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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10860

Title: William L. Leingang Film

Dates: 1960-2000

Collection Number: 10860

Quantity: 4 feet

Abstract: Contains film footage of shot by William L. Leingang and William L. Leingang Jr. 16 mm film features footage of 1969 flood from across eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.  VHS tapes contain footage such as Gordon Kahl, Badlands, oil fields, aerial footage of 1997 flood, and 7th Calvary stock footage.  Slides are of the Meyer Television newscast team including Roger Higgins, Al Gustin, Bob McLeod, Jess Cooper, and Jim Bucklin.

Provenance: William Leingang, Jr. donated his film collection to the State Historical Society of North Dakota in February 2001.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

William “Bill” Leingang Sr.
From Bill Leingang Sr.’s obituary in the Bismarck Tribune, September 4, 2010

William “Bill” Leingang, 83, Bismarck, died September 1, 2010 at St. Alexius Medical Center, Bismarck. 

William Michael “Bill” Leingang was born February 19, 1927, on a farm in Sioux County near Solen, to Ralph and Christine (Beckler) Leingang.

When the drought and dry years came, they moved to Linton.  In 1940, his father passed away and the family moved to Mandan where Bill attended St. Joseph’s grade and Mandan High Schools.  In his sophomore year, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force on June 18, 1945, to serve in World War II until December 17, 1946, when he returned to complete high school, graduating in 1949.  His lifelong love of photography and cinematography began in high school as school photographer and he also worked for Mohr Photo Studio and the Mandan and Palace Theatres.  In the following years, Bill worked with the Army Corps of Engineers, the ND Highway Department, Northwest Mapping, and the Northern Pacific Railroad until September of 1952.

Bill married Donna Boehm at St. Joseph’s Church in Mandan on September 20, 1952. On their honeymoon, they moved to the West Coast and both worked for the International Harvester Co.  After about seven months, they decided to return to the North Dakota they loved and missed and Bill returned to Northwest Mapping. When KFYR-TV came on the air in 1953 he again was able to use his film and photo experience producing movies, commercials, and news pictures and film for the station for over 20 years. He filmed and photographed Presidents from Kennedy to Reagan. During the late 60s and into the late 70s, Bill and Donna co-owned and operated Bill’s Magnavox Home Entertainment Center with Bob Wiest and they later added Guitarland music store with Sam Wangler and Bob Wiest, his business partners. In the 1980s, he and Donna co-managed the Wheel-a-While Roller Skating Rink for 13 years. When the rink closed, he again called upon his photo experience and became the microfilm curator for the North Dakota State Heritage Society, where, among other recordings and restorations he converted and recorded the same films he had produced with KFYR years earlier. Due to illness, Bill retired in 2002, and was memory impaired for all of his retirement years.  Bill was a great, blessed, honest, and sweet spirited husband and father to seven children, grandfather to 22 and great-grandfather to seven, with another new one due any day now. He had a deep and vibrant faith and friendship with God and his Catholic faith. Family and faith were most important.

Bill loved photography, his blue “Beemer” BMW motorcycle, and roller-skating. He often skated as far as six miles a day until his memory loss sidelined him. He had a lifetime love of books and reading and amassed a huge collection of music and a love for which he imparted to his children. He was a maestro on the harmonica. Bill was a skilled artist and drew fabulously funny pictures of and for his grandchildren. A favorite art tradition was his annual Christmas mural on the living room picture window. While he never attended college, he was self-taught in subjects as diverse as theology, physics, geometry, electronics, and optics. He loved to read about politics and political economy.

Now that Bill is back skating on Glory’s side, he waits in Heaven for the love of his life Donna.  He also leaves behind his children, Bill Jr. (Jackie), Colorado Springs, CO; Joe (Deb), Bismarck; Gordy (Jackie), Mandan; Maureen (Duane) Knoll, Bismarck; Kelly Quercia and her fiancé Brad, Boise, ID; John (Jennifer), Castle Rock, CO;  and Rosanne (Kevin) Epperson, Apple Valley, MN. His grandchildren are Will (Rose) and Angela Leingang; Elizabeth (Jason) Vick, Christine, Hannah and John-Del Leingang; Michael (Tricia) and Joey Paul (Nikki) Leingang, Katie Lyn Leingang (Landel) Sutton; Brandon, Jesse and Tara Silbernagel; Emily (Knoll)(Jim) Jefferson; Travis Foster (fiancé Kellie), Mark Knoll, Christopher Beaudoin (fiancé Cailin), Philip Turner Jr.,  Sam and Ben Leingang, and John, Carter, and Elijah Epperson.  Bill also leaves behind his precious great-grandchildren, Ani and Yosef Vick, Isaac and soon-to-be-born Leingang, Jalyn Jefferson, and Madison, Paiton, and Bentley Foster.

