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Manuscripts by Subject - Business / Commerce

10004 Ezekiel C. Rice
Papers, 1864-1892
Mandan, ND
Diary and account books, legal documents, lecture notes relating to Rice's law practice, and correspondence concerning the patenting of his invention, the "Prairie Grass Burner." (.25ft)

10007 Ferdinand A. Van Ostrand
Papers, 1870-1872
Diary kept by Van Ostrand while an agent of the Durfee and Peck Company at Fort Berthold concerning Indian relations, trading activities, recreation, and weather conditions. Also includes transcript of the diary, correspondence, and research notes of Russell Reid. (.25ft)

10009 Henry Vernon Arnold
Papers, 1850-1902
Grand Forks, ND
Letters from Charles Cavalier, Charles E. Lee, R.M. Probstfield, and others concerning the history of the Grand Forks area, manuscript of "Grand Forks of Long Ago", three account books, receipts for lumber and taxes, land patents, programs, menus, postal covers, and other ephemera. Publisher from Larimore, ND. (62 items)

10016 Middlewest Trust Company
Records, 1910-1930; 1951-1964
Valley City, ND; Barnes Co., ND
Administrative correspondence, annual statements, financial records, advertisements, and printed material relating to bank operations and records of the Middlewest Fire and Insurance Company founded by Frank White, who was North Dakota Governor in 1901-1902. (19ft)

10028 Stillwater Hotel
Records, 1906-1907
Stillwater, ND
Guest register. (1v)

10029 Kulm Hotel
Records, 1916-1921, 1925
Guest register for a Kulm, ND hotel. (3v)

10030 Northern Hotel
Records, 1898-1907
Hotel register for a hotel in Churchs Ferry, ND renamed the Orvis Hotel in 1899. (1v)

10032 Shed F. Lambert
Papers, 1881-1884.
Tax receipts, newspaper clippings, and a journal of the Douglas Hardware Company. (.25ft)

10043 Henry Sidney Parkin
Papers, 1876-1879
Correspondence of the postmaster at Standing Rock Indian Agency and employee of J. R. Casselberry, post trader. (2v)

10055 William H. Brown Land Company
Records, 1903-1946
By-laws, articles of incorporation, minute book of stockholders and directors meetings, a stock certificate book, cash book, plat book, correspondence, and newspaper clippings of a land company operating in southwestern North Dakota and the Judith Basin of Montana. (2.5ft)

10062 Isaac Post Baker
Papers, 1872-1924
Personal papers of Isaac Baker, ca. 1895-1901; and the records of many businesses owned or controlled by Baker, including the Fort Benton Transportation Company, ca. 1880-1905; the Benton Packet Company, ca. 1906-1925; the Bismarck Elevator Company, ca. 1888-1908; the Bismarck Elevator and Investment Company, ca. 1904-1926; the Cannon Ball Sheep and Cattle Company, ca. 1899-1908; the Deapolis Lumber and Elevator Company, ca. 1908-1913; the Expansion Lumber and Mercantile Company, ca. 1906-1914; the Bismarck National Bank, ca. 1879-1908; the Bismarck Realty Company,1889-1923; the J.W. Raymond and Company, ca. 1878-1882; the Northwest Public Service Corporation, ca. 1892-1916; the Wolf Point Store and the Poplar River Trader's Post, ca. 1882-1886; the Washburn Elevator Company, n.d.; the Stanton Elevator Company, n.d.; the Mann­haven Elevator Company, n.d.; and the Montana Elevator Company, n.d. Principal correspondents include Thomas C. Power, John Charles, Porter J. McCumber, H.C. Hansbrough, Asle J. Gronna, and Alexander McKenzie. Business man, banker, mayor of Bismarck, North Dakota, 1890-1891. (117ft)

10087 George Thom
Papers, 1877-1893
Burleigh Co., ND
Records of a grocery, and a bricklaying business, and a mail order book. (.5ft)

10091 Cannonball Ranch Store
Records, 1877-1879; 1893-1896; 1900-1906
Morton County, ND
Journals and ledgers. (2ft/8v)

10097 William Plummer Company
Records, 1892-1941
Minnewaukan, ND
Correspondence, catalogs, inventories, the Commercial Bulletin, financial records, of dealers in general merchandise, hardware, lumber, farm implements, and grain, and personal correspondence of Clarence Plummer. (30ft)

10112 Vermont Loan and Trust Company
Records, 1884-1901
Grand Forks, ND
Field notes and evaluations on land in the Red River Valley. (3ft)

10122 Regan-Alta Telephone Company
Records, 1915-1957
Regan, ND
Correspondence, charter, constitution, minutes, financial records, annual reports, and county line ledgers. (3ft)

10130 Schall Company
Records, 1921-1965
Hague, ND
Correspondence, advertisements, contract files, and financial records of a dealer in hardware and furniture. (44ft)

10150 Farmers’ Union Warehouse, Milling, and Mercantile Company
Records, 1914-1929
Bismarck, ND; Burleigh Co., ND
Minutes of the board of directors, financial reports, agreements, correspondence, printed material, receipts, list of stockholders, and personal papers of the secretary. (.25ft)

10171 Mandan Telephone Company
Records, 1906-1912
Mandan, ND
Correspondence, telephone equipment blueprints, articles of incorporation, by-laws, contracts, notes, annual reports, equipment manuals, and newspaper clippings. (.25ft)

10176 Washburn Leader
Records, 1889-1900
Copies of legal notices in the newspaper. (.25ft)

10177 Dakota Hotel
Records, 1903-1906
New Salem, ND
Guest Register. (1v)

10185 Van Houten Brothers and Little Company
Records, 1882-1889
Two letterpress books dealing with the sale and purchase of supplies and equipment, and an account book for a hardware and farm implement business in Bismarck, DT. (3v)

10193 Palmer House Hotel
Records, 1885-1888
Fort Totten, ND
Guest register. (1v)

10197 Carson Hotel
Records, 1911-1916
Carson, ND
Guest Register. (1v)

10215 Sylvester Brothers Land Company
Records, 1915-1926
Morton Co., ND
Correspondence, deeds of trust, and sale and banking receipts. (.25ft)

