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Manuscripts by Subject - Military - World War II


10084 North Dakota War Chest, Inc.
Records, 1943-1946
Consists of the organizations official records and its newsletter relating to fundraising efforts during World War II for foreign relief organizations and war service organizations within the state. (3v)

10109 Richard Virgil Grace
Papers, 1922-1947
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, scrapbooks, books, notes, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Papers relate to Grace's service in the world wars and his film and stunt flying career.WWI and WWII pilot, barnstormer, author, and Hollywood stuntman. (6ft)

10213 Gurke Family
Papers, 1928-1930, 1943-1969
Documents, correspondence, printed material, newspaper clippings, scrapbook, post cards, greeting cards, memorabilia, and programs concerning Henry Gurke, Neche, ND, receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for service in WWII, the U.S.S. Gurke naval destroyer, Jamestown College, and local politics. (.5ft)

10237 French Gratitude Train
Books, photographs, postcards, broadsides, and other memorabilia relating to the train cars presented in 1949 as gifts to the 48 states from the French government for food and other supplies collected in 1947 across America to aid post-WWII France and Italy. (5ft)

10265 Eugene Hotaling
Papers, 1941-1944, 1965-1973
Scrapbooks containing cartoons clipped from various publications concerning World War II, schools, and education. (2v)

10275 World War II
Papers, 1942 January - 1945 August
Scrapbooks of cartoons, maps, pictures, and newspaper clippings relating to the WWII. (30v)

10320 V. Christoffersen
Papers, ca. 1932-1944
Two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings concerning agriculture, Indians, and World War II. (2v)

10354 North Dakota National Defense Welfare Service
Records, 1941-1942
Memoranda, news releases, programs, radio scripts, posters, handbooks, brochures, photographs, and newspaper clippings relating to the USO and the North Dakota National Defense Welfare Service. (.75ft)

10487 Hilaire du Berrier (Harold Berry)
Papers, 1935-1991
Mandan, ND
Letters to du Berrier’s sister Helen Spielman, Mandan, ND; notes, drawings, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, post cards, telegrams, family history, ephemera, photographs, publications, and copies of his monthly newsletter, du Berrier Report, on international diplomatic and political topics. Collection documents much of du Berrier's career, recording his activities during the Italo-Ethiopian War, Spanish Civil War, as a pilot for the Chinese government during World War II, and a diplomat in Southeast Asia, China, and Korea. Soldier of fortune and diplomat from Monte Carlo, Monaco originally from Flasher, ND. (.5ft)

10515 Bismarck Veterans Home Owners Cooperative Association, Inc.
Consists of a membership list from the American Legion, Bismarck Post #1, financial reports, articles of incorporation and by-laws, stockholders reports, correspondence with area merchants, service providers, county, and state officers, credit reports, employment records, reports to Secretary of State, audit reports, stock certificates, house building plans, insurance policies and certificates, and photographs. (7.25ft)

10543 Tilda (Thorgersen) Pederson
Papers, 1940-1981
Scrapbooks of WWII service men, minutes, biographical information for local servicemen, roll of honor newspaper clippings, and local Navy men missing in action. The Minot, ND branch was known as the "Wheel and Anchor Club," no. 175. (1.75ft)

10546 Maggie Emly
Papers, 1944-1949
Includes World War II era Christmas cards, correspondence, comics, a Burleigh County court summons, and greeting cards. (.25ft)

10564 Irma A. Block
Papers, 1933-1957
Bismarck, ND
Military photos taken by Irma Block while serving as an army nurse in Hawaii before and during the WWII attack at Pearl Harbor, correspondence, a prayer book, newspaper clippings and ephemera. (128 items/oversize)

10574 Arnold H. Benson
Papers, 1901-1980.
Nelson Co., ND
Financial records, a pre-1889 photograph of White Ghost, Fort Thompson, DT, brand books, maps, forms and copies of the laws of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, newspaper clippings, oaths and bonds from Nelson Co., WWI sheet music, WWII Navy war photographs, maps of North Dakota, and ephemera. (.75ft/oversize)

10583 Margaret H. (Bauer) Henke
Papers, 1930-1991
Letters written by her sons Warren and Dallas during their service in WW II, general correspondence, and ephemera. Photographs and postcards transferred to photo archives. (.5ft.)

