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Manuscripts by Subject - Military - World War I


10046 Dana Monroe Wright
Papers, 1916-1963
Includes a small amount of personal material relating to Wright's World War I experience. In 1898 he enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard, serving in the military during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and later in the Mexican Border War and World War I.

10064 Edwin James Taylor
Papers, 1895-1972
Correspondence relating to Taylor's law practice in Grand Forks, family affairs, business, politics, Supreme Court, and educational issues, orders of the 41st Infantry Division, photographs, memoirs of John Satterlund, speeches, genealogy, publications, calling cards, manuscript of "History of Bismarck, North Dakota: The First 100 Years, 1872-1972," and other materials relating to the Masonic Lodge, Bismarck Presbyterian Church, the Rotary Club, and the Women's Fortnitely Club. (6.75ft)

10085 Orin G. Libby
Papers, 1902-1943
Libby's professional and personal activities as Secretary of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Grand Historian of the North Dakota Masonic Grand Lodge, and Professor of History at the University of North Dakota led him to collect research materials. The research materials include several letters, to World War I.

10107 Nielson Family
Papers, 1875-1952
Consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial records, photographs, printed materials, records of women’s clubs, and biographies of WWI nurses. (3ft)

10109 Richard Virgil Grace
Papers, 1922-1947
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, scrapbooks, books, notes, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Papers relate to Grace's service in the world wars and his film and stunt flying career.WWI and WWII pilot, barnstormer, author, and Hollywood stuntman. (6ft)

10179 Ramsey County in the War
Papers, 1919
Research materials compiled for a book entitled With the Colors from Ramsey County, including correspondence, Red Cross lists of Draft Board members, data sheets, and photographs of service personnel. (2.25ft)

10229 Frank Last
Papers, 1917-1919.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and reminiscences of a Private’s experiences in Company G, 18th Infantry, 1st Division, American Expeditionary Forces in France and Germany in WWI. (.25ft)

10322 Pauline Robidou
Papers, ca. 1917-1918
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings concerning WWI. (2v)

10327 World War I
Papers, ca. 1918-1919
Scrapbooks of letters of North Dakota soldiers published in various newspapers. (4v)

10339 American Legion Auxiliary. Department of North Dakota
Records, 1934-1935
Biographical sketches and photographs of North Dakota women who served as nurses in WWI. (.5ft/1r/#16079)

10406 United States District Court. North Dakota
Records, 1917-1918
Photocopy of case file #2737 relating to the prosecution and conviction of Kate Richards O'Hare Cunningham for sedition, consisting of transcripts of testimony, indictments, warrants, and other documents. (.25ft)

10448 First State Bank
Records, 1908-1973
Coteau, ND; Burke County, ND
Correspondence, bank forms, posters, and ephemera relating to Liberty Loan drives and the ND Taxpayer’s Association. (.25ft)

10516 Florence Perkinson
Papers, 1917-1919
Homestead papers, snapshots of early Roseglen, ND and inhabitants and WWI correspondence with Private Lawrence Strand. (.25ft)

10539 Margaret (Mutz) Moore
Papers, 1880-1913, n.d.
Jamestown, ND
Family letters, photographs, WWII ration book, stamps, bond purchases, mortgage notes, deeds, promissory notes, tax receipts, school report card, school booklet, assorted newspaper clippings, and postcards. See also MS-10465. (.25ft)

10574 Arnold H. Benson
Papers, 1901-1980.
Nelson Co., ND
Financial records, a pre-1889 photograph of White Ghost, Fort Thompson, DT, brand books, maps, forms and copies of the laws of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, newspaper clippings, oaths and bonds from Nelson Co., WWI sheet music, WWII Navy war photographs, maps of North Dakota, and ephemera. (.75ft/oversize)

10577 Abbey (Hurley) Conmy
Papers, 1916-1924
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, sketches, photographs, a certificate, and memorabilia of Conmy who was involved in the Red Cross Canteen Services and Treasurer of the American Legion Auxiliary in Fargo, ND. (.25ft/oversize)

10599 Carl Issel
Papers, 1923-1959
Includes photographs and postcards, correspondence to Stella Cook from Issel during WWI, newspaper clippings, and a newspaper. (.25ft)

10653 Department of North Dakota Veterans of World War One Incorporated
Records, 1958-1990
By-laws, minutes, histories, correspondence, reports, publications, photographs, memorabilia, records of the Custer Trail Barracks No. 1876, and the Ladies Auxiliary. (1ft)

10682 J. A. and Anna Graham
Papers, 1919
Letters from Mrs. Graham to her husband regarding farming and other family concerns, letters from her son while serving in a World War I motorcycle unit in France, newspaper clippings, and a photograph. (.25ft)

