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2008-P-001 State Historical Society of North Dakota
Images taken during year documenting State Historical Society of North Dakota events and people.

North Dakota State Fair 1915

2008-P-002 North Dakota State Fair Minot
Panoramic photographs of North Dakota State Fair held in Grand Forks ND (2 items)Evan Lips

2008-P-003 Senator Evan Lips
Photographs of Senator Evan Lips of Bismarck ND at a Minot State University commencement ceremony. (2 items)

Governors' Conference

2008-P-004 George Shafer at Governors' Conference
Copy photograph of George Shafer at Governors' Conference at French Lick Springs, IN. (1 item)

Linda Slaughter and Children

2008-P-005 Linda Slaughter Family
Copy photographs (front & back) of some of the members of the Linda Slaughter family. (2 items)

Marquis de Mores

2008-P-006 Marquis and Marquise de Mores
Cabinet card portraits of the Marquis de Mores and his bride Medora von Hoffman, the Marquise de Mores. (2 items)

Rudy Hummel and others, CCC 1934

2008-P-007 Edna (Rudy) Hummel
Black and white photographic prints related to the Edna (Rudy) Hummel collection of Civilian Conservation Corps.  (21 items)

2008-P-008 Ernest L. Rootham's Fort Lincoln Service Album
Album of 78 black and white images from Ernest L. Rootham's time at Fort Lincoln in 1938. (1v.)William A. Marks in Uniform

2008-P-009 William A. Marks
Images of William A. Marks in his uniform. (2 items)

Roosevelt Statue Dedication, Mandan ND

2008-P-010 Nancy Hendrickson Family
Collection of images of Nancy Hendrickson and family members and events in Mandan ND. (260 items)

Chateau de Mores Interpreters, 1983

2008-P-011 Coleen Hanes
1981-1983, 2009
Images of interpreters at the Chateau de Mores Medora ND and of snow and blizzard in Dickinson area. (67 items)

Manila Philippines, 1919

2008-P-012 Katherine Coleman
Album of images from Katherine Coleman who served in Philippines as a nurse and traveled the world. (1v.)

2008-P-014 North Dakota Postcards
Black and white postcards include group images from Niagara ND, a farmstead from Petersburg ND, a group of men with a team of horses from Ray ND, and a young girl holding a baby from Binford ND. (5 items)

2008-P-015 Thain School Carson ND
Black and white copy photographs of Thain School building and group of students (1921) taken by one of the teachers, Mrs. Vivian (Miller) Dailey in Carson (ND); photocopy of article (1989) in Carson News about the images of Thain School. (2 items)

2008-P-016 Lakeview Hotel Lake Metigoshe ND
Black and white original print mounted on mat board of Lakeview Hotel in Lake Metigoshe owned by W. H. Kirk Bottineau County. The 11x14 print is broken into three pieces. (1 item)

2008-P-017 Queen Marie of Romania
Image of Queen Marie of Romania greeting a Native American identified wrongly as Sitting Bull. It might be one of his sons. (1 image)

2008-P-018 Minot Flood
Black and white images of flood damage in Minot ND. (5 items)

2008-P-019 North Dakota Postcards
Black and white and color postcards of variety of topics: public school Warwick ND, Good Samaritan Hospital in Rugby ND, Bjornson Statue at NDSU campus, and Northern Pacific Park and Depot Fargo ND. (4 items)

2008-P-020 6th and 7th Iowa Cavalry at Fort Rice, DT
Color copy photographs of members of the 6th and 7th Iowa Cavalry who were stationed at Fort Rice. (6 items)

2008-P-021 Hattie Kinsmiller
Photo postcards from her mom's (Mrs. Fred E. (Hattie) Kinsmiller) and her sister Miss Anna Frisk's estate covering R. Amonson's rig 1912, cook house Fall 1912, Masonic Temple Fargo ND, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks ND, Farmers' Mill and Elevator, Devils Lake ND, Oak Grove Seminary, Fargo ND. (6 items)