10592 Victor C. Hass
Papers, 1944-1945
Letters written by Hass to his parents in Bowbells, ND during his service in World War II where he received a Purple Heart award. (.25ft)

10606 Bunting Family
Papers, 1941-1945
Scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings pertaining to servicemen in WWII from Burke Co., ND. (2 items)

10630 Martin M. Stasney Family
Papers, 1890-1945
Correspondence, books, certificates, receipts, report cards, telegrams, newspaper clippings, post cards, photographs, and personal materials. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence home, from Martin F. and Bernard L. Stansey, who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and World War II, respectively, and also material from Martin M. Stansey’s involvement in the Knights of Maccabees in Mandan, ND. (1ft)

10636 Elmer E. Hasse
Papers, 1943-1945
Aviation log, obituary, letters about his death, a military annual, and photograph of a WWII Navy pilot who died in combat. (6 items)

10672 Roberta C. Burr McCreery
Papers, 1910-1979
Educational materials, WAC correspondence, papers relating to the Democratic Party and social organizations, photographs, scrapbooks, publications, and memorabilia of McCreery, daughter of Supreme Court Justice Alexander G. Burr , who served in the Women’s Army Corps in WWII, had master’s degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Minnesota, worked for the ND League of Municipalities and was active in the Bismarck-Mandan communities. (2.5ft)

10676 Hugh C. McCreery
Papers, ca. 1914-1990
Includes logs, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, motion picture film, publications, and memorabilia. (3ft)

10704 Irene (Overholser) Gordon
Papers, 1941-1945
Letters received by Mrs. Gordon, a teacher in Butte and Willow City, ND, from friends and former students serving in the military in WWII. (.25ft)

10777 Vernon K. Lykken
Papers, 1945
Album and scrapbook containing Lykken’s log, photographs, newspaper clippings, and postcards compiled during his combat tour in the WWII European theatre. Includes aerial photographs of bombing missions over Germany. (2v)

10798 Theodore R. Zech
Papers, 1919, 1944-1945
Letters, photographs, publications, and a program primarily relating to Lieutenant Zech’s service in Texas, Minnesota, and Europe during WWII and his father, Theodore H. Zech’s, service in WWI. (.25ft)

10807 Charles H. Walker
Papers, 1990s
Copy of the memoir written by Walker of his life during World War II entitled "Combat Officer". Photograph of author included. Research use only. (.25ft)

10871 Hans J. Jung
Papers, 1943-1945
Correspondence from friends and family of Jung, photographs, newspaper clippings, working papers, and copies of the Bismarck Echo, the newspaper of the Fort Lincoln POW internment camp. Some items have been marked by censors. Issues of the Bismarck Echo also available on CD-ROM as part of this collection. Jung was a German national held first at Camp Forrest, TN, and then at Fort Lincoln, near Bismarck during WWII. (1.5ft)

10873 North Dakota Veterans' History Project
Records, 2000-2006
Interviews of North Dakota veterans who served in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War, War of Iraq, and other military conflicts. Files include audio and some video recordings, manuscripts, photographs, scrapbooks, and project coordinator’s files. A complete table of all participants is available. Sponsors of the project include AARP-North Dakota, Dickinson State University, Senator Byron L. Dorgan, Minot State University, North Dakota Humanities Council, North Dakota State University, Williston State College, and numerous students and citizens of North Dakota. (32ft)

10902 Ernst J. Pohlig
Correspondence, diary/date book, notebook, newspaper clippings, a speech, and certificates  regarding Pohlig’s immigration and citizenship status, his account of the events leading up to his WWII internment at Fort Lincoln, documentation of his career with the U.S. Army,  and his time in the Merchant Marines in the 1930s. Also includes digital scans of a 48 page photograph album of images taken by Pohlig while interned at Fort Lincoln in Bismarck (ND) from May 1941 to July 1943. The album documents life at the camp, Pohlig’s friends and peers, staff, facilities and events. (2.5ft/digital scans)

10936 World War II Poster Collection
Papers, 1941-1945
These posters were produced to persuade Americans to support the war effort by enlisting, conserving vital resources, fund the war by buying saving bonds, and protect American troops and the homeland by keeping silent on national secrets. (3ft)

10938 Castle Films. News Parade
Newsreels, 1941-1945
Covers a number of WWII battles and also a number of year- in-review films from late 1930s to the early 1940s. 16 mm film in poor condition - vinegar syndrome. CD of cover scans. DVD and CD version of Japans surrender, Guam, Paris liberation, Victory over Germany, Axis surrenders in Africa, and Okinawa-USS Franklin on CD and DVD, 1945 on CD and DVD. (19 reels)