10217 Louis Benjamin Hanna
Papers, 1871-1948
Correspondence, speeches, notes, telegrams, deeds and abstracts, printed material, photographs, bonds and stock certificates, ephemera, political memorabilia, journals, ledgers, programs, invitations, scrapbooks, postal cards, records of the Clough and Hanna Lumber Yard and the L. B. Hanna General Store, and artifacts. Papers relate to business and personal affairs, politics, Masonic activities, banking, activities as Governor of North Dakota, travel in Europe, and the Peace Ship expedition. (3ft)

10220 Custer Hotel
Records, 1892-1893
Bismarck, ND
Guest Register, (1v)

10225 Charbonneau Post Office
Records, 1954-1967
Charbonneau, ND; McKenzie County, ND
Cash books and financial reports of a U.S. Post Office. (.5ft)

10233 Cummins-Thorberg-Theis Company
Records, ca. 1895-1920
Mandan, ND
Correspondence, cash books, bank statements, receipts, and catalogs. (1ft)

10246 Mercer County Republican
Records, 1907-1918
Cash ledger and a subscription list. (1v/1r)

10247 Parkin Ranch Indian Store
Records, 1904-1934
Fort Yates, ND; Standing Rock Indian Reservation, ND
Cash ledger. (1 item)

10249 Banner House
Records, 1894-1907
Bismarck, ND
Hotel registers (4v)

10251 Bingenheimer Mercantile Company
Records, 1905-1972.
Mandan, ND; Morton County, ND
Minutes of stockholders' meetings and the board of directors, letters, contracts, by-laws, articles of incorporation, annual reports, general ledger, and stock registers and certificates. (.5ft)

10252 Sutler's Store
Records, 1860-1861
Fort Randall, DT
Ledger records daily transactions on accounts. (1v/1r/#5142)

10256 Sidney Ballou
Papers, 1905-1926.
Mandan, ND
Correspondence, deeds, agreements, and receipts concerning the sale of real estate(.25ft.)

10257 Barnes County Cooperative Cream­ery.
Records, 1933-1972.
Valley City, ND, Barnes County, ND
Audits, annual reports, insurance policies, and printed materials. (1.25ft)

10261 Frank Frisby
Papers, 1886
Bismarck, ND
Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, correspondence, and printed material relating to patent medicines. (1v)

10264 W. S. Wickersham
Papers, 1907-1926
Receipts, an office docket, and account book from Wickersham’s legal practice in Ellendale, ND. (.25ft)

10272 Farmers’ and Merchant’s State Bank
Records, 1919
Niobe, ND; Ward County ND
Correspondence, reports, receipts, and an insurance register. (.25ft)

10280 John Peter Hoagland
Papers, 1881-1916
Bismarck, ND
Incoming and outgoing correspondence, legal papers, receipt books, coal books, cash books, journals, ledgers, and ledger indexes, dealing with Hoagland’s building and construction business and work as a realtor. (7ft/1r/#4557)

10289 Bismarck Area Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1906-1986.
Bismarck, ND
Minutes, scrapbooks, photographs, audits, subject files, committee files, annual meeting files, by-laws, bulletins, news releases, annual reports, rosters, Bismarck Centennial files, Miss ND Pageant files, correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, articles of incorporation, promotional material, memorabilia, and printed materials. Records relate to administration, conventions, programs and projects, community development, and legislation concerning business and municipalities. (64ft)

10293 Mandan Funeral Homes
Records, 1918-1937
Funeral record, correspondence, receipts, burial permits, funeral accounts, notes, and bank statements. (.5ft)

10296 August H. Wahl, Dealer in General Merchandise
Records, 1896-1897
Washburn, ND
Day book and receipts. (1v)

10297 Great Northern Hotel
Records, 1922
Guest register for hotel in Williston, ND. (1v)

10299 Columbia Hotel
Records, 1912-1913
Williston, ND
Guest register. (1v)

10301 Williston Coal and Power Company
Records, 1911-1915
Account book. (1v)

10302 First State Bank
Records, 1907-1919
Epping, ND; Williams County, ND
Record of accounts, bank statements, deposit slips, receipts, deeds, mortgages, and abstracts of title. (1v)

10303 Citizens’ State Bank
Records, 1910-1913
Ross, ND; Mountrail Co., ND
Account book, (1v)

10304 American Liberal
Records, 1926
Williston, ND
Account book and financial report of a newspaper in Williams County, ND (1 v)

10310 Consumers’ United Stores Company
Records, 1918-1928
Ledgers, financial statements, receipts, letters, and an agreement for various branch stores in North Dakota. (.5ft/2v)

10332 Holte Funeral Home
Records, 1949-1973
Funeral arrangements records, death certificates, and a plat of the Ashley City, ND cemetery. (1r/#6974)

10338 Fullerton Post Office
Records, 1888-1893
Fullerton, ND
Account book (1v)

10342 P. C. Remington’s Drug Store
Records, 1898-1902
Bismarck, ND
Prescription record. (3v)

10348 M. Sigbert Awes Company
Records, 1913-1933
Correspondence, field reports land records, farm plans, financial records, photographs, and printed materials of a northern North Dakota land company. (18ft)

10351 WDAY-TV
Records, 1953-1978
Devils Lake, ND; Fargo, ND
Television broadcast news scripts, broadcast schedules, correspondence, and approximately 1.5 million feet of WDAY and WDAZ news film. (12ft)

10352 KXJB-TV. Valley City, ND
Records, 1964-2001
News broadcast film, scripts, correspondence, photographs, publications concerning the National Plowing Contest, and children’s drawings on pollution. (163.75ft)

10356 Fred Holritz General Store
Records, 1888-1902
Account ledgers and an inventory record for a general store in Sims, ND. (8v)

10357 Sheyenne Drug Company
Records, 1922-1944
Sheyenne, ND
Consists of printed material and ephemera used to advertise products at the drug store. (3ft)

10362 Charles Chaboillez
Papers, 1797-1798
Journal containing financial accounts and entries concerning fur trading and hunting activities near present day Pembina, ND. (1r/#4383) Originals at the National Archives of Canada.

