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2009-P-001 State Historical Society of North Dakota
Images taken by State Historical Society of North Dakota staff to document agency events.

High School, Crosby ND

2009-P-002 Crosby High School
1931, 1971 images of the high school in Crosby, including one of the fire in 08-1971 and the 1931 graduating class. (3 items)

Men with Lincoln Bust in Norway

2009-P-003 Gustav and Dorthea (Glasoe) Renden North Dakota trip to Norway
Photographs of the 1914 trip of North Dakotans to Norway for the delivery of the Abraham Lincoln bust taken by donor's great-grandparents, Gustav and Dorthea (Glasoe) Renden of Mandan (ND). (103 items)

Old State Capital, Bismarck ND 1927

2009-P-004 Chapman Post Cards
Photographs of the State Penitentiary, the old State Capitol, Liberty Memorial Bridge in Bismarck in 1927, the bridge and courthouse at Center ND and a church in Crosby ND. (5 items)

Public School Building, Pembina ND

2009-P-005 Pembina ND Album
Photograph album with 11 images of churches, school, and prominent family homes in early Pembina. Included are the Presbyterian Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Roman Catholic Church, the Courthouse, Cavileer Street corner, Winchester House, Charles Cavileer post office and home, Public School Building, Pembina River Bridge, Mrs. H. Kabernagle, and H.C. Feldman residences. (1v)

Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck ND 1910-1912

2009-P-006 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge and Alkmaar Netherlands
Photograph of a Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge circa 1910-1912 and postcard of Verplaatste Accijnstoren-Alkmaar (Excise Tower in Alkmaar Netherlands). (2 items)

John Kerry speaking at campaign rally, Fargo ND 02-01-2004

2009-P-008 Bruce Wendt
Photographs of U.S. Senator and eventual Democratic Presidential Nominee John Kerry, D-Massachusetts taken February 1, 2004 at a campaign rally at the Fargo Air Museum, Fargo, ND, by the donor. Photos are of Kerry addressing the crowd from a stage and sitting and visiting with reporters. (3 items)

Prall House and Security State Bank

2009-P-009 Prall Family
ca. 1914-1922
Images the Prall family and friends, the Security State Bank, and family home in Brantford, Eddy County, ND. (37 images)

Unknown and Senator George Sinner

2009-P-010 Mandan Morning Pioneer
Black and white, Polaroids/wire service photos/news photographs from the Mandan Pioneer newspaper. (8,754 images, card index)

Truck buried in snow, 2009

2009-P-011 Disasters
Images documenting the blizzards and resultant floods of 2009. One taken at the Jodi Rae Ingstad farm located 3.5 miles from Lake Ashtabula near Valley City, ND. That is our Ford F-150 pickup truck surrounded by the art God provided in the form of swirling snow. The next photo is of Faust Park Dam near Lake Ashtabula. Taken 4/17/09 - - Notice the popular, well-travelled road simply disappears off the bridge. The road leading up hill from here is eroding away quickly from water seeping under the sand. (2 items)

Signa Hermanson Larsen peeling potatoes for cooking, Burke County ND 1923

2009-P-012 Ronald Larsen
ca. 1923
Images from album pages of Signa Hermanson (Larsen), circa 1923 Burke County ND who worked in cook cars. (12 items)

Connelly Family in front of home, Berthold ND 1916

2009-P-013 Connelly Family Berthold ND
Photographs of the Connelly family of Berthold ND in front of Connelly home, laundry business and portrait of Mary Connelly. (3 items)

Bud Feldman's house, 1950 flood Pembina

2009-P-014 Lenore Jensen
1950, 1980
Images of the 1950 flood in Pembina ND and a photo of Lenore Jenson 1980. (51 items)

2009-P-015 Women Suffragettes, Havana ND
Image of July 4th parade in Havana ND with women suffragettes leading in white dresses and umbrellas. (1 item)

Thomas Clifford Roughrider portrait

2009-P-016 Thomas Clifford
Images documenting the life of Thomas Clifford President of University of North Dakota. (103 items)

Blizzard 2009

2009-P-017 Blizzard
Images of blizzard conditions in North Dakota in 2009. (4 items)

Man using corn drill 1925

2009-P-018 George and Erma Frederick
Glass plates, nitrate, and acetate negatives, possibly taken by Nancy Hendrickson of Mandan ND, agriculture, and Native Americans. (35 items)

Elsie Milde 1925

2009-P-019 Elsie R. (Milde) Amundson
Photos, genealogy, and ephemera. (33 items)

Samuel Ringstrom

2009-P-020 Ringstrom Family
Original crayon photos of Samuel Ringstrom and Anna Ringstrom of Minnewauken Township Ramsey CT and copy photo of three sisters taken by Palace Studios in Denver CO. (2 items)

2009-P-021 Margaret Lehrke
Slides of farm life from the 1950s-1960s near Courtenay, ND and family trips around the world. (1ft)

Welcome logo, Oscar Zero Site, Cooperstown ND

2009-P-022 Oscar Zero State Historic Site
Photographs taken of Oscar Zero State Historic Site on October 6, 2006. (67 items)

Soldier at control panel, Oscar Zero 2008

2009-P-023 Oscar Zero State Historic Site
Photographs taken of Oscar Zero State Historic Site on April 8, 2008. (21 items)

