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Manuscripts by Subject - Agriculture - #10311

Title: North Dakota Stockmen’s Association
Date: 1908-2004

Collection Number:  MSS 10311

Quantity: 11.25 feet

Abstract: Records consist of minutes, articles of incorporation, by-laws, subject files,
material from the ND “Beeferendum” (a national program to encourage state governments to promote the beef industry), financial material, certificates, programs, printed material, photographs, negatives, slides, cassette tapes, film reel, VHS and blueprints.

Provenance: Material was accessioned from various donations between 1983-2010. Items from the State Archives Publications were transferred to the collection in 2008 and in 2009. A gift agreement was signed by Julie Ellingson on February 1, 2011. The collection was processed and additional material was added by Emily E. Schultz in January 2011.   

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights:  Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.               

Access:  This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer: Several artifacts were offered to the Museums Division and three publications were transferred to the State Archives Publications in February 2011.


Series I.           Minutes, 1928-1957, Box 1 and phase box
Consists of minutes of the organization.

Series II.         Articles of Incorporation and by-laws, 1934-1980, Box 1
Consists of the organization’s articles of incorporation and by-laws, with periodic amendments.

Series III.        Subject Files, 1921-1989, Boxes 2-8 and map case drawer 440
Consists of two Subseries: A-Z Subject files and Beeferendum Subject Files, both of which are related to the functioning and activities of the organization.

Series IV.        Financial Documents, 1929-1935, Box 9
Consists of one account book documenting the organization’s finances from 1929-1935.

Series V.         Printed Material, 1908-2004, Boxes 9 and 15
Consists of printed material of the organization, divided into three Subseries: Certificates and Proclamations, Programs and Miscellaneous.

Series VI.        Photographic Material, 1968-1982, Boxes 10-13
Consists of photographic material taken by the organization, divided into three Subseries: Photographs, Negatives, and Slides. 

Series VII.      Audio-Visual Recordings, Box 14
Consists of two Subseries: Audio Recordings and Film Recordings.  


The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association Records date from 1908 to 2004 and occupy 11.25 cubic feet. The records are divided into seven Series: Proceedings, Correspondence, Subject Files, Annual Reports, Literary Productions, Financial Material, and Printed Material.

Series I, Minutes, dates from 1928 to 1957, and consists of minutes of the organization. The volume of minutes from 1928 to 1940 is located in a phase box, and the volume dating from 1950 to 1957 is unfoldered in box 1.

Series II, Articles of Incorporation and by-laws, dates from 1934 to 1980, and consists of the Articles of Incorporation and by-laws of the organization.

Series III, Subject Files, dates from 1921 to 1989. It is the most extensive Series in the Collection, containing two Subseries: A-Z Subject Files and Beeferendum Subject Files. The A-Z Subject Files Subseries dates from 1921 to 1989 and documents the organization’s activities and organization, as well as important individuals. Subjects and persons include:  Advisory Council, Attorney General, Board of Directors, T.O. Brandenburg, Keogh Brooks, the Chicago Livestock Exchange, V.J. Christensen, First National Bank and Trust Company, Greater ND Association, John H. Hanson, the headquarters building, Melvin E. Holmquist, ID State Brand Inspector, Legislative Committee, Livestock National Bank (Sioux City, IA), A.J. Lowery, meetings
(quarterly), MN Division of Employment and Security, Miscellaneous, MT Livestock Commission, National Livestock and Meat Board, ND Cow Belles, ND Extension Service, ND legislation, ND Public Service Commission, ND State Examiner, ND Workmen's Compensation Bureau, ND Winter Show, Packers and Stockyards Division (L.E. Arndt, J.E. Ronningen, John A. Sands, K.I. Snider, and J.A. Zelinski), Price Stabilization (Office of), Public Relations Committee, saddle raffle, scripts and slide identification, Slide show presentations, St. Paul Union Stockyards Company, SD Stock Growers Association, Union Stockyards Company (Fargo, ND), US Congress, US Post Office, and Taxes. The Headquarters building blueprints are located
separately from the files, in map drawer 440.

The Beeferendum Subject Files Subseries document the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association’s efforts in the “Beeferendum,” a national program to encourage state governments to promote the beef industry, and include files on committees and chairs; correspondence; financial material; handbook; legislation; letterhead; meeting agenda; meeting minutes; memoranda; newsletters, clippings and publications; news releases; planning and organization; promotional material; and registration and voting. The Subseries dates from 1979 to 1980.

Series IV, Financial Documents, a small Series, consists of records of the Association’s finances from 1929-1935.

