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Manuscripts by Subject - Agriculture - #10433

Title: McKenzie County Grazing Association Records

Dates: 1937-1979

Collection Number: 10433

Quantity: 2.5 feet

Abstract: Contains minutes, correspondence, lease files, procedures manuals, audits, articles of incorporation, rosters of members and officers, memoranda, rules and regulations, studies, and membership files (contains grazing record, applications and grazing permits, farm and ranch survey forms, correspondence, memoranda, and financial records). Includes farm and ranch survey records of the Resettlement Division of the Farm Security Administration, 1937-1940, records of the North Dakota Grazing Association, 1954-1969 (including minutes, constitution, correspondence, financial statements, and articles of incorporation), and records of Rain, Incorporated, 1963-1970 (including minutes, notes, and articles of incorporation), a weather modification contractor.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the McKenzie County Grazing Association Records as a gift from Joyce Byerly, secretary-treasurer of the Association, on September 11, 1984. Gregory S. Camp prepared the inventory to the McKenzie County Grazing Association Records in October of 1984.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


The McKenzie County Grazing Association had its origin in the 1930's, when concern for proper or controlled use of the land and water became an issue to livestock owners and raisers in that county. As allowed under State Law 1935, Chapter 106, and State Law 1937, Chapter 112, the Association's Articles of Incorporation states membership qualification as follows: "Any person who is an owner or lessee of land within the proposed boundaries or residing on the border of the area within or without the county and have heretofore been dependent upon the land within the area of any cooperative Grazing District, who is also engaged in the raising of livestock within the area, shall be entitled to become a member by paying the membership fee...". Thus, a cooperative effort was born out of a common concern for proper environmental management, as well as a spirit of sharing of the surplus grazing land available.

The Association also banded together to ensure that the sale of land belonging to a member was not done under pressure; be it from individuals or government. Because such practices existed and are documented in this collection, the unification of livestock owners under the protective Association umbrella helped shield possible victims and discourage potential instigators. In like manner, the Association allowed for running "share cattle" on lands managed by members; in this way, new ranchers were able to slowly build a herd without the capital normally needed to fund such a venture. Thus, full ownership of cattle was not a prerequisite for membership in the McKenzie County Grazing Association; in part, to help new or young members and to increase membership in the Association.

The McKenzie County Grazing Association has been in constant service since 1937, and the collection herein described covers up to 1979. Although only on a county basis, the organization has had dealings with ranchers in western North Dakota and even a portion of eastern Montana. Its usefulness can perhaps best be seen through the large membership numbers on record, as well as applications for membership.


The McKenzie County Grazing Association Records date from 1937 to 1979 and occupy two and one-half (2 1/2) cubic feet. This collection is divided into five series: Administrative Records, Audit Reports, Minutes of Meetings, North Dakota Grazing Association Records, and Membership Files.

The Administrative Records are made up of original Articles of Incorporation, a short history of the McKenzie County Grazing Association, lease agreements, rules and regulations, membership reports, farm and ranch surveys, maps, operations manuals, and membership lists. The time period covered ranges between 1937 and 1979. Series I is approximately three-quarters (3/4) of a cubic foot in size and fills twenty-three folders of Box 1.

The Audit Reports make up Series II, and are primarily an April-to-April report of the Association's financial standing between 1940 and 1976. This series takes up folders twenty-four through thirty-one, or approximately one-quarter (1/4) of a cubic foot.

Series III is almost exclusively minutes of meetings, some handwritten, between the years 1938 and 1969. By and large, these are from board meetings of the McKenzie County Grazing Association, but some include the Delegate Meetings as well. Included in some of the minute reports are financial statements of the Association, exclusive of audit reports. This series occupies approximately one-quarter to one-third (1/4 to 1/3) of a cubic foot.

Series IV is the smallest of the five from this collection, taking up only five folders. It concerns the North Dakota Grazing Association and some of its dealings with its counterpart in McKenzie County. The time periods covered are between 1956 and 1964.

The membership files by far make up the largest single part of the McKenzie County Grazing Association Records, occupying one (1) cubic foot of space. This series is arranged alphabetically by the members' last names. The time period covered is between 1937 and 1979; the make up of a typical file includes correspondence, financial records, production reports, and livestock records.


I. Administrative Records, 1937-1939

II. Audit Reports, 1940-1976

III. Minutes of Meetings, 1938-1969

IV. North Dakota Grazing Association, 1956-1964

V. Membership Files, 1937-1979


Series I: Administrative Records

Box 1:
1 History of the McKenzie County Grazing Association, 1966; edited by H. H. Lundin and Joyce Byerly
2 Original Articles, Rules and Regulations, 1937-1975
3 Articles of Incorporation of McKenzie County Grazing Association, 1943
4 Articles of Incorporation of McKenzie County Grazing Association, 1953
5 Rain Incorporated, Certificate of Incorporation, 1963
6 Medora Grazing Association File, 1969-1979
7 USDA/Forest Service lease agreement with McKenzie County Grazing Association, n.d.
8 Lease agreements, withdrawal notice; maps, etc., 1955-1975
9 Association presentation of a study of ownership and leasing, n.d.
10 Tabulations on membership, land involved, use of land, etc., 1940-1941
11 McKenzie County Grazing Association survey, 1976
12 Farm and ranch surveys, A-K, 1936
13 Farm and ranch surveys, L-Z, 1936
14 Resident use/ownership of land, n.d.
15 Resettlement File, 1937-1948
16 Resettlement, maps, soil conservation, 1948-1953
17 McKenzie County Grazing Association Operations Manual, 1960
18 McKenzie County Grazing Association Manual, 1964
19 McKenzie County Grazing Association Manual, 1969
20 McKenzie County Grazing Association Manual, 1972
21 McKenzie County Grazing Association Manual, 1975
22 McKenzie County Grazing Association Manual, 1979
23 Membership lists, directors, 1960-1977

