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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10580

Title: Prairie Public Radio. Prairie Weekly Radio Broadcast

Dates: 1989-1998

Collection Number: 10580

Quantity: 133 audio cassette tapes

Abstract: Consists of the weekly interviews of the state's political leaders and citizens discussing the current issues and topical issues important to happenings in North Dakota. All interviews were conducted by Dave Thomson, Prairie Public Radio, Bismarck ND for the show, Prairie News Journal. Each tape is 30 minutes in length.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Prairie Public Weekly Radio Broadcasts from Dave Thompson beginning in December 1983, with several additions in later years.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights:  Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation:   Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Tape Number / Interviewee, date
1516       Richardson, John. State Board of Higher Education. 8/27/90          
1517       Omdahl, Lloyd. 11/3/90  
1518       Kramer, Kevin, GOP Executive Director. Kautzman, Eric, Democratic-NPL Executive Director. 11/10/90. Aftermath of the 1990 election              
1519       Olson, John. Former state Minority leader. 11/17/90. Sunday Shopping and other legislative issues.          
1520       Spaeth, Nick. North Dakota Attorney General. 12/1/90.                  
1521       Sinner, Governor George. 12/8/90.          
1522       Haeffner, Fred. North Dakota Economic Development Director. 12/8/90.               
1523       Sanstead, Wayne. State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 12/22/90.                
1524       Kusler, Jim. Secretary of State. 12/29/90.               
1525       Hagen, Craig. North Dakota Labor Commissioner. 1/5/91.     
1526       Schneider, John. House Minority Leader, D-Fargo. 1/12/91.          
1527       Rayl, Dick. North Dakota Budget Director. 1/17/91.            
1528       Clifford, Tom. UND President and Interim Higher Education Chancellor. 1/26/91.
1529       Satrom, Senator Joe, D-Bismarck and member of Senate Appropriations Committee. 2/2/91.  
1530       Dalrymple, Representative Jack. R-Casselton. 2/9/91.      
1531       Heinrich, Sen. Bonnie. D-Bismarck and Chairman of Senate Education Committee. 2/16/91.  
1532       Rydell, Rep. Kathy. R-Bismarck.2/23/91.                 
1533       Dave Thompson, Jack Zaleski, and Darrell Dorgan. 3/2/91. Covering the Gulf War
1534       Nelson, Gary, R-Casselton, Senate Minority Leader. 3/16/91.       
1557       Heigaard, Sen. William, Majority leader, D.-Langdon. 3/21/91.     
1558       Lips, Sen. Evan, R-Bismarck. 3/30/91.       
1559       Senators Bill Heigaard, Langdon, and Ray Holmberg, Grand Forks. 4/6/91. Reapportionment KCND            
1560       Rydell, Cathy, R-Bismarck and Sen. Corliss Mushik, D-Mandan. 4/12/91.
1582       Reporter Roundtable: Carter Wood, Tim Roby, Darrell Dorgan, Jack Zaleski. 4/20/91.     
1668       Nelson, Senator Gary, R-Casselton. Senate Minority leader. 3-14-91.        
1669       Olson, John. Dunn, Eddie discuss growing North Dakota. 4-27-91.               
1670       Vogel, Sarah. Agricultural Commissioner. 5-4-91.                
1671       Armstrong, Myrt. North Dakota Mental Health Association. 5-10-91.    
1672       Easton, Steve. U.S. Attorney. 5-18-91.     
1673       Coad, Bob. Deputy warden, ND State Penitentiary. 5-25-91.         
1674       MacDonald, Alexander. North Dakota Adjutant General. 6-1-91.                
1675       Heitkamp, Heidi.  North Dakota Tax Commissioner. 6-8-91.            
1676       Omdahl, Lloyd. Lieutenant Governor. 6-15-91.    
1677       Omdahl, Lloyd. Lieutenant Governor. 6-15-91.    
1678       Gauper, Larry. Vice-President of Blue Cross-Blue Shield. 6-22-91.               
1679       Kusler, Jim. Secretary of State. On reapportionment. 6-29-91.     
