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2012-P-001 Beach ND
Black and white and color postcards of scenes in Beach ND and Morton County, mostly taken by Chas. O. Welch, (Same person as Charles E. Welch Mandan ND Related Collection Margaret Wilder Welch Naylor Collection 2011-P-002. (32 items)

2012-P-002 Burning Coal Vein
Digital scans of three black and white photographs (front and back) of a group at the Burning Coal Mine, ND. A woman in the images is roasting marshmallows over the heat. (6 items)

2012-P-003 Gallo McDonald
Black and white prints from original negatives found in Carol J. Gallo's  husband's sister-in-law's (Inez Richard's) papers. The images are from the Rhame, ND, area but are not identified. (21 items)

2012-P-004 Frank L. Brandt
Glass plate negatives and prints of Main Street in Rugby (N.D.) including some while a carnival was in town. Also includes images of Frank Brandt and his family. (14 items)

2012-P-005 Browning, Olson and Chalcraft
Portraits and photographs taken by the Henry L. Browning photographic studio, the Olson studio, and the Floyd Chalcraft Studio in Hettinger. Photographs include individual, family and group portraits of residents of southwest North Dakota and northwest South Dakota towns; images of buildings, Hettinger High School sports teams and student groups, Hettinger churches and businesses, and miscellaneous photographs. (22,595 prints and negatives)

2012-P-006 Dr. William D. Odou
Pictures of the Hettinger area from 1917 to the early 1930s taken by Odou who, a veterinarian in Hettinger. (524 negatives)

2012-P-007 WDAY Radio Advertising Postcard
ca. 1932-1934
Black and white advertising postcard for the Fairmont Old Timers on WDAY radio. (1 item)

2012-P-008 Ira Earl Cady Threshing Crew
ca. 1915
Photographs of a threshing crew, most likely in Cass County ND. Ira Earl Cady is probably the fourth man from the left. (2 items)

2012-P-009 Omemee ND
ca. 1911
Postcards of scenes in Omemee, ND including bird's eye views, the public school building, and views of Main Street. (6 items)

2012-P-010 North Dakota Constitutional Convention
Black and white composite of all members of the 1972 North Dakota Constitutional Convention. (1 item)

2012-P-011 Clarence Hanson
Postcards addressed to Clarence Hanson, Rhame, ND, from Carl Sustad (Taylor, WI) and Ben (last name unknown). One postcard, dated 1919, mentions influenza. One photograph is of a gas traction engine breaking prairie in Aplin, ND, and the other two are joke post cards. (3 items)

2012-P-012 Peter and Thomas Johnson
Digital scans (150 dpi) of postcards and photographs of people and towns in Divide County, ND, especially the Kermit and Noonan area. Most of the post cards are addressed to Carolyn or Tina Jensen. (88 items)

2012-P-013 Steamboat Chippewa
Black and white photograph with illustration of the Steamboat Chippewa.  "The Chippewa was built in Belle Vernon, PA, 1857. Stern-wheel, 160' x 30'. (173 tons). The first steamboat to reach Brule Bottom, the site of what was Fort McKenzie, just a few miles short of Fort Benton, July 17, 1859. On July 2, 1860, she became the first steamboat to reach Fort Benton, the true head of steamboat navigation on the Missouri River. Burned and exploded near the mouth of the Poplar River, June 23, 1861." From Steamboats of the Fort Union Fur Trade: An Illustrated Listing of Steamboats on the Upper Missouri River, 1831-1867. Michael M. Casler. P 20.

2012-P-014 Pettibone ND
ca. 1915
Black and white postcards of the public school and grain elevators and railroad depot in Pettibone, ND. (2 items)

2012-P-015 W. H. Ink Photograph, Large Group
Black and white panorama of a large group of people gathered for a celebration, commencement or dedication. Location unknown. Photographer is W. H. Ink of Montrose, California, and the date February 5, 1938 is written on the photograph by Ink. (1 item)

2012-P-016 Langdon ND
1894-ca. 1898
Black and white photographs of Langdon, ND including the Citizen's State Bank, Langdon Meat Market, H. D. Allert & Company Drug Store and W. Taylor's store (Post Office). (2 items)

2012-P-017 Group of Women, Frank Fiske photograph
ca. 1904
Scan of black and white photograph of a group of unidentified women in front of a large building, probably a church. Photograph was stamped Frank Fiske, Bismarck, ND. (1 item)

