
11140-1258       Art Hammer ca. 1940’s
11140-1259       Bob and Don Hammer
11140-1260       Judy (Hammer) and Jeff Bernard
11140-1261       Rodney, Dennis, Sharon, Jim, Hazel, and  Norman Anderson 1995
11140-1262       Bob Hammer and family
11140-1263       Joan and Don Hammer
11140-1264       Joyce, Robin, Emily, Steve, Pat, Gail, Carolyn, Bob, and Carol (the Bob Hammer family
11140-1265       Judy (Hammer) Bernard, Hazel (Hammer)Anderson, Bob Hammer, Don Hammer
11140-1266       Jeff and Judy Bernard, Norman, Hazel (Hammer) Anderson, Joan and Don Hammer, Carol and Bob Hammer
11140-1267       Unidentified group picnicking ca. late 1940’s
11140-1268       Frances, Hazel, Bob, and Art Hammer ca. early 1950’s
11140-1269       Art Hammer ca. 1940’s

Box 35: Photographs removed from Scrapbook 15

11140-1270       Jane Hoffman in Sanish, ca. 1940’s
11140-1271       Irene, Marjorie, Stanly, Maxine, Shirley 2004 (the Ove children)
11140-1272       Sally, Ivy, Jodi, Dick September 2005 (the Beard children)
11140-1273       September 4, 2005, 1904 Cadillac – original owner Axel Watterburg of Sanish (now at Fort Buford visitor center)
11140-1274       September 4, 2005, descriptive plaque on 1904 Cadillac, original owner Axel Watterburg of Sanish (now at Fort Buford visitor center)

Box 36:                       
1          Scrapbook volume 1 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-785-945 were removed and housed in boxes 22-25): 
Abelson, LaVern R., page 25, 1916-1945
Breslin, Charles, page 29
Buerkle, George and Kate, page 30
Felland, Charles “Punky,” page 88, 1925-1987
Gibb, Florence M., page 40, 1887-1975
Kiser, Ruby (Breslin), page 29
Lugo, Beulah (Breslin), page 29
Narum, Henry O., page 75, 1883-1974
Narum, Hilda S., page 75, 1890-1974
Pickering, C. A., page 29
Ruland, Wilson A., page 17, 1895-1988
Sanderson, J. D., page 20
Sandvick, Lynell (Fettig), page 90
Tappan, Munson A., page 30, 1880-1973
Thvedt, Ingvald M., page 83, 1915-1987
Westgard, Vernon E., page 39, 1909-?
White Body, Sr., John, page 74
Wilson, Dr. Herbert J., page 84
2          Scrapbook volume 1 (continued)
3          Scrapbook volume 2 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-946-1031 were removed and housed in boxes 26-27): 
Arens, Francis (Moore, Mayer), page 156, 1918-1976
Bjelkvig, Gerald, page 169, 1923-1987
Boyko, John, page 149
Brien, Sarah, page 156, 1880-1976
Chapin, Lawrence, page 173, 1930-1987
Hall, Edward, page 176
Hansen, Family of Matt and Lottie, page 151
Hoffman, Charles Ward, page 149, 1868-1962
Kvernstoen, E. B., page 156, ?-1954
Lenartz, Nora, page 165
Logan, Mabel Grace, page 156, 1909-1979
Lund, Selmer (Sam), page 154, 1892-1987
McCutcheon, Ethel (Granberg, Harris), page 173, 1916-1987
McGrady, Doug and Annie, page 169
Murray, Jeanne (Goodall), page 169, 1938-1987
Rupp, Robert, page 173, 1923-1987
Ward, Ruel (Ole), pages 112-114
Wardlow, Arthur (Mac), page 175
White Body, John, page 118
4          Scrapbook volume 2 (continued)
5          Scrapbook volume 2 (continued)
6          Scrapbook volume 3 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-1032-1069 were removed and housed in box 28): 
Ambroson, Clayton, page 239, 1915-1983
Ambroson, Orville S., page 197, 1913-1983
Anderson, Orville C., page 243, 1912-1985
