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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10224

Title: Louis Lawrence Pfaller

 Dates: 1977       

Collection Number: MSS 10224

Quantity: .25 ft.

Abstract: Consists of a broadcast schedule, radio scripts, and cassette tapes prepared for the "Bicentennial Stories" series aired by radio station KDIX in Dickinson, ND. The series, sponsored by the Stark County Historical Society, recounted historical events in North Dakota.

Provenance: The Louis Lawrence Pfaller papers were donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Reverend Pfaller on September 1, 1970. 

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.  Permission to use any radio or television broadcast portions of the collection must be sought from the creator.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH – Louis Lawrence Pfaller O.S.B.

Louis Lawrence Pfaller was born at Herreid, South Dakota March 12, 1923. The 1930 census shows Wallie Pfaller, age 39, as head of household in Herreid with four sons: Anton R. 12, Andrew 9, Lawrence J. 7, and Mike 4.

Louis Pfaller received a Master of Arts in History in 1950. He became a monk in 1943 and was ordained a priest in 1948, both at Assumption Abbey, Richardton, ND. While at Assumption Abbey Pfaller was a rector and instructor for missions and retreats, and did pastoral work at various parishes. Pfaller also served as chaplain at Sacred Heart Priory, 1956-1857 and as missionary at Twin Buttes, ND, 1964-1975. His interest as an historian focused on James McLaughlin and the Roy Johnson Papers. In 1968 he received a grant to collect, arrange, and edit the Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Major James McLaughlin Papers.

Louis Pfaller died at Assumption Abbey November 2, 1979.


Box 1:
10224-00001-00004          Teddy Roosevelt and Riley Loughsey
10224-00001-00005          Newspapers, false report death, editor Mark Hanson, “Lazarus”
10224-00001-00006          Wrong side up, New Salem
10224-00001-00007          Miniature writer champ
10224-00001-00008          Sully and Fort Rice
10224-00001-00009          Stark County, ox cart
10224-00001-00010          Sully, address to encampment, Stark County
10224-00001-00011          Sully expedition, signing sandstone rock
10224-00001-00012          Skirmish, Sully and Sioux
10224-00001-00013          Sully’s army at Richardton
10224-00001-00014          Sully, casualties from Killdeer battle
10224-00001-00015          Sully on Heart River
10224-00001-00016          July 26, 1864, Sully toward Killdeer, Sevart farm
10224-00001-00017          Badlands commentary
10224-00001-00018          Badlands commentary
10224-00001-00019          Sully camps near Custer Ranch, Christmas at Medora
10224-00001-00020          Sully’s column through Badlands
10224-00001-00021          Stock dying, Sully
10224-00001-00022          Grant’s visit to North Dakota, apple tree
10224-00001-00023          Young Man’s Butte near Richardton and Indian story
10224-00001-00024          Second version of Young Man’s Butte, Sioux Story
10224-00001-00025          One horse buggy Dr. Valentine Summerhaven came from Fort Rice alone
10224-00001-00026          Stemper’s grave at Young Man’s Butte
10224-00001-00027          Keogh trail
10224-00001-00028          R S Brookings, Oakdale farm at Young Man’s Butte
10224-00001-00029          Young Man’s Butte proclaimed as pinnacle of country
10224-00001-00030          Northern Pacific Railroad dug out shelters near Gladstone, Green River
10224-00001-00031          Gerald Douglas buried with honors near Gladstone, Green River
10224-00001-00032          Immigrants came to Gladstone, Green River
10224-00001-00033          Railway survey, Dickinson, “Pleasant Valley,” plat filed in Mandan
10224-00001-00034          Dickinson Press official paper
10224-00001-00035          Dickinson as county seat
10224-00001-00036          Stark County carved from Morton County
10224-00001-00037          Dickinson, growth and trade, by Harry Roberts
10224-00001-00038          Dickinson school districts, system, by Jim Randall
10224-00001-00039          New school board finds classroom, teachers, by Jim Randall
10224-00001-00040          Parochial schools in Dickinson, by Jim Randall
10224-00001-00041          General Land Office (GLO) Surveyors mark townships, by LW Weigel
10224-00001-00042          Land surveyed by 1892-1896, by LW Weigel
10224-00001-00043          Walter R. Weigel came, pioneer surveyor, by LW Weigel
10224-00001-00044          Gladstone, squatters rights claims, hauling spring water
10224-00001-00045          Richardton called Spring Valley, tried to attract settlers from Germany