Hallway with security door, Oscar Zero Grand Opening 07-31-2009

2009-P-024 Oscar Zero State Historic Site Grand Opening
Photographs taken by Beth Campbell of Oscar Zero Historic Site Grand Opening on July 31st 2009. (118 items)

Oscar-Zero 02-24-1965

2009-P-025 Oscar Zero State Historic Site
Miscellaneous historic photographs taken of missile sites. (11 items)

Gov. Link at Heritage Center Groundbreaking

2009-P-026 Bismarck Tribune
Negatives, prints and newspaper tear sheets of images taken by Doug Van Tassel, former Bismarck Tribune Photographer used in publication of Bismarck Tribune. (20ft)

81st Field Artillery Band

2009-P-027 Leo W. Hess with 81st Field Artillery Band, Camp Knox, Kentucky
July 13, 1921
Panoramic photograph of the 81st Field Artillery Band, Camp Knox, KY, taken by Camp Studio #6021. Leo W. Hess of Glen Ullin, ND is located tenth from the left. (1 item)

Construction at Missile Alert Facility

2009-P-029 Chuck Parkman Missile Silo
Digital scans of black and white photographs of Chuck Parkman and others constructing missile silos K, L, M, N, and O. Most of the photographs have Mr. Parkman's identifying system written on the left side of the photograph. His classification follows: L-16 – steel beams with primer cord to simulate one third the strength of a bomb blast to see what damage it would do to a missile; O-24 to 45 – dug twenty seven feet down, built capsule, poured outer wall where they put computers – the round part is the generator for firing a missile; N-33 - cap for top – also excavated a pit twenty seven feet deep here; O-46 – liner they put in when the hole was too wet to auger lower the cylinder (the inside of the silo); L-16 – cherry picker putting pump in hole to pump water out of hole; O-43 – rain and snow caved site in; and O-46 silo – dug down until they found shale. (32 images)

Bruce Paulson and Lee-Evanson Studio photographers, Grand Forks ND 1950

2009 P-030 Bruce Paulson
Images of the Lee-Evanson Photo Studio in Grand Forks ND with brother Bruce Paulson and of the Grand Forks Flood circa 1950 taken by Bruce Paulson. (2 items)

Two Soldiers

2009-P-031 Guthmiller and Dockter Family
Images of World War II, majority are photos of Adolf Guthmiller and Dockter families and a colored image of St. Avold's Cemetery in France where Guthmiller is buried. (83 items)

2009-P-032 Robert Schacht
1922, n.d.
Photographs, one of Theodore Roosevelt's cabin on the North Dakota Capitol grounds and the other of the Elks swimming pool in Bismarck, ND. (2 items)

2009-P-033 Tanner #1 School, Kidder County NDTeachers and Students Tanner #1 School
ca. 1905
Teacher and students inside Tanner #1 School in Kidder County ND. Image includes Anton Iszler in first row with the remainder of students and teacher identified by Emma Iszler. (1 item)

2009-P-034 Pembina Flood
Photographs of flooding in Pembina ND area in May of 2001. Photographed by Michael J. Bailey and Gerry Baldock. (29 items)

2009-P-035 North Dakota Post Cards
Epko Film Service color postcards of the equestrian statue of Theodore Roosevelt in Minot ND, flaming maples in the International Peace Garden, and the dam on the DeLacs River northwest of Minot ND. (3 items)

2009-P-036 Netzer Family
Six photographs of Netzer Family circa late 1890s; half-tone aerial photograph of Hazen (ND); photograph of train crash with car and engine in water; photograph of wagons delivering milk to Krem Creamery. (9 items)

Magnus Theodore Ulrickson, Mandan ND 1930

2009-P-037 Magnus Theodore Ulrickson
Head and shoulders portrait of Magnus Theodore Ulrickson taken by Welch in Mandan ND. (1 item)

Katie Graf Donczik and Miss Klussman Sales Clerk General Store, New Salem ND 1915

2009-P-038 Katie Graf Donczik General Store New Salem ND
ca. 1915
Glass plate negative of Katie (Graf) Donczik and Miss Klussman, a sales clerk in General Store in New Salem ND. (1 item)

Francine Fiske 1950s

2009-P-039 Francine Fiske
ca. 1940-1950
Studio portrait of Francine Fiske in photograph folder, inscribed to Mrs. Joe (Catherine) Holzer. (1 item)

Threshing, York ND 09-25-1909

2009-P-040 Threshing in York ND
Black and white copy photograph of threshing scene broken into three separate photographs; copied from copies, no original available. (1 item)

Non-Partisan League Picnic at Simonson Farm 1920

2009-P-041 Arthur H. Benson
1919, 1953
Images of Non-Partisan League picnic at farm home of John Simonson between Roseglen and Robb ND in McLean County and aerial of John Simonson farm. (2 items)

Andrew H. Burke

2009-P-042 Andrew H. Burke
Black and white toned image of Andrew H. Burke standing next to bushes; inscribed "To the Carter-- "the salt of the earth" very sincerely--Andrew H. Burke." (1 item)

Main Street, Braddock ND

2009-P-043 Braddock, ND
ca. 1900-1910
Black and white real postcards of Braddock, ND. (4 items)

2009-P-044 New Salem, ND
Photographic copies of panorama photos of New Salem ND in 1920 taken by a photographer from Havre, MT. (2 items)

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