Beard, Herman G., page 219, 1892-1984
Benson, John Frederick, pages 284-285, 1914-1946
Blatherwick, Dr. Robert, page 202, 1917-1983
Blatherwick, Dr. Wilfred E., page 203, 1870-1956
Brenna, Carl & Molly (family), page 238
Buerkle, LeRoy G., page 202, 1918-1983
Case, Rev. Harold W., page 254, 1895-1985
Chase, Alice (Benn), page 228
Connor, Doris (Tappan), page 228
Curtis, Myrtle, page 239, 1904-1983
Driver, James, page 278-279
Evans, Wayne & Hazel, page 196
Fettig, Anton J., page 249, 1904-1985
Fretheim, Louisa (Hiatt), page 219, 1914-1984
Froshaug, Daryl, page 197, 1947-1983
Garness, Earl, page 229, 1899-1984
Garsteig, Knute, page 212, ?-1956
Gibb, William, pages 248 and 276
Goodall, Oliver P. (Perry), pages 268-270
Goodall, Oliver Perry, page 272, 1905-1985
Grendahl, George, pages 244-245, 1891-1985
Grimestad, Edwin, page 225, 1903-1984
Hadden, Rosco, page 218, ?-1983
Hagen, Leonard, page 243, 1897-1984
Halden, Hilma Iola (Hiatt), page 250, 1901-1990
Hansen, Edward, page 226, 1912-1983
Hansen, Mr. & Mrs. H. P., page 275
Hansen, Roy, page 227, 1919-1984
Hardick, Alice (Holst), page 213
Helling, Carl (Bobby), page 193, 1922-1984
Houser, Harley J., page 216, 1890-1983
Janssen, Paul W., page 226, 1907-1984
Johnson, Silas, pages 213 and 260, 1890-1931
Keogh, Brooks, page 215
Keogh, Brooks J., page 234, 1914-1984
Kinden, Robert (Les), page 225, 1921-1984
King, Alma Elinor (Mrs. Wm. Bernard), page 218, 1892-1983
King, Kenneth B., page 218, 1918-1983
Larmer, Alma (Mrs. Bill), page 237, ?-1987
Larmer, William (Bill), pages 236-237, 1891-1984
Larson, Dorothy & Shirley, page 201
Lee, Clarence R., page 229, 1920-1984
Lindley, Charlie, page 197, 1914-1983
Lund, Lena (Mrs. Lawrence), page 249, 1903-1985
MacDonald, Sybil, page 256, 1891-1973
Mayer, Ervin, page 272, 1921-1985
McCutcheon, Paul, page 272, 1909-1985
Mikkelson, Bernard (Ben), page 216, 1895-1981
Miller, Henry W., page 215, 1886-1955
Monson, Henry Walter (Hank), page 274, 1896-1985
Morin, Bernard, page 202, 1928-1984
Nice, Earl Leon, page 193, 1901-1984
Norby, Eddie, page 202, 1904-1983
Olson, Inga B., page 221, ?-1984
Olson, W. R., page 262
Osborn, Clara (Mrs. Robert), page 219, 1910-1983
Peterson, Clarence E. (Pete), page 272, 1902-1985
Phelps, John, page 237, 1918-1990
Pickar, Jerry F., page 214
Pickering, C. A., page 212
Prosser, Florence Henrietta, page 280, 1914-1990
Purdy, Bert L., page 227, 1898-1984
Quale, John Roy, page 212, 1922-1985
Reese, Clara, page 230
Ruland, Mrs. M. N., page 212, ?-1954
Ruppert, Charles, pages 252-254
Rusch, Rhyne, page 203
Sanderson, Mary (Mrs. John), page 239, 1884-1983
Schneider, Luella (Mrs. John), page 221, 1897-1984
Sherven, Ole, page 249, 1891-1985
Shubert, Lilyan (Mrs. Bert), 193, 1900-1983
Strasser, Joe, page 247, 1886-1956
Stringer, Robert, page 239, 1919-1983
Weideman, Ella A. (Mrs. Wm. Carl), page 202, 1897-1983
Westgard, Philip L., page 227, 1906-1984
Wilber, Adolph (Mickey), page 229, 1923-1984
Wilson, Dr. Herbert J., pages 282-283
Wisness, Andrew (family), pages 203-204
Ytterdahl, Amy Ruth, page 219, 1900-1983
Zehrer, Lillian (Mrs. Felix), page 226, 1895-1984
7          Scrapbook volume 3 (continued)
8          Scrapbook volume 3 (continued)
9          Scrapbook volume 4 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-1070-1143 were removed and housed in boxes 29-30): 
