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2018-P-001 Dianne Ferguson
ca. 1908
Digital images of construction of the Omio Church (Emmons County, N.D.), including Almon Palmer, Galusha Gardner Palmer and Wildred Isabel Palmer (2 items).

2018-P-002 Mandan (N.D.) residents portraits
ca. 1908
A composite of portraits of residents of Mandan (N.D.). Possibly the board of directors of the Deaconess Hospital in Mandan (N.D.). Includes a portrait of the 1918 Mandan Surgical Dressings Class, and the following individuals: Mrs. Al Nichols, Mrs. Agnes Lang, Mrs. Ruth Parkin Cooley, W. A. Lanterman, Mrs. W. H. Stutsman, Mrs. Lucy G. Parkin, Mrs. Ed Morck, Mrs. J. R. Heater, Geo. F. Wilson, Mrs. C. L. Spink, R. S. Johnstone, Mrs. Otto Bauer, Anna J. Stark, Mrs. A. W. Furness, Mrs. C. H. Brown, E. R. Lanterman, T. G. C. Kennelly, Mrs. J. L. Bowers, Mrs. L. F. Smith, Mrs. P. A. Smith and Irene Dillon (1 item).

2018-P-003 Bismarck High School
Graduation composite (1 item)

2018-P-004 Joe and Louise (Battcher) Fritsch
(ca. 1915-1995)
Includes historic and modern photographs of the homestead of Joe and Louise (Battcher) Fritsch (Billings County, N.D.) including images of the "Custer Rock." (20 items)

2018-P-005 Shirley W. Oberg
Images of UND, school children dressed as nurses and soldiers, horse racing, fairgrounds after the cyclone, J. E. Clifford residence, sheep, steers, and Yellowstone Park. (12 items)

2018-P-006 Philip E. Ehrenhard
Photos from a scrapbook showing construction of dams on tributaries of the Missouri River, especially the Heart River. (157 items)

2018-P-007 Andrew and Kerry (Braaten) Nerby Family
ca. 1870-1940
Consists of an album of family photographs in a variety of formats: tintypes, carte de visites, cabinet cards, and prints. (1ft)

2018-P-008 Tintype and Daguerrotype
ca. 1850-1890 - ca. 1995
The collection consists of a variety of tintypes and daguerrotypes most of which are unidentified portraits. (59 items)

2018-P-009 Kevin Huber
Consists of photographic slides of damaged caused by the June 1957 tornado in Fargo (N.D.). (37 items)

2018-P-010 Pius Kraft
ca. 1905
Portrait of Russian soldiers during the Russian-Japanese War, taken in Mukden Manchuria (George Leibel with red cross arm band) and composite photo of local officials in the Black Sea area of southern Russia (paste on image is Grandfather of donor, Michael Kraft). (2 items)

2018-P-011 Citizens Military Training Camp, Fort Lincoln (N.D.)
1930, 1938
Images of training, meals, group portraits, and calisthenics, primarily in 1930, but with a few in 1938. (122 items)

2018-P-012 Collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota
ca. 1869-1880
Consists copy glass negatives used for volumes 2, 3 and 7 of "Collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota." (32 items)

2018-P-013 Glass Plate Negatives
ca. 1880-ca. 1925
Abstract: Images include portraits of individuals and groups, advertising slides depicting farms, agriculture, North Dakota State University and Grand Forks State Park. The glass negatives include positives and negatives, black and white and color. (37 items)

2018-P-014 David Doss
 ca. 1910
Consists of postcards depicting birds eye views of Bismarck (N.D.), Lansford (N.D.), and Larimore (N.D.) and the Cando National Bank (Cando, N.D.). (4 items)

2018-P-015 Leona Dix Wilbur
Consists of images taken by Stanley J. Morrow of Sitting Bull’s band who were prisoners of war at Fort Randall (D.T.) from 1881 to 1883. The photographs were made into a set of 24 items and copyrighted by Bailey, Dix and Mead. The State Historical Society received 20 of the 24 images from Leona Dix Wilbur. The other four were marked out of print. (20 items)

