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2014-P-001 Charles W. Cory
ca. 1880s-1954
Two photograph albums and loose photographs. One album belonged to John Martin and documents Martin’s service in the Philippines and Japan in the 1890s with Company B 1st ND Infantry. The creator of the second album is not known. The album primarily dates from the mid 1910s to the early 1920s and contains images of dog trainer James Monroe Avent and show dogs at field trials in Denbigh (ND), children, vacations, domestic life and work, agriculture, interior and exterior views of homes, sports and recreational activities (roller skating, skiing, bicycling, tennis, snowshoeing, hunting, golf) and images of business districts. Some of the images are from dog trials in Denbigh (ND), vacations across the country, and the rest appear to be in or around Marshall, TX. (388 items)

2014-P-002 North Dakota Post Cards
Various postcards depicting North Dakota towns, businesses, schools, landmarks and scenes.(11 items)

2014-P-004 Sam Kuhl
Six L. A. Huffman photographs of various events and places including Chatea de Mores #121, Going to the Roundup #245, Waiting for the Next Calf, Big Dry, North Montana 1904 #264, Cheyenne Chief Two Moon at Fort Keogh, 1879 #108, The Round-up Breaking Camp #263, Grave of Colonel Keogh, Custer Battlefield 1877 #218. (6 items)

2014-P-005 Jean Hastings
ca. 1940s
Black and white postcards of Main Street, the hospital, Memorial Hall, and the swimming pool in Noonan (ND). (4 items)

2014-P-006 Ward County
Black and white photographs: cornerstone laying for the Ward County courthouse, dedication of the Ward County courthouse (Landsverk photograph), and a snapshot of a crowd gathered around an airplane, presumably in Ward County. (3 items).

2014-P-007 Nicholas and Elvina (Prinkey) Rice Family
ca. 1906-1950s
Photographs of the Nicholas and Elvina Prinkey Rice family (Pettibone and Woodworth, N.D. area) which include images of 4-H, farming and agriculture, studio portraits and town scenes, dating from about 1900-1940. Approximately 100 World War I era photographs of Freemont Rice, a World War I soldier from Pettibone (N.D.) and son of Nicholas and Elvina Rice. Also included are several letters, farm receipts, and a 1957 special edition of the Fargo Forum that documents tornado damage in Fargo (N.D.). (494 items).

2014-P-008 John Mogren
ca. 1910
Portrait of Sigrid Petterson (Mrs. Gustof) of  Maddock (ND), ca. 1910; Loyde and Ester Rogelstad, children of John and Helena (Lena) (Torkelson) Rogelstad, ca. 1916; a wedding portrait of Anna Raditz and her unidentified husband, ca. 1915; a portrait of the Norwegian Young People's Society (Ungdomslaget Norden, Minot, North Dakota, 1914; and images of the St. Peter and Paul Ukranian Orthodox Church (Belfield, N.D.).. (29 items)

2014-P-009 Edgar Leopold Morrow
ca. 1920s
Scans of black and white photographs of Edgar Leopold Morrow (1869-1937) in his harness shop in Kenmare (ND). (2 items)

2014-P-010 William Sherman Smith
Scans of black and white photographs of William Sherman “Jersey” Smith, his wife Julia Ann, their daughter Myrtle (Smith) Kleinsmith, Myrtle’s husband Ernest H. Kleinsmith and neighbor Sue Moses on William Smith’s homestead in Sauk Prairie township, Ward County (ND). The collection includes images of the sod house, threshing, groups loading hay into a barn with horses and wagons, and the homestead and farm. William and Julia came to Kenmare (ND) April 16, 1897, some of the earliest pioneers in the area. They remained on the homestead until 1936. (13 items)

2014-P-011 Kenmare High School Basketball Portraits
Black and white portraits of the 1918  Kenmare High School boys basketball team in uniform. (6 items)

2014-P-012 Dixie Loning and Peggy Pence in World War I Uniforms
ca. 1918
Scan of black and white portrait of Miss Dixie Loning (Winnipeg, Canada) and Miss Peggy Pence (Sherwood, ND) in World War I military uniforms, ca. 1918. It is unclear in what capacity they were serving. (1 item)

2014-P-013 North Dakota Senate Composites
Composites of members of the North Dakota Senate for the years 1895, 1935, 1945, 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005. All of the composites have been digitized and the originals are stored on the first floor of the archives (7 items).