10368 First State Bank
Records, 1908-1922
Concrete, ND
Correspondence and legal documents relating to bank operations. (1r/#6955)

10371 Fort Union
Records, 1831-1836
Account book and letter book of agent Kenneth McKenzie detailing fur trade and other business activities (1r/#5384) Originals at Missouri Historical Society

10379 O’Ruarc and McGillie Grocery
Records, 1881-1882
Cash ledger from a Mandan, ND grocery. (1v/1r/#6923)

10395 Wamduska House Hotel
Records, 1882-1899
Wamduska, ND
Guest register. (1r/#4282)

10397 Welkos House Hotel
Records, 1891-1892
Rolla, ND
Guest register. (1r/#5383)

10404 Minot Daily News - Meyer TV News State Poll
Records, 1980-1984
Copies of questionnaires, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and computer printouts showing tabulations of polling data, providing information on a wide variety of political opinions in North Dakota. (1ft)

10420 Hans and Nils Grimsrud
Papers, 1875-1979, 1909-1911
Daybooks and account books of the Grimsruds and a guest register from the Leeds Hotel in Benson County, ND (1r/#6897)

10422 Francis A. Chardon
Papers, 1834-1839
Diary concerning trading activities and Indian affairs, inventories of horses, furs and supplies, and an accounts record, from Chardon’s Journal at Fort Clark, 1834-1839. (1r/#6910)

10435 Greater North Dakota Association
Includes by-laws, financial statements, resolutions, and minutes of the Executive Committee, Industrial Committee, Board of Directors, and joint meetings with the North Dakota Automobile Association. Minutes relate primarily to administration of the Association, tourism, promotion of economic development, Missouri River diversion plans, plans to establish the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and relations with the North Dakota Automobile Association prior to their split in 1925. A list of 16mm promotional motion picture film shot between 1948-1963 is available. Footage shot for the GNDA by Corwin, Sebens and Snyder is of rodeos, farm and ranch life, Medora, Theodore Roosevelt National Park opening, oil well opening, Jewel Bearing Plant groundbreaking, Fargo Diamond Jubilee, Rosemeade Pottery, Cloverdale Creamery, and Melroe Manufacturing Company. (Film is digitized) (4.5ft.)

10438 Farmers’ Rural Telephone Company
Records, 1910-1955
Garrison, ND; McLean County, ND
Minutes of stockholders' meetings, ledgers, lists of stockholders, stock certificates, correspondence, notes, and articles of incorporation. Records deal primarily with administration of the company. (.5ft)

10439 Farmers’ Independent Publishing Company
Records, 1920-1963
Minutes of stockholders' meetings, correspondence, ledgers, financial statements, stock certificates, and lists of stockholders. Records deal primarily with administration of the company. (1ft)

10440 Williston Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1919-1980
Williston, ND
Minutes, correspondence, subject files, committee files, budgets, financial statements, annual reports, audit reports, by-laws, photographs, memoranda, programs, printed material, and memorabilia. Records relate primarily to administration of the Chamber, promotional activities, community celebrations, tourism, area businesses, public relations, reclamation, oil and gas industry, economic and industrial development, and Garrison Dam. (34.5ft)

10442 North Dakota Bankers' Association
Records, 1903-1984
Minutes, correspondence, constitution, subject files, committee files, memoranda, reports, notes, agreements, bulletins, programs, legal opinions, treasurer's annual reports, North Dakota Bankers Association Women's Bank Officers Committee Minutes, and printed material. Records document administration of the Association and provide information concerning the Association's activities and interests in the banking industry, taxation, legislation, public relations, and education of banking professionals. (8ft)

10448 First State Bank
Records, 1908-1973
Coteau, ND; Burke County, ND
Records consist of correspondence, bank forms, posters, promissory notes, passbook or bankbook pages, a certificate from the Depositors Guaranty Fund Commission, and ephemera relating to Liberty Loan drives and the North Dakota Taxpayer's Association. (3.25ft)

10450 Albert A. Jacobsen
Papers, 1920-1977
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs relating to the 50th anniversary of Rolla, ND (1938), and memorabilia, printed material, deeds, and records of the LeBrun Store in Rolla including partnership agreements and financial statements. (1ft)

10454 McKenzie-Holmes Company
Records, 1882-1887
Bismarck, ND
Realtors’ lot register. (1v)

10456 Northern Dakota Townsite Company
Records, 1908-1922
Correspondence and legal documents with first State Bank of Concrete, ND dealing with real estate transactions. (1r/#6955) Originals at Pembina County Historical Society, Cavalier, ND

10461 Bismarck-Mandan Cable Television Citizens Advisory Committee
Records, 1984
Bismarck, ND; Mandan, ND
Minutes, correspondence, memoranda, rosters, schedules, notes, proposals, regulations, and research materials relating to controversy surrounding grant­ing of a cable television franchise by the Bismarck City Commission and research and formulation of recommendations by the Advisory Committee. (.5ft)

10464 Dennis Neumann
Papers, 1976
Notes, news releases, letters, schedules, KFYR-TV news broadcast scripts, memoranda, and printed material relating to the 1976 North Dakota – Mideast Trade Mission; sound recordings, audio and videocassettes. (7ft)

10472 Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1968-1983
Minutes, correspondence, memos, subject files, committee files, reports, audits, and financial statements. (5.25ft)

10473 Beulah Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1960-1984
Beulah, ND; Mercer County, ND
Minutes, correspondence, newsletters, financial statements, rosters, promotional materials, memos, and reports. (1ft)

10475 Minot Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1929-1986
Minutes, correspondence, subject files, photographs, publications, and ephemera. (30ft/2r/ #7550-7551)

10477 Jamestown Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1921-2012
Minutes, subject files, committee files, memos, budgets, reports, audits, financial statements, newsletters, photographs, scrapbooks, promotional material, by-laws, memorabilia, publications, 35 mm slides, posters, and programs. Records relate primarily to administration of the Chamber, promotional activities, tourism, community celebrations, area businesses, economic and industrial development, Garrison Dam, and the North Dakota Dairy Show. (61.5ft)

10479 Mandan Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1870-1989
Mandan, ND
Minutes, correspondence, memos, subject files, financial statements, photographs, posters, promotional materials, and memorabilia; Custer Drama files, 1958-1961, including scripts, financial statements, cast rosters, photographs, programs, brochures, and tickets; and Mandan Development Corporation records, including minutes, lists of stockholders, and correspondence. Records relate to administration of the Chamber, community celebrations, tourism, area businesses and production of the Custer Drama/Trails West and early material of the organization. In the mid 1990s the Mandan and Bismarck offices merged to become “The Chamber”. (19ft)

