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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10656

Title: Ruth Hoffman

Dates: 1886-1986

Collection Number: 10656

Quantity: 1.25 feet

Abstract: Includes slides, newspaper clippings, and publications primarily dealing with Minot, ND. Many of the slides were copied from books, newspapers and photographic prints for a slide show for the Minot-Ward County Centennial.

Provenance: The State Archives received the Ruth Hoffman collection as a transfer from the Museum Division in June 1995.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Since the majority of the slides were copied from publications they are to be used for reference purposes only and not copied.

Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Biographical Sketch

Ruth A. Hannah was born to John R. and Zylpha A. (Byers) Hannah near Mt. Pleasant, IA December 29, 1913. She attended Mt. Pleasant High School and Des Moines Business College and was awarded and honorary B. A. in Botany from Minot State University in 2002. She married Charles A/ F. Hoffman at her family home on August 15, 1936. They lived in Minot for over 57 years where Charles taught science at Minot State University until he retired in 1973. They had three daughters: Mary S., Sara L. (Aeikens), and Amelia (Nash).

Hoffman was an avid gardener and photographer, taking photos of plants, insects and birds. Many of those slides were donated to Minot State University for use by botany students. She also contributed the majority of slides for the North Dakota History Project which was part of the curriculum of every elementary school in the state. The Ruth and Charles Hoffman Botanical Scholarship Endowment was established in 1994 at Minot State University by the Northwest Association of Horticulture.

Ruth Hoffman passed away June 6, 2010 in Dewey OK where she had moved to be near her daughter Amelia 16 years earlier. She was preceded in death by her husband Charles June 4, 1994 and their daughter Mary Sue.

Box / Folder Inventory

Box 1:
1 Valentines
2 WWII War Ration Books
3 Enrollment card: ND State Defense Council, Citizens Defense Corps, Medical Services, ca. 1941-1946
4 Red Cross Volunteer Special Services Certificate for Nurse’s Aide Corps training 1943
5 Dick and Jane basic pre-primer 1936
6 A Campfire Girl at Twin Lake: The Quest of a Summer Vacation 1918
7 Agricultural circulars on cheese making 1924, 1930, 1938, n.d.
8 Bake Day Suggestions, Northwestern Yeast Co., Chicago n.d.
9 Newspaper clippings1962-1982
10 Greater North Dakota Association map 1937
11 Minot-Ward County centennial calendar 1986

Box 2-3: Slides
Looking NW over the downtown section              1910                      
Iowa & Scandinavia Hotels SW Corner    1910                      
Women on street, W of Opera House    1915                      
Jacobson's Opera House               1915      
Timbers for Great Northern tracks           1887                      
Great Northern Roundhouse from SW   1895      
Carnival 2nd Ave SW looking W of Main St.           ca. 1900                               
Old Main              1935                      
Train on high wooden bridge      1887?                   
Charlebois' 1st Blacksmith Shop 1st S & 1st Ave  ca. 1900
Viaducts from 2nd St. overpass to Great Northern depot 1911                   
Looking N on Main St. watering trough  1911                      
Main St .Looking N from 2nd Ave. S         1911
Main St. Looking N from 2nd Ave. S         1911                      
Second National Bank-Corner Center & Main St 1911      
Main St. Looking N          1911      
Main St. Looking N          1911      
Main St. Looking N          1911      
Watering trough Main St. looking N         1911      
Motor launches on Mouse River W 2nd St. NW  1911      
Great Northern depot   1911      
Great Northern depot with train from 2nd St. overpass 1911      
1st airplane in crate at Soo depot              1911      
Shacks & tents - Main St.              1887      
Shacks & tents - Main St.              1887      
Tarpaper school                1902      
Hill settlers cabins among trees 1890      
Great Northern tents in downtown         1886      
Minot, ND           1889      
Great Northern Roundhouse     1889      
Looking N on Main St.    1903      
Page of treasures book opening               1893      
Cowboys with Sweetman horse herd     1889      
Horses  1889      
Photographers - two early ones                1895      
Minot 2 years old                            
McKinley School
Viaducts from 2nd St. NW overpass to Great Northern   1911      
Telephone Book - 1st                    
Main St. looking S, girl    1895      
Airplane in crate Soo depot Dewey Dorman’s     1911      
1st Presbyterian Church - interior of original                       
Seal - Territory of Dakota 1st Presbyterian Church              1888      
Snow on Main St.             1895      
Horses on Main St.                         
Passenger train – 1st West          1887      
Prairie Home      1887      
Iowa & Scandinavia Hotels           1910      
Workmen on Great Northern Track         1887      
Charlebois Blacksmith Shop E Cent. Flood             1916      
Charlebois Blacksmith, original 1st Ave SE             1886      
High Bridge (wood)         1887      
Parker House     1886      
Shacks on Main St.          1886      
Students planting garden on MSC campus            1915      
Great Northern Roundhouse     1895      
Gasman Coulee Bridge, horses  1895      
Train Coming out of snow cut     1949      
Haymovers from snowbound Big Sky Ranch        1949      
Giant C 82's land at Minot             1949      
E. edge looking NE           1890      
Great Northern Depot, with train from overpass 2nd NW 1911  
Great Northern depot, people going down ramp to         1911      
Main St. Looking N from 5th or 6th           1911      
Main St. Looking N from 5th or 6th           1911      
Watering trough, looking N Main St.        1911      
Great Northern Roundhouse - two women         1888      
Main St. Looking N          1890      
People in shirtsleeves Jan -vigilantes      1892      
Tent & shacks    1887      
Threshing rig - Velva                      
N Hill      1931      
Great Northern Roundhouse     1895      
Ox & cart                            
Water tower, engine, elevator, Des Lacs                              
Souris River bridge S of Simcoe                 
Souris River bridge S of Simcoe                 
Japanese lantern, International Peace Garden                  
Bricks from Link's House N of International Airport                          
Grain Elevator Stairway, Des Lacs                             
Water Tower & Elevator, Des Lacs                           
Ramstad, Eric                    
Charlebois' 1st Blacksmith Shop                
Auto, primitive                 
Minot, Henry D.                               
Minot, Henry D.                               
Cattle power E4                               
On the way to Mouse Valley-Dakota Territory
Burlington Hotel, Burlington        1885      
Settlers with Indians along right away                    
Ward County Independent ad                  
Log cabin with flag                          
St. Joseph Hospital                         
Looking N            1887      
Great Northern Tracks   1887      
Great Northern Tracks   1887      
Tents & Shacks  1887      
Railroad, first engine into Minot                1886      
Train on Wooden High Bridge     1887?   
Main St.               1895      
Gasman Coulee Bridge- wrecked by cyclone       1896      
Gasman Coulee Bridge-Wrecked by Cyclone       1895      
Tarpaper Shack 1902      
Cowboys on Horses, St. Jo Area                1889      
Newton, Louie & Horse at Gibb Ranch, Stanley  1895      
Ladies Hats         1906      
Wagons with Buffalo Bones        1888?   