2014-P-014 Charlie Thompson (Fairmount, Richland County, ND)
Postcards include views of Main Street looking south from the center, Lidgerwood (ND) (ca. 1908); a group of Red Cross Workers 'knitting for victory' during World War I, possibly in Iowa (1917), with names identified on back; and two humorous postcards (ca. 1907 and 1908). Three of the four postcards are addressed to Thompson in Fairmount (ND) and contain correspondence. Charlie Thompson was born in about 1883 to Montier and Mayadella Thompson (4 items).

2014-P-015 Thelma Elizabeth Hara
ca. 1909
Black and white postcard portrait of Thelma Elizabeth Hara  in her christening gown, ca. 1909. Thelma was born on March 14, 1909 to Christ and Ingeborg Hara in Devils Lake (ND). (1 item).

2014-P-016 Michael and Louise Knopp Family
ca. 1912
Crayon enlarged portraits of Louise Beich Knopp (1858-1930), and a wedding portrait of Louise's daughter Milicina (1895-1971) and her husband Adam Patzer (1887-1941), probably taken on their wedding day, January 1912, at New Leipzig (ND). Probably bromide prints. (2 items).

2014-P-017 Sweningsen Family       
Photographs document the family of Mogens and Mary Sweningsen, their children Samuel, Halvor, Carrie, Anna, and Aleck , and their grandchildren Stella, May, Oliver, Samuel William, Ella, Oliver, Merle, Nellie, and Milton Briggs (who attended North Dakota Agricultural College). Also includes photographs of relatives Emma (Anderson) Sweningson; Ole Sweningsen; Knut Sweningson, his wife Betsy (Garder) and son Oren; and Knut Sweningson and his sons Peter (Peder) and Swening. A photograph of the Lerud family outside their Lyle (MN) home is also in the collection. (36 items)

2014-P-018 Sparks (and Paaverud) Farm
ca. 1950
Aerial hand-colored photograph of the farm of Orrin Eugene and Selma Sparks in Sherbrook Township (Steele County, ND). Orrin and Selma's daughter and son-in-law, Jean and Merlin Paaverud, lived at the farm. (1 item)

2014-P-019 Saline Township (McHenry County, ND)       
ca. 1900-1910
Photographs document the early history of Saline Township and include images of Saline  residents. The collection contains a photograph of residents at Grogan's Grove, residents outside the Saline Cash Store, a group of residents outdoors, Robert Lee Miller and Mildred Huston in horse-drawn cart, and an unidentified family outside home. Individuals in the group photographs are identified, with the exception of the family photograph. (5 items)

2014-P-020 Nathanial D. Boeckel
Digital scan of postcard of Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, the ship on which Boeckel's ancestors emigrated. Postcard is dated November 5, 1906. (1 digital file)

2014-P-021 Bertha Frances Mormann
Consists of an album of cabinet cards, carte de visites, postcards and photographs that were found in a barn near Williston (ND) by the donor, Martha Reed, as a teenager. The album originally belonged to Bertha Frances Mormann (1889-1988) of Wheelock (ND). The photographs were removed from the album for preservation, and are organized in the order they were found in the album. Most of the photographs are unidentified, but the identified images include the names Lizzie C. White (1861-1894), Mary E. Markell (1860-), Gilman F. White, Annie McNainn, John F. Titus family, Joseph Golden, Eva M. (Golden) White and Fred H. White. The photographs were taken in ND, MN and MO. Correspondents include Bertha Minter (Max, N.D.) and Adnia McKay (46 items).

2014-P-022 Agnes Peitz
ca. 1930
Hand-colored black and white panoramas taken by Phil [last name unknown], brother of Agnes Peitz, along the Missouri River. Two images are identical except for the coloration. These identical images are the only ones in the collection with an identified location, old Fort Lincoln, south of Mandan (ND). The remaining three images were taken in the western part of North Dakota, as badlands formations are depicted (5 items).

2014-P-023 Mercer County Sod-Breaking
Consists of digital scans of a group of homesteaders plowing up sod for a sod house seven miles south of Beulah (Mercer County, ND). Individuals pictured include Mrs. Dow Thompson, Harry Stevens, Bill Stevens, ? Hollister, ? Paffenberger, and A. Erickson. Charlie and Annie Murray, who moved to North Dakota in 1906 from Missouri, were the original owners of the photograph. The photograph is owned by the Mercer County Historical Museum (Beulah, ND) but reproduction rights were given to the SHSND (1 digital photograph).

