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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10844

Title: Pierce County Tribune Photo Collection

Dates: ca. 1880s-1980s

Collection Number: MSS 10844

Quantity: 4 feet/454 photographic prints and negatives

Abstract: The historical photograph collection was maintained by Frank Hornstein, editor and publisher of the Pierce County Tribune (1940-1981) and includes photographs submitted to the Tribune and published in daily and retrospective editions. Names of individuals who donated the photographs to the Tribune have been included in this inventory when available. Bruce Hill and Emily Schultz processed the collection and created the inventory to the images in November 2012.

Provenance: The Pierce County Tribune Photo Collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Julie Hornstein on October 30, 2002.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements are needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.          

Citation:  Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Transfers: A variety of items were transferred to the Museum Division on September 18, 2002. The items were from the three donations by Julie Hornstein (MSS 10842, 10843 and 10844). See case file for list of Museum holdings.

History of the Pierce County Tribune from Pierce County in 2011: 125 Years of History, p. 370

“The Pierce County Tribune, 219 South Main Ave., was not the first newspaper in the county, but It is the one that has endured since its founding by D. P. Thomas, an express manager on the Great Northern Railroad, on June 23, 1888.

Different historical accounts contain conflicting versions of the newspaper history of the county. This account will attempt to include the highlights listed in four different histories written by four different authors. All histories agree that the first newspaper in Pierce County was the Rugby Junction Advance, established May 27, 1887, by D. A. Briggs, who moved his plant from Grand Harbor northwest of Devils Lake, to Rugby. Rugby Junction was the name of the community platted in July 1886. Animosity soon sprang up between the Advance and the Tribune, and after a time, the Rugby Junction Advance ceased publication and was absorbed by its rival.

In April 1889, the first elected county commissioners designated the Tribune official county paper for three months. Later that year, the paper was bought by H. C. Hurd, who ran it until 1900 when J. W. Bingham took over. C. A. Bigelow is also mentioned in one history as a co-owner with H. C. Hurd. In the succeeding years, owners included W. J. Anderson, H. B. Stager and John Page. In 1915, the Tribune was purchased by Luther Bratton, who had published another newspaper, The Rugby Optimist, since 1904. The office of the merged newspapers was established at 219 Main Ave. South.

In 1906, Frank L. Brandt edited two German language papers, Der Staats Anzeiger, and the Deutschezeitung, which eventually were taken over and printed by Bratton. Over the years, Bratton bought out several papers in Pierce County which were printed for short periods of time, such as the Pierce County Globe published by Clarence Amundson, and the Pierce County Press owned by Hauge and Solberg. By 1936, Luther Bratton owned the sole remaining newspaper in Rugby.

Many outstanding employees have served the Tribune over the years, including Fredrikke (Frydenlund) Oksendahl who was added to the staff in 1929. She became one of the most dedicated employees the Tribune ever had. She was the linotype operator, office manager and proofreader for 45 years, retiring in 1974. Frank Hornstein was "drafted" into the newspaper world in 1940 because of the illness of his father-in-law, Luther Bratton, and devoted 42 years to the Pierce County Tribune. He once said he enjoyed it so much, he would have paid to work there. In 1947, Hornstein built a new building on the site of the old Tribune at 219 South Main.

Frank Hornstein fell ill in 1980 and passed away in 1981. In 1974, Mark Carlson, a Barton native, had started working as associate editor at the Tribune following graduation from the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks. Mark and his wife, Dianne (Armstrong) Carlson, formed Prairie Publishing and bought the newspaper in 1982. They published it with Mark serving as editor for 14 years until his death in March 1996. Mark had boundless energy and enthusiasm for Pierce County, which was contagious. He spearheaded many local improvement projects and was considered one of the area's prime boosters. Dianne Carlson sold the Tribune to Ogden Newspapers of North Dakota in the fall of 1996. Matt Mullally, the associate editor under Mark, was named editor, a position he held until September 2010 when he and his family moved to Mandan, ND.

The printing process has changed dramatically over the years. Luther Bratton told of printing the Tribune on a Washington hand press, with about 400 subscribers, in the early 1900s. Linotype, a hot-lead typesetting process, was used up until 1969, and the papers were printed in the basement of the Tribune on a letter press. In that year, the Tribune joined with five other area newspapers and formed a corporation, North Central Printing, which greatly increased the efficiency and lowered the cost of printing the papers of the members. Offset printing units were installed in the Tribune's basement by the corporation. In time, a new building was built in Rugby's Industrial Park and North Central Printing moved there in October 1978. The press units were removed from the Tribune's basement and relocated to the new building, where they were augmented with additional machines.

Today, computers have made the typesetting and layout tasks much less time-consuming, and digital cameras have made the photo developing process nearly obsolete. The Tribune started printing its newspapers in Minot in 2005.

Over the years, the newspaper has won many "General Excellence" awards in the North Dakota Newspaper Association's Better Newspaper Contest. This is the highest honor achievable in the community newspaper field in the state. Many other awards have been garnered, including Best Ad Series, Overall Design Excellence, Best Sports Section, Best Editorial Page, Front Page Design Excellence, Best Feature Reporting, Best Personal Column, and others.

Alan Rasmusson was a long-time employee of the Tribune, retiring in 1991. He started his career at the newspaper in Towner in 1937, and came to the Tribune in 1961. He was recognized by the North Dakota Newspaper Association for serving over 50 years in the printing business. Vonnie Degenstein retired in 1999 after 30 years in advertising sales and design, and Phyllis Wiggins retired in 2009 following 37 years as office manager.
In the late 1950s, the Tribune's building was expanded to the east, and the job printing division moved into the new area. The paper has printed forms, envelopes, tickets, booklets, letterheads, auction sale bills, posters, newsletters and the like, for many years. Much of the old printing equipment from the Tribune may be seen at the Prairie Village Museum in Rugby.

The current staff includes: Terri Kelly Barta, editor; Edie Wurgler, Stranford Harmel, Chris Opstedal, Melissa Anderson, Hallie Anderson and Dale Niewoehner.

