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State Agency Records - Historical Data Project, Local Histories- #30548

Title: State Historical Society. Historical Data Project. Local Histories

Dates: 1936-1940

Record Series: 30548

Quantity: 8.5 feet/12 rolls #16201-16212

Abstract: Consists of historical sketches of many North Dakota political subdivisions, businesses, social and fraternal organizations, schools, churches, political and military organizations, labor organizations, and prominent citizens.

Provenance: The North Dakota State Archives acquired these records series through the auspices of the Historical Data Project, Professional and Service Division, Work Projects Administration, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota, ca.1936-1940.

Copyright: Public records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

Access: These records are available for public inspection under provision of the North Dakota Century Code, 55-02.1-08.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the record group, series name and number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Established in April 1936, the Historical Data Project was sponsored by the Division of Women' and Professional Projects, Work Progress Administration and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The purpose of the Historical Data Project was to gather biographical and historical information on early settlers in North Dakota. To limit the scope of the survey, a "pioneer" was "defined as a person who was born before 1870 and who lived in Dakota Territory prior to the division into North and South Dakota, or as the first settler in a township." In addition, Historical Data Project personnel prepared historical sketches of North Dakota counties, cities, townships, agriculture, fraternal organizations, political parties, population, railroads, climate, natural resources, prominent citizens, etc., and prepared transcripts of early North Dakota county and township records having genealogical and historical value. The survey work of the Historical Data Project ceased in 1940.

The Local Histories, Series 30548, occupy 8.5 feet and are arranged alphabetically by county.  The history files contain historical sketches of North Dakota counties, cities, townships, climate, natural resources, churches, military units, schools, businesses, labor organizations, recreation, railroads, political parties, fraternal and civic organizations, agriculture, population, and prominent citizens.  Many of the history files include "Pioneer Data Forms," "Old Settler Questionnaires," maps, newspaper clippings, notes, reminiscences, survey forms, and correspon­dence concerning the collection of data.  Much of the information used to write the Local Histories was gleaned from the Pioneer Biography Files.

Box / Folder Inventory

Box 97:
1 Adams County, Township History Records Forms
2 Adams County History
3 Adams County, City Histories
4 Barnes County, Dakota Territory, Township Record Book
5 Barnes County, Valley City History
6 Barnes County, Pioneer Club Book
7 Barnes County, City Histories
8 Barnes County, Valley City History
9 Benson County, City Histories
10 Benson County, Minnewaukan City History
11 Benson County History File
12 Benson County, Esmond City History
13 Benson County History File
14 Billings County History File
15 Bottineau County, Bottineau City History
16 Bottineau County, City Histories
17 Bottineau County, Bottineau City History
18 Bottineau County, Township Histories
19 Bottineau County History File
20 Bottineau County, Westhope City History
21 Bowman County, Township Histories
22 Bowman County, Scranton City History
23 Bowman County History File
24 Bowman County, Griffin City History
25 Bowman County History File
26 Bowman County, Bowman City History
27 Burke County History File
28 Burke County, Bowbells City History
29 Burleigh County, Bismarck History File
30 Cass County, Fargo History
31 Cass County, City Histories
32 Cass County Township Histories
33 Cass County, Township Histories
34 Cass County History, newspaper clippings
35 Cavalier County, Langdon City History
36 Cavalier County, Township Histories
37 Cavalier County, Town History
38 Cavalier County History File
39 Cavalier County, newspaper clippings
40 Dickey County, Township Histories
41 Dickey County, Ellendale City History
42 Dickey County History File
43 Dickey County, City Histories
44 Divide County History File
45 Divide County, Township Histories
46 Divide County, Township Histories
47 Divide County, Township Histories

