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Manuscripts by Subject - Family/Local History - #11251

Title: Solberg Family     

Dates: ca. 1920-2015

Collection Number: MSS 11251

Quantity: 1 foot

Abstract: Consists of correspondence, genealogical information, interviews and oral histories, moving image, photographs, reminiscences and written histories of members of the Solberg family. Individuals in the collection include Norwegian immigrants Christ (Kristian) Solberg, Christ's first wife Rakkel (Dokkset) Solberg and second wife Olina (Löken) Solberg, and Rakkel (Dokkset) Solberg, as well as Oscar Solberg, Ole Solberg, Ole Ronning, Elizabeth Ronning Solberg, Signe (Solberg) and Palmer Stadum, Rogna (Solberg) and Ted Hewitt, Curtis Solberg, and James R. Solberg. The Ronnings lived in Butte Valley Township (Benson County, N.D.) and in Pelican Township, Ramsey County (N.D.). The Solberg farm was in Baker (N.D.). Finally, the collection includes biographical information about Peder Gald, Norwegian immigrant to North Dakota.

Provenance: The Solberg Family collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by James R. Solberg on February 18, 2015. Additional material was added by Solberg in June, September, and December 2015. Jay Hewitt, grandson of Olina and Christ Solberg, donated a reminiscence about Olina (Löken) Solberg's arrival in North Dakota, Solberg family tree, and obituary of Christ Solberg in July 2015.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.  Permission to use any radio or television broadcast portions of the collection must be sought from the creator.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer: Four publications were transferred to the State Archives Publications in February 2015. See case file for titles.

From Solberg's obituary, 1957 (located in box 2, folder 14)

Christ Solberg was born December 1, 1869, in Utvik, Nordfjord, Norway. In 1889 he came to America and worked as a farm laborer and wood cutter in central South Dakota. Here be ha4 the opportunity to familiarize himself with American customs.

Due to the illness of his father, Elias Solberg,  he returned to his homeland in 1891. At this time he married Rakel Dokkset. In the spring of 1898 he returned to America with his wife and two sons, and became one of the first settlers in Broe township (Benson County, N.D.). He homesteaded there and continued farming until 1939.

During the early pioneering period his farming was done by oxen. The family met with the usual hardships typical of the first settlers. Much could be said about the severe winters with frequent droughts in summer, the absence of roads, the slow transportation and the great distance between towns. In times of illness the early settlers looked to another for help. The advent of the doctor, the undertaker and the earliest hospitals came several years later.

In 1916 his wife died. There were ten children born to this union.

In the spring of 1917 he was married to Olina Löken at Invik, Nordfjord , Norway. They returned to Benson County that spring. One child, Ragna, was born to that union. Christ Solberg passed away March 14, 1957.


Box 1:
1 Correspondence, 1994-2010
2 Family reminiscences: "Terkel project," 1996-2009
3 Information about Ole Solberg, 1999
4 Information about Palmer and Signe Stadum, ca. 2001
5 Diary entries, 1918, typed by Rogna Solberg Hewitt, 1993-1994
6 "A Report on My Trip to Nordfjord," Curtis Solberg, 1961
7 "The Long and Happy Life of Mrs. Peeleyant: An Autobiography," Elizabeth Ronning Solberg, 1965
8 "The Solberg Saga," by Kornelius Solvberg, translated by Oscar Solberg, ca. 1982
9 "A Tale of Two Grandmas," interview transcriptions edited by James R. Solberg, 1984
10 "Life as a North Dakota Pioneer," Palmer Stadum, 1991-1994

Box 2:
1 "Voices of the Elders: A Collection of Reminiscences," edited by James R. Solberg, 1996
2 Ted Hewitt's reminiscences, 1997
3 "Curt Solberg: the First Twenty Five Years in Pictures," ca. 2000
4 "The Odyssey of Elizabeth Ronning and Oscar Solberg," James R. Solberg, 2007
5 "Farewell Remarks on the Bus after Eight Days in Cuba," Curtis Solberg, n.d.
6 Miscellaneous publications featuring Solberg family members, 1968-2013
7 Miscellaneous genealogical information, ca. 2002-2008
8 "The Divided Heart," lecture by Dr. Curtis B. Solberg, 1991 (with VHS and DVD)
9 "Coming Home," narrated by Oscar Solberg, n.d. (VHS)
10 "Bequeathed," Oscar Solberg, n.d. (VHS)
11 "Jim Solberg: The Early Years in Photographs, 1933-1954," ca. 2000
12 "Per-Kristen's Odyssey from Nordfjord to North Dakota: A Composite View by Those Who Knew Him Best," Curtis B. Solberg, June 1972
13 Biographical information about Peder Gald (1904-1988), 2002-2015
14 Family tree, reminiscences, obituaries, ca. 1957-2013

