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Photographs - Collections - 2018 - #2018-P-076

Title: Martha P. Tatem

Dates: 1903-1935

Collection Number: 2018-P-076

Quantity: 64 items

Abstract: Consists of images sent to Mrs. Tatem, Williams County Superintendent of Schools by teachers of their pupils and schools. Also includes images of the Badlands, Kittson Trading Post, State Capitol, Walhalla Martyrs cemetery, and portraits.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota received the collection through the Department of Public Instruction in September 1982.

 Copyrights:  Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

:  This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

  Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer: These photos were moved from the A Photo Collection in November 2018.      

Photographs Inventory

2018-P-076-00001 Emma J. Lien, school teacher in Williams County (N.D.) 1907                        
2018-P-076-00002 Schoolhouse, Kansas City District #7, Adams County (N.D.)  1903-1913
2018-P-076-00003 Agricultural exhibit, Hawkeye School, McKenzie County (N.D.) 1913
2018-P-076-00004 State Normal School, Mayville (N.D.)    1907
2018-P-076-00005 Classroom in Wheelock School #1, Williams County (N.D.) 7/26/1907
2018-P-076-00006 Pupils of Wheelock District School #1, Williams County (N.D.) 1903-1913
2018-P-076-00007 Public School, Tioga (N.D.) 1910                
2018-P-076-00008 School playground near Williston (N.D.) 1903-1913
2018-P-076-00009 School playground near Williston (N.D.) 1903-1913
2018-P-076-00010 Baseball on a school playground, Williams County (N.D.)    1903
2018-P-076-00011 Girls playing croquet on a school playground, Williams County (N.D.) 1903
2018-P-076-00012 Fight on a school playground, Williams County (N.D.)  1903
2018-P-076-00013 School #2, Cottonwood Lake District 64, Williams County (N.D.) 04/1914
2018-P-076-00014 Pupils and teacher outside School #2, Cottonwood Lake District 64, Williams County (N.D.) 04/1914
2018-P-076-00015 Pupils and teacher outside School #2 Cottonwood Lake District 64  04/1914          
2018-P-076-00016 Kansas City School #4, District 7, Chandler (N.D.) 1903-1913         
2018-P-076-00017 Pupils and teacher outside a school, Williams County (N.D.) 1903-1913
2018-P-076-00018 Brooklyn School, Williams County (N.D.) 1913                     
2018-P-076-00019 Consolidated School, Williams County (N.D.)    1903-1913              
2018-P-076-00020 Teacher A. H. Bredley and pupils outside School #2, District 27, Williams County (N.D.) 1903-1913              
2018-P-076-00021 Pupils outside Truax School, Williams County (N.D.) 1909-1910                   
2018-P-076-00022 Teacher Mrs. Fisher and pupils outside Valley School District 67 1914
2018-P-076-00023 Original School #49, Fairview (S.D.) 1903-1913                    
2018-P-076-00024 Teacher F. W. Dingler and pupils outside their school, Frederick Twp., Williams (later Divide) Co. (N.D.) 1903-1913                
2018-P-076-00025 Pupils in front of a school 1903-1913       
2018-P-076-00026 Bowdon Public School, Bowden (N.D.)     02/24/1914      
2018-P-076-00027 School in the Williston (N.D.) area     1903-1913
2018-P-076-00028 Teacher Ellen Petterson and pupils outside School #1, Hartland SD District 63 1914                    
2018-P-076-00029 Teacher and pupils outside a tarpaper school   1903-1913              
2018-P-076-00030 Teacher J. W. Dwyer and pupils outside Gamache School, Truax Twp. (N.D.) 1907             
2018-P-076-00031 Teacher and pupils outside a tarpaper school   1903-1913              
2018-P-076-00032 Teacher and pupils outside a wood frame school 1903-1913        
2018-P-076-00033 Teacher and pupils outside Opperud School      1903-1913             
2018-P-076-00034 Teacher Margaret C and pupils outside Colgan School, Williams County (N.D.)  1907                
2018-P-076-00035 Teacher Olive Richardson and pupils outside School #1, Gladys School District 36, Good Luck Twp. (N.D.)  1903-1913                
2018-P-076-00036 Teacher Eva McCoy and pupils in front of sod schoolhouse, Zahl (N.D.)  08/06/1908          
2018-P-076-00037 Teacher Gusta Wermager and pupils in front of School #3, District 69 1903-1913                 
2018-P-076-00038 Teachers and pupils outside Ambrose (N.D.) Public School   10/1910       
2018-P-076-00039 Martha P. Tatem and teachers entering a mine, Williston (N.D.) 1903-1913
2018-P-076-00040 Senner N. Whipple, Wells County Superintendent of Schools, seated on auto running board ca. 1910                      
2018-P-076-00041 Teacher and pupils outside school near Moxness Farm between Ray and Noonan (N.D.)  ca.1912          
2018-P-076-00042 Teacher Louise Guthrie and her home at Stady (N.D.) 1903-1913               
2018-P-076-00043 Guthrie sisters Louise and Mary return from Teachers' Institute to Stady (N.D.)  06/00/1910                  
2018-P-076-00044 K. Holl barn ca. 1915      
2018-P-076-00045 Post office and store, Colgan (N.D.)    1907               
2018-P-076-00046 Church congregation, Colgan (N.D.)      07/00/1908   
2018-P-076-00047 Kittson Trading Post, Walhalla (N.D)    XX
2018-P-076-00048 Greetings from Hampden (N.D.) 1909  
2018-P-076-00049 The Martyrs of Walhalla (N.D.) 1909
2018-P-076-00050 Evans girl, Trenton (N.D.)  09/24/1912          
2018-P-076-00051 Dorothy Irwin and her Teddy Bear, Tioga (N.D.) 09/24/1912        
2018-P-076-00052 Walter and Laurine Anderson 1903-1913               
2018-P-076-00053 Theodore Roosevelt cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915
2018-P-076-00054 Automobiles, New England (N.D.) 1907                 
2018-P-076-00055 – 00056 Petrified cabin at Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.) 1903-1913       
2018-P-076-00057 Women standing on rocks in the Badlands 1903-1913                     
2018-P-076-00058 Anvil Rock, Badlands (N.D.) 1903-1913                   
2018-P-076-00059 Natural hole in rock, Badlands (N.D.)   1903-1913               
2018-P-076-00060 People standing on a pinnacle, Badlands (N.D.) 1903-1913            
2018-P-076-00061 Curiosity Rock, Badlands (N.D.) 1903-1913            
2018-P-076-00062 Badlands scene (N.D.)  1903-1913            
2018-P-076-00063 Little Missouri River, Badlands (N.D.) 1903-1913
2018-P-076-00064 State Capitol building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935

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