Box 98:
1 Divide County, City Histories
2 Dunn County History File
3 Eddy County History File
4 Emmons County History File
5 Emmons County History File
6 Emmons County, Linton City History, Social Clubs
7 Emmons County, City Histories
8 Foster County History File
9 Foster County, Notes from the Foster County Independent, 1890s
10 Golden Valley, Beach City History
11 Golden Valley County History File
12 Grand Forks County, newspaper clippings
13 Grand Forks County, Township Histories
14 Grand Forks County, City Histories
15 Grand Forks County, Grand Forks, North Dakota
16 Grant County History File
17 Griggs County History File
18 Griggs County, Cooperstown City History
19 Hettinger County History File
20 Hettinger County, Mott City History
21 Hettinger County History File
22 Kidder County, City Histories
23 Kidder County History File
24 Kidder County, Township Histories
25 Kidder County, Steele, North Dakota
26 LaMoure County, Churches
27 LaMoure County History File
28 LaMoure County, Township Histories
29 LaMoure County, City Histories
30 LaMoure County, LaMoure City History
31 Logan County History File
32 Logan County, Township Histories
33 Logan County History File
34 Logan County, City Histories
35 McHenry County, City Histories
36 McHenry County, Towner City History
37 McHenry County, Township Histories
38 McHenry County, City Histories
39 McIntosh County, Ashley History
40 McIntosh County, Zeeland City History
41 McIntosh County History File
42 McKenzie County History File
43 McKenzie County, Alexander City History
44 McKenzie County, Watford City History
45 McLean County, Russian Jews, Washburn and Wilton
46 McLean County, City Histories
47 McLean County, Township Histories
48 McLean County History File
49 McLean County History File
50 Mercer County History File
51 Mercer County, City Histories
52 Mercer County, Stanton City History
53 Morton County, City Histories
54 Morton County, Mandan City History
55 Morton County, Township Histories
56 Morton County, Township Histories
57 Mountrail County History File
58 Mountrail County, City Histories
59 Mountrail County History File
60 Mountrail County, Stanley City History
61 Mountrail County, Township Histories
62 Nelson County, Lakota City History
63 Nelson County History File

Box 99:
1 Nelson County History File
2 Oliver County Records Forms
3 Oliver County History File
4 Oliver County, Village of Center
5 Pembina County, City Histories
6 Pierce County History File
7 Pierce County Records Forms
8 Ramsey County History File
9 Ramsey County, Incorporation of Cities and Villages
10 Ramsey County History File
11 Ransom County, City of Lisbon History
12 Ransom County, City Histories
13 Ransom County History File
14 Renville County, Township Histories
15 Renville County, Township Histories
16 Renville County, Township Histories
17 Renville County, Mohall History
18 Renville County, City Histories
19 Renville County, Township Histories
20 Richland County History File
21 Richland County History File
22 Richland County, Township Histories
23 Richland County, Colfax City History
24 Richland County, Walcott City History
25 Richland County, Wahpeton City History
26 Richland County, City Histories
27 Richland County History File
28 Richland County History File
29 Richland County History File
30 Richland County History File
31 Richland County History File

Box 100:
1 Rolette County, Rolla City History
2 Rolette County, City Histories
3 Rolette County, Township Histories
4 Sargent County, Forman History
5 Sargent County History File
6 Sargent County, City Histories
7 Sargent County, Township Histories
8 Sargent County, Township Histories
9 Sioux County, City Histories
10 Sioux County History File
11 Sioux County, Township Histories
12 Fort Yates Indian Agency, Miscellaneous Letters, 1870s-1880s
13 Slope County, newspaper clippings
14 Stark County History File
15 Stark County, Dickinson City History
16 Stark County, newspaper clippings
17 Stark County History File
18 Steele County History File
19 Steele County, newspaper clippings
20 Steele County, Finley City History
21 Steele County, City Histories
22 Stutsman County, Jamestown City History
23 Stutsman County, Township Histories
24 Stutsman County History File
25 Towner County, Cando City History
26 Towner County History File
27 Towner County, Township History Records Form
28 Traill County, Hatton City History
29 Traill County, Mayville City History
30 Traill County History File
31 Traill County, Hillsboro City History
32 Traill County, Portland City History
33 Traill County, Buxton City History
34 Traill County, Caledonia City History
35 Traill County, newspaper clippings
36 Traill County History File
37 Walsh County, Township Histories
38 Walsh County, City Histories
39 Ward County History File
40 Ward County, Teresa Murphy
41 Ward County, Edward J. Olson
42 Ward County, Township Histories
43 Ward County, Minot City History

