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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10556

Title: Burr A. Dickinson Papers

Dates: 1918-1946

Collection Number:  10556

Quantity: 3.5 feet

Abstract: Includes correspondence, contracts, stocks, and leases relating to ventures in gold mining and oil exploration during the 1920s and 1930s, ephemera, and one publication by Charles Coulter. B.A., as he was known, was the first settler of Ryder (N.D.), and was a member of the state legislature. In 1924, he moved his law practice to Minot (N.D.) distinguishing himself in the practice of law litigation. He served as Ward County States Attorney and county judge.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Burr A. Dickinson Papers from Robert B. Dickinson in April 1990.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.



Burr A. Dickinson was one of eight children born to Ransler James and Alice Lillian Smith Dickinson. He was born September 3, 1877 in Washington County, Minnesota and attended elementary and high school in Lakeland, MN. He taught school for five years and homesteaded near Velva ND before earning a law degree at the University of Minnesota and being admitted to the North Dakota Bar in 1906. Dickinson was married to Laura W. J. Rosenquist of Ladysmith Wisconsin on May 1, 1907. She was born February 17, 1888 in River Falls Wisconsin to Aaron and Grace C. Wilcox Rosenquist. Aaron Rosenquist came to the United States from Lund, Sweden and his wife was born in Springfield Illinois.

Dickenson was involved in the early establishment of Ryder ND, was a member of the Dickinson and Johnson law firm in Minot, was president of the Ryder Board of Education, and served a term in the state legislature. B. A. and Laura Dickinson had three children: Richard Aaron, Robert Burr, and Barbara Alice (Mrs. S. D. Kively). B. A. Dickinson died in Minot December 20, 1955. His wife Laura died in Minot July 19, 1965.


Box 1:
1 Address Book                
2 Correspondence, Alphabetical                              
3 Correspondence, Misc.                             
4 History                             
5 ND Gold Assay Record                1931-1935           

Box 2:
1 American Smelting and Refining Co.                    
2 Balta Leases                   
3 Brush Lake Leases                       
4 Buffalo Lake Leases                    
5 Buffalo Lodge Lake                     
6 Bucheit Grants Contract                           
7 Cottonwood Lake Leases                         
8 Denbeigh Placer                           
9 Dickinson-Alexander Contract, Etc.                      
10 Dickinson-Alsdorf Contract, Etc.                          
11 Dickinson-Coulter                     
12 Dickinson-Bavey                        
13 Dickinson-Heynman                 
14 Dickinson-Jefferson                 
15 Dickinson-Kanen                       
16 Dickinson-Kiefer                        
17 Dickinson-Ried                           
18 Eaton Lease                 
19 Esmond Leases                          
20 Predeen Title Oil                        
21 Fredricks-Northrup-Dickinson                             
22 Grant-Bentley                            
23 Grant-Jefferson, Releases and Assignments                 
24 Hemdahl Leases                        
25 Ind??d?l Leases-see 55                           
26 Lands wanted for lease                          
27 Lease sales                   
28 Lions Club                     
29 Prospects for operation                         
30 Miscellaneous(?)-McHenry County                   

Box 3:
1 Obrien Lake Leases                     
2 Palermo Leases                            
3 Palmberg Leases-(Lake Nettie)                             
4 Political file                     
5 Production Engineering Co.                     
6 Rice Lake Leases                          
7 Sheyenne Lake Leases                              
8 Sodium Sulfate                             
9 Strawberry Lake Leases                            
10 Swisher                         
11 Velva Leases                               
12 Wintering River                          
13 Assay & General Information                               
14 Colorado & ND Development Co. Van Sickle                 
15 Colorado-North Dakota Development Co.                     
16 Reconstruction finance loan. [File states: loan application file 1935]    1935
17 Shakelford contract-Dickinson, Bentley and Strawberry Lake                 1936      

Box 4:
1 Cox contract                  
2 Benedum-Trees-Dickinson                      
3 John Grant-Cal.-Nevada                           
4 Bucheit-Dickinson                       
5 Fredeen Oil Development Co.                               
6 Denbeigh Consolidated Gold M. Co.    1937      
7 Dickinson-personal-see 25                      
8 Dickinson-Campbell, Pearl & Smith. Esmond, ND           
9 Dickinson-Herigstad                   
10 Paul Bovey Contract                 
11 Mair, Harry W. process report                             
12 Ponsford, J.J. Assay report                    
13 Maps, plats, etc.                        
14 Renstrom-Dickinson contract                               
15 Hart, Herman S.                         
16 White-E.L. Dickinson                
17 Last Chance Mine. Radersburg, Mark                               
18 Northwestern Gold Placer's Project                  
19 Receipts & Bills [E.E. Fredeen-Colorado- trust 1943]   1943      
20 Ward County reports, etc.                     
21 General Correspondence                      
22 J.R. ????                        
23 Fredeen-Velva                           
24 W.W. Keefer contract,             1936      
25 Coulter, Charles Caruthers Report      1936      
26 McHenry County projects      1935      
27 Ted Arnold    1936      
28 Civics and Citizenship                               
29 Dickinson-28 Project and Gold Assays               1935      
30 Assays  Lewis Waker                
31 E.E. Meyer Contract and Correspondence Velva          1944      
32 no label                         
33 Mo. Slope and E.E. Fredeen Oil Development Co.      
34 Des Lacs Oil Co. 1922-1924. Stock                        
35 Minot Oil and Gas      1918      
36 Zenith Oil Co. 1927 A.M. Fruh                               
37 Minot and ND Exploration Co. of St. Paul.        1932      
38 McHenry County.                      
39 J.O. Flyken Contract 1933      
40 Globe Exploration and Financing Corporation  1919, 1926        
41 no label                         
42 Tri-State Stock                            
43 Great Western Oil      1918, 1926          
44 Blue Hill Oil Company                1945      
45 Ryder-Rosglen Oil Field. Danielson-Larson-
46 Fredeen-Dickinson    1946      
47 Post WW II interest                  
48 no label                         
49 Wiley Report-North Dakota 1918 (Tuttle)                       
50 Minot Daily News on Dickinson            1935      
51 Stock Certificate Book                             

Oversize - 41
A Reconnaissance Geologic, Topographic, and Economic Survey of the Great North Dakota
Auriferous Glacial Deposits, and Appraisal of Values Therein. By Charles Coulter, Denver, Colo.

1 Velva Project 1932, 1939       
2 Coulter Survey                              
3 Stock Certificate Book                               
4 Ephemera                       

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