10941 Jack W. Watts
Papers, 1941-1973
Correspondence, military and air flight logs, publications, special and personal orders assigned and completed, and black and white publicity photographs taken by the Minot NORAD Sector at the Minot Air Force Base. (1ft)

10945 Leroy A. Landom
Papers, 1940s-1970s
Correspondence, certificates, commendations, newspaper clippings, publications, medals, and photographs relating to Landom’s service in the North Dakota National Guard. (1.5ft)

10953 Waldo W. Kroeber
Papers, 1940-1946
Materials from Boys State, letters of instruction and information for attending Boys State, a letter of congratulations from Senator Langer on being picked to attend Boys State, a brochure on how to display the U.S. flag, a copy of the "Honorable Discharge", five copies of the publication Nakobota, and a copy of North Dakota Government in Brief. Kroeber’s military service is reflected in correspondence, a history and photo of the 19th troop carrier system, navigator materials, certificates and diplomas, and military maps. (1.2ft)

10999 Pearl Harbor Survivors Association. North Dakota Chapter
Records, 1963-2007
Consists of Secretary-Treasurer records, scrapbook, National Newsletter "Pearl Harbor-Gram" issues, correspondence, reports of death of members, reports of chapter officers, membership rosters, financial reports and statements, national constitution and by-laws, reunion (convention) programs, booklets, and brochures, a poster, newspaper clippings, mailings, envelopes and letterhead, handbooks, forms, a photograph, and American flag party streamers and ribbon. (,5ft)

11006 Richland County Historical Museum
Records, 1941-1945
WWII pamphlets describing Army and Marines services, United Nations, War Production and Canada at War. (.25ft)

11007 Raymond G. Harens
Papers, 1938-1951
Photograph of Mr. Harens in his WWII uniform, newspaper clippings collected during World War II and while a member of the 35th Infantry Division, unit newsletters, NDAC Alumni Review and news clippings concerning North Dakota men and women serving in the military or Red Cross during World War Two. (.5ft)

11019 Thompson Family
Papers, 1940-2007
Includes photographs, scrapbook, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and publications. Maurice E. and Maury C. Thompson served in World War II and Vietnam. (1.5ft.)

11039 John E. Rauser
Papers, 1945-2007
Consists of North Dakota Chapter of Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge material, 75th Division Veterans Association Inc. correspondence, financial statements, membership rosters, reunion material, newspaper clippings, and photographs; Veterans of Foreign Wars (V.F.W.) material and publications. John E. Rauser served as President of the North Dakota Chapter of Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge. (.6ft)

11046 Ervin L. Klauss
Papers, ca. 1943-1947
Consists of a portrait of Klauss in uniform, Purple Heart certificate for military merit and wounds received in action resulting in his death February 7, 1944, certificate in grateful memory of Staff Sergeant Ervin L. Klauss signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and a letter from the U.S. War Department to LaVerne Klauss, Ervin's widow, about funeral and burial services. (2ft)

11047 Vivian (Gilchrist) Nemhauser
Papers, 1878-2003
Correspondence, material from various aviation training, flight logs, certificates and identification cards, oral history material, clippings and programs relating to Ameila Earhart, an obituary, newspaper clippings, photographs and post cards, organizational material, and publications, all which relate to Vivian (Gilchrist) Nemhauser’s training and career as a pilot, WASP and member of the Civil Air Patrol. (3ft)

11063 Lindegren Family
Papers, 1917-1943
Correspondence, Army papers, songbooks, ephemera, programs and flyers from various European cities and attractions, publications, maps, a blueprint, WWII ration books, organizational membership cards, post cards and photographs. The material is from August William, John F. and Anton Lindegren, brothers who served in World War I. August W., who was stationed at Nevers, France, with Company D, 33rd Engineers, 1918-1919, was involved in the construction of prisoner of war camps and other structures. John F. served in the 88th Infantry Division, 339th Field Artillery, and served briefly overseas. Anton served in Company B, 212th Engineers, and did not see any European action. (4ft)

11066 Eslinger Family
Papers, 1939-1950
Correspondence, an application for assignment, identification card, Marines commencement program, newspaper clipping, certificate, and photographs of brothers William, Emil, and Erwin Eslinger who served in World War II. (1.25ft)

11071 Wayne Garr
Papers, 1901-1947
Scrapbook, military publications, ephemera, post cards, foreign currency, tourist brochures, photographs, and certificates mostly from Garr's service in the U.S. Army Air Force in World War II. (1ft.)

