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.Two Chefs

2011-P-002 Margaret Wilder-Welch
Glass plate negatives given to Nancy Hendrickson after Margaret's death, mostly portraits of persons in and around Mandan (ND). (2175 items)

1st ND Infantry, Mercedes TX 1916

2011-P-003 First North Dakota Infantry
Black and white panoramic photographs of the 1st North Dakota Infantry and camp in Mercedes, TX. One photograph is of the town. (3 items)

Game Birds in Pond

2011-P-004 John W. Larson Sr.
Consists of black and white photographs by John W. Larson Sr. of hunters, birds and rodeos in North Dakota, and one greeting card made by Larson. Originals were returned to the donor. (96 items)

Japanese Anti-Aircraft Gun Captured by 164th Infantry

2011-P-005 Emil George Schweigert
Original, copy negatives and scans of 21 black and white photographs (various sizes, but most approximately 3" x 3").  Images are of 164th Infantry, U.S. Army, at Guadalcanal Island, WWII era. (21 items)

Group Picnic, Warwick 1915

2011-P-006 Brenorsome Historical Society, Warwick, ND
Black and white, negatives and prints of farming, rural and town scenes, Main Street, a group having a picnic, and a portrait, in Warwick. (24 items)

Baier Family with Horses, 1900

2011-P-007 Alt-Arzis, Bessarabia
ca. 1900
Black and white negatives and prints of rural scenes in Alt-Arzis, Bessarabia. One image features the Baier family with horses, the other two images show members of the Rudel family oustide their home. (8 items)

Mrs. Schielke outside house, 1930s

2011-P-008 Schielke Family
Black and white negatives and prints of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Schielke, Mrs. Schielke and daughter Lydia (Mrs. Melchoir Bonnet), and Mrs. Schielke outside their frame house north of Lincoln Valley, ND. 1920-ca. 1940. Consists of negatives and prints. (9 items)

George Jennings Grocery Store 1884

2011-P-009 George (Geo.) Jennings Grocery Store
Black and white images of the Geo. Jennings Grocery Store located on the corner of 5th Avenue and Main Street, Bismarck. (6 items)

Will School, 1918

2011-P-010 Will School, Bismarck, ND
Black and white photograph of the students of Willl School (Bismarck, ND) in front of the school, ca. 1918. The donor, Helen Gurke is in the first standing row, second from left of the telephone pole with the large ribbon bow in her head and beads around her neck. (1 item)

Capitol Postcard, 1930s

2011-P-011 Bismarck Postcard Collection
ca. 1930s.
Post cards of scenes around Bismarck, ND, including the Sakakawea statue, Theodore Roosevelt cabin, Liberty Memorial Building, and Capitol grounds. (5 items)

Kaser Sod House, 1906

2011-P-012 Kaser Sod House, Burke County, ND
ca. 1906
Black and white photograph of the Massey and Elizabeth Kaser family outside their sod house. (1 item)

2011-P-013 Robert H. Kniefel
ca. 1900-1960
Photographs of army life, portraits, and a person with horse drawn cart in rural ND. Kniefel was born in McVille, ND, moved to Milwaukee, WI, then served 13 years in the US Army, having served in both WWII and the Korean wars. He then moved to Bismarck and served as a Burleigh County Commissioner from 1980-1992. (8 items)

NDAC buildings 1950s

2011-P-014 North Dakota Agricultural College
ca. 1950s
Color post cards of buildings at the North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo, ND. (2 items)

Unidentified Langdon Man

2011-P-015 Langdon Man
2 3/4 x 3 3/4" formal portrait of unidentified man, full face from chest up. Photographer (on folder) W[illiam].R. Opie Langdon ND. (1 item)

E0840 North Dakota House of Representatives Composite 1973

2011-P-016 North Dakota Legislator Portraits
Photographs of all the Legislators (House and Senate) of the 1973 Session, used in composite E0840. (153 Items)

Cook Family home

2011-P-017 Alfred Cook Family
Black and white and toned prints of Cook family, the D.B. Cook store, the Cook family in front of their home, WWI service men, the boys scout troop, hunting photos, the current owners of the Cook home and photos of the territorial capitol as it burned. (28 items)

Public School, Buffalo ND

2011-P-018 Buffalo, ND
Postcards of historic sites in Buffalo (ND) including the Episcopal Church, Public School, Front Street, Main Street, Buffalo (ND) in 1910 and three copy negatives and prints of other historic sites in Buffalo (ND) including the Episcopal Church, the Catholic Church and Dale Bentley's house. (5 items)