10798 Theodore R. Zech
Papers, 1919, 1944-1945
Letters, photographs, publications, and a program primarily relating to Lieutenant Zech’s service in Texas, Minnesota, and Europe during WWII and his father, Theodore H. Zech’s, service in WWI. (.25ft)

10840 John C. Peterson
Papers, 1918.
Letters written by John Peterson, of Burke Co., ND, while serving with the American Expeditionary Force in France during WWI. See also MS-10592. (.2ft)

10873 North Dakota Veterans' History Project
Records, 2000-2006
Interviews of North Dakota veterans who served in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War, War of Iraq, and other military conflicts. Files include audio and some video recordings, manuscripts, photographs, scrapbooks, and project coordinator’s files. A complete table of all participants is available. Sponsors of the project include AARP-North Dakota, Dickinson State University, Senator Byron L. Dorgan, Minot State University, North Dakota Humanities Council, North Dakota State University, Williston State College, and numerous students and citizens of North Dakota. (32ft)

10895 Howard R. Huston
Papers, 1917-1955
Letters, postcards, an oratory, newspaper clippings, and 31 photographs and 5 postcards of Huston's deployment to London and France during WWI. Photographs have typewritten descriptions by Huston of the landscape, cemeteries, and people who were in France. (.35ft)

10935 World War I Poster Collection
Papers, 1917-1918
WWI era posters were gathered in 1917 and 1918 by Melvin R. Gilmore, State Historical Society curator from 1916 to 1923. The collection consists of 921 posters (individual images), including some from foreign countries. Gilmore actively worked to build as complete a collection as possible, obtaining duplicate American posters which he then exchanged with European dealers. The result is an extensive collection of poster art, or poster propaganda, at its zenith. (47ft)

11081 Herbert Kibler
Papers, ca. 1917-1940
Consists of an identity card, certificate of honorable discharge, news clipping, and photographs. Kibler served in France as a First Lieutenant with Motor Supply Train 414 in World War I. He was involved in the Saint-Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne offensives and the Battle of Chateau-Thierry. (1.25ft)

11086 Joseph Walter (J.W.) ("Punk") Plunkett
Papers, 1917-1985
Consists of digital scans of Plunkett’s correspondence, scrapbook, diary (transcription), news clippings, publications, and military biography while serving in World War I, as well as a funeral card, baptism information and publications. Material was scanned and returned to the donor. Collection is a digital file located on an Archives server.

20043 Martin D. Westley
Papers, 1917-1918
Transcripts of a diary and letters from Westley to his family regarding his experiences as a medical officer in the American Expeditionary Forces in WWI. (10 items)

20065 Deborah Ann Nelson
Papers, 1918-1919
Transcripts of letters to her family in Cooperstown, ND, transcript of her diary, travel order, and a news release regarding Nelson’s experiences as a nurse in the American Expeditionary Force in France and Germany in WWI. (25 items)

20151 Ladies Auxiliary
Records, 1917-1918
Minutes, membership roster, and letters from servicemen for an organization in Mandan and Morton Co., ND who sent packages of food, clothing, and tobacco to soldiers in the American Expeditionary Force in WWI. (11 items)

20208 Leila Halvorson
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences of service as a Red Cross nurse during WWI in France, Poland, and the Middle East. (2 items)

20235 North Dakota National Guard. Company G, 2nd Regiment
Records, ca. 1917
Petition submitted to the National Dakota Adjutant General by men of military age in Rolette Co., ND, requesting that they be admitted to serve in the newly authorized company. (1 item)

20280 R. D. Black
Papers, 1919
Copy of a letter from Black, a U.S. Army Colonel, to H. B. Bachman concerning the success of the 116th Engineers Band and the North Dakota 2nd Regiment Band during WWI. (1 item)

20326 J. M. Hanley
Papers, 1917-1918
Transcript of Hanley’s diary and letters relating to enlistment, training, transport, and other experiences serving in England and France with the North Dakota National Guard in WWI. (1 item/oversize)

20344 Sadie McDonald Jenks
Papers, 1908-1967
Inkster, ND
Family letters, photographs, and postcards from relatives who served in the Vietnam War and in the American Expeditionary Force army of occupation in Germany in WWI. (38 items)

20464 Ellen J. Shimmin
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, "History of Crystal (City and Township)," describing early settlers, farming, businesses, weather conditions, churches, social events, recreation, politics, fraternal organizations, schools, and participation in WWI. (1 item)

20477 North Dakota State Women’s Liberty Loan Committee
Records, ca. 1917-1919
Rosters of county chairmen. (2 items)

20478 Bismarck Committee of the Fatherless Children of France
Rosters, 1919
Rosters of organization participants. (2 items)