Box 2:
10224-00002-00046          Antelope and Taylor, names
10224-00002-00047          Windsor Hotel in Richardton
10224-00002-00048          German and Irish settlers, Jack Callahan, Northern Pacific
10224-00002-00049          Fake shootouts, “wild” town
10224-00002-00050          Silas Greg at the Roughrider Hotel, “wild” town
10224-00002-00051          New wave of immigration ca 1900s
10224-00002-00052          Northern Pacific train robbed at Dickinson
10224-00002-00053          William Jayne, first governor of Dakota Territory, fist fight
10224-00002-00054          James Bryce, capitol’s cornerstone, Bismarck; city growth
10224-00002-00055          fortifications
10224-00002-00056          Hebron, Fort Sauerkraut
10224-00002-00057          Hidatsa help Fort Sauerkraut fight Sioux, scalping demo
10224-00002-00058          “Uprising” and defense, imaginary attack
10224-00002-00059          Troops reach Dickinson and calm civilians; no attack
10224-00002-00060          Father Vincent Worthy at Richardton, mission church bolstered
10224-00002-00061          Minot is end of the line, railroad track; wild west
10224-00002-00062          Pierre de Smet baptizes American Indians (June 10)
10224-00002-00063          Home in a dug out
10224-00002-00064          German Hungarian settlers, St. Elizabeth church
10224-00002-00065          Lefor, harvest festival, 1895, Carowy
10224-00002-00066          September, wind blows over church/school, Fr. Vincent, 1st bishop, Bismarck
10224-00002-00067          Fr. Vincent, mass not wanted regularly, church donations and salary
10224-00002-00068          Violence around ethnic groups, Shanley
10224-00002-00069          Shanley on majority peaceful immigrants, ethnic groups
10224-00002-00070          Insurance agents pleased with Dickinson fire fighting set up
10224-00002-00071          Fire protection meeting at opera house, steamer and cisterns planned
10224-00002-00072          Judge Crawford comes to Dickinson as young attorney, helps Huidekoper, H. T. Ranch; by Harry Roberts
10224-00002-00073          Threshing crops
10224-00002-00074          First rodeo, Wild West show
10224-00002-00075          Dickinson, wooden sidewalks, prairie earth streets, “75 years ago”; reminiscences by Harry Roberts
10224-00002-00076          More windmills (65) than trees, typhoid fever, water system
10224-00002-00077          Heart River, explosion, possible oil spot, prospected forty years later
10224-00002-00078          Fort Berthold Indians seek name for school/substation, “Mandaree” campaign, first post office
10224-00002-00079          Senator Langer and Governor Rockefeller, patent medication, “fake cure,” fake threat of lawsuit
10224-00002-00080          November 1, 1926, Queen Marie of Rumania and children pass through North Dakota on Northern Pacific Railroad; affection for horses
10224-00002-00081          Largest town McKenzie County, Banks, Watford, Watford City
10224-00002-00082          Fall 1880, Northern Pacific Railroad set goal to MT border and accidentally stops ten miles away, Sentinel Butte, not on record
10224-00002-00083          Settlement at South Heart in 1881
10224-00002-00084          1st Dutch immigrants to South Heart, Belfield
10224-00002-00085          Bankers in Holland invested in Belfield, South Heart, hoping to send Dutch immigrants; only ten families remained
10224-00002-00086          Frontier armies gave names to campsite, 1876, under General Merrill, named Belfield area Camp Houston; Keogh trail for less than a year; 1883 town platted

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