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Manuscripts by Subject - Agriculture - #10478

Title: North Dakota Farm Bureau Records

Dates: 1939-1984

Collection Number: 10478

Quantity: 12.5 feet

Abstract: Consists of board of directors minutes, committee minutes, subject files, publications, correspondence, audits, financial statements, policies, scrapbooks, reports, publications, photographs, audio recordings, programs, promotional material, memorabilia; records of the NoDak Mutual Insurance Company, 1946-1980s, including audits and annual statements; and minutes of the North Dakota Wheat Growers Association, 1951-1953. Records relate to administration of the Bureau and the NoDak Mutual Insurance Company, annual conventions, legislation, and farm issues.

Provenance:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired this collection as a gift from the North Dakota Farm Bureau on February 14, 1986 and May 16, 1986. This collection was processed and the inventory prepared by Karen Mund, Grace Wanttaja, and Kari Rombs Kohlhoff in October 1988.

Property Rights:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection. 

Copyrights: The North Dakota Farm Bureau has dedicated such copyrights as it possesses in this collection to the public. Consideration of all other copyrights is the responsibility of the researcher.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer: Three feet of material were removed from the North Dakota Farm Bureau Records and transferred to the appropriate collection management area of the State Archives. One-half foot of publications such as newsletters, magazines, and newspapers was transferred to the Library.

One foot of audio recordings was removed; the recordings are accessible as audio collections. Transferred were 62 reel-to-reel tapes and 1 cassette tape.  Subjects on the audio tapes include "Food for Thought," Farmline, recognition program, Senator Lausche address, Richard Nixon agriculture speech, hunting, and Safemark tire program.

Two items, a leather pocket coin purse impressed with the Farm Bureau emblem and a McHenry County Farm Bureau cap, were transferred to the Museum Division. Transferred to the ephemera collection were two delegate ribbons, one Associated Women ribbon, and three safety reminder stickers. Several postal covers were placed with the philatelic collection.

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Audio-Visual: Farm Bureau footage (50's AGRI #1, #2), WDAY-TV Newsfilm Collection. Tape 4. Contains clips of a Farm Bureau spokesman, president G. H. Mickelson, and members.


The predecessor of the North Dakota Farm Bureau, the American Farm Bureau Federation, was organized in the eastern United States between 1910 and 1920. In 1919 the first convention was held and during 1920, 28 state Farm Bureaus ratified the constitution. A chapter of the American Farm Bureau Federation was organized in North Dakota in the early 1920's. A. C. McInnes of Dazey, North Dakota, was the first president, with William Guy Sr. of Amenia and Usher L. Burdick of Williston, as very active members. This organization lasted only a few years; nearly 20 years would pass before another Farm Bureau was organized in North Dakota.

Throughout 1941 and 1942, the activities and influence of other State Farm Bureaus and the American Farm Bureau Federation generated considerable interest among North Dakota farm leaders. As a result of this interest three prominent and successful farmers, W. A. Plath of Davenport, B. E. Groom of Langdon, and Roy Johnson of Casselton, consulted with Vernon Vaniman, representing the American Farm Bureau Federation, and made plans for a meeting in Fargo, November 14, 1941. At this meeting a temporary organization committee was selected, composed of 14 men, mostly from the eastern part of the state. Benjamin Gorder was selected chairman of the committee and W. A. Plath, secretary-treasurer. G. J. Stafne was employed as organization director; he and volunteers devoted many hours to preliminary work. It was decided that agriculture needed a general farm organization to reflect the ideas and needs of all producers and community groups.

The North Dakota Farm Bureau was officially organized at Valley City, November 19-20, 1942. Representing 21 counties at their first meeting, members reviewed and approved bylaws, including qualifications for active and associate members, and set annual dues at $5.00. W. A. Plath, Davenport, was elected president, a post he held until 1949, and G. J. Stafne, secretary-treasurer.  Membership was to be completely voluntary with two types of memberships available:  active and associate.  An active member could be any person who owned or operated a farm and received a major portion of his income from agricultural products, while an associate member was any person interested in furthering the cause of the farmer and agriculture.  Membership in 1942 was 530 and increased to 1,118 in 1943. Dues were raised to $10.00 at the first annual convention of the North Dakota Farm Bureau held November 8 and 9, 1943, at Valley City.

Shortly after the Farm Bureau was organized in North Dakota, it was recognized that women could be a strong factor in promoting the Farm Bureau in the state.  The women accepted the challenge and the potential for growth became evident. On November 14, 1949, the Associated Women of the North Dakota Farm Bureau, more popularly known as the Farm Bureau Women's Committee, was officially organized. The first officers elected were Mrs. Victor Corey, Lidgerwood, chairman; Mrs. Ruth Annis Smith, St. Thomas, vice-chairman; and Mrs. Leonard Davis, Killdeer, secretary. The first recommendations, that the chairman write to county presidents urging appointment of two women to serve on each county board of directors, were accomplished at the 1949 convention.  The women cooperated in the effort to develop the Farm Bureau in North Dakota and combined their energies and organizational abilities. Time and conditions, mostly economic and social, have changed the approach to problems over the years, but Farm Bureau Women have adjusted to meet these changes. 

As the organization grew, so did the need for member services. The first provided for Farm Bureau members was insurance. In 1943, in compliance with a directive from the delegate body, the North Dakota Farm Bureau board of directors negotiated an agreement with the Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa to make its insurance available to North Dakota Farm Bureau members. The agreement contained the provision that after a two year period the North Dakota Farm Bureau could originate its own company. The Nodak Mutual Insurance Company was incorporated on April 15, 1946, under the laws of North Dakota, and was licensed and began business on April 24, 1946. The company, a Legal Reserve Mutual, was owned by policyholders who were Farm Bureau members. In 1946 it had assets of $162,024 and in 1970, $5,429,560.

