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2019-P-001 Thomas L. Sharman
ca. 1900
Images of the Fort Berthold Mission, including the distribution of government rations, Christmas celebration, Charles L. Hall and Susan W. Hall, Poor Wolf and daughters, people, buildings, and construction projects. (22 items)

2019-P-002 Herberger's, Bismarck
Photographs from an album showing the various displays and decor inside the Herberger's store in the Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck from 1971-1978 and the grand opening of a store in the Gateway Mall in 1979. (248 items)

2019-P-003 John Thomas Barr
Portrait of John Thomas Barr as a young child, as well as two snapshots of him as an adult. One of the snapshots is of John and his wife, Dorothy Barr.(3 items)

2019-P-004 Krueger Family
Unidentified portraits and snapshots of members of the Carl, Anna, Otto and Edward Krueger families (Jamestown, Courtenay and Wimbledon, N.D.). (3 items)

2019-P-005 Bill Cook
Copies of two postcards: Sioux Indians, Mandan (N.D.) 1910; War Dance, Shields (N.D.) July 2-6, 1916. (2 items)

2019-P-006 Ralph Powers
Goshen Moravian Church, Cass Co.; Flood on Maple River near Durbin (N.D.); horses feeding on Ralph Powers farm near Dubin; Snow drift on Ralph Powers farm; Lebus home near Durbin; Farmers Elevator, Addison (N.D.); Bill Langer, Ralph Powers and others, Bismarck. (8 items)

2019-P-007 Horace N. Brackett
Members of the Horace N. Brackett family in Grant County (N.D.), William Wade and Indians dancing. (5 items)

2019-P-008 Ruth Rust
Black and white portrait of the Baptist Youth Summer Assembly at Pilgrim Park, Lake Metigoshe. (1 item)

2019-P-009 Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society
ca. 1888
Black and white image of the buildings at Fort Totten, Devils Lake, Dakota Territory. (1 item)

2019-P-010 Linda D. Benedict
Images of the dedication of the David Thompson State Historic Site. (2 items)

2019-P-011 Ann Nees
Images of the Herauf, Marthaller, Glaser, Froelich, and Kuntz families of Emmons and Stark Counties (N.D.). (99 items)

2019-P-012 Verna Forbes Wilson
Images of Turtle Lake (N.D.) including Turtle Lake School, a hayride, Crooked Lake, and a woman washing clothes. (14 items)

2019-P-013 Harris Forrest Seidel
Copy of photograph taken by Lillie Burgstahler Seidel of two story sod house near Chaseley (N.D.) (1 item)

2019-P-014 Hans Gilbert A. Rauk
1920, 1936
Copies of photographs taken by Minnie D. Craig of the Hans Gilbert A. Rauk family of Esmond, Benson County (N.D.) Originals copied and returned July 27, 1993. (2 items)

2019-P-015 Teri Anderson
June 1924
Panoramic portrait of Mayville State Normal School faculty and students. (1 item)

2019-P-016 Ronald D. Keller
Images taken by Keller while serving in Vietnam. The majority of the images are scenic views, images of people, buildings, and life in Vietnam. The collection also includes photographs of Keller and his fellow soldiers and military operations. (166 items)

2019-P-017 Betty Grande
circa 1890-1930
Leather and printed postcards depicting scenes and cities across North Dakota, especially in Churchs Ferry (N.D.). (33 items)

2019-P-018 Lueman B. Rodman
Consists of a album containing photographs of Rodman's service in the Pacific Theater in World War II, as well as a couple patches and currency. (128 items)

2019-P-019 Loren Lucknow
circa 1907-1925
Images of the Hettinger Muskavite banquet, North Dakota House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, and a group at a Sadie Hawkins dance. (3 items)

2019-P-020 Sandy Morgan Brewster
Two deer were found with horns locked and dead on the Missouri River bottom by Johnny and Lester Brewster in Brewster’s Woods near Underwood (N.D.) (1 item)