Parker House     1887      
Auto, Primitive  1906      
Soddy - Man at Door, Ox Team and Boy 1903      
Horses  1889      
J. Hill, speaking  1891      
Main St. Looking N.         1890      
Main St. from S 1888      
East Minot          1889      
Minot from St Jo., cattle at L.C.  1889
Great Northern Roundhouse from SW   1895      
Mr. Hofstrand, oxen and plow Devils Lake            1896      
Car, Danielson & Colman riding  1903      
Buffalo bones piles for Boxcars, Dakota Territory              1888      
Charlebois' original Blacksmith Shop        1889      
Car, Old, MSC-YM Rodeo Parade                             
Cowboys on horses        1889      
Picking rock, Kenmare   1903      
Cowboys at Gibb Ranch, S of Stanley      1895      
Sod house, man & ox team         1886      
Wood block, paving 9th Ave SE                 
Wood bricks from streets Flickinger Hotel
Wood bricks from streets                            
Herd of horses on S. Main St.     1889      
Settlers, oxen & wagons SE         1887      
Great Northern Roundhouse, 2 women                1895      
Tents & shacks  1887      
Minot    1888      
Engine on wooden trestle, close up                        
Minot    1888      
Main St.               1890      
Sod home, interior          1907      
Horse Herd         1888      
Ft. Berthold, Like a Fishhook Village         1845      
Ft. Berthold, Like a Fishhook Village         1845      
James Johnson beside his cabin                1886      
Great Northern Roundhouse & Depot from E     1895      
SE looking NE     1888      
GN Roundhouse looking E           1895      
Statement of Japanese people  1941      
Great Northern Depot with lawn sprinkler           1911      
Great Northern Depot looking N               1895      
Minot    1887      
Hospital & nurses                            
Team of oxen & boy at soddy    
High Bridge with horses, W of Minot                      
Hauling water                   
The Optic, ad                    
Original plat                       
Burlington's 1st buildings              1884      
Newspaper headline, Pioneers Hunting      
Hospital, 1st - horse & buggy                     
4 oxen tractor                   
Minot, Henry D.                               
Snow E Minot                   
Main St. looking S            1887      
J. Hill speaking   1902      
Ramstad news item                       
Ramstad, Peter, Eric's Brother                   
Parker, Clarence                              
Gasman Coulee Bridge W. of Minot, horses                        
1st Lutheran Parsonage                               
Drug Store, 1st                 
Strommen, John, Newspaper Article                     
Newspaper Item, Justice Carried Rifle                   
Great Northern Depot looking W              1895      
Ox & cart             1890      
Main St. Valker Greenhouse, Elks, The Fair          1905      
Teams & wagons on S Main St.                 
Newspaper Item, Scofield Livery                             
Soddy, man at door                       
News Item, on way to Mouse Valley                      
Dakota Territory Seal on 1st Presbyterian document                      
Choir in 2nd Church of 1st Presbyterian                
Strommen, John, Newspaper Article                     
Catholic Church & Parsonage                     
Indian Family                    
Johnson, James                189-      
Teams & wagons, S Main              1890      
Main St. looking N           1887or8               
Main St. looking N.          1887or8               
Belyea, Edmund, 1st doctor        1895      
Johnson, Tom, livery stable         1895      
Main St. looking N                          
Luinertz, Joe, car              1909      
Water tower, 1st Main St. looking uphill                1910      
Main St. looking S uphill to water tower 1910      
Leland House     1889      
Cowboys with horse herd, near Courthouse       1889      
East Minot          1888      
Plat, Original       1887      
Great Northern workers               1887      
Buffalo bones in wagons on Main St.      1888      
Shacks on Main St.          1887      
Jim Hill speaking               1891      
Ox team beside soddy with boy                1903?   
Gasman Coulee Bridge, Original W of Minot                       
1st Presbyterian Church, Certificate of Corp Exist              1886      
Plat, Original, Largest Area           1886      
Main St. looking S            1895      
St. Carl Post Office, SE    ca1880 
Anderson, Gust, buggy pulled by ox                       
Newspaper Item, Indian Scare in Minot 1891      
Bundle wagons at threshing machine                    
Threshing outfit, old car                               
Reichus, T. S. & family, Pastor at 1st Lutheran                    
1st Parsonage at 1st Lutheran                   
Main St. looking N from 5th or 6th Ave S               1911      
Salvation Army                 
Penroy Cabin                    
Minot from S Hill              1887      
Gasman Coulee Bridge, original high steel                           
Settlers with Indians Great Northern rail-laying  1887      
Great Northern Roundhouse from East 1895      
Plowing, Ward Co., Atlas               1915      
Johnson, James, beside his cabin              1886      
Architect’s drawing of 2nd Presbyterian Church 1907      
People in shirtsleeves in January              1891      
Horses, S. Main St.          1889      
Normal School, State      1915      
Cowboys with horse herd, St. Jo. area    1889      
Bone wagons     1888      
Tarpaper school                               
Boat on Souris River                       
Lover's Lane #2                
Bundle wagons                
Horses and binder                          
Pioneer Drugstore, interior                        
1st Hospital, horse & buggy                        
Hotel Freden Advertising in Ward Atlas  1915      
Advertisement in Ward Co. Atlas              1915      
Minot    1887      
Teepee near Minot from SE        1895      
East of Main       1888      
Cupola, County Courthouse        1903      
First National Bank                         
Episcopal Church              1895      
Advertising in Ward Co. Atlas      1915      
Picture in Ward Co. Atlas                             
Thorpe, Hans                    
Minutes of Origin of 1st Presbyterian Church                     
Reishus, G.S.                     
Thompson Monument at Verendrye, ND                            
Hill, James J.       ca. 1891               
Setters with Indians at Great Northern rail-laying              1887      
Courthouse, 1st                               
1st  Great Northern Railroad engine into Minot  1886      
Tompkins, picture in paper                         
Pioneers Hunted, Ad in Paper                   
Catholic Church & 1st schoolhouse                          
Ice cutting machine on Mouse River                       
Witnesses Cold Blooded Murder                             
Johnson, James, Lawyer Ad in Paper                      
Streetcar in Fargo, ND                   
Sweetmen's Cowboys in St. Jo. area       1889      
Hustas, Eric, Ad in Paper               1886      
Ramstad, Peter & wife, in buggy                              
Bone wagon on Main St.                              