Alamaa, Minnie M. (Mayer) (Mrs. Joe), page 398, 1918-1989
Benbow, Jack, page 328
Benn, Sidney G., page 380, 1913-1990
Bennett, Mary (Wadholm), page 321, 1916-1988
Bieri, Ernest, page 309, 1902-1985
Bivtns, Edna (Hams) (Nielson), page 349, 1892-1985
Bohmbach, Veroley, page 344
Bottleson, Gordon, page 377, 1912-1991
Brenna, Beatrice (Mrs. Eldred), page 375, 1898-1990
Breslin, John P., page 366
Breslin, William K., page 311, 1910-1985
Breuer, Henry B., page 404, 1905-1991
Bronson, Charles A., page 328, 1892-1964
Buerkle, Evelyn (Brenna) (Mrs. Fritz), page 382, 1927-1990
Crow Flies High, Chief, page 406
Dinwoodie, Edna M. (Gilbertson) (Mrs. Bill), page 342, 1909-1986
Drags Wolf, Chief, page 329
Elton, Katherine (Harms) (Larson), page 373, 1897-1990
Evenson, Roselene “Tiny” (Pickar), page 376, 1923-1990
Fettig, Clinton P., page 349, 1931-1985
Fowler, Marie (Cordes) (Mrs. Howard), page 302, 1899-1988
Fredeen, E. E., page 415
Garsteig, Knute, page 348, ?-1956
Gilbertson, Donald L., page 348, 1919-1985
Green, Ida R. (Gessner) (Mrs. Arthur), page 376, 1891-1970
Haugen, Dan, page 404, 1922-1991
Helling, Mary Clare (Mrs. Carl O.), page 311, 1892-1985
Hermanson, Justine (Didio) (Mrs. Ollie), page 294, 1913-1990       
Hoffman, Charles W., page 412
Hoffman, Dorothy (Veitch) (Mrs. George), page 311, 1904-1985
Holst, Maurice “Maurie”, page 348, ?-1985
Holt, Dude, page 324
Hustad, Anna M. (Bartleson), page 380, 1899-1991
Johnson, Darwin, page 309
Kinden, Pearl (Mrs. Ham), page 294
Knudtson, Oscar, page 390
Langland, Philip E., page 318, 1923-1991
Larson, M. J., page 322
Lockrem, Elmer T. (Chub),  page 349, 1915-1984
Lund, Don, page 371
Mahowald, Arlyn L. (Abelson) (Mrs. C. J.), page 348, 1914-1985
Matthews-Overlie, Darlene, page 349, 1941-1991
Neal, Bigelow, page 358, 1891-1962
Oja, Melvin R., page 317, 1927-1988
Olsen, Catherine (Benn), page 302
Peterson, George W., page 302, 1914-1988
Pickar, Walter, page 309, 1910-1985
Pickering, C. A., page 346, ?-1960
Poole, Neil W., page 388, 1932-1989
Poole, Richard, page 372, 1921-1990
Ruland, Louise (Gessnar) (Mrs. Marion S.), page 379, 1902-1990
Ruppert, Charles, page 367
Sandstrom, Roy, page 367, 1920-1988
Sather, Cameron H., page 343, 1909-1991
Schmidt, J. M. & Mrs. J. R. Cumming, page 321
Simpson, Leota (Meyers), page 366
Slaaten, Doris, page 345
Swanson, Ethel (Kibby) (Mrs. Albin), page 377, 1905-1990
Swenson, Sidney, page 322
Vangen, Andrew, page 306, 1963-1988
Ventsch, Arthur F., page 319, 1921-1988
Walker, Melvin, page 380, 1925-1990
Washburn, Lyle, page 338
Weedman, Clayton, page 381
Weidert, Lawrence R., page 388, 1915-1991
Westgard, Vestal (Tappen) (Mrs. Philip), page 369, 1907-1991
Wisness, Lester & Gladys (Felland), page 351
10        Scrapbook volume 4 (continued)
11        Scrapbook volume 4 (continued)
12        Scrapbook volume 5 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-1144-1164 were removed and housed in box 31): 
Aadnes, Rolf, page 431, 1926-1982
Aal, Lillian (Knutson) (Mrs. Earl), 1901-1983
Abelson, Wallace, page 439, 1923-1981
Anderson, Lillian (Sattergren) (Mrs. Rudolph), 1904-1982
Austin, Charles, page 430, 1904-1981
Bancroft, Mildred (Hitland), page 420, 1912-1982
Bangen, Leland Alwood, page 435, 1929-1982
