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Manuscripts by Subject - Agriculture

10019 John S. Green
Papers, 1886-1894
Bills, correspondence, minutes, resolutions, articles of incorporation, and financial statements of the Riverside Ranch Company, and correspondence relating to the North Dakota Stock Growers Association. (.25ft)

10034 Huidekoper Family
Papers, ca. 1920-1940
Letters and articles on ranching by Wallis and Arthur Clarke Huidekoper, early ranchers in Slope County south of Medora, ND. (.25ft)

10057 North Dakota Dairymen’s Association
Records, 1911-1912
Correspondence, minutes, reports, speeches, constitution, membership list, resolutions, and questionnaire on dairy products. (.25ft)

10072 William Wingate Sewell
Papers, 1884-1903
Originals and copies of letters from Sewall to his family concerning ranching, weather conditions, local news, management of the Elkhorn Ranch, and Theodore Roosevelt. (.25ft)

10082 H. J. Johnson Land and Cattle Company
Records, 1899-1968
Journals, ledgers, contracts, deeds, abstracts, correspondence, and photographs relating to the land and cattle operation in Dickey Co., ND. (23ft)

10092 A. F. Dietz and Sons
Records, 1896-1948
New Salem, ND
Articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes, and financial records for a dealer in grain, implements, and  hardware. (3.75 ft)

10096 Christian Westergaard
Papers, 1871-1953
Papers consist of correspondence, notebooks, account books, scrapbooks relating to farming and family affairs, and records of the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry, Buffalo Grange No. 60. (3.5ft)

10123 William Lyman Watson
Papers, 1905-1922
McKenzie, ND
Correspondence, agreements, receipts, patents for a one-man rock digger, drawings, cattle brand registrations, photographs, and printed material. (.25ft)

10136 Chris P. Burnstad
Papers, 1904-1952
Logan County, ND
Correspondence, receipts, printed material, and bank statements relating to the operations of Burnstad’s ranch. (.25ft)

10140 Pauline Olson
Papers, 1899-1969
Diaries containing accounts of threshing crews operating in Bottineau Co., ND (.5ft)

10147  John C. Eaton
Papers, 1904-1958
Correspondence, printed material, subject files, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning ranching, irrigation, and democratic politics. (3ft)

10153 Paul Robert Fossum
Papers, 1924
Copy of Fossum’s Ph.D. dissertation at Johns Hopkins University entitled, “The Agrarian Movement in North Dakota.” (1 item)

10181 Fannie Mahood Heath
Papers, 1922-1930
Photographs, newspaper clippings, biography, manuscript of a book entitled, Gardening in North Dakota, and letters concerning horticulture. (.25ft/1r/#16067)

10208 North Dakota Winter Show
Records, 1922-1976
Office files, programs, financial records, photographs, scrapbooks, journals, and ledgers. (22ft)

10218 Augusta Crowl Lyon
Papers, 1915-1920
Photographs and diaries concerning the Lyon's ranch in McKenzie Co., ND. (.25ft)

10248 West Bay Farmers Club
Records, 1916-1923
Minnewaukan, ND
Minutes, letters, constitution, and by-laws. (1v)

10262 Perry F. Simpkins
Papers, 1918-1935
Hazelton, ND
Correspondence concerning farming, legal documents, newspapers, photographs, and printed materials relating to obtaining federal aid for farming. (.25ft)

10270 Francis Morton Fuller
Papers, 1901-1922
Newspaper clippings and an account book providing information on cattle breeding, cream and egg production, and the sale of grain, hay, and stock. (1v)

20271 Francis R. Simons
Papers, 1882-1885
Letters describing machinery available from farm implement companies and a receipt for purchase of land from the Northern Pacific Railroad Company. (4 items)

10274 North Dakota Farmers’ Union
Records, 1909-1998
News releases, speeches, committee reports, printed material, biographies of union officers, records relating to the educational and cooperative Union of America - North Dakota division subject files, local minutes and financial records, newspaper clippings, educational material, photographs, and publications. (174ft/oversize)