Blockhouse Fort McKeen Mandan ND

2011-P-019 North Dakota Scenes
Prints and negatives taken by unknown person of sites throughout North Dakota. (9 items)

2011-P-020 Pembina River Flooding
Color photographs of flooding of the Pembina River. (19 items)

Portrait of Girls before they left Harvey ND

2011-P-021 Sheyenne River Academy, Harvey, ND
Black and white photographs related to the Sheyenne River Academy in Harvey (ND). One group photograph taken inside the academy of teachers and students, one of a group outside the building. A real photo postcard of women students "taken before the girls left Harvey; Lillie was so very sick" taken by F. J. Helm of Harvey and an unidentified male taken by P.L. Eide in Donnybrook (ND) (4 items)

De Mers Avenue Grand Forks ND 09-21-1932

2011-P-022 North Dakota Postcards
Color photo postcards showing aerial view of Bismarck (ND), North Dakota State Capitol Bismarck (ND), the gate to the Roosevelt Cabin Bismarck (ND), De Mers Avenue Grand Forks (ND), Theodore Roosevelt Statue Minot (ND), State Teachers College and dormitory Minot (ND), Swimming Pool Riverside Park Minot (ND), Bird's Eye view Minot (ND). (8 items)

Claude Henderson, Sailor

2011-P-023 Claude Henderson
Toned cabinet cards transferred by State Historical Society of Wisconsin include photograph of Claude Henderson of Jamestown (ND) in military uniform taken by S. Tashima in Yokohama Japan. The other image is of Gibbon Falls Gibbon River in the Yellowstone National Park from the Northern Pacific Views series taken by F. Jay Haynes. (2 items)

Arrowood Lake, Kensal ND 03-22-1919

2011-P-024 North Dakota Post Cards
1919; 1949
Color postcards of Arrowood Lake at Kensal (ND) and of the cairn at the International Peace Garden on the North Dakota and Manitoba Border. (2 items)

Mott Automobile Company, Mott ND 1915-1916

2011-P-025 North Dakota Post Cards
Black and white copy of a photograph of the Mott Automobile Company vehicles parked in front of the Auto business building. Men in the photo are John H. Blanke, Arthur M. Jackson, Charles Ehred?, Al Arrowsmith, Adolph Philippe? and Sig Samuelson. (1 item)

Mrs. Anna Stebbins, America War Mothers 1940

2011-P-026 Anna Stebbins
1947; 1940
Black and white photographs of American War Mothers, Fort Lincoln Chapter and the reception in which Mrs. Anna Stebbins is pictured. (2 items)

August and Mary (Kling) Beisigl

2011-P-027 Beisigl Family
Black and white copy photographs of Bertha (Lampe) Beisigl, August and Mary (Kling) Beisigl, and George and Anna (Kling) Beisigl. (3 items)

High School, Rugby ND

2011-P-028 North Dakota Postcards
1925, 1961
Black and white photographs including a snapshot taken in March 1925 on the Liberty Memorial Bridge in Bismarck (ND) with a group including Bobby Mathews and George Kramer and 4 unidentified persons (the three girls could be from the Indian Boarding School). The remaining 10 photos are real photo postcards and include the Rainbow Gardens, Carrington (ND); High School Ellendale (ND), High School, Garrison (ND); Prairie View Elementary School, New Salem (ND); Auditorium New Salem (ND); High School, Rugby (ND); Garrison Dam, Riverdale (ND); Baptist Church, Washburn (ND); 1916 Waterloo Boy tractor at Bonanzaville West Fargo (ND); and an unidentified portrait of a young man taken by Rembrandt Studio Bismarck (ND). (11 items)

Sawyer ND

2011-P-029 Bird's Eye View of Sawyer, ND
ca. 1908
Black and white postcard of a bird's eye view of Sawyer, ND. On the reverse of the post card is correspondence to Addie Strand (?) from Laura, post dated June 16, 1908. (1 item)

Finnish Portraits

2011-P-030 Finnish Portraits
Composite Group Photo (carte-de-visite) from Finland with 30 individual portraits. Photographer E. H. Patterson Gobburg ? Finland. (1 item)

Unknown Man Ferrotype Portrait

2011-P-031 Ferrotype Portrait
Large ferrotype hand-coloured with background retouched out with gouache. Head and shoulders 3/4 portrait of man in black suit coat, with white shirt, bow tie, mustache and beard. (1 item)

2011-P-032 Roger Clark
Photos of the Peter and Karen Bratberg family taken in Taylor, Hillsboro, and Dickinson (ND) and in Oregon and Washington. Also included are pictures of Roger Clark in Navy uniform during WWII. (154 items)