2012-P-018 Emil Vogelin
Photo postcards taken by Emil Vogelin, who lived in Wisconsin but traveled as a young man to find miscellaneous jobs including haying and taking photographs, which he turned into postcards for sale. Images include unidentified Native American portraits, Dunseith (ND), Soo Depot (Overly, ND), Public School (Overly, ND), Main Street (Overly, ND), grain elevators (Calvin, ND), lumber yards and houses, and group photographs (Turtle Mountains and unidentified). (14 items)

2012-P-019 Chuck Lavallee ND Railroad Depots
Six black and white negatives and eight color slides of railroad depots in ND, including Cogswell, Ellendale, Forman, Hankinson, Lidgerwood, and Oakes. (14 items)

2012-P-020 Christianson Family
Black and white glass negatives of historic events in and around Mandan ND, Mandan homes and businesses, animals, and portraits. The majority of the images appear to have been taken by Nancy (Christianson) Hendrickson. (416 items)

2012-P-021 William Leingang
Black and white copy prints of William Langer with Harry S. Truman and a black and white photograph of William Langer seated at table with microphone identified as "Photo by Wm. Leingang" on back. The copy photographs are from Agnes Geelan's book The Dakota Maverick: The Political Life of William Langer also known as "Wild Bill" Langer.  (cover photo and second page of illustrations.) (3 items)

2012-P-022 Jefferson Jones
Black and white portrait of Johnny Goodall taken in Bismarck ND while attending the first inaugural of Governor George F. Shafer. (1 item)

2012-P-023 Iva Thielges
Four photographs of Agnes Geelan: one portrait of her holding her two books "Dakota Maverick" and "The Ministers' Daughters", Agnes accepting a fishing rod and reel from an NBC personality in Chicago IL in early 1950s, Agnes making speech as candidate for congress at Non-Partisan League (NPL) convention in Bismarck (ND) March 28th and 29th 1956, and a color photograph of her standing in front of a billboard advertizing her book with the "Life Story of "Bill" Langer-send $8.95 box Geelan-Fargo." (4 items)

2012-P-024 Stearns History Museum
Color postcard of Greenwood Farm near Devils Lake Chautauqua ND. (1 item)

2012-P-025 Unknown Photo Collection
Three photographs, one real photo postcard of Hohanlutawin, an Indian woman; a group outdoor portrait of eight women tentatively identified as Benton-Bakers; and a copy photograph of early threshing scene. (3 items)

2012-P-026 Dr. Margaret Nordell Family
Photographs of Northern Pacific Railway improvements at Beach (ND) in 1907 and the C. Zabel Livery and Dray Line barn and workers. (2 items)

2012-P-027 John Vachon
Black and white photograph of the North Dakota State Capitol as viewed from Fourth Street below the State Capital Grounds.  Reprint from Library of Congress Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Series. Photography by John Vachon, 1914-1975. Library of Congress USF34-061625-D (1 item)

2012-P-028 Dennis Bergeson
Photographs of the David F. Barry burial site, monument and the gravestones for David F. Barry, his wife Margaret in Superior Wisconsin. (6 items)

2012-P-029 Monroe County History Room Museum & Library
1918, 1928-1929
Color postcard of Alfred Dickey Library 1918 in Jamestown ND, and eight black and white photographs of North Dakota Agricultural College and Experimental Station taken December 18, 1928 and June 1, 1929.

2012-P-031 Robert A. Carvell
Digital copy of photograph of J. C. Penny Store in Mott (N.D.) taken by Robert A. Carvell when he was working at the drugstore in Mott. (1 item)

2012-P-032 Puppe, Heuchert, Born and Reihl (Reil) Families
ca. 1895
Wedding portrait of Frank Lawonn and Anna M. Hartje and a charcoal portrait of Anna Elizabeth Katherine Reil. (2 items)

2012-P-033 Barbara J. Pell
ca. 1920s
 Three black and white photographs from the Minot fair, one image is of the Jamestown and Fort Totten stage coach, one portrait of an unidentified man, and seven color post cards of buildings in Jamestown, ND. (11 items)

2012-P-034 Betty Johnson Jordan
Color Kodachrome slides of the SARO Program in Korea, Korean scenery, holidays and Korean people. (251 items)

2012-P-035 Highway 10
Color slides of places and scenes along Highway 10 (Old Red Trail) in North Dakota.  Also includes a typewritten script with handwritten notes about the images that appears to have been used for slide presentation. (138 items)

2012-P-036 Doris V. Huffman Family
Formal Huffman family portraits taken in Jamestown (ND), Wheaton (MI), Chicago (IL), Ellendale (ND), Aberdeen (SD), and Oakes (ND). Scenic, business and team photographs taken in Devils Lake, Jamestown, Oakes, and Ludden (ND). 18 items)

2012-P-037 Lester Speicher
Albumen print of Farmers Lumber Company Mohall ND.