11073 Jay Monicken World War II POW Diary
Consists of one diary kept by Monicken following his capture by the German Army after the fighter plane he piloted was shot down over Austria on February 24, 1944. The diary contains Monicken's sketches, writings, pictures, and miscellaneous items he entered while a German POW from his capture until his release in May 1945. Separated from the diary and placed in a folder are loose newspaper clippings regarding his capture and release, a map of Austria, and prisoner entry form with his picture. Monicken was a POW at Stalag Luft I-Germany and is originally from Velva (ND). (.25ft)

11087 Ernest Young - Pearl Harbor
Slides, ca. 1941
73 slides of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. (1ft)

11089 North Dakota Rough Rider Honor Flight
Photographs, biographies, memorabilia, dvds, posters, pamphlets, and brochures from the program that provided the opportunity for the all interested World War II veterans from central and western North Dakota to travel to Washington, D.C. to see their memorial. Five flights took the trip to Washington, D.C. between May 2009 and May 2011. (1ft)

11105 Donald G. Lanes
Papers, 1941-2008
Contains printed material, publications, Navy papers, material on the USS LST 473 (on which Lanes served in World War II), and photographs. Several photographs and documents in the collection were digitized and returned to the donor. (1ft)

11111 James Fenelon 164th Infantry Regiment
Papers, 1941-2001
Roster of ND WWII officers, article about a WWII soldier fighting in France by Angela Kritzberger, publications, a news clipping, a hand-made composite poster of WWII battles on Guadalcanal, and photographs of Camp Claiborne, LA. (2.25ft)

11121 Hildor E. Nelson
Correspondence to and from Nelson when he was serving on the U.S.S. Alabama, registration certificate, program from the third anniversary of the U.S.S. Alabama, a photograph of Nelson in front of the U.S. Capitol, Hildor E. Nelson letterhead, a copy of Stars and Stripes, poetry, religious ephemera relating to the Church of the Nazarene, and a political candidacy card of Hans J. Nelson. (.25ft)

11127 Arthur Melby
Materials from Melby’s service in the Navy (1935-1945) and in the North Dakota Legislature (1978-1991), including celestial navigation tools and charts, a book of barometer readings from the USS Tennessee, materials from reunions of the USS Hilbert, newspaper clippings, campaign material, certificates, an obituary, papers from the 2011 memorial service held for former representatives, artifacts, and photographs. The photographs include portraits, legislative composites, group and individual photographs from Melby's time in the legislature, USS Hilbert reunions, a 1935 panorama of servicemen at the US Naval training station, 1935 graduating class portrait, and print of the USS Tennessee. (4ft)

11135 Clifford Jansonius
Papers, 1943-1946 
Correspondence, records of the Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit #584, U.S. Navy documents, printed material, World War II newsletters and newspapers, photographs and negatives.  Jansonius (1909-1980) was a former Burleigh County Judge, who served in the Navy during WWII. (1.25ft)

11136 Paul Kubesh
Papers, 1943-1946             
A University of Idaho Naval Training School radio book, certificates, notices of separation from the U.S. Naval Service, information about the USS Colorado and Paul's service, printed material, photographs of Paul in uniform, and a post card of the Willis-Sweet Hall dormitory in Moscow, Idaho. (.75ft)

11161 Richard L. (Dick) Barron               
Air Force logged time and mission reports, military records, publications and combat footage of Baron from his P-47 Thunderbolt fighter, 78th Fighter Group camera. The combat missions took place in the World War II European Theater. (25 foot/one 16mm film reel)

11198 Harold and Clara (Hanssen) Jepson
Includes a portrait of Harold Jepson in uniform, a photograph of Clara Hanssen (Jepson) with fellow Women’s Army Corps (WACs) soldiers, a copy of Harold Jepson’s Army discharge papers, a booklet from the 25th anniversary of St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church (Dickinson, ND) (1928), a certificate of appreciation for Clara’s 20 years of service as an employee of St. Josephs Hospital and Health Center (Dickinson, ND), a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about people in the Killdeer and Dickinson area and World War II WACs and servicemen, a clipping announcing the marriage of Harold Jepson and Clara Hanssen, a copy of Harold’s chauffeurs license, family photograph, photograph and invitation from the wedding of Helen Jepson and Fred Steckler. Related to MSS 90307 Wilcox Family. (1ft)