2019-P-021 Geraldine Annette Johnson Hansen
Copies of photographs of Geraldine Annette Johnson Hansen in her Mott High School cheerleading outfit, Mott High School Homecoming Queen and Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award Geraldine Johnson, Basil Eugene Hansen and 1953 Mott High School Homecoming Queen Geraldine Johnson, 1953 Homecoming King Nick Waddell and Queen Geraldine Johnson Mott High School, Geraldine Johnson seated on sofa after an International Order of Rainbow for Girls event, the cover of the 1951 Mott High School Cardinal yearbook,  Geraldine Johnson seated in dress for an International Order of Rainbow for Girls event. (7 items)

2019-P-022 Frank E. Titus
Images taken by Frank E. Titus of himself and his crew while working on steamboats on the Missouri River in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas eliminating snags for the U.S. Government. Also included are images of the Soldiers Home in Leavenworth Kansas, the State Capitol Building in St. Joseph (Mo.), and railroad bridges. (24 items)

2019-P-023 Florence Hungerford
1908-circa 1919
Consists of post cards and photographs of houses, businesses and structures in North Dakota, primarily in Reeder (N.D.). (22 items)

2019-P-024 Phillip Edward Johannes
Two photograph albums of images taken during Johannes' work with the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), primarily the construction of the dam in Bowbells (N.D.). (135 items)

2019-P-025 Lowell Enoch Torgerson   
Photographs and copy photographs of Tagus, Mountrail County (N.D.). (20 items)

2019-P-026 Jeff Love
Images of flooding in Fargo (N.D.) and Breckenrige (Minn.) during the 1993 flooding of the Red River. (49 items)

2019-P-027 Ralph Neil Herbison
Real photo postcards showing the Equity Capital Removal Parade in New Rockford, Eddy County (N.D.) taken by Lawrence Preston Weller, photographer of New Rockford (N.D.) on August 4, 1915. The photographs document the protests by local farmers about the Equity Cooperative Exchange (ECE, 1906-1926), a cooperative agency established, owned, and operated by farmers to sell grain directly to consumers. Organized in 1907, the ECE was incorporated in North Dakota in 1911 and Minnesota in 1912. It moved to St. Paul in 1914 and, in 1923, due to financial and management problems, went into receivership. It was absorbed by the Farmers' Union in 1926. (4 items)

2019-P-028 Daniel Keenan O’Neil       
Photographs of Englevale, Ransom County (N.D.) (4 items)

2019-P-029 Thomas M. Galey
Images of Officers' Quarters, Fort Buford, Mackinnaw boat, and portraits of Indians at Fort Buford. (5 items)

2019-P-030 Wallis Huidekoper
1881-ca. 1905
Images of the H-T Ranch (Little Missouri Horse Co.), Amidon (N.D.) and its cowboys. (22 items)

2019-P-031 Hoskins-Meyer
Collection of negatives and photographs taken by Hoskins-Meyer Studios in and around Bismarck (N.D.) and used to produce real photo postcards for sale. (35 items)

2019-P-032 Works Progress Administration, South Dakota
Portraits of ministers, a judge, and a superintendent of schools in North Dakota. (9 items)

2019-P-033 Melvin R. Gilmore
Images taken around the state, of items in the State Historical Society Museum collection, an event at Fort Berthold in 1918 with Indian scouts, and natural specimens. (73 items)

2019-P-034 Gilbert W. Stewart
Images of the Washburn Lignite Coal Company, Wilton (N.D.) including the buildings above ground and mines below, and the men at work. (25 items)

2019-P-035 Mary Margaret Johnson
Copy photographs originals held by Mrs. Johnson of Standing Rock Agency, portraits of Native Americans, and the Congregational Mission at Fort Yates. (38 items)

2019-P-036 McKim and Wallace family
circa 1905
In 1905, Josephine (Wallace) McKim and her son Don McKim took a ship and rail trip from Cheboygan (Mich.) to visit Wallace relatives in Jamestown (N.D.). Photographs in the collection document the section of the trip from Little Falls (Minn.) to Fargo (N.D.) and Jamestown (N.D.) and include images of people, residences, businesses, city and scenic views. (75 items, digital)

2019-P-037 Minot (N.D.)
Consists of photographs of Minot and the surrounding area. Most of the images are aerial photographs, many are color, and focus on the Souris River. Some of the images show flooding. (178 items)

2019-P-038 Leslie L. Miller
circa 1940
Digital scan of a black and white postcard of the Veterans Hospital, Fargo (N.D.). (1 item)