When Minot was Tent Village, in newspaper                      
Tents & shacks, Great Northern Railroad               1887      
St. Joseph's Hospital                      
Ox and Cart                       
Main St. Looking N                         
Thompson Monument, Verendrye, ND                
Main St. Looking N                         
Main St. Looking N                         
Men of God came Early, in newspaper                  
1st Lutheran Church                      
Newspaper, Where 1st Lutheran Held 1st Service                            
Red River Cart with men & mule                              
Newspaper, 1st Wooden Sidewalk                         
Newspaper, Minot Announced                
Ehr, John & Peter                            
Newspaper, hauling water                         
Johnson, James                               
Normal School   1933      
MSC Campus     pre1945               
Minot from S. in snow   1895      
Roosevelt Statue, after flood (on ground)            1969      
Newspaper, Men of God Came Early                     
Original Plat                       
Bone wagons                    
McClure & Optic                              
Ramp dike N. of Broadway overpass       1969      
Eric Ramstad School building in flood       1969      
Waverly Hotel fire           1943      
Lincoln (Slough) Lake, S. of Lincoln Dr.                   
Waverly Hotel after fire                1943      
Waverly Hotel fire, article             1968      
Waverly Hotel                  
Waverly Hotel fire, article             1943      
Great Northern RR Depot & viaduct                       
Main Looking N from 2nd             1911      
Main St.               1910      
Northeast Clinic                ca. 1940s             
Trinity Hospital  ca. 1940s             
Murray Cold Blood Murder                         
1st wooden sidewalk                    
Ox team                              
Flour mill                             
Jacobsen, Martin, Home S. Main & 3rd Ave                         
Main Looking S.                               
St. Leo's Church & 1st School                     
Looking NW                       
Normal Campus from Hill              1916      
Leland Hotel       1895      
Old Car, MSC-YM Rodeo Parade                               
Threshing Bee, Drake, ND                           
Original 1st Presbyterian Church & Mouse River                               
Herd of horses grazing where St. Jo is now           1889      
Horse herd where St. Jo is now                
GN Roundhouse from SW            ca. 1895               
Red River Cart with mule & men               1890      
Red River Cart with pony & men               1890      
Red River Cart   1890      
GN Roundhouse, 2 Women        ca. 1895               
Jim Hill & Engine               ca. 1889               
Settlers with Indians at Great Northern Rail-laying                           
The Optic ad                      
Bone wagons on Main St.                            
Bone Wagons on Main St.            1888      
1st legal hanging, article                               
Man washing by shack                  
Threshing rig, Velva, ND                               
Great Northern workers               1887      
People in shirtsleeves in January              1891      
Ward Co. Atlas Ad            1914      
Leland House     1892      
Sod house, man & ox team         1886      
Presbyterian Church       1890      
Diamond G Ranch Cabin S. of Ross, ND   1906      
Corbett Field in 1969 Flood          1969      
Flood, Burlington, ND     1969      
Des Lacs & Souris River confluence Burlington                   
John Lynch Here, Article                              
Buggy & ream, Ward Co. Atlas    1915      
East part of Minot looking NE     ca. 1889               
Ambulance at Soo Depot              1911      
Wrecked High Bridge (cyclone) soddy     ca. 1906               
Horse herd, St. Jo Area  1889      
High Bridge with horse W of Minot          ca. 1890               
Mouse River fisherman                
Arneson, Mrs., on plow near Devils Lake               1896      
2nd National Band                          
1st Ward Co. Courthouse at Burlington                 
Indian family                     
Salvation Army                 
Tompkins, J.H.                  
Ward, Mark                       
Great Northern Roundhouse from East ca. 1895               
Great Northern Roundhouse     1889      
Newton, Louie & Horse Truax Ranch Stanley       1895      
Minot Saloons, Article    1887      
Main St. Looking S. (Girl)               ca. 1895               
Candle Mold at Presbyterian Church Antique Show                        
Soddy, barrel & pitchfork                            
Oxen team, eight, Devils Lake, ND           ca. 1896               
Main St looking North 1890                         
Imperial Ward Co. 1st Courthouse, Burlington    ca. 1885               
Soddy, man oxen & boy                               
Main St. in snow                              
Hunter with game                          
1st School Building, Burlington, ND                          
Bison bones brot---        
Worked first in yards then pickled bon                  
Jim Hill speaking, article ca. 1900               
Tarpaper school                               
Pioneer women                              
Herd of horses on S. Main St.                    
Main St. looking S. on Muddy St.               ca. 1915               
Winter on Main St.                         
Sleds on Main St., Granville, ND                1900      
Buffalo bones to be loaded on boxcars  ca. 1888               
Great Northern building West from Minot           1889      
Laying track on Great Northern 1887      
Metis hauling furs in RR carts near Canada            Pre1870               
Buffalo hide piles for sale on street         1883      
Timbers for Great Northern High Bridge                1886      
Well on Main St.               1887      
Wagon on road looking N             ca. 1889               
Minot from South            1888      
Great Northern Roundhouse from East ca. 1895               
Minot from South            1888      
Main St. Looking N          1888      
Main St Looking N            1890      
Original 1st Presbyterian Church, Fred Evans Wag             ca. 1900               
Private Citizens Hauling Water, Article                   
Johnson, James, Lawyer, Advertisement                             
Ward Co. Atlas, St. Joseph Hospital          1915      
Sod house near Park River, ND                 
Holman Auto, C.E. Danielson riding in                    
Stockade, Ft. Mandan, Washburn, ND                   
Old Bridge at Da Salyer Refuge                  
Farmstead, old one NE of Granville, ND                
Grain Elevator, Des Lacs, ND                      
Old Bridge at Dam, Salyer Refuge                            
Soo Line Depot N main                 
Tourists cabins at Denbigh, ND                  
Tarpaper shack 3 mi. E 1 mi N Antler, ND                              
Old bridge, Denbigh, ND                              
Decoration on top of building, Balfour, ND                          
Stone building, S of Mandan                      
Schoolhouse abandoned along Ward Co. #16                     
Tarpaper shack, Antler, ND                         
Gas station, Eileen McEown, Foxholm, ND                          
Gas station, Eileen McEown, Foxhom, ND                           
Rail fence (snow) SW of Lake Darling, ND                             
Building at Ft. Totten                     
Water barrel at house in NW Carpio, ND                               
Threshing scene                              
IWW (Wobblies) on train              ca. 1914               
Linha House N Minot      ca. 1900               
Masonic Temple & Mitchell Grocery                       
Main St. in Snow & Horses at Fire Station                             
Lincoln Slough & Harrison School                              
Bell, George & Jesse 1st to file Claim in Ward                     
Freight House, Burlington RR from SW   ca. 1898               
Main St looking N from 1st Ave S                             
Main St. Looking N from 1st Ave S                           
Main St. Looking S from 1st Ave S                            
Freight Station, Burlington Northern                      
Main St. looking S from 1st Ave S                             
Main St. Looking N from 2nd Ave S                         
Main St. Looking N from 2nd Ave S                         
Main St. Looking N from 2nd Ave S                         
Main St. Looking N from 2nd Ave S                         
Main St. Looking N from 1st Ave S                           
Bob sled & team                              
Main St. looking N                          
Flags, US &, ND on Northern States power pole                
Big wagon of 4-horse hitch                         
Jail, Ward Co., N Side                     
Jail, Ward Co., E Side                      
Jail & Courthouse, Ward Co., N Side                       
Jail, Ward Co., N Side                     
Jail, Ward Co., N Side                     
Jail, Ward Co., E Side                      
Jail, Ward Co., E.                              