The North Dakota Farm Bureau through the years has initiated many pieces of legislation which have aided the farmer concerning, for example, the privilege of husband and wife joint income tax returns, a grower-supported wheat commission, the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway, a refund of federal gasoline tax, rural electrification, Livestock Sanitary Board, set aside programs, and trade development. Other programs supported were sunflower loans, Garrison Diversion, purchase of wetlands for mitigated acres, property tax, shelterbelt planting, water rights, one state fair, winter show, new uses of farm products, overseas marketing, sugar beet quotas, graduated land tax, incorporated family farms, and potato marketing.

The Farm Bureau was born out of the necessity for a farm organization concerned with the individual and having a relationship with the consumer through an unmanipulated market system.  Its objectives are the same today as when it was formed in 1942:  to make a continuous investigation and study of agriculture and all economic, social, and governmental matters which may affect agriculture; to disseminate accurate information among its members and the public; to make recommendations to local, state, and federal bodies, and take whatever action necessary or advisable in promoting and securing those things which would bring about successful agriculture within the State of North Dakota.


Stafne, G. J., History of the North Dakota Farm Bureau, 1942-1965.  Fargo, ND:   North Dakota Farm Bureau, 1965(?).

North Dakota Farm Bureau Records, 1942-1984, 9 ft., Mss .


The North Dakota Farm Bureau Records date from 1942-1984 and measure 9 ft. The collection documents the origin and growth of the Farm Bureau as it worked to develop and adopt policies that would benefit the farmers of North Dakota. Included in the Farm Bureau Records are: minutes, 1942-1984, 2 ½ ft.; subject files, 1942-1984, 6 ft.; and scrapbooks, 1939-1975, ½ ft.

Minutes for the Farm Bureau measure 2 ½ ft. and date from 1942 to 1984. Included are minutes of the Farm Bureau annual meetings, administrative board, and board of directors; Nodak Farm Service Company; Nodak Mutual Insurance Company directors; Agricultural Market Association Board; and Wheat Growers Association. Committee minutes consist of education, field crops, livestock, organization planning, young people’s, marketing and trade, and women's. In addition, the minutes of these organizations may include agenda, agreements, articles of dissolution, articles of incorporation, a legislative bill, budgets, bylaws, correspondence, programs, recommendations, reports, resolutions, a subscription list, and tax returns. The minutes are
arranged alphabetically by organization.

Subject files date from 1942 to 1984 and measure 6 ft. The subject files contain clippings, brochures, booklets, programs, correspondence, reports, budgets, bylaws, audits, and surveys. Also included are files on an appraisal of the Register Building, Bismarck, citizenship seminars, conventions, histories, long range planning, speak-up meetings, youth camps, and ten folders of the temporary organization committee of the Farm Bureau. Arrangement of the subject files is alphabetical by keyword.

Scrapbooks date from 1939 to 1975 and measure ½ ft. There are two general and four women's scrapbooks which consist of newspaper clippings, printed material, and photos that document the events and activities of the Farm Bureau. Subjects of interest in the scrapbooks are organization of new Bureaus, meetings, banquets, conventions, new Farm Bureau presidents, American Heritage Day, speakers, women's activities, citizenship seminars, and recognition awards programs. The scrapbooks are arranged alphabetically.


FB           Farm Bureau
FHA        Farmers Home Administration
HB          House Bill


Box 1:
2 Agriculture Research Subcommittee    1970                      
3 American Agricultural Mutual Ins. Co.  1967-1968                           
4 Farm Bureau Administrative Board       1946-1951                           
5 Farm Bureau Administrative Board       1952-1961                           
6 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting 1942-1951                           
7 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting 1952-1955                           
8 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting 1956-1957                           
9 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting 1958-1959                           
10 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting               1960                      
11 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting               1961-1962                           
12 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting               1963-1964                           
13 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting               1968-1969                           
14 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting               1970-1973                           
15 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting               1974-1977                           
16 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of        1951-1952                           
17 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of        1953-1955                           
18 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of        1956                      
19 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of        1957-1960                           

Box 2:
1 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1961-1962                           
2 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1966                      
3 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1967-1969                           
4 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1968-1970                           
5 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1970-1972                           
6 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1973-1974                           
7 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1975-1976                           
8 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1977-1978                           
9 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of          1979-1980                           
10 Farm Bureau, Directors, Board of        1981-1984                           
11 Farm Bureau Education Committee   1959-1965                           
12 Farm Bureau Field Crops Committee 1959-1974                           
13 Farm Bureau Livestock Committee     1959-1972                           
14 Farm Bureau Marketing & Trade Committee 1964-1974                           
15 Farm Bureau Organization Committee              1956-1969                           
16 Farm Bureau Organization Committee              1970-1981                           
17 Farm Bureau Planning Committee      1981-1984                           
18 Farm Bureau Policy Development Committee               1969-1971                           
19 Farm Bureau Trade Dev. and Service Corp.     1962-1966                           
20 Farm Bureau Trade Dev. and Service Corp.     1966-1973                           

Box 3:
1 Farm Bureau Women's Committee      1949-1961                           
2 Farm Bureau Women's Committee      1956-1966                           
3 Farm Bureau Women's Committee      1962-1970                           
4 Farm Bureau Women's Committee      1966-1975                           
5 Farm Bureau Women's Committee      1970-1978                           
6 Farm Bureau Women's Committee      1975-1980                           
7 Farm Bureau Young People's Committee           1957-1982                           
8 Nodak Farm Bureau Relations Committee         1972                      
9 Nodak Farm Service Company                1949-1979                           
10 Nodak Mutual Agreement Committee             1966-1967                           
11 Nodak Mutual Insurance Company Directors 1957-1966                           
12 Nodak Planning and Action Committee            1967-1968                           
13 Wheat Growers Association  1951-1964        