2019-P-039 164th Infantry Band
Panoramic portrait of members of the the 164th Infantry band in uniform with instruments. (1 item)

2019-P-040 Ford Motor Company
Black and white photograph of the reception for the twenty-millionth Ford automobile, held outside the Liberty Memorial Building in Bismarck (N.D.). (1 item)

2019-P-041 Earl C. Larson
Includes images of a flood cause by ice breakup in the Missouri River that destroyed the Northern Pacific Railroad tracks in Mandan in 1910. Also includes images of Fort Abraham Lincoln and the First National Bank, Mandan. (25 items)

2019-P-042 Robert G. Freeberg
circa 1960
Black and white aerial photograph of Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.). (1 item)

2019-P-043 Ken and Marilyn Welk
circa 1918
Commercially produced World War I era postcards depicting troops, equipment, battle sites, cemeteries, ships, submarines, and other scenes in Europe. (81 items)

2019-P-044 Morris W. Johnson
1898-circa 1929
Images of early 20th century threshing, breaking sod, and harvesting and scenes around Bowman, Hoople, and Mandan (N.D.). (19 items)

2019-P-045 Gerhard W. Leerskov
Images of churches, schools, and farms in Bowbells (N.D.) (25 items)

2019-P-046 Martha Schmiel Elsasser
circa 1870-circa 1890
Images of early Bismarck include street scenes, buildings, a flood, and construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge. (30 items)

2019-P-047 Lisa M. Whiteing
Images of several North Dakota families. (150 items)

2019-P-048 Annunciation Priory Archives
Frank Fiske photos of the Catholic Conference, Fort Yates (N.D.) (5 items)

2019-P-049 Jim Benjaminson
Frank Jakoviak and his well drilling rig, car, and home. (3 items)

2019-P-050 Leila Berringer
Images of the Killdeer Mountains, Layton George pulling a heifer out of a mud hole, and geese on Layton George's ranch, Dunn County (N.D.). (3 items)

2019-P-051 Ralph Budd
Images of the unveiling of the John Frank Stevens statue, Summit (Mont.), during the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition July 21, 1925. Ralph Budd was Chief Engineer for the Great Northern Railway. Stevens discovered the Marias Pass that allowed the railroad to cross the mountains in 1889. (4 items)

2019-P-052 R. C. Burlingame
Images of Temvik (N.D.), cars at an Emmons County fishing party, and a Chicago, Milwaukee Railroad train wreck in Linton (N.D.). (4 items)

2019-P-053 Belle Dietrich Byrne
Images of Governor Gilbert Pierce, David Barry and James McLaughlin, members of the 1889 Sioux Commission, and the Mercer ranch at Painted Woods (N.D.) (4 items)

2019-P-054 Robert Byrne
1916, 1937
Portraits of Robert Byrne and Frank Hyland, a composite of delegates to the NPL Convention of 1916, the House Chamber in 1937, and the USS snagboat Mandan. (5 items)

2019-P-055 Walter Caniff
circa 1880-1910
Scenes of Grand Forks including St. Bernard's Academy, Stephen Collins Farm Machinery, threshing, and the North Dakota House Chamber 1897. (9 items)

2019-P-056 Frederick E. Cathro
Images of the 1st class of women and 1st class of men at UND 1884-1885, a Bottineau baseball team 1887, and men on an auto tour from Bottineau to Minot January 1908. (4 items)

2019-P-057 Magdalene Clausen
1933-1936, 1993
Images of Magdalene Heiberg (later Clausen), economist with the Stutsman County Extension Service and her 4-H group and their marionettes. They presented Little Red Riding Hood and other plays between 1933 and 1939. The marionettes were on display in the North Dakota Heritage Center in 1993. (8 items)

2019-P-058 Robert E. Conrich
circa 1907
Images of Louis Jensen and John Ivis' hunting camp, hunters with dogs, prairie chickens and jack rabbits, and postcards of Minot and Devils Lake. (4 items)

2019-P-059 James A. Coulter
circa 1910
Main Street, Rolla (N.D.) and first monument built at the grave of Lieut. Freeman killed at Big Mound in 1863. (2 items)

