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Photographs - Collections - 2007 #2007-P-009

Title: Civilian Conservation Corps of North Dakota, Companies 2771, 2772, and 797

Dates: 1930-1935, 1980

Collection Number: 2007-P-009

Quantity: 1 volume

Abstract: Photograph album of black and white images from Companies 2771 and 2772 North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and 797 Watford City (ND) and their 1980 reunion in Kenmare (ND).

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the photograph album from Maurice Martin in April 2000.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


2007-P-009-0001             Wood frame buildings housing CCC Companies 2771-2772, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0002             CCC Companies 2771-2772, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0003             CCC Companies 2771-2772 Barracks, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930       
2007-P-009-0004             CCC Company 2772 Hospital, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0005             Doctor Smith, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0006             Old Roosevelt Bridge, 1930 Watford City (ND)
2007-P-009-0007             Little Missouri River, Watford City (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0008             Leo Paldt and Muggs the dog, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0009             Muggs the Company Dog, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0010             Muggs the Company Dog  1930
2007-P-009-0011             Muggs the Company Dog  1930
2007-P-009-0012             Joe the Dog and Sparky Loomis, 1930
2007-P-009-0013             Sparky-Joe and Martin 1930                     
2007-P-009-0014             Maury Martin and Joe the Dog 1930
2007-P-009-0015             Joe the dog 1930             
2007-P-009-0016             Gene Wells and a snake, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0017             Gene Wells holding a Snake, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0018             Joe the Dog, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0019             Joe the Dog and Sparky Loomis, 1930   
2007-P-009-0020             Little Missouri River, Watford City (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0021             Man by Barracks Door, North Roosevelt Park (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0022             Squaw Creek Park Sign 1930                     
2007-P-009-0023             River and valley 1930
2007-P-009-0024             Three Men at a Campsite  1930               
2007-P-009-0025             Log Cabin 1930
2007-P-009-0026             Men at a Log Cabin 1930
2007-P-009-0027             Squaw Creek campground sign 1930
2007-P-009-0028             Three Men at a Campsite 1930
2007-P-009-0029             Men Working on a Structure 1930
2007-P-009-0030             Two Men on a Bridge 1930
2007-P-009-0031             Squaw Creek Bridge Construction 1930                          
2007-P-009-0032             Road in the Valley 1930     
2007-P-009-0033             Road construction Equipment 1930       
2007-P-009-0034             Construction Equipment    1930
2007-P-009-0035             Man on steam tractor 1930
2007-P-009-0036             Road construction equipment 1930       
2007-P-009-0037             Road construction equipment 1930
2007-P-009-0038             Road construction equipment 1930
2007-P-009-0039             Road construction equipment 1930       
2007-P-009-0040             Big Stone Bridge 1930
2007-P-009-0041             Dynamite hut  1930
2007-P-009-0042             Clearing a Roadbed 1930
2007-P-009-0043             Big Stone Bridge 1930
2007-P-009-0044             North Unit Badlands (ND) 1934
2007-P-009-0045             North Unit Badlands (ND) 1934
2007-P-009-0046             North Unit Badlands (ND) 1934
2007-P-009-0047             Mr. and Mrs. Al Rova 1930
2007-P-009-0048             Ice Skaters 1930
2007-P-009-0049             Icy River 1930
2007-P-009-0050             Ice Skating Friends 1930
2007-P-009-0051             Melvin Shirley and Friend  1940
2007-P-009-0052             Mechanic and Repair State Foreman 1930
2007-P-009-0053             New garage 1930
2007-P-009-0054             Blacky Myers 1930
2007-P-009-0055             Blacky Myers and driver 1930
2007-P-009-0056             Rolled Army truck 1930      
2007-P-009-0057             Three musicians in front of Barracks 8 1930
2007-P-009-0058             Frank and Freddy Warner 1930
2007-P-009-0059             Garage Fire at Badlands Camp, North Badlands (ND) 1935/12/29
2007-P-009-0060             Garage Fire at Badlands Camp, North Badlands (ND) 1935/12/29
2007-P-009-0061             Garage Fire at Badlands Camp, North Badlands (ND) 1935/12/29
2007-P-009-0062             Burned trucks, North Badlands (ND) 1935/12/29       
2007-P-009-0063             Two ton GMC truck remains, North Badlands (ND) 1935/12/29
2007-P-009-0064             Dragging the truck remains, North Badlands (ND) 1935
2007-P-009-0065             Remains of the fire, North Badlands (ND) 1935          
2007-P-009-0066             Blown over thresher, Watford City (ND) 1935
2007-P-009-0067             Truck remains after the fire, North Badlands (ND) 1935
2007-P-009-0068             Garage ruins, North Badlands (ND) 1935
2007-P-009-0069             Truck repair, North Badlands (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0070             Truck 14 first truck, North Badlands (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0071             Maurice Martin, Red Hanson, Bruce Wallace, and Frenchy Lopage by wrecked Reo Truck 16, North Badlands (ND) 1930      
2007-P-009-0072             Loaded GMC truck, Watford City (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0073             Man on wrecked truck 1930                     
2007-P-009-0074             Wrecked truck 1930            
2007-P-009-0075             Field mess hall 1930
2007-P-009-0076             Working men in field 1930
2007-P-009-0077             Field mess hall 1930
2007-P-009-0078             Men building a road, Station Number 334 1930          
2007-P-009-0079             Grand Canyon of the Badlands post card, Watford City (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0080             Little Missouri River toward Sleepy Hollow (ND) 1930
2007-P-009-0081             Art Stelhorn and Bill Hempal 1930
2007-P-009-0082             Badlands Hills and Valleys  1930
2007-P-009-0083             Bennie Arsen  1930
2007-P-009-0084             Roosevelt Bridge, Watford City (ND) 1930                    
2007-P-009-0085             Barney Brunton 1930
2007-P-009-0086             CCC Camp Reunion Flyer   1980
2007-P-009-0087             CWA Camp, Watford City (ND) 1934     
2007-P-009-0088             Camp Reunion Flyer Guest List-CCC History Finished 1980
2007-P-009-0089             Reunion Participants Left Side, Kenmare (ND) 1980  Left side half of the members that attended the reunion printed on a news paper. The photo was cut in half to fit the album
2007-P-009-0090             Reunion Participants Right Side, Kenmare (ND) 1980 Right side half of the members that attended the reunion printed on a news paper. The photo was cut in half to fit the album
2007-P-009-0091             Reunion Participants in front of the shelter at Tasker's, Kenmare (ND) 1980

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