2018-P-016 Alvin Schaut
ca. 1953
Post card with view of Cathedral Buttes, North Dakota Badlands. (1 item)

2018-P-017 Debbie Garrett
ca. 1930
Consists of snapshots of families, residents, and homes in Ward County (N.D.), including the families of Dr. John F. and Lydia Timm and Ed and Rachel Bjornholt, as well as two images of the ruins of the school building in Makoti after the May 13, 1931 fire, and a souvenir booklet of color postcards depicting scenes in the North Dakota Badlands. (42 items)

2018-P-018 Bernie Hetzler
Consists of a photograph of Mary Louise Defender Wilson in the Mandan parade (1955), and a group at the Mandan Drug store, including Bernie Hetzler, Hetzler's husband, Mary Louise Defender Wilson, and Mary's husband. (5 items)

2018-P-019 Murchison Family (Tolna, N.D.)
ca. 1910
Interior views of the Halverson-Peterson and Oium and Miller stores in Tolna (N.D.), postcards of the school house, business district, and railroad bridge in Tolna, the Catholic Church in Devils Lake (N.D.) and part of the sunken forest of Stump Lake (N.D.). (11 items)

2018-P-020 Stephanie Baltzer Kom
ca. 1900-1949
Consists of postcards and photographs of scenic views, structures and people across North Dakota, including the Liberty Memorial Bridge across the Missouri River, the Grand Forks trolley, Main Street and the reform school in Mandan (N.D.), Lutheran Church (Crosby, N.D.), Little Missouri River, badlands scenery, children, Charles Delabarre family (Delabarre Township, Grant County, N.D.), the North Dakota State Capitol, and Main Street Denhoff (N.D.). (12 items)

2018-P-021 Elaine Gudmunsen
ca. 1935
Views of the North Dakota capitol grounds, the Montana-North Dakota state line, Badlands, Little Missouri River, downtown Bismarck, Fort Abraham Lincoln, the Missouri River and Little Missouri River. (27 items)

2018-P-022 Mrs. Robert Petrie
1878-ca. 1900
Consists of cabinet card portraits of Native Americans taken by David F. Barry and George W. Scott and images of the Standing Rock beef issue. (13 items)

2018-P-023 Rosa J. Flynn
ca. 1880
Images of a homestead shack and Native Americans. (13 items)

2018-P-024 Dan Brosz
ca. 1920
Postcards depicting the stone entrance to Deer Heart Lodge, Turtle Mountains, Dunseith (N.D.), Great Northern Hotel, Devils Lake (N.D.), 5th Avenue looking south, Jamestown (N.D.) and Taber Hall, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.). (4 items)

2018-P-025 G. Hubert Smith
1870-ca. 1885
Consists of stereographs taken in Valley City by Fritz & Malnight of threshing, residences, and street scenes. (107 items)

2018-P-026 Terri Dood
Portraits of G. W. Buttz and Robert Griffith, members of the 10th North Dakota Legislature. (2 items)

2018-P-027 Steve Schatz
Images of the elevator in Temvik (N.D.), including buildings, railroad, rail sign post, and grain cars. (7 digital items)

2018-P-028 Steve W. Arman
Black and white portrait of the Headquarters Company, 1st Infantry, North Dakota State National Guard outside the World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.). Includes Captain Steve W. Arman (1 item).

2018-P-029 Gardner Hotel
Circa 1916
Color postcard depicting the exterior of the Gardner Hotel, Fargo (N.D.) (1 item).

2018-P-030 Aerial View of Hickson (N.D.)
1 item.