(Some information for this story was taken from Fifty Years in Pierce County, by O. T. Tofsrud; 75 Years of Growth: the Pierce Diamond Jubilee Edition; and A Century of Area History," the Pierce County Centennial book.

 “A History of Newspapers and Their Publishers in Pierce County: 1887 – 1985”
By Catharine (Bratton) Hornstein, SHSND MSS 10843

1887:  The first newspaper published in Antelope Valley (later Pierce County) was The Rugby Advance, in May, 1887.

The editor and publisher, D. A. Briggs, moved the equipment from Grand Harbor, ND, probably moved by the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Minnesota Railroad, which was extended from Devils Lake to Minot in 1886.

1888:  Due to hard times the Advance was absorbed by its hated rival The Pierce County Tribune, established by D. P. Thomas, its editor, in June, 1888.

1889:  In April, 1889, the first elected County Commissioners designated the Tribune as the official paper for three months.

1891: In 1891 due to poor .crops for three past years, the official paper (Pierce County Tribune) came near suspending, but it was purchased by H. C. Hurd and C. A. Bigelow, who kept it going. Mr. Hurd became the sole owner for a time and was followed by W. J. Anderson and H. B. Stager and then by John Page (1907).

1903:  In 1903, The Rugby Optimist, located at the present site of the Pierce County Tribune, and owned by A. M. Young, was purchased by L. H. Bratton, a young Spanish American war veteran. Bratton, at that time, was publishing The Knox Advocate, which he sold before moving to Rugby. He had also established papers at Pleasant Lake, Barton and Silva. His brother, Fred Bratton, assisted him in these last three papers.

1905: In 1905, the Pierce County Tribune was published by J. W. Bingham, who also printed a “Souvenir History of ND,” which supplied the previous information.

During this time The Wolford Mirror was published by Michael (Mike) Breen, who later joined L. H. Bratton after he had purchased the Pierce County Tribune in 1915.

Note: Mr. Breen was connected with various ND papers for many years after leaving the Pierce County Tribune about 1920.

1906:  In 1906, Frank L. Brandt edited the German papers Der Deutsche Zeitung and Der Staatz Anzieger, which eventually was printed by L. H. Bratton at the Pierce County Tribune.

1915: In 1915 Luther Hawkins Bratton realized a long desired ambition when he purchased The Pierce County Tribune and combined it with his Rugby Optimist, which had become the official newspaper of Pierce County, by popular vote. The papers were established at the present site on 219 South Main.

1916: Mr. Bratton took over the two German newspapers and continued to print them for the German speaking people of Pierce County.

The Tribune force at that time consisted of four people, the editor, plus his brother-in-law, Warren Ritzman (an excellent linotype operator - apprenticed at the Rugby Optimist). Ritzman came from his parents' home in Juniata Township, and later on was an operator of the Minot papers - finally returning after World War I (action in France) to finish at the Pierce County Tribune. Another locally trained man, Jay Smith, and Walter Bratton, son of the editor, who was employed there during his high school years until 1936 when he purchased the Golden Valley News, The Billings County Gazette, and printed The Badlands Cowboy (Medora) until his death in 1969 .

1929: Luther Bratton bought out several papers in Pierce County that were printed for a short time. The Pierce County Globe (1929) published by Clarence Amundson, and The Pierce County Press (1936) edited by Hauge and Solberg.

There were many fine people employed by the Pierce County Tribune - but far too many to mention them all.

But in 1929 the staff was greatly improved by the addition of a young lady who "came along with the Pierce County Globe", Fredrikke Frydenlund (later Oksendahl), was hired in 1929 and became one of the most faithful, dedicated "printers" the Tribune has ever known. A first-rate linotype operator, proofreader, office manager - she became everything but a pressman. Above all she was loved and respected by the entire community. "Freddie" retired in 1974 after 45 years of service beyond reproach. "An Era Ends for Us" was the headline of Editor Hornstein's story on her retirement.

1940: Frank Hornstein was "drafted" into the newspaper world in 1940 because of the illness of his father-in-law, L. H. Bratton. Newspaper work had been an ambition of his. Consequently, he devoted 42 years of his life to the Pierce County Tribune. He once said he enjoyed it so much he would have paid to work there.

1947: Frank built a new building on the site of the old Pierce County Tribune at 219 South Main. It is still the home of the present Pierce County Tribune and was one of the best newspaper buildings in the state.

He never aimed to publish a sophisticated emulation of a daily newspaper. He wanted and did print a typical weekly paper – never flaunting his extensive vocabulary of technical terms for his readers to figure out or to impress the public. He wrote from his heart to his readers, and they in turn knew "how sweet it was": as indicated by the communications from all parts of the country, when he was fatally stricken and died in July, 1981.

The newspaper received many awards. Two North Dakota Newspaper Association's Awards ·for General Excellence ... one was for the offset edition the first year of leaving "hot lead" for offset printing. He is the only editor to win the highly coveted "Best Personal Column" award two years in a row. The last one was dictated from his hospital bed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Frank had 42 years of good times as well as many turbulences and financial tribulations of all kinds, but he took it all in gentlemanly stride.

He "lived by his pen - not the sword." His pictures were painted with his words, not ink, indelibly written for his readers to remember. As one judge wrote of Frank's personal column – “Up and Down the Street,” “You write too long, you rascal: But I'll bet your readers can't wait until they can read it, and that's the truth.”

Frank was posthumously elected into the ND Press Association's Hall of Fame, which is given to only the best newspaper Editors by the selective vote of fellow newspapermen. He was inducted in April 1984.

1982: With the passing of editor, publisher and owner of the Pierce County Tribune, Frank Hornstein, ended 79 years of services of two outstanding newspaper Editors - who were the voices of the Pierce County Communities from 1903 to 1982. Almost 80 years out of 100 - is quite a record and again it marked the end of an era for The Pierce County Tribune - an award winning newspaper for many years.

In January 1982, the Pierce County Tribune was sold by its owner, Catharine Bratton Hornstein.

The new owners were Mark and Dianne Carlson, Barton.

Mark had been Associate Editor since his graduation from the Journalism Department at UND, Grand Forks in 1974.

