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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10801

Title: Kief (ND) Cemetery Reading

Dates: 1999

Collection Number:  MSS 10801

Quantity: ½ foot

Abstract: Kief (ND) Cemetery Reading, 1999. .5 ft. The reading binder includes an index and transcriptions and photographs of the grave stones from the Kief City Cemetery.  The last page of the binder includes the family Ahnentafel (related to the donor's father Ronald Carl Michalenko Cress) who is buried in the Kief Cemetery. The donor has the original copy and another has been microfilmed by the LDS church in Utah. The index was digitized in September 2013.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Karen A. Trzcinski in October 2000.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyrights:  Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Box 1:
Reading binder with index, transcriptions and photographs of the grave stones from the Kief City Cemetery.  The last page of the binder includes the family Ahnentafel (related to the donor's father Ronald Carl Michalenko Cress) who is buried in the Kief Cemetery, taken on Sunday, September 12, 1999 by Ronald Carl (Michalenko) Cress and Karen A. Trzcinski          .

Last Name/First Name/Page
Allen, Carnes W., p. 12
Anderson, Leo J., p. 4
Arndt, Albert, p. 12
Arndt, Bennie, p. 11
Arndt, Friedrick, p. 12
Arndt, Jacob, p. 12
Arndt, Jetta, p. 12
Arndt, Lena, p. 10
Arndt, Rosa, p. 12
Arndt, Vernon, p. 11
Arndt, Walter, p. 11
Arndt Doublestone, p.11
Arndt Doublestone, p.12
Black, Jim, p. 7
Blumhagen, Gust A., p. 11
Blumhagen, Susan, p. 11
Bokovoy, Cornelius, p. 5
Bokovoy, Helen, p. 5
Bokovoy, Martha, p. 7
Bokovoy, Nora, p. 5
Bokovoy, Oxana, p. 5
Bokovoy, Paul A., p. 8
Bokovoy, Sam A., p. 8
Bokovoy, Theodore, p. 5
Bokovoy, Theodore, p. 14
Bokovoy, William A., p. 14
Bokovoy Stone, p. 5
Bokovoy Stone, p. 14
Bonenko, K., p. 6
Budau, Dorothy, p. 13
Budau, Jacob, p.13
Budau Doublestone, p. 13
Burgemeister, Albert, p. 9
Burgemeister, Anna, p. 7
Burgemeister, Fred, p. 10
Burgemeister, Justine, p. 10
Burgemeister, Letha, p. 10
Dasenko, Tony, p. 4
Dassenko, J.J., p. 2
Dassenko, John, p. 2
Dassenko, Matilda, p. 2
Dassenko, Mike, p. 2
Dassenko Stone, p. 2
Demchuk, Jack, p. 6
Demchuk, Anna, p. 6
Demchuk, Mike, p. 13
Demchuk, Mike, p. 13
Demchuk, Rose, p. 13
Demchuk Doublestone, p. 13
Denich, Marilyn, p. 3
Denich, Mathilda, p. 3
Denich, Nick “Frank”, p. 3
Denich Stone, p. 3
Dislevy, Dena A., p. 15
Dislevy, John H., p. 15
Dislevy Doublestone, p. 15
Dubovoy, Andrew, p. 4
Dubovoy, Karp, p. 2
Dubovoy, Lizzie, p. 4
Dubovoy Stone, p. 4
Eachenko, Beulah, p. 14
Eachenko, Dan, p. 14
Eachenko, Daniel D., p. 15
Eachenko, Martha, p. 14
Eachenko Doublestone, p. 14
Ebel, Henry M., p. 15
Ebel, Louisa M., p. 15
Ebel Stone, p. 15