2018-P-031 Gary Lerberg
Consists of black and white images taken by Gary Lerberg while working on the Olaf Olson farm (Mountrail County, N.D.). Images include grain, threshing, harvesting, a social gathering and meal time. (9 items)

2018-P-032 M. Susan Barger
ca. 1930
Consists of postcards depicting Linton (N.D.), including St. Anthony's Church, a birdseye view, Main Street , State Highway 14, and Linton High School. (5 items)

2018-P-033 Cleo Veeder
Images from the Killdeer Rodeo. (7 items)

2018-P-034 Ted Quanrud
ca. 1915
Panorama of students outside the original Bismarck High School, constructed in 1911 on 7th Street. (1 item)

2018-P-035 Harold Gravos
ca. 1940
Harold Gravos and his brother Leif of Arnegard (N.D.) and the skunks, lynx, and coyotes they trapped. (11 items)

2018-P-036 John E. Kober
ca. 1915
John Kober of Charles City, Ill., was sent by the Hart Parr Co. to Amidon (N.D.) to lay out the town with a tractor. The images show the courthouse, people employed there and scenes around town and in the Badlands (10 items)

2018-P-037 Minot Daily News
Copies of photos by Leo D. Harris of the Sanish rodeo, the Sanish ferry, and Mrs. Tony Fetting of Killdeer. (5 items)

2018-P-038 McLean County Historical Society
The Depot, Kendall-Lillie Lumber, and a house in Maxbass and harvest scene, Blackwater (N.D.) (5 items)

2018-P-040 Fay B. Steen
ca. 1905-1917
Postcards of Lignite, Gardena, Williston, Wahpeton, Minot, Fargo, Grand Forks, and Flaxton (N.D.) (15 items)

2018-P-041 Episcopal Churches, Lakota and Lisbon (N.D.)
ca. 1909
Episcopal Church and Rectory, Lakota (N.D.) and Episcopal Church and Rectory, Lisbon (N.D.) (2 items)

2018-P-042 Carl A. Hollister
1907-ca. 1920
Images of the homes of three sisters, Aggie Noble Denniston, Mattie Noble Davidson, and Bertha Noble Hollister who homesteaded with their families near each other in Mercer County (N.D.) in 1906, postcards of Bismarck and Forbes (N.D.), and of coal mining. (15 items)

2018-P-043 Andrew Lockrem Family
Lockrem's threshing rig and crew, Park River (N.D.) and Cari Lockrem Foyen pushing her three children in a wheelbarrow on the Lockrem farm. (2 items)

2018-P-044 Marian Peck
Copy negatives and prints of Flasher (N.D.) including a bird's eye view and interior and exterior views of Gottlieb Bregger and his barbershop. (3 items)

2018-P-045 Erin Donalson
ca. 1910
Portrait of C. Ernest Davidson, North Dakota legislator from Portal in the House 1909-1912 and the Senate 1913-1914. (1 item)

2018-P-046 Helen H. Scull
Students in a classroom, Dawson (N.D.) 1893, Students and teacher posed on the school steps, Dawson (N.D.) 1892-1893, and Looking south at Dawson (N.D.) 1893. (3 items)

2018-P-047 Pat Lorge
First Annual Encampment American Legion Post #12, Amidon (N.D.) 1919, Leo Lorgan appointment as Sergeant, Co. D. 313th Engineers of the National Army 1918, North Dakota Sheriff's Convention, Fargo (N.D.) 1934. (3 items)

2018-P-048 LaVern Holm
Includes a parade in Bismarck (N.D.) celebrating the end of WWI, photos of the Drummer's Parade in Bismarck (N.D.), and a group photo including Agnes Jacobson Holm. (4 items)

2018-P-049 Dacotah Prairie Museum
Business district, Reeder (N.D.) (1 item)

2018-P-050 Preston L. Sawyer
North Dakota postcards sent to Preston L. Sawyer, Santa Cruz, Calif., mostly from August Olson, Grand Forks. They seemed to be exchanging California and North Dakota postcards. Most of them date from 1916-1917 and one is dated 1953. (30 items)

