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2007-P-001 State Historical Society of North Dakota
Images taken during year documenting State Historical Society of North Dakota events and people.

Fort Totten, 1966

2007-P-002 Fort Totten ND
1907, 1966
Postcards of Fort Totten, one of the Government Indian School 1907; second air view of Fort Totten 1966. (2 items)

2007-P-003 Tower City DT
Image of Music Class of 1885-86; teacher Mrs. W. J. Clapp, Tower City DT. (1 item)

2007-P-004 Anamoose ND Baseball Team
Photo postcard of Anamoose McHenry County ND Baseball team (1 item)

2007-P-005 Osborne-McManaway Family
Images of unidentified women possibly in Wildrose ND and a formal portrait of William and Katherine McManaway Osborne of Wildrose ND. (2 items)

2007-P-006 Helma Wiens
Photograph album of Helma Wiens of Alsen ND including images of San Haven Tuberculosis Sanitarium and vicinity and family photos and an individual hand colored portrait of Helm Wiens. (1v)

2007-P-007 R. A. Vogtritter
Image of sod house possibly from Western North Dakota. (1 item)

Yucca Rodeo, 1927

2007-P-008 Jim Maher Yucca Rodeo
Glass negative of Jim Maher Riding a bucking bronco at the Yucca Rodeo July 8th-9th, 1927. (1 item)

2007-P-009 Garage Fire at Badlands CampCivilian Conservation Corps of North Dakota
1930-1935, 1980
Album of black and white images from Companies 2771 and 2772 North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and 797 Watford City ND and 1980 reunion in Kenmare. (1v)

2007-P-010 Weeks Cemetery in Bentinck Township Bottineau County ND
Images of and information copied from tombstones in Weeks Cemetery in Bentinck Township Bottineau County ND. (25 items)

House 617 Chartres New Orleans LA

2007-P-011 Suzette Bosque Claiborne Grymes and Louise Sophronie Marigny Houses
Images of Medora von Hoffman de Mores' grandmother's house and of her aunt's house in New Orleans LA. (6 items)

2007-P-012 Gustab and Albertina (Trantow) Born
Framed oval enhanced portraits of Gustab Fredrech Born and Albertina Wilhelmina (Trantow) Born. (2 items)

Men of CCC Company 2761, Langdon ND 1934

2007-P-014 Civilian Conservation Corps Camp DPE-72 Co. 2761 Langdon ND
Copy photographs of CCC images Camp DPE-72 Co. 2761 Langdon ND. (9 items)

CCC Company working at Bald Hill Dam

2007-P-015 Civilian Conservation Corps Valley City ND
Copy negatives of CCC Company working on Grand Coulee Dam, Bald Hill dam while stationed near Valley City ND. (35 items)

First Passenger train west out of Minot, St. Paul Minneapolis & Manitoba Railroad 1887

2007-P-016 Great Northern Railroad Engine
Black and white photo taken August 1887 of St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Great Northern railroad engine, the first passenger train west out of Minot (ND). (1 item)

Harold and Sheila Schafer in Front of de Mores Family Tombstone 1987

2007-P-017 Marquis de Mores Tombstone Cannes France
20 copy photos of images taken when Harold and Sheila Schafer visited Cannes France Cemetery in 1987 and laid wreath at de Mores Family Tombstone. (20 items)

2007-P-018 Robert E. Porter
Country church Photographs taken by or from the collections of Robert E. Porter; subjects include historical and current Porter family photographs, grass fires in Mandan ND 04-03-2008, the new Memorial Bridge under construction and destruction of the old Memorial Bridge, collectable automobiles on display in Mandan ND, cemetery markers and headstones for notable North Dakotans including former governors of North Dakota, iron crosses, composite photographs of Mandan High School classes, aerial views of Mandan ND, views of the North Dakota State Capitol and the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, winter photographs, wind damage to transmission poles, agricultural equipment and abandoned houses and churches, wreaths in Veterans Cemetery in Mandan ND. (265 items)

Wishek Family in Ashley ND

2007-P-019 Wishek Family
Images of John H. and Nina Wishek family in Ashley ND and California. (29 items)

2007-P-020 Maria Hoeger Family
ca. 1900
Photograph of Maria Hoeger on her porch near the Muddy Creek in Almont ND. (1 item)

2007-P-021 Horse Field Trials Larimore ND
ca. 1900
Photograph of horse field trials at Larimore ND. Jerie Stevens is driving a team from Northwood ND with trial judge nearby. Photo by J. W. Lockie. (1 item)

2007-P-022 Men's Olympic Team with Theodore Roosevelt at Sagamore Hill NY
Photograph of Men's Olympic Team with Theodore Roosevelt taken at Sagamore Hill NY. (1 item)

2007-P-023 Original North Dakota State Capital Burning
Black and white negatives of the original North Dakota State Capital burning. (3 items)

Threshing North Dakota

2007-P-024 Threshing North Dakota
Black and white panorama photographs of threshing in wheat fields of North Dakota taken by F. W. Gertson Lidgerwood ND (2 items)

IGA Convention Bismarck ND 1932

2007-P-025 I.G.A. Convention Bismarck ND
Black and white panorama photograph of I.G.A. Convention in Bismarck ND taken by Butler Studio Bismarck ND and a Charter for the Timmer North Dakota Post of American Legion.

Main Street Flaxton ND 03-18-1943

2007-P-026 Historic Flaxton ND, Norma ND, and Highway 52 between Kenmare and Donnybrook ND
Digital historic images of Flaxton ND including the last Grain Elevator, Flaxton Hotel, Main Street Flaxton ND, Grandfather Jens Carlson at Norma ND, Main Street Norma ND, Highway 52 between Kenmare & Donnybrook ND. (6 items)

2007-P-027 Halliday ND
Panorama photograph of Halliday ND. (1 item)

Bismarck Tribune parade float

2007-P-028 Vange Balzer
Black and white copy prints and negatives of a Bismarck parade, St. Mary's Catholic Church Bismarck priests, altar boys and parishioners, an accident on the Memorial Bridge, and the Mandan Bowling Team (1948). (11 items)

2007-P-029 St. Paul Indian Mission School, Marty SD
Black and white copy prints and negatives of students on the campus of St. Paul Indian Mission School. (36 items)

2007-P-030 John E. Davis Senate Campaign
Brown-toned half-toned postcard sent to George D. Bender of St. Anthony ND as a political advertisement for US Senate candidate John E. Davis. (1 item)

2007-P-031 Bismarck Drum & Bugle Corp Lloyd Spetz Post #1 Bismarck ND
Black and white copy prints and negatives of Bismarck Drum & Bugle Corp Lloyd Spetz Post #1 Bismarck ND. (3 items)

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