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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10669

Title: Monson Family

Dates: ca. 1916-1919

Collection Number:  10669

Quantity: 514 negatives and prints

Abstract: Photograph collection includes images of families, agricultural activities and implements, children at play, animals, farmstead buildings, home interiors (furniture, textiles), community activities, recreational activities, churches, towns, schools, construction on farmstead buildings, and men leaving for Camp Dodge, IA (1917). Most of the images were taken in Walsh County (ND) in the 1910s, although the collection includes images in Gladmar, Saskatchewan, Canada. The photographs were in processing envelopes with the names of the three Monson daughters on them, Anna, Laura, and Selma.

Provenance: The collection was given to Jim Sperry in February 1995 with no information.
Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U. S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       


David A. Monson came to America from Norway in 1879 and to Walsh County in 1882 to homestead in Tiber Township. He married Andrine Hilde in 1884 shortly after she arrived from Norway. Their children were Melvin, Carl, Anna, Dorthe, David, Alfred, Laura, and Selma. Andrine Monson died May 12, 1929. David Monson died February 3, 1939. Alfred continued to live on the family farm until he died in 1968.

Anna D. Monson was born March 10, 1886 in Dewey Township, Walsh County and lived on the family farm with her parents and brother Alfred until 1946. Until 1958 she lived with her brother Carl and his wife and spent the last two years of her life in a hospital. She died September 22, 1960 in Grafton. She was a lifelong member of the Odahlen Lutheran Church and was buried in the cemetery there.

Laura Josephine Monson was born in Adams, ND February 24, 1894. She married Christ Haarsager and had two children, Carsten and Anne. They lived in Edinburg. Laura Haarsager died September 21, 1944 in Tacoma, Washington.

Selma Amelia Monson was born October 15, 1895. She attended Concordia College, the Union Commercial College, and had a year of training at St. Luke’s Hospital in Fargo. She was organist at Odahlen Lutheran Church for 13 years.  She died March 10, 1947 and was buried at Odahlen Church Cemetery.


Collection Note: Unless otherwise noted, the photographs were probably taken in Walsh County (ND) in the 1910s.

