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Manuscripts by Subject - Military - Civil War / Dakota War


10006 Clement A. Lounsberry
The military records consist of muster rolls, correspondence, special orders, a pass, discharge papers, and a voucher.

10010 John Winthrop Burnham
Papers, 1865-1902
Reminiscences of the Civil War; papers relating to service with colored troops, a diary concerning the Sibley Expedition of 1863, a biography, a Burnham family genealogy, commissions, a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, and an agreement to build a store at Greenville, MN. (.25ft)

10011 George B. Winship
Papers, ca. 1922
Typescript reminiscence on the Sibley Expedition of 1864, the Davy Expedition of 1867, the Riel Rebellion, and other events in the Red River Valley. (.25ft)

10040 Grand Army of the Republic
Records, 1891-1909; 1937
Minutes, general orders, membership rosters of the James B. McPherson Post No. 2., Warden Post No. 12, Pembina, roster of the Department of North Dakota (1891), proceedings of the 26th annual encampment, and biographies of 30 members from nine posts collected by the Women's Relief Corps, 1937. (.5ft)

10046 Dana Monroe Wright
Papers, 1916-1963
Within his research papers is information on trails used by the Sully campaign of 1864 and General Sibley and his soldiers in 1863 and 1864. (11.25ft)

10085 Orin G. Libby
Papers, 1902-1943
Libby's professional and personal activities as Secretary of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Grand Historian of the North Dakota Masonic Grand Lodge, and Professor of History at the University of North Dakota led him to collect research materials. The research materials include several letters, diaries and journals relating to the Civil War and military expeditions and forts. (20.75ft)

10106 Frank White, (1856-1940)
Papers, 1891-1953.
Consists of correspondence, business papers of the Middlewest Trust Company, photographs, proclamations, speeches, scrapbook, newspaper clippings, records of the First Regiment, North Dakota Infantry, including rosters, orders, memoranda, camp songs, papers relating to White's nomination to the U.S. Senate in 1920, ephemera, and genealogical materials. Collection includes papers of Edwin Lee White and Thomas Black. Arranged in three series: personal papers (1914-1953), military, political, and business papers, (1894-1939), and miscellaneous (1891-1921). (.5 ft. and oversize.)

10135 Petersen, Allen
Papers, 1974
Consists of research notes relating to the history of New Rockford (N.D.), ca. 1883-1929; and notes, correspondence, and photographs concerning Thomas R.P. Morris, 1828-1918, a Civil War veteran and resident of New Rockford. (.25 ft.)

10189 Seventh U.S. Cavalry Memorial Association
Records, 1955-1960
Correspondence, business reports, contracts, financial records, printed materials, notes, newspaper clippings, and drawings of the Custer statue. (.5ft)

10192 Ole Paulson
Papers, 1863-1864; 1869; 1872
Reports, orders, abstract of expenditures, inventories, and invoices relating to ordnance and supplies for the company. Several documents relate to company supplies at Fort Abercrombie, Dakota Territory. Paulson was a Lieutenant in Company H, 9th Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. (.25ft)

10252 Sutler's Store
Records, 1860-1861
Fort Randall, DT
Ledger records daily transactions on accounts. (1v/1r/#5142)

10358 Charles Powell Adams
Papers, 1865-1866.
Fort Abercrombie, DT
Appointments, correspondence, orders, petition relating to Adams’ appointment as commander of Fort Abercrombie. (1r/#4382) Microfilm of originals held at Minnesota Historical Society

10363 George A. and Elizabeth B. Custer
Papers, 1856-1932
Correspondence orders, notes, broadsides, newspaper clippings, rosters, certificates, memorabilia, literary manuscripts, and printed material. Originals at Eastern Montana College Library, Billings. (8r/#4368-4375)

10381 Thomas L. Rosser
Papers, 1860-1908
Correspondence, orders, reports, and commissions of a Major General in the Confederate Army. Originals at the University of Virginia. (1r/#5379)