The Pierce County Tribune continued as an award winning newspaper by being awarded the General Excellence Award (1984) and in 1985 the associate editor, Larry Stammen, won the best personal column both two of the highest honors achievable.


Photo number/Description/Date

Box 1:
10844-001   Unidentified man portrait, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-002   Unidentified man standing next to train passenger car, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-003   Dan Bailey standing by car, ca. 1948-1949
10844-004   Unidentified woman next to building entrance, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-005   Employees working in Pierce County Tribune, ca. 1960
10844-006   Unidentified woman and man on golf tee box, possibly in Halloween costumes, ca. 1940s                       
10844-007   Unidentified man and woman next to golf tee box, possibly in Halloween costumes, ca. 1940s
10844-008   Group on porch, possibly in Halloween costumes, ca. 1940s             
10844-009   Two unidentified men on golf tee box, possibly in Halloween costumes, ca. 1940s
10844-010   Group cutting down a tree, ca. 1950s
10844-011   Richard Hoffart and unidentified woman on snowmobile, ca. 1950s
10844-012   Car accident in front of motel, ca. 1960s
10844-013   Accident scene, ca. 1960s
10844-014   Crowd of people looking at steam tractor, possibly at threshing show, ca. 1960s
10844-015   Large unidentified group in front of jewelry store, possibly old settler’s picnic, ca. 1960s            
10844-016   Large unidentified group in front of jewelry store, possibly old settler’s picnic, ca. 1960s            
10844-017   Employees working in the Pierce County Tribune shop, ca. 1960s   
10844-018   Large unidentified crowd watching steam thresher, possibly at threshing show, ca. 1960s
10844-019   Employees working in the Pierce County Tribune shop, ca. 1960s
10844-020   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Humble wedding anniversary, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-021   Group in park, might be planting trees, ca. 1960s
10844-022   Working on new park, Strand photograph, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-023   Working on new park, Strand photograph, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-024   Working on new park, Strand photograph, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-025   New street sign for 9th Street and South Main Avenue Intersection, Rugby, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-026   Man with deer on hood of car, ca. 1960s
10844-027   Man and boy shoveling snow, ca. 1960s                                
10844-028   Ray Hanson, Rugby mayor, ca. 1970s
10844-029   Young man fishing, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-030   Jim Moffett portrait, ca. 1970s                 
10844-031   Man pushing spade into ground, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-032   Two unidentified men working plow with team of two horses, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-033   Two unidentified young men at tip off, unknown basketball game, ca. 1960s
10844-034   Pierce County Tribune printing equipment, ca. 1960
10844-035   Four unidentified men, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-036   View of baseball game, ca. 1960s
10844-037   Might be religious ceremony at International Peace Gardens, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-038   Might be students observing farmer Raymond Halvorson, Northeast Rugby, ca. 1960s
10844-039   Preparation for street barbeque ca 1970s               
10844-040   Preparation for street barbeque ca 1970s
10844-041   Might be William Langer portrait, ca. 1950s
10844-042   Three unidentified women possibly in costumes
10844-043   Unidentified couple portrait, ca. 1960s   
10844-044   Unidentified Rugby High School cheerleader, ca. 1960s
10844-045   Unidentified men receiving award, ca. 1960s
10844-046   Two unidentified men and Emmanuel Hagel receiving Certificate of Merit award, ca. 1960s
10844-047   Unidentified Rugby High School cheerleader, ca. 1960s
10844-048   Unidentified Rugby High School cheerleader, ca. 1960s
10844-049   Unidentified Rugby High School basketball player, ca. 1960s
10844-050   Unidentified Rugby High School basketball player, ca. 1960s
Box 2:
10844-051   Unidentified Rugby High School basketball coach, ca. 1960s
10844-052   Unidentified Rugby High School basketball player, ca. 1960s
10844-053   Three unidentified men in suits, ca. 1960s
10844-054   Unidentified woman, ca. 1970s
10844-055   Law enforcement officials during case of Frank Peterson shooting, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), February 1963
10844-056   Law enforcement officials during case of Frank Peterson shooting, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), February 1963
10844-057   Might be law enforcement officials receiving the Medal of Merit award after the Frank Peterson shooting case, ca. 1963
10844-058   Two unidentified men with equipment in radio station, ca. 1963
10844-059   Unidentified man with three deer strung from ceiling, ca. 1960s
10844-060   John E. Davis portrait, ca. 1960
10844-061   Unidentified man on telephone, Strand Studio portrait (Rugby), ca. 1960s
10844-062   Law enforcement officials during case of Frank Peterson shooting, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), February 1963
10844-063   Law enforcement officials during case of Frank Peterson shooting, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), February 1963
10844-064   Radio dispatch in home during case of Frank Peterson shooting, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), February 1963
10844-065   KEM Shriners wearing hats with truck, ca. 1970
10844-066   Three unidentified women getting food at banquet table, ca. 1970
10844-067   KEM Shriners wearing hats with truck, ca. 1970
10844-068   Unidentified couple dressed in formal wear walking into building, 1970
10844-069   Law enforcement officials during case of Frank Peterson shooting, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), February 1963
10844-070   Law enforcement officials during case of Frank Peterson shooting, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), February 1963
10844-071   Law enforcement officials during case of Frank Peterson shooting, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), February 1963
10844-072   Presentation of check or award, left to right Jim Moffett, Harold Larson, Mrs. H. H. Vigeland, Mrs. Lloyd McVaney, Mrs. Milton (Wanda) Nielsen, Mrs. Lyle Hillman, Mrs. R.E. Ferguson, February 18, 1971
10844-073   Interior of unidentified café, probably in Rugby, Strand’s Studio photograph, ca. 1960
10844-074   Unidentified group on steam tractor, possibly in parade, ca. 1940s
10844-075   Unidentified woman seated with back to kitchen counter, ca. 1970s
10844-076   Eunice Kalloch holding a bed frame which is leaning against porch rail, ca. 1970s
10844-077   Seven unidentified women standing left to right, ca. 1970s
10844-078   Unidentified man standing in lane at bowling alley, ca. 1960
10844-079   Unidentified boy on back of large Holstein, ca. 1960
10844-080   Unidentified man standing holding a dead bobcat in one hand and rifle in other, October 25, 1959
10844-081   Father Ulric J. Pruller (spelling?)  Blumenfeld Church, in front of plane fitted with skis, Strand Studio photograph, ca. 1960
10844-082   Unidentified rodeo contestant, Strand Studio photograph, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-083   Unidentified woman on horse holding a trophy wearing riding attire, possibly at rodeo grounds
10844-084   Three men in clothing or department store, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-085   Unidentified family, woman is tying boy’s shoe, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-086   Unidentified group of seven men and one woman with three hunting dogs relaxing, possibly in corner of church, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-087   Unidentified woman on Polaris Charger snowmobile, ca. 1960
10844-088   Three unidentified men doing carpentry work, ca. 1960s
10844-089   Unidentified man with a machine, possibly doing metal work, ca. 1950s-1960s           
10844-090   Seven unidentified men in suits wearing name tags, ca. 1950s
10844-091   Two men inside an unidentified business, one might be in a clerk’s window, 1959
10844-092   Thor Dahl, ca. 1940s
10844-093   Group in historic costume for the 1932 Washington bi-centennial    
10844-094   Unidentified beauty contestant, ca. 1940s
10844-095   Unidentified Pierce County band festival queens, ca. 1960
10844-096   Mrs. John (Elizabeth) Johnson, Wolford, ca. 1930s
10844-097   Ethel Poore (Bennett), first girl born in Pierce County, September 1887 (daughter of Byron and Isabel Poore)
10844-098   Duplicate of 10844-408
10844-099   Five unidentified men in military uniforms (copy of a daguerreotype), ca. 1870s-1880s
10844-100   Interior of automotive repair shop, ca. 1920s