2012-P-038 Mrs. McDonald Winton
One image of original jailhouse in Fort Abercrombie, the Old Settlers Legion Memorial in the Fort Abercrombie State Park, C.W. Ware holding boys Walter William and Dale, studio portrait of Viola Borman during high school 1914-1918, studio portrait of Viola Borman Hanley as a young woman, studio portrait of Hilda Borman as a young girl by Arthur A. Bentley studio in Fargo (ND), Wedding portrait of Hilda Borman and Elder Ottis 07-31-1919, and studio portrait of Barney Tinglestad from Abercrombie. (8 items)

2012-P-039 Oliver Dalyrmple
One (digital) portrait of Oliver Dalrymple, great-grandfather of Governor Jack Dalrymple. Oliver Dalrymple managed bonanza farms belonging to General George Cass, P. B. Cheney of Boston and the Grandin Brothers of Pennsylvania and developed a system of economy on the farms. (1 item)

2012-P-040 Governor Allen and Barbara Olson
ca. 1980s.
Images of Governor Allen and Barbara Olson entertaining, engaging in promotional activities, portraits, and events taken while Governor Olson was in office. (8 items - digital scans)

2012-P-041 John L. Whitcomb Family
Glass plate negatives of people on homestead (9 items)

2012-P-042 Marjorie Samborski
Images of the Holland family and the automobile built by the family (38 items)

2012-P-043 Betty Sue Harlan
ca. 1900-1920
Photograph of the Neche (ND) Public Hall, and of a congregation outside an unidentified church, possibly in Pembina County (ND). (2 prints and digital scans)

2012-P-044 Willson Family
1886-ca. 1896
Photographs of (or belonging to) the family of Frank A. Willson, son of Hugh Patterson and Martha Willson. Frank was born September 21, 1857 in Minnesota, and moved to Dakota Territory in the 1880s. He edited The Pink Paper (Bathgate, ND) from about 1886 to 1916. Subjects of the portraits are not known, but are assumed to be family members. (18 items)

2012-P-045 Catherine Knowles North Dakota Postcards
ca. 1908-1970s
Color postcards of North Dakota scenes, including: Medora, ND Capitol and grounds, North Dakota Agricultural College (Fargo), State Normal School (Valley City), Turtle Mountains, Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park, ND Badlands, Fargo, Fairport, the Griggs County Court House (Cooperstown), Geographical Center of North America (near Rugby), Minot, Fort Lincoln State Park (Mandan), International Peace Gardens, and Bismarck. (28 items)

2012-P-046 North Dakota Scenes-Kansas State Historical Society
ca. 1930
Black and white photographs of the North Dakota badlands, Lewis and Clark railroad bridge (Bismarck), and a marker between the United States and Canada, taken by a Kansas tourist in North Dakota. (5 items)

2012-P-047 Veigel Family
Images of George K. Dike Survey and Veigel family (58 items)

2012-P-048 Schultz and Yegen Family
1896-ca. 1973
Consists of photographs of the family of John Yegen, pioneer of Bismarck (ND) and includes portraits of John Yegen, his daughters Caroline and Margaret, son William, son-in-law Enoch Schultz, Enoch and Caroline's son John, John Schultz's children, Yegen relatives in Switzerland, Bismarck High School classmates of Margaret Ann and Caroline Yegen. (53 items)

2012-P-049 Panoramic View of Mott (ND)
ca. 1909
Consists of one black and white panoramic photograph of Mott (ND) taken by C. Oscar Oleson. (1 item)

2012-P-050 Clarence Iverson #1 post card by Barnard
Black and white postcard of the Clarence Iverson #1 well by Barnard. (1 item)

2012-P-051 Michael Rempfor
Panorama of Company E 188th American Expeditionary Forces taken at camp in Richfield/Norfolk, VA after the company returned from overseas (large quantity of negatives)

2012-P-052 Muskego Township School #1, Renville County (ND)
ca. 2012
Color photograph of the Muskego Township School #1, Renville County (ND). (1 item)

