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2006-P-001 State Historical Society of North Dakota
Images taken during year documenting State Historical Society of North Dakota events and people.

7th Cavalry

2006-P-002 Linda Crabtree
Images of 7th Cavalry and First National Bank in Ellendale ND. (7 items)

Unidentified Buildings

2006-P-003 Joyce Milton
Black and white photos of unidentified historic buildings,a flood, a railroad bridge, the Missouri River, and a teller and interior of a local bank. (9 items)

Stage Coach, Medora 1925

2006-P-004 Debra Russell
Images of Bismarck, Dickinson, Grand Forks, Medora etc. (20 items)

Overlooking Chateau de Mores

2006-P-005 Chateau de Mores, Medora ND
Image from the overlook of Chateau de Mores in Medora ND. (1 item)

Administration Building State Training School, Mandan ND

2006-P-006 Roosevelt Park, Bismarck, Mandan, and Dickinson ND
Black and white photographs of Roosevelt Park, Bismarck ND, Mandan ND and Dickinson ND. (13 items)

Marion Ringven, New Salem High School 1930

2006-P-007 Virginia Butler
Nitrate negatives and proofs from W. E. & Virginia Butler's Photo Studio which operated in Bismarck, ND from 1905 through 1931. (3ft)

Howard Kortie

2006-P-008 Nellie Hiett Stewart
ca. 1900-1950
Photographs of Lisbon and Verona, North Dakota, and the citizens covering the period of ca. 1900 to 1950. The most recent, dated, photographs are from the 1933 Epworth League Convention held in Valley City, ND. The photographs have been sorted into three series: Family and Friends Photographs, Lisbon and Verona Scenes, and Other North Dakota Views. (74 items)

2006-P-009 Warren Young
ca. 1905-1955
Postcard images of the town of Perth ND and farming scenes. (24 items)

Church Exterior

2006-P-010 Church in Mott ND
Images of the interior and exterior of a church in Mott ND. (1 item)

Arikara Scouts with Custer's Command

2006-P-011 Little Soldier
Group photo of Arikara Scouts with Custer's Command at the Battle of the Little Big Horn LtoR: Stab; Bob Tail Bull; Yellow Wolf; Sitting Bear or Little Brave or Little Soldier. (1 item)

Double Wedding 07-12-1908

2006-P-012 Mogren Family
Wedding photograph of James Buzzell and Ida Nelson and Nels Nelson and Mathilda Anderson. (1 item)

State Flour Mill, Drake ND

2006-P-014 Drake ND
Copy photo of the State Flour Mill in Drake ND. (1 item)

Governor Shafer Signing Bill for Bridge at Elbowood ND ca 1900

2006-P-015 Janice Wolf
Photograph of Governor George F. Shafer signing a bill for the bridge at Elbowoods ND taken by Butler Studio Bismarck ND. (1 item)

Rotary snow plow on train passing Through Minnewaukan ND 03-20-1902

2006-P-016 Minnewaukan ND
Photographs of a rotary railroad snowplow passing through Minnewaukan ND 03-20-1902 and of a man and a horse-drawn buggy with woman and children in wheat field taken by photographer I. J. Sethen Minnewaukan ND. (2 items)

Air View Fargo ND

2006-P-017 Fargo ND
Post card aerial view of Fargo ND. (1 item)

Bowbells School and Students ca 1900

2006-P-018 Bowbells ND
ca. 1900
Photographs of Bowbells ND and Bowbells school teams. (8 items)

ND Press Association Summer Meeting, Williston 1910

2006-P-019 North Dakota Press Association
Photograph of summer meeting of North Dakota Press Association in Williston ND by Olson Studio. (1 item)

Wolfe Family Funeral ca 1800

2006-P-020 Wolfe Family Funeral
ca. 1916-1918
Photograph of Wolfe family funeral in Turtle Lake ND. (1 item)

Van Camp Family and  Farmhouse ca 1900

2006-P-021 Van Camp Family
Photographs of the Van Camp Family of St. Thomas ND, 2nd filing Naturalization papers of Samuel Haight, and letter to Samuel Haight from grandfather S. L. Haight. (18 items)

Aerial View of Big Bend and Silver City ND 09-23-1947

2006-P-022 Garrison Dam Construction
Photographs of the construction of Garrison Dam/Reservoir and surrounding towns, farms and people. (20 items)

2006-P-023 Garrison Dam Construction and Mandan Rodeo
ca. 1948
Slides of Mandan Rodeo and the Garrison Dam project. (29 items)

Gores House ca 1900

2006-P-024 Gores and Ganer Family
ca. 1900
Photographs of the Gores Family and house in Bisbee ND, and of the Ganer Family in Glen Ullin ND and The Johannes Baumgartner Story and Genealogy Bicentennial Edition 1774-1974 paperback book. (6 items)

Harvey 1902-1916

2006-P-025 Harvey ND
ca. 1900
Photograph of Harvey ND by C. T. Lee. (1 item)

Samual R Rudolf, McIntosh ND

2006-P-026 Samuel Rudolph
Photographs of Samuel R. Rudolf, ND House 1947-1954, a gift tag to Mrs Samuel Rudolf from Rep. Acheson and a place card with image of the ND State Capitol by Graven. Found in a 1942 North Dakota Blue book which may have been a gift to Mrs. Samuel Rudolf from Representative Sam Acheson of Westhope. (5 items)

Williston High School Senior Class Photograph 1920

2006-P-027 Senior Class Williston High School
Photograph of Senior Class Williston High School 1920. (1 item)

Soldiers Group Photo Spanish American War ca 1898

2006-P-028 Clifton Malamphey
Photographs of Clifton E. Malamphey, his brother Harvey, Nels Sanderson, and the Veterans of 1898 Spanish-American War, who went to the Philippines. (12 items)

Protrait of Unknow Man and Women ca 1940

2006-P-029 Cliff Ness
Portraits of unidentified persons. (10 items)

farming scene from Sentinal Butte

2006-P-030 Frank and Minnie Hess
ca. 1911-1915
Photograph of farming scene from Sentinal Butte. (1 item)

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