Series II: Audit Reports

24 Audit reports, 1940-1944
25 Audit reports, 1944-1948
26 Audit reports, 1948-1952
27 Audit reports, 1952-1956
28 Audit reports, 1956-1960
29 Audit reports, 1960-1964
30 Audit reports, 1965-1969
31 Audit reports, 1970-1976

Series III: Minutes of meetings

Box 2:
1 Minutes of meetings, 1938-1943.
2 Minutes of meetings, 1947-1950.
3 Minutes of meetings, 1937-1950.
4 Minutes of meetings, 1950-1964.
5 Minutes of meetings, 1967-1969.
6 Minutes of meetings, 1965-1979.
7 Minutes of board meetings, 1954.
8 Minutes of board meetings, 1955.
9 Delegate minutes, 1959.
10 Minutes, financial statements, 1962.
11 Minutes, financial statements, 1965.
12 Minutes, financial statements, 1966.
13 Minutes, financial statements, 1967.
14 Minutes, financial statements, 1968.
15 Minutes, financial statements, 1969.

Series IV: North Dakota Grazing Association Records

16 ND Grazing Association, 1956.
17 ND Grazing Association, 1958.
18 ND Grazing Association, 1960.
19 ND Grazing Association, 1961.
20 ND Grazing Association, 1964.

Series V: Membership files

Box 3:
1 Town of Alexander: Anderson-Daum
2 Town of Alexander: Gundberg-Stevenson
3 Town of Arnegard: Anderson-Hendrickson
4 Town of Arnegard: Hill-Olson
5 Town of Arnegard: Rogness-Van Waggoner
6 Town of Baker, Montana: member J.C. Phebus
7 Town of Banks: A-Z
8 Town of Beach: A-Z
9 Town of Bubaux, Montana: member Alice Kramer
10 Town of Berg: A-Z
11 Town of Cartwright: Conrad-Hehnan
12 Town of Cartwright: Jackson-Madsen
13 Town of Cartwright: McGrady-Varney
14 Town of Creston, Montana: member T.A. Gall
15 Town of Charlson: Boots-Geerts
16 Town of Charlson: Gilbertson-Hjalmer
17 Town of Charlson: Knight-Mogen
18 Town of Charlson: Norby-Rolla
19 Town of Charlson: Sigurdson-Thompson
20 Town of Croff: A-Z
21 Town of Dickinson: A-Z
22 Town of Dove: member John Maver
23 Town of Fairview, Montana: Artz-Morrill
24 Town of Fairview, Montana: Notebloom-Worst
25 Town of Grassy Butte: Adams-Christianson
26 Town of Grassy Butte: Clusky-Probibinak
27 Town of Grassy Butte: Ragther-Rutt
28 Town of Grassy Butte: Sokol-Zwbke
29 Town of Hazen: member Asa Wing
30 Town of Keene: Blegen-Harms
31 Town of Keene: Haugen -Muirhead
32 Town of Keene: Rice-Wollan
33 Town of Medicine Lake, Montana: A-Z
34 Town of Medora: Medora Grazing Association
35 Town of Oaksdale: member Claire Jefferies
36 Town of Sanish: A-Z
37 Town of Searing: A-Z
38 Town of Sydney: A-Z
39 Town of Skarr: A-Z
40 Town of Trotters: A-Z
41 Town of Watford City: Anderson-Berg
42 Town of Watford City: Botner-Iverson
43 Town of Watford City: Knute-Schroeder
44 Town of Watford City: Shaide-Stevens
45 Town of Watford City: Thompson-Zingleman
46 Town of Williston: A-Z, also miscellaneous members, area unknown


Anderson, Elmer Helling, T.J.
Bayes, George Howard, Alex
Daum, Chris Howard, J.J.
Gundberg, Martin Sather, Clarence
Gundberg, John Stevenson, William

Anderson, Harry Nelling, Chas.
Burr, John Nelson, Andrew
Earley, Walter Olson, Harvey
Eberb, Fred Rogness, John J.
Faulkner, W.J. Skari, Albert
Gravos, Henry Smith, Charlie
Hendrickson, F.M. Steen, George
Hendrickson, F.M. Stutrud, Marius
Hill, Andrew Thon, Ole O.
Hinman, Fred Torstenson, John
Naverness, E. Van Allen, Floyd