10486 Fargo Chamber of Commerce
Records, 1915-1990
Subject files, correspondence, annual reports, audit reports, programs, promotional material, photographs, motion picture film audio-tapes, memorabilia, and scrapbooks. (8 ft)

10490 Gardena State Bank
Records, 1905-1919
Gardena, ND
Correspondence, notes, telegrams, and financial statements documenting administration of the bank and describing many local businesses, and development and settlement conditions in Gardena. (.5ft)

10503 Bruegger Mercantile Company
Records, 1903-1984
Williston, ND
Corporation records containing minutes of stockholders' meetings, by-laws, and capital stock records; deeds; stocks; letters; and a ledger. (1ft)

10509 William Strehlow and Company
Records, 1878-1891
Daybooks, letterpress books, ledgers, cash book, and mortgage record for a hardware and implement dealer in Casselton, ND. (1.5ft)

10533 Kensal Implement Company
Records, 1921-1934
Kensal, ND
Price lists, contract booklet, farm loan mortgage, pocket ledger, contracts for combines and tractors, balance sheets, receipts, bills, canceled checks, audit report, and credit report from the family business  of early pioneer Anton Feckler. (.25ft)

10550 Wing Commercial Club
Records, 1921-1925
Wing, ND
Minutes, treasurer’s reports, and membership lists of the first community club whose early members platted the town. (1v)

10559 A. W. Lucas
Papers, 1905-1980
Scrapbooks contain letters, certificates, photographs of window displays, advertising awards, memorabilia, and the home movie film collection of Bismarck businessman, El Torrance. (9ft/oversize)

10587 Neibauer’s Grocery Store
Records, 1942
Mandan, ND
Correspondence, financial information, receipts of purchase, pricing regulations, publications, and memorabilia. (.25ft)

10591 Dickinson Machine Shop
Records, 1918
Journal documenting costs and repair activity for an automobile repair business. (1r/#16055)

10595 James Lees
Records, 1879
Stutsman Co., ND
Photocopy of a ledger including a variety of financial receipts and a list of the patrons and their drinks and tabs from the bar in Buchanan, DT. (1v)

10617 D.S.B. Johnston Land Company
Records, 1909-1912
Marion, ND
Letter press books of the Marion, ND office containing outgoing letters of Paul Paulson. The Minneapolis, MN company bought land for speculative purposes, and established the State Bank of Marion and the Marion Sentinel. (2v)

10625 Farmers’ Union Warehouse Milling and Mercantile Company
Records, 1919
Bismarck, ND
Ledger includes accounts of local customers. (.5ft/1r)

10631 Nelson Magnuson
Papers, 1913-1917
Bottineau, ND
Insurance record, correspondence, forms and ledgers of the Scandinavian Farmers Mutual Fire Company. (.5ft)

10635 Fred Kurle
Papers, 1950
New Leipzig, ND
Client names, descriptions and measurements of buildings, and the prices of insurance from Kurle’s insurance business. (1.5ft)

10643 Cleo Moore
Papers, ca. 1920-1965
Bismarck, ND; Burleigh Co., ND
Postcard collection for shortwave radio operators, photographs, negatives, brewery material, newspaper clippings, a broadside, publications, and an oral history interview with William J. Carey of the Dakota Malt and Brewing Company. (1.25ft)

10646 KTHI-TV. Fargo, ND
Records, 1988-1996
Nightly broadcast news clips and early scripts. (32.5ft)

10652 Bismarck Grocery Company
Records, 1909-1920
Bismarck, ND
Journals, invoices, order register, and check stub book. (6v)

10671 Provident Life Insurance Company
Records, 1951-1994
The records of this North Dakota company include the articles of incorporation, by-laws, executive committee stockholders minutes, financial and audit reports, a company history, construction files, publicity files, the company newsletter, publications, scrapbooks of the company and the auxiliary, miscellaneous newspapers, photographs, and memorabilia. The microfilm include cash sheets, voucher registers, new business sheets, records from the Chase National Bank and First National Bank and Trust, Union State premium accounts, application registers, liability volume, cash journal, policy holder journal, policy and extended policy register, trial balance sheets, extension agreement memo, amortization schedule, premiums and discounts ledger, termination registers, six volumes of minutes, and miscellaneous financial records.(8ft/51r. #13234-13235,13238-13251,13281-13291,13276-13277,13297-13302,13304-13310,13312-13320,14017)

10689 Richard E. Wenzel
Papers, 1916-1918
Rugby, ND
Ledger documenting law office expenses in a small rural town. (1v)

10695 St. Charles Hotel
Records, 1921
Marmarth, ND
Guest register. (3v)

10696 Olson Funeral Home
Records, 1915-1954
Kenmare, ND
Records of people whose funerals were arranged by Olson Funeral Home and an alphabetical index developed by John Mogren for his Kenmare cemetery project. (1r/#13311)

10708 Brock and Proebstring Mercantile
Records, 1889-1890
Wheatland, ND
Journal consists of financial business transactions for area businesses and residents. (1v)

10710 Dease Family
Papers, 1885-1926
Legal, financial, and business documents of several family businesses in Pembina, Rolette and Cavalier counties, ND (.25ft)

10711 John W. and Constance (Blackstead) Boler
Papers, 1936-1994
Scrapbooks containing correspondence, permits, by-laws, incorporation certificates, affiliation agreements, board minutes, federal and state legislative material, reports, speeches, press releases, scripts, pamphlets, brochures, marketing publications, photographs, memorabilia, publications relating to broadcasting outlets belonging to Mr. Boler, and his other business and political activities. North Dakota radio and television stations include: KCJB radio, Minot/Fargo, ND;  KSJB radio Jamestown, ND; KXGO-TV Fargo, ND; KXJB-TV Fargo, ND; KXMB-TV Bismarck, ND; KXMC-TV Minot, ND;. Minnesota stations include: Channel 26 Grand Rapids, MN; WCTN, St. Paul. South Dakota stations include KXAB-TV Aberdeen, SD. Other stations include KIOA Des Moines, IA and WSJB Virgin Islands. (9v)