10305 John P. French
Papers, 1925-1935
Correspondence, news releases, programs, and printed material concerning the National Federation of Implement Dealers, collected by the President of the North Dakota Association and part owner of the French and Welch Hardware Company, Bismarck, ND. (.25ft)

10307 Occident Elevator Company
Records, 1919
Alamo, ND
Letters, bulletins, receipts, and certificates of grade weight and dockage for a grain elevator company. (.25ft)

10309 Farmers’ Elevator Company
Records, 1913-1918
East Fairview, ND; McKenzie County, ND
Articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes of Board of Directors’ meetings, financial statements, correspondence, receipts, resolutions, and legal documents. (.5ft)

10311 North Dakota Stockmen’s Association
Records, 1908-2004
Consists of minutes, articles of incorporation, by-laws, subject files, material from the ND “Beeferendum” (a national program to encourage state governments to promote the beef industry), financial material, certificates, programs, printed material, photographs, negatives, slides, cassette tapes, film reel, VHS and blueprints. (11.25ft)

10314 Future Farmers of America. North Dakota Association
Records, 1929-1968
Convention proceedings, correspondence, reports, scrapbooks, photographs, applications, membership lists, constitution, programs, news releases, FFA Band files, and chapter files. (3ft)

10328 National Sunflower Association
Records, 1977-1982
Minutes, by-laws, correspondence, studies and reports, newspaper clippings, and printed materials of the National Sunflower Association and the Sunflower Association of America. (2.5ft)

10331 Barnes County Russian Cactus Committee
Records, ca. 1895
Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings concerning eradication of the Russian cactus in North Dakota. (1v)

10407 Evan W. Hall
Papers, 1918-1975
Diaries, correspondence, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and agricultural agent monthly reports relating to Hall's activities in organizing the Mizpah-Pumpkin Creek Grazing Association; work as an agricultural supervisor for the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad; history of Fort Berthold; and research and scholarship on agricultural matters. Hall was an agricultural agent and son of Charles Lemon Hall. (1.25ft)

10424 Fred E. Buck
Papers, 1904-1956
Hazelton, ND; Emmons County, ND
Letters and post cards from friends and relatives in Minnesota, Idaho, and Oregon concerning farming, family affairs, marketing crops, and weather conditions. (.25ft)

10425 Z Bell Ranch
Records, 1890-1918
Sentinel Butte, ND; Golden Valley, ND
Receipts, ledgers, journals, cash books, and two volumes of copies of outgoing letters of a ranch operated by John Batchellor Stoddard.  Financial records contain inventories describing cattle, horses, sheep, supplies, equipment, buildings and furnishings, and improvements, records of accounts, payroll records, production estimates, and profit and loss statements.  Letters relate mostly to purchase and shipment of supplies and equipment, employment and personnel, and leasing land for grazing. (3ft/20v)

10430 North Dakota Agricultural Association
Records, 1903-1984
Committee minutes, correspondence, constitution, subject files, committee files, memoranda, reports, notes, agreements, bulletins, programs, legal opinions, treasurer's annual reports, North Dakota Bankers Association Women's Bank Officers Committee Minutes, and printed material. Records document administration of the Association and provide information concerning the Association's activities and interests in the banking industry, taxation, legislation, public relations, and education of banking professionals. Arranged in seven series: committee minutes, 1925-1974; administrative records, 1921-1960; depression files, 1930-1947; taxation and NDBA files, 1958-1964; Wisconsin School of Banking files, 1945-1967; subject files, 1954-1979; published material, 1903-1984. (8ft)