Bill also leaves his sister, Lillian Gilbert, sister-in-law Ruth Leingang, sister-in-law Margaret Volk, Aunt Bonita (Beckler) (Art) Hammeral; and nieces and nephews.

Bill is preceded in death by his parents, Ralph Leingang and Christine (Beckler-Leingang) Williamson; and stepfather, Gordon Williamson; big brother Luke and sister Viola.


Slide Inventory

Box 1:
10860-44: Headshot of Roger Higgins, Meyer Television news team, n.d.
10860-45: Headshot of Al Gustin, Meyer Television news team, n.d.
10860-46: Headshot of Bob McLeod, Meyer Television news team, n.d.
10860-47: Headshot of Jess Cooper, Meyer Television news team, n.d.
10860-48: Headshot of Jim Bucklin, Meyer Television news team, n.d.

Videotape Inventory
Film Core: 10860-42: Contains footage of 1969 flooding throughout eastern ND and western MN

Box 1:
10860-01: Garrison Dam Construction Footage #1                            
10860-02: Garrison Dam Construction Footage #2                            
10860-03: S.I.D.S. EMT Version #1                            
10860-04: S.I.D.S. EMT Version #2                            
10860-05: Doc Ralph Hubbard as “Chief Black Hawk”                       
10860-06: S.I.D.S. Law Enforcement #1                  
10860-07: S.I.D.S. Law Enforcement #2                  
10860-08: On a Slant Indian Village                          
10860-09: Pre-Natal Care P.S.A.S ND Department of Health                         
10860-10: ND State Capitol Stock Footage outside scenes                             
10860-11: The Pack Wheel by TSR Inc.                    
10860-12: Jailed: The Story of an American Rancher, the Ken Krisle Story                              
10860-13: “Gordon Kahl” News Footage, Raw footage, 15:41 running time. Number of  interviews, shots of law enforcement waiting to serve warrant and armored personnel carrier. KFYR may have rights to this footage.                     
10860-14: “Provident Life” Stock footage, circa 1955        
10860-15: Liberty House Press Conference 1st and other footage                             
10860-43: Red River Valley flooding from South Dakota on up into Canada. Bill Leingang (camera) and Bob Watts (pilot), 1997