10386 Sibley Expedition
Records, ca. 1863-1865
Diaries, letters, reports, and reminiscences detailing the experiences of participants in the Sibley and Sully Expeditions, and the Sioux uprising of 1862. Contains papers of the following participants: Alva Dearborn, Charles Dugas, W. L. Silvis, W. E. Seelye, Jared W. Daniels, John Robinson, Loren W. Collins, George C. Clapp, and L. M. Rothhammer. Originals at the South Dakota Historical Society. (1r/#4378)

10387 Henry Hastings Sibley
Papers, 1815-1930
Correspondence; personal account books; bills; financial ledgers; speeches; maps; diaries; legal documents; an autobiography; records of the Fort Snelling Sutler Store; records of the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce Grasshopper Relief Committee; and papers of Joseph N. Nicollet and Joseph N. Laframboise. Papers relate primarily to fur trade with the Sioux Indians; the American Fur Company and the Pierre Chouteau, Jr. and Company; Indian treaties; Minnesota Territory politics; land speculation; railroad development; Dakota Conflict, 1862; and the Sibley Expeditions. Fur trader, soldier, politician, and Governor of Minnesota, 1850-1860. Originals at the Minnesota Historical Society. (32r/#4422-4453)

10632 Daughters of the Union of the Civil War. Mary Livermore Tent #2
Records, 1937-1989
Constitution, minutes, membership logs, published material, scrapbooks, programs, and memorabilia. A branch of the national society, they were organized in Minot, ND on April 9, 1937, to honor Union Soldiers killed in battle. (3ft)

10746 Lyman N. and Anne A. (Clark) Cary
Papers, 1860s-1983
Land and business records in Morton County, papers associated with membership in social, fraternal, religious organizations and associations, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and military papers from Anne Cary's father, James R. Clark who served in the Civil War. (3ft)

10788 United States Army 6th Cavalry Quartermaster
The collection consists of Quartermaster William Badger’s U.S. Army forms for some members of the 6th Cavalry. Most of the forms are printed and include: requisition requests, quarterly returns, receipts, reports, abstracts, statements, estimates of QM stores, and vouchers for supplies, tobacco, clothing, and pay. There are also a few miscellaneous letters and brief biographical sketches. The collection is organized in alphabetical order by the surnames of the men in the collection. It is not specified which company or companies the men represent. (.75ft)

10857 Eugene Marshall
Papers, 1864-1866
Diaries of a volunteer in the Union Army during the Civil and Sioux Wars. Contains volumes 29-33. Microfilm of originals at the Special Collections Library of Duke University. (1r/#14717)

11371 Kenney Family
Letters, envelopes, and a page of personal stamps, related to George W. and Joseph Edwin Kenney, who served in the Fourth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. Five of the letters were written from Fort Abercrombie, N.D. (1ft)

20002 C. A. Bennett
Papers, 1865
Transcript of a soldier’s diary concerning the Sully Expedition from Fort Rice to Devils Lake. (1 item)

20003 Harlen Page Bruch
Papers, 1914
Transcript of a letter from Bruch to his family containing an account of the Sully Expedition of 1864 and of his service in the South during the Civil War in the Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. (1 item)

20004 Sylvester Starling Campbell
Papers, 1864-1865
Transcript of a diary concerning the Sully Expeditions of 1864 and 1865 written by a soldier from Company D, Minnesota Cavalry. (1 item)

20007 Theodore G. Carter
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences written for the St. Peter Herald (MN) of the Sibley Expedition of 1863 and the execution of Indians involved in the Sioux Uprising of 1862. (1 item)

20008 William H. Clandening
Papers, 1863-1865
Copy of Clandening’s diary describing a trip to Philadelphia and a trip across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana en route to the Montana gold fields. (1 item)