10433 McKenzie County Grazing Association
Records, 1937-1979
McKenzie County, ND
Minutes, correspondence, lease files, procedures manuals, audits, articles of incorporation, rosters of members and officers, memoranda, rules and regulations, studies, and membership files (contains grazing record, applications and grazing permits, farm and ranch survey forms, correspondence, memoranda, and financial records). Collection includes farm and ranch survey records of the Resettlement Division of the Farm Security Administration, 1937-1940, records of the North Dakota Grazing Association, 1954-1969 (including minutes, constitution, correspondence, financial statements, and articles of incorporation), and records of Rain, Incorporated, 1963-1970 (including minutes, notes, and articles of incorporation), a weather modification contractor. (3ft)
10441 Medora Grazing Association
Records, 1935-1984
Minutes, correspondence, subject files, audit reports, annual reports, membership lists, plans, leases, and articles of incorporation relating to administration, negotiation of grazing leases and permits, and management of pasture lands. (3ft)

10478 North Dakota Farm Bureau
Records, 1942-1989
Board of directors minutes, committee minutes, subject files, publications, correspondence, audits, financial statements, policies, scrapbooks, reports, publications, photographs, audio recordings, programs, promotional material, memorabilia; records of the NoDak Mutual Insurance Company, 1946-1980s, including audits and annual statements; and minutes of the North Dakota Wheat Growers Association, 1951-1953. Records relate to administration of the Bureau and the NoDak Mutual Insurance Company, annual conventions, legislation, and farm issues. (16.5ft)

10498 Williams County Farmers’ Union
Records, 1930-1978
Minutes, correspondence, committee files, convention files, by-laws, subject files, photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera. (10ft)

10570 Benedict Farmers’ Elevator Company
Records, ca. 1945-1989
Benedict, ND, McLean County, ND
Articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes, financial records, annual statements, financial agreements, ledgers, revolving fund credit, certificates of stock, company forms, and memorabilia. (2ft)

10651 Robert L. Hanna
Papers, 1938-1941
Business records for the family’s ranch. Robert’s father, Louis B. Hanna, a former governor of North Dakota, was also involved in the ranch. (5.5ft)

10718 NDSU Extension Service Sheyenne (ND) 4-H Camp
Records, 1942-1995
Articles of incorporation, minutes, surveys, maps, camp supply lists, program guidelines and packet, personnel regulations, financial records, construction correspondence, and contracts. (4ft/oversize)

10721 Sarah Vogel
Papers, 1973-1992
Legal and research cases from FMHA, Court of Appeals, and the Farm Labor Bureau. Vogel was North Dakota Commissioner of Agriculture. (48ft)

10747 L. Patterson Land Company
Records, 1901-1971
Burleigh Co., ND
Journals and ledgers relating to land holdings, hay and farm leases, land ownership plat books, land sales ledgers, a cow breeding journal, and general cash ledgers. (8v)

10814 Harvey Creamery Cooperative
Records, 1928-1991
Harvey, ND
Minutes of the organization. (.5ft)

10823 Ernest DeAlton
Consists of publicity shots and portraits of members of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) North Dakota Association. (1ft)

10852 North Dakota Farmers Union. Education Department
Records, 1933-1980
Correspondence, historical material, council files, junior camp and all states camp materials, camp and institute scrapbooks, publications, ephemera, and news clippings. (4ft)

10878 George Amann
Videotapes, 1990-2002
35 vhs videotapes of steam threshing celebrations and festivals including Sodbuster Days at Fort Ransom, New Rockford Steam Threshers, and Fullerton Threshmen’s Reunion. Donor retains originals. For research use only.(1ft)

10904 Jacob and Gertrude Kuller
Papers, 1939-1960s
The collection consists of four identical copies of color photo postcards of original North Dakota Farmers’ Union office in Jamestown, membership and delegate ribbons to the statewide convention, a visitor pass to the stockholder meeting of the GTA, a compilation of humorous readings by Frances W. Butts, copies of two reports, several song sheets, and numerous publications. Mr. and Mrs. Kuller were active members of the Spring Valley local chapter in Morton County and the statewide organization. The news broadcast address was given over KXJB Radio by M.W. Thatcher, on November 4, 1943, and the second report is an undated but postwar document, the author is not listed, but is titled "An Economy of Abundance." (.25ft)