11214 Register Family                   
The bulk of the documents pertain to the military career of Bismarck (ND) native aerial combat ace Francis Roland “Pinky” Register (also known as “Cash”) and his wife Ruth, who served in the Red Cross during World War II. Most of this material was researched and compiled by Dr. William Franklin Hook for his 2014 book, Pinky: the Story of North Dakota’s First Aerial Combat Ace on Guadalcanal. Includes correspondence, telegrams, Francis’ diary (with transcription), radio broadcast transcripts, information about citations and awards he received, newspaper clippings, Hook’s research on Attu, the Aleutians, and the USS Nassau, action reports, Register family records and material about Ralph A. Jensen. Also includes papers of Francis Roland’s grandfather, Francis Henry Register and a photocopied scrapbook documenting the career of Francis Roland’s second cousin, George S. Register.

11216 Anton (Anthony) A. Hannel                          
Correspondence; papers relating to Hannel’s military service, many of which focus on his leadership of a reconnaissance patrol which was ambushed, the recommendation that he receive a silver star for this effort, and his later efforts to correct a false report of the action; information and publications relating to the 164th Americal Infantry Division, 164th Infantry Regiment, and Guadalcanal. The bulk of the collection centers around World War II although several publications and articles relate to Vietnam. (1.75ft)

11244 Vernon Lindgren
Consists of correspondence between Lindgren and his family (Kulm, N.D.) during his service in World War II; a scrapbook that includes printed material, articles about Lindgren's Bakery Unit, War Loan material, and Army papers; ration books and records that belonged to members of the Lindgren family; pocket ledgers with records of cream sales; and a blank service record book. Vernon served for three years in World War II.  Most of the time was spent in North Africa and Italy. He served in the 5th Army 102nd Quartermaster Bakery Company. Vernon farmed after he was discharged from the Army. (1.75ft)

11248 Richard Guthmiller
Consists of letters received by Richard Guthmiller (Medina, N.D.), from friends serving in the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. The letters discuss the soldiers' experiences during World War II and personal matters. Correspondents include, including Paul Mayer, Herbert Mayer, Albert Sebekow, Gerhart Job, Reuben Dockter, Harold Dockter, and Arthur Dockter. (.25ft)

11268 Reuben A. Belland
Consists of photographs of Reuben A. Belland and his fellow soldiers while serving in France in World War II, a photograph of the Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Medora (N.D.), memoranda from the Headquarters of the Third Armored Division describing its role fighting in the Ardennes and the Battle of the Bulge, a typed narrative about fighting endured by the third battalion, otherwise known as "Task Force Hogan," a list of soldiers awarded the Purple Heart, including Belland, paperwork regarding his veterans disabilities and a commercially printed scrapbook with photographs of Belland and records of his military service. Photo 11268-00001 is a panoramic portrait of Company C 18th Armored Replacement battalion, Fort Knox (Ky.), January 1943. It is oversize and located in a map case drawer (5ft.).

11278 Wilbur W. Pierce
ca. 1940s-1997
Oral history interview with Doris and Wilbur W. Pierce conducted by son Fil Pierce (two DVDs) about growing up in North Dakota in the 1920s-1930s and serving with the North Dakota National Guard during World War II, Pierce's military papers, newsletters, a mailing list, and reunion materials for the 188th Field Artillery (ca. 1970-1997), 177th Field Artillery reunion materials (1977), and photographs. (1.25 ft.)

11290 Cheatham Family
ca. 1930-1977
Consists of letters Claborn Cheatham sent to his parents and sister during his enlistment in World War II and a small number of family photographs. (1.25 feet)

11315 Homer Hill
Includes letters to his mother, Cassie Stull Hill, as well as his future wife Florence Anderson, and Thomas Leach, both during and after World War I. Also includes photographs and postcards of himself, family, friends, and his service in the United States Navy. (1ft.)