2008-P-022 Academy of Saint Mary of the Lake Devils Lake ND
Color postcard of Academy of Saint Mary of the Lake Devils Lake ND. (1 item)

2008-P-023 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Beach ND
Color postcards of Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Beach ND. (2 items)

2008-P-024 Indian Students at Fort Stevenson
Photograph of Indian students at Fort Stevenson School. (1 item)

2008-P-025 Skjervem Family and Wolff Automobile
Photographs one of Wolff car on Skjervem farm and Wolff car and Skjervem family. (2 items)

2008-P-026 Marmarth and Christine, ND
Images including group of men in front of National Elevator Company in Christine (ND), Horn? homestead south of Marmarth ND, composite postcard of Christine ND, downtown Main Street of Marmarth, businessmen in front of brick building in Marmarth and woman holding cereal in Marmarth. (6 items)Haying on the Glen Smith Farm

2008-P-027 Glen Smith Farm
Images of harvesting activities on Glen Smith farm. (4 items)

2008-P-028 John and Alma Hokana
Images, mostly unidentified portraits from Ellendale ND, Aberdeen SD, Hecla SD, Bryant SD, Tacoma WA, Bismarck ND, Butte MT, San Francisco CA, and images of the Bismarck Hospital , Grand Rapids (MI), Soap Lake WA, Coulee Dam WA, Fort Peck Project Glasgow MT, Farming and family groups with houses. (90 items)

2008-P-029 Steele County Courthouse
Photo postcard of Steele County Court House in Finley ND. (1 item)

2008-P-030 Frank Arlington Briggs Grave Lake Howard MN
Digital image of the grave of the first North Dakota Governor to die in office, Frank Arlington Briggs, at Lake Howard MN. (1 item)

2008-P-031 Mrs. C. Walter (Elizabeth (Libby) Patterson) Dawson
Photo postcards of Elizabeth Patterson, her mother, father, their house, animals, the high school and train yard in Cooperstown ND. (11 items)

2008-P-032 Donald J. Bosworth
Black and white photographs, mostly unidentified from Donald J. Bosworth's photograph collection, possibly from Grant County ND. A number of images were taken in California (Santa Barbara and Echo Park).  Includes images of A Company, 1st BN 164th Infantry and sailors in Jail photo prop. (193 items)

North American Storage Creamery & Warehouse, 1930

2008-P-033 North American Storage Company's Creamery and Warehouse, Oakes ND
Image of North American Storage Company's Creamery and Warehouse in Oakes (ND). (1 item)

2008-P-034 North Dakota Postcards
Photo postcards of Northern Pacific Park and Depot in Fargo ND and Main Street in Pettibone ND. (2 items)

2008-P-035 Daniel H. Eudaily
Color postcards of Fargo College and Dill Hall Fargo ND, the original State Capitol Bismarck ND, and Hotel Gardner Fargo ND. (3 items)

2008-P-036 Wurm Farm and Kintyre ND
Black and white photographs of the Wurm farm and Kintyre ND. (11 items)

2008-P-037 Shackford at Deep Creek - formerly A. C. Huidekoper's house
Color photographs of Shackford at Deep Creek-formerly A.C. Huidekoper's house. (5 items)

2008-P-038 Clyde A. Ferguson Family
ca. 1900-1936
Black and white photographs of Courtenay ND, Leal ND, Wimbledon ND, the Wimbledon Concert Band,  Woodworth ND, a  group playing baseball, a blizzard on March 1st, 1936 (west of Jamestown ND and unknown location), a railroad train engine and coal car, and threshing and agricultural work in North Dakota.  (35 items)

2008-P-039 Liberty Memorial Bridge over the Missouri River
Black and white photograph of Liberty Memorial Bridge over the Missouri River. (1 item)

2008-P-040 Balfour Family of Cavalier County
Black and white laser copy photo of Balfour family taken at the Deputy Warden's home in Bismarck ND. (1 item)

2008-P-041 Company D 88th Division in Malicorne France
Copy of a panorama photograph of Company D 88th Division in Malicorne France Southwest of Paris waiting to be deployed to the front August 1918. (1 item)

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