Subject Files
14 Agricultural Business Corp. Financial  1974                      
15 Agricultural Marketing Assn. Inc.         1970-1978                           
16 Agricultural Survey    1970                      
17 Alcohol Fuels, FHA Loans        1980                      
18 Amendment, Balanced Budget            1982                      
19 American Agricultural Mutual Ins. Co.               1955                      
20 American Farm Bureau Bylaws             1955                      
21 Appraisal, Register Building    1965                      
22 Appropriations, Agricultural   1981                      
23 Audit               1948-1954                           
24 Audit               1955-1959                           
25 Audit               1960-1963                           
26 Audit               1961-1966                           

Box 4:
1 Azure, Art        1959                      
2 Brochures, Farm Bill     1985                      
3 Brochures, Miscellaneous         1985                      
4 Case of the Curious Farmer                                     
5 Caucus, Women's District          1966                      
6 Citizenship Seminar     1963-1969                           
7 Citizenship Seminar     1971-1975                           
8 Citizenship Seminar     1976                      
9 Citizenship Seminar     1977-1979                           
10 Citizenship Seminar   1981                      
11 Clean Air Act 1981                      
12 Commodity Activities Concept                                            
13 Convention   1951                      
14 Convention   1952                      
15 Convention   1953                      
16 Convention   1954                      
17 Convention   1955                      
18 Convention   1956                      
19 Convention   1957                      
20 Convention   1958                      
21 Convention   1959                      
22 Convention   1960                      
23 Convention, American Farm Bureau  1950-1956                           
24 Convention, American Farm Bureau  1957-1962                           
25 Convention, Clippings              1958                      
26 Correspondence, Francis Simmer       1973-1974                           
27 Correspondence, Francis Simmer       1974-1975                           
28 Correspondence, Francis Simmer       1976-1977                           
29 Dakota Bank shares   1982                      

Box 5:
1 Delano, Robert, Pres., American Farm Bureau 1981                      
2 de St. Paer, Claude, American Farm Bureau      1974                      
3 Directors, Board of       1970                      
4 Education         1979-1980                           
5 Examination Report     1971                      
6 Family Farm Insurance Co.        1982-1983                           
7 Farm Incorporation, HB 782      1968                      
8 Farm Management, Financial Statement           1961-1962                           
9 Financial Statements   1955-1956                           
10 Financial Statements                1957-1959                           
11 Financial Statements                1956-1960                           
12 Financial Statements                1960-1962                           
13 Financial Statements                1961-1964                           
14 Financial Statements                1963-1964                           
15 Financial Statements                1965-1968                           
16 Financial Statements                1978-1986                           
17 Garrison Diversion Lawsuit     1980-1981                           
18 Garrison Diversion Lawsuit     1980-1981                           
19 Grant, Allan, Pres. California FB            1968-1976                           
20 History            1941-1966                           
21 Insurance Advisory Council    1971                      
22 Insurance Services     1965                      
23 Internal Revenue Commissioner         1980                      
24 Internal Revenue Tax Returns              1943-1963                           
25 Internal Revenue Tax Returns              1962-1966                           
26 Iowa Farm Mutual Insurance Co.         1943-1948                           
27 Keogh, Brooks             1962-1964                           

Box 6:
1 Link, Governor Arthur L.            1975                     
2 Marketing Committee                  1968-1973                         
3 Membership  1962-1970                           
4 Membership  1977-1982                           
5 Membership Questionnaire, Non-Renewal      1955                      
6 Mikkelson, G. H., President     1954-1957                           
7 Mikkelson, G. H., President     1958-1962                           
8 Miscellaneous                1968-1982                          
9 Montana Farm Bureau Bylaws                1970                      
10 Nodak Agency Inc., Dental Care Program                                       
11 Nodak Agency Inc., Financial Statements        1979-1981                           
12 Nodak Agency Inc., Health Care Plan 1979                      
13 Nodak Farm Service Company Audit  1950-1954                           
14 Nodak Mutual Casualty Co., Operational Analysis        1951-1956                           
15 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Annual Statement           1966-1968                           
16 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Annual Statement           1969-1971                           
17 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Annual Statement           1972-1979                           
18 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Annual Statement           1981                      
19 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Audit     1963-1965                           
20 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Bylaws  1946-1971                           
21 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Examiner’s Report          1952-1955                           
22 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Examiner’s Report          1961                      
23 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Examiner’s Report          1965-1968                           
24 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Examiner’s Report          1971                      
25 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Examiner’s Report          1980                      

Box 7:
1 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Financial Statement          1979-1986                           
2 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. History, 25 Years 1946-1971                           
3 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Investment Meeting        1966-1969                           
4 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Investment Meeting        1970-1971                           
5 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Investment Meeting        1979-1981                           
6 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. Organization        1946-1955                           
7 Organized Voice of Farmers                                    
8 Planning, Long Range  1983                      
9 Planning, Long Range  1983                      
10 Planning, Long Range               1983                      
11 Planning Team             1977-1982                           
12 Planning Team             1977-1982                           
13 Planning Team             1977-1982                           
14 Planning Team             1977-1982                           
15 Planning Team             1977-1982                           
16 Planning Team             1977-1982                           
17 Planning Team             1977-1982                           
18 Planning Team             1982                      
19 Planning Team             1982                      
20 Planning Team             1982                      
21 Planning Team             1982                      
22 Planning Team             1982                      