Box 101:
1 Ward County, Minot City History
2 Ward County, Minot City History
3 Ward County, Minot City History
4 Ward County, Minot City History
5 Ward County, Minot City History
6 Ward County, Minot City History
7 Ward County, City Histories
8 Wells County, Township History Records Forms
9 Wells County History File
10 Wells County, Township Histories
11 Wells County, Fessenden City History
12 Williams County History File
13 Williams County History File
14 Williams County, Ray City History
15 Williams County, Ray City History
16 Williams County, newspaper clippings
17 Williams County, Tioga City History
18 Williams County, Wheelock City History
19 Williams County, Wildrose City History
20 Williams County, Williston City History
21 Williams County, Williston City History
22 Williams County, Williston City History
23 Williams County, Williston City History
24 Williams County, Williston City History
25 Williams County, Williston City History
26 Williams County, Township Histories

Box 112:
1 Biographies
2 Biographies
3 County Histories - Miscellaneous 1
4 County Histories - Miscellaneous 2
5 Adams County
6 Barnes County
7 Benson County
8 Billings County
9 Bottineau County
10 Bowman County
11 Burke County
12 Burleigh County
13 Burleigh County
14 Burleigh County
15 Cass County
16 Cass County
17 Cavalier County
18 Dickey County
19 Divide County
20 Dunn County
21 Eddy County
22 Emmons County
23 Foster County
24 Golden Valley County
25 Grand Forks County
26 Grant County
27 Griggs County
28 Griggs County
29 Griggs County

Box 113:
1 Kidder County
2 LaMoure County
3 Logan County
4 McHenry County
5 McIntosh County
6 McIntosh County
7 McKenzie County
8 McLean County, Township Histories
9 McLean County
10 Mercer County
11 Mercer County
12 Morton County
13 Mountrail County
14 Mountrail County
15 Mountrail County
16 Nelson County
17 Oliver County
18 Pembina County
19 Pierce County
20 Ramsey County
21 Ransom County
22 Renville County
23 Richland County, Mary Lav Gotham
24 Richland County, Hannah Overboe
25 Richland County
26 Rolette County
27 Sargent County
28 Sheridan County
29 Sioux County

Box 114:
1 Slope County
2 Stark County
3 Steele County
4 Stutsman County
5 Stutsman County
6 Towner County
7 Traill County
8 Traill County
9 Walsh County
10 Ward County
11 Ward County
12 Ward County
13 Ward County
14 Ward County
15 Wells County
16 Williams County
17 Agriculture
18 Census reports
19 Climate-general
20 Flora and Fauna, No. 1
21 Flora and Fauna, No. 2
22 Natural resources
23 Natural resources
24 Songs and poems of North Dakota
25 Blizzard of 1888
26 Cities of North Dakota Over 500
27 Diary of the Frances Hamilton Lykken Trip to California, 1852
28 North Dakota Forts
29 Directory of State Officials

Box 115:
1 Local organizations, general
2 Marquis De Mores
3 Alex McKenzie materials
4 Child Slavery
5 National Guard
6 Miscellaneous North Dakota newspaper clippings
7 Newspaper copy, general
8 Northern Pacific Railway
9 Railroads (other than Northern Pacific)
10 Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Report, March 10, 1884
11 Political parties
12 Confidential file
13 Report on founding of UND; transfer of Capital to Bismarck; information on the State School at Ellendale
14 Journal of the Sibley Expedition
15 Killing of Sitting Bull
16 General A. Sully
17 Theodore Roosevelt file
18 List of U.N.D. instructors
19 Indian mounds
20 North Dakota holidays
21 Newspaper clippings

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