20643 Dan Brew
Papers, 1918
Letters to Dan Brew about the death and burial of his brother, Mathew Brew, the first North Dakota soldier killed in World War I. The letters are from Mathew Brew's commanding officer and the company chaplain. The collection also includes a memorial certificate for Mathew Brew, signed by John J. Pershing. (5 items)

20695 Van Meter Cousins
Papers, Feb. 5, 1917-April 12, 1917
Carbon copies of Fargo Forum and Associated Press bulletins transmitted via wireless radio by ND Agricultural College and received by Cousins on a homemade crystal set in Carrington. The press bulletins deal mostly with events relating to WWI. The documents were posted in downtown Carrington as a public service. (56 items)

20780 Paul Jewell
Papers, 1918
Letter to men serving in the 42nd Division of the American Expeditionary Forces in WWI and three postcards from soldiers in France to family in Bismarck.. (4 items)

20811 North Dakota Council of Defense
Records, 1940
Broadsides published by Public Opinion Print, Bismarck, ND, announcing the birthday celebration of General John J. Pershing and his crusaders during an appearance at a local motion picture theater. The back of each flyer appears to be part of a letter or notes written by an unknown soldier. (3 items)

20899 Alten Teske
Papers, 1864-1996
Fargo, ND
Letters written during the Civil War and WWI, family letters, ephemera, snapshots, a certificate, and postcards. (7 items)

20945 Albert Wermedahl
Papers, 1917-1919
Correspondence, legal papers, photographs, and a certificate relating to his service in WWI. (.2ft)

21164 Isedow Mogren
ca. 1917-1919
Mogren’s military induction document (copy), pamphlets, handwritten poems, songs, and glass lantern slides created by the Instruction Laboratory of the Office of the Surgeon General Washington, D.C. Army Medical Museum regarding syphilis.(.05ft)

21258 Hugh Wright
Notebook used during Wright's service in World War I to record his orders, special passes, observations, information about fellow soldiers, and other notes and a book with twelve general orders. A service prayer book and the booklet "I am an American: What Every Citizen Needs to Know" (1940s) were transferred to the State Archives Publications in February 2015. Hugh Wright was born January 28, 1894 to Robert and Elspeth Wright in Antler (N.D.). He attended Jamestown College before serving in the 338th Field Artillery, 88th Division.  Wright married Ruth and died in November 1976 (.05ft.)

21261 North Dakota Soldiers Who Served in the Canadian and British Armed Forces
ca. 2015
Consists of information about 33 North Dakotans who served in the Canadian and British Armed Forces during World War I and World War II, printed images of three soldiers, and 10 printed images of soldiers' tombstones. For reference use only (.05 ft.).

21311 Frank Richards
Consists of two letters written by Frank Richards to his parents, Wilson and Mabel (Dickinson, N.D.), while serving with Company K, 1st Infantry of the North Dakota National Guard, at Fort Lincoln during World War I. In one letter, Frank evaluates his father's request for him to leave the National Guard and return home; in the other letter, he asks his mother to send soap (.05 ft.).

21336 Palmer Hanson
Letters written by Palmer Hanson while serving in the U.S. Army during World War I. Letters are written to relatives in North Dakota while stationed in California, France, and Germany. (.1ft)

21341 Albert Grant Anderson
Papers consist of an honorable discharge certificate from the U.S. Army (May 1919), a panoramic unit portrait of Company 362 Infantry A. E. F. upon their return to the U.S. from France on April 15, 1919, and award of disability allowance (June 2, 1932). Publications were offered to the State Archives publications in August 2013. Museum Division transfer (2012.00067). The panorama has been digitized and is located on the first floor of the archives. The papers are with the small manuscript collections (.05 ft. plus oversize).

21344 Paul and Alma (Eckhardt) Neubauer
Consists of correspondence between Paul Neubauer and Alma Eckhardt while Neubauer was serving in World War I (.05ft).

21380 Rev. Philip Hewison Pollock
Contains one copy of Glimpses of North Dakota, a photocopy of a page from Roster of the Men and Women Who Served in the Army or Naval Service (Including the Marine Corps) of the United States or Its Allies from the State of North Dakota in the World War, 1917-1918, and a letter from Rev. Philip Hewison Pollock to his son, dated January 6, 1970. (.01ft)

21399 Walter N. Fry
Consists of a certificate requesting that Fry's body was transported from France to Columbus (N.D.), a memorial certificate, a telegram informing Fry's family that he was killed in action, a news clipping detailing the battle of Chateau Thierry (during which Fry was killed), a photocopy of the cemetery  in France where Fry's body was initially buried and a program from a memorial day service at the cemetery.

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