Item number/Description

10669-001            Young boy watching carousel ride at a fair
10669-002            Boy seated on piano bench inside house
10669-003            Three children outside
10669-004            Cattle
10669-005            Group outside house in the winter
10669-006            Group outside house with automobile
10669-007            Group going ice skating
10669-008            Men on horseback
10669-009            Child sleeping on floor
10669-010            Children seated on piano bench inside house
10669-011            Girl seated on piano bench inside house
10669-012            Boys riding toy horses in house
10669-013            Cattle grazing
10669-014            Woman with children outside farm house
10669-015            Group of women around sled
10669-016            Four women outside house
10669-017            Woman outside house
10669-018            Group in winter clothing outside house
10669-019            Women and children outside house
10669-020            Three children in living room next to piano
10669-021            Two children in living room next to piano
10669-022            Monson sisters and others on the Carpenter-Neumann Bridge
10669-023            Girl on wagon in front of house (double exposure)
10669-024            Three children outside house
10669-025            Boys riding toy horses in house
10669-026            Women sitting on front porch
10669-027            Group outside house
10669-028            Group outside house
10669-029            Large group outside house
10669-030            Dog on lawn in front of house
10669-031            Children in living room
10669-032            Girls with their backs to the camera
10669-033            Three children standing near a piano
10669-034            Two girls standing near house
10669-035            Group on sleigh
10669-036            Up-close view of a woman
10669-037            Woman standing in field
10669-038            Group in front of wagon
10669-039            Two people standing in front of barn
10669-040            Children playing outside house or school
10669-041            Group outside house
10669-042            Woman holding baby outside house
10669-043            Group on horseback
10669-044            Group inside house reading books
10669-045            Man and two women outside
10669-046            Woman standing outside
10669-047            Children performing multiplication on chalkboard
10669-048            Group outside
10669-049            Man and woman in field
10669-050            Man holding boy, seated inside house, March 1917
10669-051            Man and two women walking in road
10669-052            Man on horseback herding horses
10669-053            Two older women sitting inside house
10669-054            Two women inside house           
10669-055            Three children on front porch of house
10669-056            Group outside of house in winter
10669-057            Creek
10669-058            Women playing outside
10669-059            Woman standing on swing
10669-060            Two men seated, child on lap
10669-061            Bear
10669-062            Woman working in field
10669-063            Barn
10669-064            Woman seated on piano bench holding child
10669-065            Group on front porch of house
10669-066            Barn and two children
10669-067            Two women, seated, in house
10669-068            Child outside, farm building in background
10669-069            Man farming, back to camera
10669-070            Snow drift on farmstead
10669-071            Two children inside house
10669-072            Man and two women standing in road
10669-073            Children inside house
10669-074            Two women standing in road
10669-075            Woman standing inside house
10669-076            Group on porch
10669-077            Cattle
10669-078            Children on chairs inside house
10669-079            Man and woman outside
10669-080            Small cemetery
10669-081            Horses
10669-082            Group eating
10669-083            Woman by waterfront  
10669-084            Man and boy by cart and automobile
10669-085            Man with horses working field
10669-086            (double exposure) group playing
10669-087            Woman and child beside house
10669-088            Woman inside house
10669-089            Barn and farm building
10669-090            Horses and barn
10669-091            View of farmstead
10669-092            chickens outside farmhouse
10669-093            Five children in front of piano
10669-094            Woman with four children among trees
10669-095            Girl petting dog in front of house
10669-096            Children swinging near picnic table
10669-097            Two children on swing
10669-098            Group outside farm house
10669-099            Boy feeding chickens
10669-100            Table with flower arrangement on front porch
10669-101            Child outside house in winter clothing
10669-102            Group outside farm house
10669-103            Children outside house
10669-104            View of farmstead
10669-105            Two men looking out window, leaving for Camp Dodge, IA, September 15, 1917
10669-106            Baby standing on chair
10669-107            Walking on farmstead
10669-108            Group portrait
10669-109            Baby asleep on floor
10669-110            Swimming
10669-111            Four young men, leaving for Camp Dodge, IA, September 15, 1917
10669-112            Group, September 15, 1917
10669-113            On the way to Camp Dodge, IA, September 15, 1917
10669-114            Man on horseback
10669-115            Baby sitting on chair
10669-116            Barn
10669-117            Group with automobiles
10669-118            Group outside building 
10669-119            Baby sitting on floor
10669-120            Baby sitting on floor
10669-121            Group outside building
10669-122            Child on chair
10669-123            Man in automobile
10669-124            Child outside in winter clothing
10669-125            Child in chair and Victrola
10669-126            Two children riding horse scooters
10669-127            Children performing multiplication on chalkboard
10669-128            Clipping from a publication, Fargo, North Dakota Office Building, Offices Occupy Entire Building (Lincoln National, Pioneer Life, Life Insurance Company) with handwritten note “a picture of my Fargo home”