Potato warehouse, Walhalla, ND                             
Jail, Ward Co. North Side                             
Burlington Roundhouse, former area, SW                           
Red River Carts pulled by oxen, Pembina, News Article  ca. 1870               
Red River Carts pulled by oxen, Pembina, News Art         1870      
Elks Lodge, Midwest Savings Bldg, East                 
Looking S up Main St. from 2nd Ave.                      
State Theatre, S & L Building 200 S Main                
Anderson Building                          
Tourist cabins, Denbigh                
Excavator & wagons working on Street                 
Big wagon & 4-horse hitch                          
Snow, Main looking N    1890      
Wood blocks from paving on streets                      
Great Northern Roundhouse from SW   ca. 1895               
Johnson, James, beside cabin, News Article        1886      
Scofield, Anter picture in News Article                  
Minot from S     1888      
Johnson, James, Lawyer Ad in News Article                        
Johnson, James, cabin, News Article       ca. 1886               
Jay Bliss to resign as City Manager
Water Treatment Plant goes into operation                        
Water plant dedication, 6,000, 000, News Article                              
Jaycees mosquito fighters with DDT News Art                   
Main St. looking N           1910      
Main St. No Parking for snow removal NWS                        
Street work                       
Claim shack along road from 83, Upham, ND                       
Bobsled & 4-horse hitch, NWS                  
Cattle, hungry in the snow, NWS                             
Ship Minot Victory in port in Iceland NWS                            
Rotary plows, W of Berthold, ND, NWS                 
Greenleaf House, NWS ca. 1910               
Davis House, NWS                          
Johnson, Tom, Livery Stable on Main, NWS          1895      
Ramstad, Peter Ranch House S of Minot NWS    ca. 1890               
Gas station, cars, & truck              1925      
Main St. looking N from 2nd Ave, NWS  1905      
GN RR Workers, W of Minot       1886      
Lexington Hotel                               
Ramstad, Eric Arrived 66 Years Ago NWS                              
C of C Business Bulletin, 4th Largest         1917      
C o C Business Bulletin, Scene on Mouse River   1917      
Main St. old & new lights downtown, NWS                         
Jones, Donald, plane & wreck, NWS                       
Gasman Coule Bridge wrecked by cyclone NWS 1896      
Business gain, Minot's, NWS                      
Snow, digs out elevator, NWS                   
Vote for year-round garbage haul, NWS                               
Wagons and excavator working on streets                          
Fire truck, sagging, NWS                              
Spraying with DDT by air, NWS                  
Bridge, Wooden High, Jasman Coulee W, NWS   1887      
Snow, Roads, RR Branches Blocked 38 Day NWS                               
Studebaker, 1903, Gas Buggy, NWS                        
Ward Co. Atlas, Sod House          1915      
Main St. Looking N NWS                              
Schoolhouse, First           ca. 1888               
Snowstorm, 16 Ins., Buried Cars on 3rd Av NWS                
Truman, Waiting Arrival, NWS                   
Red Owl Store-Opening, NWS                   
Snow Removal No Parking on Main St NWS                        
Leland House Hotel,       1886      
Presby. Church, 1st, First,                            
Hotel Bldg, 1st, Built in Burlington, NWS 1883      
Johnson House, Original Trinity Hosp, NWS          1922      
Houses, S Main                
Eastwood Park, NWS                     
Horse Fountain, NWS                    
Snow Loading Machine on Main St, NWS                             
Dikes, Call for Men to Built, NWS                             
Snow Scene, Central and Main, NWS                     
Flooded Des Lacs River Valley, NWS                       
Des Lac River Flood, NWS                            
Mail Carrier by Horse & Sled, Norvich, NWS                        
YMCA Opening, NWS                    
Wildwood Park & Races, Poster, NWS    1909      
Gasman, Charley, 1st White Child Born NWS                      
St Leo's Church, Ward Co. Atlas 1915      
Minot State College                       
Main St Looking N on from 3rd Ave SE                   
Advertising on Old Bldg Downtown                        
Main St Looking N from & 3rd Ave SW                   
Sign, Minot at BN Depot                              
Little Flower Church                       
Ellison's Store                   
Main St, Cars Packed in Center of Street                              
Hay moves from Snowbound Big Sky Ranch NWS                             
Storm Grips Minot, NWS                             
MD to Pipe Gas, Williston to Minot, NWS                             
Storm Grips, Haylift is Grounded, NWS                 
Iron Lung, NWS                
Poor Farm, County, Ward Co. Atlas          1915      
Meat Inspection, 1st for City, NWS                         
Saturday Evening Post Article on Minot                
Saturday Evening Post Picture of Minot                
Horses & Delivery Wagon of City Bakery                1914      
Bakery Delivery Wagons, NWS   1914      
Minot Normal School Campus from NE                 
Minot Normal School Campus from N Hill              ca. 1914               
RR Route Across Ward Co., Map, NWS   1853      
Post Office & Federal Bldg           ca. 1935               
Electric Power Plant                       
Charlebois Blacksmith    1887      
Courthouse, Ward Co.   1930      
Lutheran Church, 1st, Interior, NWS        1895      
Gasman, Charley, 1st White Child, Ward NWS                    
Soo Line Depot ca. 1935               
Charlebois Blacksmith Shop, NWS            1887      
Hospital, Ward Co. (Present St. Joseph), NWS    ca. 1900               
Lutheran Church, 1st, 2nd Bldg, NWS      1908      
School Bldg, Old Central, NWS    1893      
House, Early One             ca. 1895               
Log Cabin (2 Story) Along Mouse R SE, NWS         ca. 1896               
Minot, NWS       1887      
Courthouse, 2nd in Ward Co., NWS         1891      
City Hall, NWS    1905      
Courthouse, Ward Co., NWS 1929                           
Post Office, Collapsed on Main St             ca. 1905               
The Fair Store, Original one on Main St                  
Wallin, John Family, NWS             ca. 1910               
Johnson House-Trinity Hospital, NWS     1922      
Poison Warning, NWS                   
Elks Home, S Main                          
Buffalo Bones, Wagon Loads on Main St                1889      
Fire Engine, Horse Drawn                            
Duke & Duchess of Windsor in Alberta, CA                          
Belyes, Dr. Edmund Family          ca. 1895               
Women Riding Sidesaddle, Burlington, ND           1883      
Frank, G. House                               
Team of Horses Kept at Fire St in 30 years                            
Blizzard on Main St                         
Trinity Hospital  ca. 1930               
Northwest Clinic               ca. 1935               
Eastwood Park Whiteway Opening, cc Bulletin   1917      
Crane, Pres., Cornerstone Laying MN School       1913      
Log Cabin & Family Near Minot  ca. 1890               
Main St Looking NE, NWS                            
Ward Co. Commission Minutes  1889      
Hustad, M/M                    
Fairgrounds, Parked Cars              1921      
Eastwood Park, Looking N Across             1911      
McKinley School, NWS                  
Opera House, Interior, NWS       ca. 1915               
Parker, Clarence, NWS                 
Flooded 6th St Underpass, NWS                
Fire truck, NWS                
Fire truck Retirement, NWS                       
Watne Bros., NWS                          
Roosevelt Park from Air, NWS                   
Lexington Hotel                               
Wheeler House, 5th Ave. NW                   
Main St, NWS    1926      
Hotel, Leland?                  