Box 2:
10860-16: The Hughes Junior High Husky Singers #1, May 17, 1986            
10860-17: Century vs. Mandan High School Football, September 29, 1984             
10860-18: The Hughes Junior High Husky Singers #2, May 17, 1986            
10860-19: Graduation Century High School Bismarck ND, 1986    
10860-20: Jailed: The Story of an American Rancher Farm Law Institute, 1985      
10860-21: Bismarck Aviation Terminal
10860-22: Badlands Stock Footage #1: 00:00-1:39 streambed; 1:40 different views of river, cliffs on right and bank on left of river; 2:38 Lone buffalo grazing in distance camera zooms in & out on buffalo to river bottoms; 3:43 hill slope; 4:36-5:49 person taking pictures on top of canyon; 5:52-6:27 wide shot of plateau top mountain? Rock formations; 6:27-7:11 More riverbed with zoom shots of riverside cliffs; 7:20-8:51 hikers on/along trail; 8:55-10:55 Prairie Rose-close up of  flower; 10:59 straight up trail, rabbit on trail; 11:56 prairie dogs eating, building homes, on guard; 17:45 tape is fuzzy; 14:57 Prairie dog chirping; 18:50 bad tape color bar; 19:01 sunset/sunrise on cliffs, buffalo walking along road up the cliff/hill; 20:14 hillside-ravine/valley tracking problems on tape; 22:00 end of tape                         
10860-23: Badlands Stock Footage #2: 00:00-1:14 Horseback riders on trail along fence; 1:23-2:00 horse riding along trail to a corral; 2:05 end of tape.                               
10860-24: Badlands Stock Footage #3: 00:00 sound color bars; 00:29 Buffalo and baby buffalos one is nursing, buffalo herd; 6:49 Cliffs ravine shots-springtime grass is green, buffalo; 10:05 Buffalo herd at rest; 10:23 Hillside/cliff into valley, shot of trail going uphill; 11:47 Rock formation, person (Clayton) on trail hills river & valley; 14:11 Clayton is taking still photographs of rock formation; 16:30 shot of valley; 17:03 Different view of valley, slow pan ending at river; 17:46 River from ravine and up; 20:34 Another view of valley & river with shot of opposing plateau; 20:40 end with color bars.                            
10860-25: Badlands Stock Footage #4: 00:00 sound color bars; 00:40 grayish shot of canyons/badlands pans the formation; 4:16 Badlands hill/mountain with scrub brush; 5:00 wide shot of canyon side and rock serrations, overlook road and valley, pan of canyon & plateaus, rock formations; 7:46 Clayton readying/packing up camera, pine trees, valley meadow; 10:09 overlook of badlands from top of a plateau; 13:57 Sky to overlook of meadows & badlands; 15:00 without polarizer badlands valley and sky sharper picture; 15:50 darker shot of same valley using different camera settings, taping the same scene of badlands valley; 20:46 overlook of a small plateau bright color-dry streambed side of canyons; 21:49 tape is jumps at end .                  
10860-26: Badlands Stock Footage #5: 00:00 color bar with no sound; 00:34 buffalo grazing; 5:29 buffalo walking; 5:39 overlook of badlands; 7:00 photographer shooting pictures of cactus flowers, sound is on, close ups of cactus flowers; 11:48 cactus flower side view; 12:53 cactus flower mid view with surroundings-cactus spines and grass; 14:01 cactus flower in surroundings side view extreme close ups; 16:42 rock formation that looks like a bird’s head and body; 18:52 still the bird rock formation a farther away view, different profiles; 21:10 backside of bird rock formation, tape is jumps at the end. 
10860-27: Badlands Stock Footage #6: 00:00 color bars, tape adjustment and no sound; 00:51 Road into badlands-Overlook; 2:38 Road with car going north instead of south??; 3:38 overlook of badland peaks & valleys-green grass access road in meadow RV is on the road; 5:10 Meadow by road panning cars & RV on road, different shots of road & surroundings; 9:01 view of hills, views of meadows & plateaus; 10:35 view of hillside zooms out to valley; 12:45 photographer taking picture of road, view of road through trees; 12:47 looking up valley to a big plateau top or hill; 13:50 Medora & park, SHSND Medora packing plant site; 16:43 SHSND Chateau de Mores, zooms in & out; 18:41 horseback riders on trail; 20:48 close up of horses walking by camera on trail, by corral fence; 22:01 end.                 
10860-28: Badlands Stock Footage #7: 00:00-00:36 color bars; 00:37 Stone formations no sound, the bird formation from side rear; 1:35 bird head formation from profile view side rear; 2:46 rock faces-formations zooms in & out; 5:22 more rock formations; 6:01 prairie on plateau, close up of bushes & shrubs trees; 9:08 bird head formation front side view from bottom ground; 10:08 close up of bird head formation; 10:52 Buffalo walking past camera; 11:11 view of badlands from plateau in shadows; 12:49 view of badlands in shadow in afternoon; 13:55 buffalo herd; 14:58 sound, still buffalo herd, calf nursing; 22:03 end                          
10860-29: Bismarck vs. Dickinson Midgets High School Football, September 29, 1984        
10860-30: Chemical Health Alternatives A Seminar Featuring: Tom Jadin Tape 1 &2.