10727 Austin Logan General Merchandise
Burleigh County, ND
Records, 1909-1917
Ledgers record the financial accounts of the store, later known as A. Logan and Son. Each volume has an index listing the names of customers. (3v/1r/#13657)

10735 Karlsruhe Mercantile Company
Records, 1919-1950s
Karlsruhe, ND
Account ledgers, invoices, cash books, price lists, sales contracts and orders, and correspondence for a business also known as Brossert Hardware and Implement Company. (15ft)

10736 KXMB-TV. Bismarck, ND
Records, 1981-1982
Broadcast news videotape collection include special report clips. (8 ¾” videocassettes)

10750 Wild Rose Telephone Association
Records, 1929-1950s
Wild Rose, ND
Minute book. (1v)

10774 Harold Thorson
Papers, 1921-1943
Set of North Dakota bank reports of condition and some correspondence from Thorson’s investments in North Dakota banks. Thorson had bank accounts in the following North Dakota cities and towns: the State Bank of Berwick, Bank of Berthold, First National Bank of Bottineau, Deering State Bank, State Bank of Des Lacs, Merchants State Bank of Drake, Citizens State Bank of Enderlin, First National Bank Fessenden, State Bank of Guthrie, First National Bank of Kramer, First State Bank of Lucca, and the Farmers State Bank of Orrin. (2ft)

10784 K Bordner Consultants, Inc. 
Records, ca. 1962
Business surveys for North Dakota communities. (1ft)

10821 Raymond Kautz
Photograph Collection, 1998-2000
Photograph reproductions that were used for display purposes in his business, Color World, in Minot.  The  b/w and color scanned images are laminated and may be used for research values only. (3ft)

10832 Woodlawn Hotel
Records, 1912-1991
Guest Registers from the Woodlawn Hotel, Steele, ND, which was purchased from Henry Mayers  by Frank and Saddie (Allshouse)  Smith, early pioneers and  by their children Jennie (Jane) Smith and William L. Smith. (3ft)

10836 Springen Auto Company
Records, 1897-1965
Mayville, ND
Correspondence with the Ford Motor Company, building specifications, financial journals and ledgers, newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera. (3ft)

10850 Project Back Home
Records, 1994-2001
By-laws, board materials, correspondence, financial records, legal records, promotional materials, membership information,  press releases, and dissolution correspondence of an organization promoting business and economic development in North Dakota. (6ft)

10889 Bovey-Shute Lumber Company
Records, 1911-1915
Dogden, ND
Accounts ledger arranged alphabetically. (.5ft)

10914 George J. McCabe
Papers, 1922-1926, 1960
Business records, scrapbook, correspondence, photographs,  and advertising campaign materials for Vapor-O/Sip-O, a company manufacturing cough syrup,  and Presto Bottle Dispensing Cap. (1ft)

10934 James River Valley Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Company
Records, 1894-1999
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, annual reports, policy registers, a copy of a convention (1919) photograph, newspapers, and ephemera. (5ft)

10939 Anton P. Ness
Papers, 1915-1927
Business records, correspondence, testimonials, photographs, ephemera, publications, and a memorial sermon for Ness.  Collections are also located at Vesterheim Genealogical Center. (1.5ft)

10978 Mary Krageland
Papers, 1858-1967
Business records, correspondence, legal records, and family records for the Rask, Krageland and Christianson families. (1ft)

10980 Dahner's Store
Records, 1910-1972
Mandan, ND
Business material, ephemera, and inventories from Dahners music store, items from the music industry, as well as Henry and Alice Dahners personal investment material, organizational records, post cards, and photographs. (1.75ft)

10989 Edward G. Patterson
Papers, 1891-2007
Bismarck, ND
Consists of Edward G. Patterson's personal material, including correspondence, political, legal, and financial material, a speech by Patterson, items relating to the Patterson estate sale, and plans for a toy invented by Patterson. Also included in the collection are records relating to Patterson's businesses, including the Patterson Hotel, McKenzie Hotel, Hotel Sheridan, Hotel Northwest, and Peacock Alley. The business records specifically contain correspondence, advertising material, accounting and financial records, legal documents, menus, invitations, construction, design and architectural sketches and specifications, letterhead and envelopes, guest registers, certificates, liquor licenses, and business cards. Following the business records are a variety of publications, photographs and post cards of the family and businesses, and oversize sheet music. (6ft)

11009 Max A. Wishek
Records, 1920s-1950s
Ashley, ND; McIntosh Co., ND
Incoming and outgoing correspondence generated from Wishek’s law practice, the Wishek Investment Co., and his position as states attorney. (2ft)

11031 Ellis Agency
Consists of correspondence from Charles F. Ellis in his business endeavors from June 1901 to April 1918. Throughout these years, Ellis brokered land sales and sold insurance at Real Estate Insurance and Loan, with partner W. A. Lanterman, in Mandan, ND. Ellis was involved for several months in 1904 with the German-American Land Company, Real Estate Office, in Beach, ND. From March 1909 to about March 1910, he was also an agent for the Missouri Valley Farms Loan Company. By 1915, Ellis was also operating Charles F. Ellis Fire Insurance in Mandan. He went on to run Ellis Agency in Mandan. (4ft)

11051 First State Bank of Bowbells
Records, 1899-1915
One volume of meeting minutes and by-laws of the First State Bank of Bowbells, ND (1899-1910), one volume of meeting minutes and by-laws of the State Bank of Bowbells (1901-1907), and correspondence (1911-1915) regarding the court case of W. T. Kennedy v. the State Bank of Bowbells. (.25ft)

11056 Kidder County Bank
Records, 1907-1930
Ledger containing minutes and by-laws and loose material that is primarily financial and legal. (.25ft)

11188 Swede Township Telephone Company (LaMoure County, ND), 1907-1977. Records include minutes, founding documents, correspondence, reports, stock certificates, agreements, permits, and dissolution documents. The certificate of Corporate Existence (box 2) has been digitized. (1.75ft)

11259 Sheldon Supply Company (Sheldon, N.D.)
Consists of a record book of the Sheldon Supply Company (Sheldon, Ransom County, N.D.), which contains the names of officers, articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes and stockholder information. Mathias (Matt) Dworschak started the store in 1915, which he ran with his brother Joseph. Because drought impeded the owners' ability to pay off existing debts, ownership of the store was transferred in 1924 and 1926 (0.25 ft.).