Boat Scene on Souris at 2nd NW Overpass                          
Snow Loader                     
Bliss, JW, NWS                  
House on S Main St 200 Block, NWS                        
Cutting Trees to Move a House, NWS                    
Smith, Louie, Article on 1st Bus Route                    
Gasmann, Henry Family, News Article    1889      
Great Northern RR workers W of Minot                1886      
City Affairs Improve Under New Man News A                   
Parsonage, 1st of 1st Lutheran                  
Curlers with Rocks                          
Flood Preparation, News Article                               
Waverly Hotel Walls to be Torn Down-News                      
Blizzard Scenes, Soo Depot on Main News A                      
Main St Looking N, News Article                1905      
Post Office Interior, News Article             ca. 1900               
Bank, 1st National, News Article                               
Linha House N of Minot,                              
Methodist Church & Parsonage, News Article                    
Hotel, Clarence Parker   ca. 1940               
Banks, News Article                       
Zion Lutheran Church, Ward Co. Atlas     1915      
Minot, News Article        1887      
GN RR Gasman Coulee Bridge after tornado        1898      
Freedom Train Crowd, 10,907 People                    
Freedom Train, News Article                     
Kiehn Calls Bliss Bullheaded News Article                             
Mouse River within 4ft. of '43 peak, News Article                             
Water Over Lake Darling Spillway, News Article                 
Freedom Train Crowd on Main St, News Article                
Duck Stuck in Mud, News Article                              
Water over Lake Darling spillway, News Art                        
Repair Crew for City Streets, News Article                           
Freedom Train Crowd on W Central, News Art                  
Freedom Train, News Article                     
Ground Observer Post, News Article                     
Flood, 2nd on 8th St NW & 9th Ave Bridge                           
Johnson, Tom, Livery Stable        ca. 1895               
Log Cabin & Family, News Article              ca. 1890               
Horse Fountain on Main St, News Article                             
Bridge, 8th St NW, News Article                               
Burlington Northern Station, Minot Sign at                          
People in Shirtsleeves in Jan News Article            1891      
Soo Line Depot                
Central & Main                 
Swain, C. C., President of Minot State College, News Article                       
Changing a Tire Near Minot         ca. 1910               
Cars Parked in Center of Main St               1926      
Flooded 1st Ave SE in Eastwood Park      1925      
GN RR Workers W of Minot         1887      
GN RR Workers 1886      
Leland House - Hotel      ca. 1896               
Larson, Carl Family, Founder of St. Carl   1882      
Pioneers of Ward Co., News Article         1882      
Pioneers of Ward Co., News Article         1882      
Mother & 3 Children, News Article           1886      
Log Cabin, Two-Story, along Mouse R News Article          ca. 1890               
Street Sign, News Article                             
Hart, EG, News Article                  
Dump Ground, Open, along US 52 East News Article                       
Garbage Incinerator on US 52 SE News Article                   
Bank, Second Nat'l & Post Office Cent Ave           1911      
Teachers, News Article  ca. 1890               
Main St Looking S , Man & Dog                  
Scandia Hotel     ca. 1910               
MSC, Old Main                 
Auditorium Plans, News Article                
Main St                
Minot    1903      
Leland Hotel       ca. 1900               
Main St Looking N Scofield, News Article               ca. 1900               
Fountain on Main St                      
Chicken house made into Apartments News Article                        
Spraying with DDT City Wide, News Article                          
Fraternity Boys on Old Fire Truck, News Article                 
Train in Snow Cut, at Truax Mine Velva, ND                         
Truman, Harry & Margaret at GN RR, News At                   
Homestead Shack along Ward Co. #9                     
Carnegie Public Library  ca. 1935               
Main St Downtown         ca. 1888               
Main St 1905      
Charlebois Blacksmith Shop         1887      
Ramstad, Eric, News Article         ca. 1895               
Hill, Jim & Engine, News Article  1886      
Ramstad, (Young), News Article                               
Mouse R at 8th St NW Bridge                     
Mouse R at Water Treatment Plant                        
The Fair Store                   
Flood, News Article         1904      
Lee, PP House                  
Johnson, Tom, Livery Stable, Main St      ca. 1895               
The Fair Store Shoe Ad, News Article      ca. 1900               
Army Joins West, ND Snow Fight                             
Crown Prince Olav                          
Hart, EG, Photographer, News Article                    
Drug Store, 1st, Inside of                             
Drug Store, 1st, Boardwalk                         
MSC, Campus Garden    1917      
City Bakery Delivery Wagon        ca. 1914               
New Lights on Main St, News Article                      
Alderman, Major Drop Bliss Charges                      
Minot Suspends City Mgr. Bliss                 
Mostad Log Cabin            1894      
Parking Meter Gets 1st Nickels                 
School Being Moved, was 1st School News At     ca. 1890               
Prairie Home, News Article          1887      
Post Office, 1st at Burlington, ND                             
Medicine Man in 1st Drugstore  1887      
Drug Store Interior 1st Post Office Site   1887      
Mouse River Flood W of 9th St NW  1927      
Railroad Route Survey Map of Mouse River, News Article                1853      
Drug Store Interior 1st Post Office Site   1887      
Reichus, Rev/M                               
Great Northern RR Dormitory Car used W of Minot   1887      
Horses Making a Road Along Ward Co. 22             ca. 1915-20         
Great Northern Bank, Later 1st National                ca. 1897               
The Great Northern Bank             1897      
Territorial Capitol Bldg Bismarck, ND        1889      
Horse Herd, St Jo. Area 1889      
Looking North on 1st St SW from 2nd Ave.                          
Lovers Lane #1                 
Telephone Book Instructions, 1st                            
School Bldg, 1st (R); Catholic Church, 1st (L)                        
Johnson, James, & Dog, Main St Looking S                           
Main St 1887      
Soddy, with Barrel and Pitchfork, Ward Co           1906      
Lowe's Farm, Original House, 20 Miles N                               
Buggy pulled by ox                         
Great Northern RR Triple-deck dormitory car      1887      
Horses making a road on 22 East of 83    1915-20               
Catholic Church, (St. Leo's), Buffalo Bones            ca. 1888               
Prairie home      1887      
Looking S on Main St.     ca. 1910               
City, West of Panorama, S of Soo RR Area             ca. 1910               
Panorama Center from S of Soo RR Area               ca. 1910               
Wagons on Main St, Leland House                          
Water Tower, Original, Main St S of 4Ave              ca. 1910               
Colton, Joseph L.                             