11334 Hermann H. Nicholas
Consists of Hermann Nicholas' papers from his internment at Fort Abraham Lincoln, including a camp bulletin, schedule of classes, coursework, astrological readings, poetry, photographs and publications. In addition to the Fort Lincoln era materials, the collection also includes a questionnaire about his detainment and political affiliation, papers documenting his effort to become a naturalized citizen after he was released from Fort Lincoln, and a timeline of German crew removal and detainment, printed off the Internet by Hermann's son, Herman Nicolas. (2ft)

20001 John Brandenburg
Papers, 1944-1945
Letters and reminiscences concerning Brandenburg’s experiences as a navigator with the 8th Air Force in England during WWII. (3 items)

20077 James Boyd
Papers, 1940
A copy of Boyd’s military record and a history of the Bank of North Dakota. (2 items)

20085 United States Navy Recruiting Station
Records, 1943
Radio script describing battleships including the U.S.S. North Dakota. (1 item)

20201 Willard G. Bingenheimer
Papers, 1940-1942
Notebook and other documents relating to Bingenheimer's (Lieutenant, 19th Ordnance Co. U.S. Army) training at the Ordnance Service Course on the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, French post cards, and two pilots licenses. (8 items)

20437 Ernest Alex Davis
Papers, 1942-1945
Correspondence, post cards, newspaper clippings, bulletins, certificates, diagrams, notes, and weapons manuals relating to Davis’ induction and training as a weapons specialist (fighter aircraft armorer) in the 340th U.S. Army Air Corps. (100 items)

20726 Carl Matthieson
Papers, 1941
Telegram from the War Department terminating Matthieson’s furlough and ordering him to active duty. (1 item)

20728 Christ Flemmer
Papers, 1944-1945
Includes records of mileage rations, tires inspection, a gasoline purchase form, and rationing coupons. (4 items)

20730 Forrest Daniel
Papers, 1940s-1995
World War II V-mail and a political campaign card for Joe Dirk, candidate for the state legislature, "Scenes from the Red River Valley of the early 1800s: The Paintings of Peter Rindisbacher" by Johannes W. Vazulik and "Some Details of the History of Heaton and Speedwell Township" by Mrs. Albert Bean. (.05ft)

20794 Orville Butler
Papers, 1942, 1946
Consists of a 1946 letter to Butler and his selective service notice. (2 items)

20811 North Dakota Council of Defense
Records, 1940
Broadsides published by Public Opinion Print, Bismarck, ND, announcing the birthday celebration of General John J. Pershing and his crusaders during an appearance at a local motion picture theater. The back of each flyer appears to be part of a letter or notes written by an unknown soldier. (3 items)

20818 U.S. Navy Enlisted WAVES of North Dakota
Papers, 1944
Pages from a scrapbook containing photographs and newspaper clippings of some of the North Dakota women who served in the Navy in WWII. (3 items/oversize)

20822 Harold L. Kepler
Papers, 1924-1989
Photographs, newspaper clippings, a temporary pass, church service pamphlets, a military roster of names and addresses, a Thanksgiving menu, newsletters and base newsletters. Kepler served in Battery A, 756 Field Artillery Battalion. (30 items)

20826 Harold Skogstad
Papers, 1941
Letter written by R. S. Sherven, EM3C while aboard the U.S.S. Arizona prior to the December 7, 1941 bombing. (2 items)

20827 Loering M. Johnson
Papers, 1991
Letter, brochure, and copies from a VFW magazine. (4 items)

20833 Edward Nesheim
Papers, 1991
Includes photocopies of his reminiscences of the WWII European theatre, photographs, and a copy of a newsletter on the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. (5 items)

20873 Arlie Markey
Papers, 1940, 1945
Japanese pocket diary and copy of a Manila newspaper. (3 items)

20883 Edward Nesheim
Papers, 1991
Reminiscences of the WWII European theatre, photographs, and a newsletter on the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. (5 items)

20938 Robert McLeod
Papers, 1945, n.d.
Interviews McLeod conducted on Okinawa Island entitled, "Okinawa Roundup" and photographs taken in central North Dakota. (3ft/2 lp records)

20993 John Hjelle
Papers, 1941-1944
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings relating to the 164th infantry. (1v/oversize)

20998 Toyojiro Suzuki
Papers, 1941-1942
Copies of the diary written by Suzuki while interred at Fort Lincoln, Bismarck, ND, a list of the names of other Japanese internees, citizenship papers, a copy of a postcard sent by Mr. Suzuki, black and white photographs of the camp that were taken by W. C. Robbins, three photographs postcards of Bismarck, and a pennant from Bismarck, ND which was found inside the diary. (.2ft)

21049 U.S. Army. Third Operations Summary
Records, 1944-1945
Brief summary regarding battle planes at Moselle, Metz, and the Saar Campaign as noted in the November-December 1944 issue, the campaigns at Bastogne and the Eifel to the Rhine and capture of Trier summarized in the December 1944 to March 1945 issue, and the Capture of Koblenz and the Palatinate Campaign, Forcing the Rhine, Frankfurt, and Mulde, and crossing the Danube and entering Czechoslovakia and Austria summaries printed in the March - May 1945 issue. (.1ft)