Phebus, Jean Scott

Enderud, P. Harmon, John
Erickson, P.C. Norby, William
Hagen, Henry Renbarger, Guy
Johnson, Elmer Sanford, Inge
Johnson, Oscar

Hadgrin, Luther
Tasker, Ray

Kramer, Alice

Sevintron, Sigurd
Sivertson, Leslie

Conrad, William Lassey, J.E.
Elleston, Perry Madsen, Albert
Estes, F.R. McGrady, R.S.
Hanson, Lars Miller, Ernest
Hennan, W.E. Monson, C.H.
Jackson, J.C. Morse, Alvis
Kemmis, Orra O'Connor, Joe
Kemmis A.C. Rindahl, Oliver
Kemmis, John Rod, Ale
Klose, Anton Schidler,N.
Kraft, Carl Shogen, Clarence

Gall, T.A.

Boots, Clyde Mendenhall, H.B.
Dahl, John Mogen, Arthur
Danialson, Alvin Mogen, C.C. and son
Danielson, L.M. Norby, Henry
Danielson, Milton Norby, James
Geerts, Octave Rolla, Marvin and Wallace
Gilbertson, Ed Sigurdson, C.O.
Green, A.J. Skarda, Lewis
Hastings, Claude Slaatten, Alfred and son
Hitland, B.C. Sorenson, Elmo
Knight, Joe Thompson, T.
Maxwell, John

Gustafson, A.W. Knutson, Helmer
Kassa, Thore Knutson, John

Bridges, John or Bess

Maver, Fred

Artz, Norman Karst, Fred Jr.
Artz, Ted Morrill, A.W.
Cray, Ed Notebloom, K.W.
Dale, Dean Peterson, Blyth
Danialson, D.W. Peterson, Ernest
Danielson, A. Peterson, Nettle
Gelsen, Phil Stepan, Louis
Harrell, Floyd Stair, Stewart
Hutter, Ludwig Spellman, Don
Hurley, V.E. Worst, Clayton

Adams, William Norton, Bill and David
Akovenko, Alex Pasuchenko, John
Ashbrecher, Chas. Pruhibinak, Martin
Barnhardt, James Raethen, John
Barnhardt, L.M. Redlin and sons
Carr, Bromley Ruff, Carl
Christenson, Phil Sokol, Carl
Cuskey, M.H. Tank, George
Hoerauf, Fred Van Vleet, G.B.
Hoerauf, P. Warren, James
Kohames, M. Walker, James
Kostelmak, T. Walker, James
Kukla, Anton Walker, Elwyn
Lampher, Carl Zakopaku
Marvcheck, John Zewick, Harry
Murray, Bert Zurn, Anton
Murray, A.C. Zwbke
Nickles, Kenneth

Wing, Asa

Blegen, J. Rolfsrud, Halvor
Brenna, Carl Senger, Joe
Bryce, T. Sherwin, Henry
Ceynar, D. Sorenson, C.
Dahl, A. Sorenson, W.
Harms, G. Sorenson, S.
Haugen, Wilson Swenson, Sivert
Larson, Olaf Veseth, Knute
Muirhead, John Wahus, Louis
Rice, Millard Wollan, George

Medora Grazing Association

Jefferies, Claire

Austin, Charles Osburn, Bearne
Bancroft, George Ruland, M.N.
Dinwoodie, James Schulte, William
Guubranson, J. Strasser, Joe
Hallowell, T.T. Henderson, Avis

Stuart, Wm. G. Sutherland, John
Stevenson, Jim Wells, Ross

Christiansen, John Swigart, W.C.
Kneis, R. Swisse, J.C.
Lynde, Kenneth Sturgis and Theil
Maslowski, E.A. (Mrs.) Winter, James
McCarten, S.

Amundson, Imar Sunderson, P.
Amundson, Glenn Skarr, E.W.
Dysert, John Williams, Roy
Mann, Oliver Wodtkey, P.
Pederson, Antley


Claussen, F. Olson, Glenn
McClennahan, P. Sperry, Kyle
Nellermoe, N. Stuart, Wm.

Anderson, Fred Leens, Art
Anderson, Jim Lunn, Oscar
Avery, Harry Meyer, B.T.
Bekkedahl, Clyde Norstoy, Olaf
Berg, Erling Nygaard, Oscar
Berg, Norman Omlid, Peter
Botner, Bennet Schroeder, Henry
Chapdaline, A. Shalde, Guy and son
Dahl, Einan Signalness, W.C.
Dewhurst, J.A. Skjelvik, Henry
Felland, Hadle Spence, Ray
Gilbertson, Gilbert Stevens, Mrs. Elizabeth
Hanson, Albert Thompson, Kenneth
Hagen, Knute Thompson, T.H.
Heggtveit, Ginar Tschetter, William
Hovet, Mrs. Selma Tufstanu, Olaf
Hultgren, Gust Vick, G.A.
Iverson, Barney Walker, Chas. E.
Jore, S. Zingleman, Bud
Knute, Sherman

Creighton, Ronald Metzger Ivan
Harrington Bros.

Denoh, Julius Oakland, Tm

Folven, Oscar Olan, Alton
Gudbronson, Magnus Prucie, Harry
Hall, William J.

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