1680       Pomeroy, Earl. Insurance Commissioner. 7-6-91.                
1681       Pomeroy, Earl. Insurance Commissioner. 7-6-91.                
1682       Cramer, Kevin. North Dakota GOP Chair. 7-10-91.              
1683       Cramer, Kevin. North Dakota Republican Party Chairman. 7-13-91.             
1684       Sanstead, Wayne. ND Superintendent of Public Instruction. 7-17-91.        
1685       Rayl, Dick. Budget Director talks about the fiscal situation. 7-27-91.            
1686       Pomeroy, Glenn. Securities Commissioner. 8-10-91.
1687       Cascalenda, Joe. Economic Development consultant. 8-24-91.     
1688       Wentz, Dr. Robert. State Health Officer, on mercury levels in Devils Lake. 8-31-91.
1689       Kasell, Carl. National Public Radio newscaster. 9-7-91.      
1690       Sydness, Steve and Ed Schafer, GOP candidate hopefuls. 9-14-91.             
1691       Dorgan, Byron. U.S. Representative. 9-21-91.      
1692       Jones, Lloyd, ND Game and Fish Commissioner. 8-17-91.                
1693       Dorgan, ND Congressman Byron. 9-19-91.             
1694       MacDonald, Gen. Alexander. Speaks on "Desert Storm-one year later". 10-10-91.             
1695       Spaeth, Attorney General Nick, discusses running for governor. 11-16-91.
1696       Schafer, Ed. GOP governor candidate. 11-23-91.                 
1708       North Dakota Journalists Review, 1991. 1-4/82    
1709       Nelson, Gary. Republican Governor candidate. 1-8-92     
1710       Sinner, George. 1-11-92                 
1711       Lindgren, John. Fargo Mayor and Democratic candidate for Governor. 1-25-92
1712       Porter, Gary. 2-7-92         
1713       Korsmo, John. Republican Congressional candidate. 2-15-92         
1714       Heigaard, Bill. Senate Majority Leader and Democratic candidate for Governor. 12-28-91                
1760       Dorgan, Darrell/Jack Zaleski. Journalists Roundtable. 1/29/92.      
1761       Omdahl, Lt. Governor Lloyd, on the 1992 primary season. 2/22/92.            
1762       Pomeroy, Earl discusses the health insurance crisis. 2/29/92.        
1763       Sydness, Steve Republican US Senate Candidate. 3/7/92.              
1764       Fenno, Dr. Richard, author of book on the 1986 Andrews campaign/Rep. Dorgan on bad checks. 3/21/92.               
1765       Bohn, Richard, Director of Economic Development and Finance. 4/11/92.
1766       Hanson, Robert, State Treasurer. 4/25/92.            
1767       Schafer, Ed, GOP Gubernatorial candidate. 5/2/92.           
1768       Spaeth, Nicholas. Attorney General Gubernatorial Candidate. 5/9/92.     
1769       Kusler, Jim. Secretary of State on the 1992 primary election. 6/6/92.         
1770       Kusler, Jim. Secretary of State on the 1992 primary election. 6/6/92.         
1771       Journalist roundtable post-primary elections 6/13/92.     
1772       Jones, Lloyd, North Dakota Game and Fish Commissioner. 6/20/92.          
1773       Sydness, Steve. GOP US Senate candidate. 7/4/92.           
1774       Blount, Grady. Independent Congressional Candidate. 7/11-13/92.           
1802       Heitkamp, Heidi.  North Dakota Tax Commissioner and Attorney General Candidate. 7/18/92.   
1803       Albrecht, Warren "Duke".  Republican Attorney General Candidate.  7/25/92.      
1804       Korsmo, John.  Republican Congressional Candidate.  8/8/92.       
1805       Dorgan, Byron.  Congressman and Democratic Candidate for the U.S. Senate.  8/15/92.  
1806       Hagstrom, Jerry.  North Dakota born author and political columnist for the National Journal.  8/22-24/92.                
1807       Morrison, Dan.  Chairman of Steering Committee for the North Dakota Progressive Coalition.  8/29/92.                   
1808       Darryl Dorgan, host of Prairie Public Television's "Prairie News Journal" and Jack Zaleski, Editorial Page Editor of the Fargo Forum.  9/5-7/92.                 
