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2015-P-001 Quentin and Jocelyn Burdick Holiday Postcard
One holiday postcard from the Quentin and Jocelyn Burdick family.  Front of postcard has a family portrait taken in front of their house in Fargo (N.D.). (1 item)

2015-P-002 U.S. Battleship North Dakota Postcard
One souvenir postcard of the U.S. Battleship North Dakota. (1 item)

2015-P-003 Carlene Kester
One photographic print of farm buildings, location unknown. (1 item)

2015-P-004 Company H 164th Infantry
April 22, 1941
Panorama of Company H 164th Infantry. Front inscription states: "Co. H 164th - Inf. Jamestown, N. Dak. - Officers: Capt. Walter S. Danuser - 1st Lt. Jasper K. Smith - 2nd Lts. DeLair A. Clark, Albert F. Weist, LaRoy Baird - Camp Claiborne, La." (1 item)

2015-P-005 Main Street, Coleharbor (N.D.)
ca. 1917
Consists of a postcard depicting Main Street in Coleharbor (N.D.). Businesses and horse-drawn wagons line the streets. The back of the postcard contains correspondence between brothers Olaf and Ole Jenson (Audubon, Minn.) (1 item).

2015-P-006 Gold Seal Company
Photograph album of a convention held in Medora (N.D.) for the Gold Seal Company in July 1958.  Includes photographs of Harold Schafer, Badlands, Medora, participants of the convention, Garrison Dam, and other areas in western North Dakota. (80 items)

2015-P-007 Dr. Vaughn G. and Gertrude (Scott) Morris
Early images of Mylo and Schafer, McKenzie County (N.D.), its residents, July 4th celebrations, horse racing, surveying county lots, and the Vaughan G. and Gertrude (Scott) Morris family. (36 items including 5 digital scans) (36 items)

2015-P-008 Edward and Agatha Patterson
Consists of digital scans of portraits of Edward, Agatha Gertrude (Slattery), and Sadie Mae Patterson, and Gertrude Mount's birthday party in Northwest Hotel. Also includes scans of an invitation to a "By Heck" dancing party at the Patterson Hotel and menus from the Northwest and Soo Hotels. (11 digital scans)

2015-P-009 Peter J. and Nettie (Wentworth) Duff Family
Photographs of the Peter J. and Nettie Duff family and farm in Willow City, Bottineau County (N.D.). (11 items)

2015-P-010 Tourist Camp, Fairmount (N.D.) Postcard
ca. 1920-1939
Black and white postcard of the Tourist Camp buildings and several visitors, Fairmount (Richland County, N.D.). (1 item)

2015-P-011 Farmers Union G.T.A. Annual Ladies Dinner
December 14, 1953
A band and women at Farmer’s Union G.T.A. Annual Ladies Dinner at the Hotel Lowry, St. Paul (Minn.). (1 item)

2015-P-012 John E. Davis Campaign
John E. Davis campaign postcard U.S. Senate race in 1960. Card addressed to Alvin Lindgren of Kulm, ND. (1 item)

2015-P-013 North Dakota Petroleum Club
ca. 1980s
Consists of portraits of members of the North Dakota Petroleum Club compiled by wives of club members. (72 items)

2015-P-014 Norman R. Teigen
ca. 1920s
Postcard of horse races in Lemmon (S.D.) and the Truax Traer Coal Company mine in Velva (N.D.). (5 items)

2015-P-015 Kulm (N.D.)
Consists of digital images of the St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Kulm, N.D.) and of the Kulm City Band. (41 digital items)

2015-P-016 Carl O. Knudson
ca. 1956
Digital photographs of Morton County legislators Carl O. Knudson, Gus Fristad and Matt Schmidt, ca. 1956 (2 items).