2011-P-033 19th Century North Dakota Portraits
ca. 1870-1890
Black and white portraits, mostly unidentified, taken in Grand Forks, Hamilton and Drayton, Park River, and Hillsboro (ND). (7 items)

2011-P-034 Ernest Hederick
ca. 1900-1930
Includes three portraits and 33 postcards of North Dakota places and scenes, including Grand Forks, Langdon, the Bad Lands, Dickinson, Bismarck, Williston, and general North Dakota scenes. (36 items)

2011-P-035 Falkenstein-Staley-Bernstein
ca. 1860-1970
Black and white postcards and photographs and 1 cyanotype of Bernstein, Falkenstein, and Staley family members, mostly in Bismarck (ND). Also includes images of the Staley farm five miles south of Garrison (ND), and the French and Welsh Hardware store on Main Avenue in Bismarck (ND), circa 1900 and 1909. (161 items)

2011-P-036 Delcie (Danroth) Light
Black and white photographs of an American Legion Convention parade in Bismarck (1938), North Dakota Badlands scenes (Spring 1938), Major Henry Danroth's WWII photos of Italy, and several images of a house and the North Dakota Capitol in Bismarck. (37 items)

2011-P-037 Sanish Panorama
June 6, 1919
Black and white panoramic photograph of the business district in Sanish (ND). (1 item)

2011-P-038 USDA FSA First Annual Tour of Tenant Purchase Farms
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Security Administration (FSA) First Annual Tour of Tenant Purchase Farms. Black and white photographs of the tour of Tenant Purchase Farms in Ward County. (92 items)

2011-P-039 James Wheeler
ca. 1882-1885
Portraits of Sitting Bull and Chief Gall, albumen prints on cabinet cards created by Zalmon Gilbert (and Alice Miller), Mandan. The Sitting Bull image is a drawing based on a photograph by Orlando Scott Goff, 1881, printed ca. 1884. The original photographer of the Gall image is unknown, and may be Gilbert; the image was printed probably between 1882-1885. Originally owned by James Wheeler's grandfather, William A. Wheeler, of Mandan ND. (2 items)

2011-P-040 USS North Dakota Ball
April 23, 1919
Black and white photograph of USS North Dakota Ball held in the Hotel Astor NY. (1 item)

2011-P-041 R. Eichinger
Black and white photographs and postcards of Civilian Conservation Corps camps in McVille, ND, Hill City and Pierre, SD, and Castella, CA. Also photographs of Leeds, ND. (55 items)

2011-P-042 Cook and Houmann Families
Black and white photographs of Main Street, Westhope (N.D.), portraits of the Class 465 2nd Platoon, portraits of the North Dakota Veterans of Foreign Wars, images of the first rail car to leave Westhope (N.D.) filled with oil, and accompanying ceremonies. Clarence P. Cook owned the trucking company that transported the oil from the wells to the railway. (12 items)

2011-P-043 Demolition of State Capitol Building
Black and white photographs of the demolition of the State Capitol Building after it was destroyed by fire, December 28, 1930. (4 items)

2011-P-044 Cheryl Stein
Four black and white Real Photo Postcards and one hand-tinted colour half-tone postcard covering the subjects of Main Street, Newtown (ND), Bismarck Hospital Bismarck (ND), Sunday in Wilton (ND), the Agricultural Research Center in Mandan (ND) and the Middle Entrance to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the Badlands (ND). (5 items)

2011-P-047 Medora ND
ca. 1960
Color post cards of the Chateau de Mores, Medora Ampitheatre, and Marquise De Mores. (5 items)

2011-P-048 Reverend Henry A. Vieth
Eleven lantern slides of Congregational Churches in Abercrombie, Buxton, Carrington, Caledonia, Cummings, Drake, Hankinson, New England City, Sawyer and one image of the Normal School in Valley City (ND). (11 Items)

2011-P-050 Minnie E. Anderson Postcard Collection
Picture postcards of early communities in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. The North Dakota sites are Bartlett , Bathgate, Bisbee, Bismarck, Cando, Crary, Devils Lake, Dickinson, Dunseith, Enderlin, Fargo, Fishlake, Grafton, Grand Forks, Hansboro, Jamestown, Lansford, Larimore, Leeds, Medora, Milton, Minot, Perth, Rolla, St. John, Turtle Lake Mountains, Valley City, White Earth, and Williston. Locations in South Dakota include Flandreau and Vermillion, and in Minnesota the cities are Crookston, Duluth, Fairbault, Fairmont, Minneapolis, New Ulm, Pipestone, St. Paul, and Winona. (1v)

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