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2016-P-001 Nanci Remington
Images on the postcards include a group on horseback near Mott (N.D.), group in front of building at Gilstrip (N.D.), White Butte Baptist Church, Barth Mercantile Co. in Mott (N.D.), and group of men standing behind pile of glass bottles, titled "The Way We Booze at Mott N.D." (5 items)

2016-P-002 Reinhold and Maisie (Busby) Pfaff
ca. 1900-1910
Photographs and postcards of the Reinhold and Masie (Busby) Pfaff family.  Includes family portraits and agricultural photographs from around the Lincoln Valley (N.D.) area in Sheridan County. (10 items)

2016-P-003 El Zagal Shrine, Inkster (N.D.)
ca. 1900
Black and white portrait of 11 members of the El Zagal Shrine, Inkster (N.D.). Front row, left to right: Victor E. Bemis and Henry P. Reitman; middle row, left to right: John McDonald, B. A. Fahl, M. Rasmussen, W. A. Secuton (Seenton) and James McDonald; top row, left to right: William J. Glass, Henry Romberg, Chas. F. Holmes, and Walter Casement. Photograph by A. P. Holand (Grand Forks, N.D.) (1 item).

2016-P-004 Elizabeth Nissen
ca. 1900-1983
Postcards printed for the Foster County Centennial in July 1983. Includes various  Foster County scenes from ca. 1900-1943 including churches, hotels, street scenes, houses, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) projects, and store fronts. (8 items)

2016-P-005 Cascade County (Mont.) Historical Society
Postcard of a parade in Belfield (N.D.) on July 4, 1910. (1 item)

2016-P-006 Hankinson (N.D.)
ca. 1910-1920
Postcards of Hankinson (N.D) include houses and Immanuel Lutheran Church. (4 items)

2016-P-007 Turtle Mountain Star
Photographs and postcards depicting businesses, fires, people and buildings in Rolla (N.D.), Rolette (N.D.), Cando (N.D.), Dunseith (N.D.), Butte Saint Paul, Bottineau County (N.D.), the International Peace Garden, Fish Lake (near St. John, Rolette County, N.D.). The images were collected and used by the Turtle Mountain Star. (68 items)

2016-P-008  Kopan Family
ca. 1910
Primarily includes images of Eckman (N.D.) in the winter, including the Northland elevator office and other businesses buried in snow, a rotary snow plow at work after a blizzard, a train covered in icicles, railroad tracks surrounded by deep snow, and grain elevators. Also included is one image of the Eckman (N.D.) grain elevators and town. The photographs may have been taken by August Kopan, a school teacher in Eckman before his 1914 marriage to Evelyn Cochran. Kopan was appointed Postmaster in 1919. He operated a general store with his brother, Leon Kopan. One or both of the brothers operated grain elevators as well. Evelyn and August had three children, including Raymond Kopan, father of the donor (11 items).

2016-P-009 Harry Hedin Postcard
Ca. 1908-1913
Two postcards featuring residential streets in Upham (N.D.). (2 items)

2016-P-010 John Kortendick Postcard
ca. 1913-1915
Postcard of a Catholic church and priest's home in Jamestown (N.D.). (1 item)

2016-P-012 Bakken's Juvenile Band (Abercrombie, N.D.)
ca. 1910
Digital scan of a portrait of the Bakken's Juvenile Band (Abercrombie, N.D.). Andrew J. Bakken organized the boys in the community into the first band of its kind in Richland County. The band was unique in that most of its members consisted of adolescent boys. The neighborhood boys met once a week at the schoolhouse for practice which was the highlight of the week. Bakken's Juvenile Band was in demand at all the big gatherings such as Fourth of July celebrations, Seventeenth of May, Sons of Norway Conventions, Sanger Fests at Fargo and the Local Ladies' Aid Auctions. In fact they were the main attraction with their patriotic airs and Norwegian National songs. Members of the Bakken Juvenile Band were in part:  Clarence Bakken, Julius Bakken, Archie Boutiette, Dr. Cooper, Emil Flaa, Fred Hermunslie, Ole Hermunslie, Arthur Lodahl, Emil Lien, Christ Moe, Anton Olson, Henry Olson, Severin Sacrison, Edward Stafne, Gilbert Stafne, John Stafnc, Ted Stafne, and Eddie Wold. By Frances Flaa (Richland County History book, p. 40) (1 item).