Bartleson, Anna (Fossaa) Mrs. Carl, page 487, 1880-1969
Benson, John Frederick, page 488, ?-1946
Berntson, Alfred, page 492, 1889-1979
Bieri, Charles W., page 421, 1908-1982
Bieri, Ernest, page 446
Bird Bear, Margaret, page 495, 1911-1980
Brenna, Eldred, page 421, 1899-1982
Breslin, John P., page 430, 1909-1981
Brunsell, Clayton A., page 506, 1929-1987
Bugge, Ella (Hanson) (Mrs. Hjelmer), page 435, 1889-1982
Carlson, Esther (Dutton), Mrs. Hagen, page 487, 1902-1969          
Ceynar, Everett, page 440, 1916-1982
Chapin, Neal, page 468, 1935-1988
Deserly, Margaret (Harrison), Mrs. Frank, page 492, 1903-1954
Deserly, Vernon Joseph, page 468, 1935-1988
Dinwoodie, Mary (Boes) (Mrs. Dave), page 425, 1918-1983
Doll, Elaine (Brenna) Mrs. Leo, page 506, 1936-1988
Erickson, Mabel (Vangsness), page 421, 1924-1982
Fossa, Hannah, page 493, 1889-1980
Garness, Earl, page 439
Garness, Laura (Stedman), Mrs. Earl, page 493, 1905-1979
Gibb, Colin D., page 500, 1914-1979
Grady, Minot, page 495, 1912-1979
Gullickson, Beatrice (Wolding) (Mrs. Gerhard), page 430, 1902-1980
Halverson, Cora, page 474, 1901-?
Halverson, Robert L. “Red”, page 469, 1917-1988
Halvorson, Anton G., page 474, ?-1961
Halvorson, Olga (Brorby), Mrs. Anton, page 474, 1884-?
Halvorson, Orphie, page 475, 1903-?
Hanna, Delores (Felland) (Mrs. Herb), page 435, 1930-1982
Hansen, John, page 443, 1918-1980 
Hanson, John R., page 473, 1863-?
Hanson, Mrs. John R., page 473, 1868-1950
Hanson, Olaf & Mabel, page 450
Hanson, Peder A., page 474, 1898-?
Hanson, Robert Dean, page 473, 1928-?
Hawes, Vernon John, page 506, 1916-1987
Hoffman, Carl W., page 495, 1902-1979
Huber, JoAnn E. (Moe), page 476, 1934-1989
Jahnke, Herman, page 455, 1890-1987
Johnson, Archie M., page 428, 1922-1980
Johnson, Caleb, page 494, 1888-1979
Johnson, Sophie (Disserud) (Mrs. Caleb), page 442, 1893-1981
Keck, Emmanuel, page 459, 1895-1988
Knudtson, Oscar L., page 472, 1904-1988
Kohls, Robert P., page 441, 1921-1981
Koukol, Alma (Deserly), Mrs. Albert, page 494, 1930-1979 
Kvernstoen, Esten B., page 482, 1880-1954
Kvernstoen, Ida O. (Hagen), Mrs. Esten B., page 482, 1895-1987
Larsen, Reverend Lars M.
Larson, Adolph, page 498, ?-1954
Larson, Paul, page 442, 1917-1982
Lockrem, Myrtle (Wiseman) (Mrs. Richard), page 428, 1913-1982
Longre, John, page 506, 1913-1988
Lund, Clara (Hanson), Mrs. Martin J., page 468, 1904-1988
Lund, Lawrence, page 458, 1902-?
Lund, Martin, page 458, 1875-?         
Lund, Mrs. Martin, page 458, 1870-?
Matthews, Leander Lee, page 496, 1936-1980
Maxwell, John, page 492, 1887-1969
Mayer, Richard, page 493, 1916-1980
Miller, Marian, page 472, ?-1989
Moe, Carl, page 440, 1904-1982
Monson, Georgia (Hoffman), Mrs. Keith, page 487, 1932-1962
Moore, Kenneth Lloyd, page 494, 1922-1979
Narum, Warren Henry, page 430, 1922-1981
Neal, Bigelow, page 499, 1891-1962
Neal, Mildred (Tichenor), Mrs. Bigelow, page 443, ?-1981
Norby, Alma (Bolt), Mrs Eddie, page 463, 1909-1988
Norby, Francis James, page 479, 1930-1991
Novak, Donald E., page 459, 1930-1991
O’Donovan, Raymond John, page 428, ?-1980
Ostlund, Vern R., page 506, 1922-1987
Pennington, Earl R., page 457, 1898-1959
Pennington, Laverne A., page 457, 1924-1954
Pennington, Lillian (Halvorson), Mrs. Earl, page 457, 1904-?          