10669-129            Dog on ground in front of house
10669-130            Group sitting on front steps of house
10669-131            Farm wagons
10669-132            Dog in grass
10669-133            Two girls with backs to camera, bows in hair
10669-134            Couple with child inside house
10669-135            Group near automobile
10669-136            Children sitting on fence
10669-137            Two girls with backs to camera, bows in hair
10669-138            Horse and buggy outside church
10669-139            Horse-drawn sleigh
10669-140            Group outside house
10669-141            Group outside house
10669-142            Man driving automobile
10669-143            Man on ladder
10669-144            Street scene in town
10669-145            Child on porch
10669-146            Group portrait
10669-147            House with scaffolding
10669-148            House with scaffolding
10669-149            Woman standing in front of trees
10669-150            Barn
10669-151            Group outside
10669-152            Tractor
10669-153            Farmstead
10669-154            House
10669-155            Unknown           
10669-156            Man carrying buckets near farmhouse
10669-157            Man and girl with lunch pails, farming in background
10669-158            Man walking
10669-159            View of sky and farm building
10669-160            View of sky and trees
10669-161            Two women in entrance to cook car
10669-162            Group in horse-drawn wagon
10669-163            Man on barn scaffolding
10669-164            Couple, automobile and barn
10669-165            Woman driving horse drawn buggy
10669-166            Women on barn scaffolding
10669-167            Barn construction, roofing
10669-168            Woman on house scaffolding
10669-169            Women and automobile
10669-170            Horse-drawn buggy
10669-171            Man in front of fence
10669-172            Men on ladder and house scaffolding
10669-173            Group and automobiles
10669-174            Couple with St. Anthony Elevator in background
10669-175            Standing on a hay wagon outside barn
10669-176            Hay wagon and barn filled with hay
10669-177            Three children having an outdoor picnic               
10669-178            Two women on barn scaffolding
10669-179            Two women on barn scaffolding
10669-180            Children on front steps of house
10669-181            Women outside chuck wagon
10669-182            Two boys with dog on farmstead
10669-183            Women and children inside home
10669-184            Children outside school
10669-185            Barn construction
10669-186            Farmstead
10669-187            Man with horse on farmstead
10669-188            People outside
10669-189            Person outside farm building
10669-190            Children outside home, siding on home is under construction
10669-191            Group planning construction work on farm
10669-192            Three children in a baby buggy
10669-193            Man with horses
10669-194            Group portrait outside
10669-195            Woman with horse, group by barn
10669-196            Woman on front steps of home
10669-197            Children on front steps of home
10669-198            No negative
10669-199            Trees on farmstead
10669-200            Children in Deere Webber wagon
10669-201            Woman, might be inside house
10669-202            Man and woman sitting in the grass
10669-203            Dog and farm buildings
10669-204            Woman eating
10669-205            Dog on front steps of house
10669-206            Man inspecting bridge under repair
10669-207            Group at July 4th festivities, might be fixing a flat tire
10669-208            Men in automobile approaching festivities, probably July 4, 1918
10669-209            Scenic view
10669-210            Man with horse-drawn cart approaching bridge repair
10669-211            Man inspecting bridge under repair
10669-212            Swimming
10669-213            Unidentified school
10669-214            Women on porch, one is reading a book
10669-215            Two men repairing bridge
10669-216            Group on shore watching group in boat
10669-217            Two men taking a break from farming to have photo taken with two children
10669-218            People sitting on porch of house
10669-219            Large gathering in town, probably for July 4th
10669-220            Women outside of a farm house
10669-221            Monson sister on the Carpenter-Neumann Bridge
10669-222            Anna, Laura and Selma Monson on the Carpenter-Neumann Bridge
10669-223            Woman on scaffolding
10669-224            Man inside home
10669-225            Woman inside home
10669-226            Woman with three children inside home
10669-227            Woman tending to baby in crib
10669-228            Unidentified
10669-229            Unidentified
10669-230            People inside home
10669-231            Person inside home
10669-232            People inside home
10669-233            Children on front steps of house
10669-234            Children outside house
10669-235            View of farmstead
10669-236            Farm buildings
10669-237            Group gathered around fence
10669-238            Construction on farm
10669-239            Cattle
10669-240            Utility pole
10669-241            Group with wagons on farmstead
10669-242            Probably Carsten and Anne Haarsager with teddy bear
10669-243            Group on porch
10669-244            Woman inside home
10669-245            Man and woman walking on farmstead
10669-246            People on farmstead
10669-247            Man waving, walking away from house
10669-248            Woman holding child inside house          
10669-249            Woman holding child inside house          
10669-250            Man on ladder propped against tree
10669-251            Girls on front steps of house
10669-252            Woman with baby on lap, seated on porch
10669-253            Group on hay pile
10669-254            Girl and boy shaking hands
10669-255            Group playing in the snow
10669-256            Child outside in winter clothing
10669-257            View of farmstead
10669-258            Cat drinking from bowl