2016-P-013 David Opland
ca. 1920
Digital scan of a photograph of Warren Edwards, Price Boatman, Joe Houglum and Ray Doyle in an automobile parked outside the Cole Hotel (Cole European Hotel) in Fargo (N.D.). The men may have been representing the city of Milnor (N.D.) in a parade. The donor acquired the photographs from his wife's great aunt Lela Boatman Gustafson, sister of Price Boatman (1 item).

2016-P-014 Donald and Marion Miller
Images depict damage inflicted on the home and neighborhood of Donald Carleton and Marion Ida Miller, Fargo (N.D.), by a tornado (6 items).

2016-P-015 Ken Carlson
Circa 1899
Consists of scans of 4x6 and 2x2 glass plate negatives of the Carlson family, Swede Township, LaMoure County (N.D.).  (45 digital files)

2016-P-016 Harrison County (Ohio) Historical Society
ca. 1906
Cabinet cards from Rolette (N.D.) of a baseball player, the Rolette train station, and a homestead of the Anderson's residence in Shell Valley (N.D.). (3 items)

2016-P-017 General Conference of the German Evangelical Congregational Churches
Consists of an oversized panoramic portrait of members of the General Conference of the German Evangelical Congregational Churches of the United States of America, Hebron (N.D.), June 22-27, 1932. Identified individuals include John Scheerer,  John Scheerer Jr., Gottlieb and Loise Zimbelman, John Huber, Reverend Art Rath, and Reverend Herb Rath (1 item).

2016-P-018 Chuck Doppler
Scans of color slides depicting construction of the Interstate 94 (I-94) Missouri River bridge between Bismarck (N.D.) and Mandan (N.D.), U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman's visit to Bismarck (N.D.), and the first jet passenger plane landing in Bismarck (N.D.). The collection also includes a scan of a black and white portrait of the graduating class of the 1967 North Dakota Highway Patrol Academy. (23 items)

2016-P-019 Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation
created ca. 1920
Glass lantern slides depicting landscapes, birds, animals, flora and fauna,  architecture, Indians of North America, and etchings, primarily in western North Dakota.  The collection was processed by Loran D. Berg in May 2016.  NOTE photographs 2016-P-019-00159 and 2016-P-019-00160 are restricted. (174 items)

2016-P-020 Don Stewart
ca. 1918
Black and white panoramic portrait of 23rd Battery, Central Officers Training School, First Lieutenant L. J. Vogel Commanding (1 item).

2016-P-021 Hanson Tractor and Automobile School (Fargo, N.D.)
January 1921
Black and white panoramic portrait of students of the Hanson Tractor and Automobile School (Fargo, N.D.), January 1921 (1 item).

2016-P-022 Panoramic portrait of soldiers, World War I
ca. 1917
Black and white panoramic portraits of unidentified soldiers, taken at unidentified camps during World War I (2 items).

2016-P-023 National Convention American Society of Equity and Equity Cooperative Exchange (St. Paul, Minn.)
Black and white panoramic portraits of the National Convention of the American Society of Equity and Equity Cooperative Exchange (St. Paul, Minn.), December 8-10, 1914 and December 1915 (2 items).

2016-P-024 1st Regiment North Dakota National Guard, Fort Lincoln (Bismarck, N.D.)
Two prints of a black and white panorama of the 1st Regiment North Dakota National Guard at Fort Lincoln (Bismarck, N.D.), 1916. Holmboe Studio photograph (2 items).

2016-P-025 Panorama Birds Eye View of Medora (N.D.)
ca. 1910
Black and white panorama bird's eye view of Medora (N.D.) by Doubleday (Dickinson, N.D.) (1 item).