Box 3:
10844-101   Unidentified family portrait (copy), ca. 1880s
10844-102   Large unidentified group on porch (might be Nicholas and Christina Meyer home), ca. 1890s
10844-103   Portrait of Nicholas Joseph Deplazes with wife Margaret Catherine (Scharf) and possibly brother Plazi and sister-in-law, ca. 1880s
10844-104   Children and teacher Rose C. MacDiarmid in front of #3 Girard Lake District 24 school, ca. 1900s
10844-105   Family portrait, might be Ole and Helga Rue family ca. 1910s
10844-106   Hat display in clothing or general store, ca. 1900
10844-107   Unidentified graduation photograph, ca. 1930
10844-108   Students in classroom with teacher A. W. McKinney, Sand School District number 10, School number 2, Pierce County, June 28, 1898
10844-109   Swimming pool at Ellery Park, ca 1960s
10844-110   Probably rodeo contestants mounted on horses, ca. 1960s
10844-111   Four unidentified men standing in front of plane mounted with skis, ca. 1950s
10844-112   Ervin V. Ydstie portrait, Wolford Lutheran Church, 1960
10844-113   Large group at Fourth of July picnic, ca. 1900 (“These were taken at a picnic July 4. You will know Clarence Glen & Earl all in a bunch. Earl has the flag Harry is standing in front of Bert, Myrtle has a checkered dress standing in front Nellie holds a flag Clara is in front of me and I am between two of my best friend Mrs. Brendage & Mrs. Hoffman. Yours, Laura” [handwritten on back of post card])
10844-114   Unidentified group with steam tractor, hay wagon and threshing machine post card, ca. 1910
10844-115   Men in automobile post card, left to right: unidentified, Charly Tromquist, Dan Halverson, Oscar Johnson, before 1915
10844-116   Clarence Warnken General Mercantile Store, Silva, probably between 1912 and 1919
10844-117   Rugby High School, n.d.
10844-118   Thirteen unidentified women, ca. 1930s-1940s
10844-119   Might be Old Settler’s picnic, ca. 1960s
10844-120   Duplicate of 10844-119
10844-121   Duplicate of 10844-119
10844-122   Duplicate of 10844-119
10844-123   Duplicate of 10844-119
10844-124   Baseball game, probably in Rugby, 1970s
10844-125   Might be religious ceremony at International Peace Gardens, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-126   John Farvestad (Brazil, ND), B. Lindsley (Barton, ND),  A. W. Arthur (Rolette, ND), Charles Ponnell (York, ND), Louis R. Nostdal (Rugby), ca. 1910-1920 (jurors and attorney for plaintiff in case of W. J. Anderson vs. H. M. Erenfeld, tried at Rugby on June 9, 1914. Verdict for plaintiff. The only case ever tried in District Court in Pierce County to a jury of four-handwritten on back of photograph)
10844-127   Quentin Burdick portrait, 1975
10844-128   Milton R. Young portrait, ca. 1960s
10844-129   Four unidentified men standing in front of plane fitted with skis in winter, ca. 1950s
10844-130   Automobiles on snow covered road, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-131   Four unidentified men standing in front of plane fitted with skis in winter, ca. 1950s
10844-132-133 Car buried in snow, ca. 1950s
10844-134   Car on road between snow banks, ca. 1950s
10844-135-147 Snow covered road and snow removal, ca. 1950s         
10844-149   Car buried in snow, ca. 1950s
10844-150   Aerial view of snowplow working on road, ca. 1960s