2015-P-017 Samuel Elliott Family (Garske, N.D.)
ca. 1910s-1930s
Consists of agricultural and family photographs of the Samuel and Betsy (Halverson) Elliott family, Garske (N.D.) and the families of their friends and neighbors Colon Cook, William Albert McNary, Nancy Eleanor (Hunter) McNary, Willie McNary, Alice McNary, and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Skar and their family. (20 items)

2015-P-018 North Dakota Scenes               
Postcards and photos are of a variety of North Dakota scenes, including towns, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and agriculture. (488 items)

2015-P-019 Grand Army of the Republic Drum and Fife Military Group
ca. 1894
One photograph featuring three young men from the Grand Army of the Republic Drum and Fife military group. From left to right: Fred Redick with fife, John Foley with bass drum, and Bish Warren with snare drum. Photographer is Jacob L. Skrivseth from Hillsboro (N.D.). (1 item)

2015-P-020 Michael M. Miller
Consists of 35mm negatives and slides of various North Dakota sports and other activities.  Includes North Dakota centennial, Linton (N.D.), Strasburg (N.D.), State Class B boys basketball, Men’s Class A Fast Pitch National Championship tournament, Lions All-Star boys and girls basketball games, Shrine football games, women's softball, Junior World Softball tournament, and Class A and B State wrestling. (1.5 feet)

2015-P-021 Phyllis (Anderson) Johnson
Consists of two portraits of Dale Henry Jensen and Phyllis Virginia Anderson on their wedding day (September 4, 1954), two portraits of the wedding of Phyllis Jensen and Edgar V. Johnson (October 14, 1978) and a portrait of Phyllis Johnson (2004). A newspaper clipping and wedding announcement for the Anderson/Jensen wedding were also donated, and are located in the collection case file, along with identification of individuals at the 1978 wedding (5 items).

2015-P-022 Lucy (Hollinger) Strub
ca. 1926-1937
Consists of images of the 1926 fire in Glenburn (N.D.), including Main Street businesses on fire, merchandise and furniture on the street, and residents, employees and business owners watching the fire and standing among the ruins. Also contains images of Lucy (Hollinger) Strub (1905-1996), the Strub home and family, Doc Rhoades, a train engine at the roundhouse, agricultural equipment, steam shovel at the Columbus coal mine (Truax Coal Company), plowing, construction of the Glenburn school, the old and new Glenburn school, the 1927 Glenburn Girls' high school basketball team, the 1926 boys' football team, and the Glenburn Band. (37 items).

2015-P-023 Homer and Mary (Gauche) Pike family
Consists of digital images of Homer and Mary (Gauche) Pike and their daughters Esther, Mildred and Edna on a trip from Oregon to the family homestead in North Dakota by automobile. Homer Pike was a Barnes County Commissioner in 1898. The family moved to Oregon in 1909. The images depict the family camping and cooking on the trip, and standing beneath a sign in Billings County (N.D.) that says "Little Missouri River. Theodore Roosevelt Once Ranched in This Valley." The donor believes that the family automobile, featured in every photo, is a Willis Knight. (3 digital items).

2015-P-024 Buffalo (N.D.) Students and Teacher postcard
ca. 1911
One postcard of eight Buffalo (N.D.)  students with teacher Miss Pfaff. Identified students include Willard and Winifield Horns and Alma Buttke. Willard Horns later taught English in Minneapolis (Minn.) (1 item).

2015-P-025 Ronald Thompson
ca. 1910-1919
Black and white photographs of men and equipment working at the Whittier-Crockett Coal mine at Columbus, Burke County (N.D.), and of the interior of a Bowbells (N.D.) store taken by Ole Neil Landsverk, Minot (N.D.) (12 items).

2015-P-026 Farmers Union Annual Stockholders Meeting
Black and white panorama of attendees at the 1950 Farmers Union Annual Stockholders meeting, Central Exchange, February 28-March 3, 1950 at the Hotel Lowry, St. Paul (Minn.). (1 item).

2015-P-027 Henry and Katie Juntunen family
ca. 1890s-2006  
Photographs and portraits of members of the Henry and Kate Juntunen family of Rock Lake (N.D.), their children and grandchildren, the Grab family, friends, classmates and neighbors, Ainer Juntunen's farm north of Rock Lake (N.D.), images in Rock Lake (N.D.), World War I photographs, depression-era photographs, the Pioneer Monument dedication (Rolla, N.D.), the Rolla (N.D.) centennial, automobiles, motorcycles, and community events such as carnivals.  Artistic photos include collages and hand colored images created by Ainer Juntunen, that consist of a combination of photographic and printed images, some of which are humorous. The donor scanned the images and donated the digital scans to the SHSND. The images have minimal descriptions embedded in the titles as provided by the donor. Several of the images have more detailed descriptions and captions embedded in the image (1075 digital scans [mostly 300dpi JPEG files]).