11260 Robinson House (Lisbon, N.D.)
Consists of a guest register for the Robinson House (Lisbon, Ransom County, N.D.) with entries dating from August 1, 1888 to March 29, 1889. Along with guest names, cities of origins, room numbers and remarks, the ledger contains several pages of sketches and drawings by guests and/or hotel staff. The Robinson House was built by Soloman Robinson on Main Street, Lisbon (N.D.). The two-story hotel opened in September 1882. It was rented to the county from 1888-1893 and used as the Ransom County Court House. Afterward, it was used as a hotel and renamed the Commercial Hotel. The hotel was destroyed by fire on January 22, 1920. It was owned by Silas Wells at that time (1.5 ft.).

Z41-Z44.Z51 Fire Underwriters Inspection Bureau. Fire Insurance Maps
Maps showing village/city blocks and buildings with information on structures for insurance purposes.(280 large size maps and 256 small size maps.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Maps showing village/city blocks and buildings with information on structures for insurance purposes. The State Archives has some paper maps and some on microfilm.
90 maps, 6 microfilm rolls (#13476, 13478-13481, 13562)

20012 Peter Garrioch
Papers, 1843-1847
Diary concerning the fur trade at Fort Garry, Manitoba. (1 item)

20061 Daniel Webster Longfellow
Papers, 1877-1879
Stock inventory, invoices and receipts for fur shipments, ledger sheet from the trader’s store, biographical sketch of Longfellow, who was a trader at Fort Berthold, DT,
and pamphlets by Reverend Charles Lemmon Hall. (11 items)

20110 Fred L. Conklin
Papers, ca. 1958
Brief history of members and projects sponsored by the Bismarck Commercial Club. (1 item)

20128 Peter Ferguson
Papers, 1874-1902
Personal papers and records of the Pioneer House Hotel, Pembina, DT, including correspondence, property inventory, receipts, deeds, and an agreement. (33 items)

20136 John Christie Barr
Papers, 1877-1880.
Bismarck, ND, Burleigh County, ND
Letters from J. A. Boskowitz, Missouri River steamboat captain, and H. S. Parkin, steamboat agent, concerning shipment of buffalo robes, financial records, and merchandise manifests. (20 items)

20141 McKenzie Hotel
Records, 1921
Correspondence, job descriptions, and notes concerning the placement of hotel employees by Mid-West Hotel Employment Company, St. Paul, MN. (26 items)

20153 John Miller
Papers, 1872, 1887
Ledger sheet from the Bower, Miller, and Dryden Company, Dryden, NY; photographs of the company, and a copy of the Dryden Illustrated News. (4 items)

20176 Still Telephone Company
Records, 1954
Still, ND
Articles of incorporation and by-laws. (2 items)

20246 Ed Barber
Papers, 1855-1859
Copies of letters and documents concerning the post office, the establishment of trading posts, and the purchase of supplies. Barber was postmaster at Breckenridge, MN. (7 items)

20247 George E. Berg
Papers, 1886; 1889
Cooperstown, ND, Courtenay, ND,  Stutsman County, ND
Receipts from the Lenham Elevator Company, Cooperstown, DT, an account with Syvertson, Fosholdt, and Company, Courtenay, ND, and a business card. (7 items)

20254 Byron E. Pay
Papers, 1902
Copy of an affidavit describing events relating to the escort of Indian trade goods from Fort Thompson to Fort Berthold in the winter of 1864. Fay served as Justice of the Peace in Volga, SD. (1 item)

20269 Bristol and Sweet Company
Records, 1888-1891
Fargo, ND
Account book of dealers in saddlery and hardware. (1v)

20284 Cannonball River Land Company
Records, 1902
Billings County, ND
Letter and promotional pamphlets. (3 items)

20339 Virginia George
Papers, 1961
Appendix to a masters thesis entitled, "Oscar M. Towner: Entrepreneur and Dakota Real Estate Promoter". (1 item)

20345 W.  Courtenay
Papers, 1878
Letter concerning business at Fort Berthold Indian Commissary Store, Courtenay’s appointment as clerk, and five pages from a ledger presumably from the store. (6 items)

20350 A. I. Sharpe
Papers, 1941
Foster Co., ND
Letter from the Peavey Elevator Merchandise Department concerning an order for fence posts. (1 item)

20395 Wind Electric Corporation
Records, 1920, 1926
Copies of a stock certificate and a letter to C. C. Simonson, Aneta, ND, declining an offer to buy stock. (2 items)

20399 G. M. Hedderich and Company
Records, 1876-1893
Copy of a letter press book containing correspondence and accounts of post trader stores operated by Leighton, Jordan, and Hedderich, Poplar Creek Agency, Montana Territory, Jordan & Hedderich Stores, Fort Buford, ND, and G. M. Hedderich and Co., Fort Buford, ND. (1r/#1242)

20421 Clark and Barkman Company
Receipts from a general store in Steele, ND. (7 items)

20506 KBOM
Records, 1961-1962
Advertisement and news scripts, program logs, and workmen’s compensation certificates for a Bismarck radio station. (80 items)

20518 Wells-Benson Telephone Company
Records, 1925-1953
Benson Co., ND; Wells CO., ND
Minutes of the stockholders and board of directors, by-laws, stock records, and accounts. (1v)

20550 Pioneer Express
Records, 1906-1910
Pembina, ND
Newspaper subscription list. (1v)

20574 Elmer Cart
Papers, n.d.
Brief history of the Patterson Hotel, Bismarck, ND. (1 item)

20577 KVHF-AM
Records, n.d.
Radio logs. (5 items)

20617 J. J. Luck
Papers, 1886-1898
Copies of correspondence, receipts, and plats relating to land sales in the New Salem, ND area. Includes correspondence with the German Evangelical Colonization Society and minutes of a Morton County Republican caucus meeting. Luck was a real estate agent. (40 items)

20633 J. A. O’Brien
Papers, 1958
Copy of a speech delivered to the Dickinson Rotary Club concerning the North Dakota Economic Development Commission. (1 item)