Erman, Anna M., p. 14
Erman Stone, p. 14
Eshenko, Ruby M., p. 15
Eshenko, William D., p. 15
Eshenko Doublestone, p. 15
Fedorenko, Katie, p. 4
Fedorenko, Lena, p. 4
Fedoienko Stone, p. 4
Fiedler, Elisabeth Joann, p. 1
Frankhauser, Roy Edward, p. 12
Frankhauser Stone, p. 12
Hegney, Dewey, p. 9
Hegney, Dewey Bill, p. 9
Hegney, Ella, p. 9
Hegney, Faith L., p. 9
Hegney, Selmer, p. 9
Hegney Doublestone, p. 9
Hegney Doublestone, p. 9
Hegney nee Hanson, Shirley A., p. 8
Hess, L., p. 6
Johns, Matthew, p. 6
Jones, M., p. 6
Kabanuk, Dorothy, p. 3
Kabanuk, Matilda, p. 6
Kabnuk, Omelko, p. 3
Karpenko, Alex S., p. 5
Karpenko, Dell W., p. 5
Karpenko, Dena, p. 1
Karpenko, Fred A., p. 14
Karpenko, Irene M., p. 4
Karpenko, Lena, p. 4
Karpenko, Mark E., p. 5
Karpenko, Mike, p. 1
Karpenko, Otto, p. 1
Karpenko, Peter, p. 4
Karpenko, Richard G., p. 14
Karpenko, Roy, p. 4
Karpenko, Sam M., p. 4
Karpenko, Stephen, p. 4
Karpenko, Zenka, p. 4
Karpenko Doublestone, p. 4
Karpenko Doublestone, p. 5
Karpenko Stone, p. 1
Karpenko Stone, p. 5
Karpenko Stone, p. 14
Kizima, Agnes, p. 4
Kizima, Lovrenty, p. 4
Kizima, Violet, p. 4
Kizima Stone, p. 4
Klingman, Baby, p. 6
Klingman, Herbert, p. 9
Klingman, Jacobina, p. 9
Klingman, Marvin F., p. 8
Knodel, Bertha, p. 10
Knodel, David, p. 11
Knodel, Dennis M., p. 11
Knodel, Emil, p. 10
Knodel, Fred Sr., p. 12
Knodel, Fredericka, p. 12
Knodel, Tina Christine, p. 11
Knodel Doublestone, p. 10
Knodel Doublestone, p. 11
Knodel Doublestone, p. 12
Kohanas, Oleta, p. 2
Korchenko, Alexander, p. 5
Korchenko, A., p. 5
Korchenko, Louise, p. 5
Korchenko, Moses, p. 5
Korchenko Stone, p. 5
Kraus, Fred, p.12
Kraus, Henry, p. 12
Krueger, Larry A., p. 8
Krueger, Matt, p. 9
Krueger, Sophie, p. 9
Krueger Doublestone, p. 9
Lakoduk, Pauline A., p. 3
Lakoduk Stone, p. 3
Letvin, Anne, p. 3
Letvin, Dan, p. 3
Levey, Egnat, p. 3
Litvin, Danny, p. 3
Lushenko, Annie, p. 6
Lushenko, Elampa, p. 6
Lushenko Doublestone, p. 6
Martin, Christina, p. 13
Martin, Elizabeth, p. 13
Martin, Ferdinand, p. 13
Martin, Gottlieb, p. 13
Martin Doublestone, p. 13
Martin Stone, p. 13
Martwick, Fred A., p. 15
Martwick, Gene K., p. 15
Martwick, Ida A., p. 15
Martwick Stone, p. 15
Michalenko, A., p. 7
Michalenko, Alex, p. 4
Michalenko, Bertha, p. 1
Michalenko, Delphine H., p. 2
Michalenko, Jack A., p. 2
Michalenko, Lavern R., p. 2
Michalenko, M., p. 7
Michalenko, Mayme, p. 1
Michalenko, Nadasda, p. 13
Michalenko, Nick J., p. 3
Michalenko, P.A. (Peter Sr.), p. 1
Michalenko, Peter Jr., p. 1
Michalenko, Romona R., p. 1
Michalenko, Ruth, p. 3
Michalenko, Sophie, p. 4
Michalenko, Tillie H., p. 2
Michalenko, Alexander, p. 13
Michalenko, Jacob Peter (J.P.), p. 15
Michalenko, Lillian E., p. 15
Michalenko, Loyd G., p. 15
Michalenko, Patsy, p. 13
Michalenko Doublestone, p. 13
Michalenko Stone, p. 1
Michalenko Stone, p. 3