Box 8:
1 Policies              1965-1972                           
2 Policies              1976-1979                           
3 Policies              1980-1986                           
4 Policies, American Farm Bureau             1973-1979                           
5 Policy Development Fact Sheets            1974                      
6 Policy Development Program  1977-1979                           
7 Political Action Program             1980                      
8 Political Education Program      1980                      
9 Publicity Chairman                                      
10 Quarter Century Club               1970-1980                           
11 Red River Valley Potato Industry History          1970                      
12 Resolutions   1961-1964                           
13 Simmer, Francis, President    1972-1976                           
14 Speak Up Meetings   1982-1984                           
15 Speak Up Meetings, District 1-2           1984                      
16 Speak Up Meetings, District 3-4           1984                      
17 Speak Up Meetings, District 5-6           1984                      
18 Speak Up Meetings, District 7-8           1984                      
19 Speak Up Meetings, District 9               1984                      
20 "Spirit of Rural North Dakota"               1972-1973                           
21 Survey                                           
22 Temporary Organization Committee 1942-1943                           
23 Temporary Organization Committee Accounts Pd       1942                      
24 Temporary Organization Committee Blackburn            1942                     
25 Temporary Organization Committee, Brochures          1940-1941                           

Box 9:
1 Temporary Organization Committee, Correspondence               1941-1942                           
2 Temporary Organization Committee, Finance  1942-1943                           
3 Temporary Organization Committee, Membership       1942                     
4 Temporary Organization Committee, Minutes                1941                      
5 Temporary Organization Committee, Stafne, G. J.         1942                      
6 Temporary Organization Committee, Vaniman               1942                      
7 Trade Dev. and Service Corp., Audit     1962-1965                           
8 Trade Dev. and Service Corp., Financial               1965-1967                           
9 Trade Dev. Corp., Financial Statements              1962-1963                          
10 Trade Dev. Corp., Financial Statements            1964-1965                          
11 Women's Committee Plan Book          1961-1964                           
12 Young Farmers and Ranchers Meeting             1980                      
13 Young Farmers and Ranchers Program             1973                      
14 Youth              1952-1963                           
15 Youth              1964                      
16 Youth              1965-1967                           
17 Scrapbook     1939-1954                           
18 Scrapbook, Clippings 1942-1948                           
19 Scrapbook, Women’s               1972                      
20 Scrapbook, Women’s               1973                      
21 Scrapbook, Women’s               1974                      
22 Scrapbook, Women’s               1975  

Box 10: Photographs 10478-001 -  10478-120 (SEE INVENTORY LISTING BELOW)
Box 11: Photographs 10478-121 – 10478-221
Box 12: Photographs 10478-222 – 10478-322
Box 13: Photographs 10478-323 – 10478-428
Box 14: Photographs 10478-429 – 10478-509
Box 15: Photographs 10478-510 – 10478-595
Box 16: Photographs 10478-596 – 10478-677
Box 17: Box 20: negatives, prints and slides 10478-724 – 10478-2640
Box 18: Slides, 10478-678 – 10478-723

Box 19: Audio materials
- Mary Lane, 1963 convention
- Senator Lausche address, 1966 State Convention (2)
- “Farmline,” 1976 (6)
- Economic Recovery Plan (American Farm Bureau Federation) (Cassette) ,  ca. 1981
- European Trade slide show, June 9, 1982 (cassette)
- PSA – Farm-City festival
- “Food for Thought” (9)
- Silas Hangback
- Voluntary Membership Teamwork
- Recognition program, part 2
- Seminar slide story tape
- Gary Knutson, Information Director, ND Farm Bureau
- Safemark Tire Program
- Hunting commercial
-Membership drive spots
-Richard M. Nixon agriculture speech
- A variety of unidentified audio reels