10669-259            Harvesting corn
10669-260            Woman pulling three children in wagon
10669-261            Three people in Moline horse drawn wagon
10669-262            Women outside chuck wagon
10669-263            Man holding child inside house
10669-264            Children inside house
10669-265            People inside house
10669-266            Breaking sod with plows
10669-267            Man in horse drawn wagon
10669-268            Woman seated at piano
10669-269            Women playing the piano
10669-270            Young woman with her hair down
10669-271            Young woman with her hair down
10669-272            Girls seated at piano with dolls
10669-273            Large group portrait
10669-274            Large group portrait
10669-275            Two Monson sisters with horse drawn sleigh
10669-276            Probably Carsten and Anne Haarsager
10669-277            Group outside farm house
10669-278            Young woman combing her hair
10669-279            Two Monson sisters in living room
10669-280            Exterior of farm house
10669-281            Two Monson sisters in living room  
10669-282            Probably Laura Josephine (Monson) Haarsager with baby inside kitchen
10669-283            Group outside farm house
10669-284            Horses working in field (might be cutting grain or hay)
10669-285            Person walking through field
10669-286            Woman standing in field
10669-287            Unidentified - overexposed
10669-288            Unidentified - overexposed
10669-289            Unidentified - overexposed
10669-290            Unidentified - overexposed
10669-291            Might be view of farmstead 
10669-292            Pet asleep on chair (dog or cat)
10669-293            Two women assisting another down from ladder
10669-294            Women inside house
10669-295            Women inside house
10669-296            Man in rocking chair
10669-297            Women seated inside house
10669-298            Girls seated at piano with dolls
10669-299            Man seated inside house
10669-300            Horses pulling sled with people through snow
10669-301            Two children seated at piano     
10669-302            Women gathered around flagpole, two are standing on a chair
10669-303            Children seated at piano
10669-304            Baby sitting on chair
10669-305            Two children seated on a chair
10669-306            Man on horseback
10669-307            Woman and child inside home
10669-308            Children seated at piano              
10669-309            Baby in chair      
10669-310            Woman inside house
10669-311            Man seated inside house
10669-312            Woman playing the piano
10669-313            Woman holding child inside house
10669-314            Two women and a man standing outside a house
10669-315            Woman seated on fence post
10669-316            Five women standing outside house
10669-317            Women exiting outhouse           
10669-318            Five women and flag pole
10669-319            Five women standing and sitting on agricultural implement
10669-320            Five women standing among trees
10669-321            Women on and around fence
10669-322            Women in and around wagon   
10669-323            Women sitting on men’s laps outside house
10669-324            View of house from distance
10669-325            View of farmstead
10669-326            Man working on farm
10669-327            Utility poles
10669-328            Trees
10669-329            Person at dinner table
10669-330            Piano, probably in Monson farm house
10669-331            Probably Monson and Haarsager families outside Monson home
10669-332            Probably Carsten and Anne Haarsage having tea party  
10669-333            View of town, including White Kitchen Restaurant and Sheridan Café
10669-334            Monsons at convergence of ND, MT, and Canada            
10669-335            Group having picnic lunch on farm
10669-336            Group with pet badgers
10669-337            Five women with dog
10669-338            View of town or farmstead
10669-339            Girl in chair
10669-340            Man and woman outside house
10669-341            Woman and automobile
10669-342            Women in front of house
10669-343            Horses
10669-344            View of farmstead
10669-345            Animals in pen
10669-346            Man and woman in field
10669-347            Dog asleep in chair
10669-348            View of town or farmstead
10669-349            View of farm land
10669-350            View of farm land
10669-351            Man and boy holding badgers
10669-352            Two people on chairs outside house
10669-353            Threshing corn
10669-354            Canadian bank of commerce, probably Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-355            Child sitting on chair in living room
10669-356            View of street in Omemee, ND
10669-357            Children in foreground, agricultural scene in background
10669-358            Man and two women outside chuck wagon
10669-359            Bundling wheat
10669-360            Church, might be in Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-361            Business district
10669-362            Passengers at Rolette train station
10669-363            Three people in entrance to chuck wagon
10669-364            View of town
10669-365            Barn construction
10669-366            Child standing in wagon
10669-367            Child standing in wagon
10669-368            Two men standing outside chuck wagon
10669-369            Agricultural scene
10669-370            Group playing horseshoes
10669-371            Man on horseback
10669-372            Women inside house
10669-373            Horses and hay stack
10669-374            Boy outside
10669-375            View of woods
10669-376            Women hugging outside house
10669-377            View of woods 
10669-378            Man in tree
10669-379            Group around sleigh
10669-380            Horse   
10669-381            Wagon
10669-382            Hay stack
10669-383            Group stacking hay
10669-384            Threshing corn
10669-385            Man walking near threshing scene
10669-386            Threshing
10669-387            Agricultural workers taking a break
10669-388            Horses