2015-P-028 Balfour (N.D.) High School Basketball Team       
Black and white photograph of the Balfour (N.D.) High School basketball team, who won second place in state in 1922 (1 item).

2015-P-029 Britni Carlson   
Photographs of the Liberty Memorial Bridge construction (Bismarck, N.D.) that opened July 31, 2008, and the former Liberty Memorial Bridge (Bismarck, N.D.) that was demolished in October 2008. Carlson took the photographs as part of her coursework at Bismarck State College (4 items).

2015-P-030 Helen Olson Johnston
June 25, 1920
Digital scan of panorama of Telelaget Gathering in Moorhead, Minn. taken by O. E. Flaten. The Telelaget is an organization of North American descendants of immigrants from Telemark county in Norway. (1 item)

2015-P-031 Norma Dooley
Digital scans of Flaten family photographs and scenes taken by O. E. Flaten in Moorhead, Minn. and Fargo, N.D. Images of Oscar Marius Flaten, Sheriff of Pembina County, N.D., Marjorie Flaten, Emil Liner Flaten, Frances Flaten, an aviation meet at Los Angeles, Calif., boat at dock on Lake Melissa, Detroit Lakes, Minn., mounted deer with locked horns, Dacotah, a Sioux Indian by C. A. Zimmerman and a photograph of Wa-beGa-Newez Chief Wrinkled Meat a Chippewa Indian. (20 items)

2015-P-032 Janyce Olson
Circa 1886-1889
Consists of three cabinet cards of unidentified people taken by A. M. Sanders in Valley City (D.T.) and (N.D.), circa 1886-1889. (3 items)

2015-P-033 American Legion, Lloyd Spetz Unit No. 1
Consists of one extra oversized aerial view of Bismarck (N.D.) in 1952.  Photograph is taken from the southwest. (1 item)

2015-P-034 Creston Museum (Creston, B.C.)
ca. 1880s-1920s
Black and white photographs and post cards of people, city and town life, businesses, schools, children and agricultural scenes, in North Dakota and/or the Upper Great Plains. Identified images include a man, probably Peter Vandemark, in his bachelor shack, Ambrose (N.D.); men working at the Gille-Miller lignite coal mine, Flaxton (N.D.); and a group outside McMonagle and Son Hardware and Furniture, probably in Kenmare (N.D.). The majority of the prints was made from glass plate negatives, and appear to have been removed from a photograph album. The same farmstead appears in several of the photographs. The creator and collector of the images is unknown, but may have lived in Ward County (N.D.).  (46 items)
2015-P-035 San Haven Panorama  (Dunseith, N.D.)
ca. 1920s-1930s
Black and white panoramic photograph of the buildings and grounds of the San Haven State Tuberculosis Sanatorium, San Haven (Dunseith, N.D.) by J. J. Stempges (Clyde, N.D.). The photograph is oversized and located in a map case drawer (1 item).

2015-P-036 North Dakota Firefighter's Association
ca. 1888-1959
Consists of panoramic portraits of firemen at annual conventions of the North Dakota Firemen's Association (North Dakota Firefighter's Association), (1921, 1924, 1925,  1929, 1933, 1948, 1955, 1957 and 1959) a portrait of the Yerxa Running Team (ca. 1890), and the portraits of baseball teams that competed in firemen's tournaments (ca. 1888).  The North Dakota Firefighter’s Association was organized June 4, 1884 and incorporated February 3, 1891 to promote the safety and welfare of the North Dakota Firefighter’s Association members through uniform and established training standards. (15 items)

2015-P-037 Philip Spitzer family
Black and white photo postcard of the Philip Spitzer family, Streeter (N.D.). Standing, left to right: Calvin, Helmuth, Leopold, Rosella  (Mrs. Kirscherman), Alice (Mrs. Dewald), Erma (Mrs. Gienger). Seated, left to right: Delano, Herbert, Philip, Lydia, and Richard (1 item).