Photographs Inventory
10478-01     Some informal discussion at the Rolette County Farm Bureau board of director’s meeting.
10478-02     The members of the Pembina County Farm Bureau board of director’s interrupted their meeting to let regional rep John McGauvran take this photograph.
10478-03     Lyle Bettenhausen, county president, and Greg Klein, county secretary, keep a careful watch over the grill, full of North Dakota sirloin.
10478-04     Gary Wolff, Ed Raile, Marlowe Weith, and Floyd Brosy enjoying some fellowship at the McIntosh County picnic.
10478-05     About sundown, John Hersgaard managed to get the whole group together for a photo.
10478-06     North Dakota Farm Bureau building
10478-07     First Women’s State Committee - ?, Mrs. Victor Carey, Chairman, Mrs. Leonard Davis, Secretary, Mrs. Ruth Anne Smith, Vice President.
10478-08     Divide County – Representing Divide were Mary Beth Mahrer and Jana Stenson, both from Crosby, North Dakota.
10478-09     Barnes County – (left to right) Katherin Anderson, Valley City; Tamra Burchill, Page; and Jane Anundson, Valley City, were the representatives from Barnes County.
10478-10     McHenry County – Christy Burgard, Towner; Shirleen Hanson, Granville; Danae Kuntz, Orrin; Nancy Hager, Orrin; (middle row, left to right) Teresa Ann Roscoe, Towner; Cindy Duchsherer, Balfour; Barb Hanson, Kief; (back row, left to right) Mark Duchsherer, Drake; Dacid Martin, Kief; Susan Meyer, Towner; and Jack Muhs.
10478-11     Burleigh County – (left to right) Douglas Schumaker, Driscoll; Nancy Adamyk, Wilton; and LaDawn Olson from Wing.
10478-12     Grant County – There were five representatives from Grant County:  (left to right) Jewell Roehl, New Leipzig; Patricia Lynn Weekes, Flasher; Annette Wingenback, Carson; Jeri Pahl, New Leipzig; and Margie Klein, Elgin.
10478-13     Kidder County – Brenda Lee Weippert, Tappen; Tim Aichele, Steele; Bob Stuart, Robinson; and Mark Mehlhoff from Tuttle were the four attendees from Kidder County.
10478-14     Towner County – Vincent Price, Egeland; Janelle Doehler, Perth; Becky Barks, Egeland; John Buchl, Rock Lake; and Neil Halley, Rock Lake.
10478-15     Ward County – the six-person delegation from Ward County includes (front row)  Debbie Fredrich, Des Lacs; Kim Haider, Burlington; Tracie Wald, Norwitch; (back row)  Rick Fox, Des Lacs; Terry Feigitsch, Surrey; and Lynn Godejohn, Surrey.
10478-16     Benson County – The Benson County trio of young adults attending the Seminar were (left to right) Robyn Sagge, Leeds; Dale Yri, Minnewaukon; and Jennifer Wright from Maddock.
10478-17     Richland County – (front row, kneeling) Peggy Gray, Hankinson; Terri Kay Cox, Wahpeton; Lynette Mauch, Mooreton; (back row, standing) Denise Meyer, Fairmount; Laurie Ann Carlson, McLeod; Sally Ann Willson, Fairmount; and Melanie Paulson, Hankinson.
10478-18     Hettinger County – Jeff Zent, Mott; John Blickensderfer, Mott; Rhonda Rettinger, New
England; Lori Jean Zeren, New England; Mark Madler, New England.
10478-19     Pembina County – Jane Radig, Pembina, was all alone at the Seminar this year, but Pembina County doesn’t have to take a back seat at all, because Miss Radig is a fine, fine, young lady who represented her county very, very well.
10478-20     Ransom County – (left to right) Kirk Mairs, Lisbon; Wanda Lemna, Enderlin; Dean Freeberg, Lisbon; Rachel Reinke, Lisbon; and Mitch Lemnus from Enderlin.
10478-21     Steele County – (left to right) Gayle Boe, Hatton; Nancy Thykeson, Hope; and Jody Laughlin of Finley represented Steele County during Citizenship week.
10478-22     Eddy County – Representing Eddy County were (left to right) Arleen Messner, and Barb Bickler, both from Sheyenne, North Dakota.
10478-23     Stark County – Esther Moldenhauer from Dickinson represented her county at the annual Farm Bureau Citizenship Seminar.
10478-24     Sargent County – Donna Mathias, Stirum; Kim Larson, Gwinner; Laura Hayen, Cogswell; Ann Nicolai, Milnor; Robin Brockman, Stirum; Sandra Eusher, Stirum; (back row) Jay Johnson, Milnor; Denny Ferguson, Cogswell; Beth Weber, Rutland; and Jeff Wisnewski, Geneseo.  (Editor’s note:  All the kids at the Seminar were really great, but I’d like you folks from Sargent County to know that when my cameras BOTH malfunctioned, Jeff Wisnewski graciously lent a very talented hand and finished taking all the group photographs.  Thanks again, Jeff!)
10478-25     Rolette County – The two representatives from Rolette County were Robert Bryant and Peggy Gustafson, both from St. John, North Dakota.
10478-26     Bottineau County – Representing Bottineau County at the Citizenship Seminar were (left to right) Julie Moum, Bottineau, and Mardell Artz, Antler.
10478-27     Dickey County – (front row, kneeling) Romaona Stevens, Forbes; and Donald Babcock, Ellendale.  (middle row, standing)  Beth Maddock, Oakes; Tim Hansen, Guelph; Brenda Mathias, Oakes.  (back row, standing) FFA representative to the Seminar Julie Young, Guelph; Stuart Munsch, Oakes; Lisa Hansen, Ludden; and Scott Kelch, Fullerton.
10478-28     Dunn County – Robert Knopik, Gladstone; Denise Olson, Killdeer; Carmen Brown, Dunn Center; and Michelle Goetz of Halliday were the student representatives from western North Dakota’s Dunn County.
10478-29     Cass County – (front row, kneeling) Kim Grieger, Amenia; Joni Gray, Page; Nancy McLean, Wheatland.  (middle row, standing) Carrie Steffes, Arthur; Mary McConnell, Casselton; Melanie Flesberg, Argusville.  (back row) Anna Griesback, Grandin; Lisa Kasowski, Casselton; Nancy Egeberg, Argusville; and dean Sprunk, Enderlin.
10478-30     LaMoure County – (left to right) Mark Lagodinski, Edgeley; Sheila Webber, Berlin; Jeanette Lahlum, Marion; Sherry Lee Gohner, Jud; and Ruthanne Dallman from Jud.