Front St.                              
Main St. Looking S           188-      
Ice Harvest on Souris R                 
Ice Harvest on Souris R                 
GN RR Yard from the SW                             
Bliss, JW, 1st City Manager                          
City Auditorium Plans, News Article                        
Open garbage dump along US 52 E                          
Building with painting E of Granville, ND                               
Looking SE from Paul Morrison's                              
Soo Line Depot, N Main                               
Sign, (Minot) at Burlington Northern Station                      
Sign, (Minot) At Burlington Northern Depot                       
Sign, (Minot), at Burlington Northern Depot                       
Sign (Minot) at Burlington Northern Depot                         
Anderson Building, Union National Bank, 1st SW                              
Old Settlers Helped Lay 1st Brick, News Art                         
Crow, Joseph, Engineer, News Article                   
Great Northern Wreck at High Bridge W, News Article                   
Bridge, 4th Ave NW at Original Aug. Lutheran Church      1911      
Timber for Great Northern Tracks            1887      
Gasman Coulee Bridge Wrecked, News Article   1896      
Roundhouse, News Article          1889      
Hill, Jim, & Engine, News Article                
Crooks, Wm. S., Engine                
Gasman Coulee Bridge Wrecked               1896      
Cyclone at High Bridge, News Article                      
Tents & Great Northern                1887      
Engine with Men on Box Cars, Gasman Coulee   ca. 1898               
Timbers for Great Northern Tracks          1887      
Main St. Looking S                          
First Presbyterian Church & Manse          ca. 1895               
Ward Co. Independent Building                               
Excavator & Wagons Working on Streets                              
Caterpillar & Excavator Working on Street                           
Bodies Located in Waverly Hotel Ruins                  
Mouse R Rising, News Article                    
Meat Inspection Begins, News Article                   
Jaycees DDT Mosquito Fight, News Article                          
Flood, Breaking of Dam N of Minot State College                             
Nelson, Ida (NC), Boissoin, Clara (Andrew)           ca. 1910               
Great Northern Depot   1887      
Biplane, 1st to Fly into Minot, News Article          1911      
High Bridge after Tornado            ca. 1889               
Iowa Hotel          ca. 1911-12         
Scandinavian Hotel at 1st Ave & 1st St SE ca. 1910               
Red River Cart, East , ND, News Article                  
Waverly Hotel Fire, News Article                              
First District Health Unit, News Article                   
Kane, Wm., Suit Against Bliss, News Article                         
Cuslers Sweeping, News Article                               
Flood, Caused by Small Dam Break at MSC                          
Bliss Looks Back on 19 Years                       
Main St Looking S from Soo RR, News Article       ca. 1910               
Main St S from Soo RR Area, News Article                            
Lake Darling, News Article                           
Flood, 6th St NW, News Article  1925      
Flood, 1st Ave SE in Eastwood Park, News Article               1925      
Courthouse, Ward Co.   ca. 1929               
Courthouse, 2nd, Ward Co.         1891      
Westland Fire, News Article                       
Meter & Coin Cart, News Article                              
Westland Fire, News Article                       
Westland Fire, News Article                       
Kiehn Pledges to Work                 
New Crisis in Water Supply, News Article                             
Kiehn Pledges to Work                 
Kiehn, HC, Elected Mayor, News Article                
Canadian & US Flags at Peace Garden     1958      
Territorial Capitol Bldg, Bismarck, ND       ca. 1889               
Old Central School Bldg, News Article     1893      
Smith, Louis, 1st City News Route, News Article                 
Smith, Louis, 1st Bus for City Route news article  1915      
Des Lacs River Valley Flood, News Article                             
Rotary Snow Plows, News Article W of Berthold                               
2nd National Bank, Corner Main & Central              1911      
Looking NW        1911      
Looking S on Main St                     
State Theatre Building                  
Harrison School                
Zion Lutheran Church     1909      
Westlie Motor Co., Red, White, & Blue                 
Bicentennial Flag at Ranger State Roosevelt Park                              
Red River Carts, East, ND, News Article                 
Parking middle of Main St.           1919      
Parking in middle of Main St.      1919      
Taylor Cabin, Washburn, ND                      
Looking N along Broadway                          
Iowa Hotel          ca. 1900               
Russell Mill          1920      
Jones, Donald, killed in haylift flight                        
Horses & delivery wagon of City Bakery stolen   ca. 1914               
Leland Hotel       1894      
Shields, John Family, 1st fireman killed                  
Post Office          ca. 1900               
Man changing tire            ca. 1910               
Kittleson, Amos, Photographer ca. 1895               
Great Northern RR supplies & workers near Minot           ca. 1887               
Well, Main St. looking S 1889      
Horses on S Main St.                      
Ellison's Original Store    ca. 1889               
Churches, News Article                
Lovers Lane #2                 
C 47, loading with hay balers, News Article                          
Christmas Decoration on Main St                             
Sod House at Hiddenwood Lake, ND                      
Utgardt, Dr, Directing Honor Band Intl PG                            
Carr, Betty, with Her Women’s Club Tree                             
Carr, Betty, Planting Tree at 11th St Park                
Lierbs, Alma, Bacon, Grace, Smith, Hazel                              
Hoffner, Ruth, Vix, Belva, Carr, Peggy                    
Lierbs, Alma, Bacon, Grace, Carr, Betty                 
Smith, Hazel, Vix, Belva, planting tree                    
Women’s Club ladies planting tree at park                           
Bones in wagons on Main St.      1888      
Bones in wagons on Main St.      1888      
Ambulances at Soo Depot, Airplane in Box           1908      
Kitson, Norman, Trading Post     1840s    
Metis hunters from Canada        b1870's
Catholic Church and bone pile    ca. 1889               
Stage Coach between Medora/Black Hills             ca. 1885               
Stage Coach between Medora/Black Hills             ca. 1885               
Cavileer, Charles Home-1st, P.O. 1st Homestead                1870s    
Kitson, Norman, Trading Post     1840s    
Northwest Clinic                              
Red River Cart in Museum,                         
Buggy Pulled By Ox         1890      
Ward Co. Courthouse from Ward Co. Atlas                          
Ward Co. Courthouse from Ward Co. Atlas                          
Teams & Wagons on S. Main St                 
Gibb Ranch Cowboy       1895      
Sod House          p1910   
Original Plots      ca. 1886               
Johnson, James M/M    ca. 1885               
Original Plots      ca. 1886               
Bone wagons     ca. 1888               
Minot    1887      
Looking S on Main at Central Ave              ca. 1887               
Cyclone, wrecked High Bridge    1896      
High Bridge-wood & horses         b1896   
City Hall                1905      
Harvesting Wheat with Horses & Binder                ca. 1900               
Harvesting Wheat with Horses & Binder                               
GN Depot            1890      
Chief of Police                  
Flood, 1st Lutheran & Congregational Church      1969      
Flood, looking S from 9th Ave NW            1969      
Old steam engine                           
Hospital, 1st, horse & buggy                       
Treasurer Moved Office to Minot-News Art                       
Ramstad Hay Meadow, News Article                     
City Council, 1st                               
Carrol, Sheriff                   
Men of God came early, News Article                   
Coltan & wife                    
Minot in snow                  
Olson, Nancy, Hair Dressing, News Article             ca. 1900               
Early prisoners chained to post, News Article                     
Ramstad, Eric                    
Main St Looking S             1887      
Press, 1st                            
Thompkins, East Minot Problem, News Art                         
Minot in Snow, Looking N Down Main St.                             