Peterson, Celia (Benson) (Mrs. Elgin), page 441, 1897-1981
Peterson, Doris Mae, (Mrs. Raymond), page 423, ?-1992
Peterson, Mae (Hubbard) (Mrs. D. C. “Tom”, page 441, 1899-1981
Peterson, Walter, page 423, 1893-1983
Price, Leta (Turner) (Mrs. James), page 442, 1899-1981
Reed, Goldie A. (Armstrong) (Mrs. Ahimas), page 440, 1908-1982
Ruland, Mabel Clara (Branan) (Mrs. Lyle), page 441, 1895-1981
Sandstrom, Roy, page 459, 1920-1988
Sattergren, Ted O., page 492, ?-1983
Schlag, William, page 496, 1913-1980
Schultz, Bernard & Iva
Sherven, Marie (Robertson) (Mrs. Helge), page 431, 1893-1983
Skogstad, George, page 440, 1913-1982                                
Skogstad, Harold, page 420, 1922-1982
Songstad, Lloyd, page 431, 1905-1982
Spearman, Viola (Lockwood) (Mrs. Lester), 1914-1983
Thompson, Reverend Lewis B., page 486, 1885-1954
Thorson, Maurice, page 493, ?-1978
Uran, Clara M. (Didio) (Mrs. William), page 442, 1906-1981
Uran, William Albert, page 442, 1893-1981
Weidert, Louis E., page 431, 1914-1992
Wilber, Leslie “Les”, page 476, 1920-1989
Wollan, Toinettie (Quale) (Mrs. George), page 496, 1911-1980
Woolcott, Catherine (Rupp) (Granberg), page 420, 1921-1982
Young Wolf, Frank, page 435, 1924-1983
Zehrer, Felix, page 434, 1894-1983
13        Scrapbook volume 5 (continued)
14        Scrapbook volume 5 (continued)
15        Scrapbook volume 6 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-1165-1174 were removed and housed in box 32): 
Arneson, Alvin L., page 607, 1898-1986
Arneson, Irene Alice (Bjornstad) (Mrs. Alvin), page 607, 1901-1989
Aubol, Marius H., page 593, 1898-1989
Aubol, Ruth (Summers) (Mrs. Orvin), page 518, 1898-1988
Auverson, Arthur, page 559, 1906-1992
Bancroft, Willis, page 574, 1948-1992
Bangen, Anton & Sara (Berg), page 533
Berntson, Glenn, page 611, 1927-1989
Bird Bear, Cora (Snow) (Mrs. Robert), page 592, 1905-1990
Botnen, Anna (Hitland) (Mrs. Sivert), page 630, 1900-1990
Brehm, George & Lena (Krumm), page 575
Brenna, Eldred & Beatrice (Graue), page 614
Dahl, Ruth K. (Priester) (Schlag) (Mrs. Amil), page 599, 1923-1989
Danielson, Sam & Helen (Boots), page 613
Deserly, Edward, page 598, 1923-1989
Erickson, Martin Hjalmer, page 530, 1917-1989
Estenson, Helmer & Clara (Bangen), page 531
Fletcher, Kathy (Weidert) (Mrs. John), page 523, 1942-1989
Franklin, Ellsworth “Bud”, page 605, 1926-1989
Franklin, Karen (Christiansen) (Mrs. Elsworth), page 605, 1897-1989
Grimestad, Alma Luvine (Tjon) (Mrs. Edwin), page 583, 1903-1990
Hagen, Anne (Sinnerud) (Mrs. Clarence), page 626, 1915-1990
Halverson, Gary, page 624, 1950-1990
Hasby, Glenn & Lilah (Norby), page 609
Hermanson, Justine (Didio) (Mrs. Ollie), page 630, 1913-1990
Hukkanen, Lauraine (Mrs. Reynold), page 593, 1929-1989
Larson, Alice (Mrs. L. G.), page 535
Lee, Lloyd & Bernice family, page 607
Logan, Royal O., page 581
McKeen, Floyd, page 613
Moe, Oscar & Evelyn, page 613
Mogen, Art & Sylvia, page 613
Nelson, Ingrid E. (Mrs. Albert), page 518, 1896-1988
Olsen, Nettie E. (Mrs. Oswald J.), page 581, 1897-1990
Osborn, Harry V., page 596, 1914-1989
Osborn, Robert J., page 633, 1909-1990
Ostlund, Raymond A., page 525, 1925-1988
Padgett, Alyce Mae (Gilstad), page 630, 1925-1990
Peterson, Carol G. (Grendahl) (Mrs. Elton), page 566, 1925-1989