20010 Enoch M. Eastman
Papers, 1863, 1913-1914
Transcript of Eastman’s diary concerning the Sibley Expedition, 1863, and letters to the State Historical Society providing additional information about the expedition. Eastman was a teamster, Company E, Minnesota Volunteer Cavalry. (5 items)

20015 David N. Jenkins
Papers, 1864
Transcript of Jenkins’ (soldier, Company D, 2nd Minnesota Cavalry) diary concerning the Sully Expedition of 1864. (1 item)

20019 George E. Lemmon
Papers, 1863-1900
Reminiscences of early settlement, local news, Messiah movement, and buffalo by a rancher, banker and the founder of Lemmon, SD. (26 items)

20023 William Rainey Marshall
Papers, 1863
Transcript of Marshall’s journal describing the Sibley Expedition. (1 item)

20024 Frank Myers
Papers, 1864
Diary of a soldier in Company B, 6th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, containing entries concerning the Sully Expedition. (1 item)

20027 H. L. Patch
Papers, 1937
Reminiscences of a herder under command of Captain Kimball on the 1863 Sibley Expedition, and reminiscences of the construction of Fort Wadsworth. (1 item)

20028 Charles E. Patton
Papers, 1861
Transcript of a diary describing a buffalo hunt and reminiscences of buffalo hunting, capture by the Yanktonai Sioux, and the death of Captain George Northrup during the Sibley Expedition in 1863 (2 items)

20052 James H. Cornell
Papers, 1862-1863
Reminiscences of a soldier from Company I, 6th Minnesota Regiment, of the Sibley Expedition of 1863. (1 item)

20055 Amberst Barber
Manuscript, ca. 1919
Reminiscences of the rebuilding of Fort Rice and a buffalo hunt. Soldier, 50th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry. (1 item)

20056 Ole Johnson
Papers, 1863-1865
Diary of a soldier in Company D, 6th Regiment, Iowa Cavalry at Fort Rice, DT, describing daily activities, river traffic, and the Sully Expedition of 1864. (1 item/1r #6924)

20059 Richard McConnell
Papers, 1864
Copy of diary concerning the Sully Expedition written by a soldier in Company A, 2nd Minnesota Cavalry. (1 item)

20070 Ira Butterfield
Papers, 1861-1868, 1877-1881
Military Appointments and correspondence with relatives in Minnesota and Dakota Territory relating to service in the Union Army and farming near Valley City, DT. (26 items)

20074 Daniel E. Williams
Papers, 1863-1864
Transcripts of diaries concerning the Sibley Expedition and two letters from Williams to his wife concerning the Civil War, politics, dedication of a Roman Catholic church in Memphis, and health problems. Williams served in Company K, 7th Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. (4 items)

20090 Ulysses Simpson Grant
Papers, 1862
Copy of a letter from General Grant to E. B. Washburn containing a commendation of Colonel Ransom of the 11th Illinois Regiment. (1 item)

20120 Frederick Meile
Papers, 1863-1864
Transcript of a soldier’s diary concerning the Sibley Expedition of 1863 and the Sully Expedition of 1864. (1 item)

20140 Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, 19th Regiment, Company A
Roster, ca. 1862. 1 item.

20149 William E. Wording
Papers, 1845-1886
Consists of letters, invitations, military commission, military passes, and honorary membership to the Beaufort Club. (21 items)

20156 John Delameter
Papers, ca. 1902.
Consists of a booklet concerning Delameter's service in the Union Army during the Civil War. (1 item)

20181 Oscar Garrett Wall
Papers, 1863, 1909-1910
Diary kept on the 1863 Sibley Expedition and letters to W. G. Clark concerning sale of his book, Recollections of a Sioux Massacre. Wall served in the 5th Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. (11 items)

20183 William B. Hibbs
Papers, 1863-1864
Letters from Hibbs to his family about his service as a soldier in Company D, 17th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Union Army, in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. (14 items)