Michalenko Stone, p. 4
Michalenko Stone, p. 15
Monge, Louis K., p. 3
Moses, Clifford, p. 8
Moses, Frank, p. 13
Moses, Loyd, p. 8
Moses, Anna, p. 13
Moses Doublestone, p. 8
Moses Stone, p. 13
Pepple, Rose, p. 8
Pepple, Ruben, p. 8
Pepple Stone, p. 8
Pister, Agnes, p. 9
Pister, Baby Girl, p. 12
Pister, Dale, p. 9
Pister, Frank, p. 9
Pister, George, p. 9
Pister, George, p. 12
Pister, Lori Ann, p. 9
Pister, Mable, p. 9
Pister, Rosa, p. 12
Pister, Theodore, p. 12
Pister Doublestone, p. 12
Pister Stone, p. 9
Pister Stone, p. 9
Posdech, Rose, p. 7
Rauschenberger, Gottlieb, p. 15
Rauschenberger, June Kaye, p. 15
Rauschenberger, Katie, p. 15
Rauschenberger Doublestone, p. 15
Reichenberger, Ferdinand, p. 12
Reichenberger, Katharine, p. 12
Reichenberger Stone, p. 12
Schaefer, Bernard W., p. 4
Schaefer, Jane Ann, p. 4
Schatz, Theobelle, p. 7
Schatz, Theodora, p. 7
Schatz Doublestone, p. 7
Sepchenko, Andrew, p. 14
Sepchenko, Aneky, p. 1
Sepchenko, Anna, p. 14
Sepchenko, Efemina, p. 1
Sepchenko, Peter, p. 8
Sepchenko, Prince J., p. 14
Sepchenko Doublestone, p. 14
Shattun, George, p. 10
Shattun, Mary, p. 10
Shevshenko, Anna M., p. 6
Shevshenko, Sam A., p. 6
Sipchenko, Zinko, p. 14
Slobodenko, Alex, p. 2
Sokolenko, Evdokia, p. 2
Sokolenko, John, p. 2
Sokolenko, Peter, p. 3
Spear, Fred Sr., p. 10
Spear, Katie, p. 10
Spear Doublestone, p. 10
Spencer, John, p. 1
Spencer Stone, p. 1
Spichke, Anne, p. 13
Spichke, Carrie, p. 13
Spichke, Nick, p. 13
Spichke, Philip, p. 13
Spichke Stone, p. 13
Starchvick, Efrem, p. 14
Starchvick, Fannie, p. 14
Starchvick, Michael, p. 14
Starchvick Stone, p. 14
Stoiarenko, Mark, p. 13
Stolarenko, Mother, p. 3
Stolarenko, Paul, p. 14
Stolarenko, Prokopl, p. 8
Stromme, Alice, p. 11
Stromme, Carl Maynard, p. 9
Stromme, Earl R., p. 11
Stromme, Ralph Norman, p. 11
Stromme, p. 9
Suckert, Gottlieb, p. 10
Suckert, John, p. 13
Suckert, Martha, p. 10
Suckert, Mary, p. 13
Suckert Doublestone, p. 10
Suckert Doublestone, p. 13
Sukumlyn, Ann I., p. 10
Sukumlyn, Ellen, p. 10
Sukumlyn, Stephen W., p. 10
Sukumlyn, Thomas W., p. 10
Sukumlyn, William, p. 10
Sukumlyn Stone, p. 10
Volochenko, Alvin, p. 5
Volochenko, Anton, p. 2
Volochenko, Mark Allen, p. 3
Volochenko, Pauline, p. 2
Volochenko, R., p. 2
Volochenko, Tony, p. 5
Volochenko, p. 2
Volochenko, p. 2
Volochenko Stone, p. 2
Woloshenko, John, p. 1
Woloshenko, John, p. 1
Woloshenko, Stacia, p. 1
Woloshenko Doublestone, p. 1
Yecoshenko, E.E., p. 6
Zakopyko, Dean W., p. 11
Zakopyko, Edward, p. 6
Zakopyko, Edward J., p. 11
Zakopyko, Elaine, p. 11
Zakopyko, Irene K., p. 11
Zakopyko, Jacob, p. 12
Zakopyko, Marie, p. 6
Zakopyko, Marie, p. 12
Zakopyko, Warren E., p. 11
Zakopyko Doublestone, p. 6
Zakopyko Doublestone, p.11
Zakopyko Doublestone, p. 12
Zakopyko Stone, p. 11

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