Box 4:
10844-151   Six images showing snow removal,
10844-152   Train wreck (five images), fall 1948
10844-153   Snow removal (six images), ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-154   Snow removal (six images), ca. 1940s-1950s        
10844-155   Snow removal (six images), ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-156   Snow depth illustrations (six images [one aerial]), ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-157   Snow bank next to tree row, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-158   Vehicles negotiating snow covered road, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-159   Snow covered pine trees, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-160-163 Traffic on snow covered road, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-164-180 Snow removal from road, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-181-182 Parade, Oliver Fossum & Sons, Rugby Sand and Gravel wagon, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-183   Moose bull running in a field, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-184   Two horses, probably at horse show, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-185   Typical horse at ND State Championship Show (side profile), Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-186   Two palomino horses, Strand Studio photograph (Rugby), ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-187   38 star US flag, likely purchased at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876-1877
10844-188   Residence of Johan Gustaf Johnson, probably Johnson with Mrs. Alice Turnquist and Halvor Nelson, 1907 
10844-189   Good Samaritan Hospital, Rugby, ND, ca. 1950s
10844-190   Geographical Center of North America Rugby, ND, cairn, n.d.
10844-191   Geographical Center of North America Rugby, ND, cairn and kiosk, n.d.
10844-192   Back of building (possibly hospital or school), ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-193   Fire fighters battling arson fire in the Cramond Hotel, Rugby, 1965
10844-194   View of arson damage to Cramond Hotel, Rugby, ca. 1965
10844-195   Good Samaritan Hospital, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-196   Parade float, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-197   Men riding on CASE 75HP tractor in parade, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-198   Women and girls digging a hole, ca. 1960
10844-199   Dale A. Hawk, Wolford, truck in parade, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-200   Crowd observing parade procession, ca. 1940s-1950s

Box 5:
10844-201-202 Men with steel wheel tractor, ca. 1940s
10844-203-204 People observing parade floats, ca. 1940s
10844-205   Sea themed parade float, ca. 1940s
10844-206   Men working in the Pierce County Tribune printing room, ca. 1960
10844-207   USDA ASCS building, n.d.
10844-208   Two unidentified men looking at damage to building, ca. 1940s
10844-209-213 Smoke from fire near grain elevator, ca. 1960s
10844-214-217 Crowd watching fire, ca. 1960s
10844-218   View of remnants after fire, ca. 1960s
10844-219   Distant view of smoke rising over train cars, ca. 1960s
10844-220   Rugby Milling Company wagon for parade, ca. 1961
10844-221   Rubble from fire near storage tanks, n.d.
10844-222   Large crowd approaching stand set up between Red Owl store on left and The Pierce County Tribune building on right, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-223   Crowd watching Great Northern Railway float in parade, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-224   Unidentified wood frame home, n.d.
10844-225   Men with either road work machinery or agricultural equipment, ca. 1960s
10844-226-227 Distant view of men working on commercial building, ca. 1970s
10844-228   View of unidentified ranch style home, ca. 1960s
10844-229   Open trench running along street, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-230   Main Street, Rugby, ca. 1960s
10844-231   Duplicate of 10844-247
10844-232   North Side School, Rugby, n.d.
10844-233   Grade School, Rugby, n.d.
10844-234   Elevated view of United Methodist Church, Rugby, ca. 1940s
10844-235   Restaurant Piz Terri, Surrhein, Plazi Deplazes home, Switzerland, ca. 1880s
10844-236   Ink line hand drawn on top of snow banks with truck parked to show depth, ca. 1940s-1950s 
10844-237   Probably Mr. and Mrs. Julius Ingebretson outside homestead (sod house), constructed in 1887, walls four feet thick, 32x24, three rooms, removed in 1900
10844-238   Mueller’s Radio and TV building on left and Fairmont Foods Co. building on right, Rugby, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-239   Main Street, Rugby, ca. 1890s-1900s
10844-240   Ole C. Romfo Family on farm, 1903 (Clarence H. Romfo might be pictured)
10844-241   Back of unidentified building, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-242   Auger by grain bin, n.d.
10844-243   Crowd on sidewalk near barber shop in Jacobson building, after 1902
10844-244   People outside house on farmstead, ca. 1900
10844-245   Duplicate of 10844-393
10844-246   Unidentified man on tractor pulling combine, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-247   Bethany Lutheran Church, Rugby, ca. 1940s
10844-248   “Ready for the day’s work in ND,” three unidentified men assembling team horses, ca. 1910s
10844-249   Residences on Third Street, Rugby, before 1908
10844-250   Bird’s eye view of Rugby, before 1914

Box 6:
10844-251   Veterans Memorial, Orrin, ND, n.d.
10844-252   Two images: oil tank fire, Rugby, ca. 1960s and Geographical center of North America cairn, ca. 1960s (two images)
10844-253   Farmers Union Co-op Elevator, Rugby, n.d.
10844-254   Geographical Center of North America cairn, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-255   McLean County bookmobile, ca. 1950s-1960s, pictured at a stop near Riverdale (Mrs. Doratha Welk is Bookmobile Librarian)
10844-256   Pierce County Memorial Hall, n.d.
10844-257   Aerial view of Rugby Livestock Sales complex, ca. 1970s
10844-258   Nurses Home, Rugby, ca. 1970s
10844-259   Pierce County Court House, ca. 1970s
10844-260   City Hall, ca. 1970s
10844-261   Aerial view of Rugby, n.d.
10844-262   Main Street, Rugby, September 1971
10844-263   Johnson Clinic, Rugby, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-264   Veterans Memorial, Orrin, ND, n.d.
10844-265   Aerial view of Rugby looking to northeast, n.d.
10844-266   Aerial view of Rugby looking north, n.d.
10844-267   High School, Rugby, ca. 1970s
10844-268   Monument and flags at International Peace Gardens, n.d.
10844-269   Aerial view of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamilton and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Hamilton farm, Rugby, ca. 1960 (1960 Soil Conservation Achievement Program winner, Pierce County Soil Conservation District) (photograph by W.P. Sebens, Executive Secretary ND State Soil Conservation Committee)
10844-270   Aerial view of Good Samaritan Hospital, ca. 1970s
10844-271   Aerial view of large farmstead, n.d.
10844-272   Three unidentified men working on street barbeque pit, ca. 1970s
10844-273   Aerial view of International Peace Gardens, n.d.
10844-274   High School, Rugby, ca. 1950s-1960s
10844-275   Artist drawing of Good Samaritan Hospital, ca. 1970s
10844-276   Aerial view of Rugby, ca. 1960s (looking north and a little east)
10844-277   Rugby Water Treatment Plant, ca. 1970 (built in 1957)
10844-278   Southeast view of Heart of America Human Services Center under construction, ca. 1970s
10844-279   Heart of America Human Services Center under construction, ca. 1970s
10844-280   City Hall, Main Street, Rugby, ca. 1970s
10844-281   Additional water tower under construction, Rugby, n.d.
10844-282   Aerial view of Rugby hospital complex with Johnson Clinic on right, ca. 1970s
10844-283   Architect drawing of Human Services Center with addition completed, ca. 1970s
10844-284   Geographical center cairn built in early 1930s in Rugby, located at junction of highways 2 and 3, ca. 1970s
10844-285   View of house with snow covered yard from street, n.d.
10844-286   Prairie Village Museum, Rugby, ca. 1964
10844-287   Farmers Union Co-op Elevator, Rugby, Strand Studio photograph, after 1948
10844-288   Good Samaritan Hospital, Rugby, ca. 1960s
10844-289   Excavation work on lot across street from Lyric Theatre, Rugby, ca. 1950s
10844-290   Steam tractor on trailer, n.d.
10844-291   Aerial view of an unidentified farmstead, n.d.
10844-292   Rugby Library, n.d.
10844-293   Aerial view of an unidentified farmstead
10844-294   Main Street Rugby, ca. late 1940s-early 1950s
10844-295   Aerial view of an unidentified farmstead, n.d.
10844-296   Unidentified crew of men moving the Penn Depot building (museum) in Rugby July 20, 1970
10844-297   Two unidentified men combining wheat, 1970
10844-298   Unidentified home, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-299   Hamilton Motel, Rugby, after 1965
10844-300   Two images, top is architect’s sketch, bottom is a crew moving an unidentified house, ca. 1970s