2015-P-038 Suzi Williams
Black and white portrait of the graduates of the Mayville Normal School. The donor's grandmother, Blanche Gurr (Lynn) Whittemore, is standing, third from the right. (1 item)

2015-P-039 Grace (Hand) Tosterud
Black and white photographs of the laying of the cornerstone of the North Dakota state capitol (October 8, 1932) and construction of the capitol building (October 22 and November 24, 1932). The snapshots were taken by Tosterud, a teacher in Bismarck N.D. (5 items)

2015-P-040 Tobie Family (Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, N.D.)               
ca. 1897-1989
Consists of 1200 dpi JPEG images of Frank Edgar Tobie and his children Harvey Elmer and Adelaide Emma Tobie (Orange), American Indians John Butcher and Little Soldier (policemen), Grandma Wilkinson, and Old Paint, and buildings at the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.). (11 digital items)

2015-P-041 Walter J. Maddock Family
ca. 1880-1920
Includes images of Governor Walter J. Maddock, his wife Marguerite Pearl (Tierney) Maddock, son Wallace, siblings, and relatives, including Ellen Frances Dore, Charles M. Filteau, Charles A. McGowan, Cholice Marie McGowan, Alice F. Maddock Collette, Patrick Joseph Maddock, Joseph James Maddock,  Michael Maddock, David Edward Maddock, John Potter and J. C. Whelan. (25 items)

2015-P-042 McGuire-Bostow Families
ca. 1909-1965
Images of the McGuire and Bostow families, ferry boats at Washburn, and the Bostow farm in McLean County, N.D. (37 items)

2015-P-043 Charles Harris Walker
ca. 1860s-1910
Early images of Pembina homes, churches, school, businesses, bridges, the courthouse and river. (27 items)

2015-P-044 Sherry Fuller
Consists of slide and photographs of Snake Creek, the Liberty Memorial Bridge (Bismarck, N.D.), animals at the Bismarck Zoo, Fort McKeen, flooding in Devils Lake in 1990, the International Peace Garden, the Lewis and Clark Riverboat on the Missouri River in 1991. The riverboat images include houses, scenic views, and the riverboat. (35 items)

2015-P-045 Van Hook (N.D.) High School Basketball Teams
Consists of two black and white portraits of the girls and boys Van Hook (N.D.) High School Basketball Teams, 1928-1929. Identified players include: Emmett Estenson; Olphea Hanson; Thelma Hanson; Lawrence Kamps;  Grace (or Goldie) Meitz; Aasna Nesheim; (Lillian?) Olson; Clara Oppeboen; Marvin Otto; Walter Pals; Clarence Pederson; Mary (Marian) Pederson; Gerald E. Ranum; Kenneth Reinholdt; Clarence Thomas; Dorothy Wales; and (Roberta?) Yonkes. (2 items)

2015-P-046 Scout County Historical Society
Consists of two photographs from Grafton (D.T.).  One photo is of two children, Johnnie Marrinan and May Marrinan, taken in January 1886 by C. R. Frovarp.  The second photo is of Johnnie Marrinan's "vacant chair" after he died in April 18, 1888 in Grafton (D.T.), taken by F. F. Frazier. (2 items)

2015-P-047 Milton Lindgren
Photographs of Milton Lindgren and his fellow World War II servicemen, a commendation for service during President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's visit to Egypt, and postcards collected by Lindgren while serving with Company D, 802nd Military Police Battalion, U.S. Army, in the Middle East. Lindgren was born on February 25, 1921 to Carl J. and Alma Lindgren. He was raised in Swede Township (LaMoure County, N.D.). Lindgren passed away January 31, 1993 in Yakima (Wash.). 107 items (129 digital scans)

2015-P-048 Douglas County Historical Society
Postcard of the Crane-Johnson Company, Juanita (N.D.). (1 Item)

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