2019-P-060 James P. Curran
Portraits of State Auditor D.C. Poindexter, gubernatorial candidate Bert Baker, and Governor Walter Maddock. (3 items)

2019-P-061 Pat DeForest
Ann and Joe Miller's homestead near Wing (N.D.), O'Brian family portait, Miles City (Mont.), Beck's Museum, Mandan (N.D.), George A. Custer on horseback and drawing of Custer on horseback. (5 items)

2019-P-062 Fred J. Dickinson
Images of 7500 head of Berry Boice Cattle Co. (777) cattle being shipped from Eland yards, 4 miles W of Dickinson (N.D.) (10 items)

2019-P-063 Diocese of Bismarck
circa 1880-1953
Portraits of Bishops Vincent J. Ryan and Lambert A, Hoch, the architect's rendering of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, and a croquet game at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Bismarck. (4 items)

2019-P-064 Wayne T. Elder and Robert Maloy
Image of a flag flown in combat over North Vietnam in a jet fighter flown by Colonel Fred A. Haeffner and Lieutenant Arlan J. Anderson both of Fargo (ND) and a jet flying in Vietnam. Wayne T. Elder and Robert W. Maloy were stationed at Da Nang Air Base. (3 items)

2019-P-065 Robert D. Eldred
Portraits of the Rouse twins and Mr. and Mrs. William Rouse, victims of the Spicer family murders. (2 items)

2019-P-066 A. J. Erickson
Images of the elevator in Sheyenne (N.D.), Walsh County Agricultural and Training School Board, bird's eye view of Sheyenne, and Sheyenne Depot and elevators. (5 items)

2019-P-067 Chester H. Erstom
Images of harvesting near Baldwin (N.D.) (3 items)

2019-P-068 Cindy Highley
circa 1940
Consists of a black and white postcard portrait of band members that played on KGCU Radio. The barn dance was sponsored by Russell-Milller Milling Co. (Mandan, N.D.). (1 item)

2019-P-069 Fargo Forum
Images of destruction caused by a tornado in Walcott, N.D. and the Former Governors' Mansion. (27 items)

2019-P-070 Robert J. Farnsworth
circa 1890-1920
Images of Fort Buford, students and cadets at the University of North Dakota, and portraits. (12 items)

2019-P-071 Nancy Eaton Ferguson
circa 1900
Images of the Custer Trail Ranch on the Little Missouri River and of the owners, the Eaton brothers, Howard, Willis, and Alden. (3 items)

2019-P-072 Harriet F. Fisher
Images of Fargo and Steele (D.T.) by the donor's great grandfather, photographer William H. Fletcher. (2 items)

2019-P-073 Richard and Mary Margaret Frank
circa 1955
Images of Cavalry Square at Fort Totten (N.D.) and Oak Lawn Church, Concrete (N.D.) and a portrait of Harley Ellsworth French. (4 items)

2019-P-074 Donald Fuortes
circa 1907
Consists of a green covered Souvenir Booklet of buildings in Williston (N.D.) with eight halftoned photographs of the first jail in Williams County, the Courthouse, High School, Great Northern Hotel, Bruegger Mercantile Company's Department Store, Union Block, G. M. Hedderich and Company's Store, and a ferry crossing the Missouri. Credited to S. Brownell & Co., Druggists, Main Street Willliston N. Dak. Published by The Douglas Publishing Company Buffalo New York for the Great Northern Railroad Series AHJ. (8 items)

2019-P-075 Toba Marcovitz Geller
Images of Max Marcovitz stores in Richardton and Halliday. (6 items)

2019-P-076 John Henry Gerbracht
Images of the business district, Hettinger (N.D.) ca. 1910; Cap Haskins; Bill Bauer; site of old Northwestern Ranch on Cedar River; Little Missouri and Badlands; J. H. Gerbracht home near Hettinger; mail carrier in automobile being pulled across the Little Missouri River by a cowboy on horseback using a lasso. (7 items)

2019-P-077 George Gillette
Images of the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge in Bismarck (D.T.). (3 items)

2019-P-078 Robert P. Gooding
circa 1883-1885
Portraits of Robert Arthur Gooding, Helen Knight Gooding, and Walter Clarence Gooding in Bismarck. (4 items)