11030 Plowville, National Plowing Contest
Papers, 1960-2008
In September 1964 a National Plowing Contest was held at the Elmer and Ramona Fraase farm near Buffalo, ND. Includes minutes of meetings, correspondence, scrapbooks, maps and blueprints of the site, and Department of Transportation plans for constructing an exit to the event from I-94. Dignitaries attending the contest included Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, Governor William "Bill" Guy, and future Governor George Sinner. (4ft)

11034 William O'Loughlin
Papers, 1914-1978
Correspondence, legal documents, agreements, land titles, and financial materials relating to O'Loughlin's estate and investments, farming, and land purchases in North Dakota and Minnesota. Oliver A. Lumphrey was appointed guardian of O’Loughlin in early 1964. The bulk of the materials date from 1964 to 1971. The collection also contains information about federal crop insurance and other federal agricultural programs. O'Loughlin was born in Rolla, ND, lived in Williston, ND for a time, and spent the final six years of his life in River Falls, WI. (6ft)

11058 William G. Dow
Account Ledger, 1913-1931
Ledger book kept by William G. Dow (1864-1950), who farmed in Morton County (Mandan and Township 139), ND. The ledger includes numbers and prices of crops, dairy products, and animals sold; dates and names of animals born; amounts of crops threshed; totals of crops raised; labor costs; car expenses; and miscellaneous expenses and dates. Dow was born in Iowa, and likely bought the ledger there, as the first few pages are from an unidentified account from Dubuque, dated from 1858-1859. (.25ft)

11091 Gessner Dairy
Records, ca. 1900-1960s
Consists of family photographs, photographs of cattle, genealogical information, a telephone directory and railroad material from Penn (ND), a yield chart, and publication. (1.5ft)

11130 Horace A. Holtan
Papers, ca. 1910-1920
Consists of materials relating to Holtan’s invention and patenting of a grain cleaner, a diploma, a pictorial history of trains, several unidentified photographs. Horace A. Holtan was a farmer in Falkirk, ND since 1910. (3.25ft)

11178 North Dakota Dairy Coalition
By-laws,  annual meeting minutes, board meeting minutes, minutes of the Fundraising Committee, correspondence, map of ND dairy producers, progress report, list of contributors, a study about the economic impact of the dairy industry on North Dakota, and results from a survey of dairies in North Dakota. (.25ft)

11255 State and Local Agriculture Literature Preservation Project
Consists of microfilmed material relating to North Dakota’s agriculture and rural life prior to 1946. The material was collected by North Dakota State University for the National Program for the Preservation of Agricultural and Rural Life Literature and was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The national project goal was to preserve in the original or microfilm the most important pre-1946 published literature and primary unpublished resources documenting the history of agriculture in the U.S. Approximately 35% of the published materials gathered for the North Dakota project were microfilmed and came from: NDSU Libraries, ND State Library, State Historical Society, University of North Dakota, National Agricultural Library, Minot State University, Columbia University, Minnesota Historical Society, University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, and Wisconsin Historical Society. A bibliography of all titles was produced: Bibliography of Agricultural and Rural Life Literature 1860-1945: North Dakota, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, N.D. 2002. (45 microfilm rolls)

20070 Ira Butterfield
Papers, 1861-1868; 1877-1881
Military appointments and correspondence with relatives in Minnesota and Dakota Territory relating to service in the Union Army and farming near Valley City, DT. Corporal, Company A, 1st Wisconsin Artillery. (26 items)

20083 Brinsmade Farmers’ Elevator Company
Records, 1905-1913
Articles of incorporation, constitution and by-laws, minutes of stockholders' meetings, and a register of issued stock. (1v)