Series V, Printed Material, dates from 1908 to 2004 and is divided into three Subseries: Certificates and Proclamations, Programs and Miscellaneous. The Certificates Subseries consists of three certificates from 1962, 1970 and n.d. as well as Congressional Record proclamations from 1999 and 2004. The Programs Subseries includes Convention Programs from 1942 to 1982 and a banquet program from January 15, 1908. Finally, the Miscellaneous Subseries includes a decal, events booklet, bumper sticker, n.d., and business card.

Series VI, Photographic Material, dates from 1968 to 1982 and includes three Subseries: Photographs Subseries, Negatives Subseries and Slides Subseries. The Photographs Subseries contains photographs of cattle, people and scenery; photographs from the State Fair, Red River Valley Fair, winter shows, sales tours, meetings and conventions. The Negatives Subseries includes negatives of winter shows, and of miscellaneous places and scenery. Many envelopes of negatives in this Subseries can be found foldered with corresponding photographs in box 10. The titles of folders in the Photographs Subseries and the Negatives Subseries were transferred from original envelopes donated by the Stockmen’s Association.

Finally, the Slides Subseries contains a large amount of slides, dating from 1964 to 1989. Titles for slide groups were transferred from labels on the original containers. Some of the slides are from slide show presentations: “ANCA in Perspective,” “Cattlemen and Cowboys” (narrated by John Wayne), “Cattlemen,” and “A Trip Down the Trail, 60 Year History of the NDSA.” Corresponding audio and narrative scripts or slide descriptions for the presentations can be found in Series VII and Series III, respectively. In addition to slide shows, the Slides Subseries includes images of: cattle, Miss Rodeo ND Beef, graphs, the office, public relations and promotional material, tours, families, board members, farm scenes, feedlots, branding, water, stock dams, banquets and meetings, NDSA president and history.

Series VII, Audio-Visual Recordings, includes two Subseries: Audio Recordings and Film Recordings. The Audio Recordings includes three tapes that correspond with slide shows, and one additional audio tape, title “North Dakota Stockmen’s Association.” The Film Recordings Subseries includes a film reel, “ANCA in Perspective,” that corresponds with a slide show, and a VHS titled “North Dakota Performers: the story of North Dakota Feed and Cattle” (edited master), North Dakota Stockmen’s Association.


Series I – Minutes
(Phase box)                  Minutes, 1928-1940 (1 volume), 1928-1940

Box 1:
1 Minutes, 1940-1950
(loose) Minutes, 1950-1957 (1 volume), 1950-1957 

Series II – Articles of Incorporation and by-laws
2 Articles of Incorporation and by-laws, 1934-1980

Series III – Subject Files
            Subseries I – Subject Files, A-Z
Box 2:
1 Advisory Council, 1953
2 Attorney General, 1947-1952
3 Board of Directors, 1949-1957
4 Brandenburg, T.O., 1946-1957        
5 Brooks, Keogh, 1953-1956
6 Chicago Livestock Exchange, 1938-1958
7 Christensen, V.J., 1953
8 First National Bank and Trust Company, 1957-1958
9 Greater ND Association, 1956-1957 
10 Hanson, John H., 1949-1951
11 Headquarters building , 1974-1975
(Map drawer 440)       Headquarters building blueprints, 1974
12 Holmquist, Melvin E., 1950-1953

Box 3:
1 ID State Brand Inspector, 1949-1953
2 Legislative Committee, 1954-1957
3 Livestock National Bank, Sioux City, IA, 1956-1958
4 Lowery, A.J., 1948-1955
5 Meetings (quarterly), 1953-1957
6 MN Division of Employment and Security, 1947-1958
7 Miscellaneous, 1921-1959
8 MT Livestock Commission, 1946-1958

Box 4:
1 National Livestock and Meat Board, 1953-1957       
2 ND Cow Belles, 1956-1957
3 ND Extension Service, 1956-1967
4 ND legislation, 1951-1955
5 ND Public Service Commission, 1953-1956 
6 ND State Examiner, 1949-1955
7 ND Workmen's Compensation Bureau, 1946-1954  
8 ND Winter Show, 1954-1957
9 Packers and Stockyards Division, L.E. Arndt, 1935-1947    
10 Packers and Stockyards Division, J.E. Ronningen, 1947-1951         