2019-P-079 Harold C. Groth
circa 1960
Image of Seven Oaks House Museum, West Kildonan (Man.) and the John Inkster log cabin. (2 items)

2019-P-080 Ida (Mrs. Knute T.) Hagen
Images of the Great Northern Bridge before and after the 1896 cyclone and the Ole Jensen home, Minot (N.D.). Ida Hagen was the former Ida Mathilde Jensen. (3 items)

2019-P-081 Edward Stanley Hagert
circa 1980
Images of Oak Lawn Church and cemetery, 12 miles S of Walhalla (N.D.), (3 items)

2019-P-082 James Murray Hammond
Images of the George Roth sod home, 10 miles W of Ashley (N.D.) and portrait of James Murray Hammond. (2 items)

2019-P-083 Allyn Hanks
Images of Billings County pioneers in front of the Joe Ferris Store, Medora (N.D.), an old Maltese Cross branding iron claimed to have been used by Theodore Roosevelt, and portraits of Paul Lebo and L. B. Barnhart. (10 items)

2019-P-084 John L. Hanson
Images of a diorama, the U.S.S. North Dakota silver service, a Theodore Roosevelt equestrian statue and Native American busts by sculptor Ida Prokop Lee in the State Historical Society of North Dakota museum. (10 items)

2019-P-085 Philo G. Harrington
Portraits of Philo Harrington in uniform in 1899, in the State Legislature in 1923, and of Mr. and Mrs. Harrington. (5 items)

2019-P-086 Sadie McDonald Jenks
Family photographs and images of family and friends serving in the military in WWI, WWI, and Vietnam. (31 items)

2019-P-087 Mrs. Ole Jensen
People outside a schoolhouse at Minot, Minot Ladies Aid, and Old Settlers Picnic at Burlington (N.D.) (3 items)

2019-P-088 Duane C. Indergaard
Images of Belfield (N.D.) (8 items)

2019-P-089 George E. Iverson
Images of a group eating ice cream at a family reunion outdoors in 1910, sod houses in Morton County, and Indians in front of Bert Finch's house and store, Timmer (N.D.). (6 items)

2019-P-090 Robert Henry Johnson
circa 1958
Images of Dakota Territory Governor William Jayne, the Carroll House, Fullerton (N.D.) and a log cabin near Kathryn (N.D.). (4 items)

2019-P-091 E. F. Judd
Images of the hanging of Albert Bomberger for the murder of six members of the Kreider family near Cando (N.D.). (6 items)

2019-P-092 Erwin W. Lawfer
Images of Medicine Butte, 7 miles N of Heil (N.D.). (2 items)

2019-P-093 Sidney J. Lee
Images of the original Burleigh County Courthouse, the Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge over the Red River between Fargo and Moorhead, Front Street in Moorhead and postcards of buildings and Memorial Bridge in Bismarck. (11 items)

2019-P-094 Richard A. Johnston
Images of the original Capitol Building and the Will Moore School, Bismarck (N.D.). (2 items)

2019-P-095 Ernest A. Lewis
circa 1890-1920
Images of Sheridan House, Bismarck (N.D.), Snow scene on Main Ave. Bismarck, a steamboat on Bismarck Ways, Post Office, Frettin (N.D.), Packet Boat Benton, S. T. Parker store, Sterling (N.D.), and a Northern Pacific train wreck, McKenzie (N.D.). (13 items)

2019-P-096 Mrs. John Lowry
Images of the Villard Gold Spike Excursion for the opening of the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1883 and the post trader's store at Fort Washakie. (5 items)

2019-P-097 Jack Lyons
circa 1875-1914
Images of the Steamer Abner O'Neal, Miles Keogh's horse Commanche, and Steamers drydocked at the Bismarck Ways. (3 items)

2019-P-098 Charles Maier
Images of road building from Verona to LaMoure, farm home of Frank Pooch, Charles Maier, threshing in Gackle, and farming in LaMoure. (5 items)

2019-P-099 Maine Historical Society
F. Jay Haynes stereographs of President Chester A. Arthur's Yellowstone Expedition. This was a fishing trip at a time when the President's health was a concern - he suffered from Bright's disease. F. Jay Haynes accompanied the President's group to record the activities, having recently photographed the area for the Northern Pacific Railroad. (8 items)