Peterson, Elgin & Celia (Benson) (Mrs. Elgin), page 569
Pickar, Frances M. (King) (Mrs. Johnnie), page 593, 1914-1989
Quale, Harold & Ruby, page 613
Quale, Leo G., page 564, 1921-1992
Rusch, Reinhold “Rhyne”, page 596, 1907-1989
Rush, Ira L., page 540, 1919-1989
Samuelson, Clifford, page 555
Sanderson, Lyle, page 597, 1922-1989
Sandstrom, Lyllah Mae (Jahnke) (Mrs. Roy), page 598, 1921-1989
Satterthwaite, Ben & Isabel (Conway), page 573
Schram, Dorothy (King) (Mrs. Philip E.), page 600, 1912-1989
Schumann, Arvine L., page 611, ?-1989
Sherven, Henry, page 546, 1905-1988
Sjol, Juel, page 577, 1912-1989
Smith, William, page 541, 1909-1988
Staael, Jess, page 596, 1903-1989
Stokke, Faye M. (Mrs. Orval R.), page 517, 1917-1988
Strasser, Joe, page 597, 1886-1956
Swanson, Albin & Ethel (Kibby), page 571
Tank, George Sr., page 633, 1892-1984
Thomas, Frances (Hammer) (Mrs. Jack), page 597, 1930-1989
Thompson, A. O. & Wilhelminia (Ove), page 613
Thompson, Harry & Gladys (Wisness), page 614
Tommerdahl, Albert & Crystal (Johnson), page 537
Warberg, Gilbert, page 554, 1917-1989
Weninger, Alvera R. (Haddeland) (Mrs. Harold), page 559, 1925-1988
Weninger, Anton & Marie (Eckert), page 539
White, Yvonne I. (Turner) (Mrs. James A.), page 579, 1932-1980
Wolding, Alfred “Fritz”, page 611, 1916-1989
16        Scrapbook volume 6 (continued)
17        Scrapbook volume 6 (continued)

Box 37:
1          Scrapbook volume 7 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-1175-1231 were removed and housed in box 33): 
Austin, Nora (Foreman), page 660, 1922-1992
Bangs, Jack & Louise, page 646
Beard, Donald “Porky”, page 650, 1937-1992
Bernston, Baby Girl, page 683, 1955-1955
Blind, Edward, page 650, 1910-1992
Bohmbach, Veroley (Falls), page 688, 1896-1992
Brekke, LeRoy Eugene “Pete”, page 750, 1937-1993
Breslin, Agnes, page 705
Colton, Alfred, page 686, 1904-1992
Cook, Patrick J., page 748, 1921-1993
Digby, Donald, page 696, 1917-1992
Dinwoodie, David, page 736
Felland, Doris, page 736b, 1929-?
Felland, Helen E. (Thompson) (Mrs. Charles), page 687, 1899-1992
Grantier, Ed & Betty (Keogh), Page 751
Grendahl, Trueman, page 699, 1922-1992
Hanson, Regina (Johnson) (Henry O.), page 696, 1897-1973
Harrington, W. Maurice, page 671, 1907-1992
Holst, Ethel (Johnson) (Mrs. Leonard “Bud”), page 661, 1908-1992
Holt, Carl, page 740, 1927-1992
Johnson Family Reunion, page 695
Johnson, Lyle H., page 644, 1915-1990
Kivimagi, Tracy Dale, page 665, 1968-1968
Krebsbach, Lyle T., page 744, 1933-1992
Larson, Alice (Peterson) (Mrs. L. G.), 1898-1991
Larson, Dorothy Jeannette (Mrs. Shirley), page 753, 1927-1993
Lenartz, Nora, pages 654 & 661
Leverson, Maynard A., page 736b, 1904-1993
Matthews, Elizabeth, page 686, 1905-1992
Mayer, Alice Tina (Waller) (Lee) (Mrs. Albert), page 740, 1918-1992
Mayer, Lillian S. (Alamaa) (Mrs. August B.), page 740, 1912-1992
Melby, Norman, page 670, 1919-1990
Moe, Oscar, page 650, 1912-1991
Mummert, Claud J., page 684, 1919-1992
Naatus, Murial Isabel (McIntyre) (Strasser), page 645, 1895-1991
Nelson, Ferdinand Joel, page 700, 1914-1992
Norby, Robert “Bob”, page 753, 1938-1993
Ostlund, Leslie Norman, pages 667 & 741, 1930-1992
Pennington, Laura L., page 654, 1906-?