1809       Schafer, Ed and Spaeth, Nicholas.  Republican Ed Schafer and Democrat Nicholas Spaeth, Candidates for Governor of North Dakota.  10/20/92.          
1810       Hill, Dennis.  Executive Director of North Dakota Rural Electric Cooperatives and co-chair of the "Committee of 40," promoting the "Growing North Dakota" program.  10/31-11/2/92.   
1811       Schafer, Ed.  Governor-elect Ed Schafer.  11/7-9/92.         
1812       Pomeroy, Earl.  United States Congressman Earl Pomeroy, D.- N.D.  12/5/92.
1813       Sinner, George.  Former Governor George Sinner of North Dakota.  12/12/92.    
1814       Journalists Darryl Dorgan, Jack Zaleski and Matt Cecil, Capitol Writer for the Fargo Forum.  12/19/92.   
1815       Treadway, Dr. Douglas.  Chancellor of the North Dakota University System.  12/26/92.    
1816       Journalists' Roundtable.  1/2/93.                
1817       Martin, Bob and Wogslund, Dan.  House Majority Leader Bob Martin and Senate Majority Leader Dan Wogslund.  1/9/93.           
1818       Pomeroy, Earl.  United States Congressman Earl Pomeroy.  1/16/93.         
1819       Pomeroy, Glenn. North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Glenn Pomeroy. 1/25/93.
1820       Nelson, Gary and Oban, Bill.  Senate Minority Leader Gary Nelson and House Minority Leader Bill Oban.  1/30/93.                   
1821       House Appropriations Chairman Jack Dalrymple and Senate Appropriations Chairman Harvey Tallackson.  1/30/93.                   
1822       Senators Bonnie Heinrich and David O'Connell and Representative Orville Schindler.  2/13/93.   
1823       Representative Cathy Rydell.  2/20/93.                   
1824       Representative Cathy Rydell.  2/20/93.                   
1825       Representative Cathy Rydell.  2/20/93.                   
1826       Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Tim Mathern.  3/6/93.           
1827       Speaker of the House Rick Berg.  3/13/93.             
1828       North Dakota Economic Development Director Chuck Stroup.  3/20/93.
1829       North Dakota Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp.  3/27/93.
1830       North Dakota Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp.  3/27/93.           
1831       State Senator Jim Maxon.  4/5/93.            
1832      State Senator Jim Maxon.  4/5/93.             
1833       Representative Moine Gates.  4/9/93.   
1834       State Senator Jay Lindgren.  4/24/93.       
1835       Journalists' Roundtable.  5/1/93.                
1836       Chancellor of the North Dakota University System Dr. Douglas Treadway.  5/8/93.
1837       North Dakota Human Services Director Bud Wessman.  5/15/93.                 
1838       Expert on the elderly Patricia Moore, who conducted a test from 1979 to 1982 to examine society's treatment of senior citizens by acting as an elderly woman.  5/22/93.