2019-P-100 Mandan WPA Project 1083
circa 1873-1929
Images of Wishek, of the Teigs family in Hankinson, the Northern Pacific Railroad crossing the Missouri River on a ferry before a bridge was built between Bismarck and Mandan, Red Tomahawk, a sod house in Cavalier County, Fort Abraham Lincoln, and the Oscar Will Seed Company warehouse. (18 items)

2019-P-101 Ernestine Mager
Images of Walhalla (N.D.) including Odd Fellows Hall, Morin's Drug Store, The Slides, Chautauqua Auditorium, Pembina River bridges, Walhalla High School and Main Street. (9 items)

2019-P-102 Mrs. Robert D. MacKenzie
July 1926
Images of Indians at the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, Fort Union (N.D.). (5 items)

2019-P-103 Oren C. McLaughlin
Images of the buildings at Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) when it was being used as an Army Reserve Training Center. (10 items)

2019-P-106 Martha E. Mooers Miller
circa 1863-1922
Portraits of George B. Hazen and Captain George Whitcomb and a Fort Abercrombie balloon view sketch. (3 items)

2019-P-107 George Nelson
Images of steam tractors and threshing in Burleigh County near Wing and Baldwin (N.D.). (4 items)

2019-P-108 Frederick and Christian Welk
circa 1918
Portrait of twin brothers Frederick and Christian K. Welk in uniform while serving in the United States Army in Paris, France, during World War I. (1 item)

2019-P-109 Jesse and Daphne Nygaard
circa 1963
Consists of a portrait of Jesse Nygaard, a portrait of Daphne Nygaard (clipped from a publication), and a portrait of Governor William Guy with an autograph. (3 items)

2019-P-110 James A. Nelson
Images of Flaxton (N.D.) and Pioneer State Bank, Kermit (N.D.). (2 items)

2019-P-111 Eleanor Nohrenberg
Postcards of the Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, State Penitentiary, and Liberty Memorial Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.). (3 items)

2019-P-012 Leo C. O'Brien
Group portraits of the Pingree High School basketball teams from 1927-1928 and 1930. (2 items)

2019-P-113 Hugh F. O'Neil
Highmore (D.T.) after a tornado moved through. (2 items)

2019-P-114 John D. Paulson
Portraits of Norman D. Black, Jr. and John D. Paulson. Black was publisher and Paulson was editor of the Fargo Forum. (2 items)

2019-P-115 Helen Pesman
Images of the John Goss family and farm in New Rockford (N.D.), John and Vina Goss's wedding portrait and their Golden wedding anniversary celebration. (7 items)

2019-P-116 Allyn Peterson
circa 1879-1960
Images of the George Ellsbury home and Tower City (N.D.). (5 items)

2019-P-117 Carl Wilhelm Peterson
circa 1894-1915
Images of threshing in Union County (S.D.) and wheat stacks in Morton County (N.D.). (2 items)

2019-P-118 Vernie A. Peterson
Images of the first Post Office, Cannonball (D.T.), steam threshing, Cannonball River scenery, and sod house, Cannonball. (5 items)

2019-P-119 Russell S. Phillips
Images of the Edgar M. Phillips home, McHenry County (N.D.), Edgar M. Phillips family, and the Phillips farm at Norwich (N.D.). (3 items)

2019-P-120 Niles O. Ramstad
Consists of a wedding portrait of Eric P. Quain, Minnesota University Fraternity portraits of which Ramstad and Quain were members, Growlers Club, Bismarck (N.D.), Lewis and Clark Consistory of Freemasons portrait, and Bismarck Hospital. (6 items)

2019-P-121 John H. Reid
Portraits of Mr. and Mrs. William Reid. (2 items)

2019-P-122 Elizabeth Balfour (Mrs. Peter) Reid
Images of the Fort Lincoln Chapter of Gold Star Mothers and the aftermath of a cyclone in Langdon (N.D.). (7 items)

2019-P-123 Glady Cooley (Mrs. Matt) Robbins
Images of Front St., Hillsboro; Main St., Driscoll, and a Bismarck ferry. (4 items)