Bones wagons on Main St.                          
Main St., Earliest Photo ca. 1886               
Scofield, 1st Mayor                        
Teachers College              ca. 1933               
Tarpaper schoolhouse                  
Ramstad, Peter M/M, horse & buggy     b1900   
1st National Bank                             
Poor Farm, Ward Co.                     
Picnic, July 4th, Burlington            1900      
Great Northern Depot with eating place               ca. 1900               
Main St Looking N            1890      
Carnival, 2nd Ave SW, looking from Main              1915      
Carnival, 2nd Ave SW, Looking from Main 1915  
Arneson, M, 8 team oxen, near Devils Lake         1896      
Parsonage, 1st Lutheran, 1st in Minot                    
Hauling Water, News Article                      
Parsonage, 1st Lutheran, 1st in Minot                    
2nd National Bank                          
Red River Cart                  
Threshing, Barchenger, Velva, ND                           
1st Norwegian Lutheran Church               
Presbyterian Church       1890?   
St Carl Post Office                           
Drug Store, 1st                 
Threshing Rig, Barchenger, Velva, ND                    
Ramstad Donated $400, News Article                    
Boomers living in tents, News Article                     
Setters with Indians                       
Johnson, James                               
Soddy, News Art                             
Roosevelt, Teddy, Statue #2                      
Roosevelt, Teddy, Statue in Roosevelt Park                        
Roosevelt, Teddy, Statue in Roosevelt Park                        
Roosevelt, Teddy, Statue in Roosevelt Park                        
Burr Oaks in Riverside (Roosevelt) Park 1917      
Scaffold for Thorpe Execution                   
Shacks & tents on Main St.          1885      
1st Presbyterian Church  from Ward Co. Atlas      1915      
Field Corn, from Ward Co. Atlas 1915      
Poor, Farm, Ward Co.                    
1st School Building, Burlington, ND, News Article                               
Murrey Article                  
Hospital, 1st, Nurses                      
Steam Engine, Old       
Wesnomn Car at Farm                  
Bottling Works  ca. 1900               
Man Washing By Shack                 
High Bridge with Horses, W of Minot                      
Norwegian Lutheran Church                      
GN Roundhouse from SW            ca. 1895               
Horse Herd East of Main St          1889      
Burlington Hotel, Burlington, ND               1885?   
Thorpe, Hans, Invitation to Hanging News Article 189-   
Water Mains, Early, News Article                             
GN With Tents                 
Hospital, 1st, Sheets on Railings                
Murray, Judge-Jedd Colton Johnson News Article                           
Charbois Blacksmith Shop, Is in Minot     1887      
Wagon, Main St Looking N                          
Johnson, James                               
GN Roundhouse              1889      
Log Home                           
GN Rail yard       ca. 1940               
Indian Tepees in SW       1893      
Passenger Engine, 1st W of Minot            1887      
1st  Presbyterian Church from Ward Co. Atlas      1915      
Advertising in Ward Co. Atlas      1915      
Red, White & Blue Pickup at House                         
Mouse River Bridge, Information Plaque                              
Windmill NE of Carpio, ND                           
Sweetman's Cowboys   1889      
Cowboy & Horse              1895      
WCTU (Women)               1903      
Gibb Ranch/Traux Ranch Cowboy 1895                 
The Optic Newspaper
Christmas Tree, 1st Minot, News Article                1886      
Ford, Henry, First Car                    
Oleomargarine Ad in C of C Bus. Bulletin                1917      
Bathing Suits, Women McCall Patterns   1907      
Engine for Driving Piles at Russ-Mill          ca. 1920               
Grindstone& Wheelbarrow, Russ-Mill Flour         ca. 1920               
Russ-Miller Flour Mill, Man on Top ca. 1920         
Horses & Dump wagon Building Streets ca. 1920               
Driving Pile for Russ-Mill Flour Mill            ca. 1920               
Driving Pile for Russ-Miller Flour Mill       ca. 1920               
Men Holding a Scoop, Digging a Basement           ca. 1920               
Digging A Basement                       
Grindstone & Wheelbarrow at Russ-Mill               ca. 1920               
Steam Engine for Driving Pile On Russ-Ml              ca. 1920               
Digging a Basement        ca. 1920               
Digging a Basement        ca. 1920               
Excavator, Paving Streets             ca. 1920               
Pile Driver, Russ-Mill Flour Mill   ca. 1920               
Bathing Suits, McCall's Patterns 1907      
Commission Minutes, Ward Co., Crossed Out                    
Johnson, James, Cabin  1886      
Center of Park                  
Luncheon, Business, 50c Ad C of C Bullet               1917      
Wildwood Park Ad                          
Riverside (Roosevelt) Park           1917      
Riverside (Roosevelt) Park           1917      
Burr Oaks, Riverside (Roosevelt) Park     1917      
Cabin (1884) in Riverside (Roosevelt) Park            1917      
SE Quarter                         
Old Building along US 83 N Green R Bridge                           
Salee, Wm Farm, Shearing Sheep, Granville                        
Threshing Bee, Drake, ND                           
Waverly Hotel                  
Steamboat Pluck on Red River at Fargo                 
Territorial Capitol, Bismarck, ND                               
Steamboat Pluck & Barges on RR, Fargo                
Steamboat Pluck on Red River, Fargo, ND                            
Rolette, Joseph                               
Oil Well, 1st Producing, Tioga, ND             1951      
Oil Well, 1st Producing, Tioga, ND             1951      
Sitting Bull                          
Sitting Bull & Chief Red Cloud                    
Rolette, Joseph                               
Air view, Minot 1938      
W of Main St                     
Air view                               
Emergency houses for Vets unoccupied new
Emergency houses for Vets unoccupied
MSC, Main Bldg, C of C Bulletin  1917-18               
Leland Hotel       ca. 1900               
Mostad log cabin, NW of Logan, ND         ca. 1895               
Bakery Wagons 1914      
Main St, with Fountain                 
Minot Hill view                 
Old Car from Ward Co. Atlas        1915      
Main St Looking S             ca. 1912               
Minot    1903      
Main St.                              