21051 John Deibert
Papers, 1942-1945
Christmas greeting card sent from Italy to his wife Eva, and a December 1945 souvenir copy of the Army newsletter titled, "The Crow's Nest" written from the E. B. Alexander enroute to France. (3 items)

21084 Charles Clinton Foster
Papers, 1913-1990
Transcribed diary Foster wrote in the U.S. Army as a First Lieutenant for the 3rd Battalion 51st Division in World War II, serving in the Philippines. Foster became a POW in April 1942 and survivor of the Bataan Death March. The diary provides some daily accounts of life as a POW. Other transcribed items are a biography, letters, newspaper articles, an autobiography, reminiscences from friends and family, and copies of photos of Foster and family. (.1ft.)

21098 William J. Carey
ca. 1944, 1997
Portrait of Carey in uniform, and a document awarding Carey the Jubilee of Liberty Medal, offered by the Regional Council of Lower Normandy. Carey was born Jan 24, 1925 and during WWII, entered the US Army at Fort Snelling, MN, October 21, 1943. He served in Company B, 8th Regiment, 4th Infantry Division and received a Purple Heart. (2 items)

21128 Michael Carson
Papers, 1943-1945
A v-mail letter from Michal Carson's uncle Michael Belenky while serving in New Guinea (1943), a portrait of Michael's father Carl William Carson in uniform (digital scan), issue of Guinea Gold (1945), and a Global Atlas of the World at War (ca. 1943). (4 items)

21132 Fort Lincoln World War II Internment Camp
Research for the article "Fort Lincoln Enemy Aliens Internment Camp and 'Snow County Prison' Exhibition,'” by Ikumi T. Yanagisawa, published in the book Transnational Identity and Multicultural Society (Tokyo: Akashi Shoten Co. Ltd., 2007). The collection includes the printed article (in Japanese), a copy photograph of Japanese internees, a modern photograph of a Japanese family, German documents from the camp (copies, in German), a copy of an issue of the Bismarck Echo, newspaper clippings documenting the prison camp, "Snow County Prison: Interned in North Dakota" tabloid printed by the Bismarck Tribune documenting the Snow County Prison exhibition (2003-2004), and a National Park Service article printed from the internet about the camp. (.1ft)

21135 Sylvia (Normann) Helsper 
Papers, 1943-1944
Certificate of merit for paper trooper Sylvia Normann for outstanding aid to the war effort in the collection of waste paper, two booklets of victory garden can labels, and the publication "Home Canning in Wartime" by Elsie Clarke. (.1ft)

21147 Robert Boyd
ca. 1941-1945
Four oversized color illustrated German posters confiscated by Boyd during his World War II service. The posters document Germanys response to the Allied Oil Campaign in which German facilities that supplied the Nazis with petroleum, oil, and lubrication were strategically bombed. (3ft)

21156 William Pastian
Photographs, copies from publications, reminiscences and miscellaneous writings by Pastian that document his service in WWII and with the Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff’s department. Pastian was on board the USS General J. H. MacRae, the USS Ocelot, the USS South Dakota, USS Bunker Hill, USS Essex, USS Holland, USS San Clemente, USS Pursuit, USS Tumult, USS Sangay and USS Vulcan.

21171 Howard Sauter
Identification card: Enlisted Reserve Corps; Christmas card: "Third Armor Division from Ft. Knox KY," combination scorebook for U.S. Rifles M1903 and M1 and Browning Automatic Rifle, "Greetings from Camp Greene" (Charlotte, NC) postcard, folder with 3rd Armor Division stenciled and Divisional patch on outside that contains miscellaneous documents related to Howard Sauter’s military career. (5 items)

21172 Gordon Caldis
Memoir, "Gordon Caldis’ Experiences in World War II"; copy of photo of Lenore Ulvedal, 1937, UND pilot Training; obituary for LeNore Caldis; 3 copies of photo, P.T. Boat 522 being outfitted in Brooklyn Navy Yard, all from different angles; Copy of photo of a P.T. Boat; 2 copies of photo of P.T. boat graduates from Melville, RI; Copy of photo of Navy men in uniform; Copy of photo of Gordon Caldis first P.T. Boat command; 2 copies of certificates of completion for training; Copy of photo of the signing of the Japanese surrender; 4 copies of photos of PT Boat 522 being transported on the deck of a tanker to the Pacific Ocean; 1 copy of photo of the invasion of Philippine Islands; and 2 copies of photos of P.T. 522 en route to U.S. invasion of Philippine Islands. (.1ft)

21184 WWII Museum Exhibit material
Ephemera items used for a Museum display, including a Salvation Army newsletter, pamphlet about the U.S. Treasury Sixth War Loan Drive, newspaper articles, broadsides and printed material about inflation, war bonds, flaxseed production, and sheet music for the song "There’s A Star Spangled Banner Waving
Somewhere" (.05 ft.).