2012-P-053 Badlands Scenes
ca. 1958
Black and white photographs from a family vacation of a Wisconsin couple, ca. 1958. Photos are mostly scenic images of the North Dakota badlands and wildlife, but also include images in South Dakota, and possibly Minnesota and Montana. The creators of the collection are unknown, but the couple is pictured in several of the photographs. (70 items)

2012-P-054 Kathy Perrin
Black and white photo of Standard Service Station in Grafton showing signpost with distances to various towns in North Dakota and Canada. (3 items)

2012-P-055 North Dakota Capitol with Cross (copy)
Black and white computer generated print of a photo by James T. Eastgate of the North Dakota State Capitol during the 1933-1934 Christmas season. Office lights in the building are tuned on to create a Christian cross across the south face of the capitol. (1 item)

2012-P-056 Richard Scholl portrait
ca. 1886-1889
Cabinet card portrait of Richard Scholl, a soldier at Fort Buford, by photographer W. J. West who operated at Fort Buford ca. 1886-1889. (1 item)

2012-P-057 Streeter (ND) Golden Jubilee
Black and white photographs removed from "Streeter, N.D. Golden Jubilee, 1905-1955" edited by Mrs. G. P. (Emma) Stokes. The images are of the golden jubilee celebration and parade. (20 items)

2012-P-058 John Dillon, Lost Bridge (Dunn County [ND]) Survey Work
John Dillon, a survey crew chief with the North Dakota Highway Department, kept a photo album of work and non-work related scenes from the 1920's and 1930's. The photos illustrate a story about the survey for the “Lost Bridge” in Dunn County. (92 items)

2012-P-059 Ardyce Petersen
Panoramic photographs from World War I and World War II. (5 items)

2012-P-060 William and Nellie Kamrath
Black and white photographs from Kamrath's time as a legislator from the 47th District (Grant County) including composite portraits of the ND House (1925 and 1927) and ND Senate (1919), a group of legislative wives  that includes William's wife Nellie, and a Non-Partisan League convention group portrait at Valley City (1934). Kamrath served in the ND House from 1919-1922 and 1925-1928 and in the Senate from 1929-1956. (5 items)

2012-P-061 Joseph A. Satrom
Black and white publicity photographs from tourist attractions in ND including Clyde the Kodiak bear at the Dakota Zoo, a dancer at the United Tribes International Pow Wow, Custer re-enactors at Fort McKeen, On-A-Slant Village, ND State Capitol, a cowboy bullriding at a rodeo, exhibits in the Heritage Center, copies of photos of Sitting Bull and Custer from the SHSND collections. (10 items)

2012-P-062 Iona Hystad Loken
Color 35mm slides of Diamond Jubilee Bismarck ND.  (50 items)

2012-P-064 Edward H. Gross
Collection of glass plate, flexible box camera negatives and prints of winter scenes, plowing, ducks, duck hunting and duck eggs, mining, farming, oil fields, railroad construction, and images of Kenmare (N.D.), North Dakota, and Montana. (306 items)

2012-P-065 North Dakota Delegation to the 1912 Republican National Convention, Chicago, IL
Black and white photograph of the North Dakota delegation in White "Sixes" automobiles. (1 item)

2012-P-066 Early Bismarck Scenes
Digital scans of black and white photographs. Originals remain with donor. (4 items)

2012-P-067 Mandan (ND) Post Cards
ca. 1920s
Black and white and color postcards of the Liberty Memorial Bridge, Lewis and Clark Railroad Bridge, and buildings in Mandan, ND. (7 items)

2012-P-068 Jamestown and Bismarck (ND) Post Cards
Black and white and color postcards of buildings and scenes in Jamestown (ND) and Bismarck (ND). (15 items)

2012-P-069 Sakakawea Statue and Replica Construction and Dedication
Prints and digital scans of conservation work on the Bismarck Sakakawea statue, work and unveiling of the statue replica created by the Arizona Bronze Company of Tempe (AZ), the statue dedication in Bismarck on July 4, 2003 and the dedication of the statue replica in Washington, DC , October 16, 2003. (159 items)

2012-P-070 Barb Abfalter
1882, 1938, 1953
Black and white photographs and one sketch. Photographs are of John Gray's dinner party for State Treasurer's Office employees, December 16, 1938, and President Eisenhower's visit to ND in June 1953. The sketch is of Bismarck in 1882. (3 items)

2012-P-071 Hettinger (ND) Post Cards
ca. 1930s-1940s
Black and white postcards of Mirror Lake, Lake Street, F and M Grocery, and the Yellowstone Hotel in Hettinger. (4 items)

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