10669-389            Four men and two women
10669-390            Threshing corn
10669-392            Barn
10669-393            Man, up close
10669-394            House
10669-395            Man laying on bench
10669-396            Group with wagons and equipment
10669-397            Man walking
10669-398            Man in horse drawn wagon
10669-399            View of farmstead
10669-400            View of butte
10669-401            View of farmstead
10669-402            Group in automobile near butte
10669-403            People on hill
10669-404            Print – woman with children
10669-405            Man with agricultural equipment
10669-406            Man with tractor
10669-407            Threshing scene              
10669-408            Threshing scene
10669-409            Sleigh outside house
10669-410            Man readying automobile for July 4th celebration
10669-412            Threshing corn
10669-413            Man with tractor and disk in field             
10669-414            Group in automobile     
10669-415            Man on horse drawn implement working in field
10669-416            Threshing scene              
10669-417            Automobile outside house
10669-418            Threshing scene
10669-419            Threshing scene
10669-420            Agricultural workers eating lunch
10669-421            Threshing corn
10669-422            Horse drinking
10669-423            Group with automobile
10669-424            Group with automobile
10669-425            Cutting wheat or hay
10669-426            “Some in Canada, some in ND and some in MT”
10669-427            Gathering hay in wagon
10669-428            Man standing among automobiles on farmstead, 1917
10669-429            Group in automobile
10669-430            Group in automobile     
10669-431            “climbing the hill with a Ford”
10669-432            Parked automobile with flags for July 4th celebration
10669-433            Plowing
10669-434            Seeding
10669-435            Plowing and seeding
10669-436            Plowing and seeding
10669-437            Men with agricultural equipment
10669-438            Men with agricultural equipment
10669-439            Men with agricultural equipment
10669-440            Man in “C. R. Monson, Adams NoDak” wagon
10669-441            Older woman with children and baby inside house
10669-442            Child sitting on agricultural equipment
10669-443            Man outside train station
10669-444            Little girl in a stroller in living room
10669-445            View of town
10669-446            Men in front of chuck wagon
10669-447            Large group of children surrounding an automobile
10669-448            Men with steam powered tractor
10669-449            Filling in pit silo with corn
10669-450            Typical school in Canada, Gladmar, SK
10669-451            Coal mine
10669-452            Coal mine
10669-453            Coal mine
10669-454            View of “the village beautiful,” Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-455            Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-456            Group on steps outside house
10669-457            A bachelor’s house in Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-458            Stepping from Canada to ND
10669-459            Visitors to the bachelor’s house, Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-460            Group outside house
10669-461            Women with young child outside house
10669-462            Group with baby in the grass
10669-463            Waiting for the owner, probably outside bachelor’s house in Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-464            “Sleeping beauty”
10669-465            A busy day at Gladmar, SK, Canada, 1917
10669-466            Three children on couch inside house
10669-467            Unidentified
10669-468            Boy listening to a Victrola inside house
10669-469            Two girls with their dolls inside house
10669-470            Large group at celebration with May pole
10669-471            Group at celebration with May pole
10669-472            Men with agricultural equipment
10669-473            Men with agricultural equipment
10669-474            Haying
10669-475            Automobile parked outside house          
10669-476            Threshing
10669-477            Corn husking operation
10669-478            People outside house
10669-479            People in grass on farmstead
10669-480            Women and child outside house
10669-481            Women and child outside house
10669-482            Couple with child and horses     
10669-483            Couple with child and horses     
10669-484            Group outside house with horse drawn wagon, might be Gladmar, SK, Canada, June 19, 1917
10669-485            Woman seated inside house with plants
10669-486            Woman holding child inside house
10669-487            Group in grass on farmstead
10669-488            A Canadian home, Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-489            A bachelor and home, Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-490            Three women with hats outside home
10669-491            Woman with child, Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-492            Groups walking in grass near home
10669-493            Group looking at a structure, probably a grain bin
10669-494            Farmstead, Gladmar, SK, Canada
10669-495            Child outside home
10669-496            Group gathered around flag
10669-497            Group gathered around flag      
10669-498            Plowing
10669-499            Girl seated inside home
10669-500            Two people next to farm building
10669-501            Boy seated on staircase
10669-502            Young child on farmstead
10669-503            Three children outside, seated on wagon
10669-504            Men seated inside house, one is holding a boy
10669-505            Girls with toys inside house
10669-506            Woman holding baby inside house
10669-507            Group inside house
10669-508            Two girls seated at piano
10669-509            Plowing
10669-510            Group inside house
10669-511            Horse drawn sleigh
10669-512            Cows
10669-513            Child pushing another child in sled
10669-514            Woman and two girls seated at piano

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