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2013-P-001 Mrs. Mina Chalfin
Post cards from various locations. (304 items)

2013-P-002 George Miller Family - Museum of Northern Idaho
1880s-1890s, 1915
Family portrait at Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. George Miller, Devils Lake in 1915 and a family portrait probably related to the George Miller Family, ca. 1880s-1890s. (2 items)

2013-P-003 Dan Rice
Black and white images of people and places throughout North Dakota and elsewhere. (214 items)

2013-P-004 Dan Engle
Images taken by State Historical Society staff member, Dan Engle, of buildings in Minot, Coleharbor, Wilton, Washburn, Bismarck, Fort Totten, and Fort Yates. (111 items)

2013-P-005 Wells County Historical Society
Black and white photo post cards of Native Americans, and other people and places in North Dakota. (57 items)

2013-P-006 Judy Caspari
Black and white panorama photographs of threshing scenes in Niagara (ND), one including the crew gathered at the cook wagon for dinner. (3 items)

2013-P-007 Nancy J. Scott
Black and white photographs of the Frederick Francis Gerard family. (15 items)

2013-P-008 Picture North Dakota Churches
Images of churches across North Dakota. (153 items)

2013-P-009 Jack Carignan Post Card Collection
Post cards, primarily of scenes in Fort Yates and Bismarck (ND) taken by Frank Bennett Fiske. Several images are of Montana and South Dakota. Collection documents daily life at Fort Yates, as well as landmarks, sports teams, buildings, rodeos, agriculture and people. Several post cards have notes or correspondence by John M. (Jack) Carignan. (49 items)

2013-P-010 Oak Grove Seminary, Fargo (ND)
ca. 1913
Post card photo of Oak Grove Seminary, Fargo. (1 item)

2013-P-012 Mrs. E. P. Capen
F. J. Haynes stereographs of the Badlands: 512. A Hill of Petrified Wood, 517. The Mammoth Pertified Stump, 554. Curlew Canyon & Crossing, 557. Buffalo Valley-Little Mo., 606. Giants Window, 622. Wall of White Stone, and 630. Pulpit Rock. (7 items)

2013-P-013 Roy B. Johnson
F. J. Haynes stereograph of three Native American women seated outside a log building, probably at Fort Berthold. (1 item)

2013-P-014 Ada M. Halloran
circa 1880-1921
Images of early Bismarck and Mandan. (8 items)

2013-P-015 South Dakota State Historical Society
circa 1880-1946
F. J. Haynes stereographs of the Badlands, postcards of Bismarck, Dickinson, Lisbon, and Mandan, and illustrations of Canadian geese. (31 items)

2013-P-016 Delores Larson Grade School photographs, Wells County (ND)
1938 or 1939
Black and white photographs of first and second grade classes that include Delores Larson. Probably in Wells County (ND), printed by Brown Photo Service in Minneapolis (MN). (4 items)

2013-P-017 Dennis Neumann
35mm slides taken by KFYR reporter Dennis Neumann of North Dakota legislators, NDSU staff and faculty, UND staff and faculty, and newsmakers. (991 items)

2013-P-018 Linton (ND) High School Senior Photographs
Composite photographs of Linton High School graduates, 1928-1965, and a list of graduates from the 1929 class. (37 items)

2013-P-019 Inspection Trip Prior to First Garrison Condemnation Trial
Apr. 12, 1947
Black and white photograph of the inspection trip prior to the First Garrison Condemnation Trial, with Roy Dory, Col. W. W. Wanamaker, W. L. Berge, Henry Sheldon, Ralph J. Luttrell, D. N. Lindeman, P. W. Lanier, James L. McBride, Harry Lashkowitz, Harlan Josephson and John Ott pictured. Lindeman, an attorney from Duluth MN was employed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers as a specialist in acquiring property for various Corps of Engineers projects. His job was to go to Federal Court to acquire title to property when the owners were either unwilling or would not accept the government's offer to buy the property. (1 item)

2013-P-020 Dale Niewoehner
Black and white photographs and one etching plate of O. T. Tofsrud, his family, stores and bank in Rugby (ND) and B. L. Shuman Family photographs.

2013-P-021 Bird’s Eye View, Warwick (ND) Post Card
ca. 1910 (1 item).

2013-P-022 Scott Nelson Family
Glass plate negatives taken by Scott's grandfather on his farm north of the Cannonball River, ca. 1906. Images include town scenes, agricultural work, family and friends (51 items).

2013-P-023 Wallace Lodine
ca. 1900-1920
Black and white photographs, ca. 1900-1920, of the Anderson or the George Lincoln farm in the Grandin/Gardner area north of Fargo. (5 items)

2013-P-024 North Dakota Historical Site Photographs
Two binders of slides taken by unknown person divided into historical topics with information sheets.