20098 United States Department of Agriculture. State Disaster Committee
Records, 1961
Minutes of the June 8, 1961, meeting and a report on haying and grazing on soil bank and diverted acres. (1 item)

20108 Albert Hoiland
Papers, 1912-1957
Correspondence, photographs, and sales brochures relating to several of Hoiland’s inventions including the wild oat separator, cow trainer, highway guards, and a furnace grate. (20 items)

20118 Samuel M. Lee
Papers, 1896; 1903
Aneta, ND; Nelson Co., ND
Letter from the Headquarters of the Independent County Central Committee concerning organization, and another announcing a meeting of the Aneta Farmers' Elevator Company. (2 items)

20134 Farmers’ Elevator Company
Records, 1971-1975
Strasburg, ND; Emmons County, ND
Annual statements. (6 items)

20135 Better Farming Association of North Dakota
Records, 1912
Report provides roster of members and officers, financial report, and information concerning agricultural conditions in North Dakota, and plans for current and future educational programs for farmers. (1 item)

20144 Christian Flegal
Papers, 1895-1909
Redemption and tax receipts, promissory notes, and certificate of appointment as delegate to the National Farm Land Congress of a farmer, real estate agent, and political organizer. (23 items)

20163 John S. Umstead
Papers, 1901
Letter from Umstead to Peter J. Ott, Mount Holly, NJ, contrasting farming in North Dakota to farming in Pennsylvania. (1 item)

20185 Ole M. Hector
Papers, 1920-1938
Autobiography, resolutions, brief history of the farm bureau movement, and correspondence of a farmer active in organizing the North Dakota Farmers’ Holiday Association and president of the Divide County Farm Bureau. Concerning activities of the Republican Party, ND Farm Bureau Federation, American Farm Bureau Federation, National Wheat Conference, and Federal Land Bank Stockholders and Borrowers Association. (57 items)

20197 Galesburg Cooperative Creamery
Records, 1906-1917
Galesburg, ND
Stockholder’s meeting minutes, contracts, financial records, and correspondence relating to equipment sales and the difficulty in getting a butter maker. (33 items)

20200 East Slope Missouri Stock Protection Association
Records, 1902
Kidder Co., ND
Constitution. (1 item)

20220 C. L. Graber
Papers, 1882
Letter from Graber to L. A. Jones, Kalamazoo, MI, describing farming conditions near Grand Forks. (1 item)

20243 D. DeMarsh
Paper, July 5, 1878
Letter from DeMarsh to the Secretary of War requesting permission to operate a dairy at Fort Buford, Dakota Territory. Letter is endorsed by officers serving at the fort. (1 item)

20272 Ida Kellogg
Papers, 1966
Letter from Kellogg to Harriet Scholtz, Minneapolis, MN, describing the effects of a blizzard on their farm and livestock. (1 item)

20305 Elma Frettim
Papers, 1911
Letters from Frettim in Kidder County, ND to A. L. Palmatee of Lougheed, AB (Canada), concerning farming, weather conditions, local news, and family activities. (3 items)

20352 North Dakota Wheat Producers Association
Records, 1967-1976
Minutes, constitution, financial statements, and articles of incorporation. (5 items)

20375 Albert N. Wold
Papers, 1891-1940
Traill Co., ND
Copies of timber culture quarter section registration papers, a plan of the Wold farm, and a manuscript entitled, “My Father Was a Tree Claimer.”  (1v)

20402 Louis Connolly
Papers, 1879-1883
Letters from Connolly to his wife, Mary Hensler Connolly, describing ranching activities and settlement of Dakota Territory. (14 items)

20439 Sawyer Grain Company
Records, 1895, 1932-1933
Ward Co., ND
Grain price schedules. (3 items)

20457 E. N. Bosworth
Papers, 1937
History of the Equity Union Creameries, Inc. Aberdeen, SD (1 item)

20475 Lester Clark
Papers, 1942-1963
Notes, printed material, licenses, and letters concerning North Dakota Seed companies and farm equipment maintenance. (21 items)