Box 3:
10860-31: Governor Sinner’s State of the State Address to opening 1987 Legislature, 1987
10860-32: Bismarck Gymnastics Promo Tape.                     
10860-33: 7th Cavalry Stock Footage: 00:00-:33 Color bars; 00:34-1:12 Museum display of Cavalry uniforms, no sound; 1:13-1:40 Museum display of Native American tools and weapons; 1:42-2:26 Map of Lewis & Clark’s route to the Pacific; 2:35-3:11 Outside of Fort Abraham Lincoln’s buildings; 3:16-4:00 Area surrounding fort; 4:01-5:17 Missouri River, Fort surroundings and Officers Quarters; 5:28-6:30 outside Fort parking lot, some sort of observation tower building; 6:41-7:49 Custer House, Missouri River and access road; 8:06-10:52 Custer House, parade ground, hills and landscape around site; 11:00-end blank                               
10860-34: 7th Cavalry Stock Footage: 00:00-00:37 Sound; 00:38-5:41 7th Cavalry reenactment getting ready, parade ground doing drills; 5:45-7:08 Cavalry riding in formation, more drills, dismount and form ranks; 7:10-9:09 Custer House front with the sounds of birds and cars starting; 9:15-10:05 side of Custer House; 10:09-12:26 snake in the grass; 12:27-end blank.
10860-35: 7th Cavalry Stock Footage #2: Fort Lincoln 1989, Vern Erickson is on this tape. Sound. 00:00-1:55 Cavalry orders & events, scouts & Vern Erickson; 1:56-6:00 Cavalry lines up, marching on horses drills and sound off; 6:01-9:43 shooting demonstration/marching drills; 9:44-10:03 cannon demonstration; 10:04-12:49 More riding drills, cannon demonstration; 12:50-21-25 Cavalry riding out, more drills and charges; 21:26-end blank, 1989
10860-36: 7th Cavalry Stock Footage #3: Fort Lincoln. 00:00-2:20 Cavalry riding through hills on patrol on the way to or from the fort, Missouri River; 22:22-3:08 More riding on patrol this time with a buggy bringing up the rear; 3:18-5:07 more on patrol through the hills; 5:12-6:54 waiting around & riding with the buggy bringing up the rear, helicopter overhead, riding away from camera; 6:55-11:29 more riding away, helicopter overhead, Shot of helicopter coming over hill and the cavalry, shot of sky; 11:30-12:36 riding toward camera and away, radio plays in background; 12:36-end blank.                     
10860-37: 7th Cavalry Stock Footage #4, 1989: 00:00-5:00 Speeches at Custer House opening, Doug Eiken Director of ND Parks & Recreation; 5:05-12:46 Custer reenactment, Piccolo player and Libby Custer; 12:47-13:22 Piccolo player & cavalry; 13-26-14:56 Pat Ness, Ft. Abraham Lincoln Foundation & Capt. Stein of the Regiment; 15:01-16:04 George & Libby Custer Welcome everyone to the House & cut the ribbon; 16:11-17:16 Distinguished guests enter home; 17:18 green grass; 19:31-20:24 Cavalry comes over hill; 20:25 end, 1989    
10860-38: 7th Cavalry Stock Footage #5: 00:00-00:19 color bar; 00:20-3:37 Cavalry on hill, in line waiting commands, riding toward camera downhill; 3:38-3:45 Color bars; 3:46-6:28 Cavalry riding in the brush to the parade grounds; 6:29-7:14 Color bars; 7:15-9:35 Cavalry to the side of Custer Home, Inspection & orders to the troops, ride out; 9:36-9:53 Color bars; 9:53-10:23 Cavalry rides out; 10:23-10:36 Color bars; 10:37-11:21 Cavalry rides out over hills; 11:22-11:34 Color bars; 11:34-12:44 Cavalry flag, horses picketed; 12:45-13:35 Libby Custer sidesaddle on horse with Officers’ wives; 13:36-14:11 Flag with green “H”; 14:15 red & white flag, regimental flags; 15:00-15:31 Soldiers in camp; 15:32-15:40 color bar; 15:40-16:55 guns in tripod formation at soldier camp, clothing, saddles and cooking; 17:00-17:32 Horses; 17:36-20:44 camped filled with park visitors; 20:45 end.                          
10860-39: 7th Cavalry Stock Footage #6: 00:00-00:42 color bar; 00:43 Greeting visitors off bus in historical dress for ceremony; George & Libby Custer; Jim Sperry Superintendent of State Historical Society of ND; Opening dedication ceremony, getting the dignitaries on the porch of Custer house; 03:11 sound starts; 3:48-5:00 presenting colors; 05:01-05:48 Pat Ness, president of Ft Abraham Lincoln Foundation; 05:59-08:04 Wally ? Chairman of Ft. Abraham Lincoln Foundation; 08:05-10:47 Senator Kent Conrad; 10:53-11:43 Wally ? Chairman of Ft. Abraham Lincoln Foundation; 11:44-17:06 Governor George Sinner; 17:29-18:25 Wally again talking about past Foundation presidents & functions; 18:25-end.                               
10860-40: 7th Cavalry Stock Footage #7: Ft. Lincoln 1989. 00:00-00:36 color bars; 00:37-02:24 Cavalry encampment & parade grounds silent; 02:25-02:32 color bars; 02:33-04:13 US flag on flag pole blowing in breeze, different versions, encampment; 4:14-5:01 Cavalry members on horses return to camp; 5:23 Sound cannon firing demonstration. Inspection drills of a company, lowering of US flag; 15:15 tracking problem; 15:54 still drilling & inspection, George & Libby Custer, raising the US flag; 20:10-20:12 tracking problem; 20:18-21:21 Reading of Post commander’s orders to the troops; 21:21-end, 1989           
10860-41: Oil fields, Stock Footage film transfer. 16 mm, black & white, historical with time code

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