20638 New Fort Garry Council
Records, 1836
Transcript of minutes dealing with import of various goods into the For Garry and Assiniboia region of Manitoba. (1 item)

20645 Herbert W. Meyer
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, “The History of Gas and Electric Services in Fargo, North Dakota.” (1 item)

20701 Paul Schulze
Papers, 1875-1890
Letters relating to operations of the land office. Schulze was a land agent for the Northern Pacific Railroad. (4 items)

20740 John Anderson
Papers, 1883-1917
Records of incorporation of the Cuba, ND Mercantile Company of which Mr. Anderson, of Minneapolis, MN, was one of the directors. Also included are several letters. (30 items)

20747 Hackney-Boynton Land Company
Records, 1903
Map and price list of lands in North Dakota for sale by a St. Paul, MN company. (3 items)

20766 Parkin and Whalen Company
Records, 1877-1881
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence to the Standing Rock Indian Agency, a partial financial ledger, and receipts. (6 items)

20813 Fast Black
Records, n.d.
Pencil sketch by an unidentified artist of a popular shoe polish advertisement. (1 item/oversize)

20817 J. B. Streeter Corporation
Records, n.d.
Devils Lake, ND
Brochure promoting land sales. (1 item)

20828 First National Bank
Records, 1925-1928
Cavalier, ND
File relating to insolvency of the bank. (11 items)

20829 First National Bank of Crystal
Records, 1925-1928
Documents filed with the Pembina Co. Clerk of Court regarding the insolvency of the First National Bank of Crystal, ND. (14 items)

20839 James G. Overholzer
Papers, 1895
Diary with daily entries, monthly costs, and several photographs of an implement dealer in Butte, ND (4 items)

20845 Northern Immigration Association
Records, n.d.
Fargo, ND
Prospectus includes prices and  terms for 5-10 acre farm land tracts, a brochure and map of land owned by the Florida Fruitlands Company, targeting North Dakotans living in Florida. (4 items)

20853 Fargo Laundry
Records, n.d.
Advertisement slate. (1 item)

20865 Western Dakota Abstract and Title Company
Records, 1917
Slope Co. ND
Abstract of title describing the west ½ of Section 17, Township 135N, Range 104W, 5th Principal Meridian, containing 320 acres. (1 item)

20901 J. O. Severtson
Papers, 1914-1915
Scrapbook compiled by state bank examiner of certificates, newspaper clippings of the bank investigation and closing of Grant S. Youman’s bank in Minot, ND, photograph, and two pamphlets titled "Legalized Bank Robbery"  and "Defalcations and Methods of Concealment." (1v)

20918 New England Drug Company
Records, 1933-1938
New England, ND
Cash books of owner and pharmacist, Albert M. Hammes. (5v)

20923 Holbeck Water Works
Records, 1941
Devils Lake, ND
Records of a family business distributing pure well water. (2 items)

20926 William R. Tillinghurst
Papers, 1884-1900
Correspondence relating to the sale of land in Richland County, near Wahpeton, in 1900 by William R. Tillinghurst. Tillinghurst lived in Rhode Island, but had bought the land in 1885 from Eugene Swan, who had bought it from James M. Tyner, who had bought it from Thomas Cumings. All of these sales occurred between 1883 and 1885. By 1900 several real estate agents had written to Tillinghurst asking about the possibility of selling the land. The preponderance of correspondence is with O. K. Olsaker of Wahpeton DT. Also included are tax deeds, tax statements, warranty deeds, and certificates of preemption and redemption. (50 items)

20394 Alvin E. Austin
Papers, 1971
Reminiscences of North Dakota newspaper publishers entitled "Some Interludes in the History of North Dakota Newspapers." The publishers include Henry Sullivan, Renville County Farmer; Cal Andrist, Divide County Journal; Eldon Lum, Richland County Farmer-Globe; Hugh Farrington, Harvey Herald; Rilie Morgan, Walsh County Record; A.J. Gilje, Foster County Independent; Earl Rundle, Hettinger County Herald; Orion Cole, Hatton Free Press. Sullivan, Henry; Renville County Farmer; Andrist, Cal; Divide County Journal; Newspaper publishing--North Dakota; Lum, Eldon; Richland County Farmer-Globe; Farrington, Hugh; Harvey Herald; Morgan, Rilie; Walsh County Record; Gilje, A.J.; Foster County Independent; Rundle, Earl; Hettinger County Herald; Cole, Orion; Hatton Free Press. (1ff)

20953 Iver N. Strand
Papers, 1892-1893
Copy of a blacksmith's account book listing the names of clients, service provided, and payment. Strand lived in Caledonia and Hillsboro, ND. (.15ft)

20987 James River National Bank and Trust Company
Records, 1927-1937
Ledger containing daily financial transactions of the bank and bank depositors. (1v)

21011 Benson County Land and Investment Company
Records, 1906-1936
Contracts issued by the Benson County Land and Investment Company of Minnewaukan, ND. List of names on contracts available. (1ft)

21018 Nystrom Cemetery
Records, 1897-2006
Eddy County, ND
Minutes, financial, and burial information. Burial information includes name, dates of birth and death, and burial, cause of death, gender, and plot location. Medical information is restricted. (.2ft)

21069 Pilgrim Hotel
Records, 1916
Guest register from the Pilgrim Hotel, Crosby, ND, with guest names and residences, time arrived, room number, and comments. Guy Grove was the proprietor of the Hotel, and the register spans from March to May 1916. The register was removed from the Burke County Clerk of Court, Civil Case Files. (1v)

21071 Arvilla General Store
Records, 1888-1890
Ledger from the Arvilla General Store, Arvilla, ND, Charles F. Ladner proprietor listing items purchased in 1888 and 1890. Prices and amounts of merchandise are detailed in the inventories. (.1ft)

21075 Dickey Rural Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation
Records, 1953-1954
Dickey Co., ND
By-laws, a membership certificate, and a letter. (.05ft)

21076 Central Hotel Register
Records, 1901-1907
Ledger from the Central Hotel, Braddock, ND, owned by Talmadge Phillip Lee, known as T. P. or Top, and his wife Anne. Lee was an early Treasurer of Emmons County and served as County Commissioner. (.25ft)

21100 Merchant Hotel Register
Records, 1902-1904
Guest register for hotel in Kulm ND. (1v)

21101 Irwin Hotel Register
Records , 1903-1904
Guest register for hotel in Ellendale ND. (1v)

21134 History of the Kodak
Consists of "History of the Kodak" by Mina Fisher Hammer (1940) (typed) and newspaper clippings about inventor David Henderson Houston (1841-1906), who patented the Kodak, roll film and daylight loading of the cartridge film, and sold his invention and rights to manufacture the Kodak to the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Houston came to Cass County, near Hunter, ND after immigrating and living in New York City and Columbia, Wisconsin. (.1ft)

21140  Anton O. Fjeld Estate (Miller Drug Company, Sherwood, ND)
ca. 1912
Ledger from the estate of Anton O. Fjeld documenting prices of stock from the Miller Drug Company, likely owned by Fjeld. Items listed include a variety of clothing and shoes, but also include groceries, fixtures and household items. (1v.)