2014-P-024 Conference at St. James Catholic Church, Jamestown (ND)
Consists of a portrait of a North Dakota Conference outside the St. James Catholic Church, Jamestown (ND), 1908. (1 item, digital available).

2014-P-025 Shane Balkowitsch
Wet collodion ambrotype images of North Dakotans and North Dakota scenes. Includes portraits taken for the series “Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective.”  The collection also includes publications that document Balkowitsch's artistic endeavors. (200 items)

2014-P-026 Battery F. 338th Field Artillery, Camp Dodge, Des Moines (Iowa)
Panoramic portrait of members of the Battery F. 338th Field Artillery. (1 digital item).

2014-P-027 William B. Hibbs Family
Digital scans of William B. Hibbs, his son Charles C., daughter-in-law Myrtle I. Allen and granddaughters Viola and Beatrice. Prints of the Hibbs Dental Office on the corner of 4th Street and Broadway in Bismarck. (13 items).

2014-P-028 Lewis J. Sundquist
Black and white photographs and six color postcards of North Dakota scenes taken and collected by Lewis J. Sundquist on a hitchhiking trip across the country in 1949. The photographs were taken by Sundquist and the postcards were published by the Hafstrom Co. (Belfield, N.D.). The images depict the North Dakota badlands, the Little Missouri River, Cathedral Butte, U.S. Highway 10, Cedar Canyon and Horseshow Bend on Highway 85 (4 items).

2014-P-029 Olive Fricke
Digital photograph of a 240-ton coal truck at Falkirk Mine. (1 item)

2014-P-030 Arthur Laib
Panorama of the Battery A, 1st Battalion, Regiment R.T.C. at Fort Bragg, N.C. Arthur Laib is 13th from the right in the second row. Laib was born July 8, 1929 in Mercer (McLean County, N.D.) to Friedrich and Karolina (Kleingartner) Laib. He passed away May 25, 2014 and is buried at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery in Mandan (N.D.) (1 item).

2014-P-031 Main Street Leith (N.D.)
Black and white postcard with view of the west side of Main Street, Leith (N.D.). The image was donated on behalf of the James B. Seay and Jackie Maguire estates (1 item).

2014-P-032 Paulette Clements
Black and white photographs by Andreas Risem, ca. 1930. Images depict a group of men standing in the lobby of the Patterson Hotel, and the North Dakota capitol grounds featuring the capitol and the Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) (2 items).

2014-P-033 Palmer and Kephart Family
ca. 1917-2006
Includes a portrait of Herbert Eugene and Bertha (Kephart) Palmer, a portrait of the Palmer family, snapshot of Earl, Herbert Jr. and Alfred, sons of Eugene and Bertha Palmer, and the grave of Naugle Kephart (1798-1884). (4 items).

2014-P-034 Garrison Dam construction-Dany Kitzman
Black and white photographs of the construction of the Garrison Dam. The photographer is unknown. (21 items)

2014-P-035 Steinke Family
Black and white and color photographs of Arthur Steinke and his family. Arthur Steinke was born on July 19, 1921 in Bathgate (N.D.), the son of Albert and Olga (Hildebrant) Steinke. (61 items).

2014-P-036 Garrison Dam construction-Steve Delzer
Color, and  black and white photographs used in a display about the construction of the Garrison Dam. Includes a progress composite photograph that shows the site during construction from 1947-1954. Several of the prints are copies (20 items).

2014-P-037 Williams County Teachers' Institute
Commercially mounted images of the June 22, 1910 teachers' institute. Photos by Olson. (2 items)

2014-P-038 Gus Sorlie
Collection includes a scan of the booklet from the dedication of the Sorlie Memorial Bridge (Grand Forks, N.D.) and 103 digital photographs. The images in the collection include Governor Arthur Gustav Sorlie, his wife Grace, and children Arthur Jr., Ruth Glenn, and Evelyn, Garrison Dam construction and dedication ceremonies, aerial photographs of the Bismarck (N.D.) area,  the North Dakota Capitol grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) airport, soap box derbies and an Elks Parade. (103 digital items)

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