20524 D. Patterson
Papers, 1934-1946
Letters from the North Dakota Farmers Union and the Gregg Manufacturing Company, St. Paul, MN. (4 items)

20546 Helen Arbuckel
Papers, 1887-1910
Account book for a threshing crew. (1v)

20548 Robert Cory
Papers, 1945-1950
Newspaper articles written by Cory for the Minot News regarding agriculture in North Dakota. (48 items)

20568 Wayne K. Swanson
Papers, 1965
Photocopy of a Dickinson State College history paper entitled, "The History of Wheat in the Red River Valley Region," describing the history of wheat cultivation, development of wheat seed varieties, and bonanza farming. (1 item)

20604 Red River Edible Bean Growers Association
Records, 1975-1977
Minutes, constitution and by-laws, memoranda, agenda, news releases, and programs. (25 items)

20618 Emaline Eastgate Cocks
Papers, 1883, 1905
Transcript of a letter from Cocks to her sister concerning farming near Larimore, ND, photocopy of a flour advertisement from the Willobank Mill, and a dance invitation. (4 items)

20676 Willard E. Arnold
Papers, 1923
Carbon copy typescript of reminiscences of homesteading, farming, personalities, dances, winter hazards, and encounters with Indians near Portland, ND in the 1860s-1870s. (1ff)

20687 Agnes Plath
Papers, 1886-1889; 1950s
Newspaper clippings concerning ranching and letters, accounts, telegrams, newspaper clippings, and photographs concerning breeding and raising Aberdeen-Angus steers by Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland. (1r)

20704 W. A. Bolmeier
Papers, 1914-1916
Accounts for painting grain elevators in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa. (1v)

20745 Olivia (Hanson) Rhoads
Papers, 1916-1984
Anamoose, ND; McHenry Co., ND
Reminiscences of farm life entitled, "My Life at Home from Youth to Grown-up," and sketches of early farm equipment. (2 items)

20773 Farmers’ Elevator Company
Records, 1899, 1900, 1906
Carpio, ND; Ward County, ND
Correspondence, the construction specifications for a 25,000 bushel grain elevator, and annual report, chattel mortgage, and employee bond. (34 items/oversize)

20863 Berlin Farmers’ Union Elevator
Records, 1941-1975.
Berlin, ND; LaMoure County, ND
The first common stock certificate issued, licenses, and a poster warning against barberry problems. (8 items)

20992 J. A. Frank
Papers, 1917,1930s, 1960s
Correspondence relating to the prices and weather conditions of 1930 and 1934, postcards sent to Equity Elevator Company (Tappen, ND) and Farmers Elevator Company (LaMoure, ND) providing information on grain weights and measures, a copy of "Davis Weights and Measures" that served as a scrapbook for notes and newsclippings, some information related to grain topics, and personal items. (.2ft)

21029 Levi Dalley
Diary, 1886
Jamestown, ND
Daily entries on weather conditions, farming activities, and finances.(1 item)

21091 Griggs County Farmers Alliance
Minute book of a county farmers alliance made up of representatives from Romness, Pleasant View, Forward, and Blooming Prairie townships. Members from this group were elected to attend the annual North Dakota Farmers Alliance meetings. Other discussions pertained to purchase of twine, wood, coal, drills and other machinery, shipping of wheat, and starting an alliance store in Cooperstown. (1v)

21092 Romness Alliance
Roll of members, minutes of meetings, and financial acounts. The Alliance was formed for "the necessity tof organizing the farmers to meet all other well organized combines working against the producers interest." (1v)

21150 Razicka Financial Ledger
ca. 1916-1920
Ledger documenting the expenses of farmer John Razicka and his son Frank. John Razicka was a native of Bohemia who farmed nine miles southwest of Mandan (ND) and died tragically in November 1916. (.05ft.)