Box 3:    Photographic prints (and copies):
11251-00001 Christ with new car, Martha (15 years old), Rachel with Ragna (2 years old) Solberg, ca. 1920s (copy)
11251-00002 Portrait of James R. (Jim) Solberg (1 year old), ca. 1935 (copy)
11251-00003 James R. (Jim) Solberg with dog in front of bank building in which Oscar Solberg's family lived. The
bank had failed in the depression, Benson County (N.D.), 1936 (copy)
11251-00004 Portrait of James R. (Jim) Solberg, ca. 1937 (Slorby photograph, Devils Lake, N.D.)
11251-00005 Portrait of James R. (Jim) Solberg upon graduating from community college, 1953
11251-00006 James R. (Jim) Solberg at Reed College, ca. 1953-1954
11251-00007 Elizabeth and Oscar Ronning Solberg, before 1971
11251-00008 Elizabeth Ronning Solberg in open casket, February 16, 1971
11251-00009 Jim Solberg with Ole Solberg family's palomino stallion, "Golden Rocket," spring 1948
11251-00010 Jim Solberg's high school graduation portrait, 1951
11251-00011 Curtis Solberg's high school graduation portrait, 1956
11251-00012 Left to right: Tom, Pete, Beth and Chris Solberg, grandchildren of Oscar and Betty Solberg, ca.
11251-00013  Ole and Alma Ronning with identified (Betty's oldest brother and wife), ca. 1960s
11251-00014 Boy with bicycle, Vallejo (Calif.), Christmas 1962
11251-00015 Martin and Ella Ronning (Betty's brother and sister-in-law), ca. 1960s
11251-00016 Betty Solberg,  Vallejo Kaiser Hospital, Vallejo (Calif.), 1948
11251-00017 Betty and Jim Solberg,  Vallejo Kaiser Hospital, Vallejo (Calif.),
11251-00018 Betty Solberg, Vallejo (Calif.), 1958
11251-00019 Portrait of Martha Solberg in nurses' uniform, ca. 1925 (oldest sister of Oscar. Martha trained at the Rugby Hospital and was one of the first nurse anesthetists in the profession)
11251-00020 -00021 Portraits of Jim Solberg, principal, Seaside High School (Monterey, Calif.), ca. 1969-1974
11251-00022 Oscar, Betty, Curt Solberg at the Ronning farm, Harlow (N.D.), 1948
11251-00023 Betty Solberg's graveside services, Vallejo (Calif.), 1971
11251-00024 Chris, Beth and Tom Solberg, ca. 1960
11251-00025 Curtis and brother James visiting at Curtis' home, Santa Barbara (Calif.), 1999
11251-00026 Oscar Solberg family home, Portland (Or.), 1942 (copy)
11251-00027 Oscar Solberg family, Portland (Or.), 1943 (copy)
11251-00028 Martha Solberg picking lemons in Arizona, fall 1968
11251-00029 Oscar Solberg family at Vallejo (Calif.), gathered for David's wedding to Margaret Werth, ca. 1960s
11251-00030 David and Curtis Colberg playing with dog PeeWee at project housing, Vallejo (Calif.), ca. 1949
11251-00031 Oscar Solberg family at Christmas, Vallejo (Calif.), 1966
11251-00032 Ted and Rogna Hewitt, Martha Solberg and unidentified, probably in Fargo (N.D.), ca. 1960
11251-00033 Curtis, James, and David Solberg in backyard at Vallejo (Calif.), 1951
11251-00034 Elizabeth Solberg at home, ca. 1960s
11251-00035 Oscar Solberg family: from left: Oscar, Dave with Maggie, Peter, Betty, Jim with Christ, Delores, Curt with Kaari, and Julie,  Christmas 1966
11251-00036  Curt Solberg's Norwegian house in Santa Barbara (Calif.), ca. 1960s
11251-00037 Oscar and Elizabeth at Kaiser Clinic, Vallejo (Calif.), 1949
11251-00038 Oscar waiting in the Green Room, Santa Barbara (Calif.), to record Coming Home
11251-00039 - 00040 Betty Solberg's graveside services, Vallejo (Calif.), 1971
11251-00041 Alma Rognlie Ronning (wife of Ole Ronning, sister-in-law of Betty Solberg in Alma's flower garden
at the Ronning farm, Harlow [n.d.])
11251-00042 Oscar Solberg family, Vallejo (Calif.), 1953
11251-00043 James Solberg with Christopher, Sierra Nevada foothills, near Nevada City (Calif.), fall 1958
11251-00044 Curtis Solberg at home in Santa Barbara (Calif.), 1971
11251-00045 David, James and Curtis Solberg with grandson Trevor, Solberg farm, York (N.D.), ca. 1987
11251-00046 Oscar and James Solberg with Oscar's sister Ruda Kingsbury, Santa Barbara (Calif.), ca. 1995

(PDF) Reminiscence about Olina (Löken) Solberg's arrival in North Dakota by Peder Gald, 1983; Solberg family
tree, and obituary of Christ Solberg

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