Ox Team, From Ward Co. Atlas  1915      
Flood, East Central Ave                
Session, News Article     1907      
Old Car, MSC-YM Rodeo Parade                               
Danielson, CE & Holman Auto                    
Courthouse, 2nd                             
Wagon Train, S of Foxholm, ND                
Water Pump at House on NW Side                          
Misc Aerial                         
Log Cabin, S of Lake Metigoshe                
Post Office, Sod, Int. of Building Grassy Butte                    
Schoolhouse along Ward # 16                    
ND Sign S of International Peace Garden
Old Danish Mill, Kenmare, ND                   
Wagon Train, on US #10 N of Burlington, ND                       
Log Cabin in Banmeas Coulee SE of Minot                            
Dirt Filled Walls, Along US 85, Belfield                    
NDSF, Gate                        
Fossil Impression on Rock 844                   
Molstan Log Cabin, Close-up of Corner                 
Log Cabin, SW of Towner, ND                    
Chilson Trading Post House, NE Walhalla, ND                      
Fieldstone House, Close-up of Date        1895      
Fieldstone Bldg on M St, Bottineau, ND                
Fieldstone House in Bottineau, ND                         
Claim Shack & Windmill, SE of Minot                       
Cowboy statue, E edge of New Town, ND                           
Wood burning cookstove, Alkabo, ND                   
Windmill in City Park, Kenmare, ND         1965      
Abandoned Log Cabin, Turtle Mountains, ND                     
Theatre Front, Granville, ND                      
Soddy Post Office at Grassy Butte, ND   1964      
Chilson Trading Post, NE of Walhalla, ND                              
Ramstad, Erik Tombstone, Lutheran Cemetery Minot State College                        
Lady Wash Clothes at Threshing Bee, Drake                        
Cream Separator at Threshing Bee, Drake, ND                   
Sod Cutting Machine 15 Mi S                      
Sod Cutting Machine 15 Mi S                      
Sod Cutting Machine 15 Mi S                      
House on Mover's Truck, US 52 near Logan, ND 1965      
Snowplows, State Highway Dept.             1965      
Wood Pump, along Ward Co. Road #16  1966      
Wood pumps, empty house, Ward Co.  1966      
Fanning mill, on Co. Road #16     1966      
Cookstoves in shelter house at Writing Rock                      
Mantle lamp, Presbyterian Church Antique Show                            
Wooden churn at Presbyterian Church Antique Show     1966      
Red River cart & oxen                   
Air view, close up                            
St. Leo's Church, original Presbyterian Church                    
Garrison Dam                   
Waverly Hotel                  
Garrison Dam                   
Garrison Dam                   
Post Office, old sod, Grassy Butte                           
Wright, Charlie, & Custom House, Antler                              
Old Building along US 85N, N of Belfield                
Post Office, Clay, along US 85 N Belfield                
Custom House sign, Antler, ND                 
Post Office, Old Sod, Grassy Butte                          
Custom House sign N of Antler, ND                        
Custom House sign in pasture, Antler, ND                           
Edwards Cattle Drive Approaching Auction                          
Edwards Cattle Drive & Cowboy, Auction                             
Cattle Drive, 1400 Head, Livestock Auction                          
Cattle Drive, 1400 Head, Livestock Auction                          
Cattle Drive, 1400 Head at Auction                          
Cattle Drive, 1400 Head                
Cowboys & cowgirls from Edwards Drive                              
Ice Harvesting on Mouse River                 
Cutting ice on Mouse River                         
Truck loading ice                              
Ice harvesting on Mouse River                  
Main St                
Main St, Looking S           ca. 1910               
Watering trough looking N on Main St.   1911      
Main St. Looking N                         
Side saddle, Presbyterian Church Antique Show                               
Kelly, Bill, horse & buggy on Main St.       1965      
Ice harvesting on Mouse River   1966      
Wagon train on US 52 S of Foxholm, ND 1966      
Postman, mailboxes, mail cart by Federal Building            1965      
House being Moved to Logan on US 52  1965      
Threshing bee, Drake, ND            1969      
Threshing bee, Drake, ND            1969      
Threshing bee, Drake, ND            1969      
Threshing bee, Drake, ND            1969      
Threshing bee, Drake, ND            1969      
Threshing bee, Drake, ND            1969      
Threshing bee, Drake, ND            1969      
Threshing bee, Drake, ND            1969      
Great Sioux Masarire Parade, Williston  ca. 1965               
Solid Auto Tire, S of Towner, ND                              
Sod Post Office, Close Up, Grassy Butte                               
Claim Shack & Windmill, 12 M N of Minot                             
Thompson Monument, Verendrye, ND                
Post Office, Along US 85 N of Belfield, ND                            
Homestead House, Junction. N D28, N Grano, ND                            
Gas pump at tree experiment farm, Denbigh, ND                            
Red Brick House, Close Up                          
Mulroney's Store & Red Brick House                      
Threshing Bee, Drake, ND                           
Threshing Bee, Drake, ND                           
Wood Pump, 35 MI SW of Minot                              
Post Office, Close of Walls, Grassy Butte                              
Post Office, Close of Sides, Grassy Butte                              
Post Office, Close-up Sides, Grassy Butte                            
Post Office, Close-Up Sides, Grassy Butte                            
Old cabin along Lake Metigoshe, Turtle Mountains                          
Barn, tamped earth, hair & poles, Belfield, ND                   
Japanese lantern, International Peace Garden                  
Post Office, Close-Up of Const. Grassy Bu                           
Post Office, Close-Up Construction Grassy Butte                              
Post Office, Close-Up Construction Grassy Butte                              
Post Office, old sod, Grassy Butte                           
Rail fence at dam, Lake Darling, ND                         
Claim shack & windmill, 12 Mi SE Minot                 
Gingras Site building, Walhalla, ND                          
Old building, const. detail, N Belfield                      
Sod House, Hiddenwood Lake, ND                          
Old building, N of Green R Bridge, US 85                               
Threshing bee, Drake, ND                           
Kitson Cabin, Wahalla, ND                           
Rain barrel at side of house, Carpio, ND                
Window & door of log cabin, Molstad Farm                         
Old building along US 85, N of Green R Bridge                    
Old building along US 85, N of Green R Bridge                    
Westlie, Henry, sign                       
Vietnam sign in Barger, TX                          
Vietnam sign along, ND 14 n Towner, ND                             
Post Office entrance, sod, Grassy Butte                               
Air view                1938      
Air view, downtown       1938      
Rolette, Joseph                               
Hill, James J.                      
Marquis & Medora de Mores, News Article                        
Brand, T. Roosevelt, News Article                            
Roosevelt, Theodore, News Article        
Roosevelt, Theodore, News Article                                                      

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