2018-P-051 Curtis Dahlin
ca. 1910
Birds-eye view of Lawton (N.D.). (1 item)

2018-P-052 Donna Beaupre
ca. 1970
Interior view of the Peace Chapel located in the International Peace Garden on the North Dakota and Manitoba border. (1 item)

2018-P-053 Helen Agnes Jaszkowiak Wing          
Photograph showing Jacob Hanauer's second hand store and junk shop on Main Avenue around 3rd Street. He opened it on September 22, 1882 and it burned in the Bismarck fire of 1885. (1 item)

2018-P-054 Lincoln Nybladh
Images taken for Nybladh's series on Farmers and Ranchers of North Dakota. (6 items)

2018-P-055 Otto Richter
These images accompanied an article, “Krem: the City on a Hill,” by Otto Richter, North Dakota History, Spring 1972. They feature the Krem Roller Mill, the Netzer Store and Post Office, Krem Creamery, tornado damage, and images of the last buildings still standing in abandoned Krem (N.D.) (20 items)

2018-P-056 Walter Allen Worthen
Copy photographs of Winthrop Wood Worthen, taxidermist and game warden who lived in Mandan, Morton County (N.D.) and worked for J. D. (John Delbert) Allen in his taxidermist shop. Images include the results of hunts that Winthrop Worthen and Mandan Police Magistrate George Noyes and Missoula Montana taxidermist Charles Emsley went on. One image shows Winthrop Worthen working in J. D. Allens shop in Mandan (N.D.) (6 items)

2018-P-057 Dean Lowell Younggren
Copy photographs of Indian settlers, farming and buildings in Thunder Butte, Red Elm, and Dupree, Ziebach County (S.D.) (10 items)

2018-P-058 Sharon Darnell
ca. 1938
Photographs of children at a one-room country school in the Lisbon area. (2 items)

2018-P-059 Gregory Allen Zeis
Color photographs taken of the North Dakota National Guard 133 Quartermaster Water Distillation Detachment from Cando (N.D.) on duty in Iraq. Taken by Sergeant Specialist Gregory Allen Zeis of Sergeant Brad Reed of Fargo (N.D.), Sergeant Tom Nelson of Lakota (N.D.), Sergeant John Halgren of Devils Lake (N.D.), Staff Sergeant Kent Haugen of Cando (N.D.), and Sergeant Specialist Keith Knudson of Karlsruhe (N.D.) (6 items)

2018-P-060 White River Valley Museum
Black and white photograph taken by Holmboe Studio, Bismarck (N.D.) of Marria Shipley Scott, wife of William H. Scott, farmer and postmaster for Wogansport, Burleigh County, North Dakota. (1 item)

2018-P-061 Morrene Haugen Wisdahl
Copies of photographs taken by A. M. Thompson of A. C. Townley speaking at political rally at Crosby (N.D.) on June 11, 1919 and Willow Lake (N.D.) and real photo postcards of Ray and Williston (N.D.). (23 items)

2018-P-062 Bismarck Indian School
Photographs of graduates, students, basketball teams, and other extracurricular groups of the Bismarck Indian School taken by Risem Studio. (23 items)

2018-P-063 E. Allene Boeckman
Postcards of Garrison (N.D.) and the State Penitentiary, Burleigh County Courthouse, and Post Office in Bismarck (N.D.) (6 items)

2018-P-064 Ely Hertzel and Fannie Heilbrun Weil
Consists of copies of photographs of Weil family members and the places they visited. (14 items)

2018-P-065 Herbert Ascherman, Jr.
Consists of individual and group portraits taken at the United Tribes Technical College International Powwows of 2011 and 2012, of the Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara) at the Fort Berthold Reservation, and of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana. (32 items)

2018-P-066 Richard Hutchison
Consists of images of the dedication of Fort Rice State Park, including a reunion of Killdeer Mountain Civil War Veterans who were formerly stationed at Fort Rice, Chief John Grass, Native American chiefs meeting train at Gwyther (N.D.), the special train arriving for the dedication, reproduction of funeral services over Lieutenant Wilson, Native Americans in traditional dress, and other attendees. (7 items)