2016-P-026 Panorama of Gwinner (N.D.)
Black and white hand colored panorama of the business district in Gwinner (N.D.) mounted on chipboard. Businesses depicted include the Gwinner Bank, Warn Barbershop, Hagedorn Drug Store, town hall, garage, bank, Sandell meat market, post office, Youngberg grocery store, Mason home, Carlblom general store, café, O. J. Dahl grocer,  Northern Pacific Railroad station, lumber yard, "Prairie Press" newspaper, Parmeter hotel, and Safstrom and Ek hardware store (1 item)

2016-P-027 Panorama of Bismarck (N.D.)
ca. 1920
Black and white panorama of Bismarck (N.D.) taken on Main Street between 5th and 6th Streets, looking north. The Patterson Hotel, Clifford's Café, the Bismarck Printing Company, Bismarck Business College, and the old Capitol are visible, among other businesses, churches and residences. Butler Studio photograph (1 item).

2016-P-028 Fairview Coal Mine and its 32 Miners, Montana
Black and white panorama of the Fairview Coal Mine and its Thirty Two Miners, Montana, 1923. Men identified include L. M. Geesey, George Hamlin, Charlie Jas, Wayne Lang and Roy Corbett (1 item).

2016-P-029 Panorama of Dickinson (N.D.)
Black and white panorama of Dickinson (N.D.) (1 item).

2016-P-030 Drummers Day at the Exposition, Bismarck (N.D.)
Black and white panorama of men at drummers day at the (unidentified) exposition, Bismarck (N.D.) (1 item).

2016-P-032 Catherine Carlson
ca. 1914-1937
Black and white panorama of members of the Grand Army of the Republic and Women's Relief Corps during their annual meeting outside the Grand Forks County Courthouse (Grand Forks, N.D.), Lee and Company photograph; black and white panorama of members of the Women's Relief Corps  during their national meeting (location unknown); and a black and white panorama of attendees at the World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union sixteenth triennial convention, Washington D.C., June 3-8, 1937, Rideout photograph (Washington, D.C.) (3 items).

2016-P-033 Stated Session of the Grand Lodges of the AOUW and Degree of Honor Of North Dakota (Fargo, N.D.)
May 21, 1913
Black and white portrait of members of the stated session of the Grand Lodges of the Ancient Order of United Workmen and Degree of Honor Of North Dakota (Fargo, N.D.) (1 item).

2016-P-034 Second U. S. Army Training Detachment, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.)
ca. 1916
Black and white panoramic portrait of the Second U. S. Army Training Detachment on the  North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC) campus, Fargo (N.D.) (1 item).

2016-P-035 1st Group Motor Transport Department, Machine Gun Training Corps., Camp Hancock (Ga.)
ca. 1917
Black and white panorama of the 1st Group Motor Transport Department, Machine Gun Training Corps., Camp Hancock (Ga.) (1 item).

2016-P-036 Farmers and Workers Non-Partisan Campaign rally, St. Paul (Minn.)
March 20, 1918
Black and white panorama of attendees at the Farmers and Workers Non-Partisan Campaign rally, St. Paul (Minn.). P. Schawang photograph (St. Paul, Minn.) (1 item).

2016-P-037 International Peace Garden Dedication
July 14, 1937
Black and white panorama of attendees at the International Peace Garden dedication (Rolette County, N.D.). J. J. Stempges photograph (Clyde, N.D.) (1 item).

2016-P-038 Meeting panorama
ca. 1920
Black and white panorama of men assembled for an unidentified meeting (1 item).

2016-P-039 Panorama of Company L, 139 Infantry
ca. 1916
Black and white panorama of members of Company L, 139 Infantry. Photograph by Fletcher (Washington, D.C.) (1 item).

2016-P-040 Harold Bergman
ca. 1920
Black and white portrait of Jerome Elk. The donor purchased the portrait while riding a train through North Dakota in 1927 (1 item).

2016-P-041 Gilmore T. Schjeldahl
ca. 1936
Black and white post cards and photographs of structures built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Company 794 at the International Peace Garden (Rolette County, N.D.), Gilmore T. Schjeldahl and other men in the CCC, and scenic views. (39 items)

2016-P-042 McFall Family
ca. 1906-1948
Consists of images of North Dakota homesteads, towns, pioneers and agricultural scenes taken by the Richardton and Mandan (N.D.) office of the William H. Brown Land Company to advertise and sell land. The collection also includes four images of Medora (N.D.) old timers and Sheriff Leslie Miles (Jim) Barnhart taken by George Grant for the Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park. (153 items)