20186 Henry Benjamin Whipple
Papers, 1863
Copies of letters from Episcopal Bishop Whipple of Minnesota to W. P. Dole, Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Reverend Thomas Williamson regarding relations with the Indians. (2 items)

20187 James Wickes Taylor
Papers, 1849; 1862-1870
Correspondence with Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Edward Cooper, N. P. Banks, and Enos Stutsman concerning settlement of the British Northwest, trade and commerce between Canada and the United States; and annexation of British North America. Includes photocopies of War Department and U.S. Consulate (Winnipeg) documents concerning Sioux hostilities, a petition to the Minnesota Territory Legislature from Pembina, and a letter from Alexander Ramsey concerning the international boundary. Attorney; author. (12 items) See also MS-10437

20204 Benjamin Bear
Papers, 1864; 1869
Copies of letters from Bear to his wife in Eyota, MN concerning the establishment of Fort Rice, gold prospecting, Indians, and weather conditions. (8 items)

20209 Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry, 1st Regiment, Company D
Records, 1864-1865
Morning report concerning the administration and activities of the company, including a muster roll. (2 items)

20217 William Denton Dibbs
Papers, 1862-1864
Transcript of a physician's journal concerning the Fisk Expeditions. (1 item)

20221 John D. Winder
Papers, 1865-1889
Copies of Winder’s enlistment record, muster rolls, obituary, and correspondence documenting Winder’s wife’s efforts to secure a widow’s pension. Winder served as a Private, in Company C, 5th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. (19 items)

20227 Hustus H. Kerr
Papers, 1861-1866
Notes and a diary describing Kerr’s activities as a Sergeant in Company C, 36th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, during the Civil War in Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, and Tennessee. (12 items)

20236 Joseph Slagg
Papers, 1865
Letter from Slagg, a soldier in Company D, 23rd Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, to his sister expressing hope of being discharged soon and fear that civil unrest in Mexico might result in war. (1 item)

20241 James Shoemaker
Papers, 1860-1863
Copies and transcripts of letters from Shoemaker to his family in Pike Co., PA, describing local news, settlement, weather conditions, prairie fires, and Indian wars and bounties. (8 items)

20253 J. Aspey Rendall
Papers, 1863
Letter from Rendall, a soldier in Company C, 28th Wisconsin Volunteers, to his family concerning his military experiences and the siege of Vicksburg and a eulogy. (2 items)

20276 James K. Salisbury
Papers, 1864
Diary describing military experiences in Virginia and Maryland during the Civil War and a transcript of the diary prepared by Cheryl Iverson Olson, Williston, ND. Salisbury was a soldier in Company B, 7th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. (1 item)

20282 Dakota Volunteers, 1st Battalion Cavalry, Company A and B
Records, n.d.
Transcript of a list of members; list of battles and campaigns involving the unit; and a list of forts, camps, and reservations where the unit was stationed, ca. 1863-1865. Roster was compiled by Ostby Americana, Bellflower, CA. (1 item)

20328 Sidney August Russell
Papers, 1865-1866
Transcript of a diary kept by Russell, a Corporal in Company H, 5th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, while stationed at Fort Rice, DT. Diary describes weather conditions, Indian customs, and hunting activities. (1 item)

20331 Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War. North Dakota Department
Records, 1927-1928
Jamestown, ND
Proceedings of the first annual convention and a convention program. (2 items)

20370 Edward Z. Needham
Papers, ca. 1861, 1864
Pay and clothing account and facsimile of the 1st Minnesota Infantry muster roll, ca. 1861. (2 items)

20403 George H. Bingenheimer
Papers, 1865; 1870-1876
Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ND; Standing Rock Indian Reservation, ND; Fort Rice, ND.; Fort Abraham Lincoln, ND; Mandan, ND; Morton Co., ND
Documents and letters relating to negotiation of a treaty between Indians at Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and Standing Rock Indian Reservation, a war party near Fort Rice and Indian attacks against Fort Abraham Lincoln, Sitting Bull, and other Indian activities. Agent at Standing Rock Indian Agency, DT. (7 items)

