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Archives - Photographs - Collections - 2002

Fort Berthold Reservation DT

2002-P-001 Dr. William J. Whitman
Photographs taken by Dr. William J. Whitman on Fort Berthold Reservation (D.T.). (83 items)

2002-P-002 Lee Motz
Black and white cabinet cards and one unidentified group photo taken by Photo Shop, Minot ND. (5 items)

2002-P-003 Ida Prokop Lee
Black and white photographs and a tone print of Ida Prokop Lee, her husband, and art pieces as well as handmade tally cards and greeting cards she made. (27 items)

2002-P-004 Mariam Upham
Copies of photographs of Bernt Birkelund, Sven Fjalstad, and Nissedal Church. (12 items)

2002-P-005 George F. Conover
Copies of black and white photographs of George F. Conover, his snowplane and garage where it was built. (4 items)

2002-P-006 Stanley Halonen
Black and white images of Nestor Halonen, the John Martinson farm home, Joe and Walter Martinson, and Betty and Anna Martinson who were all children of John and Elisabeth Martinson, pioneers from Finland who homesteaded southeast of Ellendale (ND). (5 items)

2002-P-007 Halvorson Family
Copies of images of children playing in snow and a man drilling an ice fishing hole. (2 items)

Goodrich School 1937-8

2002-P-008 Goodrich, ND
Copies of images of bird's eye view of Goodrich ND and Goodrich School 7th and 8th grade classes. (2 items)

2002-P-009 Frohlich Family
Copies of Frohlich children building snow forts and newspaper articles with finished forts. (2 items)

2002-P-010 Curling and the Process of Making Ice
Copies of photographs showing curling and the process of making ice. (3 items)

2002-P-011 Phil Schneider
1943, 1952
Black and white photographs of the Cannon Ball River flooding in 1943 and photographs taken in 1952 of Badlands, Medora ND and the Chateau de Mores. (25 items)

James Miles Vaulters

2002-P-012 James Miles Vaulter
Copy of photograph of James Miles Vaulter. (1 item)

USS ND Postcard

2002-P-015 U.S.S. North Dakota
Albums containing 208 pages of photographs of the U.S.S. North Dakota and its crew. (2v)

Doll Buggy Parade Bismarck 1925

2002-P-016 Doll Buggy Parade
Photos of a Doll Buggy parade in Bismarck ND. (2 items)

K Company 15th Infantry Regiment Fort Buford DT 1889

2002-P-017 D. F. Kovarik
Photographs of Fort Buford, DT including an overview of the fort, the 15th Infantry Band with Albert J. Kovarik, the Villa Militaire Bachelor Officers Quarters, and troops on a porch. (4 items)

Orris William Roberts

2002-P-018 Orris William Roberts
Photographs of Orris William Roberts who worked at a U.S. Weather station. (3 items)

Pembina After Flood

2002-P-020 Pembina Flood
Landscape view of Pembina during the flood in 1890. (1 item)

2002-P-021 Arthur Van Horn
Copies of photographs from an album of Arthur Van Horn, architect, and pages from 1912 Burleigh County Atlas. (10 items)

Chas Freise Farm Threshing machine 1913

2002-P-022 Hubert (H. R.) Freise
Images of Freise farmstead, threshing, a train, and animals. Also includes four color photographs of the Northern Pacific underpass built of stone about 1883 near Sedalia ND. (20 items)

2002-P-023 Fred Schneider
Postcard collection of North Dakota locations and the U.S.S. North Dakota, one 8x10 black and white photograph of the U.S.S. North Dakota, and one mechanical print of a statue depicting North Dakota. (5 items)

USS ND Havana Harbor Cuba

2002-P-024 U.S.S. North Dakota
Images of the U.S.S. North Dakota in Havana Harbor, Cuba, an image of a United Fruit Boat and an image of an unidentified ship in Havana Harbor. (2 items)

2002-P-025 Paul A. Froemming
Images of CCC District Headquarters, Fort Lincoln (ND) (3 items)Fort Totten 1930

2002-P-026 Fort Totten
Copy photograph of Fort Totten, ND. (1 item)

2002-P-027 3 images of USS Gurke/Tombazis
Images of Destroyer U.S.S. Gurke commissioned in 1945 and in use by Greece until 1997 as HS Tombazis. The ship was named for Private First Class Henry Gurke, born in Neche ND who was postumously awarded the Medal of Honor after being killed in action in the Solomon Islands Campaign in WWII. (3 items)

Oscar Zero Building

2002-P-029 Oscar Zero Missile Site
Color snapshots taken during a tour of the missile site by staff of State Historical Society of North Dakota. (15 items)

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