21192 North Dakota Farmers and Homemakers Week
1930, 1932
Announcement bulletins detailing the North Dakota Farmers and Homemakers Week annual meetings at the North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC) (Fargo, ND) (2 items).

21195 Pazandak Family (Dickey County)
ca. 1902-2010
Includes 17 photographs and post cards of the family farm with identification (ca. 1902-2010), a cassette tape with an interview about the farm, and copies and prints of articles about family members.
Joseph and Anna Pazandak established the farm three and a half miles north of Fullerton, the section having been purchased in 1900. A gasoline powered tractor was purchased in 1910, as the family moved toward an all-mechanized farm, perhaps the first in the state. Ferdinand "Ferd" recorded on film the mechanization of Highland Farm. His photograph collection resides at the NDSU Institute for Regional Studies. Ferd married Vera Higgs in 1917 and they established their home on his half-section. Ferd was instrumental in the organization of the Rural Electrification Association (Rural Electric Cooperative) (0.05 ft.).

21228 Rogstad Family (Homen, Cavalier County, ND)
Consists of a farm record book maintained by John Rogstad (1853-1931) that includes an inventory of his machinery and tools, receipts and expenses, and information about the farm for the years 1926-1927. The collection also includes genealogical information about the Rogstad, Jacobson and Soli families and a list of neighbors who donated to John Rogstad after a fire. (.05 ft).

80006 Cass County Agricultural, Horticultural, and Mechanical Fair
Papers, 1873, 1875
Certificate issued to Rev. O. H. Elmer for the best single carriage horse. The reverse is a hand-lettered church directory for the Fargo-Moorhead area, 1875. (1 item)

80009 Cass County Agricultural, Horticultural and Mechanical Fair
Papers, 1873
Certificates awarded to Mrs. Andrew Holes for best canned preserves. (3 items)

80018 National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry. Buffalo Grange No. 60
Records, 1884
Buffalo, DT
Charter. (1 item)

80090 C. W. Gee
Papers, n.d.
Creed of the Soil Conservationist. (1 item)


1201 Charles Chester Pearce
Frank Vyzralek, Jim Sperry
120 minute cassette
Consists of an oral history interview with Pearce concerning ranching in western North Dakota. July 26, 1972

1236 Dale and Martha Hawk
120 minute cassette
Consists of an oral history interview with the Hawks concerning collection of agricultural implements on October 12 and 13, 1978

1240-1241 Three Bonanza Ranchers
Welsh, Don H.
240 min
Consists of a lecture on Pierre Wibaux, Marquis de Mores, and Theodore Roosevelt at Bismarck Junior College on April 20, 1971

1313 Eugene "Chi" Otto
120 minute reel-to-reel masters
Interview with Otto relates to his experiences as a cowboy in western North Dakota. Interviewed by Ted Kopseng November 20, 1974.

1315 Ben Bird
60 minute reel-to-reel master
Interview with Bird concerning cattle drives, including one from Texas in 1884. Recorded March 19, 1954.

1316 Shy Osterhoef. Oral History Interview
90 minute cassette
Interview with Osterhoef concerning ranching on the Roosevelt Ranch. February 20, 1956.

1357 Dakota Maid Feed Advertisements
90 minute reel-to-reel master
Recordings of 12 Dakota Maid Feed advertisements, post-1957.

1412-1415 Sam Kenny
William Cofell, Interviewer.
4 - 90 minute cassettes
June 7, 1983 Tape 1. (89-AV-003) Transcript and noted placed in "Miscellaneous C" case file.
Large farms and ranches, history of Chicago Ranch.

2037 North Dakota Farm Women and the Farmer’s Institute
Barbara Handy-Marchello

2040 The Oscar Will Seed Company
Fred Schneider

2041 Views of ‘Down on the Farm’
,Elizabeth Hampston

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