21161 Lands Café (Mohall, ND) Menu
ca. early 1920s
Menu with food prices and advertisements of Mohall (ND) businesses. (.05ft)

21188 Carl M. Vuckel Swift & Co. Meatpacking ledger
Notebook kept by Carl M. Vuckel (1889-1962), a manager at Grand Forks (ND) for the Chicago-based meatpacking firm Swift & Company. The notebook lists prices and weights of meat and commodities that Vuckel was purchasing for the company. The figures are listed monthly. Also includes purchasing for Rugby and Devils Lake, and information about employees (.10 ft).  

21222 Keller Family (Strasburg, ND)
Program celebrating 100 years of businesses run by the Keller family Strasburg (ND). Valentine Keller bought an implement shop in 1911, built the Keller Hotel in 1916 (which closed during World War II), and opened a hardware store in the ground floor of the hotel during World War II. He retired in 1947 and his sons Valentine Jr. (Rudy), Max and Eddie ran the hardware store. In 1972, Rudy's sons Dick and Gary, and his wife Judy, began operating the business (.01 ft).

21250 North Dakota Milling Association
Contains two letters from the North Dakota Milling Association to R. M. Trafton & Co. in Malta (Mont.). (2 items)

21252 Fosholdt Brothers General Merchandise (Courtenay, N.D.)
ca. 1920
Consists of a twenty five dollar coupon book filled with coupons in denominations  of one cent to fifty cents in merchandise at the Fosholdt Brothers General Merchandise store (Courtenay, N.D.). The Fosholdt Brothers store opened in 1892 and was in operation until 1975 (.05 ft.).

21288 Lakeview Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (Berlin, N.D. area)
Ledger documenting the original shareholders, account holders, prices, and expenses of the Lakeview Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (Berlin, N.D. area) from 1909-1920 (.1 ft.).

11263 William Glitschka              
Consists of a receipts ledger of purchases made by William Glitschka, grocer, in Bismarck (D.T.). and includes receipts from businesses in Dakota Territory and elsewhere. Glitschka was born July 24, 1916, in Hanover, Germany. He married Elizabeth Weinberg and had six children: Christiana (Westphal), Charles, Minnie, William, Henry, and Fred. After immigrating to the U.S., they lived in Carver (Minn.). They moved to Bismarck, Dakota Territory, before 1879 before Glitschka died January 3, 1898, and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Bismarck (N.D.) (1 ft.).

11264 Yegen Grocery Store        
Consists of six ledgers from the Yegen Grocery Store that detail purchases made by residents of Bismarck (D.T. and N.D.), prices of grocery items, and other financial information. The ledgers date from 1885, 1888-1893, 1896-1901, ca. 1901-1905, 1906-1909, and ca. 1912-1914.  The ledger that dates from ca. 1912-1914 also includes a sign in sheet for guests of Margaret Yegen's 1986 Christmas party. 

John Yegen was one of the first merchants in Bismarck (D.T.), and he began his business in a tent pitched on the site of present Patterson hotel, and for four years conducted a bakery and confectionery there. Yegen was born and raised at Chur, canton Graubünden (Grisons) Switzerland, January 8, 1844, son of Conrad and Mrs. (Emerita [Prader]) Yegen. The family owned a mountain farm (alm) and John and his brothers Peter and Chris, and a sister, Mrs. Bettie Chapman, grew up there. In about 1868, they migrated to America. John Yegen worked in a bakery in New York for some years after arrival in America. Then he went to Minnesota and freighted along the Red River of the North. In 1872 he came to Dakota, first to Yankton by stage from Sioux City, and about 1874 he moved to Bismarck and entered the baking business. His tent place of business was known as the City bakery and restaurant. The store he built later was burned out in 1877, but he rebuilt and continued business. Later he operated a general store and implement business. About 1901 he reduced his business to a grocery on Main Avenue below Seventh Street. He retired in 1919, but the store was continued by his daughter Margaret until the 1980s (6.5 ft.).

80012 Central Dakota Bank
Records, 1887
Promissory note issued to S. A. Kidder. (1 item)

80024 Farmers’ State Bank
Records, 1918
Stock certificate issued to Wiliam Uhde. (1 item)

80087 Bismarck National Bank
Records, 1882-1883.
Bismarck, ND
Checks. (4 items )

80094 George B. Arnold
Papers, 1883
Attorney's Certificate authorizes Arnold to practice in the district courts of Dakota Territory. (1ff)

80104 Herbert T. Bush
Papers, 1881; 1884; 1903
Land patents and land bill of sale to the Northern Pacific Railroad Company. (3 items/oversize)

80110 John McNab B. McKay
Papers, 1863
Contract with the Hudson's Bay Company to serve as an interpreter for one year. (1 item)


1326-1327 Art Zimmerman
150 min. 2 tapes
Two interviews of Zimmerman related to motion picture, theater business in North Dakota. Interview conducted by Frank Vyzralek on August 14, 1980 and another by Daryl Zimmerman.

1328 Al Daveau
60 minute cassette
Interview of Daveau while viewing Holmboe footage relating to the Stone Music Company in Fargo. Interviewed by Frank Vyzralek on March 17, 1977.

1353 Leader Publishing Company Stockholder's Meeting
90 minute reel-to-reel master
Recording of the Leader Publishing Company Stockholder's meeting of January 29, 1955 at the Patterson Hotel in Bismarck, ND.

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