10478-31     Griggs County – Representing Griggs County at the Annual Peace Garden Citizenship Seminar were (left to right) Debbie Fiebiger and Karen Johnson, both from Cooperstown, North Dakota.
10478-32     Stutsman County – (front row) Boyd McKenzie, Courtenay; and Karen Ova, Cleveland.  (back row) Jim Reimers, Courtenay; Janeen Gross, Cleveland; and Tracy Wanzek, Cleveland.
10478-33     Nelson County – (left to right) Wilbert Schmidt, Michigan; Rita Schwan, Michigan; Jayne Lilleoien, Michigan; Jeanna Marquart, Lakota; and Bruce Vannatta, Lakota.
10478-34     Bowman County – (front row) Brenda Czywczynski, Gascoyne; Sandi Bates, Bowman; LaVon Olson, New England.  (back row) Jim Save, Scranton; Patricia Burns, Bowman; and Frank J. Smyle of Scranton.
10478-35     Walsh County – (left to right) Mary Walker, Hoople; Terre Midgarden, Hoople, Melanie McGregor, Grafton; Cynthia Jelinek, Pisek; and Kathy Haugland of Hoople.
10478-36     Sheridan County – (left to right) Kay Ellen Zingg, McClusky; Debra Tulp, Goodrich; Julie Winter, Goodrich; Kari Krien, Goodrich; and Karla Felchle, Goodrich.
10478-37     Mercer County – (left to right) Suzanne, Karges, Mercer County Women’s Coordinator; Darcy Staigle, Stanton; Fayette Dschaak, Beulah; Cindy Bauman, Golden Valley; and Sarah Reinhiller, Hazen.
10478-38     Morton County – (front row) Susan Hoovestol, New Salem; Mary Muechel, Glen Ullin; Laurie Schmidt, Flasher; (back row) Jesse Smith and Kevin Nelson, both from Mandan.   
10478-39a    Wells County – (front row, seated) Julie McAvoy, Sykeston; Janine Widiger, Fessenden; Laura Anderson, Manfred; (back row) Eric Bollingberg, Bremen; and Kim Solberg, Harvey.
10478-39b    McLean County – (left to right) Beth Reynolds, Douglas; Cameron Merkel, Washburn; and Audrey Wirtz, Underwood.
10478-40 - 43      (unlabeled)
10478-44    1975 Citizenship Seminar – Farm Bureau – Peace Gardens - July 31, 1974
10478-45     Nancy Powell (left), Alexandria, North Dakota, current chairman of the North Dakota Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, and Dorothy Moum, State Women’s Director, at the Women’s Multi-State Leadership Conference held in Chicago on March 12 – 13.  The theme of the conference was Farm Bureau Women As Partners – Leading, Representing, & Serving Agriculture.
10478-46 – 50  Women’s Committee 1979
10478-51     Sharon
10478-52     Lois
10478-53     Cathy Sabe (Mrs. James Sabe) – State Women’s Community
10478-54     Gerry
10478-55     Mrs. Bill Plath, Davenport; Mrs. Marvin Tollefson, New Rockford; Nancy Powell, Alexander, Chairman
10478-56     Mrs. Howard Bier, Hazelton; Mrs. James Johnston, Grafton; Mrs. Laurence Reimers, Courtney
10478-57    Mrs. Don Hylden, Mrs. Dean Skjerven, Mrs. Russell Midgarden, Mrs. Ray Alkofer, Mrs. John Donnelly, Mrs. Raynold Bodmer – Seated, Mrs. Chris Midgarden – Walsh County Skit
10478-58    Mrs. Ervin Utke, Mrs. Bill McConnell, Mrs. Gerald Hagensen, Mrs. Gretchen Martin, Irene Simmer
10478-59    Irma Bishoff, Women’s Committee Chairman, Lila Erickson, Shelva Nepstead
10478-60 – 66  (unlabeled)
10478-67    Walsh County
10478-68 – 69  (unlabeled)
10478-70 – 72  Art Link
10478-73 – 74  Clark Robinson – Cole Harbor – November 1963
10478-75 – 76   Maynard Tollefson – Osnabrock – November 1963
10478-77    Dean Miller – Fordville – November 1963
10478-78    George Mikkelson – Starkweather – November 1963
10478-79 -80  Ken McIntyre
10478-81    Roland Magill – Verona – November 1963
10478-82    W. A. Plath – Davenport – November 1963
10478-83    Harold Langseth – Farm Bureau President
10478-84    Milo Borstad and President Harold Langseth – 1970
10478-85 – 86  G. T. Harstad – Portland – November 1963
10478-87     Mrs. William Lane
10478-88     Carl Knudson – Almont – November 1963
10478-89 – 91 Mrs. Henry Ganser – Cleveland – November 1963
10478-92 – 93 P. J. Donnelly
10478-94     Malcolm Tweten
10478-95     Mrs. George Smith
10478-96     Burt Olson
10478-97 – 98  Milo Borstad
10478-99     (unlabeled)
10478-100    1959 State Board of Directors
10478-101    Carl Kuhn, Washburn, President of McLean; Mrs. William Lane, Moffit, State Women’s Chairman; Clark Robinson, Coleharbor, ? Director; ? Knorr, Sawyer, President of Ward
10478-102     State Board of Directors
10478-103 – 111  (unlabeled)
10478-112     Allan Grant and Robert B. Delano
10478-113 – 117  Allan Grant, President – California Farm Bureau Federation      
10478-118     Francis Simmers – Minister of Agriculture Ertl (Germany) March 24, 1977
10478-119     Citizenship Seminar – 1981
10478-120     Joe Steiner, Reeder; Robert Green, St. Thomas; Monty Burke, McKenzie; and Jim Mason, NDFB Staff
10478-121     Leo Gray, Rosholt, SD; Valdon Swanson, Underwood; and John Olson, Brocket
10478-122     U. S. Attorney Jim Britton outlining the procedures used in the taking of land by the U.S. Government.
10478-123 – 148  (unlabeled)
10478-149 – 150  Taxation Committee 1980
10478-151 – 157  Grain Tour
10478-158 – 190   (Unlabeled)
10478-191     Delbert Moore – Livestock Association
10478-192     (front row, left to right) Brad Peterson, Dave Hagert, Karen Hagert, Tom Nelson, Betty Peterson, C. Peterson, Karla Anderson, Randy Anderson, Joann Johnson, Mark Johnson, Fred Larson.  (back row, left to right) Lori Peterson, Roger Bergstrom, Jan Bergstrom, Daryl Hauk, Rosalind Hauk, Shirley Mund, Tom Mund
10478-193    Broiled Pork Chop Sweet Potato Dinner
10478-194    Pork Risotto
10478-195    Bob Hope
10478-196    Dickey County Annual Meeting 1979
10478-197    Dickey County
10478-198    District #3 Meeting 1979
10478-199    Dickey President Vance Jury – District #3 Meeting 1979
10478-200    District #3 Meeting 1979
10478-201    Don Zimbleman – District #3 Meeting 1979
10478-202    Don Zimbleman, his wife, Lois Lubens – District #3 Meeting 1979
