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Unit 7: Set 4: Rural & Town Schools - Photographs

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1910 Ambrose School Picture
Of the 45 students posing for this Ambrose school picture in 1910, only 16 are boys. The woman teacher
is at the back in the schoolhouse doorway. The man on the right may be another teacher or the
school superintendent. The children range in age from about 5 (front row standing, left)
to the early teens (front row, seated). SHSND: A6603

Ambrose School Building
The Ambrose school opened in 1913. Students
from kindergarten through high school attended
until 1962 when the high school closed. There
were two classrooms on the first floor and offices
and a study hall on the second floor. The basement
was the play area. In the 1920s, the people of
Ambrose decided to build a gymnasium. Volunteers
contributed labor and materials to construct the
underground gym. The building to the left of the main
school building is the entrance to the gym.
Photo courtesy Ambrosend.com
1914 Ambrose Classroom
There are about 34 students in Mrs. Birland’s
new Ambrose School classroom in 1914. The
schoolroom is lit by windows, not electric ceiling
lights. Each student has a desk, but there are
chairs which students would use when moving
up front to recite or read for the teacher.
SHSND: 0213-12

Ambrose High School Class of 1931
The Ambrose High School Class of 1931. This class includes 17 students, almost equally balanced
between boys and girls. Approximately one-fourth of this group attended college, normal school
(teachers’ college), or trade school after high school graduation. Photo courtesy Ambrosend.com

1949 Ambrose School District Faculty
The 1949 Ambrose school district faculty portrait.
A third class high school, the faculty included only
three high school teachers, two of whom had
administrative duties as well. Mr. Davy, back left,
was the Superintendent of Schools and taught
History, Math, Science, Agriculture, Health, and
Physical Education; Mrs. Davy, back right, was the
principal and taught English, Commercial Subjects,
Physical Education, and Office Skills;
Mrs. Moxness, front left, taught primary grades;
Miss Strangstadlien, front center, taught Math,
Bookkeeping, History, Geography, and English;
Mrs. Lynch, front right, taught intermediate grades.
Photo courtesy Ambrosend.com
Crosby High School 1928
Crosby High School was built in 1928. This
building was destroyed by fire in 1971.
Photo courtesy The Crosby Journal.
SHSND: 2009-P-02-01
1930 Crosby Grade School Class
A grade school class in Crosby, ca. 1930. The 46
students in the photograph appear to represent
several grade levels. Note the electric lights, the
globe suspended from the ceiling, and the
blackboards surrounding the classroom.
Photo courtesy The Crosby Journal.
SHSND: 2009-P-02-02

Divide County High School Class of 2008
Divide County High School graduating class of 2008 poses for a class picture in the school playground.
There are 32 students in this class, approximately 15% the size of the class of 1962,
the last year before consolidation. Photo courtesy The Crosby Journal.

Recent Crosby Kindergarden Class
A recent kindergarten class in Crosby studies
in a well lit, informally organized space.
Photo courtesy The Crosby Journal.
Junior High Class
A junior high class at work. The classes are much
smaller in 2008 than they were in 1930.
Photo courtesy The Crosby Journal.

Current Divide County High School in Crosby
Current Divide County High School in Crosby.
Photo courtesy The Crosby Journal.

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