21237 Edwin Ernest Ziemann
ca. 1935-1945
Consists of photocopies of letters written to his brother Herbert and sister-in-law Ella (Mandan, ND) while serving in World War II, newspaper clippings and photographs taken before and during his service. Edwin Ziemann was born November 22, 1912 in Krem (ND) to Immanuel and Martha (Rahn) Ziemann. Edwin served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater from February 21, 1942 at Seattle (WA) to December 22, 1945. He was Chief Petty Officer, First Class. During his service, he was on the U.S.S. Henderson, U.S.S. West Virginia and U.S.S. Kasaan Bay. He married Emogene "Jean" Marie Sura at Lewiston (Mont.) on July 25, 1946. Ernest Ziemann died on February 26, 1979 (.1ft.).

21238 Erhart Arthur Ziemann
Consists of digital scans of nine letters written to his brother Herbert and sister-in-law Ella (Mandan, ND) while serving in World War II (TIFFs and JPEGS). The collection includes PDF files of Zieman's obituary, a biography, and transcription of the letters in the collection. Erhart was the 12th child of Immanuel and Martha (Rahn) Ziemann, born on March 6, 1926, at the
Ziemann family farm 16 miles north of Hazen (ND) He joined the US Marines on April 28, 1944, was stationed at San Diego and then at Camp Pendleton, at Oceanside (CA). He was shipped out to Hawaii on December 29, 1944, and joined the 4th Division. He was a private in the Battle of lwo Jima and was wounded March 5, 1945, as he and two buddies were trying to knock out a sniper. On May 17, 1946, Erhart was honorably discharged as a corporal with decorations, including the Purple Heart, Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon, expert rifleman medal, good conduct medal and an honorable discharge ribbon. (Digital only).

21261 North Dakota Soldiers Who Served in the Canadian and British Armed Forces
ca. 2015
Consists of information about 33 North Dakotans who served in the Canadian and British Armed Forces during World War I and World War II, printed images of three soldiers, and 10 printed images of soldiers' tombstones. For reference use only (.05 ft.).

21286 Roy J. Neff
Consists of correspondence and V-mail written by Roy J. Neff to his parents Roy H. and Laura (Miller) Neff, Bismarck (N.D.) and his grandmother, and three portraits of Neff in uniform. He served during World War II in Australia, New Guinea, Philippines and Japan. (.1 ft.).

21363 Oscar E. Berg Jr.
Consists of the manuscript "V-MAIL: Letters Home 1943-1945" by Emily Stordahl about her father's service in the Third Armored Division, 23rd Engineers during the World War II campaigns in Europe. Her manuscript analyzes his letters home to his parents, Oscar and Olga, and his wife Esther (Ratzlaff) in Valley City, N.D. The letters chronicle Oscar's journey from Valley City to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Camp Reynolds in Greensville, Pennsylvania, and his deployment to England and service in France, Belgium and Germany (0.05 ft.).

80115 Jennie M. Rose
Papers, 1946-1951
Rent control forms and a war ration book from WWII. (6 items)


1324 Gordon Nelson
60 minute cassette
Nelson recounts his military experience during World War II, 1939-1945. Pearl Harbor

1329 Pearl Harbor Survivors
120 minute cassette
Consists of reminiscences of survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack. Recorded in Jamestown in 1973

1410 Remembering Pearl Harbor. Interview of James B. Peterson.
90 minute cassette. One side only.
Interviewed by and gift of Mary Young-July 4, 1988. His reminiscence of surviving at Pearl Harbor
See also MSS 10873 1295.

1565 Yasuko Kato
45-60 minute cassette
Interview with Yasuko Kato, a Japanese resident of Grand Forks. Conducted in 1987. She relates her experiences as a person of Japanese descent during the WWII period. (91-AV-3)

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