10478-203    Bob Shepard – District #3 Meeting 1979       
10478-204    District #4 1979
10478-205    Ken Yantes
10478-206    District #4
10478-207    Kathleen Freund – District #4 Talent Final Winner 1979
10478-208 – 365  (unlabeled)
10478-366    1978 NDFB State Convention
10478-367     County Presidents – Ray Steiger, Pembina; Reinhold Opp, Logan; Pete Louas, Trail; Truman Thykeson, Steele; enjoying a comment during the New President’s Seminar.
10478-368    The Plath Family
10478-369    Ken Yates, Ramsey; Jay Kirkeide; Benson
10478-370    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith; Morton 1946 Chapter
10478-371    Adams County
10478-372    Benson County
10478-373    Nelson County
10478-374    Griggs County
10478-375    Mercer County
10478-376    Grant County
10478-377    Oliver County
10478-378    Kidder County
10478-379    Wells County
10478-380    George Mikkelson – 50th Wedding Anniversary
10478-381    Donna, Frank, Diana, John, Judy, Mike, Debbie
10478-382    Julie, JoAnn, Roger, Corey
10478-383    Tom Elstoen, Ward County; Allen Bratler, Richland; Chester Garnowich, Walsh
10478-384    Resolutions
10478-385    Philip Lodge, Rob Farmer, Geoffrey Kenley
10478-386    Junior Counselors
10478-387    Lyle Dawson, Morton County; Marion Peterson, F.B. Women; Lois Jones, F. B. Women; Ken Yantes, Ramsey
10478-388    New Director Gordon McLean, Gilby; Lester Anderson, Duane Bohrer, Dick Tokach, St. Anthony (another new director)
10478-389    Class of Edinburg High School 1978 – Arlynn Earl Trofhgruben – Age 17 – 1978 Graduate
10478-390    Don Haugen
10478-391    Donald Schumacher – Grand Forks
10478-392    Arnold Johnson, Grand Forks, President; Lyle Dawson, Morton, President; Dwight Enockson, McLean, President; Tom Elstoen, Ward, President
10478-393    Lynn Martin
10478-394    Ronald Barks – Egeland, North Dakota
10478-395    Duane Sullivan – Gardner, North Dakota
10478-396    President Lester Anderson, Leonard (left) and Vice President Duane Bohrer, McKenzie
10478-397    A calm camel
10478-398    Young Libyan farmers visit
10478-399    1978 Citizenship Seminar at the Peace Gardens
10478-400    Nygaard
10478-401    William Bigwood
10478-402    North Dakota Farm Bureau Building
10478-403    G. J. Stafne
10478-404    R. D. Magill
10478-405    Tollefson
10478-406    Olson
10478-407    Oscar Nord
10478-408    Nasset
10478-409    Harstad
10478-410    Knudson
10478-411    Brooks Keogh
10478-412    Thore Naaden
10478-413    Belsly
10478-414    Dean Miller
10478-415    C. R. Morrison
10478-416    McIntyre
10478-417    Langseth
10478-418    Gordon
10478-419    Robinson
10478-420    G. H. Mikkelson
10478-421    Plath
10478-422    Ralph Hickle
10478-423    V. J. Christensen
10478-424    Reuben Schelske
10478-425    James Connelly
10478-426    J. Stewart
10478-427    Wilfred A. Plath
10478-428    A. H. Nystrom
10478-429    Walsh County
10478-430    Bowman County
10478-431 – 452  (unlabeled)
10478-453    Robert B. Delano, Vice President
10478-454    Claude de St. Paer
10478-455    McHenry County Women’s spring luncheon
10478-456    McHenry County Women’s spring luncheon.  (left to right) Front row:  Mrs. Rodney Lunde, Mrs. Oscar Arnason, Mrs. Fred Eidman.  Back row:  Mrs. Jack Fairbrother, Mrs. Bill Domeres, Mrs. Don Wunderlick, and Mrs. Glen Wunderlick
10478-457    Morning mist shrouds the Peace Garden flag area as the students gather for the pre-breakfast flag raising ceremonies that started each day.
10478-458    Ron Abrahamson counts cadence while the junior counselors do jumping jacks with eggs in their mouths.  (I take no credit for this whatsoever, the idea was singularly conceived by John Hersgaard!)
10478-459    The junior counselors are shown plotting some other dastardly trick for the senior counselors to perform.
10478-460    Dorothy Moum, who is retiring from the women’s division of the NDFB, was presented with a charm bracelet to commemorate her activities with the Seminar.
10478-461    The snack bar, complete with NDFB staffer Chuck Peterson’s Norski accent (we donta got no mountain dew!) was a popular place during “free time.”
10478-462 – 476 (unlabeled)
10478-477    Ellen Beckman – Nelson County
10478-478    Farm Bureau delegates, such as John Donnelly of Grafton, speak out on the issues that affect their livelihood.
10478-479    County delegations confer about the feeling of fellow farmers and ranchers back home about a given issue.  This delegation represented Traill County at the 1978 convention.
10478-480    State Committees research the issues before making recommendations to the County Farm Bureaus.  Here the Natural Resources Committee tours the Falkirk Coal Mine.
10478-481    The Natural Resources Committee and other committees meet regularly throughout the year to evaluate issues and to make recommendations on policy implementation and policy development.
10478-482    Farm Bureau delegates consider the comments of professionals involved in issues such as Mel Meier of the State Wheat Commission.
10478-483    Sandra Nathe
10478-484    John Hertsgaard, NDFB staffer and senior counselor seems to be saying “how could you do this to me?”
10478-485    Logan County
10478-486    Foster County
10478-487    Renville County
10478-488    Oliver County
10478-489    Burke County
10478-490    Emmons County
10478-491    Cavalier County
10478-492    Rolette? County
10478-493    Manvel Green
10478-494    John Bollingberg
10478-495    James Bloom
10478-496 – 616  (unlabeled)
10478-617 – 626  Francis Simmers, Jamestown – President of North Dakota Farm Bureau
10478-627    Kim Sorum – Membership Chairman of F.R. Coordinator and Burke County Board Member visiting with Agent David Van Berkom in the Burke County Fair booth.  The county featured products that are produced from locally grown commodities at their fair booth this year.