2013-P-025 Roy Hardy and His Recording Orchestra
Black and white postcard of Roy Hardy and his Recording Orchestra, presented by Randall's Coliseum. The postcard is stamped May 5, 1936 and is addressed to "Dance Manager, Cloquet, MN." The postcard message says "for open dates write Roy Hardy, Fairmount, No. Dak." Roy Edward Hardy was born January 23, 1902 to James and Celia (Tuman) Hardy in South Dakota. By 1920 he has moved to Fairmount, Richland County, ND. They lived in Fairmount until at least 1935. By 1940, he and his wife Bess were living in Albuquerque, NM, where he was teaching music. He died in Albuquerque in September 1985. (1 item)

2013-P-026 Condy Family
ca. 1880s-1900s
Portraits of members of the Condy and Graham families in Cummings, Traill County, ND. (29 digital images)

2013-P-027 North Dakota Post Cards-Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation
ca. 1909
Black and white and color postcards of Fargo (ND) and Jamestown (ND). Views of Broadway Boulevard (Fargo), Lincoln School (Fargo), Island Park (Fargo), Overland Limited at Northern Pacific Depot (Fargo), Klaus Park (Jamestown), and "A Western Mining Camp-the Home of A Millionaire To Be." (6 items)

2013-P-028 John Long Garrison Dam Construction
Black and white prints Garrison Dam construction along with photo captions and reminiscences of Richard Long whose father, John Long, worked with the company that produced one of the first self propelled motor scrapers in the world and was used on the Garrison Dam Project. (4 items) FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY.

2013-P-029 Company E, 1st North Dakota Infantry, Williston ND Panorama
ca. 1916-1919
Black and white panorama of Company E, 1st North Dakota Infantry, Williston, ND. (1 item)

2013-P-030 Vernon Lindgren
ca. 1941-1945 
Photographs and post cards that document Vernon Lindgren’s World War II service in Italy and North Africa. (215 items)

2013-P-031 Clyde Allen Fields Yucca (ND) Rodeo Collection
Copies of photographs of the rodeo at Yucca (ND) 1927 Clyde Allen Fields  (1884-1952) moved to ND from IA when he was 16 years old and worked as a cow hand for the rancher Charlie Whitmer and also at the Heart Ranch near Center (ND). Charlie Whitmer was responsible for the Yucca rodeo. (12 items).

2013-P-032 Robert Boyd
Photographs taken by Robert Boyd during his service in Europe and North Africa in World War II, as well as photographs confiscated by Boyd which belonged to German citizens, documenting life in Germany during wartime. (281 items)

2013-P-033 Frank Huttner
Photograph of the Gille-Miller Coal Mine near Columbus (ND), February 15, 1900 and postcard of two men tarring the roof of the Siebert Hotel in Flaxton, ca. 1909 (photo by Philip R. Gooud) (2 items).

2013-P-034 Hope Conservative Congregational Church interior (Elgin, ND)
Colored post card of the interior of the Hope Conservative Congregational Church (Elgin, ND). Correspondence on the back of the post card dates from December 7, 1987 (1 item).

2013-P-035 North Dakota Post Offices
Colored post cards of post offices in Grand Forks (1938), Fargo (1946), and Minot (ca. 1930s-1940s) and news clippings pasted to a post card about the post office at Grassy Butte  (ND) (after 1926). (3 items).

2013-P-036 Garrison Dam Post Cards
Black and white post cards of construction scenes and equipment used during the construction of the Garrison Dam (27 items).

2013-P-037 McLean County Journal
ca. 1940s-1980s
Photographs in the collection document life in the Turtle Lake, McLean County (ND) region, and some were used in issues of the McLean County Journal. Subjects in the collection include: businesses, people, agriculture, rodeos, homes and buildings, community events, sports, fires and education. (4,259 items)

2013-P-038 Ed and Kathryn Elder
ca. 1900-1950
Digital scans of sports teams and family photographs of Tom Hallendorf's maternal grandparents Ed and Kathryn (Hamilton) Elder, who were born and raised in Jamestown (ND). Ed played minor-league baseball in Bismarck in the early 1900s. (13 digital items)

2013-P-039 Bernard Lein
ca. 1911-1912
Digital scans of the town of Powers Lake (ND) (1912), the railroad coming to Powers Lake (1911), the Powers Equity Band (Lundsvalley, ND), and Elmer Lein, son of Bernard.  Bernard Lein homesteaded land bordering Powers Lake in 1908 and was a taxidermist (5 digital items).