Box 7:
10844-301   Little Flower School, Silver Jubilee, 1967
10844-302   Wedding portrait of unidentified couple, Jorgenson Brothers photograph, Leeds, ND, ca. 1904-1912
10844-303   Architects drawing of Good Samaritan Hospital, ca. 1970s
10844-304   Aerial view of Good Samaritan Hospital, ca. 1960s
10844-305   Pierce County Tribune float in parade, Strand Photo, after 1948
10844-306   First Lutheran Church, Rugby, ca. 1960s
10844-307   Unidentified man in front of Central Farm Supply building, Massey Ferguson dealership, ca. 1960s
10844-308   Rugby Farmers Union Co-op Elevator, ca. 1960s
10844-309   Christmas shoppers in department store, probably Rugby, ca. 1960s
10844-310   M. J. McGuire, Inc. auto dealership building, Strand Studio photograph, ca. 1970
10844-311   Sign for International Peace Garden, Strand Studio photograph, ca. 1960s
10844-312   U.S. Air Force RC-121 “flying radar station,” ca. 1950s
10844-313   Lockheed U.S. Navy WV-2 “flying radar station,” ca. 1950s
10844-314   Group lying on cots possibly in gymnasium, ca. 1960s
10844-315   Dining room set up in Andrews Steak House and Lounge. Ca. 1960s
10844-316   Large crowd outside United States Inspection Station, probably International Peace Garden event, ca. 1960s
10844-317   Exterior of Peace Chapel at International Peace Garden, after 1968
10844-318   Located in Box 14
10844-319   Interior of Peace Chapel at International Peace Garden, after 1968
10844-320   Hamilton Motel, Rugby, ca. 1960s
10844-321   Children near the spillway of Balta Dam, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-322   Two unidentified men in front of three airplanes, ca. 1960s              
10844-323   Floral Terraces at International Peace Garden, ca. 1960s
10844-324   Rugby Water Treatment Plant, ca. 1960s
10844-325   Aerial winter view of Rugby Livestock Sales Ring, Strand Studio photograph, ca. 1960s
10844-326   Andrews Steak House and Lounge, Rugby, ca. 1960s
10844-327   Crop duster plane over a field, ca. 1960s
10844-328   Rugby Memorial Armory exterior, ca. 1960s
10844-329   Unidentified man ski-flying at Lake Metigoshe, ca. 1960s
10844-330   Rugby Manufacturing Company building, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-331   Unidentified man combining, ca. 1960s
10844-332   Hamilton Motel, Rugby, ca. 1960s
10844-333   Aerial view of Rugby Livestock Sales Ring, ca. 1960s
10844-334   Aerial view of Balta Dam, ca. 1960s
10844-335   Interior of Security Bank, Rugby, John Kellesvig and Ed Seel are identified, ca. 1900 
10844-336   Harry Tuff portrait, first boy born in Pierce County on May 7, 1887 to Mr. and Mrs. William Tuff, ca. 1910  
10844-337   View of town from corner looking down two streets, ca. 1900 (bottom right corner of photograph is missing)
10844-338   Sketch for Pierce County Diamond Jubilee, ca. 1961
10844-339   Dale’s Auto Livery, Rugby, with inset portrait of E. S. Dale post card, ca. 1920s  
10844-340   Holiday greetings postcard from Rugby (with images of Main Street looking south, the Catholic Church, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church)
10844-341   Main Street Rugby post card, ca. 1920s
10844-342   Lutheran Good Samaritan Hospital, Rugby, post card, ca. 1920
10844-343   County officers in front of Pierce County courthouse, between 1897 and 1912
10844-344   Boys in a horse-drawn buggy near the ND Land and Loan Company and Citizens Bank, Rugby, ca. 1910
10844-345   Main Street Rugby, ca. 1890s (“The old well stands in the middle, and the court house at the end of the street. O. T. Tofsrud’s General Merchandise store can be seen on the right near the corner” A History of Pierce County, O. T. Tofsrud)
10844-346   Left to right Joe Duchscher, Pete Hoffert, Nick Duchscher, and Walter Muffenbuir (Reno Valley School District), ca. 1935
10844-347   County commissioners and staff on west side of court house, ca. 1920s
Note: Photographs 10844-348-352 are probably Gust and/or Ritzman family members related to Estelle Ritzman Bratton, Rugby
10844-348   Unidentified girl portrait, Hess Studio (Mifflintown, PA), ca. 1890s-1890s
10844-349   Unidentified woman portrait, Nolte photograph (Lewistown, PA), ca. 1880s-1890s
10844-350   Unidentified young woman portrait, Hess Studio (Mifflintown, PA), ca. 1890s-1890s
10844-351   Unidentified young man portrait, J. W. C. Floyd gallery (Lock Haven, PA), ca. 1880s
10844-352   Portrait of unidentified woman and three babies, Joseph Wilson Replogle photograph (Walnut, Juaniata Co., PA), ca. 1880s