Peterson, Dale, page 736a
Pochant, Gloria M. (Holst) (Mrs. Robert B.), page 686, 1934-1991
Price, Shirley (Lindley) (Mrs. Donald), page 677, 1939-1991
Purdy, Bertie B. (Brown) (Mrs. Bert), page 700, 1902-1992
Rohde, Mrs. A. O. (Satterthwaite) (Mrs. A. O.), page 700, 1912-1954
Ruland, Ella Mae “Peggy” (O’Neil), page 753, 1903-1993
Senger, Joseph P., page 656, 1914-1991
Spooner, Mrs. A. E., page 676, ?-1956
Sveen, Melvin “Spud” & Lillian, page 665
Thorson, Rosa E. (Daigle) (Lillie) (Mrs. Elmer), page 698, 1903-1992
Uran, Robert & Annabel (Swanson), page 746
Van Berkom, Holland “Holly”, page 644, 1910-1990
Warberg, Marit, page 661
Weidert, Eva May (Mrs. William), page 668, 1891-1956
Westby, Henry “Hank”, page 733, 1902-1993
Ytterdahl, Shannon L., page 671, 1922-1992
Yuzicapi, Ernie, page 666
2          Scrapbook volume 7 (continued)
3          Scrapbook volume 7 (continued)
4          Scrapbook volume 14 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-1232- 1269 were removed and housed in box 34): 
Anderson, Marvin, page 311, 1918-2003
Bartleson, Elmer, page 309, 1916-2003
Benson, Marvel, page 294, 1916-2003
Billadeau, Leon, page 311, 1919-2003
Bradley, Cathleen, page 316, 1940-2002
Brehm, Walter, pages 271,272, 1916-2002
Breslin, Joseph E., page 284, 1919-2003
Buerkle, Harry M., page 308, 1917-2003
Ceynar, Raymond, page 315, 1914-2003
Ceynar, Violet Osborn, page 304, 1929-2003
Dahl, Arthur, page 308, 1913-2003
Deserly, Russel, page 263
Ellingson, Janie Price, page 334, 1872-1923
Elliot, Dorothy B., page 313, 1915-2003
Folven, Irene, page 344, 1922-2003
Froshaug, Clara, page 294, 1917-2003
Froshaug, Boyde, page 328, 1915-?
Gladheim, Ordeen, page 310, 1926-2003
Grantier, Ed, page 252, 1912-2002
Grendahl, Minor O., page 288, 1933-2003
Gullickson, Irene, page 270, 1914-2002
Hammer, Art, pages 360-364, 1898-1949
Hemmingson, Leora Catherine, pages 283-284, 1927-2003
Holst, Daniel Jerome, pages 258-334, 1927-2002
Holt, Fern Elvina, page 257, 1930-2002
Johnson, John H., page 258, 1920-2002
Keck, Mabel, page 332, 1906-2000
Klevmoen, Ole, page 270, 1917-2002
LaRocque, Jene B., pages 295-296, 1920-2003
Larson, Shirley Edwin, page 321, 1917-2003
Larson, Joyce E., page 306, 1925-2003
Locken, Sever, page 316, 1888-1979
Mayer, Albert A., pages 311-312, 1923-2003
Mayer, Gary E., page 257, 1946-2002
McGrady, Anna May, page 257, 1920-2002
Morehouse, Chester, page 333, 1851-1929
Morehouse, Robert, page 274, 1923-2002
Nelson, Ann Nicole, page 265, ?-2001
Norby, Richard, page 324, 1921-2003
Norby, Clayton, page 280, 1936-2003
Priester, Rosella C., pages 259-260, 1939-2002
Quale, George, page 345, 1924-2003
Reese, Clara, page 329, 1908-2003
Reynolds, Keith, page 252, 1950-2002
Reynolds, Hardin F., pages 301-302
Rodenhizer, Ellis Wilbert, page 359, 1887-1965
Rohde, Bradley, page 293
Ruland, Myron L., page 343, 1926-2003
Satterthwaite, Aurelia King, page 328, 1901-2002
Stenberg, Casper, page 259, 1915-2002
Sterling, Carol, page 276, 1941-2003
Stoner, Mary, page 329, 1915-2003
Swenson, Maxine D., page 321, 1918-2002
Truax, Ted, page 278, 1907-2003
Uran, Maynard Samuel, pages 298-300, 1914-2003
Washburn, Lyle, pages 253-254, 1916-2002
Weber, Cheryl, page 300, 1956-2003
Wetterberg, Johannes Johansson, page 334, 1845-1925
Wilson, Dr. Herbert, page 318