1839       North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Glenn Pomeroy.  5/29/93.             
1840       North Dakota Director of Tourism Kevin Cramer.  6/12/93.             
1841       State Health Officer Dr. John Rice.  6/19/93.          
1842       United States Senator Byron Dorgan.  6/26/93.                   
1891       Conrad, Kent/6-5-93/      
1892       Briggs, Brian, Ex. Dir. Health Care Task Force 7/7/93-7/9/93     
1893       Hagen, Craig, Labor Commissioner 7/10/93-7/12/93
1894       Korsmo, John, ND GOP Chairman 7/12-7/14/93             
1895       Hoeven, John, Bank of North Dakota President 7/24/93               
1896       FEMA discusses flood relief on PPR 7/31-8/2/93             
1897       Heitkamp, Heidi, ND Attorney General 8/14-8/16/93               
1898       Gargan, Jack, founder THRO and the Independence Party 8/23/93       
1899       Conrad, US Senator 9/4-9/6/93         
1900       Wapato, Tim, Ex. Dir. National Indian Gaming Association 9/11-9/13/93           
1901       Satrom, Joe, The Nature Conservancy 9/18-9/20/93 
1902       Hilkes, Peter, East European Institute 10/16-10/18/93               
1903       Brosseau, Terry, Med-Center One, Bismarck 9/24-9/26/93      
1904       Alm, Diane, ND Workers Compensation Director 11/1/93
1905       Cramer, Kevin, Tourism Director 11/6-11/8/93              
1906       Dorgan, Byron, D-ND 11/13-11/15/93             
1907       McEnroe, Mike, US Fish and Wildlife 11/20-11/22/93               
1908       Schafer, Governor Edward talks about his first year in office 12/11/93   
1909       Pomeroy, Earl 1/8/94
1910       Conrad, Kent 1/15-1/17/94    
1911       Porter, Gary, GOP Congressional Candidate 1/29/94     
1912       Geiger, Keith, NEA President 2/5/94
1913       Gilmore, Kathy, State Treasurer 2/12/94              
1914       Stoup, Chuck, Economic Development Director 2/19/94               
1915       Omdahl, Lloyd, Re: Political season 2/22/94
1916       Wessman, Bud, ND Human Services Director 2/26/94    
1917       Clayburgh, Ben, US Senate candidate 3/5/94
1918       Sydness, Steve, US Senate Candidate 3/7/92     
1919       Cool, KL, ND Game and Fish Director 3/12/94
1920       Larson, Rod, ND Blue Cross/Blue Shield Vice President 3/19-3/21/94  
1921       Vogel, Sarah, ND Ag Commissioner 3-26-3/28/94       
1922       Journalists Roundtable, Darrell Dorgen, Carter Wood, Bill Nowling, Dave Thompson 4/16/94 
1923       Dorgan, Byron /4-9-94/   
1949       Hanson, Bob. State Tax Commissioner 7/2-7/5/93          
1950       Rambur, Dr. Betty. Chairperson, ND Health Task Force 4/23/94               
1951       Lipp, Bill. NDEA President 5/7/94
1952       McEnroe, Mike. U.S. Fish and Wildlife 5/14/94  
1953       Stroup, Chuck. ND EDC Director /5/28/94/              
1954      Pomeroy, Glenn. Insurance Commissioner 6/4/94
1955       Owens, Admiral William. Vice-Chair, Joint Chiefs of Staff 6/18/94             
1956       Heitkamp, Heidi. ND Attorney General 6/25/94     
1957       Nowling, Bill. Darrell Dorgan. Prairie Public TV 7/2/94     
1958       Isaak, Larry. Higher Education Chancellor 7/16/94  
1959       Thomas, Arnold "Chip". ND Hospital Association 7/23/94             
1960       Wright(?), Dr. Karl. State Hospital Supt. 8/6/94       
1961       Porter, Gary. GOP Congressional Candidate 8/20/94      
1962       Kirschenmann, Fred. Organic Farming 9/10/94  
1963       Roundtable 9/17/94
1964       Krug, Judith. American Library Association 9/24/94         
1965       Stroup, Chuck. EDC Director 11/24/94  
1966       Isaak, Larry. Higher Education Chancellor 2/18/95            
1967       Roundtable: Darrell Dorgan, Bill Nowling, Carter Wood, Dave Thompson 2/25/95
1968       Wogsland, Dan. Senate Democratic Leader 4/1/95         
1969       Clayburgh, Dr. Ben. GOP U.S. Senate Candidate n.d.       
1970       Isaak, Larry n.d.                
1971       Dorso, Jim. House Republican Leader n.d.            
1972       Dwyer, John. Exec. Director Lignite Energy Council n.d.  
1973       Nelson, Gary. Senate Majority Leader n.d.           
1974       Wessman, H.C."Bud". Human Services Director (welfare reform) n.d.     
1990       Rambur, Dr. Beverly, Chair, ND Health Care Task Force, PPR 10-9F, 00-11/93