20405 Torsten Torstesen Kopseng
Papers, 1883-1884
Transcripts of letters from Kopseng to his family in Norway describing his pro-Union sentiments and military service in Company G, 13th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. (2 items)

20413 Iowa Volunteer Infantry, 32nd Regiment, Company D
Records, 1864-1865
Muster roll. (1 item)

20442 Ole N. Orland
Papers, 1864
English translation of a diary kept while on the Sully Expedition and a photograph of Orland, a soldier in Company A, 1st Regiment, Dakota Cavalry. (2 items)

20445 Paul Paslay
Papers, ca. 1937
Driscoll, ND
Handwritten manuscript entitled, "Complete History of the Chaska Historic Site," describing the site and dedication of the monument at the site, and providing accounts of the Sibley Expedition. (1 item)

20559 John Danielson
Diary, 1862-1865
Transcript of Danielson's diary describing the Sibley campaign against the Sioux and action against Confederates during the Civil War. Company G, Seventh Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. (1 item)

20576 Kate Pelissier
Papers, n.d.
Dickinson, ND
Reminiscences of the 1862 Sioux uprising and a prairie fire. (2 items)

20599 George C. Pettie
Papers, 1863
Transcript of Pettie's diary providing a detailed account of the Sibley Expedition. Pettie served in Company A, 10th Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. (1 item)

20642 James Benton Atkinson
Papers, 1864
Photocopy of a transcript of Atkinson's diary recording events of the 1864 Sully Expedition. (1 item)

20646 S. V. Shipman
Papers, 1865
Letter from Shipman to O. Barrett, Madison, WI, informing him of his promotion to 2nd lieutenant. (1 item)

20664 Joseph L. Fisk
Papers, 1863
Transcript of a diary regarding daily travels and encounters with Indians during a military expedition from St. Paul, MN to Bannack, Idaho Territory. (1 item)

20665 A. G. Snow
Papers, n.d.
Notes from an interview with Snow about the Sibley Expedition in 1863. (1 item)

20684 United States War Department. Department of New Mexico
Records, 1862
General order concerning the conviction of Jose Maria Rivas as a Confederate spy. (1 item)

20685 J. R. Drips
Papers, n.d.
Carbon copy of typescript reminiscences of hostilities against Indians during the Sully Expedition entitled, “Three Years Among the Indians.” Drips was a soldier in the 6th Iowa Cavalry, Company L, 1862-1865. (1 item)

20686 Willoughby Wells
Papers, n.d.
Typescript reminiscences of the Sibley Expedition of 1864 by a sergeant in Company B, Brackett’s Battalion. (1 item)

20689 [Anonymous] Civil War Letter
Papers, 1864
Letter of an anonymous Civil War soldier to his niece from Paducah, KY relating army experiences in Kentucky in verse. (1 item)

20696 Grand Army of the Republic. Department of North Dakota
Records, 1914
General Orders. (1 item)

20715 J. L. Fisk Expedition of 1864
Papers, 1864
Photocopy of transcript of diary maintained during the Fisk Expedition between Minnesota and Montana. (1 item)

20825 Military Fort Maps
Records, 1864-1875
Copies of maps and descriptions of selected Dakota Territory military forts originally published in Department of Dakota. Plat maps by Risem Studio for Fort Abercrombie,Fort Buford,Fort Pembina, Fort Rice, Fort Seward, Fort Stevenson, and Fort Totten. Also includes Fort Abraham Lincoln (Fort McKeen), Fort Randall, Fort Sully, and Fort Wadsworth. (28 items)

20830 L. B. Smith
Papers, 1862
Diary about the Sibley expedition. Transcription available. (1 item)

20899 Alten Teske
Papers, 1864-1996
Fargo, ND
Letters written during the Civil War and WWI, family letters, ephemera, snapshots, a certificate, and postcards. (7 items)

21010 James M. Thomson
Papers, 1863, 1865-1866
Diary providing information on the battles through Dakota including Whitestone Hill. Thomson was a member of Company F, 6th Iowa Cavalry, Sackets Station. (.05ft)

21157 Albert F. Pierce
Civil war medal, military papers, marriage certificate, newspaper clipping and photographs of civil war veteran Albert Franklin Pierce, his funeral and tombstone.