2016-P-043 Eileen Bandle           
Portraits of William Oscar Ward and his family. (10 digital scans)

2016-P-044 Lyman A. Cram
ca. 1923
Black and white enlargement of a photograph of automobiles parked outside the North Dakota State Penitentiary. The image was taken by Lyman A. Cram while he served as Deputy Warden of the Penitentiary. The photograph is oversized and located in a map case drawer. (1 item)

2015-P-045 Ellen O'Neill Thompson
ca. 1890-1976
Consists of photographs of the Thompson family of Rolla (N.D.), images of Rolla High School graduates and basketball teams, buildings, businesses, residents, residences, and the Rolla 50th anniversary celebration. (96 items)

2016-P-046 Bismarck-Mandan Memories
Photographs of Bismarck-Mandan residents, events, businesses, residences and activities collected from North Dakota residents for publication in the book Bismarck-Mandan Memories Volumes I, II, & III, which was published by the Bismarck Tribune with the assistance of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. (185 digital files/1.1 GB)

2016-P-047 J. Bopp's General Store (Stirum, N.D.)
ca. 1909
Black and white postcard of the John Bopp General Store, Stirum (N.D.) (1 item).

2016-P-048 Ralph Nelson
Consists of photographs of Garrison Dam  construction and equipment and miscellaneous outdoor scenes, including the Missouri River (43 items).

2016-P-049 McKoune Store, Ambrose (N.D.)
ca. 1910
Black and white view of employees and patrons in the general store owned by John and Adalaide McKoane in Ambrose, N.D. (1 item).

2016-P-050 Lange family (Kulm, N.D.)
ca. 1908
Consists of post cards of North Dakota scenes, businesses and people, and several photographs of the St. Paul's Lutheran Church and school, Kulm (N.D.). The collection includes one digital scan of a McCormick Machinery delivery by Gackle and Co., Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1908, which was scanned and returned to the donor. (56 items)

2016-P-051 Esther Elfreida Wittich
Black and white composite portrait of the 1928 Bismarck Hospital School of Nursing graduates: Elizabeth Ruehl, Hattie Moxness, Alvilda Ellisen, Gunhild Nelson, Minnie Zimmerman, Ruby Kline, Esther Ristad, Eva Getty, Beulah Ross (Class President), Edna Paulson, Maxine Siltman, Gladys Tamgen, Elaine Bowman, Elizabeth Heuharth, Esther Wittich, Ethel Lehrburg, Merle Powers and Irene Busche, taken by the Rembrandt Studio in Bismarck (N.D.) (1 item).

Esther Elfrieda Wittich was born November 26, 1907, to Clara and Henry Wittich in Minneapolis (Minn.). The family moved to North Dakota and Esther attended schools in Taylor and Rutland Townships (Sargent County, N.D.). Esther graduated from the Bismarck Hospital and Deaconess Home Training School for Nursing in 1928. She married Robert Seckinger on April 30, 1935. They lived in Philadelphia until their deaths. Esther died May 8, 1987.

2016-P-052 Linda (Paulson) Norderhaug
ca. 1955-1976
Photograph of Linda as a baby and portraits of Linda as Miss Teen North Dakota, Miss North Dakota National Teen-Ager, being crowned as Miss North Dakota, a wedding portrait, and a caricature from Miss USA 1976 beauty pageant. Museum Division transfer. PAR 2015035. Accession # 2016.00004. Related to MSS 10828 (7 items).

2016-P-053 Raaen Family 
Black and white photographs of the Farmers Grain, Stock and Fuel Company building in Maddock (N.D.) (1904) and of a threshing crew near Maddock (1906). The threshing crew includes the donor's grandfather Sievert Raaen, who later homesteaded in Montana before settling in Polk County (Minn.). (2 digital items).

2016-P-055 Michael Mawilai
Photo postcards of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp in Cannonball (N.D.) (2 items).

2016-P-056 Janet Miller
Black and white post cards depicting the Minot (N.D.) fire department and city hall building and composite scenes from Hope (N.D.), including a panorama view, Main Street looking west, the Methodist Church, roller mill and high school (2 items).

2016-P-057 Carl and Martha Flurer
Black and white snapshots of flooding in Bismarck (N.D.) (10 items).

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