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2000-P-01 John S. and Cecilia Dosch
Two colour half-tone postcards show the North Dakota State Capitol as imagined by artist Gilette and another artist, one is printed in Germany, the other in England.  The other two hand-tinted half-tone colour postcards are of  USS North Dakota and USS Dreadnought North Dakota images are by different artists, one card is printed in the U.S., and both give details about the ship. color photo postcards show the North Dakota State Capitol as imagined by each of the artists and both are European prints.  The USS North Dakota and USS Dreadnought images are by different artists, one card is printed in the U.S., and both give details about the ship. (4 items)

2000-P-02 William H. Rettke
Two Real Photo Postcard Portraits of Non-Partisan League members, and an undated oversize photograph of Old Settler's organization Beulah (ND). Fourth item is an invitation from Lydia Langer to William Rettke (01-19-1939) that was separated out to ephemera. (4 items)

2000-P-03 Flood James River New Rockford ND
Four black and white copy photographs of the April 1, 1948 flooding of James River, the Great Northern Bridge and New Rockford (ND). (4 items)

2000-P-04 Larry Rova
One black and white Panorama Real Photo postcard of the railroad depot and railyards in Mandan ND taken by Peter Holmboe in 1909. (1 item)

2000-P-005 Kenneth Nothnagel
Two black and white panorama photographs, one of crew breaking prairie sod in field, the second a birdseye view of a town possibly Kenmare (ND). (2 items)

2000-P-06 Budd Parker
Photo postcard image of two sailors in uniform from the receiving ship USS Franklin. (1 item)

Sakakawea Statue, 1930

2000-P-07 North Dakota Scenes
Images mounted on tag board of Sakakawea Statue, Schafer ND, and Standing Rock Fort Yates ND. (3 items)

Old Sheridan County Courthouse

2000-P-08 Sheridan County Courthouse
Image of the Sheridan County Courthouse. (1 item)

2000-P-10 Bismarck ND
Images of Bismarck mounted on same mat board, front and back, one an overview, the second of Northern Pacific Railroad Depot. (2 items)

2000-P-11 Badlands and Bismarck
Images of Badlands near Belfield ND and of Bismarck ND and its buildings. (10 items)

Hidatsa Fish Trap

2000-P-012  Black Bear Hidatsa Fish Trap
Photographs, taken by Russell Reid showing the operation of a Hidatsa Fish Trap by Black Bear (Hidatsa).  Fish trap was made by Black Bear (Hidatsa) and sold for $50 in August 1929 to the State Historical Society of North Dakota (SHSND 4370). (4 items)

2000-P-014 Alan Grindberg
Images of various places where relatives of Mrs. Inez (Loftesnes) Grindberg worked. Includes the original of The Sons and Daughters of Norway group photo from the Per Sivle Loge, images of Bucyrus and Marion Power Shovels at work at the Truax-Trauer Coal Mine in Wilton (ND), Tipple and coal loading facility; railroad crews working on rails, an irrigation demonstration at Nesson Dome in Ray (ND) 11-02-1937, an unidentified community building and a farmer on a tractor pulling a wood thresher. (12 items)

2000-P-016 Denise Baccudutre
Hand-colored image of Fifth and Sixth Grade Class Fort Yates Public School.  Photograph by Frank Bennett Fiske. (1 item)

2000-P-017 Elizabeth W. Murphy
Panorama photograph of the 1905 North Dakota Legislative Assembly while in session in the old North Dakota State Capitol. (1 item)

2000-P-018 Governor Edward T. Schafer
June 1999
Color photograph of Governor Edward T. Schafer and Bobby Vee at the Rough Rider Award ceremony. (1 item)

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