Wollan, George A., page 268, 1910-2002
5          Scrapbook volume 14 (continued)
6          Scrapbook volume 14 (continued)

Box 38:
1          Scrapbook volume 15 with historical news clippings about Sanish and obituaries of the following people (photos 11140-1270- 1274 were removed and housed in box 35): 
Abelson, LaVerne, page 373
Alden, Lafayette Burton, page 446
Alden, Susie, page 446
Anderson, Thelma Swenson, page 492
Appelt, Donna Narum, page 515\
Aubol, Clare, page 488
Aubol, Irene Estenson, pages 435 & 458
Auverson, Kennth T., page 464
Balerud, Ann Kraft, page 493
Barber, Bernice Hanson Orr, page 470
Berntson, Wallace, page 430
Boehning, Dale, page 391
Bohmbach, Louis C., page 447
Brehm, Floyd, page 427
Brehm, G. P., page 446
Brehm, Lena, page 447
Brehm, Marilyn, page 448
Breslin, Ardis Rogholt, pages 422 & 503
Breslin, Richard “Dick”, pages 433 & 505
Buerkle, Orpha Aubol, page 495
Carlson, Charles L., page 460
Chase, Ann Benn, page 515
Cummings, Mary Rose Brien, page 495
Dahl, Amil, page 501
Davy, Ronald, page 495
Draper, Neil & LaVere, page 491
Ellig, Ruth Bruns, page 386
Fladager Family, page 394
Foreman, Earl, page 447
Foreman, Roger, pages 443 & 446
Froshaug, Lois Schlag, pages 391 & 502
Gilstad, Helen Weninger, page 523
Goodall, John W., pages 423 & 456
Goodall, Nellie Dinwoodie, page 453
Gunderson, John, page 516
Hoffman, William C., page 417
Keller, Iva Ruland, page 466
Kimball, Evelyn Rosevold, page 421
Kottsick, Lucille Narum, pages 431 & 457
Lacey, John R., pages 459 & 492
Larson, Adolph, page 407
Larson, Geraldine Morin, page 432
Larson, Meredith, pages 409 & 510
Levang, Esther Dahl, page 417
Lindley, Victoria Brien, pages 454 & 509
Logan, Royal, page 449
Lun, Veronica Deane, page 501
Lunde, Helen Arneson, page 411
Marr, Gladys Skogstad, page 448
Mayer, Alvin Roger, pages 386 & 464
Mayer, John, page 448
Mehr, Sylvester, page 401
Melby, Hazel Wolla, page 423
Moore, Victoria Deserly, page 432
Nice, Betty, page 485
Niemitalo, Mayme Kannianen, page 421
Nissen, Reverend Elwyn J., pages 418 & 510
Olsen, Katherine Benn, page 516
Pennington, Duane “Bob”, pages 422 & 504
Pennington, Gene, page 523
Quale, Bruce, page 493
Quale Family, page 434
Ranum, Esther Shobe, page 467
Renbarger, Wanda Warner, page 435
Reynolds Family, page 429
Rolla, Marvin, page 515
Ruland Family, page 366
Ruppert, Charles & Kay, page 507
Rusch, Rhyne, page 455
Ryland, Donald, page 403
Schumann, Mava Quale, page 404
Sorenson, Dwain, page 516
Stedman, Mary, page 512
Stinson, Thelma Carlson, page 386
Uran, Anabel Swanson, pages 452 & 516
Wardlow, Arthur “Mac”, page 487
Wells, Joyce Chapin, page 424
Weninger, Anton, page 447
Werlinger, Margaret Armstrong, page 413
Westby, Paul, page 387
Wold, Luella Grimestad, page 494
2          Scrapbook volume 15 (continued)
3          Scrapbook volume 15 (continued)
4          Blank dance permit forms

Box 39:
11140-1275         Excavation of Kipp's Post near Doc Stewart's, Mountraill County (N.D.), August
19, 1954
11140-1276         Governor Brunsdale and other dignitaries in boat made at new town factory, Dedication Day of Sanish Bay, July 14, 1956
11140-1277-1280 Dedication of Sanish marker on Crow Flies High, New Town, June 25, 1992

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