10478-628    Emil Bergquist – Burleigh County President and John Erickson
10478-629    Rep. Ted Long – Burleigh; Mrs. Raymond (Anette) Wanzek – Stutsman
10478-630    Gavin Rourke, son of Gary and Berle Rourke of Cavalier Co. F. B., has his F. B. lobby tag on and is ready to go to Bismarck to promote our F. B. policy.
10478-631 – 632  Cass County
10478-633    ND Dairy Convention 1979 – Bismarck
10478-634    ND Dairymen’s Convention 1979
10478-635    ND Dairy Princess 1979
10478-636    ND Dairymen’s Convention 1979
10478-637    State Dairy Demonstration – ND Dairy Producers
10478-638    Phil Parks, ND Dairy Commissioner
10478-639    Dr. Kurt Vol
10478-640    (unlabeled)
10478-641    Sheri Tweed – District #2 Talent Find Winner 1979
10478-642    District #2 Talent Find Contest
10478-643    District #6 membership meeting held at Minot.  (left to right)  Milton and Mrs. M. Vannerstrom, Mrs. Richard Anderson and guest
10478-644 – 650  Duluth-Superior Grain Shipping  - Duluth Seaport Authority
10478-651    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Witt – Lamoure County
10478-652    (left to right) unknown, Earl Buri looking tires, Henry Jorde, Fred Eidman, Don Wunderlich (back to camera) partly visible is Oscar Arnason, discussing the issues at McHenry County Annual Meeting
10478-653    Longtime member Mrs. Oscar Folden discussing a point of interest with McHenry County President Stephen Ashley at the annual meeting.  Mrs. Glen Wunderlich and Mrs. Olav Overvold checking Secretary’s books.
10478-654    McLean County had a pretty fair attendance at their annual meeting.
10478-655    Valden Swanson, McLean; Dwight Enockson, McLean
10478-656    Seminar students giving a joint report on their impressions of the Citizenship Seminar. Secretary Harold Jacobson keeping tabs on the meeting
10478-657    (left to right) Divide County Secretary Harold Jacobson and President Lowell Larson presiding at Divide County annual meeting
10478-658    At McLean County’s annual meeting a group from the school at Turtle Lake put on a short skit.  Speaker for the meeting Chuck Peterson was drafted to take part.
10478-659    McLean County annual meeting. Mrs. Rick Anderson 1979 Women’s Chairman explaining the women’s program. Seated left to right:  Valdon and Mrs. Swanson, Secretary; Mrs. And Dwight Enockson, President; Rich Anderson, District 6 Director and Mary Rust
10478-660    Dwight Enockson, McLean County President presiding at the annual County Farm Bureau meeting.  Seated left to right:  Valdon Swanson and wife Pat, Mrs. Enockson, Chuck Peterson, Charlotte and Rick Anderson, District 6 Director, and Mary Rust
10478-661    Peder Millelson? – Steele; Florence Hagenson – Cass; Trygoe? Thompson, Griggs; David Hatter – Traill
10478-662 – 668  (unlabeled)
10478-669    Pembina County Farm Bureau burns mortgage for their office building  (left to right) John Morrison, Ray Steiger, Charles Hart, Lyle Shepard, and Jean Speckmann.
10478-670    Ramsey County
10478-671    District Meetings in Dickinson – Sept. 1979
10478-672 – 673  Stark County annual meeting 1979
10478-674    Lawrence Reimers – Stutsman County
10478-675    Melvin Gunderson – Traill County
10478-676    Nels Midgarden, Walsh County president
10478-677    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stritcon? – Ward County
10478-678 – 705  Unlabeled Slides
10478-706    Dave Hagert Slides
10478-707    Earl Forkman? Slides
10478-708 – 710  State GAF Slides
10478-711 – 712  1979 Gold Star Convention Awards Program Slides
10478-713 – 715  Blue Print Tour Slides
10478-716 – 719  American Farm Bureau History Slides
10478-720 – 723  European Economic Community Trade Mission Slides
Negatives Inventory
10478-724 – 738  ND Dairy Convention – 1979 – Bismarck
10478-739 – 759  Duluth-Superior Grain Shipping – Duluth Seaport Authority
10478-760 – 763  Secretaries Conference in Fargo
10478-764 – 767  Simmers
10478-768 – 770  Fly the Flag
10478-771 – 779  Myron Aune is a senior in Animal Science Economics from Stanley, North Dakota. Myron is a member of Alpha Gamma Rho
10478-780 – 791  Seminar 1975
10478-792 – 872  Heritage Days 1976
10478-873 – 908  Seminar 1975
10478-909 – 910  Citizenship Seminar 1976
10478-911    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Mercer County
10478-912    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Cass County
10478-913    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Dickey County
10478-914    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Richland County
10478-915    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Morton County
10478-916    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Cavalier County
10478-917    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – McKenzie County
10478-918    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Benson County
10478-919    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Grant County
10478-920    Citizenship Seminar 1976 –McLean County
10478-921 – 922  Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Burleigh County
10478-923 – 924  Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Stutsman County
10478-925    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Ramsey County
10478-926    Citizenship Seminar 1976 – Emmons County
10478-927 – 971  ND Farm Bureau Annual Convention – 1976
10478-972 – 1064 Citizenship Seminar 1978
10478-1065 – 1079 Membership Quota – 1976
10478-1080 – 1097 NDFB Steiger Tour
10478-1098nbc – 1115    Style Show
10478-1116     Board Officers 1964            
10478-1117 – 2640  (unlabeled)                                                                                

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