2013-P-040 Dahlen (Dale) Jensen
ca. 1930s-2012
Digital scans of the Jensen homestead near Norma (ND), Dale and Aldon Jensen with the motorcycles they rode from Kenmare (ND) to Everett (WA) in the 1930s, construction at Wm. J. Neil plant near Velva (ND), and Jensen's funeral program. Jensen was an electrician who served in WWII. (8 digital items)

2013-P-041 Berry Family (Taylor, ND)
ca. 1890s-1930s
Digital scans of Abram and Annie Berry, their daughter Dorothy, Dorothy's husband Giulio de St Clement, and the Berry sheep ranch in Taylor (ND) Also included is a transcribed news article about Dorothy's childhood, and her biography. Dorothy (Berry) de St. Clement was a writer and author of the book White Gumbo (7digital items).

2013-P-042 Tullberg Family
ca. 1897-1957
Digital portraits of members of the Tullberg (and Klein) family, photographs of Carl J. Tullberg in uniform while serving with the US Army in France, Carl Tullberg in the Mott Pioneers’ Day parade, Einar Tullberg’s construction company, Carl Tullberg’s grocery store (Bismarck, ND), and a photograph of Shirley Ann Tullberg in the North Dakota Jubilee celebration, 1939. (22 digital images)

2013-P-043 Whitestone Hill Panorama
ca. 1914
Panorama of a large group at Whitestone Hill (1 item).

2013-P-044 Zeeb Family Portraits
Black and white, hand-tinted portraits of Eva Zeeb, George and Christina Zeeb, and an unidentified woman. The portraits were brought to the United States by George Zeeb Sr. from Russia in 1913. (3 items).

2013-P-045 Francis Kukowski
Color photographs of North Dakota towns taken by Kukowski between 1989-1993. Images include businesses, grain elevators, courthouses, post offices, views of main streets, schools, bridges, and train depots. (1,770 items) 

2013-P-046 Rose Marie Lindgren
ca. 1930s-1940s
Black and white photos of Rose Marie Lindgren (Kulm, ND) at the Good Samaritan School for Crippled Children (Fargo, ND), which later moved to Jamestown and became the Anne Carlsen School. (217 items)

2013-P-047 Mark Lindgren
before 1921
Color postcards of the Grand Pacific Hotel (Bismarck, ND), McKenzie Hotel (Bismarck, ND), and Burleigh County Courthouse (Bismarck, ND). The backs of the postcards have correspondence to various Lindgren family members (Kulm, ND). (3 items)

2013-P-048 Jeff Malm
ca. 1918-1940s 
Black and white photograph of Elmo Malm in World War II, a color post card of the Bismarck (ND) (St. Alexius) Hospital, and two black and white post cards of St. Alexius Hospital and bombed buildings in Commercy, France (1918). (4 items)

2013-P-049  Gwendolyn L. (White) Leno
Black and white photograph of Quartermasters House at Fort Abraham Lincoln, black and white photograph of Goodings Store at Fort Abraham Lincoln,  black and white photograph of the remains of Fort Abraham Lincoln, and a black and white wedding photograph for Gwendolyn Loraine Smith and Robert Philip White (9/18/1947) photographed by Lee Mohr. The photographs of Fort Abraham Lincoln were taken by Miss Marian Veeder. (4 items)

2013-P-050 Liberty Memorial Bridge Postcard
post 1922
Black and white postcard of the Liberty Memorial Bridge looking west across the Missouri River from Bismarck to Mandan (ND). (1 item)

2013-P-051 David Mills
ca. 1950s
Black and white photographs of David Mills while serving in Korea. Mills enlisted in the Army in 1949 in Bismarck (ND). He entered into the Oklahoma Thunderbird Division AAA during the Korean War and served as a Master Sergeant. (2 items).

2013-P-052 Anna (Splittgerber) Thompson
ca. 1910s-1937
Black and white photographs and postcards that belonged to Anna C. Splittgerber (Thompson), including railroad construction and activity, and main streets in Fairmount, Makoti, and Lidgerwood (ND). (12 items)

2013-P-053 Frank and Ester Wenstrom
ca. 1967
Color photograph of Frank and Ester Wenstrom in the North Dakota Senate Chamber. From the Wenstrom estate. (1 item)

2013-P-054 Paul Eidbo
Black and white photographs of students and children on confirmation day from Bowden (Wells County, ND), 1937-1941. (3 items)

2013-P-055 Dr. Louis F. Pine
ca. 1940s
Photographs taken by Dr. Louis F. Pine while serving in World War II in Korea and the Philippines. (142 items)

2013-P-057 Chief White Eagle (Fire Tail)
Black and white portrait of Chief White Eagle (Fire Tail), who was a scout for Custer. White Eagle was the donor's great-great-grandfather (grandfather of Laura White Eagle, Condon's grandmother) (1 item).