2019-P-125 Eugene Rebillard
circa 1902
Images of the interiors of a barber shop, drug store, jewelry store and dry good store in Lakota (N.D.). (4 items)

2019-P-126 Paul B. Rognlie
circa 1925
Young men and women reviving Norwegian dances in traditional folk clothing, Esmond (N.D.). (3 items)

2019-P-127 Telle Rudser
Images of Telle Rudser's woodcarving shop in McKenzie (N.D.). (5 items)

2019-P-128 C. Russell J. Ruppert
1905, 1910
Images of the original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.). (2 items)

2019-P-129 Prosper St. Jacque
Images of the men who counted votes from the election to remove the Wells County Seat from Sykeston to Fessenden and a portrait of John A. Williams. (3 items)

2019-P-130 Mrs. E. J. Schultz
Images of Fort Stevenson and Mannhaven (N.D.). (3 items)

2019-P-131 Leila Pierce Showalter
Portraits of Superintendents of Public Instruction. (4 items)

2019-P-132 Signal Oil and Gas Company, Tioga (N.D.)
Construction of the Signal Oil and Gas Company, Tioga (N.D.). (6 items)

2019-P-133 Sister Grace
circa 1890-1910
Portrait of Sister Boniface, funeral of four Indians killed at Fort Yates, reenactment of the death of Sitting Bull, and Sacred Heart Mission at Elbowoods (N.D.). (4 items).

2019-P-134 State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.)
1920-circa 1958
Images of construction of the State Mill and Elevator, the exterior, interior showing machinery and employees, and promotional images. (52 items)

2019-P-152 Roy Swedlund
circa 1890-1930
Mandan scenes including: view of downtown buildings and streets, Sheriff McDonald and prisoners, workers at the brickyard, elevator and freight yard, cast of stage play; coal wagon near Flasher; Col. Welch, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Hunke, Mrs. Anna, Mrs. C. Kidd; Pete Lyman in front of Perfection Baking Co.; parades in Mandan and Bismarck; and Morton County Courthouse. (13 items)

2019-P-153 Brent Braniff
Circa 1995
Consists of digital photographs of musicians, bands, and performances in Minot (N.D.). The images are primarily of punk music bands and musicians. (54DF)

2019-P-154 Frank Kuntz
Circa 1908
Portrait of saloon keeper and owner of Kuntz' Lunch Room Frank Kuntz. (1DF)

2019-P-155 Omemee (N.D.)
Circa 1910
Consists of post card views of businesses, residential areas, and people of Omemee and Willow City (N.D.).

2019-P-156 Marilyn Cross Hudson
Photographs, news articles and ephemera documenting the life of Martin Cross. (148DF)

2019-P-157 Anna (Skrogstad) and Mikkel Paulson Family
Circa 1893-1940
Photographs of the Anna (Skrogstad) and Mikkel Paulson family, and portraits of Ida (Paulson) and Arne Mosby and family. (4DF)

2019-P-158 Leo Fleck
Circa 1948
Consists of images of construction workers, equipment and scenes during the construction of the Garrison Dam (N.D.). (25 items)

2019-P-159 Eugene Revitt Walsh
Photographs likely taken by Eugene Revitt Walsh (1899–1972). One is of the City of Minot from atop a hill, another is of the Mouse River, and the other nine (9) photos are of the city of Minot in various locations during the flood of the Mouse River during the Spring of 1916. (11DF)

2019-P-160 John Ringland
Circa 1970
Computer generated photo print of Combat Skyspot radar sites in Vietnam: OL-21 and OL-24 and Laos: LS-85, and the training facility in Matagorda Island (Tex.), which shows what the radar sites looked like when set up in the war zones. (1 item)

2019-P-161 Hegbar Family
Circa 1905-1945
Consists of photographs of Clara Hegbar, her children Dorothea and Howard, the Hegbar farm house in Kensal (N.D.), students at Kensal School and the Kensal High School, and residences (likely in Kensal, N.D.). (22 items)

2019-P-162 Leo D. Harris
1926-circa 1960
Images of people and events on the Fort Berthold Reservation including dedication of the Four Bears Bridge, the Four Bears monument and the monument to the Fort Laramie Tribal Council of 1851. Also images of the men who repatriated the Water Buster Bundle. (80 items)

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