Box 8:
10844-353   Unidentified couple outdoors wearing fur coats, ca. 1950s
10844-354   Pleasant Valley Church of the Brethren, York, ND, n.d.
10844-355   Main Street Rugby, ca. 1940s
10844-356   Unidentified man with unidentified woman on his lap, probably Pierce County, ca. 1910s
10844-357   Unidentified man and woman leaning against a rail on upper level of building with open view of street behind, probably Pierce County, ca. 1910s
10844-358   Two unidentified men leaning against a rail on upper level of building with open view of street behind, ca. probably Pierce County, 1910s
10844-359   Two unidentified young girls portrait, Knox Studio photograph, ca. 1900
10844-360   Unidentified man with cigar leaning against a rail on upper level with open view to street behind, probably Pierce County, ca. 1910s
10844-361   Unidentified men with bicycles portrait, Pierce & Potter photograph (Leeds, ND), ca. 1900
10844-362   Two unidentified men with a tandem bicycle portrait, Pierce & Potter
Photograph (Leeds), ca. 1900
10844-363   Unidentified woman with bible and rosary beads portrait (taken in SD), ca. 1900
10844-364   Unidentified man and boy on sidewalk in front of store, ca. 1880s-1890s
10844-365   Andrew Fossum portrait, Currier and Parkinson photograph (Mayville), ca. 1892
10844-366   Pierce County Officers, left to right, seated: County Judge Even Gunderson; Treasurer Karl Julsrud; auditor A. J. Lavik; States Attorney L. N. Torson; Coroner Hans N. Bjornstad. Standing, left to right: Registrar Henry W. Ellingson; Clerk of Court William Emslie; ex-County Judge Fred H. McBride and Sheriff K. B. Reynolds, 1899
10844-367-370 Group of men pulling wagon with “Barton Banner” sign, Barton, ca. 1890s
Box 9:   
10844-371   Hunting party with shotguns and harvest of ducks, ca. 1940s
10844-372   Large group of children, unidentified school photograph, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-373   Steam tractor on flatbed semi-trailer, ca. 1960s-1970s
10844-374   Unidentified family portrait, ca. 1940s
10844-375   Unidentified woman wedding portrait, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-376   Unidentified couple wedding portrait, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-377   Unidentified man portrait, Christian Erickson photograph (Rugby, ND), ca. 1906
10844-378   Unidentified baby portrait, B. M. Pierce photograph (Leeds), ca. 1902
10844-379   Two unidentified children portrait, Christian Erickson photograph (Rugby, ND), ca. 1906
10844-380   Unidentified family outside farm house, ca. 1900
10844-381   Portrait of unidentified young child standing on ornate chair, B. M. Pierce photograph (Leeds), ca. 1902
10844-382   Portrait of Mrs. John Saterlie (Agnes Gustavson), Olson photograph (Montevideo, MN), ca. 1900
10844-383   William A. and Katie Hamilton portrait (with son Charles and two other children), Markell Brothers (Rolla, ND), ca. 1896
10844-384   Unidentified couple wedding portrait, ca. 1940s-1950s
10844-385    Luther H. Bratton in office, possibly while publishing the Knox Advocate or Rugby Optimist, ca. 1903
10844-386   Good Samaritan Hospital School for Nurses graduates, Class of 1938
10844-387   Mrs. George Davidson (Kate Harman), Mrs. Fred L. Ely (Eva Bigelow), Mrs. Newlove (Grace), Mrs. A. M. Iverson (Ferdie Lochwood), Mrs. Ed Seel (Nora Scotland), Mrs. John Bigelow (Sally Angeline Thompson), after 1906
10844-388   Unidentified family portrait, ca. 1900s   
10844-389   Portrait of three unidentified men (one is Carl Ekren), ca. 1900s
10844-390a   Group photograph of camping or hunting group outside tent “Camp Arrow Point,” ca. 1910s
10844-390a    Family outside tent, sod house in background, ca. 1910s

Box 10:
10844-391   Probably portrait of teacher with students, Crest Studio photograph, ca. 1910s
10844-392   Young man on horse-drawn water wagon advertising Efferly and Van Court Grocers and Bakers, Rugby, ca. 1910
10844-393   Interior of clothing or general mercantile store, ca. 1910s
10844-394   Unidentified family portrait, might be Olaf Pederson family, ca. 1910s
10844-395   Unidentified young woman sitting on steps of house, photo by Northwest Photo Company (Portland, OR), ca. 1910s
10844-396   Duplicate of 10844-381
10844-397    Woman and baby seated in a wicker chair portrait by Crest Studio (Rugby), ca. 1910s
10844-398   Portrait of surviving pioneers who came before 1886: top, left to right: Pam (Michael Pamphilus) Cruden, Ole T. Tofsrud, and Peter Beck; bottom, left to right: Peter Olson, W. A. Hamilton, and John Olaveson, 1935
10844-399   Group in front of The Rugby Milling Co. building, between 1910 and 1929 (left to right unidentified, W. B. Paterson, John Rockstad, unidentified, Frank Adamack, Mrs. Frank [Eva] Adamack)
10844-400   Portrait of surviving pioneers who came before 1886: Mrs. Byron (Isabelle) Poore, Mrs. Hans (Anna L. Larson) Hendrickson, Mrs. Nathaniel (Sophrona B.) Vaughn, 1935