Box 5:
1 Packers and Stockyards Division, John A. Sands, 1949-1953          
2 Packers and Stockyards Division, K.I. Snider, 1949-1953    
3 Packers and Stockyards Division, J.A. Zelinski, 1940-1958
4 Price Stabilization (Office of), 1951-1952
5 Public Relations Committee, 1948
6 Saddle Raffle, 1949
7 Scripts and slide identification, Slide show presentations, 1966-1989
8 St. Paul Union Stockyards Company, 1947-1954
9 SD Stock Growers Association, 1949-1957  

Box 6:
1 Union Stockyards Company (Fargo, ND), 1945-1954          
2 US Congress, 1950-1956       
3 US Post Office, 1953-1954    
4 Taxes, 1944-1957      
            Subseries II – Beeferendum Files
Box 7:
1 Committees and chairs, 1979-1980
2 Correspondence, 1978-1980
3 Financial material, 1979
4 Handbook (two versions and draft), 1979-1980
5 Legislation, 1976-1980
6 Letterhead      
7 Meeting agenda, 1979-1980
8 Meeting minutes, 1978-1980
9 Memoranda, 1978-1980
10 Newsletters, clippings and publications, 1979-1980 
11 News releases, 1979-1980      
12 Planning and organization

Box 8:
1 Promotional material (mailings, brochures, analysis of referendum, poster, opposition points, radio promotions, statements, factsheets), 1979-1980    
2 Registration and voting, 1979-1980

Series IV – Financial Documents

Box 9:
1 Account Book, 1929-1935            

Series V – Printed Material
            Subseries I – Certificates and Proclamations
2  Certificates and proclamations:
“Friend of 4-H,” June 21, 1962; ND Junior Stockmen’s Association (NDJSA) is charter member of the Junior American National Cattlemen’s Association, July 22, 1970; Odd Osteroos appointed member of ND Beef Commission, August 2, 1973; Clair Michels, honorary membership in NDJSA, n.d.; Congressional Record proclamations, 1999 and 2004
            Subseries II – Programs
3 Convention Programs, 1942-1975
4 Convention Programs, 1961-1982
5 Banquet program, January 15, 1908   

            Subseries III – Miscellaneous
6 Miscellaneous:
Decal, “Member – North Dakota Stockmen’s Association” with ordering information, ca 1956;
Events booklet, 1946?;
Bumper sticker, n.d.;
Clair Michels business card
15 Farwest: Farm Life in North Dakota (section of the Bismarck Tribune), various issues, 1988-1989

Series VI – Photographic Material
Subseries I – Photographs
Box 10:
1 Winter Show, 1955-1978
2 Angus, Winter Show, 1953-1980
3 Charolais, Winter Show, 1960s
4 Shorthorns, Winter Show, 1950s-1960s
5 Shorthorns, 1955-1970s (and negatives)      
6 Hereford and polled Hereford, 1949-1980
7 Hereford and polled Hereford, 1950s-1970s (1 of 2)
8 Hereford and polled Hereford, 1950s-1970s (2 of 2)
9 Angus, 1960s-1970s
10 State Fair, 1960s-1970s (and negatives)
11 Red River Valley Fair, 1971
12 People, miscellaneous, 1958-1972
13 Youth, 1956-1974 (and negatives)
14 Miscellaneous shows, sales, tours, etc., 1960s-1970s (and negatives)
15 Miscellaneous places, scenery, 1966 & 1973
16 Four men at convention, Williston, ND, 1955         
17 Disc of photographs

Box 11:
40th Annual Meeting – group of past-presidents with 1969 president and vice-president, at Rough Riders Hotel following the West Fargo Stockyards’ breakfast, June 10, 1969 23rd NDSA Convention, Dickinson, ND, June 5-7 1952

            Subseries II – Negatives
(NOTE: some of the negatives are foldered with the photographs in Box 10, see above)