2018-P-067 Post Office, Hettinger (N.D.)
Consists of black and images of construction of the post office in Hettinger (N.D.) including interior and exterior shots taken by the Browning Studio (Hettinger, N.D.). (29 items)

2018-P-068 Ralph Kingsbury
Consists of wildlife images from the northeastern part of North Dakota. (digital)

2018-P-069 Timothy J. Stock
Copy of portrait of William Solomon Robson family from Lakota (N.D.) and cropped portrait of Timothy Stock's mother, Maxine Yvonne Robson Stock from the same portrait. (2 items)

2019-P-070 Northern Paicific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.)
Images of a project to slide pier 1 to its original location, 44 inches, toward the shore of the Missouri River. Construction crews, men digging beneath the pier, and the installation of rollers beneath the pier to restore it to its original position. The images show the intensive physical labor involved in the preparation to manually push the pier back into place. (9 items digital)

2018-P-071 Michelle DeLuca
ca. 1915-ca. 1930
Images of businesses along Main Street, Towner (N.D.)  and a composite post card of students at Aaker's Business College in Grand Forks (N.D.) (2 items).

2018-P-072 Emanuel Schmitt family (Mott, N.D.)
Snapshots and post cards of flooding scenes in Mott and Bismarck (N.D.), as well as images of Emanuel Schmitt beside the field stone fountain (Crystal Springs, N.D.), and a humorous postcard of a man holding a giant grasshopper killed near Mott (N.D.). (20 items)

2018-P-073 Drayton Baseball Team
Black and white portrait of the Drayton baseball team, 1920 Pembina County Pennant Winners (1 item).

2018-P-074 Janet and Morris Keranen
ca. 1915
Consists of post card images of a street scene and public school (Rolla, N.D.), Sigma Alpha Epsilon building at the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, N.D.) and a view of Main Street, Rock Lake (N.D.). The Rolla street scene image is a copy. (4 items)

2018-P-075 Rask and Smeder families
ca. 1895-ca. 1950
Consists of portraits of Esther Rask Freeburg, her husband Nick Freeburg and family, and Esther's sister Anna Rask Larson, Anna's husband Gus and their family. Most of the photographs were taken in Mandan or Bismarck (N.D.) or Washington state. (27 items)

2018-P-076 Martha P. Tatem
Consists of images sent to Mrs. Tatem, Williams County Superintendent of Schools by teachers of their pupils and schools. Also includes images of the Badlands, Kittson Trading Post, State Capitol, Walhalla Martyrs cemetery, and portraits. (64 items)

2018-P-077 Merritt D. Smith
Consists of images of Glen Ullin, Hettinger, Richardton, Scranton, and Marmarth. (55 items)

2018-P-078 Alvin and Rita Gors
Images of CCC Company 795 camp, Indian Diggins (Calif.) where Alvins Gors served in 1933. (7 items)

2018-P-079 Frank Henry Johnson
Paul Abraham, Wheat Commission administrator top left; Mel Maier, Wheat Commission assistant adminstrator, lower left; Al Fasching, Peavey Elevator manager, lower right. Three men posed by a wood grain bin as wheat shoots out of a pipe into the bin at Peavey Elevator, Mandan (N.D.). (1 item)

2018-P-080 Shipley Family
circa 1903
Portraits of Effie Adelia Whitney Shipley, her husband Fred J. Shipley, father Charles Whitney and father-in-law Oscar Shipley. (4 items)

2018-P-081 Gordon A. Shue
Photographs of Tilla Jorgina Hagenstad's homestead in Bowbells, Burke County (N.D.) 1903, the composite of members of Bowbells Knights of Pythias Lodge #48 in 1904, and the 1940 North Dakota Class "B" League Basketball State champion team from Hannah (N.D.). (4 items)

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