2013-P-058 New Rockford (ND) Street Scene
Black and white photograph of street scene in New Rockford taken January 20, 1908 and processed by the Belgum Studio, New Rockford. (1 item)

2013-P-059 Marcia Greengard
ca. 1910s-1950s
Photograph album of members of the Vance family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. O. Anderson, Iverson children, Caroline Johnson, Rose Greengard, and unidentified individuals in the Fargo (ND) and Williston (ND) areas. (61 items)

2013-P-060 Grassy Butte (ND) and Fayette (ND) Post Offices
Color slides and a print of the post office in Grassy Butte (ND) (1966) and 3 color slides of the Fayette (ND) post office, which closed July 3, 1956. Several slides contain information about post masters and local residences (3 items).

2013-P-061 William A. Marek
Black and white aerial photo of Camp Joseph T. Robinson (AR), taken by Spencer & Wyckoff, Detroit (MI), 1941. Marek's WWII artifacts are among the collections of the Museum Division of the SHSND (1 item).

2013-P-062 Plummer Family
ca. 1885-1910
Funeral cabinet card of Anna Plummer and hand colored portraits of Hannah Jane (Shunk?), Dora, Elizabeth (Beranek), and Mary Ann Plummer (who was purportedly the first white child born in Bismarck). Hannah was born in about 1853 in Indiana and married Joseph W. Plummer (who was born in about 1838 in Ohio). They had the following children: Mary, Adaline, J. W., Elizabeth, and Dora. By 1880, the family was living in Deadwood, DT (5 items).

2013-P-063 4-H Club Trip Winners in Denver (CO)
Black and white photograph of the parade of 4-H Club Trip Winners at the International Live Stock Exposition Area, Denver (CO) (1 item).

2013-P-064 Camp Ritchie, Valley City (ND)
ca. 1940s
Oversized hand colored aerial photograph of Camp Ritchie, Valley City (ND) (1 item).

2013-P-065 Wives and Daughters of Members of the Pioneer Association of North Half of LaMoure County (ND) composite
Composite of 32 portraits (with identification) of wives and daughters of Members of the Pioneer Association of North Half of LaMoure County (ND), taken June 27, 1912 (1 item).

2013-P-066 Math Dahl portrait
ca. 1950s-1960s
Black and white portrait of Math Dahl (Rudrud Studio, Bismarck, ND) (1 item).

2013-P-067 ND State Federation of Labor Convention, Bismarck (ND)
Black and white portrait of members of the ND State Federation of Labor at the 11th annual convention in Bismarck (ND), May 7-9, 1923 (1 item).

2013-P-068 Mary Comes Last and son, Cannonball (ND)
Black and white portrait of Mary Comes Last, daughter of Andrew Ireland holding her son. Taken by Eugene Burdick (1 item).

2013-P-069 Fort Sully on the Hill
Black and white image of Fort Sully, titled "Fort Sully on the Hill, 1918. Abandoned 1893. Fiske Foto" (1 item).

2013-P-070 View of Devils Lake (ND)
ca. 1898
Black and white image of businesses and other buildings in Devils Lake (ND). A steamboat is docked at the shore. The photographer is Ingebright Glerum (1 item).

2013-P-071 Threshing near Page (ND)
ca. 1900
Black and white photograph of a threshing crew near Page (ND) (1 item).

2013-P-072 Guss Sandell on horseback in front of Gwinner Packing Co.
ca. 1920
Black and white photograph of Guss Sandell on horseback in front of the Gwinner (ND) Packing Co., which was established in 1909 to pack pork and beef products (1 item).

2013-P-073 Hand Colored Risem Photograph of the ND Capitol
ca. 1933
Black and white Risem photograph of the ND Capitol, capitol grounds, and Liberty Memorial building hand colored (1 item).

2013-P-074 Hand Colored Portrait of Unidentified Boy, ca. 1890
ca. 1890
Black and white portrait of an unidentified boy that is hand tinted (1 item).

2013-P-075 Hunters with Game Birds from the Day's Hunt, Dawson (ND)
Black and white photograph of hunters William A. Bond, A. R. Barnes, J. L. Paddock, R. A. Paddock, William Bond Sr., Stanley Rhodes and William Clark with birds from the day's hunt in Dawson (ND) (1 item).

2013-P-076 Ree Chiefs Black Horse and Son of the Star
Hand colored Barry photograph of Ree Chiefs Black Horse and Son of the Star (1 item).

2013-P-077 Frank E. Cave
ca. 1952-1960s
35mm color slides with images of the Cave family and their Bismarck (ND) home, the North Dakota Capitol Grounds, aerial views of North Dakota, images of hunting and a parade on the capitol grounds. Cave was the long-time bridge engineer for the North Dakota Highway Department. (59 items)

2013-P-078 Abraham and Anna Rockstad 50th Wedding Anniversary
Black and white photographs of Anna and Abraham Rockstad of Walcott (ND) on their 50th wedding anniversary, July 3rd, 1940. A newspaper clipping about the Rockstads' anniversary is located in the case file (2 items).

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