Box 10:
18 Winter Show, 1967-1975
19 Miscellaneous places, scenery, 1966

Box 12:        Subseries III – Slides
10311_S_01 – 10311_S_90                “ANCA in Perspective,” ca. 1970
10311_S_91 – 10311_S_226              “Cattlemen and Cowboys,” 1976 (narrated by John Wayne) (tray 1)
10311_S_227 – 10311_S_311                        “Cattleman,” ca 1975
10311_S_312 – 10311_S_388                        “A Trip Down the Trail, 60 year history of the NDSA,” ca. 1989
10311_S_389 – 10311_S_401                        Miss Rodeo ND Beef, graphs to 1959, Phyllis C. Beef
10311_S_402 – 10311_S_417                        Office, 1970-1972
10311_S_418 – 10311_S_437                        P.R. and Specials (most old 1970)
10311_S_438 – 10311_S_442                        Beef on plate
10311_S_443 – 10311_S_447                        Test lab
10311_S_448 – 10311_S_458                        Tours
10311_S_459 – 10311_S_471                        PH tour, IA group, forums – Medora, 1986
10311_S_472 – 10311_S_482                        Unidentified family, Herefords, July 1986
10311_S_483 – 10311_S_501                        Salt Lake City, UT, July 1986
10311_S_502 – 10311_S_516                        Summer Tour, September 1986
10311_S_517 – 10311_S_534                        Kists, November 1986; sales ring tour
10311_S_535 – 10311_S_553                        Beef Pro; Cattle industry
10311_S_554 – 10311_S_575                        Membership Services
10311_S_576 – 10311_S_593                        People, 1983
10311_S_594 – 10311_S_615                        Board, people, meetings
10311_S_616 – 10311_S_629                        People, 1983
10311_S_630 – 10311_S_650                        Roosevelt, Marquis
10311_S_651 – 10311_S_668                        Old time cowboys, old store, farm, buffalo, windmill  
10311_S_669 – 10311_S_687                        Beef, various roasts, steaks, promotional, 1970
10311_S_688 – 10311_S_702                        Banners, posters, signs, promotions
10311_S_703 – 10311_S_711                        Winter feeding and weaning
10311_S_712 – 10311_S_721                        Harvest aftermath, snow
10311_S_722 – 10311_S_729                        Drugstore; cowboys
10311_S_730 – 10311_S_754                        Headquarters building, 1975
10311_S_755 – 10311_S_779                        Hay     
10311_S_780 – 10311_S_802                        Haying equipment, 1985        
10311_S_803 – 10311_S_829                        Cattle, pasture, lot to feed by buildings, 1987; Osteroos Ranch, 1971
10311_S_830 – 10311_S_837                        Water, stock dams
10311_S_838 – 10311_S_868                        Cattle in pasture
10311_S_869 – 10311_S_889                        Cattle
10311_S_890 – 10311_S_913                        Feedlot, branding
10311_S_914 – 10311_S_931                        Miscellaneous cattle, 1960s-1971
10311_S_932 – 10311_S_943                        Horses “pix for cattle story”
10311_S_944 – 10311_S_962                        Cattle & Grass, 1971
10311_S_963 – 10311_S_970                        Cattle Pasture

Box 13:
10311_S_971 – 10311_S_983                        Cattle Pasture (continued)
10311_S_984 – 10311_S_999                        NDSA Board meet., CB meet. Board
10311_S_1000 – 10311_S_1012        Booths, 1983
10311_S_1013 – 10311_S_1025        Association history; building, 1983   
10311_S_1026 – 10311_S_1033        NDSA Presidents      
10311_S_1034 – 10311_S_1061        No identification
10311_S_1062 – 10311_S_10            80        Capitol, 1983; brand inspection
10311_S_1081 – 10311_S_10            84        Management practices, branding, vaccines, etc.
10311_S_1085 – 10311_S_10            93        1958 banquet
10311_S_1094 – 10311_S_1102        Central Grassland Station
10311_S_1103 – 10311_S_1114        Water run in spring; spring runoff; snow on evergreen; girl kitten
10311_S_1115 – 10311_S_1119        IIC dups, 1970
10311_S_1120 – 10311_S_1140        Cattle, feedlots, calves
10311_S_1141 – 10311_S_11            51        Marketing
10311_S_1152 – 10311_S_1161        ND Scenery and history – marketing
10311_S_1162 – 10311_S_1172        Retail beef
10311_S_1173 – 10311_S_1194        NDSA History, slides not used, 1989
10311_S_1195 – 10311_S_1214        NDSA History to 1989
10311_S_1215 – 10311_S_1226        Winter 1964-1965, dead cattle (see letter)
10311_S_1227 – 10311_S_1292        Box – miscellaneous (some identified)
10311_S_1293 – 10311_S_1700        Binder – miscellaneous (some identified)

Series VII – Audio-Visual Recordings
            Subseries I – Audio recordings
Box 14:
(loose)              Cassette tape - “North Dakota Stockmen’s Association”
(loose)              Cassette tape - “North Dakota Stockmen’s Association: The First 60 Years”
(loose)              Cassette tape - “Cattleman” (11 minutes)
(loose)              Cassette tape - “ANCA in Perspective”
(loose)              Cassette tape - “Cattlemen and Cowboys”

Subseries II – Film recordings
(loose)              Film reel - “ANCA in Perspective”
(loose)              VHS – ND Stockmen’s Association “North Dakota Performers: the story of North Dakota Feed and Cattle” (edited master)

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