21308 William Andrews
Consists of William Andrews Civil War diary.  Andrews was a member of Co. M - 5th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry. Diary spans the dates of January 1, 1864 to March 27, 1865. (1r.#05562)

30072 Dakota Territory Records. Auditor
Dakota Militia Account Book, 1864-1869. (1v)

30083 Dakota Territory Records. Governor
Department of the Interior and Department of State Correspondence, 1881- 1889.
Consists of correspondence concerning administration of the Dakota Territory. (.25ft)

30089 Dakota Territory Records. Governor
Records Concerning Military Affairs, 1861-1895
Consists of correspondence, orders, bonds, reports, inspection rolls, and requisitions concerning recruitment, supplies, and ordnance. (1.75ft)

30100 Dakota Territory Records
Military Muster Rolls, 1863; 1865; 1884. (17 items)

30126 Dakota Territory Records. Secretary
List of Civil War Veterans from Fort Ransom, 1889. (2 items)

31108 Federal Census Schedules Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans in North Dakota
Records, 1890. (1r. #4235)

31119 Office of Indian Affairs Correspondence
Records, 1824-1887. (232r. #-4001-4233)

31131 Fort Abercrombie Post Returns
Records, 1858-1877. (1r. #4305)

31132 Fort Abercrombie Medical History
Records, 1857-1877. (1r. #4283)

31140 Fort Rice Post Returns
Records, 1864-1878. (2r. #4317-4318)

31141 Fort Rice Medical History
Records, 1864-1878. (1r. #4277)

31152 Service Record Index of the First Battalion of Dakota Cavalry
Records, ca. 1860

31154 Index to Indian Wars Veterans Pension Files
Records, ca. 1860-1926. (12r. #4253-4264)

31157 Isaac Stevens Survey Records
Records, 1853-1861. (1r. #4288)

31159 Abandoned Military Reservation File
Records, 1862-1892. (1r. #4278)

32161 Burial Registers for Military Posts, Camps, and Stations
Records, 1768-1921. (1r. #15694)

Index to the Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the Territory of Dakota
Records (1r. #7969)

80007 William Engleter
Discharge, August 7, 1865.
Discharge from the U.S. Army. (1 item)

80008 Nathan R. Goodfellow
Discharge, November 15, 1865
Discharge from the U.S. Army. (1 item)

80011 George S. Hunter
Discharges, 1864, 1888
Consists of discharges from the U.S. Army and Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. (2 items)

80014 Fredrick O. Lathrop
Discharges, 1864, 1865
Discharges from the Iowa Volunteer Infantry and the U.S. Army. (2 items)

80028 Abraham Williams
Discharge, Oct. 11, 1864.
Discharge from Company B, 4th Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. (1 item)

80063 Edward Z. Needham
Papers, 1862-1865
Furlough papers, commission, and discharge papers from Company G, 1st Minnesota Infantry. (5 items)

80068 Grand Army of the Republic. James B. McPherson Post No. 3
Records, 1890
Charter. (1 item)

80101 Confederate States of America
Bond, March 23, 1863
$1,000 bond (1 item)

80171 James D. Robinson
Discharge, Pension and Membership Certificates, 1865-1908
Consists of discharge certificate for James D. Robinson from Iowa Infantry Company C Regiment 15, 1865; Membership certificate for J. D. Robinson to the Grand Army of the Republic Department of Minnesota Post #117, 1904; Pension Certificate for James D. Robinson, 1903; and Pension Certificate for Almira Robinson, widow of James D. Robinson, 1908. (4 items)


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