1991       Al Jaeger, Secretary of State  PPR, 6/11/94            
1992       Tim Mathern, Democratic Senator of Fargo-PPR, 4/1/95                 
1993       Gary Porter, ND GOP Chairman on PPR, 4/8/95  
1994       Dorgan, Sen. Byron, on PPR, 7/8/95      
1995       Conrad, Sen. Kent, on PPR, 7/15/95
1996       Dorgan, Byron, 12/23/95                
1997       Schafer, Gov. Ed, PPR, 1/6/96      
1998       Reporter's Roundtable on' the Primary-and Politics PPR, 1/18/96                
1999       Cramer, GOP Congressional Candidate Kevin, on PPR, 3/17/96    
2000       Heitkamp, Heidi, speaking to a child welfare conference in Fargo broadcast on PPR, n.d.                 
2001       Former Bismarck Bishop John Kinmey, on PPR, n.d.            
2002       South Dakota Governor William Janklow, n.d.            
2003       Glenn Pomeroy, Insurance Commissioner on PPR, n.d.     
2004       K. L. Cool, Game & Fish Director, n.d.       
2005       Sarah Vogel, Former ND Agriculture Commissioner on PPR, n.d.                 
2006       Conrad, Sen. Kent, n.d.,                 
2007       Senator Raymond Holmberg, Grand Forks, on PPR, n.d.                  
2008       Senate Majority Leader Gary Nelson, on PPR, n.d.            
2009       House Majority Leader Merle Boucher, (D-Rolette), on PPR, n.d.               
2010       GOP Congressional Candidate Kevin Cramer, on PPR, n.d.             
2011       ND University System Chancellor Larry Isaak, on PPR, n.d.             
2012       President Bill Lipp, ND Education Association, on PPR, n.d.             
2013       Public Service Commission Pres. Susan Wefald, n.d.         
2014       David Meier, DSU-Prairie Public Radio, n.d.,          
2015       Workers Compensation Exec. Dir. Pat Traynor, n.d.           
2016       Post-Primary Reporter Roundtable           
2017       University System Chancellor Larry Isaak, on PPR, n.d.     
2018       Senate Judiciary Chairman Wayne Stenehjem, (R-Grand Forks), on PPR, n.d.
2019       Reporter Roundtable-Dorgan, Darrell, Thompson, Dave, and Zaleski, Jack, n.d.    
2020       Dennis Schimke, R.-Edgeley and Steve Cats of Bismarck, on PPR, n.d.       
2021       Vice Admiral William Owens, V/Chr. Joint Chiefs of Staff on PPR, n.d.
2022       ND GOP Chairman Gary Porter, on PPR, n.d.        
2023       Conrad, Sen. Kent, D-ND, on Prairie Public Radio, n.d.,    
2024       Pomeroy, Congressman Earl, D-ND on Prairie Public Radio, n.d.   
2025       Wogsland, Sen. Dan, D-Hannaford, on PPR, n.d.                 
2026       Callembach, Ernest, author, "Bring' Back the Buffalo" on PPR, n.d.             
2081       Rep. Earl Pomeroy, Dem-ND on PPR, 8/12/95                  
2082       Rick Collin, State Historical Society of North Dakota Communications Director on PPR, 12/9/95
2083       Sen. Raymond Holmberg R-Grand Forks) on PPR, 12-9-1995, n.d.               
2084       Jack Dalrymple on PPR, n.d.         
2085       Myrt Armstrong, ND Mental Health Association on PPR, n.d.        
2086       ND Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp-Juvenile Justice on PPR, n.d.           
2087       Sen. Aaron Krauter (D-Regent) on PPR, n.d. 
3060       Johnson, Roger. North Dakota Ag. Commissioner on the future of agriculture. “We the People on PPR”. 28:30, 2/21/98.
3061       Conn, Dr. Philip. President of Dickinson State University. “We the People on PPR”. 5/9/98.
3062       Ebeltoft, Paul. Pres. Board of Higher Education. “We the People on PPR”. 5/23/98.
3063       Tabor, Sandi. Exec. Director of the ND State Bar Association. “We the People on PPR”. 5/30/98.
3064       Jamieson, Warren. “We the People on PPR”. 6/13/98.
3065       Olson, Carol. Director, ND Dept. of Human Services. “We the People on PPR”. 7/4/98.
3066       Baker, Kendall. University of North Dakota President. 7/18/98.
3067       Wefald, Susan. ND Public Service Commissioner. 10/10/98.
3068 Wegner, Sam. Superintendent State Historical Society of North Dakota. ca. 10/98.
3069       McEnroe, Mike and Alan Sapa. US Fish and Wildlife Service. “We the People on PPR”. n.d.
3070       Wanttaja, Ronald.  n.d.
3071       Holm, Bill. Humorist and Author. “We the People on PPR”. n.d.         

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