Box 11:
10844-401   Portrait of unidentified young couple, A. P. Swearingen portrait (Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory), between 1890 and 1907
10844-402   Portrait of unidentified woman and two daughters, Oliver Evans portrait (Devils Lake), ca. 1904-1910
10844-403   Portrait of unidentified young woman, B. M. Pierce photograph (Leeds), ca. 1902
10844-404   Unidentified young girl, portrait by Christian Erickson (Rugby), ca. 1906
10844-405   Duplicate of 10844-404
10844-406   Threshing crew working near Barton, identified are: Mikkel (Mike) S. Gudvangen, Lars Haakenson, Klaus Ruud, ca. 1900 (either Torger Haugen at machine, or group is using Torger Haugen’s machine)
10844-407   View of Denny (Barton) (ND), ca. 1888. Buildings and people, left to right are: store owned by Robert Hooey (later bought by James and Adelade [McGuire] Tyvand), Tyvand’s Store (burned down), Martin O. Dahl and Christianson Evenson mercantile, Mrs. Anton Soby and lady friend in horse-drawn wagon, unknown building, Nash store, Anton Soby and Hands Aarstad blacksmith shop, and first school house.
10844-408   Probably Rugby High School band, ca. 1940s
10844-409   Located in box 14
10844-410   Located in box 14
10844-411   Large group on bridge perhaps for dedication, probably Pierce County, ca. 1928
10844-412   L. H. Bratton at work in Pierce County Tribune, portrait by Strand Studio, between 1948 and 1957
10844-413   L. H. Bratton at work in Pierce County Tribune, portrait by Strand Studio, between 1948 and 1957
10844-420   Unidentified young child portrait, B. M. Pierce photograph (Leeds), ca. 1902
10844-421   Three unidentified men with shotguns and harvest of geese, Rugby, ca. 1930
10844-422   Unidentified man portrait, Oliver Evans photograph (Devils Lake), ca. 1904-1910
10844-423   Unidentified group in and by car, ca. 1920s
10844-424   Unidentified group of young children, possibly near a school or church, ca. 1920s-1930s
10844-425   Inset photo of two musicians with “Silent Night” music
10844-426   Hans T?, Emilie Hill photograph (Pelican Rapids, MN), ca. 1902     
10844-427   Unidentified young girl portrait, B. M. Pierce photograph (Leeds), ca. 1902
10844-428   Duplicate of 10844-420
10844-429   Unidentified Pierce County school class, ca. 1930s
10844-430   Portrait of unidentified man, ca. 1930

Box 12:
10844-431   Unidentified man with golf clubs, ca. 1940s
10844-432   Fred Braaten portrait, Pierce Bros. (Leeds), ca. 1902
10844-433   Three men and two boys shocking grain (all unidentified), ca. 1930s
10844-434   Unidentified family portrait, ca. 1880s-1890s
10844-435   Unidentified family portrait, ca. 1880s-1890s
10844-436   Hans Blessum portrait, Henry B. Herington photograph (Dexter, MN), ca. 1902
10844-437   Unidentified young man portrait, Carl O. Erickson Studio (St. Paul, MN), between 1903 and 1908
10844-438   Unidentified man portrait, Crest Studio (Rugby), ca. 1900-1910
10844-439   Duplicate of 10844-438
10844-440   Portrait of an unidentified man, ca. 1921 (same person seen in 10844-441, different pose)
10844-441   Portrait of an unidentified man, ca. 1921 (same person seen in 10844-440, different pose)
10844-442   Unidentified man portrait, Crest Studio (Rugby), ca. 1920
10844-443   Large unidentified group (might be church group or golden wedding anniversary, ca. 1940s)

Box 13: Negatives
10844-340   Screened negative - Holiday greeting postcard from Rugby
10844-444   Screened negative - Postcard of sack of flour made by The Rugby Milling Co.
10844-445   Screened negative - Unidentified woman wearing glasses portrait
10844-446   Screened negative - Unidentified woman dressed in nursing outfit portrait
10844-447   Screened negative - Unidentified woman dressed in nursing outfit portrait
10844-448   Screened negative - “Where we get off the Water Wagon at Moorhead,” unidentified man seated holding reins to horses, man helping woman down from wagon
10844-449   Picnic scene, unidentified woman facing left, seated outdoors at table with car parked close at her right
10844-450   Screened negative - Barton 1906, image of buildings to left, more structures at rear center and right, three unidentified men walking at front right
10844-451   Screened negative - Six team horses

Box 14:
10844-318   Newspaper clipping “Scene at the Divide County Threshing Bee”  out with three images (one side has two unidentified  men standing on pickup box next to back of steam tractor, unidentified man on tractor [Roland Knudson of Crosby?]and unidentified man standing near front left of tractor), the other side has one image of two unidentified boys shoveling grain at Divide County Threshing Bee, one image of John Benter and son Neil on 1925 Henderson motorcycle with sidecar)
10844-409   Newspaper clipping of Mrs. Parker C. Kalloch, Jr. (Eunice) at tree planting ceremony honoring her at new park site to be named after her, ca. 1968
10844-410   Eight unidentified men and one woman, eight seated left to right, one man standing on elevated level at back holding a gavel (possibly some type of courthouse, or a governing body in a committee room), photograph by The Vetter Studio, Brooklyn, NY, February 1915
10844-454   Unidentified woman standing on a ladder next to a sunflower illustrating the height of the plant

Box 15:
10844-302   Architectural drawing of Rugby High School by R. Olson, January 17, 1971
10844-414   Luther H. Bratton and unidentified (might be August F. Voigt) outside Leeds News building, 1895 (or 1899?)
10844-415   Duplicate image of 10844-411
10844-416   Fourth of July picnic at the Elling and Janet Enger home, northeast of Barton (ND), ca. 1900 (Hannah Fedje, Martha Gudvangen, and Mike Gudvangen are identified)
10844-417   Barton School class portrait with teacher Hattie Mott and Principal Prof. Leding, ca. 1920s
10844-418   Sands Confectionary and Hotel Julien store fronts on South Main Street, Rugby Harroun & Stevens photograph, Rugby, between 1904 and 1918
10844-419   Teacher Ellen Bigelow Ely with students outside unidentified Pierce County rural school, ca. 1910s

Box 16:
10844-452   Unidentified country school in Pierce County, class portrait by Crest Studio (Rugby), 1912
10844-453   Odin Lodge 87 Sons of Norway group portrait in front of Pierce County Tribune building, Rugby, ND, photograph by L. W. Harroun (Rugby), 1911

Box 17: Printing plate


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